15 Best Apps For Couples in 2020 to Improve Relationship

The ultra digitalized world we exist in has taken everything and turned it into an app. With a busy life, it could be difficult to give your 100% to your significant other. But worry not, apps for couples are here to save the day! Here is a list of the trending best apps for couples that are being used and recommended by couples from all around the world.

Relationships require efforts and a lot of work from both the partners. The work doesn’t end after asking out someone on a date, or after saying “I do.” That is actually when the real work begins.

With so many Tinder-like apps for dating, we know that there are millions of couples who began their relationship using an app. So why not use another app to give that relationship the boost that it needs?

Yes, there are apps to help you improve your relationship too!

We researched the market and have curated a list of top 15 apps for couples that can be very useful in a variety of ways. We have also divided the list into 3 sections:

  1. Apps for Couples: This includes apps that can be used by any couple whether they have just started dating or have already married.
  2. Apps for Long Distance Relationship Couples: This section includes the apps that will be more useful to those couples who live in a different city, or (God forbid) a different country from each other.
  3. Apps for Married Couples: This section is more suitable for married couples and centers around finance apps for couples and family-friendly activity apps amongst others.

So are you ready to work on your relationship? Take a look at the apps and see how technology can help you connect with your SO.

15 Best Apps For Couples To Look Into 

1. Between – Best Communication App for Couples

best apps for couples

Source: Between

Between is a couples-only app that began in 2011, now has 10M+ downloads on Play Store and a 4.8-star rating on the iTunes App Store. The app provides a special privilege to couples, allowing them to communicate privately and more romantically. This app for couples gives an option to save precious memories just between them. 

Features to note:

  • Store your photos, videos, and notes easily
  • Save schedules and special days using the in-built calendar, and check your partner’s schedule
  • This couples app offers free emoticons and GIF selfies for chatting with your partner more romantically

Download it here for Android or iOS

2. DateNight – Date Ideas App for Couples

It can be difficult to come up with a new idea for a date night if the couple has been dating for quite some time. Using this app, couples can find the perfect date night idea, no matter where they are. The app has several categories to choose from, so users can get ideas as per the time of the day, occasion, and their budget.

Features to note:

  • Users can make curated lists and browse through lists made by other users
  • Users can filter ideas by category to get the best and most suitable ideas for their special night.
  • All the users can submit their own ideas if they can’t find something they have in mind.
  • It is also possible for users to review ideas posted by others. If some idea doesn’t get good reviews, it could be removed by the admins.

Download it here for iOS

3. Kindu – Best Romantic App for Couples

best relationship apps for couples

Source: Kindu

Featured in Mashable, Parenting.com, Yahoo News, and NBC News, Kindu is an app that aims to bring couples closer together through technology. This app for couples gives the opportunity to explore intimate desires through countless romantic date ideas, different activities and much more. With their match system, couples can communicate privately and safely. 

Features to note:

  • Double-blind match system so that couples can see ideas that both of them agree to
  • In-app purchases to get access to wildly adventurous and delayed free content in the app
  • Wild-card entry to anonymously submit your ideas to your partner
  • Favourite option to bookmark your favourite ideas

Download it here for Android or iOS

4. Love Nudge – Best Couples App for Serious Relationships

best couple apps

Source: Love Nudge

Love Nudge believes that just like physical fitness, it is important to maintain a healthy and fit relationship too. For this very reason, they’ve created this app for couples to help them build healthier habits and strengthen their relationships. The app puts the concept of The 5 Love Languages into action to help determine what and how one can satisfy their partners. 

Features to note:

  • Learn partner’s love languages to get an insight into what both expect from each other
  • Be intentional and connect with a partner by living up to their expectations in the best way possible
  • Set and track various activity goals

Download it here for Android or iOS

5. Merge – Best Couple Organizer App for Couples

Merge is a simple couple organizer app that helps couples stay on top of their day-to-day responsibilities. Users can make lists and divide their tasks into various categories with much more ease. For each task, users can set due dates, create reminders, make recurring tasks, prioritize tasks according to urgency, reassign and edit tasks. 

Features to note:

  • Create tasks and assign them to their partner.
  • Make comments or edit tasks for more clarity
  • Set reminders to ensure that you don’t forget important tasks or chores
  • Use Merge status updates to update your partner about your day and check-in easily.

Download it here for iOS

Apps for Couples: Long Distance Relationships

1. Pathshare – Best Location Sharing Couples App

This is a location-sharing app for couples that users can use to share their real-time location with their partner. It can be used to ensure the safety of the other person even if the other one is not living in the same city. The best thing about it is that only the user can decide who they want to share their location with and for how long. They can set up a predefined time when sharing the location and once that time is over, Pathshare will automatically stop sharing their location. Use this app to keep partners updated about whereabouts when they are out late at night or in a potentially dangerous situation.

Features to note:

  • Share location with partner or family and friends from the address book. Allow to share it with just one person or form a group
  • It can be shared with anyone anywhere in the world as long as the other person has GPS and internet connection in their phones
  • Can be used in a variety of situations such as when your kids are going on a trip when living in a different city than significant other, when users are going out late at night or when they are stuck somewhere and need help

Download it here for Android or iOS

2. Loklok – Cute App for Couples

Loklok is a cute app for couples that is available only for Android users as of now. It basically lets users share access to their phone’s lock screen to anyone else they want. It replaces screen with a shared whiteboard. Use this whiteboard to send messages or upload cute pictures on the lock screen. The same will be updated in the other person’s lock screen too and vice versa. The next time when partners use their phone, they’ll be able to see the cute messages that leave for them.

Features to note:

  • Users can draw on the lock screen without having to unlock the phone
  • Users can share their lock screen access with just one person or create a group
  • The app works as a lock screen and as a widget
  • The designs can be shared directly on social media

Download it here for Android

3. Happy Couple – Best Relationship Game App

best couple relationship apps

Source: Happy Couple

Happy Couple is a gaming app for couples to get to know each other better in order to strengthen their relationship. By answering just 5 short questions daily, couples can soon find out everything there is to know about each other. This is especially important if partners live in different time zones and don’t have time to connect with each other on a daily basis. 

Features to note:

  • A perfect app for all kinds of couples – be it long distance, married, with kids, LGQTQ or any other
  • 5 new questions every day that couples can answer about themselves and guess about their partners. Correct answers will get them points and lead them ahead in the game
  • By earning points, users can move ahead and unlock new questions or challenges
  • Daily tips and personalized challenges to help users improve their relationship and make it more intimate

Download it here for Android or iOS

4. Lovedays – Days counter and widget app for Couples

It’s said that distance makes the heart fonder. But sometimes, you need little reminders to ensure that the heart does not forget or become anxious due to the distance. Since we use our phones daily, it makes sense for couples in long-distance relationships to have a widget on their phones to help them remind about it. Lovedays is an app that keeps counting the days that the couple has been together and can be used to remember important dates and anniversaries too. 

Features to note:

  • Couples can use the D-day counter to see how long they’ve been with each other.
  • The D-day calculator can be used to calculate an upcoming important date or the couple’s next meet.
  • Can use widgets of various sizes for different purposes.

Download it here for Android or iOS

5. Rave – Best App for Watching Videos Together

Mobile apps for couples

Source Netflix

Now couples in long-distance relationships can Netflix and chill. Rave is a great app for couples in an LDR because it allows users to stream videos with whoever they want. Users can chat underneath the streaming video and feel like they’re watching their favorite shows or movies together. This is a great app for the millennial couples since it allows them to watch shows together and discuss it in real-time.

Features to note:

  • Users can stream videos from Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Viki and more
  • Upload videos to Dropbox or Google Drive for watching together
  • Allow users to create their own music mashups by using RaveDJ
  • Connect with speakers and sync instantly
  • Join friends on iOS, Android and even in virtual reality

Download it here for Android or iOS

Apps for Couples: Married Couples

1. Honeydue – Best Finance App for Couples

best mobile apps for couples

Source Honeydue

Featured by Apple and Forbes in several categories, Honeydue is hands down the best finance app for couples. It does exactly what its name suggests. It helps users to keep track of your finances, budget, check your spending habits and pay each other when needed. It also lets you see all your bank account balances in one place.

Features to note:

  • Create monthly limits and categories for all expenses
  • Get reminders for bill payments
  • Send emojis to encourage or discourage your partner’s spending habits
  • SSL/TLS, passcode & TouchID, and multi-factor authentication to ensure the utmost security of bank details

Download it here for Android or iOS

2. Raft – Best Couple and Family Calendar App

Available on the iTunes Store, Raft is a couple and family calendar app for married couples. Featured in a number of categories by Apple, Raft is a great app for people who want to share their calendars with their family or friends. The aim of this app is to check each other’s schedules and ensure that users find a free slot mutually so that they can get time to be close with each other. 

Features to note:

  • Connect with partner, family or friends and see what they are up to
  • Like or comment on each other’s plans
  • Personalize events with images, stickers, emojis, and GISs
  • Chat directly in the events

Download it here for iOS

3. Winnie – Activities App for Married Couples with Kids

Top mobile apps for couples

Source Winnie

If a couple has kids as a married couple, both need some activities that they can do together as a family. In the busy lives that we are leading right now, it could be difficult to find activities around. Winnie is an app for married couples that can help them get advice on parenting and also find activities near them that are suitable for the kids. This app for couples also has an option to locate daycare centers and babysitters so they can enjoy some alone time together.

Features to note:

  • Find kid-friendly activities to do nearby
  • Find family-friendly places nearby such as local parks, restaurants, and other places
  • Join a community of other parents and give or receive advice on everything from pregnancy

Download it here for Android or iOS

4. Spark Now – Best App to Reignite Sparks

Married couples often go through rough patches where they struggle to understand each other or fail to meet each other’s expectations. Spark Now is an app for couples that helps bring that spark back into the relationship! It aims to solve relationship struggles and resolve communication issues. 

Features to note:

  • Set up personalized goal reminders for different categories such as date night, intimacy, surprises, cooking, and other household chores
  • Set various levels of importance for each reminder, repetition for each task and days of the week
  • Users can also set certain personalized rewards for each task to motivate your partner to accomplish the task on hand with enthusiasm
  • After the goal is created, it will appear in a shared calendar and both of the partners will keep getting reminders about it. When the tasks are completed, one person gets a reward and the other is happy too, hence it leads to bring the spark back in the relationship.

Download it here for Android or iOS

5. Lasting – Best Marriage Counselling App For Couples

Married couples who are facing some problems in their marriage can use this app to ensure for a happy and healthy relationship. The app brings couples counselling sessions to their phones. Whether couples want to improve their relationship or communication, this app can help build a stronger bond. To unlock all the features, a premium subscription is necessary.

Features to note:

  • Sharing and comparing sessions with the partners
  • A personalized relationship roadmap to help understand the state of the marriage
  • A number of marriage health assessments.
  • Sessions for couples on various topics like emotional connection, communication, sex, career, money, parenthood, conflicts and appreciation.

Download it here for Android or iOS

The Final Say

So, these are the 15 best apps for couples, be it married, live-in relationship or long-distance relationship couples. These apps can help people to improve their relationship and enjoy their journey with their partner. In fact, these are widely used by couples worldwide and due to this, investors are also taking interest in these types of apps.

Investors are investing more money, so being an entrepreneur, if you have any idea on couples app, cross-verify it with us. We are a leading mobile app development company with development centers in India, USA, and Canada. We have the experience of developing over 3500 mobile apps for different businesses worldwide.

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Moreover, if you have any more apps for couples that you think should have been on this list of best apps for couples, please share the same with us in the comment section.

Author Bio: This blog is written with the help of Jigar Mistry, who has over 13 years of experience in the web and mobile app development industry. He has guided to develop over 200 mobile apps and has special expertise in different mobile app categories like Uber like apps, Health and Fitness apps, On-demand apps, and Dating Apps. We took his help to identify the best apps for couples and their unique features.


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