Will Beacon App Development for Retail Stores Create A ‘Win-Win’ Situation?

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beacon_appsDo you know online shopping enjoyed a good growth in 2015? But, what about the retail store owners?
Unfortunately, retail store owners haven’t enjoyed the same growth. Even, the retail giant, Target will close its 13 struggling store on January 30, 2016, due to their poor financial performance. Only 10% of retailers are online in the US and rest of 90% still managing their customers through their retail store.

It is simple to understand that how people would think that online and offline would be a risk to each other. However, if any retail store will combine that brings retailers and customers together like never before. It surely enhances the overall experience of retail.

According to Gartner, there were around 2.5 billion connected devices in 2009 and will be more than 30 billion by 2020 in a variety of forms and shapes. This is all about Internet of Things (IoT) that takes app development and networking to the whole new level.

Heard about Apps with Beacons?

Of course, Yes. Beacons are being used across a variety of industries, from retail to fashion and concert. Almost every industry, including retail, is leveraging Beacons in different ways to add value to retail app development and increase the customer reach. That seems that all hope is not lost. Retail has a savior and, ironically, it’s the latest technology for retailers.

As Beacons Get Popularize, Retail Store Mobile App Development Grows

With this two or three years old technology, adopters, who have implemented early, are learning just how valuable this can be.

Moreover, retailers are searching for quick technology, who can help their customers to search more product with ease and in less time. Such thing creates a remarkable consumer experience that familiarizes with ever-changing behaviors and trends of consumers. Retail store owners can also customize the users’ in-store shopping experience with the app.

Aren’t they just QR codes that users need to scan to get the information?

Not at all. It does so much more. Mostly, people don’t like to scan each product to get details of offers and/or anything else, as they are bit lazy. Beacons don’t need anything else of users – only mobile application download in the device and Bluetooth turned on. Beacons that broadcast a Bluetooth signal enables users to get the relevant message when they are walking within the range of the beacon.

In addition, retail shop owners can also send a personalized push notification to specific users instead of sending randomly to every user that has downloaded application. It provides a great opportunity for retailers to send a push notification to the users on the basis of their location in the store. Notification would be some discount coupons, and something related to that.

Why App development with beacon technology will change the retail industry in future

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  • Beacons share a complete profile of consumers to the retailers. It has an ability to pick out potential customers by identifying them and send a personalized message to invite them for purchase. With this data, retailers can understand customers’ preference and buying pattern. It connects customers with retailers at more personal level by connecting to their personal device and send them running offers.
  • Retailers can also establish more appealing customer experience by connecting them personally. As retailers know IoT devices enhance customer experience and thus, they are using it to pull customers and provide them products that they are looking for. Moreover, they are also using influx of data to identify the exact need of their customers and make them satisfied.
  • Beacons push personalized offers and deals helpful to retailers to get maximum sales. As it is a location-based technology, it can easily assess when any customer enters in their area and nearby store. Beacon will send targeted and timely deals to the customers’ mobile device.
  • Customers always wanted to know for product availability and thus, Beacons play an important role to share information about products, including availability, offers, and so on. It will be a huge opportunity for developers to convenience their customers and gathered data to get real-time information in the most meaningful ways. When retails synced Beacons with an app, it provides a map that shows patterns of customers around the store and that helps merchants to understand their customer more.
  • Advantages are not limited to this, Beacons provides an interactive in-store experiences to its users by changing the way they made purchases from the store. It helps customers to get the appropriate product quickly and also recommend them products on the basis of their location. They even simplify the process to make easy checkout and ultimate it reduces customers’ waiting time.

Retail Industries aren’t the only beneficiary from apps with beacon technology, there are many others

Sporting Events have also been particularly welcoming to beacon technology with their stadium and arenas.

Travel industries are also using this technology to focus on more the experience during downtime and solve bigger issues they encounter like passenger processing, operations, etc.

Entertainment industry is another industry focusing on using beacons and experience success. It is expected that soon in 2016, we will see beacons in most of the amusement parks, movie theaters, museums and other family entertainment options.

Beacon Technology Company, Estimote Raises $10.7 Million Series A funding

Estimote is a beacon company, providing small and wireless sensors to some of the largest retailers and 65% of the Fortune 100. Recently, Estimote has closed on $10.7 million in Series A funding, after getting a $3.1 million seed funding in December 2015.

If this technology was just used for push notifications, and just for coupons, we would have never started this company,” Estimote co-founder Steve Cheney says. “Marketers who talk about coupons…it just makes me tired.

Don’t get this wrong…
Beacons are not a complete replace to the marketing edge for retail industry or any, but it can be a big addition to provide better customer experience and values.

As we all are looking for the “win/win” and beacons are the best option to achieve this. Measure, test, validate – Integrate a beacon into your mobile application to get utmost from your retail business.

Finding difficulty about to integrate beacon technology to your business? Don’t have mobile application yet? Get discuss for app development with beacon technology with us.


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