Book Nannies, Babysitters, and Childcare Like Uber Style

Book Nannies, Babysitters, and Childcare Like Uber Style
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“Over the past few years, the average babysitter rate has steadily increased and in 2014, the national average was $13.44 per hour, which was $10.50 in 2009.” 2015 Babysitter Survey

Right now, on-demand economy is on its rising stage and there is no sign of slowing down. Over $2.2 billion in capital has been invested in on-demand companies in 2014, as the startups like Uber has changed the way people live their lives.

Uber-ification” of everything, whether it is ride bookings to babysitting services, has given the rise in on-demand marketplaces. Before this service was introduced, parents were using the local marketplaces to search nannies for childcare. With online scheduling and payments, now, parents can easily make last minute bookings for babysitters, and nannies.

Chime, a Chicago-based Sittercity’s latest product, provides on-demand service for searching nearby childcare. It is one of the best apps that connects parents with vetted babysitters on the go.

Sittercity has raised over $48 million in funding and Over 2 million caregivers on its platform across the country

Started in 2001, Sittercity is one of the earliest online platforms for connecting parents with caregivers. It has raised more than $48 million in funding that includes a $22.6 million series B in 2011 and a $13 million Series C in 2013.

However, Chime is planned to make finding and booking process faster than ever, for a babysitter on demand service. Moreover, a number of “Uber for Babysitter” apps available on the market such as Urbansitter that raised $15 million in 2014.

Looking for More Than Just Babysitting App?

Do you have an idea that has been committed to solving the most important and complex care challenges that influence employers, families, nannies, and babysitting service providers? YES!

We are your startup business partner to accomplish it properly. We have developed Pamoja, a babysitter app, that finds local students for Babysitter, Athletic Training and GCF Tutoring Help. Having security and privacy in its core, Pamoja connects parents with local students, who are looking to reach their goals.

Students, who are looking for after school opportunities in their areas, can build their profile and promote expertise through Pamoja. Students have to link their profile to their guardian’s profile before connecting with others in their area. Pamoja is designed for better communication, scheduling and promoting services.

Babysitter booking app is must-have for today’s parents. If you have a startup business idea of developing apps for babysitting service, get started with us.

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