Top 5 Money Making Apps in the Transportation Industry

money making apps like Uber

Being an owner of the transportation company, taxi startup or logistics business, if you are planning to invest in Uber-like app development, but have some doubts to make revenue, then this blog is for you. You can go through this blog and find the top 5 money-making apps like Uber in the transportation industry.

There’s not a single domain where mobile apps are not used, be it from food ordering, online shopping, social media to transportation and cab booking. These apps have made life effortless for users and have also accredited a large fortune for the investors and startups who own these apps.

Talking about transportation apps, Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Careem are some of the most successful names in the logistics and transportation industry. So, inspired by these apps in the transportation category, if you are looking to investing in the app development, but still, have some confusion about revenue and making money, we have an apt solution for you.

Herein we have kept top 5 money-making apps like Uber in the transportation industry. We discussed these transportation apps with our transport app consultant and deeply researched on them. So, here’s a complete list of top 5 apps that have made enormous wealth in the transportation sector.

Being an award-winning mobile app development company with experience of developing over 50 transportation apps like Uber, we have mentioned some must-have features to consider. 

5 Popular Money Making Apps Like Uber in the Transportation Sector

There’s not an ounce of doubt about the future of ride-hailing apps. As per a projection, it is guaranteed that the ride-hailing market will be worth $276 billion USD by 2025.  With crucial inputs from our consultant, we have listed the top 5 transportation apps and their features that made them earn so much wealth. 

Before taking a plunge into the detailed description of best transportation apps, let’s have a quick look at the top 5 transportation app table with their origin countries. This table is easily scannable.

best transportation apps like Uber

1. Cabify

Country: Spain
Current Valuation: $477M

This app serves in 38 cities and has gained tremendous popularity in Spain, Portugal, and Latin American countries. As of 2016, it is valued at $320 million dollars, with the major chunk of its funding coming from the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.

This app offers distinct core classes of vehicles to its users for like the Executive feature lite:- here cars like Toyota Avensis are offered and lastly group sharing. 

Cabify also offers special arrangements and care to persons with disabilities.

2. Curb

Country: United States
Current Valuation: $10.7M

This transit and taxi booking app, Curb, allows its riders to book both professional and insured drivers. So far, this application has raised total funding of $10.7 million in 3 rounds of funding.

Moreover, this ride-hailing app has a feature wherein riders can pay for rides that are found outside the app. Further, users of this app can also schedule rides 24 hours prior, hence giving more flexibility.

3. Easy Taxi

Country: Brazil
Current Valuation: $77M

This cab booking app was founded in Brazil in 2011 and since then has made its presence worldwide in 30 countries and 420 cities. Within a year, the company has crossed 200,000 riders and 5000 drivers. Then came the landmark point when it received its first round of investment worth $4.9 million from Rocket Internet. This made Easy Taxi launch their services in Mexico and is growing ever since.

This taxi booking company also took social responsibility by allowing riders to read books in their journey thus making their ride more enjoyable. In Latin America, it also did a campaign of “don’t drink and drive”. Due to its different and out of the box strategies it was also featured as the best app of 2014 in the App Store and Google Playstore. 

4. Moovit

Country: USA
Current Valuation: $131.5M

Moovit is quite different from the mentioned apps as it shows various public transit networks to the users like trains, buses, ferries and trolleybuses with GPS Navigation. This transit app has raised a total of $131.5M in five rounds of funding. 

Being community-driven, this app is unlike conventional public transit applications. It uses crowdsourcing to collect real-time data and then merges them with public transit schedules and helps users in better trip planning for the future. 

5. Kargo

Country: Myanmar
Current Valuation: $800k

Kargo is an uber for trucking app for logistics that has helped Myanmar logistics businesses to move goods. As per the latest reports, Kargo has raised a US$800,000 in pre-Series A deal and is projected to receive Series A funding within the next one and a half years. With Kargo,  drivers can easily sign-up without hampering their present customer base. 

With GPS tracking, customers and warehouse owners are aware of their delivery status and hence very remarkably removed the communication gap with the drivers. A push notification is received as soon as the delivery is done, thus becoming more reliable for the customers. With its remarkable features, this fleet management app has solved the logistics and transportation problem in Myanmar.

Wrapping up

These five apps have been very successful transportation apps for both logistics companies and passengers and solved big problems with their mobile app solution. With their problem solving, they are also big money-making apps in the transportation and logistics sector. 

So, looking at these successful apps and the total amount of money these apps are making, if you have decided to develop an app like Uber for your transportation and company, then there are a lot of opportunities that you can grab.

No matter whether you have any rough or raw Uber-like app development idea that you want to see into reality, you can cross-verify it with us. We are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile apps for iOS, Android and web that you can scroll on our portfolio page. However, in our portfolio section, we have mentioned only those apps that are not under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

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