How Microsoft’s New Tool – PowerApps Helps Your Entire Organization?


PowerApps’ – what we understand with this single word? PowerApps will empower your business and its internal activities. It if for your enterprise app development.
Microsoft, recognized as a software giant, has launched a new enterprise service, ‘PowerApps’ at its recent EMEA conference.

PowerApps is a new way to develop and host applications for its Azure cloud service. Launched on November 30, 2015, Bill Staples, Corporate Vice President, Application Platform, throws the light and defines PowerApps is an “enterprise service for innovators everywhere to connect, create and share business apps.

What Does PowerApps Do for Business?

PowerApps allows businesses to develop all kinds of employee-facing apps that needed to connect business system in the securest manners and share apps with their co-workers with ease.

Microsoft Power Apps, it helps enterprise app developers to connect data and create APIs to collaborate across the company trouble-free. So far, this solution is available and attracts non-programmers like:

Project Siena (still in beta), which is an application used for developing Windows 8 apps and its users move to PowerApps to build a business app.

SienaProject Siena (Beta)

App Studio (still in beta), which is a browser-based tool that used for developing applications for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows 10. PowerApps is very much data-driven and its studio give a feel like Access combined with PowerPoint.

Microsoft Says, PowerApps benefits the entire organization – How?

Employees, who are familiar with Microsoft Office experience, can easily develop applications, work on any device, without coding.

Professional developers can create native Web and mobile apps and APIs with Azure App Service. They can also expose data and service to boost employees to modernize by their own.

IT professionals can easily manage organizational data and app sharing in the securest way.

Bill Staples Noted During a Press Briefing:

Employees are moving more towards mobile, as they find lots of amazing application for managing personal life and collaborating with teams as well.

However, they still don’t get mobile business applications that can tap all of the data that most companies accumulate on a daily basis.

“While companies are increasingly turning to SaaS solutions for specific scenarios like CRM, travel, and HR, using services like Microsoft Dynamics, Concur or Workday, most business app scenarios still remain locked on premises, dependent on corporate connected PCs,” Staples writes and also stressed enough.

How the PowerApps Idea Come into Existence?

Staples doesn’t find the solution to connect lots of different systems’ data at one place. Moreover, it is also difficult to write new business mobile apps for IT and there aren’t enough developers to write those applications.

PowerApps aims to write application process. Apps developed with PowerApps enables users to pull data from both cloud-based and on-premise data sources into their apps.

Amazingly, users can connect to different services like Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox, Office 365, OneDrive and on-premise database systems like Oracle, SAP, SharePoint, SQL Server, and many others.

If you want to develop an application based on data, you can store in an Excel file and save it on Dropbox. Once, you have saved, it allows your team to write a custom tracking app for its recruiting efforts.

Want to build a basic application with few clicks?

Microsoft provides a highly graphical interface with templates that ease basic apps development. It provides a lot of flexibility to the employees. Contrary to, IT can manage data access, as per company’s policy.

PowerApps also pleases developers with Azure App Service, which is Microsoft’s developer-centric service for developing engaging mobile and web apps.

What’s Cost?

PowerApps is free for everyone. 🙂

You can get more enterprise capabilities and data connection with paid plans. PowerApps service is offered on a per-user, per month subscription basis.

if you want to switch to Standard plan, it’s free for a limited time, as the part of product’s preview.


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