Want to Develop Apps like Baby Monitor, AtHome Camera & Dormi? Don’t Miss to Include These Top 5 Features


This post is for those startups who want to develop a baby monitor app for Android like Dormi and AtHome Camera. Herein, we’ve rounded up top features of baby monitoring apps that you can’t miss to include.

We live in an era where smartphones can be a substitute for almost everything. From booking cabs to order food online, everything is at our fingertips. Like these solutions, baby apps are also used as baby monitors. Undoubtedly, parenting is tough, to begin with. However, baby monitoring apps can actually turn these into baby monitors that alert parents when the baby is crying and can track each & every activity of the toddler.

Keeping track of baby’s activity is easy when parents are at home, but it becomes a little more difficult when parents are outside, and toddler is with the nanny. Or, it may also happen that every time it is not possible to take a toddler while shopping at supermarkets. Meanwhile, parents can track the activities of their toddlers using application.

Before jumping to our main section of this post, let’s have a look at the insights of one of the best baby monitor apps named Dormi.

In the below-given graph, you can see that the usage of mobile app Dormi is going upward constantly. In short, we can say that the baby monitoring app category is flourishing.


So, being a startup, if you are planning to create a baby monitoring app iPhone, then bookmark this article as it contains a list of top features that you can include in your app.


Let’s Have a Detail Look at These 5 Features That Startups Can’t-Miss to Include While Developing Baby Monitoring App

1. Baby Alarms

One of the basic features is baby alarms. A baby alarm is received by app users either by text or calls when the baby is crying. With this feature, your app users will always know what’s going on in the toddler’s room. As it will include all important information about the child device which is always available as baby monitoring. In case, if the connection with the child device is lost, then it will be notified to the parents or the user’s device. Such a feature also helps to track toddler’s activity at each moment.

The baby monitoring apps must be accessed from anywhere whilst not having direct access to the device. Such a feature is quite basic and important to include because it is all about the toddler. And, every parent wants to have a mobile app, which is completely secured with handy features.

In addition, it is also important to consider limit battery usage as app users can monitor for many hours on one charge. If there is a smartphone with no use, the baby monitoring app can be able to work with such features.


2. Adjusts Noise Level Automatically

When it comes to baby’s safety, then users are usually more choosy about picking up one of the best baby monitor apps. App users do not need to configure microphone sensitivity. This type of feature adjusts to noise levels automatically. Users can leave the smart devices like Smartphones and tablets several meters away from the sleeping baby. And, it will still be able to detect when the baby cries and amplifies the sound to the parent device as if it placed right next to the baby.

All the app users need to press and hold the button to hear the sound of the child even while the baby is not crying. Users equally use the talk button to talk back to soothe or calm the baby while the parent is on his/her way.


3. Notification About The Missed Calls & Text Messages on the Child Device

This feature aims to help parents or app users to simplify their parenthood. When parents are not having direct access to the phone of the child device, they will get notified about missed calls and text messages on their device that used as the parent device.

So that user as a parent will not miss anything important while not having direct access to the device.

With such feature, baby tracking app users always know what is going on. Well, all important features of the child device like smartphone are always available while monitoring. In case, the connection with the child device is lost, then the parent device will notify app user or parent.


4. It Still Notifies Users When On Call

One of the worth-including features is it still notifies app users when they are on calls. If the baby starts crying while parents are attending the phone calls, then such feature will be notified with vibrations and a gentle beep to their ears while receiving the calls, plus without abruptly disturbing the phone call yet letting app user knows about his/her toddler.

It is also an important feature to consider while developing a baby crying detector app like Dormi. Such a feature provides peace of mind to parents no matter what. Furthermore, an ideal baby monitoring app should work in the background, even when the device screen is off. If the user has an extra smart device with no use, then he/she can make use of the device as a child device by installing one of the best baby monitoring app Android. This kind of upgraded feature can make the baby monitoring app successful.

5. Enhanced Night Vision Mode

The all-time needed feature is – the enhanced night vision mode. When it is a lower light condition in your baby’s room, then what is the need of app if it does not work in low lights. As the baby does not need lights while sleeping as it may interrupt the baby sleep. Therefore, it is cleared that such feature is essential for parents to keep track of their child at night when babies are sleeping.

To enhance the “night vision mode” in the app, you can include a handy button where users can turn on or off the night vision mode as they will get much clear and enhanced video images of their toddlers. All we can say that it is one of the must-have features, which you can’t ignore to include.

Wrapping Up

The aforesaid features can make your baby monitoring apps as successful as Baby Monitor, AtHome Camera, and Dormi apps. Indeed, parenting is hard to start with and especially for those, who are working parents. However, with these features, you as a startup can lessen the burdens of parents who are with their toddlers but find it hard to balance their work and parenthood.

Being a startup, you can develop your own baby monitoring app, allowing parents to track their toddlers when they are not at home. In case, if you have got the baby monitoring app idea, you can discuss with us as we are a leading Android app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse app categories.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding the cost of making a baby monitor app Android and iPhone, how long does it cost to make an app like Baby Monitor AtHome Camera, iOS/Android app developers cost, you just need to fill the below-given form and our sales representative will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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