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Big Data has enveloped itself around a big cloud of mystery and hope. While many have tried to explain what Big Data is all about, there is still a massive gap as to how is it connected with mobiles and mobile apps. To make sure this gap is filled, we are going to present to you a few pointers on what mobile apps or mobile services have to do with the concept of Big Data.

Some Statistical Data


According to Mobile Data Traffic Forecast by device – A research by CISCO, smartphones are becoming the most used way of generating traffic. This traffic can be increased through Apps or mobile surfing as well. Adding to that, the survey suggests that by 2017 the information generation may grow 50 times over, as compared to what it is now.

The Relation Between Big Data and Mobile

Coming to the point, here are some of the most important things that will make you understand the relationship between Big Data and mobile apps very clear.

Mobile is particularly well-suited for Big Data
With the increase in number of mobile phone users, businesses are funneling their money and effort into it by bringing mobility to the business with apps. With the term Big Data, a new term has been coined; mobile big data, since majority of traffic and data are being generated by smartphones. Technically this data is not different from the data created from a traditional website. The difference is smartphones are becoming the popular mediums to doing all sorts of internet work. With the smart analytics app, these mobile phones continue to create series of data, fueling Big Data terminology.

Optimize and Personalize Mobile Experiences
Here come apps that basically try and make sure they can help you in any which way possible. Personalize and optimize your apps try to track your searches and frequently used data, to then provide the best solution to your problem. These apps use global database to ease your mobile experience and gives the best result.

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Evolution in Mobile Advertising
There has been a huge move towards smartness in marketing and advertising with the amount of response a smartphone campaign can give you. But with Big Data, the smart will become smarter. Using Big Data, suggestions on what, where and how to target your audience can be made accurate and can lead to a definite increase in traffic. According to Wired, “What big data can do, however, is access demographic information, purchasing patterns and social behavior to alter marketing messages based off of what the consumer is interested in now.” It opens a whole new doorway to the Geo-Specific and behaviour driven mobile advertising.

It’s all about Businesses
With the coming of Big Data, many people are still cribbing about the difficulties they are facing. But the thing that they should concentrate on is that Big Data is beneficial to businesses and firms. They can get personalized assistance so as to make their marketing plan a success, using apps that draw data from the collected database. Taking an example; IBM and Weather Company have teamed up to therefore combine their sets of data in order to accurately predict weather conditions and changes and how it impacts business.

Big Data Fuels Mobile Apps

Some of these examples are, Siri and Cortana. Both of these are proactive assistants. Siri is for iPhone while Cortana is a Microsoft product. Siri has been loved by all the iOS users and has turned out to be very useful too. But this time, it is all about Cortana. Cortana used Big Data to predict all the results of all the FIFA matches and it has even left Siri behind.

Roambi: This app is one of the biggest example that shows how the Big Data concept can be used. It is is a unique blend of powerful analytics functionality wrapped in a simple, fluid, and easy to use mobile experience that makes data friendly to use and easy to understand.

Fitness Apps: With the help of the Big Data concept many fitness apps are thriving. They tend to collect the daily data of everyone who registers. By knowing what diet one consumes and/or which exercises one does, the nutrition and fitness app can then suggest a better diet or a more appropriate about of exercise and so on.

A few of these devices wherein apps like these are ruling are, “ Nike FuelBand, Sony SmartBand and Jawbone UP24.” These apps are a big data strategy using big data platform, creating a big database of all the user activities from workouts, distance walked or run pattern to the sleep patterns.

Travel Apps: Travel apps and websites have already been in the league since the dawn of internet, one can say. From comparing prices of flights, hotels and trains to booking hotels. With Big Data at their service, these travel app ideas are doing very well.

Big Data has been marked as the future of Technology that is starting to be. And apps are going to get benefited the most. According to a survey, “By 2016, 61% of web traffic will come from wireless devices as opposed to desktops, contributing heavily to the growth of big data.” What are you waiting for then? Want to develop a mobile app? Let’s Talk

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