How Prisma Photo Editing App to Turn Photos into Magical Artwork Using Artificial Intelligence?

Prisma AI Effect Photo App

AI – Artificial Intelligence, using deep learning algorithms, turn photos into best paintbrush photo by artist.

The idea of Prisma application comes after Moiseenkov, CEO and co-founder, saw the same algorithm online that could process pictures in different artworks. However, the problem with that algorithm was “very, very slow”.

“It took about 10 minutes or even one hour,” he says.
“But when I am on my mobile I want the result now. I don’t want to wait such a long time. And I think I can improve it. For about two months we were just polishing the idea of math, and then from the centre of April we just for two months create the whole production code.”

Prisma app uses a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence and neural networks that enables to turn memorable moments into enduring art.

To enjoy different effects, users have to choose the photo and select an ‘art filter’ to be applied.

After that, they have to wait for a while, as the application works on its algorithmic magic – returning the stylized image in some seconds with an option of social networks for sharing.

Launched only last week, Prisma has got around 1.6 million downloads, according to CEO and co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov. The growth of the application depends on the social sharing function that allow users to post their photos on Instagram once they get their processed shot.

Facebook also has a photo application – Moments app that uses facial recognition technology to identify which friends are in a photo. It allows a user to share the picture with his friends in a shot and they can select to share their photos with him. According to the Facebook, it has a solution in the form of a standalone app, using artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg Words

There are many U.S. technology giants working to enhance the capabilities of their artificial intelligence systems. Apple also showed off an enhanced version of its voice-activated search service, Siri, Google Now also has the search giant’s own system on Android phones, while Microsoft has been coming with its own “personal assistant” – Cortana.

Like Moments-using Facebook, Prisma-using Instagram to reach Maximum Audience

A lot of selfies, lunches, outfits, and cute pet shots being shared on a photo sharing social networking site – Instagram. On an average, Around 95 million photos and videos are shared on the platform each day.

Looking at the size of Instagram’s network, we can identify that it creates a massive pull for fresh content. A pull that Prisma has manifestly been able to tap by delivering a fresh set of filters for its users. Users, who are using Prisma for art filtered shots, are using a #Prisma hashtag.

“A lot of people share photos with a hashtag. I don’t know how they find our hashtag — it’s magic I think,” jokes Moiseenkov. “For one day, the first day of launch, we create about 30,000 photos in Instagram. And it was like in a boom! And after this day the hashtag was ours.”

“We are not storing the [original] photos. We don’t know who sent photos, we don’t know the photo itself because it’s in a non-readable format for us. We only store for result for some time because if the network is very bad we want to reconnect and give the result to the phone.”

Prisma Offering Around 20 Art Filters Inside the iOS App

Prisma Photo Editing App Artwork Filters

Prisma is offering approximately 20 art filter inside the application with remarkable art/graphical like Go for Baroque by Roy Lichtenstein, a DC comic graphic plus abstract artworks like Transverse Line by Wassily Kandinsky, The Scream by Edvard Munch and much more. About 40 styles filter options are being added after a month.

Initially, Prisma is launched in six countries and now, it is in about 30 countries and getting 300,000 installs across 10 of those markets per day. This application has got huge success in Russia so far, and the team is planning to relocate to San Francisco to update the app with new effects.

A Photo Editor App using A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Prisma is Using Neural Network / Deep Learning Algorithms to Process the Photos

Neural networks are necessary for Prisma, as its art filters are not actually filters, it is the imagery that being created from a black canvas by using the two data inputs to generate a final image.

To turn the photos into magical effects requires internet. This application is not just overlaying like Instagram filters; it gives effect to photos from scratch. They have three neural networks on the server; each performs a different task based on something like extract the style from the artwork and applies to the photo and some tricks to speed up the process.

Prisma takes users’ picture to perform some operations and give a new photo to them through deep learning like an artist.

How Prisma App Monetized?

Moiseenkov has decided to plan for videos to increase the processing technique for a mobile video scenario. His team is also working on more features to enhance user engagement, even if they have no delusions about create their own network/platform off.

“Photos is only the start. We plan to add something like the Boomerang app from Instagram. Like short cycles. We plan to add them in the near future — I think in July. And some sort of very clever filters where the quality will be superb,” he adds.

In this application, they have added Prisma processing feature that feeds onto other social platforms with big requirements for image processing. It seems that it could generate an acquisition approach for the team although most of them are talent aqui-hire.

Simple UI is Success of Prisma

Soon, they are targeting other platforms and they don’t want to target other social networks. For Moiseenkov, it is hard to sustain with this simple application and he thinks the part of the success is app’s simplicity – users just have to take a photo, choose a filter and get the result to share.

One of the best things about free photo editing app is it saves time around one hour in editing using Photoshop.

The Prisma team may add sponsored filters for monetization.

However, Moiseenkov also got a lot of inquiries from big companies, but he didn’t talk to them. Group, an investor, has announced that they put money with Dmitry Grishin, chairman of the board, as they believe

“Artificial intelligence and neural network will bring a lot of change in all types of media content and we are happy to support such startups. We will continue investments into this perspective trend further”.

There are many best photo editing apps out there that will make a ‘painting’ from your photos, some of them are Artomaton and Years in Picture (YIPO).

Artomaton is an Artificial Intelligence artist app that creates excellent work with its two inbuilt painting styles and five others (in-app purchase). This application’s AI paints and draws pictures on the basis of photographs by using different painting materials. To use Artomaton app, users just have to choose a photo, choose a painting style and click the button to start painting.

Another photo editing application that uses AI is Years in Picture (YIPO) (developed by Space-O) helps to manage photo collection in different ways by tagging and sorting. This application allows users to sort photos through time, custom tags and geolocation. We have integrated Face Recognition feature that works like iPhoto app on Mac.

Our developed photo editor application detects faces in the photos and asks user “Who is it?” If the user mark faces with person’s name, it will train the app database for specific faces. Once, the training is done, the app will detect faces on other photos automatically by person’s name.

In addition to using AI for support service, people can use Artificial Intelligence to develop best apps for iPhone and Android.


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