Dating App Development: 3 Reasons to Develop a Dating App like Crown That Turns Dating into a Game


This blog is for those dating startups and dating businesses, who are still in dilemma like why to make a dating app and how to make a dating app. Herein we have listed 3 reasons why dating startups should invest in dating app development.

As you already know that the location-based dating app market is already flooded with a lot of applications. But still, the demand for the new dating mobile apps is increasing constantly as people want to come out of the swipe world and experience something new and unique.

According to the report from, the total revenue in the online dating segment amounted to $1,389m in 2017, and it is projected that the revenue will show an annual growth rate of 3.3% resulting in a market volume of $1584m by 2021.

Talking about one of the newly created yet most popular dating apps, Crown is turning dating into a game. A Dallas-based company, Match Group (Tinder-like app), has created this new dating application, which throws a curveball at trying to find a match.

The operator of a number of online dating sites and apps including Tinder, Plenty of Fish and others, Match Group developed Crown dating app to change the way people find a match. Instead of endless swiping from left to right, Crown is here to revolutionize the experience.

Looking at one of the successful video dating apps, Tinder, has declared the test of a new in-app experience feature it’s called “Swipe Surge,” that will send notifications to users when there’s a spike in Tinder usage in their area. The new feature is mainly designed to enable Tinder to better capitalize on real-world events, according to the latest news from TechCrunch.

Further, last year, Tinder was declared as the top-grossing dating app across the U.S. with user spending of over $336 million. As per another report from TechCrunch, Tinder has already developed a fairly chat platform within the app, providing support for sharing things like Bitmoji and GIFs.

And it also provides an ability to “like” messages by tapping an icon (heart). Now, the company is testing a new integration like sharing music via Spotify. The company has confirmed with TechCrunch that it’s trying a new way to connect users by enabling them to share music within the chat.

Tinder has already developed a fairly robust chat platform within its dating app, with support for sharing things like Bitmoji and GIFs, and the ability to “like” messages by tapping a heart icon. Now, the company is testing a new integration — sharing music via Spotify. Tinder confirmed with TechCrunch it’s trying out a new way to connect users, by allowing them to share music within their chats.

As per the latest news from TechCrunch, Tinder is launching a new feature for its college-aged Tinder U users that is known as Spring Break mode. This new feature allows students to swipe through potential matches before heading out to their Spring Break destination. Now, let’s have a quick look at some facts about dating app market.

Some Facts About Dating App Industry

  • Approximately 40% of US residents are engaged in online dating.
  • Revenue in the online dating industry amounts to US$1,383m in 2018.
  • The total revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 3.9%, resulting in a market volume of US$1,610m by 2022.
  • 80% of dating app users are millennials.

How is Crown App Different from Other Dating Apps?

  • The newly launched dating app, Crown, is guaranteed to provide quality singles, who are playing head-to-head for the attention.
  • The application sends 16 curated profiles of singles nearby on daily basis, so one must choose from whom they like more between two people at a time.
  • Then, the app will directly message them that they have won the dating game for the day.
  • The winners of the game will decide with whom they want to chat, date or keep playing the game.
  • No more swiping here and there to find the match, just play the game and have fun while finding a perfect match.
  • In a nutshell, it is like a Bachelorette’-style process of elimination, helping users to choose quality over quantity.

Being a startup and entrepreneur, if you have decided to develop the best dating app that stands-out, here’re 3 reasons why should you make a hookup app like Crown:

1. No More Swiping, Just Play Game & Have Fun

The main reason why you as a startup or entrepreneur should create a dating app like Crown is giving your app users an interesting way to find a perfect match. They don’t have to swipe left or right to find the match, instead, they can play the game and get the quality option of people, who are single.


Crown is a new kind of online dating app similar to Tinder that gives users a new way to find a match to date or make a friend. Every single day, the application sends users 16 curated profiles of eligible singles nearby, allowing one to choose whom they like more between two people at a time.

After selecting the final four singles, Crown app will directly send a message to them that they have won the dating game for the day. So, building a dating app like Crown or create a dating app like Tinder can help you to grab the attention of maximum people and deliver quality service.

2. Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

Unlike Tinder app, Crown is focusing on quality over quantity. It is another reason to develop a new dating app like Crown, allowing your users to focus on quality instead of quantity. Talking about Tinder and OkCupid app, the apps show one person’s profile at a time and let your swipe to see countless options that are available.


Users don’t need countless options to choose instead they need quality options to choose from and begin dating one that fits their needs. Crown is one such dating app that is only showing two options at a time out of the 16. Users of the app have to choose between the two and move on to the next pair. Once selected, the users will be given the option to chat.

Just like Crown, provide your users with something interesting and fun way to find the perfect match. Along with playing the game, they can find the right match to chat and date. Moreover, you can suggest different places nearby including cafes and restaurants as a meeting destination.

3. Crown is Making More Meaningful Matches Than Other Apps

The most important thing that any dating app should offer to its users is more meaningful matches and this is what Crown application is doing. If you have planned to create a Tinder like app, consider Crown as the app is making more meaningful matches than other applications.


As you know that already available dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Happn present users with an endless stream of people to pick from, but Crown provides a more limited selection and make more meaningful matches. No matter whether you want to match people with the help of algorithms, plain filters or with the different game, make sure to give your users an advanced level of dating experience through your app.

On a Concluding Note

Today, people spend their maximum time on dating apps – approximately 90-minutes a day – that means startups and entrepreneurs can make a lot of money in the dating app development industry. But you must think of your users’ problem that they face while accessing current dating apps and provide a solution in terms of the app which adds value to their lives.

If you think that your dating app idea can change the dating industry and help people to find a right match, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading iPhone app development company and have already developed over 40 dating apps with exclusive features and technologies. Contact us today to hire iPhone app developers to turn your location-based dating app idea into reality.

Sill, if you have any confusion related to how to make dating apps like Bumble, Tinder or Crown or app development challenges, have questions like how to create flawless dating app that makes money or ways to make successful dating apps like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly and our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions. Till then, check out our recent developed dating app named Swype

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