Beauty Apps Development: 3 Important Lessons That Beauty Tech Startups Can Learn from Beauty Tech Giants – Think Dirty, Makeup Genius by L’Oreal & Ask Bobbi

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This article embraces information for beauty tech startups and entrepreneurs, who want to create beauty apps. Read on three important lessons by beauty tech giants like Makeup Genius by L’Oreal, Bobbi Brown and Think Dirty – Shop Clean.

Technology is continually transforming the beauty industry. Or, we can say that the beauty tech industry is booming and expanding rapidly as beauty tech startups and entrepreneurs are experimenting with the new products and beauty offerings for consumers. According to the report from Crunchbase, “Beauty tech startups like StyleSeat and Glossier have shaped one of the fastest-growing areas in tech.”

Here, we’ll take you to the world of top beauty tech giants, who are performing outstandingly well. Let’s have a look!

Think Dirty – Shop Clean App

Think Dirty app that is also known as beauty salon app allows app users to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients, which are presented in their cosmetics and personal care products. Well, Think Dirty app is based on a very different concept.

This beauty app also allows users to compare products when they shop. All just user needs to scan the product barcode and it will give an easy-to-understand information on the product, track harmful ingredients for skin and gives users to shop for cleaner options.

Think Dirty Shop Clean App
Image Source: think dirty

  • Think Dirty – Shop Clean app ranks #114 in the health and fitness category on the Apple App Store.
  • According to the latest report from SimilarWeb, the Usage rank of the app is going upward on Google Play rank. This is what you can see in this image.

Think Dirty App Ranking SimilarWeb

Makeup Genius App by L’Oreal

This virtual makeup app is for makeup lovers who like to experiment with the new makeup products. Makeup Genius by L’Oreal uses facial mapping technology as it works by clicking a photo like a selfie and upload it, and app users can try cosmetics products in real-time by simply scanning the products’ barcodes.

Ask Bobbi App by Bobbi Brown

Ask Bobbi app lets app users to ask for a specific look, nail techniques, and beauty lessons through an app. Well, the co-founder of Bobbi Brown is known for hands-on approach with their customers. Ask Bobbi app aims to make every woman her own makeup artist. With beauty-related queries, this app, online beauty services platform, provides users the easy-to-follow how to or step-by-step makeup and beauty guides.

Ask Bobbi Brown AppImage Source: glamor magazine

Moving ahead and let us quickly go through with the important lessons, which you as a beauty tech startup can learn from their successful business models.

3 Important Lessons Which Beauty Tech Startups Can Learn From These Beauty Tech Giants like Think Dirty, Makeup Genius by L’Oreal & Bobbi Brown

1. Teach Your Customers With The Rare Information About Their Toxic Beauty Products

One of the effective lessons is teaching your customers from the best of your ability which you as a beauty tech startup can learn from these beauty tech giants. It is important to provide one of the easiest ways to learn more about the toxic ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products. All you need to teach your customers about benefits as you can provide tips and tricks of beauty and makeup tutorial videos, and allow them to ask beauty related queries.

Think Dirty AppImage Source: think dirty

Being a beauty tech startup, if you are planning to create a beauty app or virtual beauty app like Makeup Beauty by L’Oreal, then you can follow this simple lesson and offer solutions to your customers on the basis of this.

2. One-Stop Solution for all Beauty Essentials

If you are one of the beauty tech startups, who want to give your beauty junkies/customers one-stop solutions for all their beauty essential needs, then this is a lesson is from which you can learn a lot. You can provide a beauty app, which embraces every kind of non-toxic and organic beauty and personal care products. As people’s craze has been growing for non-toxic and organic beauty products, you can provide a complete guide on organic and non-toxic beauty products.

Think Dirty AppImage Source: think dirty

For instance, if you are targeting the audience, who like to have organic and non-toxic ingredients in their beauty and personal care products, then you can provide them all organic beauty products, which are free from toxins or organic products. However, it also comes with convenient to them as your consumers would not go anywhere as what they are looking for.

3. Answering Your Customers’ Queries With Optimal Solutions

Last but not least, there are highly-effective strategies, which is worth to implement during beauty apps development. You just need to focus on helping out your customers and providing solutions for them. The very first thing is to analyze what is in trend and what are those things, which they are looking for. The app like Ask Bobbi helps out their beauty enthusiasts or app users to ask beauty-related queries, and they can ask questions from the professional experts right from their apps.

Beauty AppsImage Source: bobbi brown

You can provide such solutions as beauty experts or makeup artists with their fingertips. You can also offer video tutorials on makeup and beauty tips where your app users can ask for professional pieces of advice, and it must be without any hassle. Being a beauty tech startup, you can pick this lesson as an arsenal while developing mobile app in the beauty category.


In recent years, more beauty startups are emerging, which are shaping the beauty industry. Apart from these Goliaths, there are two startups, which are also performing well in the market. These startups named as Glossier (cosmetic startup) and StyleSeat (#1 appointment booking app for hair and beauty). Well, there are two categories i.e. cosmetics and grooming, which are booming.

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