Want to Start a Bike Sharing Business? 3 Takeaways by Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) App, Which You Can’t-Miss to Check Before Developing a Successful Bike Sharing App

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This blog includes information for startups & entrepreneurs. Rounded up three takeaways by Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) app that startups can’t-miss to check out during bike sharing app development.

With the emergence of a number of bike-sharing programs across the United States, more and more startups are investing in this rapidly growing sector. Undeniably, electric bikes and e-scooters are transforming the mobility in the United States and around the globe.

Well, the essence of the bike-sharing program is simple as anyone can book and pick the dockless or docked bikes right from his/her smartphone from one place, and park back to another station, along with technologically advanced and secure systems.

Talking about the benefits of the bike-sharing program, the reasons behind the bike-sharing programs are centered on the objectives of reducing congestion, increase accessibility and reach of transportation, improving air quality, providing complementary services to public transport, and offering active and last-mile mobility options to people. One of the key benefits of the bike-sharing program is that the implementation costs are relatively low.


Being a bike-sharing startup, if you are planning to start a bike-sharing business, then it would be better to quickly go through with the timeline of the bike-sharing growth before diving into the main section.

The Timeline of Bike-Sharing Program

2000-13: However, the concept of bike-sharing is not new, but the bike-sharing system has been started since 2000. You can see the exponential bike-sharing statistics of the growth of the bike-sharing system.


2010-16: Moreover, bike-sharing programs have become popular among users due to its convenience and practicality. As time gradually passes by, the concept of dockless bikes and smart bikes have become dominant in the bike-sharing niche. This is what you can see in this image.


2018: Now, people are increasingly switching to these emerging methods of transportation to cut costs and travel shorter-distance trips. 2018 has been recorded a year of bike/scooter M&A (merger and acquisitions). Or, we can say that 2018 is a booming year for bike-sharing and e-scooter business.


2021: Talking about the forecast of the global bike-sharing statistics, according to Statista, it is predicted to grow between 7 to 8 billion euros by 2021. Plus, the number of bike-sharing schemes are expected to reach around 20 million units in the same period.


Capital Bikeshare (CaBi): Docked Bike Share App

Founded in 2010, Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) started its bike-sharing services with 400 bicycles at 49 stations. The U.S-based bike-sharing company is operated by Motivate (a full-service bike-share operator and technology operator). Also, there was news, where Uber reportedly planning to buy Motivate, the company, who has made Ford GoBike, City Bike, and Capital Bikeshare as well.

According to the report from SimilarWeb, Capital Bikeshare app currently ranks #199 on Google Play.

Capital Bike Sharing App SimilarWeb

3 Takeaways by Capital Bikeshare That Bike-Sharing Startups Need to Check Before Developing a Bike Sharing App

1. Don’t Miss to Integrate Common Yet Important Bike Sharing App Features

Bike-sharing programs have rolled out a decade ago. Electric or smart bikes do not only provide convenience and accessibility but also fill up the frustrating gaps in urban public transit networks. Being a bike-sharing startup, you can fill up the gaps in urban public transit by integrating a slew of common yet important features while developing bike-sharing app like Capital Bikeshare. Here are some common features of the bike-sharing app, which you need to consider:

  • User Registration
  • Maps to Find Nearby Bikes
  • QR Code Scanner
  • In-app Payment
  • Lock/Unlock Bike
  • Advance Booking
  • Customer Support
  • Ratings and Reviews

Bike Sharing App features

Image Source: CB Insights

Therefore, if you are planning to create an app for your bike sharing business, then it is important to recognize that the mentioned bike sharing app features are essential to consider.

2. Concentrate on Single Area to Solidify The Hold in The Bike Sharing Niche

Urban bike share systems work to make rides more comfortable and affordable for users. There is an explosive growth of bike sharing startups in commercial dockless bike-sharing services. But, all top of it, before launching the service, all you need to take care is that you just launch the dockless bike-sharing programs in areas, which are under high-demand locations.

Also, high-demand locations have more growth rate than low-demand regions. So, you as a startup need to concentrate on the single or high-demand area in order to solidify the hold in that particular region. Well, this service will become more popular among users worldwide.

Growth of Capital Bikeshare app

In this image, here is a glimpse of bikes available near Gallery PI-Chinatown Metro, where Capital Bikeshare service is there. The main thing is that the popular bike-sharing company initially started with smaller areas. Gradually, the company has been spreading its business and launching additional services.

3. Provide Solutions to Major Problems of Your Audience

Capital Bikeshare was the first large-scale bike-share program in the United States and it has been rapidly growing. Well, the next important takeaway, which you need to consider is to provide solutions to major problems of your audience as what Capital Bikeshare company did. You need to come up with feasible solutions for your audience in order to solve the problems in the last-mile commute.

Capital Bike-share system contributes to meeting the users’ requirements in terms of last-minute commute. Since the emergence of Capital Bikeshare, the company has been continually upgrading its technology such as smart bikes, dockless & docked bikes as per the users’ convenience. In short, the company upgrades itself from time to time.

So, You Have Got a New Bike Sharing App Idea. Now, What?

As you might know, the craze of smart bikes or bike-sharing programs grow, it is cleared that there is a huge opportunity for those startups, who are planning to start a bike-sharing business. However, it is important to have a bike-sharing app to come up with all these solutions to your users or consumers.

If you have already come up with a new bike-sharing app idea, which could be a big hit, then you can cross-verify it with us as we are a leading iOS/Android app development company and have already entertained many such inquiries on top dockless bike-sharing apps like Ofo.

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