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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers flexible and reliable infrastructure web services platform in the cloud. If you want to host your IT infrastructure on the Internet, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be a cost effective option.

Being highly secure and stable, it has an option of pay-as-you-go. You do not need to pay any up-front expenses or long-term commitments. You can get storage and compute power as per your business requirements.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services for organizations

Cost Effective & Affordable

There is no long term commitment, consumes only the required amount of compute. It offers low, pay as you go price. With AWS, the organization pays only what is required.


There is no data loss and you have the option of quickly adding or subtracting AWS resources according to your need.


The flexibility of AWS allows for programming models, languages, migrating legacy applications, and operating systems to suit your project.


The security and privacy of the system is of the utmost importance to AWS. You can be sure your data will be ‘handled’ with the confidentiality and integrity you deserve.

Amazon web services consulting features

System Administration

Intuitive web-based user interface. Access and manage security groups and AMIs

Supports Linux Server

Creates a stable, secure, and a high performance execution for the applications running on Amazon EC2. Configure CentOS, Ubuntu, and Amazon.

System Administration

Compatible with windows-based solution of high-performance, reliable, cost-effective.

System Administration

Implementing Nginx along with Elastic Load Balancer and autoscaling.

System Administration

Installs securely the servers in a VPC, that are well protected through a VPN connection.

System Administration

Accessing and aligning of S3, RDS, IAM, Route S3, and other types of AWS services.

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Space-O for Amazon Web Services?

Space-O also offers more customized AWS support to clients if necessary. We can help you manage AWS cloud-based applications and systems. Our team of expert engineers and technicians provide excellent support for preparing Cloud environment for your applications. The AWS support we provide takes care of your organization’s reputation, data, intellectual property, and sensitive information. We enable you get the best from your Cloud computing investment.

In other words, our goal is to help our clients utilize the features and products offered by Amazon Web Services in order to get the maximum benefit for their business.

To learn more about how Space-O Technologies can help your business take advantage of AWS, contact us or drop us an email at

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