Video App Development: 4 Surreal Features To Consider Before Creating Camcorder App Like Air

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Herein lies information for those startups or entrepreneurs, who want to take a step forward for creating the app in video making genre. All you need to go through these four surreal features, which a camcorder app must contain. Let’s have a look!

Gone are the days when home movies were recorded with the handheld video cameras. Today, with the help of smartphones and apps, there are a lot of things which are easily possible, from booking a cab to ordering food and shopping. In a similar way, video enthusiasts can also have a lot of fun, and get pro results with camcorder (also known as camera recorder) apps.

In general, videos take a huge portion of space in the smartphone. And, it is being said that there’s always a downside associated with everything. Unfortunately, users face the same problem with the iPhones, too. This is because recordings or video clips do not only eat up storage space, but they drastically stretch the storage consumptions on iPhones. Furthermore, if the iPhone user records video in high-quality, then he/she would soon get “out of space” warnings at the maximum time. There was always the only solution to get rid of this message is to offload the videos to the cloud.

Air – A New Family Camcorder App

  • The New York-based startup company, Air provides an alternative solution for iPhone users as the “Air app allows users to record high-quality home movies without running out-of-space”, according to the report from TechCrunch.
  • Founded in 2017, the startup company, Air (camcorder app) claims to be built a user-friendly cloud-storage solution, specifically for videos.
  • The company has secured an undisclosed SEED round in October 2017 led by Media and Tech investors and early-stage funds.
  • Basically, the app allows iPhone users to capture without worrying the shortage of space. Also, users don’t need to search for a hard drive alternative, or the museum looking to persevere the footage.
  • Instead of using the native camera app to record on an iOS device, the Air app automatically records in 4K Ultra HD.
  • The camcorder app, Air allows storing videos in the cloud in a private gallery.

With these points, you can imagine the success of this camcorder app in just one year. In case, if you are also looking forward to developing a camcorder app like Air, we have mentioned 4 surreal features that can make your camcorder app successful like Air.

4 Surreal Features To Incorporate While Developing a Camcorder App Like Air

1. Provides Collaborative Video Editing Feature Like ‘Shared Album’ or ‘Reels’

When it comes to photo video app development, it is must-have feature, which you can’t miss out i.e. ‘Reels’ or ‘Shared Album’ as what Air app does. This core feature is designed for capturing events and allows the user to contribute his video clips to Reel or album. After that, the user can share the end results in terms of videos across social media sites as per the preference. Therefore, we can say that an ideal camcorder app must keep video safe, searchable, and shareable. This core feature is worth to include.


2. Allows to Record 4K Ultra HD Videos, and Automatically Stores in Custom Cloud Library

While creating a camcorder app like Air, there is an essential feature that you need to include is to enable users to record 4K/HD ultra HD videos. 4K Ultra HD is a resolution, which characterizes video quality. Additionally, Ultra HD provides 4 times the number of pixels as 1080p and wider color range with more depth.

Furthermore, camcorder app also enables users to store every video in the cloud automatically. In a nutshell, a video maker app must provide a cloud storage, which is completely secured in order to store the information. By providing the feature like custom cloud library, the app users would never get a notification like “storage full”.


3. Users Don’t Have to Wait For So Long to Upload The Videos

If you’ve decided to develop an app like Air, then you need to check out more about this important feature. Basically, this feature works on the advanced video technology that optimizes the playback video. It automatically transcodes all videos so that user will adaptively stream during playback. Hence, users do not have to wait for long in order to upload the videos even though the user does not have access to decent bandwidth.


Provides Instant Links and Users Can Share Hours of Videos Across Social Media: The camcorder app does not compress the videos or lowers its quality while sharing. All the users need to share only one link to the video to their friends, and the recipient automatically gains the access to the high-quality file.

4. Offers Digitization Service for Physical Media

There is another feature, which is worth-including i.e. digitization service for physical media. It means that the app can accept any video format or storage device like VHS tape, film reels, DVDs and hard drive.


This feature could be both free or paid. However, in Air app, the pricing is based per hour of digitization, and it varies based on format.

Here’s Top 5 Prolific Video Making Apps Other Than Air

Sr. No.Top 5 Prolific Video Making Apps
1Tiltshift Videos
2VidLab – Video & Movie maker
3Stop Motion Studio
4Magisto – Magical Video Editor

What’s Next?

Undeniably, the camcorder app like Air can make possible for users to effortlessly create high-quality movies without worrying about the storage, and the app also provides a lot of unparalleled features, which makes it stand out.

So, you may have learned about the important and useful features of video creator app that can make it successful in the market. While creating an app like Air, there’s one thing that you as a startup or an entrepreneur needs to ensure is to provide your app users with useful and handy aforementioned features that can add value in the users’ lives.

To sum up, you might have a question in your mind like how much does it cost to create an app like Air, you can consult us through below given form and discuss your requirements. We as a leading android app development company will give solutions to all your queries.

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