How Miami-based “Papa” App Helps Seniors With These 4 Unique Features

In this article, we’ll discuss top powerful solutions by Papa (Grandkids on-demand) app that startups or entrepreneurs can include before creating an app like Uber for senior citizens.

The old age is one of the hardest phases in everyone’s life. However, it becomes tougher when they are all alone in their homes. This is due to the fact that they have to manage a plethora of their daily tasks from remembering medications to balancing their schedules. And, all top of that, senior citizens feel lonely at end of the day.

But, technology has already sorted out things for senior citizens by assisting them when they need some extra help. This time, there is a mobile app like Uber for seniors or elderly who want companionship.

Papa: The On-Demand Grandkids App

The Papa app helps to fill up the gap by connecting college students, known as Papa Pals, with elderly. It also helps old age people to connect with assistants who could take them to the grocery stores or have doctor’s appointment and also help to set up the new smartphone or tablet. They also provide company to seniors citizens/app users who have adult children or grandchildren and are busy working or not in the city or town.

Miami-based on-demand grandkids app, Papa provides an incredible experience by supporting seniors and their families throughout the aging journey. Basically, the app for senior citizens, Papa gives a helping hand to them and their families. Through Papa app, seniors/users can book a Papa pal for assistance. Currently, Papa app is only available in Florida.

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The app like Uber for elderly care is based on the concept in which elderly feels difficulty associated with juggling daily life. Moreover, it is also recognized that how impactful and positive it is to connect senior citizens with a young, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals. And, these individuals or we can say “Papa Pal” can be booked through Papa app.

Elderly App

4 Powerful Features to Include Before Developing Apps for Senior Citizens like Papa

  1. Senior Allows to Request an Aide or Pal

    The grandkids on-demand app – Papa has realized that there was a gap in the market for seniors, who are mostly dependent on their family members. So, this feature allows senior citizens or app users to request an aide or we can say, pal. Commonly, the requested services are transporting as what seniors need more than an Uber.


    In addition, this core feature must be as simple as adding the item in a cart while online shopping. Also, you need to provide easy-to-use features that can be more useful for app users. It is also important to take care that the core features should lessen the work of users, especially senior citizens while developing mobile apps for elderly care. It also lets users request same-day appointments as per their convenience.

  2. Enables to Add The Number of Chores, Location, and Schedule The Date & Time

    The app like Papa, which is known as grandkids on-demand, connects two generations, where seniors can request a pal or aide as per their convenience. This core feature enables app users to add the number of chores as what they want.


    They can also have options like, schedule the date and time according to users’ preferences and comfort. In the section ‘chores’, there can be a number of tasks like grocery shopping, accompanying user to doctor’s appointments, helping out with chores around the house, teach them how to use technology, and simply pals can be a companion with whom they can chat with. After putting entire information, the user can easily request his/her pal. So the bottom line is that you need to make all these features simple and easy-to-use as the elderly can use them without hassle before developing an app like Uber senior.

  3. Ratings, Reviews, and Easy Payment Options

    When it comes to ratings and reviews, being a startup, you need to make sure that you provide an option where users can put reviews after using services and also allow them to rate those pals or aides. In this way, you can monitor the services given by the app like Uber for senior citizens. In addition, this approach allows you to check the freelancers, who work as pals and are working with you. So, it is essential to include such feature to maintain the transparency in the service.

    When it comes to payment options, then it must be one of the easiest ones for aged people. So, it is important to add in-app payments to let users pay without hassle. Users can pay easily by their credit or debit cards, where you can accept payments by PayPal. In addition, you can also add the option “cash-on-delivery”. Also, don’t forget to include payment options like e-wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


  4. Other Recommended Feature

    Free Consultation: The next important feature which you need to consider, is to add free consultation feature, where users can consult via chat within the app. By including such feature, you can assist your users when having a slew of questions in order to hire a pal or not.

How Good is to Invest in The Elderly Care Niche?

According to the report from The Census Bureau, “Seniors over 65 are one of the fastest growing age groups in the United States.” And, there are many elderly who need help with transportation and errands. Most of all, the elderly want companionship and assistance, especially in this age.

Talking about the market size of elderly care, it has become one of the largest and growing markets.

  • The global elderly care service market is anticipated to record a year-over-year growth of 8.5% and reach the market value of US$1,919.8 Bn in 2026.


  • In addition, as the government estimates, “About $1.2 trillion is spent on healthcare for Americans seniors each year”,

Thus, it is safe to say that this is one of the largest and growing markets.

In Conclusion

So, you have just gone through the core features by Papa app, which you can consider before developing best apps for elderly. Being a startup, if you have made-up your mind to develop one of the successful and best apps like Uber for senior citizens or Uber app for elderly, then you can include above-mentioned features to eradicate the pain points of aged persons who are in the need of some extra help.

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