BitCoin and Enterprise Mobility

bitcoin and enterprise mobility

Do you know what is BitCoin?


Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Find out more about it here.

Let us discuss some of the use cases of this digital and decentralized crypto currency called BitCoin from the viewpoint of an enterprise in general and enterprise mobility in particular.

So here are a few Use Cases from the very outlook:

  1. Salaries: As an enterprise, you can pay your employees’ salaries in BitCoins that can be sent to the address provided by the employee. There will be no central authority for managing transactions and processing wages for your workers facilitating instant payments for your staff, anywhere in the world. All that is required to be done by employer and employees is to have digital wallet or bitcoin mobile app of their own that will allow them to generate a bitcoin address for every transaction they conduct.Some organizations like “SC5” and “Internet Archive” are already paying remunerations in BitCoins.
  2. Business Mobile VoIP: Business Mobile VoIP for Enterprise Mobility is on the rise as confirmed here on TMCnet. Further as per the prediction from Juniper Research, there will be 1 billion mobile VoIP users by 2017. (Source: TheNextWeb)Not that one would have imagined but enterprises can still use Bitcoins to pay for Mobile VoIP Services. In fact, organizations can subscribe for such services at a discounted price (almost 25% less than what is supposed to be paid) if they choose to pay in BitCoins. Don’t believe it, drop by here.
  3. Customer Payments: Not as much as fiat money but BitCoin does have an appeal, potentially as a mobile wallet. A substantiation here is that 1/3 of Kenyans have Bitcoin wallets because M-Pesa, the popular mobile platform in sub-Saharan Africa, now embraces Bitcoin. This means as a business you can expand your reach targeting unbanked people.

There can be plenty of other use cases apart from the ones mentioned above however we’ve narrowed our perspective from an enterprise’s standpoint as mentioned above. You may even learn more by exploring and (Refer “What to do with my Bitcoins?”).

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