4 Features to Develop a Babysitting App Like Bambino and UrbanSitter Every Childcare Centre Should Consider During Babysitting App Development

babysitting app development

This blog is for childcare consultancy or babysitting service providers who are looking for more business opportunities. Provide your service more instantly, connect with your targeted audience, and avail systematic payments through app development. The babysitting app development is a niche market and is still climbing high. As per the recent news from Sensor Tower, the consumer revenue of apps has shown a 23% increase in the third quarter of 2019, so you can imagine the demand for mobile apps. So, it’s high time for your babysitting business and childcare consultancy to develop a babysitting app like Urbansitter. Herein we have curated 4 features of best babysitters app that you need to consider during babysitting app development.

In today’s Uberization world, there are certain responsibilities that always linger on our shoulders like parenting. One can never take an off from family life despite the whole chaos of economical errands.

Being in the babysitting industry, you can easily become a household name by providing instant babysitting service through an online babysitter app. There are countable names when we talk about babysitting apps. If you are someone who is in this industry for years and has an online presence in the form of a website or blog, we at Space-O Technologies can help you convert your blog into app

Online app businesses can make your service available 24/7/365 days. Such technological advancement can help you be in constant touch with your caretakers, targeted audience, systematic payment transactions, tracking work of babysitters. 

Without doing further due, let’s dive into the features of best babysitting app development like Bambino, UrbanSitter, Care.com for your childcare service startups.

4 Features Every Childcare Consultancy & Services Should Consider While Developing a Babysitting App Like Bambino, UrbanSitter, Care.com

 #1 Connect with a professional caregiver

The foremost purpose of your babysitter finder app is to connect your audience with the right babysitter. The most important feature of your app is “nanny near me” or “babysitter near me” search filter. 

babysitting app development

Image Credit: care.com

Allow your users to search, view, and study a caregiver’s profile, photos, reviews, before booking him/her for their child. Your app must have an in-app menu which should consist of different options like the full-time nanny, part-time babysitter, a date night babysitter, and many more to make intuitive navigation for the users. 

Expert Tip: Being an on demand babysitting startup, it will be helpful for your business to make an in-app community in which the users can find the right match for their childcare, senior care, pet care, housekeeping or tutoring needs. You can also provide your users with full background checks to CPR training, also see how many ‘repeat families’ have recommended an online babysitter from the app.

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#2 Manage bookings and interviews through app

To be among the top babysitting apps like Bambino, UrbanSitter, Care.com, you need to provide your users with instant bookings. You can also curate an interviewing feature in the form of a live video chat or an introductory video of the caretaker. 

babysitting app development

Image Credit: UrbanSitter

Such Uber for nannies feature will build trust among the users and will also get organic publicity through word-of-mouth. This will also help them in choosing the right nanny or babysitter for their child. Include some specifications for the users during their instant bookings like.

  • Online/offline status of babysitter
  • How far is he/she from the destination
  • Recommendation of the other online users
  • Integrate a calendar to know the availability of the babysitter

#3 Make fast and easy payments to the babysitters

We are progressing towards a transition when it comes to online banking. We at Space-O Technologies have integrated payment gateway integration in over 500 apps, and thus, have also witnessed a flawless performance of the apps. 

babysitting app development

Image Credit: Bambino

No one carries loose cash nowadays. Everything is automated and so is the payment system. To give your clients with proper on demand app solutions, integrate a trustworthy payment gateway in the form of PayPal, Stripe, Braintree. It will give your users the most secure, fast, and easy fund transfer experience with invoice generation.

Make sure you look into the fraud conceptions and things like multicurrency, features, fees, customer support while integrating the payment gateway method into the app.   

#4 Flexible working hours for nannies or babysitters (Gig Economy)

Let your app be a platform for budding and professional babysitters. There are people who want to do freelance and earn some money after their job hours, your app can be a great help and a source of income for those people.

Allow your babysitters to choose their own hours, pay scale, and preferred locations to work. For being the best babysitting app development service online, promote your top sitters to area families and gain your business goodwill through the app.

By including this feature your app will get some loyal audience, clients that are already fond of a particular babysitter registered in your app. More babysitters will join your app for systematic payments, work opportunity and flexibility of time. Thus, you will be able to grow your babysitting app effectively.

Now after going through all these features, It is pretty much obvious that you might be having a question about app monetization. One of our experienced app consultants has curated effective money making ideas through app development which will help you analyze your funding model for the babysitting app development.

How to Monetize Your Babysitting App Development?

  • In-app purchases

An online user will always be looking for some in-app features which can make their life more easy via an app. It can be anything like finding more nannies near me, message more than one babysitter at a time, become a sitter, or any other combo offers while subscribing through in-app features. Such integration will satisfy your users’ needs and will give your business its share of revenue generation.

  • Sponsors & partnerships

Being a startup in the babysitting app industry, it is essential for you to do tie-ups and engage with some loyal customer base. With sponsorships and partnerships, your app can get early funding and reach, then other competitors in the segment. The partnerships will give you more exposure on digital platforms.

  • Advertising

Your app for babysitting can have in-app advertising in the form of display ads and earn through CTR (click-through rate). You can easily approach childcare centers, daycare services, and consultancies to be a part of your app.

  • Free/premium version

Think of a free/cheaper version of the babysitter app which allows users to get a sense of what your app can do for them. It is similar to a teaser. Make your users realize that the app can serve an important role in their lives that they simply don’t want to live without. Then launch a premium app with in-app features that have no download cost. If they liked the freemium version, they will retain the app by using its paid version too. 

Are You Planning to Enter the On Demand Babysitting App Industry?

According to recent news by Sensor Tower, the global app revenue continues to climb. In the third quarter of 2019, customer revenue grew 23% year-over-year from $17.9billion to reach an estimated $21.9billion.

global revenue of mobile apps

There are ample opportunities in the mobile apps world, and every app has its own success journey. So, without hesitation, share your mobile app idea with us and know its market scope, trending features, user-friendly app design ideas, app development timeline. Our team at Space-O Technologies has utmost knowledge and experience after developing over 3500 apps under various mobile app categories. 

So, if you have any query or confusion regarding babysitting app development, Uber for babysitter app cost, how to make the best babysitting app, how to hire dedicated developer, how long does it take to make an app for babysitting, get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free. 

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