Integrate These 4 Features to Create a Successful Parking App

This blog is for those who have been looking for surefire information to manifest their ideas in the arena of car parking app development. Here, we have rounded up top car parking app features and their technologies, which are used by our developers while creating them.

Apps are everywhere. Now, the apps have also transformed the way we parked our vehicles in the past times. The era has passed when we desperately looking for free parking spaces. There’s nothing valuable than our time. And, Uber for parking apps is one of those apps, which can help people to save a huge time on the go.

Finding a suitable place to park the vehicle, and paying for it is painful. “Drivers used to spent 20 minutes in pursuit of a coveted space”, according to a report from IBM Global Parking Survey. However, parking apps made things easier for users in order to stow their vehicles more easily.

Talking about the shape of the on-demand parking apps market, it is not tiny at all. According to the report from Research and Markets, “In 2015, approximately 2,600 companies operated 12,500 parking venues and gross over $9 billion in a year. That is $1billion bigger than comparatively 2012”.

Top Parking Spot Apps That Have Already Eased The Parking Pain

ParkWhiz: Founded in 2006, ParkWhiz, a Chicago-based, is one of the top parking apps. It claims to be at the number one place to find and reserve a guaranteed parking space before the user reaches out his/her destination. It had raised $24 million in Series C funding.


SpotHero: Talking about one of the leading parking reservation service providers, SpotHero is a North American-based app. The on-demand parking reservation app, SpotHero has secured $30 million in Series C to accelerate market expansion, business partnership and product innovation in the year 2017, as per the report. Currently, SpotHero operates in the U.S and Canada.


Note: If you are spending a lot of time opting for one of the best niches for developing mobile apps, then the parking space apps would be worth spending on. Now, check out the top four features along with technologies that you as a startup need to consider while developing parking finder apps.


Top 4 Features of Parking Finder App That Startups Need to Consider

  1. Provides Reliable and Safe Communication System

    Parking apps help drivers to show one of the nearest available parking spots. Plus, these apps help to save commuters time, fuel, and money while easing the flow of traffic. Talking about the most core feature, a reliable and safe communication system is all-time required when it comes to car parking app development. Therefore, if you are planning to create parking space apps, then you need to include the following attributes under the communication system, which would be worth it, and these are:

    Technical Support
    Notifications Via Messaging

    Technologies: ARKit for iOS 11

    In a similar way, add the best navigation routes with suitable parking spaces, as it could be very helpful for app users or drivers. In a nutshell, we can say that an ideal parking app must come up with a reliable and safest communication system, which can provide convenience to users eventually.

  2. Control System

    An ideal car parking app must heal different pain points and problems faced by drivers on a daily basis. From ‘where to park’ option to in/out privileges to payments.

    Therefore, in order to become the top in the list of the best parking apps, Control System is the next important feature, which startups need to consider. This feature will provide the driver or user of the car parking app with up-to-date information and notifications regarding the process of parking directly to the user’s device.

  3. The Concept of Safety

    When it comes to safety, then it is always an essential feature which startups can’t neglect no matter what in their parking space finder app. The collected individual data from the driver’s device must be highly protected from viruses. Also, the cloud information of the on-demand parking spot finder app must be protected from unauthorized usage.

    In fact, a Paris-based company, Sharelock takes care of safety for its users really well. In case of any breach, vandalism, or attempted theft, Sharelock refunds a user with €200 reimbursement in 48 hours via an integrated insurance partner. The concept of safety not only encourages trust between you and your customers but also attracts more target audiences.

  4. Simplicity Must Be There in The Car Parking Finder App

    In parking mobile apps, the most pivotal feature to provide is easy access to the complicated navigation system. The foremost thing is that the screen status should not block the key elements of mobile device navigation, plus drivers or app users should not be distracted.


    Furthermore, the parking mobile application must show the parking lots’ addresses along with the number of free parking spots that are available currently. This type of spot finder app development can also integrate a voice navigation system for the user’s convenience.

    With a good parking app UI, users can easily check available parking spaces. Whether it is a parking app for Chicago or a parking app for NYC, it is a must that users can find it easy to use for searching parking spots nearby.

    This is also one of the features of Sharelock, which makes it unique and makes it stand out from the crowd. The UI of Sharelock is seamless and helps users to find parking slots nearby to park vehicles. Users just need to find the parking slot and book it at their convenience. Also, Sharelock has recently received seed funding of €4 million and planning to invest this amount to accelerate the production of the firms’ padlocks.

    Technologies: Google Maps API

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Parking Mobile Apps?

Undoubtedly, the concept of car parking apps is vast, and it can be long-term projects, which startups need to fill up with up-to-date information and fast connectivity tools on regular basis.

Now, you must be having a question in your mind – how much does it cost to develop parking apps, how long does it take to make an app, mobile app development cost estimate India, then the answer lies here as it simply relies on multiple factors and features like functionalities, platform (Android or iOS) and it may also vary developer to developer that you hire for your project.

So, if you have decided to make your own car parking mobile app and want to discuss your idea, then it would be better to consult a trusted mobile app development company and submit your mobile app development requirements.

In case, if you still have any questions or queries regarding car parking app development, car parking app Android cost, what are the features of parking spot apps or car parking location apps, then look no further and just fill up the below-given form. We’ll revert you as soon as possible with an optimal solution.

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