Best App, Startup, and Investor of 2017 Announced By TechCrunch 10th Annual Crunchies Award Show

Annual Crunchies Award by Techcrunch

Same as last year, Techcrunch, on Monday, hosted Crunchies Awards show to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet, and technology innovations of the year.

This year, Techcrunch included some new names as well as some familiar names in the list of this year’s Crunchies.

There were a total of 11 awards handed out for ‘Best Startup’ to ‘Hot New Startup’, and many others. And, the complete show was hosted by actress and comedian Chelsea Peretti.

Let’s check out the complete list of winners as well as runner ups for the Crunchies Awards for the different categories.

Crunchies For Best App

To hand out 2017 best app award, they invited Marissa Mayer, President & CEO of Yahoo and Sarah Buhr, Writer of Techcrunch. 2016 was momentous and there was tough competition for Best App category, said Marissa. And, the finalist for best app are – Clue,, Pokemon Go, Prisma, and WeedMaps.

The runner up for the best app is

Crunchie for best app given to Pokemon Go.

Here’s what Pokemon team said while accepting the award.

“We just started making a cute little game and ended up making cultural phenomenon. And, we’ve only survived and achieve this success because of the support of family and friends”.

While Pokemon Go generated millions in revenue within short time. The app become number #1 in the top free apps category. In fact, Entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and developers from all over the world started discussing about how Pokemon Go will change the world of mobile application development. And, it seems that top mobile app development companies have already started working on similar concept.

Crunchies For Best Startup

To present the award for best startup, they invited Matthew Panzarino, Editor-In-Chief of Techcrunch.

For the past few years, we have seen lot of entrepreneurs across many stages, many of those entrepreneurs talk about changing the world. Though, very few of them have finished second half of that equation, which is for the better. However, for the coming years, it’s important to think about both halves of that equation.

Nominees for best startup are – DIDI. Giphy, Slack, SpaceX, and Stripe.

The runner up for best startup is Stripe.

The winner the best startup of the year is Slack.

Honestly, we expected Best Startup to be the Stripe. After it’s launch, the mobile apps that includes payment through apps have started adopting stripe as it was simple, easy, and efficient payment gateway system for the mobile apps.

In fact, you can check out discussion by our expert Android developer on the subject of Stripe payment gateway integration into mobile apps.

Youtube Link:

Crunchies For VC of The Year

To present the award for the VC of the year, they invited Sebastian Thrun, Founder, Chairman & President at Udacity, and Connie Loizos, Silicon Valley Editor at Techcrunch.

VCs play an integral role in the startup community. They have bird’s eye view for the landscape, they pitch in not just cash, but tremendous expertise and knowledge into startups.

Nominees for VC of the year are Aydin Senkut for Felicis Ventures, Byron Deeter for Bessemer Venture Partners, Kirsten Green for Forerunner Ventures, Stuart Peterson for Artis Ventures, and Tony Florence for New Enterprise Associates.

The runner up for VC of the year is Aydin Senkut for Felicis Ventures.

The winner for the VC of the year is Kirsten Green for Forerunner Ventures.

Crunchies For Hot New Startup

To present the award for Hot New Startup, they invited Roelof Botha, partner at Sequoia Capital, and Megan Rose Dickey, reporter at Techcrunch.

Being a hot new startup is both blessing and a curse. It’s hard to ignore the hype and pride of early success. And, it is of utmost importance to focus on a great product with sustainable business model.

The nominees for the Hot New Startup are Marco Polo, Otto, Prelude Fertility, Viv, and Winnie.

The runner up of Hot New Startup is Prelude Fertility.

The winner of Hot New Startup is Otto.

After Uber, everybody are entering the on demand services market by providing simple solutions for a middleman service. And, Otto, the Uber for trucks, won the Hot New Startup.

Crunchies For Angel Investor of The Year

To present the award for Angel Investor of the year, they invited Cyan Banister, last year Angel Investor of the year & partner at Founders Fund, and Matt Burns, Senior Editor at Techcrunch.

What does it take to be a good Angel Investor?

Good Angel Investor consists of qualities like strong network, good ear, and little bit of luck.

The nominees for Angel Investor of the year are – Carine Magescas, Eric Paley, Fabrice Grinda, Naval Ravikant, and Troy Carter.

The runner up of Angel Investor of the year is Troy Carter.

The winner of Angel Investor of the year is Naval Ravikant.

Crunchies For Hardware of The Year

To present the award for Hardware of the year, they invited Troy Carter, Founder at Atom Factory, Co-Founder & Managing partner at Cross Culture Ventures, Global Head of Creator Services at Spotify, and Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large at Techcrunch.

Nominees for the Hardware of the year are Bevel Trimmer, Doppler Labs Here One, June Oven, Markforged Mark Two, and Snapchat Spectacles.

The runner up of Hardware of the year is Bevel Trimmer.

The winner of Hardware of the year is Snapchat Spectacles.

Crunchies For Founder of The Year

To present the award for Founder of the year, they invited Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Foursquare, and Jordan Crook, Special Projects Editor at Techcrunch.

Nominees for the Founder of the year are Jeff Lawson (Twilio), Jessica O. Matthews (Uncharted Play), Morgan Debaun (Blavity), Ryan Petersen (Flexport), Tristan Walker (Walker & Co.)

The runner up for Founder of the year is Tristan Walker.

The winner for Founder of the year is Jeff Lawson.

With this, they handed out the last award for this year Crunchies Awards. However, the event wasn’t done here, Techcrunch also hosted Crunchies After Party for everybody in the room. And, it began immediately after handing out the last award until 11:00 PM.


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