Uber for Laundry: 5 Important Features You Need to Know That All Successful Laundry Apps Have in Common

Uber for laundry app

This blog is recommended for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to develop an on-demand app like Uber for laundry. Breaking down five important features, which you need to know to make a successful laundry app.

The on-demand services have become a vital part of our lives as they are meant for the busy schedules. That’s why it is called as ‘on-demand’ as it comprises convenience and swiftness. Being a startup, if you want to be a part of the on-demand world and provide your users an excess of easiness through an app like Uber for laundry, then you are at the right place!

Herein we’ve managed to compile important features that you need to include before developing an on-demand laundry app.

On-demand laundry app

Integrate 5 Must-have Features Before Developing an App like Uber for Laundry

1. Allows to Select from a Wide Range of Services in Laundry

When customers log in to the app, it allows them to choose from a wide range of laundry services like dry cleaning, wash & fold. If you provide a number of choices to users in order to choose, then it becomes easy for them to use and retain to the platform for a long time. If you own a laundry business and planning to create an app like Uber for laundry, then you can include this feature into the app for convenience. This is because that the people eventually attract to those services where they find ‘convenience’.

Enables to Add Pivotal Details: After choosing the service, users must be enabled personalized laundry services. This section can be included in the selection of detergent, fabric softener, and customized preferences as per the user’s convenience.

on-demand laundry services

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2. Lets Users to Schedule Pickup and Drop-off Now or in Advance

Once the order is placed, it is time to pick up the laundry. For their convenience, you can provide an option to schedule the pickup timings according to users’ convenience and preferences. The timings can be within 30 mins, after 1 hour or it can be any day. So, according to the timing decided by app user, the crewperson will come and pick up the laundry from the user’s door.

On the other hand, same can be applied in the drop-off feature where the user can schedule its laundry drop-off timings as per his/her availability.

The bottom line is that providing such a feature where the user can schedule laundry service now or in advance helps to sort out daily things better. Therefore, app users are more likely to tend to use the same service again and again. Pre-order booking option is highly recommended for you if you are planning to develop an on-demand laundry app.

on-demand laundry app development

3. Allows Users to Calculate The Cost And Make Online Payment of Services

The next feature is to let app users calculate the cost of laundry services booked by them. Also, the user can easily calculate the cost of services according to the number of clothing. In addition, the next important feature is to allow users to pay online through multiple options like pay through credit cards, debit cards, and digital or e-wallets. It is also important to offer a seamless online payment to users for paying services. You can also include the Cash on Delivery option once the service is done.

4. Track Orders in Real-Time & Push Notifications

Uber for laundry service

Once the laundry is dispatched by your end, it is important to let them track the delivery in real-time. With the tracking feature, the user can easily check the status of its order. Such usable feature is all time important to add before developing an app for on-demand laundry services. This is because this type of feature lets users know the delivery time, and they can plan accordingly.

Furthermore, push notification feature is one of the all-inclusive and must-have features to include before developing an app like Uber for laundry. Through this feature, you can let users know some offers and discounts if you are providing to them. You might add features where users will get a notification about the laundry pickups and drops-off. In simple terms, this is one of the usable and highly-recommended features in an on-demand laundry app.

5. Allows to Check Order History, Ratings & Reviews

To make a successful on-demand laundry app requires some crucial features, including check history of laundry booking orders. And, allowing users to rate and review the laundry services. Customers can also share their feedback regarding how they feel about the laundry service. By providing such a feedback feature, you can also evaluate the service and know where you can improve.


Essentially, being a startup, you need to integrate those features that make it stand out from other laundry apps. Indeed, on-demand laundry services have become an important sector. Hence, we can say that it is a high time for developing mobile app in the on-demand laundry niche.

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