3 Important Lessons to Learn From HopSkipDrive (Los Angeles-based Uber for Kids) to Develop Ride-sharing App


This article for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to create a ride-sharing app like Uber for kids or Uber for minors. Herein, we’ve rounded up three important lessons that startups can learn from this Los Angeles based ride-sharing app named HopSkipDrive.

The ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft have already made it easier to get around town and simplified commute for almost every age group. But, what about young ones? Solitary passengers who are under the age of 18 are prohibited from booking a car for themselves, because of the lack of services, especially for kids.

How are kids supposed to go from one activity to the next one with their busy parents? Meanwhile, we came across the ride-sharing startup, HopSkipDrive, which is better known as ‘Uber for kids’.

According to the report from TechCrunch, “The Los Angeles-based ride-sharing startup named HopSkipDrive raised $7.4 million in Series A funding in the year 2017 for its Uber with kids business”. Launched back in 2014, the ride-sharing app like Uber, HopSkipDrive has been operating in Los Angeles for the past three years and also operate in Orange County and San Francisco Bay Area.

The last funding was led by Student Transportation Inc. that has partnered with HopSkipDrive for school bus alternatives.

Regular users can book rides for just one passenger. Also, the company has also been growing its carpooling business that offers discounted fares.


3 Important Lessons Learned from The Uber for Kids – HopSkipDrive (The Ride-sharing App)

1. A Unique Approach

There is a number of ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, or Cabify, but there was not a solution for unaccompanied minors and for their full-time working and single parents. However, HopSkipDrive is known as Uber for minors, which came up with a unique approach. Basically, it is the solution for full-time working parents or a single parent who face the struggle in terms of transportation.

According to the 2015 Pew Research Center study, “56% of working parents with children under the age of 18 find it difficult to balance work and family responsibilities”. Plus, roughly 4 out of 10 working mothers say that they always feel rushed.

From taxi-booking apps like Uber and Lyft, the HopSkipDrive app has a different approach. It means that the company differs dramatically from these companies in terms of safety precautions as they offer. On the other hand, Uber and Lyft prohibit the use of their platforms by unaccompanied minors in their terms of services. Well, the aim of the company is to fill up a niche, which is not presented in other ride-sharing apps, in general. By providing such solution, parents can provide their children with safe transportation options in terms of ride-hailing apps. The HopSkipDrive app provides assured and professional caregivers with a complete focus on the safety and security of children.

Bottom Line: Being a ride-sharing startup, one of the important lessons that you can learn is that you need to provide a safe and stress-free transportation solution in order to pick children from schools to dance classes to any other extracurricular activities. In simple terms, it is important to keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of minors, the drivers should be rigorously screened, continuously monitored and have vast childcare experience.

By adopting such unique approach, you can build a powerful business model and can offer an Uber for minors app or their parents a set of safety features, which they have been waiting for so long.

2. Fixed the Real-World Problems of Single/Full-Time Working Parents

Indeed, parents usually do not become more comfortable with the idea of allowing a stranger to drive their children. Furthermore, ride-sharing giants like Uber and Lyft have not ever provided solutions to real-world problems of single or working parents. However, an app like Uber kids, HopSkipDrive has offered solutions for kids or unaccompanied minors.

Every business or startup needs to solve a problem or simplify the lives of customers or app users. It is important to listen to your consumers and try to find out solutions. What value you as a startup can offer to your targeted audience that your rivals can’t offer? Being a startup, you need to answer such questions. The ride-sharing app, HopSkipDrive has successfully solved the transportation problems for kids existing in large cities, especially for working parents or single parent. Also, it increased the mobility of young ones to get around easily.

While other ride-sharing services do not always provide trustworthy service and several private cab companies offer services at a premium level when it comes to minors. So, it important to offer on-demand app solutions for children and allow parents to share their feedback on drivers. Also, parents can check their drivers’ profiles and real-time locations for the latest updates.

Once again, it is important to mention that there was a lack of peace of mind for full-time working parents who find it hard to manage work and their kids’ activities. So, a ride-sharing app like Uber for kids has fixed the problems of parents and give them peace of mind.

3. The Highest Level of Security and Safety

The juggle of work, school and a slew of extracurricular activities are too familiar to all the parents. But, when it comes to a level of security and safety along with convenience, the full-time working mothers or parents look only for trustworthy ride-hailing services.

In general, some transportation companies do not provide that level of security and safety as HopSkipDrive (Uber for Kids) considers like fingerprints and extensive interviewing, screening, and software is used to monitor the driver’s speed. Also, all the drivers are TrustLine (an official screening program for in-home caregivers) certified along with 15-points background checks.

In addition to this, the company only hires women drivers, who were earlier teachers, nannies, daycare workers, and mothers. In short, the company has a bunch of professionals staff.

Being a startup company, you can also come up with the same solutions for on-demand ridesharing app for minors. On top of that, convenience and safety are the two key points as what parents are looking for their minors.


HopSkipDrive, a ride-sharing company for kids, is the leading service for busy families. Being a startup, if you are planning to build a business model in the child ride-sharing business, then there are a number of opportunities for you. As we’ve recently mentioned important lessons, which startups can learn from an app like Uber for minors.

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