Benefits of Augmented Reality Development And How These 4 Industries Can Experience It Right Now

benefits of augmented reality

The AR technology has completely changed the way we interact with the world around us. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of Augmented Reality and how businesses from Education, Travel, Retail, and Manufacturing Industries can experience these benefits with AR app Development.

Since the boom of Pokemon Go, Augmented reality development has gained quite a lot of traction in the mobile app world. Pokemon Go is a smartphone game developed by Nintendo using Augmented Reality (AR) which allows its users to catch Pokemons on the go. However, do you know the overall impact and the advantages of Augmented Reality development have for businesses?

From enhancing how we communicate and entertain ourselves to the way we work and solve real-life problems, Augmented Reality is changing how we interact with the world around us.

Now, before we start understanding the business benefits of Augmented reality development, let’s find out what Augmented Reality really is.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real-time. The augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it, while the virtual reality creates a completely artificial environment.

Both virtual and augmented reality provides their experience through the 3D high definition video and audio, but there is still a worthy difference in between them.

On one hand, the virtual reality app development is totally immersive and puts a user into isolated reality while the augmented reality, on the other hand, is partly immersive.

In Augmented reality, your users can look around and see the artificial computer-generated objects of the expanded layer.

Now, when it comes to the matter of which type is better – Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, the benefits of augmented reality development have proven to be more profitable for businesses.

According to Digi-Capital’s report, the AR/VR market is going to expand up to $150 Billion by 2020 in which AR will be taking the lion’s share of $83 Billion.

Statista’s report also shows that in 2016, Augmented reality development helped business owners earn $5.2 millions US dollars. Furthermore, this amount is expected to grow dramatically till 2020.

augmented reality development

Now that numbers have spoke loud and clear for themselves, there is only one question remains to be answered…

What Are The Benefits of Augmented Reality?

The core benefit of business in augmented reality apps development for smartphones and tablets is that in near future AR is going to change the shape of commerce thoroughly.

In upcoming years, people will be able to try on clothes without actually wearing it or check how the furniture will fit the interior. As a matter of fact, IKEA has already implemented augmented reality in its mobile app where users could actually check whether the furniture design looks good or not.

Point is, Augmented reality development offers new opportunities for a large amount of markets including manufacturing, education, commerce, and travel.

Let’s dig little deeper and see the use-cases and benefits of augmented reality development.

1- Shopping:

Developing augmented reality app for Android and iOS platforms discovers the new experience for both online and offline shopping. Virtual fitting rooms help the users in finding the right size, decreasing the number of purchased returns.

Same goes for new car color or furniture in your house. Retailers can develop custom augmented reality apps tailored for their brands to provide better experiences to their customers. Although, don’t forget that you can also use AR technology for marketing campaigns by adding AR as supportive materials.

2 – Manufacturing:

Augmented reality development can provide and accelerate the building process at manufacturing factory. For instance, managers can monitor the actual work progress in real time using AR markers on equipments. Furthermore, it can also save a lot of time by using digital plants and maps.

3 – Travel & Tourism:

Travel apps with augmented reality can show tourist directions and routes to his desirable destinations, translate the signs on the boards, and give detailed information about sightseeing at a particular location. That means, by adding the layer of AR technology in a mobile travel app, it’s possible to provide a new cultural experience to users.

4 – Education:

The AR technology brings many possibilities for education and learning processes. Augmented reality provides the unique cognition way with appealing real-life simulations.

For example, the medical students can now try their first surgeries without the risk of injuring patients. The future astronauts can also practice using AR technology to get ready for their next space mission.

Overall, the augmented reality app for education gives a physical and psychological experience and helps to provide authentic virtual experience which can be implemented in real life.

Obviously enough, all these benefits of augmented reality have their challenges for different brands and businesses. But, if you already have an idea in mind, the only question remains to be answered is its cost.

How Much Does The Augmented Reality Application Development Cost?

The cost of augmented reality development depends on different factors. Therefore, you should start your augmented reality development process with a detailed documentation that includes all the requirements that your AR app should meet for the benefit of your end-users.

The augmented reality app development cost consists of three important components:

  • The object or place where additional reality should appear
  • What information your users are supposed to receive
  • And how are you going to provide the AR experience

The augmented reality information and they way you want to add it involves 3D model rendering and animation gesture detection.

Moreover, to build an AR app for iPhone or Android, there are bunch of tools required to create the augmented environment. Our augmented reality apps development team can explain all the technical details to help you understand the importance of these tools. Recently, Space-O has been recognized as one of the Top Augmented Reality App Development Companies by GoodFirms, a B2B Research and Review Firm.

GoodFirms Featured Space-O

The augmented reality technology is a bit unpolished and still in its infancy, but our ARkit developers have already implemented this technology to create different type of augmented environments.

So, if you’d like to develop AR app for your business, our Augmented Reality experts can help you get started with your AR App development that will draw your customer’s attention to your products/services and increase sales and brand awareness.


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