Top Best Mobile App Development Companies in Ahmedabad and Employees’ Dream Run

Best Mobile App Development Companies

There are a number of IT Software and Mobile App Development Companies in Ahmedabad, offering the best of job opportunities and salary packages. However continual growth opportunities are still a matter of concern for employees that keep them from being committed to their existing employer.

One of the possible reasons behind this is the lack of ability of the employers to create and demonstrate the continued growth opportunities for their employees. This is as similar as retaining investments of the stakeholders who stick with you only if you show promise to progress.

Now growth is not something that can be measured entirely and only in terms of money, it can be anything related to adding value in the lives of the employees. Any company offering such a growth will barely face the problem of attrition.

However, it is also a fact that a company can offer growth to its employees only if it is growing – just like ours.

Space-O Technologies is one of the top as well as the fastest growing mobile application development companies in India.

  • In a short span of 3 years, it has finished more than 500+ mobile app projects with an average of one App in every two and a half working days.
  • It has a clientele of more than 300 customers across the globe from whom it gets more than 30% of repeated projects.
  • It operates with the current manpower of 100 people from its Ahmedabad based HQ and Development Center that will soon run with double than its current capacity. (You can apply for the open positions or get yourself considered for future openings by sending your resume at: [email protected])
  • It has established its Development Center in USA & Canada
  • It has partnered with 11 different organizations and has equity stake or holds title of the preferred technology partner with them.
  • It has the best ratings and clients reviews about which you can read in detail over here.

But, this is just about the company’s growth; we are yet to talk about our employees’ growth.

  • Rewards and Recognition: We have our own way of rewarding and recognizing our employees. But you should not take our word for granted and instead confirm it yourselves by visiting here.
  • Learning and Development Opportunities: We think our employees must learn and gain not only in theoretical terms but also by practical experience and exposure which is why we strive to avail them every such opportunity that contributes in their individual growth.For example, we’ve encouraged our employees to participate in the upcoming “AppFest” event which will be held between 26th to 28th July at IIM Ahmedabad; and we are supporting them by all ways possible.
  • Work Culture, Events and Activities: We create a culture that promotes learning, transparency as well as fun. You can know more about the working environment and see the albums of events and celebrations at Space-O.
  • Employee Speaks: You may read and check out the videos of our people in our employee speaks section.

Overall, above are the reasons why Entrepreneurs land on our Upwork profile when they are hiring top mobile app developers from Upwork.

Think you can be a part of Space-O? Send us your job applications with your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV).


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