5 Styleseat Features Uber for Beauty Startup Should Consider to Develop Beauty App

The beauty industry is valued at $532billion and is on a rapid upward trajectory. Being in this ‘Uber for Beauty’ world, if you are a budding beauty startup, you need to be on the move with other beauty apps like Styleseat, GlamSquad, Priv, Stylebee. These online beauty scheduling apps have transformed the online beauty services using technological advancements. Herein we have rounded up 5 features of Styleseat, best hair app, which you should consider during beauty app development.

People are no longer interested in waiting at a salon or hanging over a call for fixing salon appointments. With the advent of online salon booking, the genres of Uber for beauty have expanded rapidly. Now, there are last-minute blowouts and at-home beauty services, which allows users to pamper themselves without leaving their house, office, or hotel. 

Gen Z hardly has time for self-care, your on demand beauty service can provide them with instant salon bookings and can manage their appointments through in-built calendars, automatic reminders, payments. On the other hand, professional beauty artists can get a platform to meet their loyal users, they can also be a part of the salon app through the gig economy. 

Now, there has to be some assurance as to why you should enter the beauty app world?

We have one for your spa and wellness startups.

We at Space-O Technologies have studied some trending facts about the online beauty industry. These show a win-win situation for your beauty business, professionals, and users. Have a quick look at these interesting facts and statistics.

Statistics for the Beauty Industry

  • Over time, the interest of people has increased more towards using beauty services through the salon app. 

online beauty industry statistics

  • The spa and beauty salon market was valued at around USD 128.59 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach approximately USD 190.81 billion in 2024, growing at an annual growth rate slightly above 5.80% between 2018 and 2024. If you want to embrace this huge opportunistic market you need to develop a last-minute salon service in the form of a beauty app. An app can reach more users in less time and can provide your business with an online brand awareness too.

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  • Countries such as the U.S., France, Germany, the UK, Japan are the top contributors to the spas and salon market in terms of revenue and operations. So if you are planning to enter the online beauty service industry with your salon management software, eye for these countries. You will find a high adoption rate of your salon app in these countries because people are already fond of this growing market. 

Now, if you have got a rough idea about creating an app like Uber for beauty, then consider these 5 features of the best hair app, StyleSeat. These features are studied by our experience on demand mobile application developer. This curation might give you a better idea about how to design your app for a seamless user experience.

5 Features of StyleSeat (Best Hair Salon App) Every Beauty and Salon Startup Should Consider for Beauty App Development

  1. Seamless process from scheduling to automatic reminders for a beauty appointment

    When it comes to scheduling an appointment, to maintain an excel sheet or loose paper sheets is a big task and consumes a lot of energy and time. Through such beauty apps, your users can schedule an online appointment as per their convenience. You can easily manage clients by integrating other features.

    • In-app calendar- A proper date wise representation of the available dates, occupied slots on a particular day, available timing, can easily be understood in a glance by both the parties the users and the chosen beauty artist.

    Uber for beauty app development

    Image Credit: StyleSeat

    • Reminder alerts- For the timely availability of the beautician and the client, it is necessary for your salon booking app to give instant notifications in the form of appointment reminders. These will consist of the date, time, and beauty artist’s name, thus, there is no miscommunication possible.
    • Tracking real-time clientele notes- At the time of booking some clients have specific instructions for beauticians. Track those important client notes and booking history through your beauty app development.
  2. Convenient photo sharing and browsing accompanied with reviews

    Being a beauty app startup, you are a platform for budding beauty professionals who want to have loyal users. And users who want to avail of the best self-care services. To create a trustworthy relationship among the parties, you should integrate a photo sharing and browsing feature.

    Allow your professionals to share their work in the form of blowouts, braids, makeup, haircuts, hair color. Let the users find a salon right for them by browsing photos and reviews of the artists. In this way, your app will become a transparent platform and will also be able to get the online goodwill for your business.

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  3. Integrate social media with “booking” functionality

    Social media is the biggest marketing platform when you are targeting service for every age group. The trending and influential platforms like Instagram can easily grab more attention of your users. 

    beauty app development

    Image Credit: StyleSeat

    You can obtain direct inquiries from social media platforms. By providing your users with a ‘booking’ option they will easily reach your official page to make all other relevant inquiries. It is a viable function from direct messaging (DMs) on these platforms. No one wants to wait for an answer for long on a social media platform. And more than that it requires a lot of management to answer without fail on such social networking apps.

  4. Allow clients to book and reschedule appointments 24*7

    Being in the Uber for beauty app genre, you need to be as flexible as possible. We all have last-minute emergencies, your beauty app development must have a ‘no-show cancellation policy.’ Such a policy will give your beauty professionals, sincere and timely clientele.  

    Rescheduling option will retain your clients, as we all like more alternatives when it comes to availing an online service. You need to have certain essentials which create a successful app for on demand beauty services, one of which is this feature. 

  5. Track payments through seamless payment gateway integration

    Give your users a seamless payment experience. Get a detailed breakdown of transactions made daily, monthly, yearly, deposits, which will give you an account overview. Keep the payment gateway integration easy, by letting the user save the card details for once and make the checkout right after that functionality is completed. 

    Advance payments will ensure your business, professionals, and users about the beauty service. Thus, you should integrate trustworthy payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, which already has some loyal clientele in the market.

    Before ending this blog we would like to share some more interesting beauty app features that are technologically advanced and will leverage your beauty app development.

How Technology is Giving the Industry a Makeover?

There are certain features you should include in your beauty salon appointment app that can increase your user engagement and will help your app to stand a place among the best beauty apps.

  • Online hairstyle try on- Let your users try different hair cuts through Augmented Reality (AR) technology integration. Allow them to experience real-time virtual makeover before booking a salon appointment through your beauty app development.
  • Block clients- You can block a client if his behavior is not apt, or he never shows up after booking an appointment. This will keep your business away from such clientele nuisance. 
  • Customized appointments- Allow your users and professionals to curate their own services, timing, preferred client/beauty artist, special equipment/products.
  • In-app promotions- You can allow in-app display advertising, personalized email marketing, list of most recommended beauty artists or salons. 

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So, the tech beauty apps are successful because of providing a perfect blend of solutions, including customization, convenience, and options to browse beauty products to consumers on-the-go. Thus, if you are thinking of converting blog into app, or salon website into an app, then our mobile app developers can help you out with a seamless mobile beauty service solution. 

For more information on the on demand beauty app development, Uber for beauty app development features and strategies, timeline to develop an app like StyleSeat or Priv, fill our contact us form with your requirements. Our sales representatives will get back to you with an opt solution for the stated requirements. Consultation is free.

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