B2B Apps, a Real Enterprise Deal!


B2B Apps! It is not a new concept at all. Everyone knows it, and a lot of people make use of it. Businesses have benefited of it and have found new uses for it as well. Business to Business apps are a form or type of Enterprise Mobility apps, made specifically to connect businesses so that work can be done easily, with less confusion.

The time, wherein box files and papers float around throughout floors and the efforts put in the maintenance of the documents was more than in doing the actual work; is now gone. B2B has taken a stand in protecting the trees. How?

The tasks that get completed without even taking a print out or maintaining a file, do get done using the B2B apps. The less the usage of papers, the more the trees get saved.

This is how B2B Apps are proving to be useful…

(1) No Paper Management:

There are many types of B2B apps, as have been developed pertaining to different uses and industries. Some apps are meant for plain and simple communication, while some has other features that extend the utility of the app. Some apps have a feature wherein, before a deal is sealed the buyer needs to fill a form, mentioning clearly the details of the purchase they are going to make. While earlier this used to be done using physical papers, now with the app, the form can be filled and received without any visit and this data can be stored in the server or cloud to be referred to when necessary.

(2) Single Database:

Using the B2B apps, one can make sure all the communication, formal and informal gets done from one platform only. Also filling forms, giving receipts, taking feedback and more such e-paper work can be with the single app. Every transaction done using the app can be saved in the same server/ cloud and can be checked or looked back at, when any reference is needed. For communication, even the thread is available to dissolve any issue that arises out of misunderstandings.

(3) More Productivity:

BYOD plays a major role in B2B apps success. it is simple. No company can provide smartphones to all its employees, whereas it requires all of them to make use of the app made. Therefore, using BYOD, gives a sort of stimulus to the employees of being allowed to use their own phone. Other than that, with the increase in flexibility, the work never truly ceases. Wherever the employee is, the work goes on. It is almost like keeping the office in the pocket of every employee. Plus, no extra time goes in looking for the document that needs to be referred to. It becomes as easy as search, find and use.

Even a Fliplet survey says, Mobile apps have been reported to increase productivity between 20% and 34%.

(4) Easy communication:

As mentioned above, the B2B apps were primarily meant for solving the problem of communication. Making transactions with people from another office, is difficult. Telephones weren’t exactly helping and long, futile and confusing communications were making matters worst. Using the B2B apps, communication becomes easy and immediate and also there are very rare cases of misunderstanding taking place this way. Also a track can be kept of every communication done and tricky situations may be avoided.

(5) More Agile & Better Accessibility:

When you have multiple services and solutions to deal with, each channel have to be updated as soon as the new B2B requirements are raised. With a common B2B mobile apps, these headache can be avoided as you can make changes from a single point of access and information can be updated to all users at a same time. Information delivered through apps can be accessed from anywhere.

(6) Modern IT Infrastructure:

Apps in business to business process, are gaining momentum in every industry. These standalone B2B apps have much more capabilities, keeping pace with innovation.

(7) Build Reputation:

Finally this is something that every organization need in the end. Mobile apps apart from easing the business process, offers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd as a tech savvy industry among their competitors.

To ensure that you are not left behind in terms of innovations, you need to evolve and change the way you operate your business with B2B apps.

A Few apps that convincingly represent the B2B apps are…

Salesforce Mobile App: As the name suggests, this is an app used for the sales purposes. A perfect CRM keeping your sales efforts efficient. Wherever you are, you can see your days plan and even allow you to add new plans. It allows you to make real-time decisions as well.

Square: It’s a POS application. Square accepts credit cards any where and everywhere, wherein you will only have to pay a little extra every time. Also Once signed up, they might also send you a card reader, making things even simpler.

Docusign: While with other apps all the documents can be created, they still need you to take a printout and to legitimize them with a signature. But with Docusign, one the papers have been scanned, one can e-sign the papers then and there.

OpusViz: An app for sales management solutions. OpusViz is an allrounder app that helps you in accomplishing many targets at once. From checking and completing the sales target to dealing with the dealers and from creating and delivering sales report to making payments or taking them, all of these are vital features of this app.

Apps, that fulfill all the expectations and have all the functionalities have already entered the market and more are on their way. B2B apps have a lot of potential and most of the market is awakening to it. Have you?

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