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2016 is Considered as “The Year of the Bots.”

Bot development is the combination of artificial intelligence and low-friction interface that enables users to ask questions, provide the facts or express a wish in speech and text. Artificial Intelligence uses human language for conversation. Texting and messaging on the smart device make comfortable to the users with conversational interfaces, so AI has developed for users to answer them of their practical queries. Facebook Messenger, Slack, and another messaging platform allow users to add these bots to friends’ lists and send messages to bots just like they’d message to their friends.

ChatBots for Facebook messenger

The Conversational UI/UX

Bots are more convincing for programmers. It allows them to distribute anything easily by giving importance on high-value server-side intelligence rather than conventional apps. Bots represent a fundamental design shift. We have seen the design revolution in UI that was moved from PCs and Macs to the web, mobile and now, bots.   Businesses can leverage current trending market by combining a conversational UI with reasoning AI. Especially, when it is combined with voice command that already have in Google’s Now, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Echo. There are many businesses and industries like Health, eCommerce, News, Hospitality, Sports, Education, etc. adopting bot development service to offer a natural conversation experience to their users. After Facebook has announced its bots for Messenger platform, many bot developers lined up to develop a bot for different industries.

Best Examples of Bots

HealthTap has a bot that offers the expertise of its network of top U.S. doctors through Messenger. Users can type questions into Messenger and get advice/solution from the trusted doctors whenever and wherever they need. Poncho is another bot on Messenger that sends people real-time local weather reports of new onboarding experience. Spring bot is a personal shopping concierge that powdered by the Messenger Send/Receive API. It has also Zopim live chat and Sends to Messenger plugin.

Chatbot development

Facebook Messenger Bot Development

Facebook Messenger Bot Development

Slack Bot Development

Slack Bot Development

Telegram Bot Development

Telegram Bot Development

What Makes Us Different from Other ChatBot Development Company?

We are not only coding or building an AI technology, but also understanding the business first and reading the previous conversation of Messenger stream of the client’s Facebook page. Our bot developers are using Chat SDK and ChatBot development Kit that benefits to
third-party businesses and services in interaction and communication.

We are developing ChatBot for every industry, as it boosts customer engagement, enhances customer experience, saves huge cost of mobile app development, which customers don’t want to spend during the initial stage of their business. Even, many companies are integrating bot with their Messenger as did Space-O, user-friendly to answer to a chat box, rather than calling and discussing.

The challenging task for our chatbot developers is to make the script of the bot answers and make it more genuine – to give a real feel of a human operator. But, they are experienced enough to specify a messenger, a representative image, a set of labels for buttons and other related things.

  • Diverse Domain Expertise
  • User-friendly Chat Bot
  • Excellent Script for Bot Answer
  • Supportable to Other Messaging Bot

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