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This News Will Boost Your Day If You Want to Start Your Own Startup in The U.S. or Canada

This blog is for those startups who are waiting for the “right time” to develop an app. However, this post will change your mind. We have rounded up top mobile app categories which are at the leading in the first quarter (Q1) of 2018.

Before being an entrepreneur, startups need to go a long way. To keep a small business in startup mode that requires you to stand on the brake. If you keep thinking what’s the right time to start a startup, then you never find the right time to start with! However, we’re going to share you the latest news, which would push you towards your goals in order to achieve them.

According to the report, “The overall, venture investors put $28.67 billion to work across the Seed through technology growth stage funding rounds in the first quarter (Q1) of 2018”. This is up from $24.2 billion in Q4’17 and $18.23 billion in Q1’18.

The drastic rise was driven by increased investment as Seed, Early-stage, and Late-stage, with round counts also up significantly from the prior quarter. It is upward trajectory, specifically at the Seed stage that could uplift concerns in the recent months about a decline in rounds for the very earliest stage startups. While seed deal counts remain well below peaks hit a couple of years ago, and projections show they are no longer falling.

So, it is time to move from thinking mode to initiate mode, and you can also embark on your top ideas on startup companies. Before an angel investor or venture capital firm invest in a startup, your startup needs to prove its ability. Startups need to prepare themselves in which app category they should start with.

Before jumping to the main section of our post, let’s check out the glossary of terms, which we will use in the post more frequently. Herein we’ll cover about venture, venture capital, and the venture capital investment stages.

Venture and Venture Capital

Venture: It is a global business with a growing percentage of financing taking place outside Silicon Valley as an expanding array of innovation hubs, which compete for capital.

Venture Capital: It is financing that investors provide to startup companies and small business that is believed to have long-term growth potential. It generally comes from well-off investors, investment banks and any other financial institutions. However, it does not always take just a monetary form, but it can be provided in the form of technical or managerial expertise.

Venture Capital Investment Stages

1. Seed/Angel: It includes financings, which are classified as a Seed or Angel including accelerator fundings and equity crowdfunding below $5 million.

2. Early-Stage Venture: It includes financings that are classified as a Series A or B, venture rounds without a designated series that are below $15 million, and equity crowdfunding above $5 million.

3. Late-Stage Venture: It includes financings, which are classified as a Series C+ and venture rounds, which is greater than $15 million.

4. Technology Growth: It includes private equity investments with participation from venture investors.

Investment Totals

If we’re talking about the investment totals, the two words: “Up” and “Rising” are one of the best-suited words to explain it. The total investment across all venture stages was up both sequentially and year-over-year (YOY). Technology growth is the only stage which saw a small decline, and it is typically volatile from quarter-to-quarter because of the small number of deals and large dollar sums involved. This is what you can check in the below image. Also, you can see how the numbers compare over the last five quarters i.e. Q1’17, Q2’17, Q3’17, Q4’17 & Q1’18.


Herein, we’ve broken up into the numbers in greater detail, focusing on Q1 investment and round totals, stage by stage performance, largest rounds, and biggest exits.

1. Seed Stage: There’s no Sign of Decline

The latter part of 2017, there was a drop off in the number of Seed-stage financings. However, the decline was a source of worry across all startup ecosystem as investors depend upon on a healthy pipeline of SEED-funded companies for later venture funds. Talking about Q1’18, the numbers do not put all fears to rest as they do offer a bit of comfort. It covered over 1500 companies in the U.S. and Canada that raised SEED or Angel funding in the first three months of this year, and up about 28% from Q4 2017. In the below image, we can look at the Seed-stage investments and round counts for the past five quarters.


2. Early-Stage is Accelerating

Early-stage funding includes Series A and B increased in Q1, with startups collecting in a projected total of $10.54 billion by far the highest total in five quarters. In the below image, you can see how much money has gone into early-stage since 2017.


If we’re talking about Q1, the quarter-over-quarter rise was driven by both bigger rounds. Entirely, 898 Series A and B rounds closed in the first quarter (Q1) in 2018. An early-stage round does not always mean immature technology. It is worth noting that some of these big early-stage bio rounds went to startups with fairly mature technologies and product pipelines, which were licensed or spun out of larger companies.

3. Late-Stage is Boosting

The Late Stage experienced the biggest gains. Investors put $15.7 billion into late-stage rounds (Series A and beyond) over the first three months of the year, by far the highest total in five quarters. In the below image, you can see how much capital has gone into late-stage startups in the first quarter (Q1) of this year pulled in more than 30% capital than any quarter in 2017.


The key factor behind the late stage rise can be mounting piles of cash in the hands of large venture firms. However, the U.S. venture firms have embarked on a supergiant fundraising spree. So far this year, at least six have disclosed new funds targeted at upwards of $1 billion. The leading companies in this category are Katerra, DoorDash, Moderna Therapeutics and Robinhood.

4. The Round Counts

After a comparatively sluggish Q4, the round counts are on the upswing. Over 2700 startups closed funding rounds in Q1, as per the report. It is a nice rebound from Q4 of 2017 that saw a steep drop in the number of financings, specifically at SEED and Early Stage. However, it is still below average for the past five quarters that you can see in the below image:


Top App Categories That Have Been Flourishing So Far

1. On-Demand Food Delivery

The on-demand food delivery category is one of the leading categories, and will surely flourish in the upcoming years. If we’re talking about on-demand food delivery, then it would not be fair not to mention the food delivery giant, DoorDash. The company is one of the top mega-round recipients and has raised funds in Series D round with total funding amount of $535 million. DoorDash comes under Late Stage round. It is safe to say that on-demand food delivery category will surely flourish in the upcoming years because of flexibility and convenience. Moreover, it is a good news for those startups who are ready to take a plunge to create an app under this category.

2. Personal Finance

The next app category is personal finance which is in Late-Stage venture capital. One of the popular personal finance apps, Robinhood is a startup company, which has already matured due to its rapid growth. The zero-fee stock trading tool, Robinhood has raised $350 million funds in Series D funding in 2018. However, we can say that the personal finance apps category is booming. If you’re planning to dive into this category, all we can say that it is a high time to start with this category.

3. Health Care

It seems that the healthcare app category is showing no sign of slowing down. However, the startup companies have raised a huge amount of fund in the medicinal and healthcare niche. In short, we can say that this niche has also bright chance to grow in the upcoming years. A few names of startups which are already positioned well: Moderna Therapeutics (raised $500 million in late-stage), Viela Bio (a developer of therapies for autoimmune diseases), and Helix (health startup company that focus on personal genomics and connects consumers with insights into their own DNA.

Apart from raising fund of apps, the size of global health market is expected to increase to over 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. Additionally, the mobile health segment is expected to generate the second largest revenue share, and reaching 46 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. It is clear that the global health market in the upcoming years will be flourishing. Being a startup, you can embark on this category.

4. Music Streaming

You might have heard a lot of new updates about the growth of this app category that is music streaming. It may have already seen that the first big internet IPO (Initial Public Offerings) of the second quarter with Spotify (music streaming app) with the total funding amount $2.7 billion. The stats of 2017 looks like something this:


This is one of such mobile app categories, which is also booming in the market. In a nutshell, the music streaming app category is also rising rapidly.

Wrapping Up

There is no need of a crystal ball to predict that the IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) will be big in the second quarter (Q2) in 2018. After going through the above-given graphs of growth from Q4’17 to Q1’18, there is no room for doubt that Q2 of 2018 will be growing with all these app categories. Apart from above app categories, there are some software startup firms like Zuora, Pivotal, and Smartsheet, which are also flourishing in this first quarter of 2018. Overall, Q1’18 is dedicated to startup companies, and because of them, the graph is growing upward.

Being a startup, if you might have questions related to creating an app in the above-mentioned categories like health care, music streaming, personal finance or on-demand food delivery, then you can directly consult us through below-given form as we’re a leading iOS app development company and have experience of developing more than 2000 mobile apps under different categories.


How Uber Resolves Safety Issues With These 4 New Safety Solutions

This blog is for those taxi startups, who want to build a ride-sharing app like Uber. To make a successful taxi booking app like Uber, you must-have to consider these new safety solutions from Uber. Let’s have a look!

The “Uber” has become one of the most recent trends and buzzwords from the last few years. With the rapid growth of Uber, there are many startups who are proposing the ‘Uber for X’ model, connecting buyers and sellers through an app.

When it comes to ride-sharing services, technology puts millions of people together in cars in cities around the world. However, running a taxi booking app business or starting it from zero, it is important to consider safety feature. It is a huge responsibility that you can’t take lightly. This is what Uber’s new update is all about.

According to the recent report, “Uber introduced a bunch of new safety features for the app that is mainly designed to address growing concerns over rider safety”. Several new improvements by Uber to double down on safety in the app, strengthen the screening process, and bring a new powerhouse advisor on board to help shape Uber’s next chapter.

If you as a taxi startup or entrepreneur is constantly seeking ways to incorporate unparalleled safety solutions in terms of safety features for your customers, then you need to check out top safety solutions by Uber.

Top 4 Safety Solutions From Uber That You Need to Consider While Developing Uber-like App

Solution #1: Safety Center

Undoubtedly, Uber has offered a lot of usable features, but this time Uber has come up with the solutions about safety. In the app, they have located safety in one central place and making it accessible directly from the home screen during the ride. If we’re talking about the safety center, then this solution in terms of the feature will soon let users know a dedicated place in the app where they can learn about the key safety information, including tips built in partnership with law enforcement, driver screening processes, insurance protections and community guidelines.

For U.S. users, Uber has updated its app with a safety center that provides users with safety information by the app. If you want to become the next Uber, then you must consider this safety solution before developing apps like Uber. Safety is one of the important aspects, which you need to take extra care if you share Uber like business model.



Solution #2: Trusted Contacts

With this Uber’s latest solution, riders will be able to designate up to five friends and family members as ‘trusted contacts’, and be prompted to share trip details with close ones during every ride.

This solution provided by Uber has made it easier than ever to share the trip, so users’ closed ones that can follow along and know when the user has arrived. However, night time sharing is also an option to share the trip’s details and live locations to close ones. This solution does not only provide safety, but also build trust among users. In short, it is a powerful feature, which you need to consider as a startup before developing apps similar to Uber.

Solution #3: Emergency Button That Connects Riders to 911 Operator

There is no guarantee when it comes to transportation and nothing comes with 100 percent free of incidents. If the rider faces an emergency situation, then he or she can get assistance using an emergency button, which will connect the rider directly with 911 help.

Most importantly, this feature shows rider’s real-time location in the app both on the map and as an address, so that rider can share it directly with the 911 operator. However, such feature can also be launched for drivers.

Solution #4: New Offense Notifications

With this solution, Uber is going to take safety to the next level. This solution of Uber is based on the technology, which rapidly identifies the new offenses. By using the data sources, that covers the new criminal offenses, Uber will receive notifications when the driver is involved and leverage this information to help continuously enforce the driving screening standards.

In addition, Uber is also involving in driver’s screening in which Uber will investigate and verify the potentially disqualifying information from public records such as new and pending charge for a DUI (Driving under the influence), and ensure the driver is still eligible to work with the company.

Wrapping Up

Since 2009, the ride-hailing company, Uber has been helping people move safely around their cities, countries and the world. All these solutions are built on the safety benefits that ride-sharing already brings such as helping people avoid drunk driving, providing GPS tracked records of every trip, and 24×7 feedback, and quick response from safety team.

Technology has made traveling completely safe more than ever before. And while there has been a lot of progress, then you as a startup company must be ready to do more for your users from the safety perspective. When it comes to safety, you need to pay an extra attention like Uber, and you must have come up with the features that can create value for riders’ lives.

So, after going through aforesaid solutions, if you have any query regarding ride-sharing app development, then you can directly consult us through the below-given form as we’re a leading Android app development company and have developed over 60 taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft. Let us know your queries and our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.


Want to Develop Job Search Apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search? Don’t Miss to Integrate These Top 5 Features

This blog contains information for those startups, who are ready to take a plunge to create job search apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Herein we’ve curated top features of job finder app that you can consider.

Hunting for a job is undoubtedly one of the most stressful barriers in one’s life. However, the scenario of searching for the best-suited job has completely changed in the recent times as hunting for a job has become a lot easier now. Thanks to the explosion of job search apps.

The job search is happening 24/7. However, with the help of these apps, the user can create a resume, connect with recruiters, track job listings, and networking opportunities on the go. Now, job seekers can run their job search anywhere, anytime.

Over the past couple of years, the job search is squarely the business of technology with the tedium of resumes, interviews, and salary negotiations streamlined to help job seekers breathe a sigh of relief. Moreover, it goes down differently for everybody as the job search can generally be split into four major categories, including Professional Networking, Job Discovery, Job applications, and Employer Communication.

If we’re talking about the job search mobile apps, then we can’t forget to mention the giants of top job search apps like LinkedIn Job Search and Glassdoor, which are booming in this niche. These apps have emerged to streamline and simplify the whole job search, and allowing an increasingly smartphone dominated society to network, search and apply the job, and communication on their time and on their terms.

Job finder apps let you search for jobs across virtually all other major online job boards like LinkedIn, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, and others. So, before jumping to top features of job search app, below is the growth of the top job finder apps as how good are they doing. Let’s have a look!

Key Facts of The Goliath – Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search


Launched in 2008, Glassdoor is one of the largest and fastest growing job search mobile apps across the world. The app combines all the jobs with the valuable data to make it easy for users to find a job, which is uniquely right for them.

  • According to the report from TechCrunch, “Glassdoor company secured $40M in Series H round of funding, valued around $1B for a job search platform in the year 2016”.
  • Glassdoor has reviews and insights for more than 700,000 companies in more than 190 countries.
  • Approximately 57 million users visit Glassdoor’s mobile app on monthly basis.

In the competitive world of job market, Glassdoor has been growing since its emergence. According to the SimilarWeb, the graph keeps growing and currently Google Play rank is 13 and Usage rank is 69.


  • When it comes to the growth of Glassdoor, then according to App Annie, the company keeps growing that you can see in the below graph.


LinkedIn Job Search

According to LinkedIn, 40% of its 300 million users access the website on mobile devices, so its bid to tap into the wave of the users accessing the website via smart devices that continue apace. In the year 2014, the company had launched its mobile app to apply job search. Check out the below growth points of LinkedIn app till now.

  • LinkedIn has 187,000,000 members in 200 territories along with minimum 2 members signing up every second.
  • 70% app users are outside from the U.S. It is available with 19 languages versions.
  • Over 2,600,000 company pages are on LinkedIn.
  • Top 3 countries, in terms of members are the U.S., India, and UK
  • Company’s Q3 2016 revenue was $960 million with 17% ($162 million) generated from premium account subscriptions.
  • In the below image, you can see the growth from the first quarter of 2009 to the third quarter of 2016. In the year 2016, LinkedIn had 467 million members.


  • Currently, the total number of LinkedIn users are over 500 million.
  • According to the latest report from App Annie, the download ranks of LinkedIn app keeps growing upward that you can see in the below image.


Now, let’s check out what are those common features which can’t miss before developing job search apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search.

Common Features That You Need to Consider Before Developing Job Search Apps

1. Allows Searching Job By Key Skills, Designations, and Companies

The search option is one of the significant features to include in any job finder app while developing job search apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search.
Make sure that the search option allows users to find out the job by key skills, title or designation of the user, and companies.

In simple terms, this feature must be as easy as we search the contact in WhatsApp so that users do not face any problem. Additionally, you can provide your app users to filter their searches in more productive ways to get a relevant job. Apart from this, it would be better if the job requirement shows up salary structure in the search results as it can help users to decide. The more viable and easy features, the more users will be inclined to use the app.

2. To Get Relevant Job Alerts

This feature is one of the fundamentals of any job search apps. To get relevant job alerts time to time, it is a must-have feature of job alerts, and, in this way, app users can get connected to the jobs as what they are looking for. A must-have feature in which job seeker can connect to the outer world of jobs as what he or she wants to get from his/her dream job.


3. In-app communication

We live in an era where technology gives comfort. And, in-app communication makes the communication easier. If we’re talking about businesses, then every area has relied on the power of messaging in order to acquire more users. By providing the seamless messaging platform to app users, you can increasingly expand into the product.

Again, the communication is a key feature, which is behind the success of any job-searching app. Staying connected with customers is always important in every area. When it comes to job search apps, there are several ways to connect with job seekers with recruiters like SMS, emails, and push notifications. These ways can be used to keep app users updated regarding the latest jobs, companies, and evolving trends.

In job search app, users always want to be heard. Therefore, allowing to talk with the recruiter or the admin in the event of some query can make mobile app noticeable in this niche.

4. Membership

Talking about the membership feature, the app users can use this advanced feature to get premium memberships and access to set of features that are needed.

By providing this feature, your app users do not need to look for the deals again and again. Such feature works great in order to capture the user attention as they are keep reminded about the services, and the best offers, which come with their membership can assure them that they will be provided with the most convenient job opportunities.

5. Cloud Management

Allowing to manage all the data in a much-secured way, it is important to the implement cloud technology, which comes as a great deal. However, all the related data corresponding to the app users, recruiters and resume uploaded are stored in the cloud to make the workflow of the businesses very seamless. Well, in a job finder app, cloud technology can help a lot in making the business scalable, monitors and secures all the information and data stored on the secured servers; therefore, protecting the entire business integrity.

A Well-Planned Job Search App Goes a Long Way!

Indeed! If you as a startup have decided to create job finder apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search, then you need to consider above-mentioned features of a job search app. It will let your app users take their job searches wherever they go. By providing a set of these handy features, you can help users to perform all the tasks related to job search with the mobile app. And, there is no chance to abandon such mobile apps. In case, if you have these below-mentioned questions related to your job search app idea:

  • I have a unique job search app idea. What is the right way to cross-verify it?
  • How much does it cost to develop an app like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search?
  • What is the significance to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for app idea?

You can directly consult us through the below-given form as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 2000 mobile applications in diverse categories. Let us know your queries and our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hrs.


You Must Integrate These Top 4 Features in Your Mobile App When You Want to Build a Successful Bike Ride-sharing Startup like JUMP, Ofo and Mobike

This blog is for those startups, who want to develop a bike-sharing app like Jump, Ofo, Mobike and Bird. Here, we have listed top four features that can make your bike-sharing app successful.

It seems like every company is making a big push into the bike-sharing market. The journey to the office is probably already on wheels, but you could power those wheels with a small push from the electric motor to new bike share option.

By just tapping into the bike-sharing app, you can book or rent a bike for your nearby commute as it is considered as the general means of transportation. A bike-sharing option is not only giving a convenience to people but providing affordability, too.

The Global Rise of Bike-Sharing

In the recent times, the bike-sharing service has gained huge popularity in the market. Last week, Uber, the ride-hailing company, has acquired bike-share startup Jump, adding the company’s fleet of 12,000 dockless bikes to its transportation offerings. Undoubtedly, Uber is paying a close attention to growing popularity of bike-sharing services that are taking off in the cities across the world.

According to the latest report by Bike-sharing Blog, there is a significant increase in the bike-sharing services in recent years. As per the below-given chart, the total number of public-use bikes has experienced massive growth since 2013, when there were only 700,000 public-use bikes in circulation across the world.

By 2016, that number had over tripled to 2.3 million. Talking about the countries, the most significant growth took place in China that in 2016 had 430 public-use bike programs in operation. The bike-sharing economy is shaking up the transportation market across the globe.

Jump: Since the bike-sharing startup launched in 2013, it had raised a $1.1M seed round funding in the same year. As it has already started its e-bike services in Washington D.C., the company has partnered with Uber in San Francisco to offer an electric motor assisted ride to users for the next nine months.

Now, Jump and its fleet of e-bikes is officially a part of Uber, pedalling Uber away from solely cars and driving to get around. However, it is a big step in Uber’s transformation into a multi-modal platform.

Ofo and Mobike: Talking about Ofo and Mobike, both are the largest bike-sharing companies in China. And, both the companies now valued more than $1 billion and have secured their place in the unicorn companies.

Recently, Meituan-Dianping, China’s biggest provider of on-demand services, including food-delivery to ride-hailing, has acquired Mobike, the country’s biggest bicycle-sharing firm.

When it comes to Ofo, the company operates over 10 million yellow bicycles in 250 cities and 20 countries as of 2017. The bike-sharing company makes use of smartphone app to unlock bicycles, charging an hourly rate for use.

Top Features That You Need to Consider If You Want to  Build a Successful Ride-Sharing App Like like Jump, Ofo and Mobike

1. Find a Bike Anytime, Anywhere

When it comes to developing a successful bike-sharing app like Ofo and mobike, one of the main features that you can consider is – allow people to find a bike anytime and anywhere. Make this feature as easy as possible so that riders do not face any difficulty while looking for a nearby bike.

The bike-sharing apps track the bikes through the rider’s GPS location using the app, enabling other people to find a bike anytime. This must-have feature is basic, which you need to consider if you are planning to make a bike sharing app.

2. Unlock The Bike By Scanning a QR Code in Just Seconds

Another important feature that can make your bike sharing app successful is allowing people to unlock the bike by scanning a QR code in just seconds. They can tap the “unlock” button and scan the QR code to automatically unlock the bike.

Try to make unlocking the bike as simple as possible so that people do not face any hassle while unlocking it. Within just a few seconds, they can unlock the bike and start their journey whether they are exploring the nearby areas, travelling to office or home.

3. Easy & Secure Payment Option

The next essential feature to consider while developing an app like Uber bike-sharing is to allow users to make payments after the trip without any hassle. Consider making this feature a lot easier, so riders can make payments with just a single tap on the screen.

Moreover, you need to consider the security of your riders’ included data like credit/debit card details. Also, you can provide a promo code or discount deal, which will be automatically applied in total cost.

Regardless of the city or country for which you are developing the bike-sharing app, make sure to make payments a lot of easier for your customers so that they can get user-friendly experience.

4. Allowing Riders to Book Bike in Advance

The fourth important feature that you can include in your dockless bike sharing app enables your riders to book a bike in advance so that they do not have to wait when they are riding office or coming back home.

By booking a bike in advance, they will not be late for their destination and it will be a highly useful feature in those areas, where bikes disappear instantly in the morning or evening time. Thus, you can allow your riders to book their bike in advance and this feature can convince people to book bike with you only.

On a Concluding Note

So, these are the top 4 features that are must consider if you are planning to develop an app like Ofo or mobike. It doesn’t matter whether you are targeting a single city or country, providing features that make it easy for people to use your bike-sharing app plays a significant role to make your app successful.

In case, if you still have any confusion or query like how much does it cost to make a bike-sharing app like oFo or Jump, you can directly get in touch with us through below-give form and our sales representative will get back to you to solve your all queries and confusion.


5 Key Features You Can’t Afford To Forget When Building A Retail App

This blog is for those startups, who are running a retail business and want to develop a retail application. Here, we have mentioned top 5 features that you as a startup can’t afford to forget when developing a retail app.

With the rise of mobile seeping into all areas of commerce, there’s never been a better time to develop your own retail app. But the potential scope of a retail app is such that if you’re not careful, you may end up overlooking some major features. It’s not easy to retroactively save an app build, so instead of charging ahead, spend more quality time in the planning stage.

A good retail app will improve customer experience, provide you with an effective marketing channel, and gather valuable data that can be used to optimize conversions. If you want your app to do all of this and more, remember to include these five key features that make your app successful.

Don’t Forget to Include These 5 Features When Developing A Retail App

1. Omnichannel support

Gone are the days when a purchasing decision was made entirely via one channel, be it desktop, mobile, or in store. Nowadays, a customer might do some preliminary research on their phone, move to their desktop to find out more, then make a final decision in store – that’s just one possibility. Customers could theoretically go through every channel, in any order, on their journey to a final decision. If you want to make the sale, your infrastructure better is able to keep up.

You may not have heard the term ‘omnichannel cart’ before, but you can be sure that the retail apps of the future will include this capability. An omnichannel cart allows users to add items to their cart through your website or mobile app and pay for them in one transaction, along with anything else they feel like picking up in store.

This means that even if you don’t have an item in stock at the customer’s location, you can leverage the convenience of one checkout to ensure you win their business – instead of your online competition.

Improve your omnichannel selling capabilities by adding social commerce to your arsenal. Instagram Shopping allows you to turn your business in a visual shopfront with access to Instagram’s 800 million users – and that’s only the beginning.

2. In-store Integration

Your app should serve to aid shoppers while they’re out and about, and few features are better at this than live, in-store stock tracking. When a customer knows what they want, the last thing they want is to walk into your store and be told it’s out of stock. Your app should direct them to alternative locations where they can buy their desired product. If that’s not possible, then it should offer a convenient way to order online, with speedy delivery.

This same ‘mobile app meets physical store’ synergy can save the day in other ways too. For example, if a customer is looking for an item that’s out of stock, you can use QR codes to create virtual aisles offering far more variety than you can house in one store – and your customer can leave with exactly what they came for.

Again, the key here is to allow the customer to purchase items from your virtual aisle in the same transaction as their physical purchases – otherwise, they might as well buy from any other online store.

You can then go a step further and incorporate Pincodes into your business. These are Pinterest’s own version of QR codes. They work by allowing your customers to scan physical codes, which then take them to your company Pinterest account or a curated Pinboard where your customers can buy products from your business. It’s the future of social retail.

3. Loyalty Incentives

There’s no point in developing an amazing retail app with all the latest functionality if you can’t convince your customers to use it. In 2018, people expect rewards. The rewards don’t have to be mind-blowing, but obviously, better rewards will drive more installs. So the question is, what rewards can you offer that make financial sense?

With a little gamification, you can offer some really tempting incentives, while ensuring you’re not left out of pocket. Depending on your business, you will want to tweak the specifics, but the idea is to offer the best rewards to your most prolific customers while giving new users something to encourage them to install your app. Offering deals to customers who have shopped with you over multiple consecutive weeks is a great place to start. Use detailed buyer personas to help you tailor your offers and content.

Of course, if your app comes furnished with loyalty incentives, don’t forget to do the same with your online store. You’ll need the functionality to do this, so use a store builder with an interface that makes it easy to tweak offers and incentives on the desktop version of your store.

4. Extensive Checkout Options

You don’t want to make your customers jump through hoops to spend their cash on your app, so you’d better support your customers’ preferred payment method. It’s important to remember that checking out on a mobile device isn’t the same as checking out on a desktop.

Even with a full-size keyboard, mouse, and monitor, it can be a chore filling in all the fields when checking out on a new site; on mobile, the process is even lengthier.

That’s why payment solutions like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay are so popular. You can be sure that if your customer uses these services extensively, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to sit down and enter all of their information – just to use your app.

5. Location Information

If you built a large install base for your new app but forgot to include location data in your app permissions, you’re going to want to sit down. The potential applications of your customer location data could be the subject of a series of very thick books, but they all lead to the same result: increased sales.

To put the importance of this in perspective, there are plenty of companies out there offering deals at a great financial loss, just to get their app on users’ phones and start collecting that location data. So if you can get it for free, you’re doing pretty well. Even if you don’t currently have plans to integrate location data into your marketing, you can be sure that you will eventually – so view it as a smart bit of future-proofing.

These are the top five features that you can’t afford to forget, but there are dozens more you certainly don’t want to miss out on. You don’t want to leave money on the table, so if you want your app development process to be plain sailing, there’s no substitute for proper planning. At the end, when your app finally hits the market, you will be glad that you took the time to do things right – and you’ll reap the rewards of your labour for years.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to retail app development, you can directly consult us and discuss with us. We as a leading mobile app development company can assist you and solve your all queries that you have.


Reasons to Create On-demand Grocery Delivery App For Your Grocery Business

If you run a physical grocery store and still do not have a mobile app, then this blog is for you. Herein, we’ve gathered top challenges of on-demand grocery business and how grocery delivery app can resolve it. Let’s have a look.

The adoption of online grocery is increasing worldwide at a greater pace. However, the way people shop, in the past, has transformed completely. Digital retailing helps companies to deliver what today’s customers expect.

And, it also gives customers diverse ways to shop and access to products and services more than ever before. It is safe to say that consumers are embracing the freedom of shopping whenever and wherever they want. Thanks to mobile apps. However, we can say that people can do purchase at their ease because of mobile apps.

On-demand grocery delivery apps are recognized as fast-paced marketplaces. Now, let us have a look at the growth part of grocery delivery apps.

The Growth of Grocery Delivery Apps

  • There’s a good news for all online grocery businesses that online grocery shopping could grow five-fold over the next decade.
  • According to the report, American consumers will spend upwards of $100 billion on food-at-home items by 2025.
  • Indeed, the number of U.S. households are getting groceries digitally has risen significantly in the recent years and near the future.
  • The U.S. online grocery sales amounted to about 14.2 billion U.S. dollar in the year 2017 and are expected to rise to nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars by 2021, according to report from Statista.


  • Furthermore, grocery mobile apps like Amazon Go and Instacart have already stolen the spotlight, hence, there is no turmoil left in saying that the future of grocery delivery mobile applications will continue to bloom henceforward.

If you run physical grocery store, and you don’t yet have the mobile app, then you might be facing following challenges that mobile app solution can resolve.

Top 3 Reasons to Develop On-demand Grocery Delivery App

1. Loyal Customers

It is not easily possible to gain loyal customers. It generally, takes 10 times more effort to convert a new user into buyer as compared to converting an existing user to do the same. As per the report, existing users spend 67% more than the new customers.

After understanding the importance of loyal customers, there are many companies who have started offering loyalty programs in their grocery mobile apps by providing discounts coupons, reward points, etc. With a grocery mobile app, it is easy to reach to more customers and allow them to reach to your online store at any time anywhere.

Therefore, you as a startup or grocery business owner needs to have a mobile app, where you will be able to retain your customers and convert them into loyal customers.

2. Convenience

In the today’s fast-moving world, people are short of time to go out and spend their entire time to shop or buy their needs. So, users are preferring online markets to do shopping. If they can do the same on mobile, then it would be more convenient for them.

Customers can experience the ease of shopping with mobile apps. As per the report, “25% of people who are staying in the big cities prefer mobile apps to buy their groceries, and it is expected that it would cross 50% more in the upcoming years”.

Moreover, the grocery shopping ordering reduces the inconvenience of grocery selection by eradicating the trips to physical stores. Further, it allows shoppers to purchase more items instantly by category-wise, whereas trip to grocery store is more difficult as they have to find every single product on their own.

3. Customer Engagement

With the help of on-demand service mobile apps, the business can avoid barriers between service providers and users for engagement. It also helps businesses to understand exact user requirement via customer feedback.

However, the prompt services make customers happy when it comes to shopping for either groceries or any other item. So, the mobile app solution can help them to enjoy prompt service of your business. And, it also helps to boost your revenue.

Wrapping Up

Above we have mentioned the top reasons to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app if you are running a grocery business. By providing the grocery mobile app solution, you can also create a successful grocery business like Amazon Now and Instacart. In a nutshell, a mobile app for your business can help you to take your customer experience to the next level.

With increasing demand for on-demand services, it’s high time to create an on-demand grocery app for your grocery business, allowing your customers to experience advance level of services.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand grocery app development, you can get in touch with us as we’re a leading iOS app development company and have already developed over 40 apps in the on-demand category.

5 Reasons Why Google Added Kotlin as an Official Programming Language for Android App Development

This blog contains information about Kotlin that is a modern programming language and going to replace the Java language for Android development because of its unparalleled attributes. Herein, we’ve gathered top reasons why Kotlin has become the official language for Android app development.

Kotlin is a new and much younger than Java, but it is a promising programming language. It has become an official language for Android development. According to the Android’s official website, “Google announced Kotlin as a first-class language for writing Android apps”.

Furthermore, since Google I/O 2017, the growth rate of Kotlin has jumped dramatically all over the globe. This is what you can see in the below image.


Image Source: visualstudiomagazine

A programming language, Kotlin is developed from JetBrains (the developers behind the Android Studio), and maker of the world’s best IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). Undoubtedly, the Kotlin community is constantly growing, and everyone is talking about it. So, we’ll briefly know about Kotlin, and also discuss how this programming language is different from Java.

An Overview of Kotlin (Programming Language for Android Development)

  • The latest version of Kotlin is 1.2.31
  • Kotlin is a statically typed programming language. It means that the type of variable is considered at compile time instead of runtime.
  • The basic examples of other statically typed programming languages other than Kotlin are JADE, Ada, C, C++, C#, Java, Scala, and Pascal.
  • Areas where Kotlin language can be used: Kotlin can be utilized for various types of web and mobile app development such as Client-side web, Server-side web, Android app, Mobile app, Client-side with JavaScript, and Data Science.
  • Organizations who are using Kotlin, include Lyft, Slack, Pinterest, Basecamp, and Square.

How Kotlin is Different From Java

Kotlin also works with Java at the same time. It means that you can add the Kotlin code to the existing project whether it is based on Java language. Due to Kotlin’s bi-directional use, Android developers are able to call into Java language from Kotlin or vice-versa. That’s why Kotlin is quite different from other languages.

Now, moving ahead! In the year 2011, JetBrains had started working on Kotlin, a statically typed programming language, which runs on a Java virtual machine (JVM). Also, it is worth to mention that JetBrains has done a remarkable job by fusing the Kotlin language in the IDE (Android Studio) that is based on the IntelliJ platform.

The search engine giant, Google has announced that it is making Kotlin a first-class language for writing or to develop android apps. So, keeping all things in mind, we have prepared top five reasons on why Kotlin has become the official programming language for android app development.

Top 5 Reasons Why Kotlin Has Become The Official Programming Language for Android Development

1. It’s 100% Interoperable With Java

One of the main reasons why Kotlin has become the first-class language in Android is because it runs smoothly on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). JetBrains developed Kotlin as a JVM programming language, making it 100% interoperable with Java programming language. Therefore, the Android developers can use several Java libraries whilst writing code for Android apps in Kotlin. In addition, developers can generate Java code from Kotlin using the converters provided by JetBrains.

2. Kotlin is Safe

Let’s talk about one of the biggest pains of developers while writing the code in Java- the null pointer exception. It is hard to imagine that a lot of developers have suffered from the NullPointerException while writing the codes.

One of the most common drawbacks in many programming languages, including Java is that accessing a member of a null reference will result in a null reference exception. However, in Java, it would be the equivalent of a NullPointerException or NPE for short Kotlin’s type system is aimed to eradicate NullPointerException’s from code. In Kotlin, there is less a chance of crashing the mobile applications as compared to Java.

3. Performance

Now, let’s talk about the performance. When it comes to the speed, Kotlin does not outperform Java. But, the programming language, Kotlin increases the execution speed of lambda functions by supporting inline functions.

Additionally, it has a compact runtime library that adds few methods as compared to Java at runtime. However, Android app developers can use tools like ProGuard in order to compress the runtime library. Therefore, an Android app, which is written in Kotlin runs faster as compared to an application written in Java.

4. It is Concise

The class written in Kotlin is more concise and compact as compared to class written in Java language. It means that less coding is required in Kotlin. In addition, Kotlin has reduced the boilerplate codes as compared to Java. So that the code, which is written in Kotlin is quite compact. Less coding is directly proportional to less development time, fewer bugs, and eventually reduce costs. This is also one of the main reasons behind the Kotlin popularity in a short span of time. And this modern language has become popular among Android developers due to its conciseness and compact in the coding part.

5. Great Support for IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and Tools

While writing android apps for Kotlin, the Android developers can take advantage of robust IDEs. As the IDE has full tooling support from Android Studio. It is designed with complete tooling support for Kotlin.

The developers can write code for Android apps in Kotlin more efficiently using the development tools provided by Kotlin team. As they can also use Kotlin Android Extensions to eradicate the findViewById() function. Kotlin Android Extension is a computer extension, which allows developers to get rid of findViewById() calls in the code, and to replace them with the synthetic computer-generated properties.

These extensions enable programmers to replace the findViewById() function with the synthetic compiler-generated properties. Also, they can use a library such as Anko (Kotlin Library) in order to faster the process of android app development. All these components help developers to keep the application code more readable and clean.


After going through aforesaid reasons, now, there is no room for doubt in that Kotlin has become quickly popular among developers in a short span of time, and become the official language for Android development. And, aforementioned top five reasons, which are shared by one of our Android app developers, who have researched and already started working on Kotlin.

Still, if you have any doubt or query related to Android app development using Kotlin language, you can consult us by filling the below-given form and we will right back to you within 48hrs.


Ingres Database: Introduction to Its Top 7 Features & Tools

This blog contains information about Ingres Database that is an open-source database management system. Here, you can check out the top features and tools of this database. Let’s have a look!

Ingres is a widely popular open-source and relational database management system (RDBMS) that is developed by Ingres Corporation (Currently known as Actian Corporation). This commercially supported open-source database management is mainly aimed to support big-scale commercial and government mobile apps development.

This enterprise database management has the power to reduce IT costs and time to value while delivering the strength and enormous features that one can expect from an enterprise-class database. Being a leader in supporting critical mobile apps for businesses, Ingres Database has made it easy to manage the most demanding enterprise applications of Fortune 500 companies.

Moreover, this database is known for strictly following the atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability properties of the relational database. Supports audit capabilities and automated backup, the platform has its own scalable architecture with extensive platform and transaction support.

Ingres database offers a comprehensive range of features that are widely demanded by the enterprise while delivering the flexibility of open source. Without discussing this database, let’s check out the main features of this platform.

Top Features of Ingres Database

#1. Advanced level Security: Ingres database is well-known for delivering complete security mechanisms like configurable user authentication, regulatory compliance and more. It also gives column encryption capabilities like allow database administrators to secure particular fields in a record like social security numbers, credit card numbers without having to encrypt the entire table.

#2. Simple to Migration: The database comes with a simple to migration toolkit that is hosted on Sourceforge. It helps customers in migrating to Ingres from Oracle’s Enterprise and Mysql databases.

#3. Increase Flexibility: Ingres database is also a helpful platform for all those businesses, who are looking forward to enhancing the functionality, reduce risk, best solutions to customers. It is also supporting the latest standards like ODBC, JDBC and .NET.

#4. Parallel Queries: As a single query, it offers huge scalability to get broken queries into components that run on all obtainable resources. In addition to this, the database has its own tools that allow users to create new layers or tables within an existing database instance. Every single database is developed in a data location known to the installation. Database with different locations enable parallel backups and decrease backup time. It can be made private or public while creation.

#4. Rich Performance: Ingres database improves the overall performance of bulk loading by 50%. It also allows users to the same high-performance loading through standards based on JDBC 4.0 driver.

#5. Online Table Organization: In this database, there is no need to take the database offline to perform routine maintenance.

#6. Advanced level of Technology: Ingres database makes use of high-performance technologies like smart query optimizer and improved log writer.

#7. Multi-Version Concurrency Control: Another important feature of this platform is that it provides concurrent access to the database or a snapshot version for every single user to work with, so queries are not blocking other users and update block at the time when changing the same row.

So, these are some of the main features of Ingres Database that users can get while using this platform.

Along with these above-mentioned features, it offers some of the other features, including regular patching of the database server, continual service improvement process, support for Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud Platforms, backup, disaster recovery and advanced availability solutions. Apart from features, users of this database can find Ingres tools that can help them in using this database.

Now let’s check out the Top Tools for Ingres Database:

  • Ingmon Tool: Ingmon is a monitoring and management tool that gives early warning for possible issues within the database. The users will get a notification and alert messages to email through SMTP server for auditing purpose. It is completely configurable by the use of configuration files.
  • Checksum Tool: Talking about this tool, it can be used to validate data. It reads every single row and column in a table and computes a checksum for the table.
  • Rfwd.ksh and Ckpt.ksh: Both these are two wrapper scripts handle different aspects of backup and recovery that usually performed manually by DBA.
  • CompareDB.ksh: This tool of Ingres Database compares tables of two different databases at the data level.
  • Wdw.ksh: This tool is mainly used for knowing who did what and when.

So, these are some of the Ingres tools that you can use to access this app database for developing mobile app for government and large enterprise. In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to Ingres database for enterprise applications, you can get in touch with us through below-given form and we will get back to you within 48 hrs.


App Downloads and Revenue Again Broke Records in Q1 2018. These 3 Leading App Categories Have Created a Buzz in the Market

This post lies information for those startups who have made up their mind to develop an app. Check out this post to know which are those top categories, that are exceptionally doing good across the App stores.

It is seeing a strong growth in app downloads in the Apple App store and Google Play, which are both the major platforms to download any mobile app. Well, the year 2018 started with the strongest quarter that mobile app economy has ever seen! This is due to the fact that, according to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Global app store records again broke records in Q1 (first quarter) 2018”.

Below, we’ve compiled data of Q1 2017 and Q1 2018, where you can check the growth of the worldwide gross consumer spend iOS and Google Play combined. Let’s check out what it is all about:

Q1 2017 Vs. Q1 2018

If we compare the consumer spending on Apple App Store and Google Play, it grew by 22% year-over-year to reach $18.4 billion, which is a record number. This is what you can check in the below graph. The growth has risen up in the year 2018 as compared to the previous year i.e. 2017.


Highlights From First Quarter (Q1) 2018

1. iOS Narrowed Download Gap With Google Play

When it comes to app downloads on Google Play and iOS, the Q1 2018 was a record-breaking quarter.

  • Google Play downloads exceeded 19.2 billion
  • iOS downloads exceeded 8.2 billion

Well, quarter over quarter (Q/Q), iOS narrowed the gap of global mobile app downloads with Google Play by 10 percentage points.


Side Note: “Quarter over quarter (Q/Q) is a measure of an investment or the company’s growth from one quarter to the next (e.g. Q1 to Q2). Quarter-over-quarter growth is most commonly used to compare the growth in profits and revenue”.

Who are the Leading Countries?

The United States, Russia, and Turkey have experienced a large year-over-year growth in the market share when it comes to iOS downloads. Indeed, the growth in the market share is a pivotal metric in order to identify absolute growth and its relation to the global breakdown of downloads.

On the other hand, when it comes to Google Play downloads, specifically, India, Indonesia, and Brazil saw the largest market share growth.

2. Google Play Saw Growth in The Consumer Spending

Worldwide consumer spend on Google Play grew 25% in Q1 2018 year-over-year. On the other hand, iOS saw 20% growth, nevertheless, the iOS App store maintained a sizable lead over Google Play for global consumer spend.


The Leading Countries:

  • The United States always remains at the top and is a strong driver of Google Play’s consumer spend growth in the market share both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year.
  • After the U.S., Japan and the Philippines saw the largest quarter-over-quarter market share growth of Google Play consumer spend.
  • For year-over-year market share growth, Germany and France ranked second and third.

3 Leading Mobile App Categories, Which Are Exponentially Growing

1. Mobile Commerce (m-commerce)

With over 6.2 million mobile apps available across both iOS and Google Play at the end of Q1 2018, it is clear that mobile apps touch nearly every aspect of the consumers’ lives. The average smartphone user spends nearly 3 hours a day in apps and accesses close to 40 apps per month. Furthermore, the ride-sharing app is on the top in the m-commerce or mobile commerce app category.

The revenue earned in the mobile app economy is quite large. M-commerce category is the part of it as it includes the revenue flowing through – third-party Android stores, m-commerce (for instance, ride-sharing) and in-app advertising.

Ride-Sharing Apps

The mobile app economy is extremely healthy. Thanks to the boom of ride-sharing apps. The extremely successful China-based bike-sharing apps like Ofo and Mobike are expanding rapidly across the globe. So, there is no room for doubt that China has become the world’s largest app market. However, in the year 2017, China was also at the top across the globe.


The mobile app market has already matured, and there’s not a single sign of slowing down. However, all credit goes to ride-sharing apps like Uber.

With the global ride-sharing revenue was $45 billion in the year 2017, the market remained highly lucrative and extremely competitive. Globally, the ride-sharing market is booming. Additionally, the ride-sharing services are increasingly expanding their revenue opportunities into areas such as food delivery, package delivery, and even financial services (e.g. Uber and Grab companies payment services). So, According to the report from Statista:

  • The revenue in the ride-sharing segment amounts to US$59,678m in the year 2018.
  • In the ride-sharing segment, the number of users expected to amount to 697.1m by the year 2022.
  • With a market volume of US$29,749m in 2018, and the most revenue is generated in China.

2. Entertainment

Across all categories, music & audio and entertainment mobile app is the second largest category which has the largest market share growth of global consumer spend on Google Play as both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. It speaks the larger trend of consumers opting for sign-up and pay for music streaming and video subscriptions in apps. The experience is quick, frictionless and secure that is the inherent benefit that mobile apps provide over other channels in addition to their ability to allow users to consume content virtuality everywhere.

The ‘live streaming’ mobile app category is also booming. For instance, social media live streaming services like Facebook Live and Periscope allow to post informational videos as the way to provide help and content to potential users at low cost. Therefore, to promote user-generated content does not only enhance the users’ experience but also provides a more personal experience with a large target group.

The below graph illustrates the percentage of global internet users who have watched live a stream via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in 2017. According to the report from Statista, “There has been a steady increase in the share of live-streaming audiences on all social media platforms from 20% reported in Q3 2016 to 28% in the Q2 2017. This is what you can see in the below graph.


3. Health and Fitness

The next category is Health and Fitness apps that experienced huge quarter-over-quarter growth as well as a behavioral shift from consumers to the subscriber the health and fitness apps. The United States, United Kingdom, and Germany have experienced the largest market share growth in iOS consumer spend both year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter. However, the performance of these countries illustrates that these countries demonstrate that app market has already matured. However, consumers are increasingly willing to pay for the growing benefits that they receive from apps.

Additionally, the mobile app economy had a record in 2017 and has continued the strong momentum on Google Play and iOS into Q1 2018. You will be surprised to know that the consumers continue to embrace mobile throughout 2018.

Furthermore, according to the report from Flurry, “Mobile Health and Fitness App Sessions grew 9% year-over-year”.


Have You Planned for Mobile App Development Under These Categories?

If you have made-up your mind to create mobile app, then you as a startup can go with these above-mentioned leading categories. This is due to the fact that the categories, including ride-sharing apps like Uber, live streaming apps, and health and fitness apps have experienced huge growth in the mobile app economy. However, you might have some questions in your mind like:

  • How can I validate my app idea?
  • What’s the importance to build an MVP for app idea?
  • Could my app idea work?
  • How much does it cost to develop an app?

You might be having plenty of such questions in your mind, then you can directly consult us as we are a leading mobile app development company and have developed more than 2000 apps under different categories.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to your new mobile app ideas, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will get back to you within 48hrs.


How Singapore-based Startup, Igloohome (The Smart Lock Maker) Has Raised $4M in Series A Round With These 4 Surreal Features

This blog contains information for those startups who have made up their mind to create an app for home security devices. Herein, we’ve rounded up top features of Singapore-based startup, the smart lock maker – Igloohome (an official partner with Airbnb). Let’s have a look!

The word ‘security’ is one of the major concerns. And, so-called ‘smart locks’ seems everywhere now. With a good reason, the app for smart lock has replaced the physical key. It is also not surprising that the smartphone app for smart lock device has ditched the piece of the key.

The combination of smart locks and its app has completely replaced the front door deadbolt. The most of the smart locks allow to receiving alerts and track who is entering and leaving the home. If we’re talking about the smart lock devices, then we can’t forget to mention here the Singapore-based startup, Igloohome, a smart lock maker.

Recently, “The startup company has secured $4M in Series A funding that led by Insignia Ventures, the new firm started by ex-Sequoia venture partner Yinglan Tan”, according to Techcrunch report.

Igloohome – The Smart Lock Maker

The Singapore-based company is a rare example of hardware startup, which is coming out of Southeast Asia with the global presence. Founded in 2016, the startup has already matured in a short span of time as it has created smart access solutions, which help its users conveniently manage their homes and property remotely through a mobile app, along with the smart devices like Smart Mortise Lock, Smart Deadbolt, and Smart Keybox.


Image Source: igloohome

As per the report, the startup company claims that Igloohome is going to be the next Unicorn. Well, it seems true as there are no signs of slowing down when it comes to its growth. Let’s know more about the growth of Igloohome:


  • Total Funding Amount: $5.3M
  • Global Partners: Airbnb (An American company, which operates an online marketplace and hospitality service), HomeAway (The U.S. based vacation rental marketplace), and China’s Xiaozhu.
  • Launched The World’s First Smart Lockbox: The company launched the world’s first smart lockbox, which works offline – the Smart Keybox.
  • Awards: Igloohome received many prestigious awards, including CES Asia Innovation Awards 2017: Honoree (IOt), Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Best Innovation Infocomm Product/Solution: IoT (Gold Winner).

Stats and Trends

  • In the below image, you can see the growth stats of Igloohome mobile app by SimilarWeb.


  • Google Trends: It keeps growing since its emergence that you can check in the below image.


Moving ahead, let’s check out top four features, which are responsible for the rapid rise of Igloohome.

4 Surreal Features to Consider Before Creating an App for Smart Lock like Igloohome

1. Issue Access

The startup company, Igloohome came up with the smart solution for renting purpose. So, talking about its first feature, which allows users to provide the access to keys by sharing PIN to them.

  • The smart lock of Igloohome uses an eight-digit PIN code, which can be generated by the Igloohome mobile application.
  • The PIN code needs to be entered into the keypad of the device, smart lock.
  • In the alternative method, the Bluetooth key on the app can be used to unlock the device.
  • On the other hand, in case of emergencies, the smart lock still has a traditional keyhole that can be unlocked by a physical key.

However, this feature is completely secured, and app users (owners of the house) can provide the access to only those people, whom they want. Well, on a fundamental level, with such feature, users can create multiple access for other users.

Bottom Line: In order to offer beyond this feature, you can allow users to access some additional features like filters, check validity, and create the new key option. This smart solution is beneficial for the hospitality industry and landlords. With this seamless solution, you can provide your customers a peace of mind with smart lock app.


2. Activity Log

With this feature, users can check the history of activity logs within the app so far. It also provides the information, including the date and time and how many times the user has unlocked the house. For security purpose, this is one of the important features, which you can consider before developing an app like igloohome.


3. Users Allow to Select The Multiple Smart Locks

Igloohome is based on the idea of making home sharing easier. The next feature allows users to go keyless with the complete peace of mind. This hassle-free feature allows users to select the multiple smart locks.

However, this feature lets users choose multiple smart locks or products, and they can monitor them at any time anywhere. This smart lock app is basically designed for rental homes and hotels. Additionally, it also makes check-ins and check-outs easier for users and their guests.


4. Send PIN code or Bluetooth Key Via Email, WhatsApp, and Other communication platforms

The next feature allows app users to manage their smart locks or key boxes and send a PIN code or Bluetooth key to anyone through email/SMS/WhatsApp and other communication platforms for the time period, which the user select. Also, the app users can allow their guests into an empty apartment and change the code before the next stay. The code can be easily changed through an app. Thus, this feature also allows users to send or share PIN code or Bluetooth key through an email, WhatsApp, and other communication platforms.

In short, with all these handy features within the app, there will be no more fuss over key exchanges and missing/lost keys ever again. If you are in the hospitality industry or owner of the various rented homes, then this smart lock solution with smart lock application can be a right choice. The above-mentioned features are essential, which you can consider to develop a successful smart lock app like Igloohome.

Should You Really Bother to Creating an App for Smart Lock like Igloohome?

Indeed! The smart home technology is now a multi-billion dollar market, which is poised for the rapid growth over the next few years. Home security is one of the main drivers behind the market’s growth. As per the report from Statista, “Americans are more keen on smart home security”.

However, it is also expected that smart security solutions like connected cameras, locks or motion detectors will become the largest segment of the United States’ Smart Home market. The below chart illustrates that Americans are spending more money on Smart home security solutions as compared to UK and Germany.


  • In the below-given graph, you can see the growth of users, who are accessing smart locks. In the security segment, the number of active households is expected to amount to 115.8M by 2022.


  • The smart lock industry is booming. If we are talking about the forecast, then as per the report, “The revenue of security segment is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 24%, and resulting volume of US$23,725M in 2022”. However, it will be increased.

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that we are also in the camp of smart lock app development like other niches. However, all these points are directly pointing towards it is high time to create secure lock app for the smart lock.

Wrapping Up

The smart lock apps have totally transformed home security. Moreover, the smart lock app does not only provide handy features, but it also provides security with mental peace to users.

However, being a startup in the home industry, if you are planning to create an app for smart locks, then you might have questions regarding it, so you can get in touch with us as we are a leading Android app development company. We will get back to you within 48 hours.


Top 4 Features You Can’t-Miss Before Developing On-Demand App Like Uber for Movers

This blog comprises information for those startups who have made up their mind to create an app like Uber for Movers. Herein, we have rounded up the top features, which are essential to consider before developing movers app like Uber.

There is an ‘Uber’ for everything at the present time. Uber now has become a brand and synonyms for disruption and innovation. However, the ride-sharing Goliath, Uber has pioneered on-demand industry and economy. Talking about the growth of Uber, the company had raised 28% more than all other U.S on-demand startups combined in the year 2015. In short, we can say that Uber is one of the dominant companies when it comes to on-demand services.

Moving ahead, for the majority of people, there is nothing more than tiring than moving bulky things. Even though, if anyone is only moving a few houses away, however, packing up all the stuff and moving from point A to point B is an absolute pain. Fortunately, Uber for Movers or Uber Movers is here. Let’s know more about Uber for movers!

Uber for Movers

From unloading to moving trucks to assembling new furniture and hauling a heavy mattress, one of the famous services under the tag ‘Uber’, which is known as Uber Movers can save the day for their app users.

Fundamentally, Uber Movers has teamed up with the existing moving service, Bellhops (the U.S. based moving company) to bring users to on-demand movers, ready to assist with their moving needs.

This service streamlines the entire process of moving items from home or office spaces, eliminates the mix-ups, and saves the money. According to the report, “UberMovers provides free and professional moving services for up to ½ an hour for students in Atlanta between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays only”. Moreover, the same moving services are available in Nashville on Saturday and Sunday.


Image Source: Bellhops

Furthermore, when it comes to on-demand services, there is a lot to keep up with. If you as an on-demand moving company is ready to take a plunge to create an app like Uber for Movers, then in this post, we have rounded up the top pivotal features, which you can’t-miss before developing an on-demand app like UberMovers. Have a look!

Top 4 Must-Have Features to Consider Before Developing On-Demand Moving App like Uber for Movers

1. Schedule Booking

An app like Uber for movers can only provide the best experience if it can provide convenience to its app users. And, such app can win over the competitors. So, the most important feature of an app like Uber for movers is all about providing the convenience to the users while scheduling their booking.

With this feature, app users can schedule their booking at their convenience and keep an eye on the whole booking process for the time they have chosen the services. Also, they have a number of choices and comfort of changing or canceling the booking. That being said that the users prefer flexible service for their ease when it comes to on-demand. So, this is a must-have feature, which you need to consider.

In addition, it is also beneficial to provide a customized feature to change and edit their booking. If an app can provide the excellent experience to users, then it will ultimately win the market. If you are planning to create an app for moving furniture, then you can make this feature into consideration.

2. Suitable Payment Methods

To build an app for Uber for furniture and other bulky items, the suitable payment methods is the essential features, which you can’t miss to provide your app users.

One of the best things is to provide seamless payment experience to users so that they can easily make payment of their booked or scheduled service and get a smooth experience.

Furthermore, allowing users to pay for their services based on their convenience is also important. Payment can be done by cash, e-wallet or any other secured payment gateway. So, before developing moving app like uber, this is one of the basic yet important features, which you need to consider.


3. Real-Time Tracking

The convenient and handy feature is real-time tracking that allows app users to track their items like furniture and any their item, and they can get a real-time notification about the arrival time of items. As people are usually concern about their expensive goods, so such feature can give them relaxation and an easy way to track their items.

This must-have feature is important to consider in an on-demand mobile app like Uber movers. In a nutshell, we can say that by including the real-time tracking feature, it increases the productivity of the app among the users.


Image Source: codecanyon

4. Ratings and Reviews

Another significant feature, which you can’t miss to consider before developing an app like uber movers is ratings and reviews. It will directly tell you about the overall performance of your app.

This feature, which is named as ‘ratings and reviews’ is crucial for the app users to share their experience. However, ratings and reviews can also help your app to grow because a great rating and a bunch of positive reviews can impress your potential app users.

Such feature also provides a competitive edge to apps like Uber for Movers. According to the survey, “59% of people usually or always check ratings before downloading a new mobile app. So, if you have decided to create an app like uber for moving furniture, then this is a must-have feature that you can consider.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we can say that if you as a newbie want to give a bit of jump start, the aforementioned features are crucial and must-have to consider before developing movers app like Uber.

By considering all these features in your mind, you can triumph over your competitors. That said, if you use it smartly, an on-demand moving app can give you an edge. Being a businessman, if you have already owned a business like uber for movers and still you don’t have an app to connect with your customers, it’s high time to developing mobile app like Uber movers.

In case, if you have any query or confusion related to on-demand moving app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will right back to you within 48 hours.


3 Reasons Why Every Parking Owners Need IoT-based Parking Management System

This post lies information for those parking owners who want to build parking management system. Herein, we have curated top reasons on why should parking owners need to have this IoT-based parking management system.

In this era, the majority of people are facing problems of parking vehicles. You may be aware of the fact that over 1 million vehicles burn oil every day. Also, we can say, it is one of the major problems, which is faced by gazillions around the globe.

Usually, people spend maximum time on searching parking lots because of the growing number of vehicles and bigger size of the vehicles. It is inevitable for people to update with the growing technology. In general, people are facing problems on parking vehicles in parking slots in the city.

Let’s know more about the smart parking system, its architecture and structure before jumping to the main section of our post.

Smart Parking System

The smart parking industry continues to make progress as an increasing number of cities struggle with traffic congestion and inadequate parking availability. The deployment of sensor technologies continues to be the core of the development of smart parking. It also includes a wide variety of other technology innovations, which are also enabling more adaptable systems, including cameras, wireless communications, data analytics, smart parking meters and advanced algorithms.

Getting stuck in the vehicle because of parking is quite complicated due to less space and time. Moreover, a manually handled car parking lot can be stressful like anything. This is not only stressful for the visitors but also for every parking owners. So, in such situation, a minor accident of one vehicle’s bonnet banging on another vehicle is not something uncommon. The best thing is that the manual vehicle parking is being replaced by smart parking system.

The smart parking system that can be a huge time saver for both parking owners and the drivers. The system is implemented by the use of IOT i.e. Internet of Things. It is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity that enables all these objects to connect and exchange the data.

The advancement of sensor technology is the crux of the development of smart parking system. Also, there is need for other technology innovations that are enabling more adaptable systems, including wireless communication, data analytics, induction loops and advanced algorithms.

Basically, the parking system is designed in a manner, which is applicable for covered and opened areas, and street side parking. If we go under the technical side, the smart parking system consists of the main components like Centralized Server, Raspberry pi, Image Capture, the Navigation system, the Display device, User Device. It is also used some IOT supportable hardware such as Raspberry pi. In the below image, you can see the cloud-based architecture for smart parking system.

The Architecture of Smart Parking System (SPS)


The Structure of Smart Parking System


When the availability of parking slots changes, then the information is immediately updated to the server. Therefore, the user can access the stored information about available parking spots through the internet.

IOT (Internet of Things) plays a major role in connecting the surrounding environmental things to the network and makes easy to access those un-internet things from any remote location.

  • Automated car parking system allows users to find the nearest parking areas. It also gives availability of parking slots in the respective parking area.
  • It mainly focuses on reducing the time in finding the parking lots in the parking area. It also lessens the fuel consumption, which in turn reduces the carbon footprints in an atmosphere.
  • It also helps people to search parking space accessible with the ease of IOT (Internet of Things) automation by supplying the parking slot information.
  • The user can book in advance the parking slots and update the information to the server.
  • Every user has a unique ID and password. In case, the car is stolen and enter the parking IOT, then the server checks automatically from the database and informs the police.

Top Reasons: Why Should Parking Owners Need IoT based Parking Management System

1. Real-time Data and Insights of Lots

One of the greatest reasons to adopt the parking management system is to track the real-time data and the insights of parking car lots. Over the time, the smart parking solutions can produce real-time data, which uncovers correlations and the insights of users and car parking lots.

However, these trends can prove to be inevitable to lot owners as how to make adjustments and improvements to drivers. By adopting parking management system, parking owners can lessen their work to the greater extent, which they could not do ever before.

The best thing about the smart parking management system is that it is easy, convenient, and economic for parking owners to get real-time data and insights about the lots. Moreover, the software helps parking owners in handling all these things at their fingertips.

2. Decreased Management Cost (Cut Staff Cost)

With innovative parking solutions, you as a parking owner can monitor whole parking procedure through automation. And, it provides the less manual activity, which saves on labor cost and resource exhaustion.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned that smart parking system includes the use of low-cost sensors, real-time data and parking management app that allow users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots that decrease the number of labours at the parking lots. However, the main goal is to simply automate and decrease time spent manually searching for the optimal parking space or lot.

So, as a parking owner, you do not need to hire the number of staff as through this smart parking management software, you can decrease the management cost or we can say that you can cut the staff cost. This is one of the greatest reasons that why you as a parking owner need to take a plunge to start with parking management solution.

3. Automatic Report Generate

After analyzing the real-time data of vehicle parking lots, being a parking owner, you can comprise the data in terms of the report, which is automatically generated by the parking management system. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to make the report from a plethora of data. With parking management system, you will be able to generate the report on the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It makes lessen your work, and you can make most of your parking business by implementing parking lot management software.

  • Moreover, smart parking management solutions enhance the customer experience and revenue generation.
  • With this, you as a parking owner can get visible, and measurable improvements to the service you provide in your parking area.
  • It also makes easier day-to-day management, including payment and space management.
  • It is also based on comprehensive data gathered and analyzed by smart parking management software.
  • It also helps you to improve your parking service year-to-year.

Parking management system is an intelligent system, which is used for optimizing parking programs by parking owners, plus delivers convenient solutions for drivers. However, the parking management system includes ticket dispensers either at entry or exit gate, decentralized payment collection system, and exit ticket reader.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

As evidence of above-mentioned are the top reasons, which reflect that the implementation of a smart parking solution would be a great investment for parking owners. However, all these reasons are evident by the fact that parking owners should embark with intelligent parking assist system to seamlessly track the parking lots.

As per the report from Persistence Market Research, “The global off-street parking management system market valued at nearly US$ 3,301 in 2017, and it is expected to register a CAGR of 8.9% from 2017-2025”. It is safe to say that parking management software will be in huge demand in the near future.

Moreover, if you as a parking owner want to create a parking management app or have any idea on parking management solution, which you want to cross-verify, then you can discuss with us as we’re a leading Android app development company and have already developed over 10 parking management apps and solutions, helping parking owners to automate their business.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding parking management solutions, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will right back to you within 48 hours.

Highly Effective Strategies of Ride-sharing App, Taxify (Uber’s Biggest Rival) That Helps It Rule The Public Transportation Industry

This blog is for those startups who are ready to take a plunge to create a ride-sharing app. This post will help you to build a successful business model like Taxify or Uber. Let’s check out what’s inside?

The ride-sharing industry has grown noticeably during the recent years. Whenever anyone talks about the ride-sharing apps, then there’s only one word, which strikes in our mind – Uber. However, it would not be fair to ignore the Uber’s biggest rival Taxify, which is at the top of the list.

The Estonian-based ride-sharing company, Taxify was launched in 2013 and since then it allows users to requests a taxi or private driver right from the mobile application. Let’s know more about the rapid market expansion of Taxify!

The Rapid Market Expansion of The Ride-Sharing App, Taxify

  • Four-year-old Taxify operates in 20 countries and 30 cities, including Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central America with over 10 millions of rides every year to over 3 million customers.Taxify-Operates-Worldwide
  • With over 3 million users worldwide, the ride-sharing company, Taxify provides private cars and licensed taxi that puts it squarely into the ‘Uber Rival’ box.
  • According to the report, “China’s ride-sharing company, DiDi has invested in Taxify in 2017, and Taxify has raised a €2 million ($2.4 million) from investors”.
  • Taxify has become the world’s second-highest valued private tech company.
  • Taxify was the first transportation app in the world, allowing customers to pay for their trips through mobile carrier billing.
  • The company became #2 ride-sharing app in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria in the year of 2017.

Strategies Behind The Success of Taxify, Uber’s Biggest Rival

1. Invest in the Cities, where Public Transport System Relatively Poor

There’s no doubt in that the European-based ride-sharing company is one of the biggest rivals of Uber. However, Uber had also faced many challenges due to Taxify. This is due to the fact that the company’s stronghold in the marketplace. As long as its strategy is concerned, which make Taxify stand out from its competitors in diverse marketplaces.

  • The first and foremost, Taxify started investing in the cities like African cities so that people can make utmost use of transportation service.
  • The second is that Taxify only chooses those cities or countries where the position of public transport is relatively poor.

The Competitive Pricing Structure

Talking about another highly-effective strategy of taxi booking app, Taxify is that there are no cancellation fees at all when it is compared with the Uber. This is what makes it different from its rivals. This is the unique strategy that followed by Taxify, making it strongest player in the ride-sharing market.

If we take an example of Sydney, Uber’s charges are pretty high. However, Taxify realized this problem, and make a planned strategy, and provide solutions for the same. Therefore, instead of banging on charges, Taxify provided solutions to users with no cancellation fees.


2. Started With The Well-Established Markets. The Good Examples here are Paris and Sydney

The reason behind the growth of Taxify has been possible due to its effective strategies. Initially, Taxify started expanding with cities (over 1 million residents). Then, the company started investing in the well-established marketplaces like Paris and Sydney. Also, it allows driver-partners to earn more. By doing so, riders can take benefits from more adorable rides.

However, the well-established markets can also play a vital role in the growth when it comes to ride-sharing services. Additionally, the taxi-hailing app, Taxify has also broken up the monopoly by providing better conditions for both drivers and riders.

Bottom Line: Undeniably, the ride-sharing companies have changed the mode of commute. A well-planned business with effective strategies can provide an abundance of opportunities that were not possible in the previous times. If you as a startup planning to create apps for your taxi business, then you need to provide a platform to people that would come with entrepreneurship opportunities to the public.

Moreover, you can also consider the improvements in price, transparency, convenience, wait and travel time information to make your ride-sharing business apart from your rivals. However, all these taxi booking apps like uber are the greatest examples to effectively transform the urban mobility. And people are also starting adopting the trend because of convenience and affordability.

3. Breaking The Monopoly: To Take Lower Commission for Drivers

The next strategy is about the breaking up the monopoly. However, Taxify had realized the root cause, and provided the solutions for the same by lowering commission from drivers. However, it has made Taxify a strong competitor of Uber in the big cities like Sydney. Additionally, the company completely lowered the commission, which is 15%, compared to Uber’s 25 to 30%.

  • The lower commission allows the company to offer lower prices to riders and take-home for drivers.
  • Moreover, it also allows drivers to create a defined radius for pickups, and they do not need to stray too far from home. So, the solutions provided by Taxify are in the favor of both the drivers and riders.

This is undeniably another effective strategy by Taxify, which is worth to adapt. However, you as a startup company can make a hold in your marketplace of business by providing the solutions which can create value to people’s lives.

Thus, by implementing a strong strategy to build a successful business model like Taxify, you can differentiate your ride-hailing app by lower the commission from drivers. But, first of all, you need to understand deeply the market where you want to start Uber like apps.

4. Exemplary Customer Services to Riders

Taxify is stepping into the ride-sharing market, which is overwhelming for its competitors. Thanks to Taxify’s exemplary customer services to its riders. This is one of the effective strategies, which is also behind the success of Taxify. The ride-sharing company, Taxify is well-known because of its exemplary customer services such as:

  • No cancellation fees
  • Lowest surge pricing
  • Waiting time that is no more than a couple of minutes for riders

The business of Taxify is based on a sense of fairness and transparency. It is one of the surefire ways to establish a successful model like Taxify. However, this effective strategy helped Taxify to build a strong place in the market, and the company was able to prove itself in the highly competitive market.

So, being an owner of startup company under the category ride-sharing, you need to focus on aforesaid strategies to build the most efficient business model in transportation, which are in the favor of both riders and drivers.

On a Concluding Note,

It seems inevitable that the ride-sharing industry will continue to grow in the future. Plus, the ride-sharing industry has profound opportunities to grow. This is because of the report from McKinsey, “It is predicted that the ride-sharing market will see 28% annual growth worldwide from 2015 to 2030”.

Nevertheless, what matters the most is that you as an owner of startup company must research the market where you are going to start your business. Plus, you need to provide easy and handy taxi app solutions to users as they can quickly access it and book a ride. Further, the success also depends on how effectively your business can solve your customer pain points.

In case, if you have any query regarding ride sharing app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-give form as we have already developed over 60 apps similar to Uber.


How Yellow (Game-Changing Brazil-based Startup) Has Secured $9 million in Seed Funding to Launch Dockless Bike With These Solutions

This blog is for those startups, who have made up their minds to create a bike-sharing app like Yellow, Ofo, and Mobike. In this blog, we’ve put top solutions, which are provided by Yellow (Brazil-based Dockless bike-sharing company).

The bicycle is a bit like becoming Hulk. However, the concept of “dockless bike share” is not new, but still, its craze is not going to fade away. There’s been an explosion of American dockless, electric bike-sharing systems, that started in Europe and Asia. And, the craze has now reached to every shore across the world. Some of the most popular and top bike-sharing companies worldwide are JUMP and Spin (San-Francisco based), Lime and Mobike (Chinese-based) and Ofo (Beijing-based bike sharing company). Now, it is all about Yellow!


Yellow is a Brazil-based mobility startup that recently secured $9 million in SEED funding for its dockless bike-share service. The company was founded by Ariel Lambrecht and Renato Freitas, who sold their first ride-share company 99 to Didi in a $1 billion deal on 4th Jan 2018, along with Eduardo Musa, the former owner and CEO of one of Brazil’s largest bike manufacturers, Caloi.

The U.S. Market Size of Bike Sharing Globally

  • According to the report, “The market size of the global bicycle is predicted reach 65.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.


  • In the below image, you can see the top regions where e-bikes are booming as it includes U.S., Norway, France, Germany, China, and Japan in the year of 2015.


  • Unicorn Bike-Sharing Startup Companies: Ofo and Mobike. Both are the most successful companies in bike-sharing. Ofo is four years old bike-sharing company that had raised over $1.2 billion USD, and Mobike, which pulls more than $900 million in venture capital.

Let’s dive into the solutions, which are behind the dockless bike share startup, Yellow.

Sneak Peek: Top Solutions by Yellow (Dockless Bike Share Startup)

1. Acutely Aware of Pain Points of Common People

The concept of bike-sharing has exploded in just a couple of years and spreading to dozens of cities in China, and the U.S. overnight. However, the incredible growth of bike-sharing companies has fueled by massive injection of venture capital. Apart from this growth, the main thing that matters the most is to provide resiliency and comfort to the common people. But, how to achieve this? The simple answer is acutely aware of the pain points of common people. We mean to say to ease the pain points like difficulty of traveling from one place to another in the nearby area, the high cost of transportation, and other hassles.

This startup company has been analyzed the pain points of local commuters and provide solutions like ease the commute, affordable cost of transportation, hassle-free to hire a mode for commute through ride sharing app. Moreover, the Brazil-startup bike sharing company, Yellow is going to deploy 20,000 dockless bikes initially. And, the company plans to deploy a total of 100,000 bikes, as per the latest report. In short, the company understands the pain points caused by Brazil’s inefficient public transit, and come-up with the solutions, which are specifically to address their needs.

So, if you want to become the next tech giant, and build an app like Ofo, Yellow or Spin, then you need to bear the following points in mind:

  • As a startup company, you must analyze the pain points of local commuters, and have a realistic attitude what is possible.
  • On the other hand, if you have an existing business and considering an app for dockless bike sharing like Ofo or Yellow, make sure you do plenty of market research first. Find out how many customers would actually value such service.
  • Also, you need to take a look at the competition and recognize that more competition is likely to arise henceforward.

2. Improve Circulation of Urban traffic by Providing Cost-effective Transportation Mode

The reason behind the emergence of the startup company, Yellow provides solutions to increase the quality of people’s lives. The goal of this business model is to improve circulation of urban traffic and curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions by providing fun and cost-effective mode of transportation, which integrates with other public transit systems to optimize daily routes in big cities. Since e-scooters or e-bikes are the new craze, there is no surprise that Yellow also plans to deploy those mode of transportation.

Without providing effective solutions to commuters or local people, it is not possible to survive in the industry, no matter what. Here are some of the points that you can consider while developing a bike-sharing app like ofo.

  • Your startup business model must proffer solutions, which are convenient and efficient for people.
  • Also, you do not need to build a brilliant business model rather providing brilliant solutions to users.
  • Talking about the bike-sharing business model, then create an app that must be easy for busy professionals to pinpoint and quickly order what they want.
  • Additionally, you need to work on to identify a niche market, and then find out an efficient way to serve the market.

What’s Next?

The concept of the e-bike is one the latest entrant into the app-based mobility market. Moreover, the e-bikes are shaping up and simplifying the commute. What’s more, the e-bikes industry is also going to flourish in the near future.

Talking about the growth in this niche, then it is equally attractive. Being a startup, if you have ever thought about developing mobile app under the category bike sharing, then you can cross-verify your idea with us. As we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 Uber clone apps.

Sill, if you have any query or confusion related to bike sharing app development, then you can get in touch with us via below-given form. We’ll right back to you within 48 hours.


3 Reasons: Why Startups and Entrepreneurs Are Investing in the Self-Care and Digital Wellness Industry?

In this post, the information is centralized for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to create self-care apps. We’ve curated 3 reasons why you should invest in the self-care and digital wellness industry.

In our lives, one of the wealthiest things is health, and is best solved by professional physicians. However, going to a physician’s office is a loathsome experience for everyone. It has never been easier to monitor our health condition, fitness goals or research treatment options. Fortunately, technology has already made things more simple.

When it comes to mobile apps, you might be aware of self-care apps; however, such apps are not the replacement of doctors, and not about health and fitness, but this mobile app category is all about self-care or self-awareness, which is equal to self-love. The category falls under “self-care and digital wellness”, which has become far more common with the apps for everything from meditation to talk therapy.

People have been more obsessed with the self-care as it is same as health and fitness. The recent report says, “The category – self-care is now seeing notable growth. In the first quarter of 2018, top 10 grossing self-care apps in the United States earned $15 million in combined iOS and Android revenue. Plus, $27 million in the worldwide revenue.

Stats and Revenues of Self-Care and Digital Wellness Industry

  • The Market Size of mHealth Industry: It was worth $23 billion in the year 2017, and approximately to grow at a CAGR of more than 35% over the next three years, according to the report.
  • Top 10 Wellness Apps by Revenue: It is found that the top 10 wellness apps, for instance, mindfulness and meditation made about 170% more revenue worldwide in Q1 2018 as compared to top 10 wellness apps did in Q1 2017 across both the App Store and Google Play. In the United State, this category made about 167% more revenue.


In this post, we’ve curated top three reasons, which are inclined that why startups and entrepreneurs should invest in the self-care app category. Let’s have a look!

3 Reasons: Why Should Startups and Entrepreneur Invest in Self-Care Apps?

1. Self-Care Apps are Getting Quite Popular Among Users

Talking about the self-care app category, then we can’t forget to mention two apps, which are among top 10 wellness apps by revenue. The two apps, named Calm and Headspace are already in the spotlight. Calm is recognized as the number 1 app for mindfulness and meditation, which claims to bring more clarity joy and happiness in the users’ lives.

On the other hand, Headspace is ranked number 2 among top 10 wellness apps by revenue. This is a meditation app, which falls under the category of digital wellness. It helps users to get life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness. Let’s know more about the growth of Calm and Headspace apps.

  • Calm app won Apple’s much-sought App of the Year award in 2017.
  • Both Headspace and Calm apps are big money makers in this space.
  • Collectively, both mobile apps have created about 88% of revenue in Q1 2018 among top 10 apps.
  • Calm has seen massive MAU (Monthly Active Users) growth up to 81% year-over-year. As compared to Headspace, it grew MAU 26% during the same timeframe. With this huge growth, Calm recently secured $25 Million in new funding.
  • Calm’s Apple U.S. download rank arose 222 spots from no. 281 to 59 entirely. This is what you can see in the below image, and its U.S. grossing rank has been growing consistently over the past 365 days. If we look into the health and fitness category, the grossing rank almost never drops out of the top 10.


  • User Retention for U.S. users: Additionally, Calm lets users try the app for free for 7 days. On the other hand, Headspace app does the same for 10 days. If we’re looking at 14 days User Retention for U.S. users, then both the apps retain about 7% of new downloads, and 7% of all installs end up becoming paying customers for a month.


Long story short, Calm and Headspace are the most popular apps. On the other hand, 10% Happier Meditation Daily app has increased its IAP revenue 179% year-over-year. In a nutshell, these apps have increased the revenue, active users, and downloads.

2. Self-Care Apps Will Keep Growing Henceforward

Social media apps already have a bad reputation. According to the study, “social media users are more likely to suffer from depression”. However, it is entirely surprising that the category of self-care apps already has a mini-boom over the last couple of years.

These self-care apps are transformed into a force of good that is less about likes and filters, and it is more about the user and user’s actual happiness. Even, self-care apps cater a variety of issues and ailments that help users to get over any trauma, and a mood tracker rooted in clinical psychology, and daily motivational services.

It seems like people have more time to relax. As per the report, “Consumers, who are spending for the top 10 self-care apps, are up 40% year over year for Q1 2018”. It is approximately $32 million on the App Store and Google Play. Generally, self-care apps are used for meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and emotional/mental healing. When it comes to the total installs of these apps, which are also up to the tune of 36% year over year.


Indeed, the self-care app category is relatively small. However, a number of marketers and agencies see its growth potential, which is jumping on board now, especially self-care and wellness category.

3. The trend is focusing on self-care apps. Here’s the Proof

In general, the self-care apps category is growing within the mobile app economy. The below-given chart shows that the more number of apps are hitting the app stores each year as compared to previous year. Moreover, the newly created iOS apps are down the past few years, and new Android self-care apps are entering the Google Play store every year to keep the overall number of new apps increasing, which you can see in the below image.


In the digitally connected world, self-care can be a quite tricky, specifically when it is about to relax. However, there are often distractions like work emails or Facebook messages at mobile users’ fingertips. Believe it or not, self-care apps are booming rapidly.

The self-care apps allow users to have an access to the tools and knowledge that can help them to achieve their well-being goals. In previously, there were CDs, books, and videos, which were proffering self-help category was generating an approximately $9.9 billion, according to the study.


Undeniably, the self-care app category has already created a buzz. That is why self-care apps are the latest craze among users. After going through the above plethora of data, it is safe to say that there is a significant change in the self-care and wellness industry. However, the evolution of self-care and wellness industry will soon start looking like a revolution.

As long as startups are concerned, all we need to say is that startups will see the dramatic changes in this app category. If you may have any query related to create self-care apps, you can discuss with us as we are a leading iOS app development company. And, we have already developed over 60 apps in the healthcare industry. You can get in touch with us through below-given form, and we will right back to you within 48 hours.

Till then, you can explore the following health and fitness apps that developed by us:


Follow These 2 Important Lessons to Grow Your Startup from Door, Inc. (Dallas-based Real Estate Brokerage Startup Firm) That Secured $12M in Series A Funding

This blog is for those startups who want to embark on developing real estate apps. Let’s check out the top lessons from Door, Inc. (Dallas-based real estate brokerage startup firm).

The real-estate industry has already occupied a prominent place on the mobile applications and websites. However, there are a lot of opinions that real estate apps and their tools may replace the agents and brokers completely.

Being a real-estate agent, it may sound quite disturbing, but who have already gone digital, there is an abundance of opportunities in the niche of real estate. On the other hand, real estate app development is something, which realtors can invest in to keep pace with the time.

The Traditional Process of Real Estate Industry

For the majority of people, finding the house is one of the major challenges and biggest purchases in their lives. However, it is an expensive affair and complicated process too.

Here is the traditional way how real estate brokers are getting paid:

  • The broker on each side of the deal takes, on average, 3% of the selling price of the home. For instance, if the house sells for $500,000, the broker collectively takes $30,000 from both buyers and sellers off the table for themselves.
  • There is no wonder that the craze of real estate app development is already high. So, this post will shed some light on the latest trends in the mobile US real estate marketplace.

Insights: The Key Statistics on U.S. Real Estate Market

The United States has made a drastic change and the statistics of the U.S market are quite fascinating. Let’s check out the growth of the real estate market in U.S.

  • The U.S housing market has regained its momentum: As per the same report, “Mobile apps are used by 68% of new home shoppers throughout research of homes”.
  • San Jose is the nation’s hottest housing market in 2018: As per the report from Zillow, “San Jose’s median home value of $1.13 million is expected to grow by 8.9% in 2018”. On the other hand, Dallas is among the top 10 cities in the U.S, and the real estate market growth will be 4.7% in Dallas.
  • Forecast: Talking about the revenue of real estate property management in the United States from 2009 to 2020. By 2020, the revenues of real estate property management in the U.S are projected to reach approximately 70.028 billion U.S dollars.


  • According to NAR (National Association of Realtors) that has long been a gatekeeper of housing information is seeing a real challenge from mobile and web real estate search tools.
  • As per the report from NAR, “90% of homebuyers did an online search when looking for real estate”. Simultaneously, mobile is complementing this broad shift in the balance of power among sellers, home seekers, and their intermediaries.

Before jumping to lessons for startups, let’s know more about the real estate brokerage startup firm, Door.

Door, Inc. – The Real Estate Brokerage Startup Firm

There is no shortage of competition in the housing space, but Door, Inc. is making a dent in real estate. Door, Inc. is a Texas-based residential real estate brokerage, allowing users to buy and sell a home by saving huge brokerage fees.

Moreover, the company builds a tech-enabled real estate brokerage firm, which aims to change the traditional way of buying and selling process of homes by charging a flat $5,000 fee to either the buyer or seller for the transaction.

According to the report, “Dallas-based company, Door, Inc. closed the final chunk of an approximately $12 million Series A round that was raised in multiple tranches”. Even more, the company has only raised a small chunk of its capital from traditional VCs, including a $500,000 Series A check from Picus Capital, a German Venture fund started by Rocket Internet co-founder Alexander Samwer.

The lead investor in Door’s round, Court Westcott is a Dallas-based investor and the son of Carl Westcott, a prominent entrepreneur in the area who founded 1-800-FLOWERS, among other ventures.

Door-incImage Source: Door Inc.

Important Lessons That Startups Can Learn From Door, Inc.

1. Leverages Technology to Sell or Buy Homes

The tech-enabled real estate brokerage firm, Door, Inc. has taken the real-estate market to the next level. The company aimed to change the world of real-estate brokerage by charging a flat $5,000 fee to either the buyer or seller for the transaction.

The real-estate company, Door has believed that 6% (3% on the buy side, 3% on the sell side) was the traditional commission structure for selling and buying from the days before the internet and the company has completely changed from today’s reality.

However, Door, Inc. is categorized as the next-generation real estate transaction platform that leverages technology to provide services to home buyers and sellers. Also, the startup company has provided solutions for both sellers and buyers.

So, being a real estate startup, if you want to provide a solution in terms of a mobile app to your users, then you need to start to leverage technology solutions, helping people in selling or buying homes as what Door is doing.

2. Broken Up The Traditional & Excessively High Commission Structure

Buying a home can be complicated. Throughout the process of home buying, there are many eventualities, which can have a negative impact on home buying experience. However, Door has simplified it as much as possible in the favor of home seekers. The next important lesson, which startups can take from Door is the company has completely transformed the way people were finding and buying a home earlier.

Real estate agents are no longer the gatekeepers between sellers and buyers, and there is no need to pay extremely high commissions to sell or buy a home. However, the real-estate startup company, Door has brought a wind of change in the niche of real-estate. Moreover, the solution is based on resolving the real-life problems of home seekers. Thus, an ideal real estate mobile app must provide aforesaid solutions to home seekers, by reducing the amount of commission.

Buyer’s Side: Talking about the buyer’s side, then you can consider following attributes for creating apps like Zillow (leading real estate marketplace) or Door such as find a home, schedule to see selected homes, no commissions, and cash back.

Seller’s Side: It includes the features like market analysis, home valuation at free of cost, and full-fledged service listings like capture photographs, craft a 3D model, and install a yard sign and lockbox.

However, all these attributes can be considered when it comes to real estate mobile app development.

Do You Have a Real Estate App Idea that Could Take the Industry by Storm?

With emerging tech platforms in the real-estate industry, the traditional process of buying and selling homes has been transformed, making it spontaneous. The real estate startup company, Door hit the marketplace with advanced solutions.

Well, the aforesaid lessons are those on which startups need to pay attention while building their own real estate mobile app. If you have a real estate app idea, which you think can change the process of buying and selling homes, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form as we are a leading mobile app development company and have an experience of developing over 40 real estate mobile apps.


How Uber for Trucking Apps Can Eradicate The Business Hassles of Trucking Industry With These 3 Proven Ways

This blog contains information for those startups and the entrepreneurs, who are interested in developing an app like Uber for trucking. Curated three proven ways, which can help you out to eradicate the business hassles of the trucking industry. Let’s check out what’s inside?

The logistics market is largely driven by the success of Uber. Everyone wants to replicate Uber’s business model and for good reason; the company is expanding itself rapidly in the transportation industry, and furthermore, Uber has launched its “Uber Freight”, and reinvented the logistics in the transportation industry by eliminating the middleman broker.

Well, a mobile app for logistics has the potential to build the industry more efficiently by matching consumer demand for packaging services that is direct with the source. In actual, logistics apps cut out the middleman or third-party broker who can charge up to 30% commission for services.

Insights: Logistics Market

  • According to the report, the revenue of logistics market was valued at USD 8183.46 billion in the year 2015, and it is expected to reach USD 15522.02 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2015 to 2024”.
  • Furthermore, as per the forecast from the market intelligence firm, “It is estimated that the global market revenue for the sector reached $1.9 billion in 2016, and the market will continue to grow rapidly over the next several years, and reaching a market value of $22.4 billion by the end of 2021”.

When it comes to Uber for trucking, we can say that the app optimizes the associated cost and time taken to deliver and receive packages. The transportation app like Uber eradicates the need of a middleman between shippers and truckers. Furthermore, it establishes a direct line between truckers and those who need their services.

In fact, there are numerous companies, which have picked up on the idea of using mobile technology to seamlessly connect shippers and carriers. But, Uber for trucking app is the seamless medium to connect them. Now, it is well known as Uber for trucking industry.

3 Proven Ways How App like Uber for Trucking Can Reduce The Hassles of Trucking Businesses

1. An Ideal App Can Provide The Seamless Services

Mobile apps promise the kind of services, which might not have thought of 20 years before. However, with on-demand transport app like Uber, you as an owner of startup company, can take a peace of mind. Whether you may be thinking to build the Uber like applications or Uber trucking solutions, customers or users only think of convenience and ease of use.

So, it is important to note that you should provide the quality of the apps, which provide the seamless services no matter what. Even though, users are not thinking of whether the driver is properly licensed or permitted.

Uber for trucking is a disruptive innovation, which impacts transport business, and achieves the same results quickly and affordable.

2. Logistics App Makes You Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

If you want to develop an app like Uber for logistics, then this is the proven way, which you need to check out now. As it says that adding more vehicles on the road is not the solution. Because this is not going to give you an edge over your competitors. The highly-effective solution is to maintain the good communication.

This is because you might have noticed the rapid growth in the Goliath, named as Uber, which is based on this strategy. As the company has simplified the commute as well as resolved the communication, which was the barrier, and one of the major issues in the past.

  • To resolve this, one of the easiest and effective ways to do is by creating the company-specific mobile app.
  • Talking about the ride-sharing app, it has revolutionized the face of taxi industry. In this way, you as a startup company can expect a steady demand for the transport services among loyal or potential customers.
  • As long as your competitors are concerned, whether they are thinking in the same way or not, so here is the chance to get an edge.
  • Also, owning a startup company, you will get an opportunity to customize your app marketing strategy that is far from competitor’s thoughts.

3. Startups Need to Think Different

After the launch of Uber and Lyft, these transport industries have extended in many ways. They have looked upon the traditional issues that taxis, buses or heavy vehicle industries have been facing since ages. However, the main thing is what these companies have introduced in the market? The answer is – revolutionary change.

Moreover, all these companies introduced geographical matching to reduce the ETAs (Estimated Time Arrival) and wait time with the help of an addictive and hassle-free app. The real-time tracking along with the integration of map-based API into transportation apps proffer accurate direction so that the wastage and delay are no longer a major issue.

The launch of Uber or Lyft has addressed the transport industry in various ways. In a nutshell, both these companies have brought a ‘revolutionary change’ in the transportation industry.

Factors to Bear in Mind Before Developing Apps Like Uber for Trucking

Over the past 20 years, the transportation industry has seen a dramatic change. Down the years, the industry underwent vast changes technologically. But, when the technology gets improved, it is going to solve all the business hassles to make it spotless. Let’s check out what are the main factors that you need to keep in mind before developing apps like Uber for trucking or Uber for logistics.

  • Vehicle Condition: All top of everything, it is always important to know the condition of a car, bus, truck or might be any vehicle service, which you are in. Furthermore, you need to be prepared to answer the kind of question like do you maintain the heavy vehicles to increase their efficiency? Earlier, customers never put a question on the vehicle condition, but currently, customers are aware of these issues. And, from now on, you must be prepared as a cab, bus or logistic owners.
  • Right Information: When it comes to the next factor, it is not enough to move the products and materials. You must know where they are. Also, you as a startup company must know that what inventories you need to supply and to which location, pickup and drop off location of passengers. Also, there must be the information about what bookings are coming in and where goods must be delivered or dropped. However, there are two important things i.e. time and accurate information. These two things are important for sound decision-making. When it comes to on-demand trucking apps, then it seems to connect all difficult ends and help out the drivers and customers to attain real-time information with few taps on respective devices.
  • Enhancing Driver’s Experience: Drivers are often victims of insufficient support from transport companies as they worked for. Due to the fact they usually look for something to survive. So, this is huge disconnection and attention rate of on-demand transport mobile apps.

Long story short, the solution provided by logistics apps will help to lower the expenses, improves visibility across company’s entire supply chain. Even most importantly, it prevents trucks from having to move even if it is empty.

What’s Next for The Logistics Businesses?

After going through the above different proven ways and factors of logistics app like Uber for trucking, you might have decided to develop an app like Uber for trucking to fill up the gap between shippers and truckers. By implementing aforesaid proven ways on your logistics business, you can eradicate the business hassles of trucking industry. Additionally, with a transportation app, startups can take their business to the next level.

So, if you have made the decision to develop Android app, then you can discuss your requirements with a professional mobile app development company, which has proficiency in building Uber clone apps. In case, if you still have any query related to on-demand transportation app like Uber, you can get in touch with us through below-given form, and we’ll right back to you within 48 hours.


Don’t Do These 3 Things If You are Planning to Develop an On-Demand Package Delivery App

This blog is for those startups who want to build a business model in terms of the on-demand package delivery mobile app. Let’s check out these three things that you can avoid while creating an on-demand package delivery app.

With the most rapid rise in the consumer technology, companies are providing “on-demand solutions” or a set of on-demand applications, which deliver consumers what they want and when they want.

According to the report from CB Insights, the on-demand economy is growing exponentially currently. However, all top of that, we should always prepare for the unfavorable times as well.

If we’re talking about the category ‘on-demand package delivery’, as you might already know that on-demand package delivery app, Doorman has been shut down on October 6, 2017, because of facing financial difficulties and operating at a loss. However, for those who have been following the last mile delivery has been closed.

Undeniably, the company had set out already to revolutionize the customer experience in the parallel delivery industry. But, the company had been struggling from its early days because it could not get the viable business model.


Image Source: veho

The company has been shut down, but it had resolved a growing pain in the lives of consumers in the big cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Because people from these cities found harder for online shoppers to receive packages at their homes. All of these things, Doorman still went wrong.

However, the failure is not due to poor operational execution. Instead, it was due to a flawed business model and lack of focus on sustainable unit economics. So, herein, we have broken this down into three things, which startups need to avoid before developing on-demand package delivery apps. Let’s have a look!

3 Things That Startups Need to Avoid While Developing On-Demand Package Delivery Apps

1. Going Direct to The Customers

In today’s world of online shopping, everyone knows that the free shipping is the standard now. For instance, Amazon (a Goliath of the on-demand app) is always in the obsession for delighting the customers. And, Amazon has made the consumers’ expectations high to free shipping. Meanwhile, if any retailer who charges for standard shipping is at risk of losing its customers. On the other hand, it is no wonder that Doorman customers were willing to pay $89 per month for its premium delivery subscription.

Of course, Doorman was not the only delivery startup, which targeted consumers. Unlike some other delivery startups, its revenue model did not account for the particular challenge of targeting customers.

All on-demand startups like Postmates and Doordash own a customer at the checkout point. And, they take a cut of the transaction. On the other hand, the company which is recently failed to continue with its business, is charged for the delivery after the consumer had already made the purchase from a retailer.

So, if the customer’s willingness is to pay low, then building a successful business model is tough. The failure behind some of the on-demand startups is they could not have built a more sustainable business by working directly with retailers and charging them for the service instead of charging the consumer.

While retailers have more bargaining power than a single consumer does, and could try to negotiate delivery fees down, and paying for deliveries is nothing new to them. However, it is important to realize this at some point, and begin to target retailers as part of its offering, but it may have been too little and too late.

Takeaway: And while retailers have more bargaining power than a single consumer does, and could try to negotiate delivery fees down, paying for deliveries is nothing new to them. Doorman seems to have realized this at some point, and began targeting retailers as part of its offering, but that may have been too little, too late.


2. Not Concentrating on The Density

When it comes to delivery business, density is defined as the number of delivery stops, which a driver can achieve in a given hour. In the high-density model, the delivery cost spreads over a large number of packages that result in a relatively low cost per package. In brief, we can say that density is the key to achieve profitability.

For instance, there is a company named as Shyp, a delivery startup that allows consumers to ship anything from their home by utilizing a Shyp driver, who would show up at their door and pick up any item within 30 minutes of the call. The flat $5 fee that Shyp company has collected from consumers, and any other revenue gained later in the process. However, it was never ever enough to cover the high cost of sending the driver to pick up the location in such narrow time windows.

Doorman could had avoided this mistake by surging their delivery fees during hours of low density. Similarly, talking about Uber and Lyft could accurately reflect the true cost to the customers, Therefore, it is important to include surging pricing, which can help to uplift the revenue from your business.

3. Not Thinking About The Unit Economics

If we’re talking about the startup company, Doorman, which failed recently. The company’s pricing model was not based on the actual cost of delivery. Instead of finding out a sustainable and economic model, Doorman made a huge bet on adoption at highly subsidized rates with the hope that it would be able to compensate at some point in the future. However, the company, continued to lose the money.

Betting on the future density is a dangerous move. Uber and Lyft may have pulled it off by introducing pool service at highly subsidized rates in order to achieve adoption. On the other hand, Doorman had never attempted to reflect its true cost to the consumers, and eventually ran out of the cash.

So, the bottom line for startups is that it is important not to underestimate the risk of ongoing market with such a low price. With the unlimited delivery option, customers doubled their online purchases, and driving up delivery costs far beyond the subscription fee.

Wrapping Up

Here are the quick takeaways, which you as a startup needs to consider –

  • By improving the customer experience, and offering more convenient delivery options, online shoppers are willing to buy more from startup companies.
  • Even more, a better delivery experience can convert into higher conversion rates, increased customers loyalty, and more sales, eventually.

Moreover, customers who order online or make purchases online usually live in the big cities. If it comes to the demographics of those cities, they have more average younger people, educated people, higher income earners and heavy users of online services.

They can be the perfect customers. Initially, it is also important to start with the area which is already developed. So, considering all these things in mind while creating on-demand package delivery app can increase the chances of your success like Parcel and Roadie that are successful package delivery apps in the market.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand delivery package apps, you can get in touch with us through below given form and discuss it with our business representative, who will solve all your queries and suggest a right solution for your business needs.


3 Important Lessons Learned From Wildly Successful Customer Messaging App, Intercom, Which Has Secured $125 million in Series D Funding

This blog lies information for those startups, who are willing to establish a business model like Intercom, and want to create a successful customer messaging app. Herein, we’ve curated three important lessons from which you can pick the ideas.

Automation is a great thing. If it is too little, it is the enemy of the efficiency, if it is too high, then it could kill the engagement. Likewise, it’s true for the customer messaging software, which is vital to boosting any company’s effectiveness.

Talking about the sales software, Salesforce is not the only name in the top of the list. However, the spotlight is on the new yet already matured startup company, Intercom, which provides the customer messaging platform to businesses.

In addition, the seven-year-old startup, Intercom has secured $125 million in Series D funding. According to the latest report, “The total valuation of the company, Intercom is $1.275 billion. It means that the company is also known as a unicorn”. And, its existing investors’ name are Bessemer Venture Partners, Index Ventures, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Intercom and Its Key Points of Growth

The widely used customer messaging platform, Intercom is by no means the only startup selling messaging technology to businesses, but it is probably the larger than you may realize. Let’s know more about what’s Intercom and how big it is?

  • Intercom is used by over 13,000 companies: Founded in 2011, the San Francisco-based software company, Intercom is used by over 13,000 companies, including Ancestry, IBM, RackSpace, Shopify, and Yahoo.
  • 1 billion monthly user milestones and the total customer count was 10,000 businesses: Initially, the company, Intercom started its journey as a provider of chat software within web applications, but now Intercom helps other companies unify the customer conversations across diverse channels, including email, mobile apps and Facebook messaging platform. In the year 2016, the company has passed 1 billion monthly user milestones, and disclosed total customer count was 10,000 businesses.
  • More than 20,000 customers in just six years: The messaging platform, Intercom has reached more than 20,000 customers in just six years. The famous companies like Microsoft, Spotify, Stripe use Intercom to engage with their users.
  • 400 million conversations every month: Intercom powers approximately 400 million conversations every month, and reaching over a billion end users across the world.
  • One of the fastest growing firm in Silicon Valley in 2017: The company, Intercom launched its software, and a customer service app that handles and integrates all the ways companies talk to customers. Its three-stretch of growth makes Intercom one of the fastest growing firms in the Silicon Valley, according to the report from Intercom. In the year 2017, Intercom hits $50 million in ARR faster than Shopify, Servicenow, Twilio, and others, which you can see in the below graph.


What Can Exactly Intercom (Customer Messaging Platform) Do For Businesses?

Intercom is a messaging app, which allows businesses interact with their customers. Intercom provides the medium to communicate to several businesses through messages. By using this messaging platform, customers can get in touch with businesses via a mobile app. However, this service has replaced live chat, email, and, other medium of communication.


Image Source: upscope

3 Important Lessons That Startups Can Learn From Intercom (Wildly Successful Messaging Platform)

1. A Simple Idea Can Simplify The Way of Communication for Internet-Based Businesses

Undoubtedly, Intercom has drastically changed the way people communicate in the past times. If WhatsApp is the king of the communication platform for common people, on the other hand, Intercom is the crux of communication for businesses. However, but what does make Intercom stand apart from its rivals like FreshDesk, Team Support, Olark, and Zoho Desk?

As we have already told about Intercom, it is a live chat system for support, sales, and marketing team. However, the main idea behind the emergence of this app was as nobody like spammy communication; neither with their customers and nor businesses. Because most of the businesses do not have a clear and cohesive way to communicate. Plus, spam messages, which are not irritating people, but they don’t meet their needs in business point of view. So, the Intercom company had analyzed the real problems, which were faced by many businesses while communicating with their users.

The company has a wild idea, which has changed the landscape. In a nutshell, it provides the platform that would bring messaging products for sales, marketing, and customer support easily from anywhere. Currently, Intercom is used by over 20,000 businesses, which want to connect to their customers within the app. Thanks to Intercom, because of providing such innovative idea!

2. Focused on Simple Things: Resolving Major Issues

Intercom app is based on messaging-first approach. The idea behind the approach is very simple. Initially, Intercom wanted to make really easy for the internet-based businesses to talk to their customers without delivering spam or irrelevant messages. A customer messaging platform, Intercom focused only on simple things and resolving the major issues like spam messages, which was the barrier to communication.

Moreover, currently, Intercom considers itself as the “next-generation Salesforce”, and allowing a digital take on a timeless problem; enhancing business’ interactions with potential or existing customers. Furthermore, an app like Intercom provides platform wherever businesses and customers are talking to each other, and this is what a customer messaging app is all about.

So, if you as a startup have decided to create customer messaging app like Intercom, you need to bear this lesson in your mind. And, it will help you to establish a business model like Intercom. Additionally, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who have already started with this type of mobile app, you must be aware that talking to users is probably one of the most important things, which is essential. Instead of sending massive email blasts to customers, you must prefer to communicate with them on chat.

3. Focus on The Internet Bots Like Chatbots and Voicebots that Have Already Created a Sensation.

One of the last solutions provided by Intercom was based on – Internet bots. If you may not be aware of the term “bots”, then it would be better to explain more about it.

The Internet bots are like virtual assistants that can answer questions, and help users to get things done faster without requiring to speak to another human. They are used by many companies like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and of course, Intercom as well. Moreover, bots use natural language to get tasks done, and one of the many reasons Siri and Cortana, the technology behind them are internet bots.

Likewise, Intercom is also based on chatbot technology, and the company claimed that 400 million conversations are powered by Intercom. So, bots are the future like A.I. (artificial intelligence). Chatbots are the programs that interact with humans via text or voice interface.

Fundamentally, bots sit between the business and the end user, which tries to pair conversation. So that it is as easy as possible for both the parties. And, it can automate tasks simpler.

Therefore, like Intercom, you as a startup company needs to concentrate on the latest technology that could make things simple for users.

Side Note: On the technology side, if you have decided to create a customer messaging app like Intercom, then you can consider internet bots, which are of two types like chatbots and voice bots.


The adage, “The technology has a long way to go” still rings true. However, if you are trying to triumph in this niche, you as a startup company needs to focus to nail it. Also, these solutions in terms of lessons will help you to achieve success like the company Intercom.

Furthermore, if you have idea and looking for developing mobile app based on business messaging software, then you can discuss your idea through below-given form. We will revert you within 48 hours.

How BetterUp, On-Demand Corporate Training App, Has Secured $26M in Series B Funding with These 3 Useful Features?

This post contains information for those startups and entrepreneurs, who are looking up surefire ways to develop online training apps like BetterUp. We’ve curated top three useful features, which you can check out once before creating an on-demand business training app.

The buzz around the potential of on-demand corporate training apps has already reached new heights. There are a growing number of institutions, but startups are on a mission to democratize the education and learning with the best e-learning platforms.

If we are talking about the on-demand corporate training apps, we can’t forget to mention an app, called as BetterUp, which is performing tremendously in the market.

According to the report, “BetterUp, a San Francisco based leadership development platform, has secured $26 million in Series B funding”. However, the latest funding round of BetterUp led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from its existing investors DFJ, Freetyle Capital, and Crosslink Capital. The objective of this on-demand training app is to democratize and enhance coaching with AI (artificial intelligence) and mobility.

What BetterUp (On-Demand Training App) is All About

Founded in 2013, the company BetterUp has been selling its services exclusively to large organizations. Plus, its clients include Salesforce, CapitalOne, Square, LogiTech and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Basically, this service is for Chief Executives, mid-level managers and employees who work in diverse organizations and have high potential to do extraordinary, but do not have a right platform. The platform is a completely safe as it provides a strict confidential code to its app users.

  • BetterUp is a mobile platform, allowing its users (managers, employees, or new parents) with personalized coaching at their fingertips.
  • Also, the venture-backed startup, BetterUp provides a hybrid of therapy and executive coaching to employees of the tech companies in the Silicon Valley.
  • It helps users to develop the behaviors, mindsets, and skills, which boost organizational and individual excellence.
  • The main aim of the app is to develop soft skills like stress management and collaboration to help employees/mobile app users to be happier and more effective in and out of the office.
  • Furthermore, according to the company – BetterUp, “Millenials spend more time working as in the past generations. So, the company believes that it is important to find out fulfillment at work and job satisfaction is crucial.

Most importantly, if you have also decided to develop e-learning training apps like BetterUp, you can have a look at below-given top three features, which you can consider while developing one of the successful e-learning mobile apps.

3 Innovative Features To Consider Before Developing Training Apps Like BetterUp

1. Enable Users to Schedule Weekly Video Sessions and Messages

BetterUp app provides an on-demand learning experience for employees or app users who want to develop skills, behaviors, and mindsets in their respective jobs. So, the very first feature is video sessions and messages that allow users to get in touch with the mentors at any time and anywhere.

This feature helps employees and organizations with the one-on-one coaching of all levels. Simply, this feature cuts the time and cost of expensive tutors. In addition, the idea behind the training app, BetterUp is to connect employees with certified and executive level coaching through mentors for 30 minutes weekly session over video chat or phone.

Plus, in between the meetings, personal coaches can provide activities to users and exercises along with resources such as videos, podcasts, and reading to aid users’ professional development whereas on-demand support is also available via text messages.

2. A.I Enhanced Sessions By Mentors

Now, there is a time where companies fear that A.I. will replace jobs and destroy humankind, so it is important to see how this technology can be used for coaching. But, it would be impossible for any coach to keep up with the volume of reports and tests.

Undoubtedly, BetterUp has a new approach to leadership development, which is actually working! Also, its innovative features have the potential to take the e-learning to the next level.

Talking more about this feature, it is centralized on A.I. (artificial intelligence) personalized sessions by mentors. As we’ve already explained about weekly video sessions by personal coaches.

Additionally, whatever the coach has already planned, the machine learning can provide the coach with a selection of additional material, which is relevant to an individual’s session. Thus, combining human and machine insights, the personal coach in the app can provide the guidance by using the most up-to-date research.

That being said, “Data can only fuel the recommendations for reading and tests, but recommendations are delivered with human empathy”. In a nutshell, we can say that empathy is certainly required these days. Also, BetterUp app provides a powerful platform to develop leadership skills seamlessly.

3. Generate User Report for Top Skills

After session provided by mentors, it generates a report on the top skills of the user. Through this feature, BetterUp app provides analytics to track progress across all areas such as leadership effectiveness, happiness, and productivity. Furthermore, it allows users to track their progress in every area and feedback given by their mentors.

This is the unique way to encourage app users, especially in the business training apps like BetterUp. The company hopes to challenge the reputation of online coaching, and provides users a unique and effective platform where they can grow completely.

Therefore, this must-have feature can be considered if you, as a startup, are looking up surefire ways to get a big hit like BetterUp in the niche of on-demand training.

On a Concluding Note

Well, according to the report, “E-learning market was valued over USD 150 billion in the year 2016, and it is also predicted to grow at over 5% CAGR from 2017 to 2024”.

So, it is safe to say that the e-learning industry is booming! If you have ever thought to dive into the world of creating AI based coaching/training apps for android, so it is high time to start with. However, A.I is a new concept, and it must be resounding in the future.

If you have got an idea in your mind, you can discuss it with any trusted Android app development company, who has already developed eLearning and training apps.

Still, if you have any query or confusion, you can get in touch with us through below given form. And, we will right back to you within 48 hours.


How UberEats Has Mobilized the Food Delivery Industry With a Mobile App

“This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop an app like UberEats. It contains how UberEats has mobilized the food industry with its top features. Let’s have a look at it”

For being a trendsetter, you need to follow the latest trends which can optimize your business. One such thing that contributes toward business development is app development. Building an app has become a key to win the higher number of customers.

Today, Android and iOS are commonly used platforms to develop apps and develop your brand proposition. Apps are creating buzz by spawning every industry with their user-engaging features. The significant impact is seen in the food industry. When it comes to the food industry, UberEats is worth mentioning.

Uber has recently launched UberEats, which gives a push to the industry while widening its scope as compared to traditional on-site order. You get innumerable options on a single click and get your food from almost any restaurant.

Beginning with 1000 restaurants in four cities, now UberEats has partnered with more than 40000 restaurants in all the major cities across the world. It’s advanced features allow you to track, where your order has reached and how much time it will take for delivery.

Both Android and iOS users can use this app as it is available on app store and Play store respectively. Its technology-driven features have gained it about 5 million downloads globally. Most developers are curious to understand what makes UberEats different from its competitors. To get to the bottom of it, they train themselves by enrolling themselves in an Android training to dig deeper into UberEats’ features.

This post describes how UberEats is pushing the boundaries of the online food world with its advanced features.

Let’s Get Started With Top Features of UberEats

#1. Smart curation

Everyone knows that AI is driving mobile apps personalization. UberEats has the front row seat in this innovation. With UberEats, foodies can watch out for photos of a meal before they order.


Moreover, its suggestion carousels recommend a number of nearby restaurants to your location you can order food from. Taking advantage of machine learning, UberEats enables taste preferences by suggesting cuisines according to past histories and existing contextual information. Therefore, users get customized choices of food from different restaurants at the push of a button.

#2. Pre-orders

If you run out of your time and want to get food on time, go for Uber Eats. It allows you pre-book order about an hour and even a week in advance. Moreover, you can track your order throughout the process of delivery to ensure that you receive it at your desired location.

#3. Restaurant Manager

When a restaurant gets orders in bulk, UberEats helps you deliver as per the order on time and hassle-free. Uber has rolled out a new analytics app, restaurant manager, which helps make data-driven decisions. With this tool, UberEats partners get access to data and insights with which you can finetune your food quality and delivery strategy and optimize user satisfaction.

#4. Order Anywhere Without Worry


When ordering food, a general concern that users have is if their location is eligible for delivery. This is especially true for places like hospitals and parks. Uber has taken care of it, as UberEats delivers at places like hospitals, parks, homes, offices, etc. Moreover, you can even specify the way you would want food delivery.

#5. Get Complete Information

UberEats is all about easy exploring. Developers have designed its infrastructure in a user-friendly way. For example, if a user looks for gluten-free options, then he/she gets the results according to the search. You even get complete information about a dish which includes ingredients, average preparation time, etc.


Developing an app like this requires reliable tech team and developers. Displaying a unique idea requires an engaging interface with a great UI design. There are many other examples of food apps like GrubHub, Eat24, Caviar, DoorDash, Postmates, and Amazon Prime, but the success that UberEats has achieved in the short term is truly commendable. It has three simple steps – browses, order, track, and you are ready to go.

With hundreds of restaurants available at your disposal, you just need to open your app and search for your favourite cuisine. After placing your order, you will see your address, an estimated delivery time and the price. If everything sounds good to you, you can tap to place your order. UberEats has a robust tracking system which allows you track your order till its delivery. Follow your order in the app. First, you’ll see the restaurant accept and start preparing.

UberEats has mobilized the food industry by giving it new dimensions just with a mobile app. If you are in the developing phase, make sure your app has a great user interface, easy navigation and other latest features that mentioned above.

In case, if you have any query related to food delivery app like UberEats, you can consult us through the below-given form. Consulting our business representative and discussing uber like app idea is free, it won’t cost you a single penny. Our representative will figure out how a mobile app can help your business to grow at faster pace and suggest you a right solution.


How Lark (A.I Powered, Clinically Proven Health and Fitness App) Ranked in Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World With These 3 Core Features?

This blog contains information for those startups, who want to create wellness AI apps. There are must-have features of Lark A.I app, which are worth to check out. Let’s have a look what’s inside?

The wellness industry is going to be highly profitable. This is due to the fact that the new Global Wellness Institute research confirms that the wellness industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most-resilient markets. The industry is becoming a highly profitable market as it was worth $3.72 trillion in the year 2016 with 10.6% growth from 2013-15.

It is no wonder that the category “Health and Fitness” was among the most popular app categories in 2016, and this category increased by 18% in the time spent by its users.

Talking about the booming artificial intelligence technology, A.I. is a big deal now. There is not even a single doubt that A.I is the future technology. There is no surprise that A.I platform provided in terms of the app, ‘Lark’ that is the leading personalized A.I and clinically-proven health app on the top of the list. Let’s know more about one of the award-winning chatbot apps, Lark!

Lark – more than a Pocket Health Trainer and Nutritionist

Lark helps users who suffer from the most crushing chronic diseases in an infinitely scalable, highly engaging and clinically proven way with cutting-edge A.I. (artificial intelligence) as a platform. Moreover, Lark app is one of the best artificial intelligence chatbot apps as it already has over 1 million app users. Moreover, the A.I platform by Lark is clinically-proven.

Here’s the video to know more about – how Lark works.

Key Points That Makes Lark App a Big Hit in The Wellness Niche

  • In the Apple App store, Lark app was recognized as one of the top 10 apps in the health and wellness category.
  • Google also tagged Lark as the “Best of 2016” app.
  • Lark, Uber, Airbnb, and WeChat are the “Top 10 most innovative companies in the world” by Business Insider.
  • Lark is the world’s first AI nutritionist with over 1 million app users.

Moving ahead, we are going to provide you the core features of wellness app – Lark, and how you can leverage utmost from these powerful features before developing AI apps for android in health and fitness niche.

Consider These 3 Core Features of Lark Before Developing A.I. Powered Health App

1. 24/7 Health Monitoring

One of the core features is health monitoring, which can be accessed by users at any time. This feature replaces everything that users require equipment to monitor their health conditions like wireless weight scale, blood pressure monitor.

Health monitoring feature can automatically track exercise, sleep, and meals, plus it is also monitored by A.I coaches. Interaction with these coaches as realistic as face-to-face healthcare professionals. In short, users do not need to spend a fortune on expensive personal coaches. This feature is handy and worth to consider before developing a health app like Lark.

Talking more technically, such feature of health tracker app relies on the device’s built-in sensors to track the activities and habits of users. This feature makes Lark app different because users can text or dictate to the chatbot, and will ask about ate or drank at the moment after user’s comprehensive feedback on eating, drinking, exercising and sleeping habits.

Bottom Line: One of the best things of Lark app that you can consider is there’s no wearable needed. Lark app is built on smart aggregation partner, which is seamlessly merging patients’ existing data only from the smartphones. Such feature will provide the critical data but not just a firehouse of unstructured data.

2. Customized A.I. for Each Chronic Disease like Stress Management, Sleep and Nutrition Counseling

The more downloads and popularity app will get in a short span of time.

But, the thing is that what would be the best-suited features, which give a big hit to the app? Let’s take an example of Lark. It is more than a health tracker app. The app comes up with the usable feature like provide users the customized A.I. for each chronic disease such as exercise coaching, nutrition counseling, diseases specific curriculum, behavioral health counseling, stress management, sleep counseling and improved medication adherence.

Moreover, there are also some features, which are worth-including like a personalized health plan, flexible nutrition coaching, automatic exercise and sleep tracking. All these features are important, which you can consider before creating an app like Lark.

So, this is one of the handiest features, which you can’t afford to miss while creating an app like Lark.

3. 1-on-1 Coaching Available at Their Fingertips

Lark is more than just a productivity tracker, which is available on both platforms i.e. iOS and Android. One of the core features of the app is to provide users with a personal health coach, which is specialized for their chronic diseases. The best thing about this feature is that coach responds within 2 seconds. Plus, there are no appointments and no long phone conversations, users just have to start conversation through texting.

In short, Lark app is more than just productivity tracker. A health app, which talks to users, just like a live weight loss coach or fitness trainer. The powerful features within the app make witty remarks on users about how the user can improve his/her lifestyle to be healthier, drawing its insights from the database generated by the world’s leading sleep and nutrition and experts.

What’s Next?

Above, we have just provided the core features of A.I. powered health app. However, if you are planning to create health and fitness artificial intelligence app like Lark, you can consider aforesaid features, which are worth-including. Moreover, there are no surefire ways to build an ideal health and fitness app, but there are a lot of things, which you can use to improve the chance of winning in the marketplace.

Also, you can provide your app users with the right tools, constant support and 24/7 personal coaches at anytime anywhere for users’ life-changing journey of becoming healthy and fit. Make sure to develop a high-quality fitness app from any professional iOS app development company that has already developed fitness and wellness apps.

In case, if you still have any query related to Artificial intelligence app, you can get in touch with us through below given form and book a free consultation with us. We will get back to you within 48 hours.


Planning to Create a Health App? Keep an Eye on These Solutions Provided by Uber Health (B2B Ride-hailing Platform)

This post contains information for those startups and the entrepreneurs who run healthcare clinics, rehab centers or physical therapy centers. It contains top solutions which can help you to build a successful business model like Uber Health.

In general, when someone says, “Uber for X, Y, or Z”, then immediately it strikes in our mind – Uber is making something ‘easy and convenient’. Undoubtedly, Uber has completely changed the way people live their lives in the past times. This is due to the fact that there’s a lot of things that are successfully transformed by Uber, and it looks like these –

  • Helping out seniors to regain their independence
  • Mobility to those people who live underserved areas
  • Provides a safe alternative to driving

If you are one of the staunch followers of Uber, then you must be aware of the newest business-line that launched by Uber, called Uber Health. The ride-sharing company, Uber has launched a service, known as Uber Health, which allows doctors, hospitals, clinics, rehab centers to hail cabs for their patients.

What Does Uber Heath Exactly Mean?

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “This month, Uber has announced its new platform i.e. Uber Health” that is one way for healthcare organizations to book rides for their patients. Moreover, the company has also launched an API, so that the ride-hailing service can be built into existing healthcare tools. It provides reliable and comfortable transportation to the patients. Also, the dashboard allows healthcare professionals to order rides for their patients at anytime anywhere.

Additionally, the company’s ride-booking service aimed at business customers who want to provide the rides for their clients or patients. However, Uber health service is also tailored for healthcare industry with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) standards compliance, plus it gives the ability to use the service on the client-side from even with a landline.

What’s Different About ‘Uber Health’?

Alike Uber’s famous business model, ride-hailing app, ‘Uber Health’ is not exactly the copy of the existing Uber app. Let’s know what’s different about it:

  • Healthcare industries can schedule health rides up to a month in advance, so that patients don’t miss their appointments and make sure they also get their follow-up care.
  • Uber Health claims to provide hassle-free transportation facilities.
    Riders or patients can coordinate through text messages. Also, there is a facility to set up calls to landlines or cell phones rather than texting.
  • Hospitals, rehab centers and senior care facilities, more than 100 organizations in the U.S are already using a beta version of the Uber Health.

Apart from this, healthcare is a big business. Whether you are running a clinic, home care center or physical therapy center, there are big opportunities to start with the same business model like Uber Health. However, if you want to provide any solution like Uber Health to your patients or users, we’ve curated top solutions that are provided by Uber Health (B2B ride-hailing platform).

Top Solutions Provided by Uber Health (B2B Ride-hailing Platform)

Solution #1: Flexible Ride Scheduling for Patients

According to the report from TechCrunch, “Nearly 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments because of lack of the available and reliable transportation”. In addition to this, nearly one-third patient show up to medical appointments every year in total.

These are some of the problems that are analyzed by Uber. After analyzing such problems, the tech company, Uber provides the flexible ride scheduling for patients who have been missing out the important appointments due to the lack of reliable transportation services at affordable cost. In order to decrease the rate of missing appointments, here’s what Uber has provided –

  • Health industries can schedule rides on behalf of patients, caregivers and the staff to take place immediately, and as per their convenience.
  • It also provides transportation to be scheduled for follow-up appointments for patients.
  • It is also possible to schedule and manage the multiple rides at one time from a single dashboard.

Bottom Line: Being the owner of the health clinic or rehab center, if you are planning to build an app like uber based on B2B ride-hailing platform then you need to provide your targeted audience with such solutions, resolving their real-life problems.

Solution #2: Fixed The Root Problem

Uber is known for its successful business model in terms of ride-hailing apps development, however, the concept of ‘Uber Health’ came-up after analyzing the biggest barriers by the company.

The easy-to-access transportation is one of the biggest barriers for vulnerable popularities, including patients with the highest burden of chronic disease. Patients with chronic diseases are not able to get an easy-to-access transportation facility that safely takes them to hospitals and clinics.

In the United States, the biggest barriers to access health centers easily and safely is higher cost of transportation. So, instead of creating a rehab center, Uber has analyzed the root of the problem and provide solution for the biggest barriers, which are faced by people.

In a nutshell, if you’ve decided to start a business model like Uber health, then there are three main points, which you need to consider, including ease, convenience and lower cost. So, providing a blend of these solutions to patients can make your business successful.

Solution #3: Easy and Convenient Service

Naturally, everyone desires convenience. From uber for delivery to hiring a cab, everyone seeks ease and convenience while using these services. In the rapid growth of urgent care clinics, there’s a great demand for easy and convenient transportation services. In addition, the emergence of Uber Health is the solutions to all the problems, which are commonly faced by many patients worldwide.

Uber Health has not just provided the easy and convenient solutions to patients, but the organizations like healthcare centers or rehab centers can also take benefit of Uber Health like solution. This is what healthcare industries can do after connecting to Uber Health (B2B ride-hailing platform):

  • The healthcare industries can easily keep track of how much they are spending on the rides.
  • Organizations can request rides and view monthly billing statements, appointments and scheduling reports in the simplest terms.

Have You Decided to Take Your Healthcare Business to the Next Level?

Herein, as we have already mentioned that in the United States over 100 healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, rehab centers and senior care facilities, homecare centers and physical therapy centers are already taking the benefit of Uber Health solution.

However, there are some big healthcare technology companies named Bracket Global and Collective Health that are also exploring ways how Uber Health can work with their offerings.

So, after going through this post, you can also think about to create an app like Uber in the genre of health. If you may have any idea that can give you a big hit like Uber Health, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 healthcare mobile apps successfully.

Still, if you have any query related to Uber Health like solution, you can get in touch with us through below given form. We will revert you within 48 hours. Till then, you can explore the following Healthcare apps that are developed by us:

Fleet Management App Solution

This is Why Every Fleet Manager Must Include These 3 Features into their Own Custom Fleet Management Mobile Solution

This blog contains information for both those startups and the entrepreneurs, who want to develop their own ‘fleet management’ app. Check out some top features of the fleet management mobile app.

The badly performing delivery fleet is a challenge for any company. However, ‘vehicle tracking’ is one of the major concerns for those industries who are under the categories of logistics and transportation and movers. To get rid of this dilemma, it would be a great idea to track the vehicles, which are running on the roads.

There are several businesses, which are looking up for surefire methods to track the number of vehicles or we can say “fleet” so that they can monitor and analyze the distance covered by vehicles and help them out in calculating the fuel consumption and other required factors.

Tracking the vehicles is another method to control and monitor the fleet management business and activities at the same time. Moreover, it can be a reliable option to track your drivers as well.

There are plenty of businesses and enterprises which are looking forward to a fleet management mobile app to track the path taken by their vehicles. This is due to the fact that the fleet management apps deliver complete information about the driving habits, speed and the number of stops taken.

If you still want to know more about fleet management solutions, take a look at the reasons why you need to have a fleet management app.

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet management solution helps companies to manage, organize and coordinate their vehicles from the central data platform. The objective is to keep the fleet operating seamless by reducing cost, enhancing performance and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

The primary motive of customized fleet management solution is to collect, store, process, monitor, store, and report and export information. It is also known as fleet telematics solution. This is an IT category, which leads to long-distance transmission of computerized information.

In fleet management, the data can be collected from external sources, including gas pump processors and government divisions, which handle vehicle registration, financial firms, mapping systems and vehicle specification databases.

Why Do You Need a Fleet Management App?

A fleet management app usually comprises the following attributes:

  • Vehicle Security
  • Track Vehicles and Drivers
  • Driver Behavior Logs
  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedule
  • Reporting on the aspects of day to day management of the fleet of vehicles

Apart from this, let us check out top three features of fleet management app that can help to get most of your delivery fleets.

Top 3 Features to be Considered While Developing a Customized Fleet Management App

Nowadays, mobile apps have been gaining an impressive surge and this concept is more likely to increase in the foreseen times. So, check out some basic features to be considered while developing customized fleet management app.

1. Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

One of the pivotal features to be considered is real-time GPS vehicle tracking while developing customized fleet management app. With this feature, it is easier to track up-to-date information about location and condition of the vehicle. In a nutshell, we can say that this feature allows admin to check the real-time location of the drivers and the fleet in the most convenient way.

Considering the real-time GPS tracking vehicle tracking feature can provide the following facilities:

  • Easy to trace a stolen vehicle or equipment
  • Information about damage or inappropriate usage
  • Collect data about drivers road behavior to detect risky drivers

Furthermore, security is one of the major concerns when it comes to fleet management, this feature provides the following advantages:

  • Vehicle Tracking: It determines the current location of each vehicle to trace the stolen cars from the fleet.
  • Accident tracking: It allows easy to manage the process of accident, repair, and recovery of the vehicle.

2. Fuel Consumption Monitoring

The poorly performing delivery fleet can arise a lot of challenges. And, ignorance of fuel consumption and usage reporting can be one of the biggest problems for your business. So, to develop a data-driven fleet management mobile app, one of the must-have features is fuel consumption monitoring, which you can’t neglect as a fleet manager.

Why Should You Consider Fuel Consumption Monitoring Feature?

It is quite a common problem that drivers deviate from the route due to personal purposes. As it leads unnecessary wastage of fuel and extra vehicle mileage. However, GPS tracking system feature can retrieve information about fuel consumption automatically. It can reduce mistakes, cheating, and omissions. It delivers following benefits:

  • Mileage Tracking
  • Fuel Management

3. Optimize The Routing to Lessen The Operating Cost

It is important to identify which routes are profitable and which ones are not. However, the feature, which is named as – routing, allowing fleet managers to set different routes for the different vehicles. By adding this feature, you as a business owner can save both money and fuel. However, it will also help to avoid the long routes. In simple terms, with this cost-effective and must-have feature can help you to effectively manage your fleet management company.


If you own a fleet of vehicles, you know how difficult it is to manage and achieve the optimal performance in the business. Moreover, there can be a list of challenges, including uncontrolled fuel consumption, inappropriate usage of vehicles and high drivers’ turnover.

However, without fleet management software and its surreal features in terms of the mobile app, you as a business owner can’t imagine to keep control challenges like your team’s tasks and vehicles of your feet.

A fleet management app allows to solves most of these challenges with the help of above-mentioned features like real-time GPS vehicle tracking, routing, and fuel consumption monitoring. Furthermore, being a startup, if you have fleet tracking app ideas, it would be great to discuss it with a technically-sound iOS/Android app development company.

Apart from this, if you have any confusion related to above-mentioned features of fleet management app, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We’ll figure out how on-demand app solution can meet your business requirements.


How These Top 5 New Features of Taxi Booking App Can Make Your App Successful Like Uber, Lyft & Grab?

“This blog is for those taxi startups, who want to develop a successful taxi booking app like Uber and Lyft. It contains a list of top 5 freshly brewed features that taxi startups can include in their taxi app and make their business successful.”

Almost every day, our sales team gets inquires to build an app like Uber. Our clients ask us to develop a successful taxi booking app like Uber, Lyft & Grab. After all, these are the biggest taxi apps service providers, who are leading the taxi industry.

The idea of developing a taxi booking app like Uber is widespread. Indeed, Uber is a huge success in the market and the company has changed the entire concept of taxi industry with its customer-centric services.

Talking about Uber, the company has recently launched a new business line service that is known as Uber Health. The newly launched service delivers a ride-hailing platform that will be available particularly for healthcare service providers, letting clinics, hospitals, rehab centers and more to easily assign rides for their patients and clients from a centralized dashboard. Even the rider does not require the Uber app or a smartphone for accessing the service.

Considering the huge success of Uber in different fields like Uber for food, Uber for delivery, Uber for jets and now Uber Health, a lot of taxi businesses are developing apps like Uber. However, all that matter is who serves the best blend as far as quality, price and on-time delivery is concerned.

If you as a taxi startup or entrepreneur wants to develop your own ride-hailing app, make sure that your app serves some of the unique features that can make your app stands-out from other taxi booking apps. Talking about the unique features for your taxi app, in this blog, we have listed top 5 new features to make your app as successful as Uber, Lyft & Grab.

Top 5 Freshly Brewed Features of Taxi Booking App to Make Your App Successful

1. Outstation Module

To develop a successful taxi booking app like Uber and Grab, the most important feature that you can include is an outstation module that will allow you to provide your service between two different cities. Using this feature, the passengers can book a taxi from one city to another city using their smartphone.

With just a few taps, they can book a taxi for travelling to another city that can be at a flat rate or at a rate, consisting per kilometre and per minute charges. You can allow your customers to have multiple stop-overs, explore the far-flung areas of another city or place and travel at their own pace and convenience.

To give a great riding experience to your outstation passengers, you can allow them to book a taxi for another city in advance, economical one-way or round trip, different vehicle options and trained drivers to choose from.

With these different options, you can serve your customers better and deliver them a rich riding experience for their outstation needs. By offering the outstation feature, you can think out from one city and extend your business with flexible outstation service.

2. Day Packages

Another unique feature that you can consider for your Uber cab app is Day Packages. Using this exclusive feature, the passengers can hire a car with a personal driver on rental for particular time period and kilometres. No matter whether passengers book a car for outstation or any other place, it will help them to get a car with a personal driver for a specified time as per their convenience.

You can configure different day packages with allowed kilometres and time period in your application and charge accordingly to your customers. This feature can make your application stands-out from other taxi booking apps as you will give your riders a feel that they are driving in their own car.

They can have a personalized riding experience with day packages feature. Further, it is important that you consider a very easy and flexible way to configure day packages so that your riders do not face any problem while selecting any day package for their ride.

3. Prime Membership For Riders

The third most unique feature that you can consider for your Uber-like app is a Prime membership for riders that even Uber, Grab and Lyft are not offering to their riders. Including this exclusive feature can make your app widely popular among people as this feature will help you to attract more customers with a prime offer.

Prime Membership for riders will help your riders to choose or buy one membership plan according to their needs and enjoy daily free rides up to configured kilometres. You can create different prime membership plans for your riders and configure kilometres for your riders to enjoy free rides.

In addition to this, this highly configurable feature supports kilometres that are allowed for a free trip, the validity of the offer, etc. In short, this feature can help you to boost your business with a prime offer functionality.

4. Car Pooling

In the recent time, the carpooling option has gained a huge popularity in the market, allowing people to share rides with other riders and save a huge amount of money. Car Pooling is an essential feature that you can consider including in your own Uber-like taxi booking app.


Using this feature, the riders can opt for a carpooling where they can share a ride with other riders, who are going to the same destination or place and split the cost with them. So, you as a taxi service provider can include a new carpooling feature, bringing together office goers and commuters to share their rides. You can increase the success rate of your app by providing a carpooling feature to your riders and allow them to the rider with other riders.

5. Manage Trip Parameter

Manage Trip Parameter is one such feature that plays an important role to make your taxi apps like Uber successful. With this feature, you can allow your riders to place a special request while requesting for a ride. They can play any special request like a wheelchair for the physically handicapped person, baby seat for parents, who are riding with their toddlers, and any other required request.

By serving your riders with these special services and facilities, you can give them a rich riding experience and attract more and more customers towards your taxi booking app. Moreover, this special request service can help you to win your customers’ trust and they will always prefer your service over other taxi booking app service providers.

To manage such special requests and services, you can configure it from dispatch solution, so the request for such rides will directly go to only those drivers with this service like a baby seat or wheelchair in the car.

So, these are some of the main and exclusive features that you can include in your app like Uber and increase the chances of being a successful taxi businessman. Prior to this, we have also covered top features to include in your carpooling app to survive against Uber and Lyft.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

If you are running a taxi business and want to become a successful as Uber, Lyft and Grab, you can provide your customers with taxi app like Uber, enabling them to book a ride with just a few simple taps using their smartphone. Apart from this, you can consider serving your customers with above-given features and increase the success ratio of your business.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to above-mentioned features related to taxi app development, you can directly consult us through the below-given form. We will get back to you and solve all your queries within 48hrs.

3 Reasons Why Startups Opt to Develop a Dating App Like Zoosk, Lively & Tinder

This blog lies information for those startups and the entrepreneurs, who are interested in developing dating or match-making apps. Check out top three reasons on why startups opt to develop an app like Zoosk and Lively datings apps.

You might be aware of a lot of dating apps like Tinder, Tonight, Zoosk and Lively. The craze of dating apps keeps increasing as it allows people to meet their perfect match. But, do you know some impressive figures on dating apps? Here’re some worth-mentioning figures:

  • Over 20 million profiles match every single day on top dating apps.
  • 40+ million people meeting with the perspective to start with a further relationship.

However, all these figures make dating apps the primary way to meet new people. With the increasing demand for dating apps, there is still a huge opportunity if you are trying to dive into the world of dating app industry.

There are two popular dating apps, including Zoosk and Lively that are currently in the spotlight. Let’s talk more about these two apps:

Zoosk: With $61.6M total amount of funding, Zoosk is a San Francisco based app that ranks number 1 for offering a truly personalized dating experience via its Behavioral Matchmaking technology. In the below image, you can check that the dating app, Zoosk had the largest fan base of 13,421,951.


Image Source: digiday

Lively: On the other hand, Lively is a video-based social dating app, which allows users to connect instantly with one another via group video chat. Since its launch in July 2016, Lively has gone beyond static images and text to help people know each other through creative videos that help them share more about themselves. Lively is the first offering from Zoosk Labs, an in-house incubator that signals the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion into new areas and demographics.


So, being a startup, if you are determined to take a shot in the dating industry, but still have any doubt, then we’ve rounded up top three reasons why you as a startup can consider developing a dating app like Zoosk and Lively.

3 Reasons to Create Dating Apps Like Lively and Zoosk

#1. Dating Apps Will Never be Abandoned by Users. Here’s Why?

One of the major reasons why online dating concept has become so popular among people is the fact that the dating app users can completely check each other profile before they hang out. Earlier, people used to be mysteries when it comes to dating. However, dating apps provide a completely secure platform to users while dating no matter where they are.

Now, people also have options to opt for such dating apps like Zoosk and Lively, where they get the idea of the match in terms of the verified profile.

If we’re talking about another concern for women’s safety, it is the most expected from users when it comes to dating apps. This type of fundamental requirement is already fulfilled by the dating apps like Zoosk, Lively and even Tinder. Moreover, users are spending approximately 90 minutes a day looking for matches. So, it is safe to say that these dating apps provide a secure platform to users worldwide which they are not going to abandon easily.

#2. Dating Apps Display Clear and Valuable Solutions to Users’ Problems. And, They Actually Prefer Them.

Apart from the obvious matching, there’s another reason that startups can consider is dating apps come up with a clear and valuable solution to user problems like security and in-detail information about users to know each other.

Additionally, such apps also come with a lot of features location-based matching, group video chat, gamification and many more interesting features that are widely liked by users. If we’re talking about the location-based dating apps, these apps provide matches based on people nearby. It also facilitates users a meeting place to meet. Also, the location-based dating apps provide different opportunities to users.

In a nutshell, we can say that a dating app gives users a complete safety, convenience and minimal efforts to find out the perfect match. And it is one of the main reasons why most of the people prefer dating apps when it comes to dating.


#3. Dating App Industry Makes a Huge Profit.

Dating app industry could be a booming business as they have gained a huge popularity in the recent times. Undeniably, the online dating industry also brings a huge profit to the entrepreneurs. This is one of the reasons why startups need to opt to develop a dating app if they are looking forward to making huge profit. Here are some of the important stats on dating apps Zoosk:

  • Zoosk mobile app has more than 40 million users in 80 countries. And, more than 3 million messages sent in a day using Zoosk app.
  • The location-based dating app, Tinder has over 50 million monthly users.
  • Apart from these, regional and culture-specific dating apps are also trending among users.
  • Chinese dating app, Momo reached 70 million MAU in the year 2017.
  • As per the study, “It is already proved that all men and women of different ages are using dating apps”.

Furthermore, check out some facts about the investment value of dating apps:

  • The revenue in the “Online Dating” industry amounts to US$1,383m in 2018.
  • 40% of all the US citizens are engaged in some kind of online dating apps.
  • The revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 3.9 % resulting in a market volume of US$1,610m in 2022.
  • According to the report from Statista, “The number of users are expected to amount to 331.3 million by 2022 in online dating segment”.


Have You Decided to Put a Fresh Spin in The Dating App Industry?

Indeed, developing a dating app can be a great idea for startups. As you may have already gone through the reasons how booming the dating app industry could be!

Mobile dating applications like Zoosk, Lively and Tinder have already exploded in the market due to extraordinary features like security measures and convenience that are the key requirements in the present times.

Behind the success of these dating apps is the process of match-making that is a very different and engaging in front of the users. When it comes to Lively, group video chat is also an essential feature, which makes this app different. On the other hand, Tinder’s left and right swipe feature is also liked by millions of users worldwide.

There is no doubt that the users’ choice and preference changes over time. If you as a startup have an interesting dating app idea and if you believe that it can be as successful as Zoosk, Tinder and Lively, just discuss your idea with us as we are a leading iPhone app development company and have developed over 10 dating applications.

In case, if you still have any query regarding dating app development, you can directly consult us through below given form. We’ll revert you within 48 hours.

You Can’t Afford to Miss These 4 Unique Features of Robinhood (Free Stock Trading App) That Make It Valued $5.3B, Up 4X in a Year

This blog contains information for those startups and the entrepreneurs who are interested in developing a successful stock trading app like Robinhood. Here, we mentioned essential features that you can consider before creating your own trading app.

The rapid advancement of technology has changed how the whole world approaches the finances. From mobile banking to expense tracking, funds receiving to transferring, there’s an app for our every single need. The stock trading app is one such category, that is also booming in the mobile app industry. These apps ease buying and selling investments without a need of stockbroker. Let’s know more about the free stock trading app.

What Do We Mean By Free Stock Trading App?

As we already know that the stock market has always been complicated sector to understand. So, let’s start with the stock trading apps first.

Stock trading apps: Stock trading apps are the mobile applications, which offer commission-free trading of equities and Exchange Trading Funds (ETFs) with real-time data. One of the best things about the stock trading apps is that these apps are meant for both experienced and newbies.

Free Stock Trading App: When it comes to “free” stock trading app, it gives users the valuable insights regarding hottest investment opportunities in real time at free of cost. Additionally, these apps provide users the real-time updates about the stock market as well.

Talking about the market leaders in the stock trading apps, Robinhood has secured the top place in the list. So, let’s know more about this stock trading app and the top features that make it stand out from others.


Launched back in 2014, Robinhood is a stock brokerage mobile application that allows users to buy and sell the U.S listed stocks and ETFs with zero commission. Built with an aim to provide no-fee stock trading, Robinhood is the most popular stock trading app on the market.

In the year 2017, the financial tech company, Robinhood raised $110 million with a $1.3 billion valuation that made it Silicon Valley’s Unicorn. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, the new fundraise would bring Robinhood to $526 million in funding.


Undoubtedly, the app has quickly managed to become famous among stock market enthusiasts because of its exceptional business model. Now, let us browse through the insights of the all-time leader of the stock trading app, Robinhood.

Gleaning Insights of Robinhood

  • The all-time leader in the stock brokerage app, Robinhood already has a wait-list of more than 500,000 people in its cryptocurrency trading feature.
  • In 2017, Robinhood joined Fintech Unicorn Club. Moreover, It is also not surprising that the average age of its users is 26, however, 25% of them are first-time investors.
  • Robinhood has opened cryptocurrency trading, and more than 4 million people have signed up to open accounts at Robinhood Inc. as the brokerage app, which provides commission-free trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Apart from this, Robinhood managed to become the very first financial app to win an Apple Design Award due to its UX design and usability.
  • In 2017, Robinhood app has been valued at $1.3B that was an impressive result for tech startups.
  • Robinhood’s User Growth: In the below image, you can see the graph is exponentially growing.


4 Powerful Features Behind the Success of Robinhood (Stock Trading App)

1. Account Protection: Provides Users a Secured and Trusted Platform

Undeniably, investment always comes with the risks. However, the free stock trading app like Robinhood has broken the old scenario. When it comes to finance and investment, security is one of the major concerns. And this is what app users expect the most. This is especially if the confidential credentials asked by the mobile applications. When handling the information in the stock trading app, it is important to provide your app users with security measures, which ensure them to protect their assets and personal information.

Let’s take one example, Robinhood which provides a secured and trusted platform to its app users. The company is also a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SIPC (Securities Investors Protection Corporation) that protects securities of users up to $500,000. In short, it gives a secured platform to use.

So, before creating a stock trading app like Robinhood, it is important to you as a startup to provide essential security measures to protect the personal and confidential information of users like bank account details and passwords.


2. A Well-Designed App: User-friendly UI Design

You might be aware of the fact that the stock exchange is not easy to understand. So, before creating a stock trading app like Robinhood, startups need to consider following points:

  • When it comes to creating an easy-to-use app, it is all about user-friendly UI design that plays an important role. An app user constantly seeks information about the slight changes, monitor market information from stock exchanges and easy-to-use form in the stock monitoring app.
  • Additionally, the process of trading in the app must be as easier as liking someone’s post on Facebook. It is important to provide a seamless process of trading that can be only provided if it is user-friendly UI design in the app.


Therefore, a well-designed structure makes Robinhood likable among its users. A user-friendly UI design is another pivotal feature, which startups need to consider before creating stock marketing trading app like Robinhood.

3. Smart Notifications

Another feature is – smart notifications, which is common yet essential to consider. Such feature provides app users a customized news and push notifications of scheduled events like earnings, dividends or splits in advance. Users can get notifications via email or SMS.

By getting the latest information on stock market, users can get up-to-date information at the right time. Furthermore, an ideal stock trading app must provide users a range of usable features like statistics and market analysis, stock market utility integration, history of holdings and customer support.

4. Users Can Track Real-Time Market Data

To build a successful stock trading app, it is important to provide your users with an ability to track real-time market data. With this feature, users can get latest market data from exchanges. Also, the app users can get timely quotes for free at any time and anywhere. Thus, you can consider this handy feature, because, it can cut expensive fees of brokerages.

So, if you have ever thought of creating an app like Robinhood, then you can provide your app users with some additional handy features like pricing filters and fastest execution, which will be beneficial for them.

Are You Ready to Build an Exceptionally Clever Business Model Like Robinhood?

A FinTech company, Robinhood has come up with an exceptionally clever business model in terms of the stock trading mobile app. This business model has already accepted by millions of people.

So, to build a clever business model like Robinhood, it is important an ideal mobile stock app must be secured enough for personal credentials of users like bank accounts, debit and credit card information and social security numbers.

The stock exchange is pretty hard to master, however, the development of a right stock trading app can make trades much easier if it is done by any professional iOS/Android app development company. Also, it is essential that the team of developers, who work on such apps, must be specialist and have a profound knowledge.

If you may have a plethora of questions like –

  • How much does it stock investing app like Robinhood?
  • I have a stock trading app idea, how can I cross-verify it?
  • I just want to discuss my idea on apps for trading stocks. What’s the right way to start with?

There’s a simple way to do this. All you just have to fill up the below-given form with your query and we’ll revert you within 48 hours.

3 Takeaways From a Successful Carpooling App Waze That Startups Can Pick to Create a Carpooling App

This blog is for those startups who want to create a successful carpooling app like Waze. Herein, we’ve rounded up 3 takeaways that you can keep an eye on while developing a carpooling app.

Undeniably, the concept of carpooling is booming now more than ever. However, the emergence of carpooling has not just deducted the cost of the commute, but it also provides environment-friendly trips to users while traveling. From Uber to Lyft, every Goliath have already started with the carpooling services.

So, here we’re introducing a carpooling service provider, Waze. The Google-owned company, which is best known for its crowdsourced navigation app, however, Waze has won the ride-hailing marketplace, too.

Undoubtedly, Waze’s carpooling service is growing the footprint of its Waze product i.e. navigation app, with a market expansion, which covers Washington state. According to the report, “In 2013. Google acquired the Israeli-based app, Waze that provides users real-time directions”.

So, this app is not only famous because of its social mapping service, but it is popular due to its on-demand carpooling service, too. Currently, Waze is available in California, Texas and Washington.

3 Takeaways Startups Can Pick to Create a Successful Carpooling App Like Waze

1. Customer Centric Solutions

Although, the concept of carpooling is not new. However, this concept has been around for decades, but it has never taken a huge degree because a lot of hassles like the cost and discomfort, which were due to traditional carpooling service. Overall, we can say that in traditional carpooling concept, there was a lack of customer-centric solutions. So, let’s check out the next key facts, which you can pick from Waze app.

  • First and foremost, it is important to respond rapidly to users/commuters to their feedbacks with optimal solutions.
  • Secondly, startups need to provide customer-centric solutions to their customers while building a carpooling app like Waze.
  • It’s not easy to achieve success like Waze in a day. Indeed, a well-planned strategy is behind the Waze carpooling app, which is another takeaway, which startups need to consider in their mind.
  • It is important to note that carpooling concept was initially struggled because of cost and not providing solutions to users as what they expected from a ride-sharing service.
  • It is no secret that Waze had already set a benchmark as a navigation app, however, its concept of carpooling is also booming.

Therefore, Waze has come up with the solutions for daily commuters, and worked on them in order to provide the best-suited solutions to them.


2. Cheap and Quick Solutions

Carpooling is not at all tough marketplace to crack as it sounds. The commuter-focused carpooling service provider, Waze has analyzed the real-life problems of commuters and provided them with the cheap and quick solutions. Waze stands out from others due to providing a variety of quick and cheap carpooling solutions to its app users.

If we are talking about what makes this ride-sharing app Waze successful, it provides cheap and quick solutions like users can see the drivers and riders on their ways while carpooling, providing with the personalized solutions such as users can filter their ride preferences from their colleagues, friends to family members. That means users or commuters are not bounded by to ride with the unknown riders only.

So, we all want to say is that Waze carpooling app has come up with the effective solutions which are affordable, quick and personalized rider to rider. Therefore, if you have ever thought to create a carpooling app or uber clone app, then keep an eye on providing cheap and quick solutions to users as what they have been missing out so far.

3. The Trial Area Must be Limited At First

The Waze carpooling app has completely changed the idea of carpooling as what people understood and believed about the concept in the past.

Today, Waze app has become a sensation among users. But, what is exactly behind this? Initially, the Waze has simply experimented with the small area. They started their carpooling business as a trail with the small region. And, gradually, they chose other big cities like California, Texas, and Washington as their next spots for business for growth.

By doing so, it helps Waze to concentrate on the feedbacks of their users and understand the problems that they are facing. Therefore, rather than rolling service in the several cities at once, you as a startup company can start with the small area at the first.

According to the recent report, “Waze brings its carpooling service to cover all of Washington state”. Additionally, it is also expected that it will reach an additional 375,000 commuters in Seattle, the U.S alone.


Therefore, another key point, which startups can consider is trial area of business must be limited at first. By doing so, startups will get the idea that whether their ideas are likable by their audience or not.

Do You Have a Carpooling Idea That You Want to Turn Into a Successful App like Waze?

The Waze carpooling app has given a new direction to carpooling concept. However, the Waze app has a strong foundation that based on providing powerful solutions and unique attributes to commuters in terms of carpooling app. Moreover, the carpooling service must be a blend of the affordable, quick and personalized solution.

There are millions of solo riders in the world who seek the affordable and easy way to commute on daily basis. But, in-between, if any ride-sharing app idea pops up in your mind and you want to turn your idea into a successful carpooling app, then you can consult us because we are a leading iOS app development company and we have successfully developed more than 20+ on-demand taxi solutions.

Still, if you have any query or confusion related to carpooling app, then just fill up the below-given form that won’t cost you a single penny. Our representative will get back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Hesitate to Make Your FinTech Startup Idea Live

This blog is for those startups who are looking for different ways to make their FinTech startup ideas live. Herein, we’ve curated top three reasons why you should start with your FinTech startup idea today. Let’s have a look!

You may have heard the new term “FinTech”, but what actually it is? And, why it is important for all the startups and entrepreneurs to know and understand about it? Let’s check more about it.


Over the past ten years, the advancement of mobile and computer technology have drastically changed the way entrepreneurs think about solving problems, plus the way consumers think about the accessibility. The daily transactions are more frequently occurring online via mobile applications. The Financial Technology is one of the most critical categories to have come out in this movement, and it is known as FinTech. “FinTech” stands for Financial Technologies. It is a new financial industry, which applies technology to improve financial activities. It is the new technology, which aims to compete with traditional financial methods when it comes to delivering financial services.

The Growth of FinTech

One of the most important things about FinTech is that the term “FinTech” is not just a buzzword. This is due to the fact that –

1. Investment in FinTech around the world has been increased dramatically.

Talking about the Global investment in financial-technology (Fintech), it tripled from $40.5 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion in 2014, according to the report by Accenture. However, Europe was the fastest growing region in the world.

And, it is likely to increase in the near future as well. However, FinTech is not just about the financial service sectors, but about every business model that deals with the financial services industry. From filing taxes to even paying for coffee, everything has evolved with consumer technology.

2. The FinTech innovation has already matured.

According to the report, “$28 billion has been funded into 3,609 rounds for US-based Seed, early and late stage FinTech related startups since January 2008. In addition to this, $7 billion out of that $28 billion, has been invested since January 2017.

Now, you might be thinking that – who raised the money? The answer is FinTech startups, including tech companies with the products in the payments, personal finance, tax, insurance, banking, lending and credit categories.

3. Global Investment in FinTech

As you can see a constant increment in the global investment into FinTech sector, led by Venture Capital, Private Equity and Angel Investors in the below image.


Image Source: bnymellon

4. The Well-Known FinTech Funding Rounds from 2008-2017:


According to the above image, you can see the known funding rounds from 2008-2017. Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds accounted for 90% of the total rounds. The number of deals and dollars directed toward Seed and early-stage companies increased 506% from 2009 to 2015. In 2017, FinTech related early-stage and seed startups secured $2.38 billion dollars over 407 rounds.

Bottom Line: In a nutshell, we can say that the total number of deals and total dollars for Seed and early-stage startups were high, and it was peaked at $7.7 million in the year 2017.

3 Reasons: Why Startups Should Not Delay To Make Their FinTech Startup Ideas Live

#1. Mobile Banking Has a Growth Area

With the advancement of mobile banking, the whole world seems to be moving towards faster payments. As this happens, a lot of FinTech companies provide solutions in the category of mobile banking.

Undeniably, the way people are earning and spending has completely changed. Thanks to mobile banking. It is also expected that there are a lot of growth opportunities in the mobile banking apps in the near future.

There’s a Berlin-based N26 FinTech company, which enables users to manage their bank accounts through their smartphones. According to the recent report, “The FinTech company, N26 has raised $60 million in a Series C round led by China-based Tencent Holdings and Allianz X”.

Founded in 2013, N26 has the total funding amount of $212.8M with the goal to solve the inadequacies of banking in Europe with its free MasterCard debit cards, free checking accounts, and millennial-focused mobile-centric user experience. Moreover, N26 has acquired more than 850,000 customers and it aims to reach 5 million app users by the end of 2020.

In general, the growth in FinTech is making the whole process more transparent, efficient and less costly. Mobile banking is one of the most valued categories. And, the mobile banking platform is the prominent sector which has a growth area for FinTech startups, undoubtedly. Therefore, if you have ever thought of developing mobile app under the category “mobile banking”, then it has a wider growth area.

#2. Investment Technology is Expected to Remain Hot in the Future

The next category is investment technology that can be a good starting point for startups who want to transform their FinTech startup idea into reality.

One of the FinTech startup companies, Ellevest is a federally registered investment advisor, which offers a digital investment platform for women with the practical and goals-based approach. With the Ellevest app, users get investment plans, which are based on personal and real-life financial goals like starting a business, purchasing a home and tips on retiring well. Investment technology is another category among the most valued FinTech companies.

So, if your startup idea is falling under the category of investment technology, then it is safe to say that the investment technology is expected to remain hot in the future, too.

#3. Lending and Payments Are One of The Top Focused Areas

Innovation is occurring at a rapid rate. When it comes to the focused areas in FinTech, then the lending and payments are two key areas in which startups can start with. This is because that these two areas are growing at a faster pace more than ever before. As you can see in the below image, half of FinTech unicorns or semi-unicorns are focused on Lending and Payments categories.


Image Source: disruptivefinance

The innovation of FinTech has changed nearly every single prospect of the lending process, which makes the whole process simple. FinTech companies have transformed the face of the traditional model of lending. Moreover, they have replaced this process with peer-to-peer lending and also take care of safety in the whole process.

Not surprisingly, the payments sector is the fastest growing in terms of innovation and adoption. It is one of the most valued FinTech startups.

In short, FinTech companies have revolutionized in corporate and consumer online payments, too. Thus, we can say that there’s a lot for startups who are looking to transform their ideas into reality. As these two sectors – lending and payments can be your focused areas before making your startup idea live.


After notable transformation because of FinTech companies, startups can’t neglect to make their startup ideas live. Today, FinTech is responsible to revolutionize the different areas like investment, lending and payments.

As we’ve discussed top three reasons, and mentioned the focused areas in which startups can make most of their FinTech startup ideas. Here, one thing is clear: Fintech will radically redefine the payments, mobile banking, and it has potential to leave banks behind.

It also seems that FinTech will become the bigger part of the payments in the next few years. Being a startup, if you want to initiate your FinTech idea, then it is high time to start with.

If you still have any query or confusion regarding FinTech, then you can directly consult us with all your queries through below given form. We’ll revert you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

How These 3 Highly-Effective Strategies of Uber for Delivery Can Expand Your On-Demand Food Delivery Business

This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs who are interested in developing on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats. We’ve curated 3 highly-effective strategies of uber for delivery that can help you to expand your on-demand food delivery business.

‘The Uber’ is a Goliath, which has been blanketing the earth with its aim to be everywhere from the cab booking app to uber for delivery like on-demand food delivery, which delivers the meals at the doorstep in just 10 minutes. In a word, we can say that ‘Uber’ is everywhere.

The Key Data Points of UberEats

San Francisco based tech giant, UberEats has been valued at $40 billion and allowing users to request a meal via app from the nearby restaurants. Below, we’ve gathered some key data points of UberEats that can help you to know more about the insights of on-demand food ordering app.

  • Total Download Ranking in 2017: In the below image, you can check the total download ranking of the UberEats mobile app in the United States, which was higher than GrubHub in the year 2017.


  • In March 2017, UberEats was available in 71 cities and profitable in 3 of them. And, on October 2017, it was available in 165 cities and profitable in nearly 40 of them. This is what you can see in the below graph that shows the growth of UberEats.


  • Total Number of Available Cities: There’s not even the slightest doubt that Uber is everywhere, however, there is Uber’s part of the business, which has a bright spot i.e. food delivery. UberEats is available now in more than 200 cities. The new areas of operation consist of 40 new cities in the U.K, 35 in France and new cities in Ireland, Egypt, Romania, Ukraine, and Kenya.

Below, we’ve rounded up three highly-effective strategies of Uber for delivery, that can help you to expand your online food delivery business worldwide like UberEats. Let’s have a look!

3 Strategies of Uber for Delivery Can Help You to Expand Your On-Demand Food Delivery Business

#1. Provide The Customized Solutions

Undoubtedly, UberEats has been striving hard to provide its users with unusual aspects, which make the app stands out from others. The main strategy behind the white label food delivery app UberEats is to provide the customized and unique solutions to app users. This is the only way to surpass the competition.

When UberEats first launched as the part of the main Uber app, lack of fast food delivery at low cost was a huge draw. Then, the on-demand food delivery business model analyzed the problem and built unique business model than its competitors where surging prices were already there.

Moreover, UberEats wanted to reach a larger audience with more specific food choices and requests. The standalone app, UberEats allows users to add special instructions where they can customize their food orders through its on-demand food delivery app. The main thing is to innovate and provide with the solutions, which can create value for app users.

The bottom line is that startups need to discuss their ideas and concepts with any trusted mobile app development company, which offers Uber clone development services. Then, it is important to analyze the targeted audience and understand their needs and choices. So, it will help to build an effective on-demand food delivery business model for the idea.

#2. Start The Small and Test

For developing an app like Uber for delivery, the second strategy of UberEats is to start with the small, where startups can check the effectiveness of its business model.

If we’re talking about the UberEats, it was started initially in Toronto rather than rolling out in other big cities like Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, and Chicago. This slow yet effective strategy allowed UberEats to check the feedback and react in real time, fixing out the bugs in the app and responded quickly to the issues faced by customers.

The takeaway is that the startup company needs to start its business with the small area rather than spreading across every big city. Furthermore, starting with the small and testing in the small market at initial level can help your startup company for a smooth launch as what UberEats did.

If you’ve decided to create a food delivery app like Uber, consider this strategy into your mind before establishing an on-demand food delivery business.


Image Source: UberEats

#3. Cut The Cost & Food Delivery Time

Believe it or not, the customer-centric approach can grow your business as the way you want to. This is what Uber does every time. Uber has used its well-developed business structure to transport food under the name of UberEats.

It also works on the same ideas like it works on the cashless system, teams up with the various local restaurants, keeping the minimum cost and increasing the speed to maximum i.e. 10 minutes or less. Additionally, UberEats promotes food from around the world in which food menu changes on daily basis.


The bottom line is that UberEats differentiated itself from its rivals at the very beginning. This on-demand food delivery app provides those solutions what customers have been missed in already existed food delivery apps. So, startups also need to adopt the entrepreneurial spirit like UberEats, and let customers choose your service over hundreds.

As per the report from McKinsey, “The market for food delivery worldwide stands at €83 billion”. So, it is safe to say that the on-demand food delivery has already matured in the maximum countries with an annual growth rate of approximately 3.5% for upcoming five years. Undeniably, the on-demand food delivery market is growing. And, startups have endless opportunities to grab in the on-demand food delivery industry.

The On-Demand Food Delivery is Happening! So, What’s Your Next Move?

Today, the concept of on-demand food delivery has simplified the food delivery industry. With an app, it becomes easily possible for users to order the food with just a few simple taps. Moreover, these food delivery apps are connecting food lovers to local restaurants where they have endless varieties of food to choose from and get it delivered to their doorstep.

If we’re talking about the market prediction of the online food delivery, then according to the McKinsey report, “the food delivery market will reach more than €20 billion by the year 2025”. Thus, it is clear that the on-demand food delivery industry will grow and touch new heights. If you have ever thought to create an app like UberEats with essential features, then it is high time to start with.

Apart from this, if you may have any query like – how much does it cost to develop on-demand food delivery app like UberEats or how to make an app like Uber, you can directly consult us with all your queries and questions. All you just need to fill up the below-given form and we’ll revert you within 48 hours.

4 Fundamental Challenges Faced By Public Blockchain (With Solution)

If you are one of the blockchain enthusiasts, this blog is for you. Herein, we’ve rounded up 4 fundamental challenges faced by public blockchains and provided solutions. Have a look!

The global economy has been sharing a love-hate relationship with cryptocurrencies ever since Satoshi incubated the idea of Bitcoins back in 2009. But all of them have unified over one thing and that is the unbridled potential of the trusted public ledger popularized by the name of Blockchain.

Modern-day FinTech startups are increasingly relying on the blockchain programming to bring breakthrough discoveries in the fields of asset management, prediction markets and much more. But just when the whole world is rejoicing the birth of this fantastic phenomenon which is causing investors to shell out billions in Initial Coin Offerings, we are totally forgetting its inherent limitations which are creating wholesome loopholes in its path of achieving holistic success.

In our today’s post, we shall discuss four of the biggest challenges of public Blockchain network and educate our readers about ways to circumvent the same before blockchain technology reaches mainstream adoption within the coming five to ten years.

1. Scalability Limitations

It is required for every node fully participating in the network to process every single transaction. Thus, no central party can be held responsible for maintenance and blockchain security issues. Rather every single node has to take part in securing the system by maintaining a copy of the full state and processing every transaction.

This unanimously approved decentralized mechanism brings along benefits like censorship resistance, political neutrality, and security guarantee by compromising on the scalability aspect as now there is an upper ceiling on the transaction processing amount of a fully participating node. Two practical implications are brought forth by this limitation in the form of:

  • Slow transaction times when compared with services such as Visa or Square
  • Low throughput in the form of limited transaction processing prowess

Thus, public Blockchains are coerced to engage in a trade-off in between high degree of centralization and low transaction throughput. With the growing size of Blockchain network, the requirement for bandwidth, storage, and computational power felt by the fully participating nodes also increase. After the passage of a considerable span of time, only a few nodes can afford the resources which are required for processing blocks paving the way for a possible centralization.

Hence, the design of the Blockchain network needs to be such that it can function seamlessly without making it necessary for each node to process greater than a certain percentage of the network’s total transaction. Without losing the trust factor guaranteeing the validity and authenticity of the network it is necessary to limit the number of nodes required for the same. This immense roadblock in the path of technological supremacy can be catered to with the proposed solutions as enumerated below:

Sharding – The entire Blockchain network gets broken down into different shards each stored and processed by various nodes in the network. Thus, only a small part of the processing is done by each shard in a parallel manner. But it can become challenging to maintain the authenticity and security amongst the decentralized network.

Off-chain Payment Channels – A micropayment channel network can keep a lion’s share of transactions off the blockchain. Thus, the blockchain network is earmarked exclusively as a settlement layer for processing the final transaction thereby lifting a burden from the underlying blockchain. Typical latency can be eliminated when the transaction happens immediately after the processing by a payment channel rather than confirmation of the block.

DAGs – The Directed Acyclic Graph structure comes with edges and vertices allowing us to access nodes sequenced in a topological order. DAG-based protocols like IOTA’s Tangle rely on their exclusive approaches which do not require every single node to linearly process every transaction.

Off-chain computations – Here the core goal remains to execute computations off-chain which can prove to be prohibitively expensive on-chain. A high transaction throughput can be achieved by moving the verification and computation process into a separate protocol off the blockchain.

2. Privacy Limitations

It becomes almost impossible to track any transaction’s originator with no attached real-world identity. The external veil of comprehensive security can also be misleading since the secret gets revealed immediately after somebody makes the connection.

Once such situation arose when the law enforcement agencies identified certain Bitcoin users while conducting investigations which came as a huge shock given the whole anonymous tag which blockchain companies promise to offer. Information about web transactions gets leaked by cookies and web trackers on merchant websites which can be readily accessible by malicious users, law enforcement agencies, and government bodies.

Details of smart contracts entered into by users in the Ethereum network such as the code executed, transaction data and state stored within the contract becomes open to public access. In such a scenario, uploading critical data pertaining to credential management, electronic medical records, financial documents and identity verification can make it vulnerable to hacker attacks. Development teams worldwide have been trying to fill in this loophole by bringing along groundbreaking solutions as enumerated below:

Mixers – Here a group of people maintains track of their debts in a private ledger by combining their payments in one single pool. The origin of each payment gets concealed when funds belonging to the pool is spent. The amount paid can be viewed by everyone observing the blockchain along with the recipients. However, the person who authorized the payment specifically remains untraceable.

Monero – This crypto form is private by default and is not generated out of a Bitcoin fork like other altcoins. It rather functions on the basis of an alternative protocol termed as CryptoNote and offers a substitute for “ring signature” scheme wherein each signer within the group is coupled with a secret and public key. A group signature verifies that a transaction has been approved by one signer belonging to a fixed group without exposing his real identity.

Zero-knowledge proofs – Herein the verifier is convinced by the prover of having some secret knowledge without actually revealing the knowledge directly. Such a program aids in the building of privacy-preserving mechanism by providing fundamental primitives.

Oracle – This refers to a party relaying information between external data sources and smart contracts. Thus, it actually works like a data carrier between external data sources when functioning of the blockchain and between smart contracts when functioning on the blockchain. Using oracles for simply fetching private data from an external source can be one way of maintaining the privacy of information.

Trusted Execution Environments – This refers to the main processor’s secure area which guarantees the protection of the data and code loaded inside in terms of its integrity and confidentiality.

3. Shaky Consensus Mechanisms

Users benefit from attributes such as censorship resistance, autonomy, permissionless innovation, and authenticity while operating with the “trustless” blockchain protocol. The background mechanism which triggers the development of a trustless blockchain network which does not get sabotaged by attackers is termed as a “consensus protocol.” The proof-of-work mechanism devised by the anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto paved the way for this numero-uno crypto in becoming a widely appreciated global decentralized transaction ledger by solving the “double-spend problem” without any third-party assistance. In-spite of being loaded with such a bevy of possibilities, the proof-of-work concept comes with certain inherent limitations as described below:

  • Devices termed as application-specific integrated circuits were launched in 2013 for mining Bitcoin with an increased efficiency of 10-50x. Since then, it has become totally unprofitable to mine using the GPU and CPU of a regular computer. Manufacturing an in-house ASIC or purchasing the same from a manufacturer is now the only way of mining cryptos which comes as a sharp deflection from the very concept of blockchain’s decentralized nature where everyone can contribute towards the enhancement of network security.
  • Users often engage in a mining pool to benefit from the consistent and proportionate payout. But this increased weight causes large mining pools to have relatively fewer variations in terms of returns when compared to a single user. The majority of the network starts being controlled by a few pools who gain supreme power over time. The top five mining pools of present times own near about 70% of total hash rate.
  • The power requirement behind crypto mining is massive. The Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index of Digiconomist revealed the estimated electricity consumption for global mining of Bitcoin is 29.05THw which suffices for 0.13% of the world’s holistic electricity requirement.

Enough said, let’s look at the probable solutions which the best-brains around the world have come up with for putting an end to these problems:

  • The proof-of-work function can be used to focus on the attributes which deserve primary importance. For example, miners can devote a greater amount of time and energy on solving AI algorithms rather than an arbitrary SHA256 problem.
  • The mining centralization issue can be tackled with by abolishing mining in its entirety and shifting base to some other mechanism which will aid in calculating the weight of every single node in the consensus. This can be achieved by the proof-of-stake concept where one currency unit transforms into one vote. This concept is also immune to concerns over hardware centralization since it eliminates the necessity of hardware and also brings along energy-efficiency as the miners do not require to spend extravagant energy for coming up with solutions to the proof-of-work algorithms.

4. Lack of Regulations And Governance

The very decentralized attribute of the blockchain network makes it susceptible to lack of proper regulation and governance by an authorized body. Thus, there is actually no one who can be held responsible for maintaining the network standards. Although we are all hardcore advocates of the brilliant developments which the decentralized blockchain technology brings along, there is also a requirement for an organization who will look after its features, upgrades, and code of conduct. Blockchain governance is an extremely tricky affair and the key to development lies in striking the right chord of harmony between distributed and centralized control.


Every technological revolution comes with inherent treacherous passes. The quantum of funding and mindshare around blockchain pushing it into the ICO track is really unfortunate. Blockchain developers are trying desperately to fill-in these fissures but are lacking inadequate resources. Suggestions of ‘forking’ the blockchain which has been made for updating the blockchain protocol have garnered a lot of positive response in the FinTech community.

At Space-O Technologies, we have been focusing on the blockchain wallet for quite some time now. This has helped us in launching the Track Coins application recently using this empowering technology. Our skilled blockchain developers having sound knowledge of C, C++, Angular2, Ionic2, Node JS, Typescript, GoLang and Python programming languages can build private as well as public cryptos on various blockchain app development platforms.

Still, if you may have any query related to the blockchain, you can get in touch with us through below given form and our sales representatives will get back to you within 48 hours.

Planning to Create a Fitness App Like FitHouse? Don’t Miss This Important Post That Contains 4 Surreal Features

In this post, we’ve rounded up the market size of health and fitness apps and mentioned top four features of successful fitness app, FitHouse. This post will help you to get into the world of health and fitness apps.

As you may already know the fact that the smartphone users have diversified their app usage. When it comes to the health and fitness apps, these have become the driving force behind the various health problems like obesity and diabetes. Whether it is physical health or general well-being, there are thousands of powerful mobile apps, which have already created buzz in the health and fitness industry.

However, if we’re talking about the health and fitness category in the mobile app, the fitness apps have become one of the vital tools to make people’s lives easier. There’s New York-based fitness startup, FitHouse, which aims to make on-demand workout classes more affordable. The app, FitHouse, claims to offer unlimited classes at the cost of $99 per month.


Before jumping to the main part of this post, which contains the important features of fitness app, we’ve gathered information about the market insights of health and fitness apps, which will help you to know the growth of workout apps.

The Market Insights of Health and Fitness Apps

  • As per the report from Flurry, “Health and fitness app usage grew over 330% from the last three years (2015-17)”.
  • Mobile Health and Fitness App Session: The health and fitness app industry is based on app usage. According to the report from Flurry, “Mobile Health and Fitness App Session grow 9% year-over-year”.


  • The U.K Market Size of Health and Fitness Industry: In the below image, you can check the estimated time spent on the wellness and fitness in the UK from 2015 to 2020. As per the report from Statista, “The market size is expected to increase from 9.2 billion pounds to 10.4 billion pounds by the year 2020”.


Image Source: Statista

  • Health and Fitness App Usage Category: If we’re talking about the health category that was the most used category by app users in 2017, the “Workout and Weight Loss” Category was the top among others. As you can check in the below image.


Now, let’s move ahead to our next section, which is all about the top features of one of the best workout apps.

Consider These Top 4 Surreal Features Before Developing Health and Fitness App Like FitHouse

1. Allows Users to Browse and Book Unlimited Classes

To create one of the best fitness apps like FitHouse, there is a core feature, which you can provide your app users is to browse and book workout classes. And, users can also schedule them within the app.

It also gives options to app users to select the gym instructors according to their preferences. After creating the profile in health apps like FitHouse, it provides the membership program of $99 per month, which includes unlimited workout classes.


Image Source: FitHouse

2. Allows Users to Search Instructor by Class Type and Location

Providing customized option to app users is a must-have feature of any fitness app. In general, users are more inclined to those apps in which they can filter their searches according to their choices.

So, the fitness app, FitHouse allows users to search instructor by the class type such as Yoga, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and location. However, these options can be varied according to the requirement of the project.

3. User Account

Allowing users to maintain a personal account is also an essential feature in the fitness application. In the FitHouse app, the user account includes classes, instructors and other account information. However, a user account in fitness app can also include the following points:

  • Profile Customization
  • Provides different ways to connect with other users as they can invite friends
  • Subscription Plan

So, being a fitness enthusiast, if you’re planning to create fitness app with a subscription option, then the user account is a must-have feature. Also, it must securely store the billing information. The integrated payment gateway is another sub-feature in the user account, which cannot be neglected.

Another Recommended Feature to Include:

4. On-Demand Workout Programs

From the last few years, the fitness and workout apps have gained huge popularity among fitness enthusiasts. Apart from above-mentioned features, another vital feature is on-demand workout program that assists users to workout at his/her home only via workout app. It is highly recommended feature by us that you can consider to include in the fitness app.

Moreover, you can also provide your app users with some exclusive features, which are available in ClassPass.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we can say that the category ‘health and fitness’ is still dominating in the mobile app development market and there are various opportunities to grab. However, you might have a plethora of questions like –

  • I have a health and fitness app idea, but what’s the right way to cross-verify it?
  • How much does it cost to develop a fitness app like ClassPass and FitHouse?
  • How much does it cost to create simple MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of activity tracker app?

No matter how big your list of questions is, we as the leading Android application development company can resolve them and will suggest you with the best-suited technical stack for the project. You can get in touch with us through below given form and our sales representative will revert you within 48 hours.

Top 5 Unique Features That Real Estate Startups Need to Check Out Before Developing On-Demand House Rental Apps Like Keyo

This blog contains information for real-estate startups, who want to create house rental apps like Keyo. Herein, we’ve rounded up top 5 nitty-gritty features of Keyo app. Let’s have a look!

No matter where we go, we all want a place, where we can always come back. And, there is nothing more pleasing and heartwarming than this.

Undoubtedly, finding out a home for rent is a huge headache. However, house-hunting still remains a big deal for a majority of home seekers. Nevertheless, there’s an app – Keyo that claims to fix all these issues, and provides solutions for these problems. The app shows available apartments to home seekers after logging into it. Furthermore, Keyo has signed up to 4,300 units in 60 buildings in Brooklyn, New York till now.


Keyo, the apartment finder app, simplified the process of renting the apartments along with simplifying the paperwork formalities like application submission. Additionally, Keyo tenants allow to pay rent through the app, and they also receive perks like credit card boost, monthly giveaways and access to local events after on-time payment of rent.

The Keyo app is designed to simplify the lives of people, who want to rent an apartment. For landlords, the app have different ways, allowing them to have control of their properties as it helps them to find out quality and financially stable tenants for their housings for up to 40% less than a broker’s fee. In a nutshell, we can say that Keyo app provides one-stop solution for both home finders and landlords with a set of handy features.


So, being a real-estate startup, if you want to provide the optimal solution to home seekers in terms of mobile app, herein, we’ve curated top five unique features that you can consider before developing the on-demand house rental app like Keyo.

Consider 5 Unique Features That Real Estate Startups Need to Check Out Before Developing On-Demand House Rental Apps Like Keyo

1. Online Rent Auto-Pay

With this feature, users or tenants can securely pay the rent online without a hassle. As this feature of house renting app offers an easy way to app users in order to connect their bank accounts for ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments. In short, this feature can lessen your worries like remembering to send the checks monthly. You can consider this attribute to stand apart from other house rental apps.


2. In-app Maintenance Requests

Coming to the next feature, it allows users to get an on-demand maintenance services like plumber, electrician or any other maintenance service provider just using the house rental app. So, users do not need to contact any other maintenance service providers. In short, it can save a huge time.

Users can request easily through the app rather than nagging the landlord or request people many times through phone calls. By providing this handy feature, you can save time and money of your app users. Thus, we can say that this feature is worth-including, and you as a real estate startup can consider before creating a successful app like Keyo.

3. Rewards and Offers

Before developing the house finder app like Keyo, there is another vital feature, which is worth to consider. It offers a number of rewards and offers like users can get discounts from the nearby gyms, dry cleaners and get vouchers from coffee shops like Starbucks. For attracting more users, this type of feature is highly recommended for real estate startups as you can encourage them to use the app for finding out the right house to live by providing the extra perks. This is also an easy way to make your users delight.


4. Simplifies the Paperwork

One of the unique features, which startups need to consider is simplifying the paperwork that is generally a big deal for most of us when it comes to finding out an apartment.

As nobody likes to do a plethora of formalities like filling up the forms before renting an apartment. However, with a few clicks, users or tenants can resolve the paperwork like submission of application, credit checks, background checks, digital contract signing and lease management at free of cost instead of spending a fortune on it.


Bottom Line: For tenants’ perspective, it can be an affordable feature to consider. So, don’t miss out to include while developing the best renting app like Keyo.

5. Allows Users to Browse, View and Rent Apartments Without Brokers

Undoubtedly, the concept of Keyo app has modernized housing. There is one of the vital features, which lets users seamlessly browse, explore and rent the apartments according to their preferences. While developing house rental app, the best thing about this feature is that it simply cuts the broker’s requirements. However, this hassle-free attribute is worth to consider.


If you have decided to create one of the most promising house rental apps, then you can consider all these handy features that we’ve explained above. Indeed, all these features are in demand for home seekers. As we can say that providing such features to find out a new house is not going to be a nightmare for your app users.

What’s Next?

In dense urban areas, people seek an easy way, which could ease their problems, when it comes to renting a house in a new place. Instead of hassling a time with a real estate brokers, you can provide your app users a way as they can get a better way to get complete control of their properties. Whether obtaining information about renting an apartment nearby or finding out the quick maintenance services, all these have never been easier before.

Keyo provides its users every feature as it could be. For building one of the best-renting apps, it is highly recommended that real estate startups need to provide such handy features, which could solve the real-life problems as Keyo does.

Do you have an app idea on real estate? Do you think your app idea can help people to resolve their house hunting hurdles? If it is so, we propose you to discuss with us. Our dedicated mobile app developers have already developed more than 40 on-demand solutions. You can get in touch with us through below given form. We being a reliable mobile app development company will provide you the optimal solution.

How Bird, a Santa Monica-based E-Scooter Startup, Simplified The Commute and Become “The Uber” of Electric Scooters With These 4 Powerful Features?

Electric-scooters or e-scooters have changed the mode of transportation. Whether you as a startup or entrepreneur, who is quite fascinating with the concept of ‘e-scooter’, then this blog is for you. Here, we have rounded up top 4 powerful features of successful dockless electric scooter app, Bird.

Over the past few years, the transportation industry has been growing rapidly. If you’ve been following the fast-changing transportation industry, there is a word, which you may sound familiar with the electric scooters or e-scooters that are two or three-wheeled vehicles.
The charging time that is required to charge these e-scooters is extremely low that is why it has become the hottest trend among people. With the increasing demand for e-scooters, there are numerous startup companies, which are investing heavily in this area in order to ease the transportation.

If we’re talking about the e-scooters, then we can’t forget to mention a very new dockless electric scooter company, Bird, which is based in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded by former Uber and Lyft executive, Travis VanderZanden in 2017.

Recently, this e-scooter company, Bird has secured $100M in Series B funding by Index Ventures and Valor Equity Partners. However, the total funding amount of the startup company, Bird is $115M.


How Has Bird become ‘The Uber’ of Electric Scooters?

Basically, the e-scooters are designed to be used for a relative short trip to simplified the commute. The electric vehicle sharing startup company, Bird provides the last-mile electric vehicle solution.

Well, less than a month after announcing $15 million in Series A funding, Bird is advancing rapidly in Santa Monica, California. Bird’s stylish matte scooters go about 15 miles per charge. However, currently, Bird scooters are available in three cities, including Santa Monica, Westwood, and San Diego.

  • Fundamentally, the app, Bird uses a network of contractors to pick up and recharge the vehicle overnight, before putting them out again for the next day.
  • This e-scooter app provides the last mile solution for fast rides at an initial cost of $1 and 15 cents per minute traveled.
  • When it comes to a total number of rides, more than 250,000 rides had been taken on bird’s scooters.
  • Talking about the growth of this app, you can check the below-given graph, which is exponentially growing.


Image Source: SimilarWeb

  • Believe it or not, the electric scooters have been a hit. As more than 40,000 users have taken the ride since the emergence of dockless electric scooter Bird.

Forging ahead, and let us check out the top four features that are worth-considering before developing an e-scooter app like Bird. Let’s have a look!

Give a Thought to These 4 Powerful Features Before Creating E-scooter App like Bird

1. Directs Users to Unlock And Reserve The Scooter Nearby

With the aim of transforming commute, there is a core feature, which is hard to neglect. After downloading the app, it directs users to find available e-scooters nearby. However, an individual, who wants to book a scooter, this handy feature allows him/her to seamlessly reserve the scooters in fraction of seconds. Moreover, it also allows users to unlock the scooters in the simplest ways. This type of feature is worth-including because as it helps riders to reserve the e-scooter with just a few taps.

Well, a very well-organized app is always liked by millions. So, if you are planning to create an app like Bird, then don’t forget to consider the concept of “well-organized app with simplest features” as what Bird app did.


2. Start The Ride By Just Scanning The Barcode Within The App

As more and more consumers are moving towards electric vehicles, then there’s a significant increase in the adoption of e-scooters. However, the next handy feature allows e-scooter app users to start the ride by just scanning the barcode within the app.

According to the report, “The Global Electric Scooters and Motorcycles market size is expected to be valued at the US $19.3 billion in the year 2018, and it is predicted that it will register a CAGR of 7.8% between 2017 to 2028”. The picture is clearer now. And, we can say that it is high time when you can plan to develop an electric scooter app like Bird.


3. Allows Users to End Their Ride By Locking The E-Scooter Using the App

The third important feature of Bird is that the users can safely lock e-scooters after ending their ride using the app. This feature is all about security as it provides users a peace of mind. No matter where users park their scooters, this feature enables them to lock the vehicle using the mobile app. Therefore, it is worth-including feature when it comes to develop electric vehicle sharing.


4. Safety Campaigns to Guide The Users for Riding Safe

Now, moving towards the last but not the least feature is – safety campaigns to teach their app users to drive safely. The main objective of the electric vehicle is to provide safer, more convenient and cleaner transportation alternatives. Moreover, it also guides them regarding where to ride, how to start the vehicle and where to park the e-scooter after completing the ride.

After seeing aforesaid top features of the electronic vehicle app, it is safe to say that an app like Bird could help people whether they are students at colleges or people who are seeking a safe and easy option to commute.

Can Your Idea Give Your Startup Company a Big Hit?

The Southern California has been continually embracing the dockless electric scooter platforms so far. Considering the constant growth, the two popular San-Francisco based bike-sharing companies, named Spin and LimeBike have announced that they are also working on e-scooters, according to the report from TechCrunch. Therefore, it is clear that the concept of the electric vehicle is going to flourish in the near future.

So, being a startup, if you ever found yourself stuck with any particular idea on e-scooter apps and you believe that idea could be a great hit, don’t let it fade away. Because you never know where a simple thought or idea can take you! All you can do is consult us and discuss your idea as we are a leading iPhone app development company that have successfully developed more than 2000 apps. Just fill the below-given form with your requirements and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Your Custom Taxi Dispatch System Must Have These 5 Important Features So You Can Easily Manage Your Entire Business Without Any Extra Help

“What would be some of the important features to consider for implementing in your taxi dispatch system”? In this blog, we’ve curated top five vital features that can help you to manage your entire business without any hassle even though if you’re a newbie in this area.

The arrival of a number of efficient taxi booking apps have eradicated the old concept of “unpleasant taxi rides”, which was nothing, but the reason for stretching the budget. Today, the e-hailing concept has been popularized in almost every country across the globe.

Being an owner of taxi booking app, the taxi dispatch software is one of the vital and robust tools in order to manage the taxi booking service company. Basically, there are two important things, which you need to consider in the taxi management company. The first thing is driver availability.

The secondly, to provide driver allocator service. However, both things should always work parallel with the other unit. For having a right taxi dispatch system that can ease the management of your business, you might a question in your mind like –

– What are the unique features, which a taxi dispatch system can possess?

In this blog, we have mentioned top 5 disruptive features that any taxi startup company can include in their taxi dispatch system and easily manage their entire business.

5 Disruptive Features To Consider In The Taxi Dispatch System

In this era of technology-driven, the taxi dispatch software plays a very biggest role to run your taxi business successfully. With a good taxi dispatch system, you will not only add efficiency to your business, but you can stay ahead of your competitors by adding latest features to meet the demands of your cap business. Let’s check out the top five features of custom Taxi Dispatch System that can help you to manage your taxi business easily.

1. Airport Pickup/Drop

It is believed that almost in every city of the world, both sides i.e. the normal ride inside the city and the ride to the airport, are different. So, this is the second most important feature, which you need to consider in your taxi dispatch software.

When it comes to the airports, it includes a lot of issues like more traffic, more trolls, more distance and more time. However, a single airport pickup or drop can consume half a day of a taxi driver. Therefore, it is wise to having a different billing strategy, especially for airport rides.

The taxi dispatch system, which you are going to select for your taxi booking business, then you as a startup company must consider it in your mind. In a nutshell, the taxi dispatch software must have individual provisions for you to configure individual billing and process for airport pickups and drops.

2. Managing Pre-Booking

For newbie taxi startups, this is a core feature to consider when it comes to taxi dispatch system. The feature is called Pre-booking System, it means that scheduling a ride in advances. It will allow riders to pre-booking a cab to finding out the nearest available taxi.

Being a taxi app owner, it is must that you have your eye on this entire advance booking that whether driver is reaching on time or not and rider has correctly scheduled the ride. With this feature, you can know the total number of advance bookings and accordingly manage them.


Image Source: Uber

3. Chat Feature

Many times, people may have confusion whether they should consider the chat option or not within the taxi dispatch system when the riders/users can directly call the drivers after booking the cab. However, sometimes customers/app users are stuck in the places like meetings, classrooms or silent zones, where they can’t do the voice calls.


In those conditions, the option ‘chat feature’ can be beneficial for them. Such handy feature can help users to get in touch with the drivers to guide them to the locations. Therefore, in order to make things easier for riders or app users, you need to consider this robust chat feature before taxi dispatch system.

4. Managing Alerts/ Notifications

When it comes to managing alert and push notifications, it is an essential feature to include in your taxi dispatch solutions. As, there are several users, who get some additional discounts and offers for using your app on regular basis.

With this feature, you can manage all the alerts and notifications of your app users and send them a discount, offers and special codes for being a regular rider. In short, you can take this feature to the next level by easily managing alerts other options like arriving of the cab, welcome notes, information about the payments and the thank you notes to your users.

5. Multiple Payment Options

Indeed, everyone likes comfort. So, the taxi dispatch system must have the features which would contribute to easing their lives without any issues of time delay. While using the customized taxi dispatch system, entire features must be easy and hassle-free both drivers and riders.

There is a core feature that can’t be missed out in a cab dispatch software. It is named as multiple payment options. This feature allows riders to pay online from different methods, including credit cards, debit cards or any other payment method. Also, it must let users pay right within the app. In a nutshell, this type of feature ensures smooth and reliable business functioning, which leads to a successful business model.


Indeed, the taxi industry has become immensely popular across the globe. However, the robust management software is highly recommended to bring forth in the refined results as well as quality services. Opting for the correct solution can lead your taxi business to the highest level.

The aforesaid features can assist any taxi booking industry to extend their standards for people. Therefore, an ideal taxi dispatch system offers robust solutions for taxi businesses to manage their business.

Still, if you might have any query or confusion regarding the taxi dispatch software or uber clone app, you can discuss with us through the below-given form. We’ll get right back to you within 48 hours.


How Fishbrain (Social Fishing App) Has Secured $13.5M in Series B Funding With These 4 Power-Pack Features

Whether you’re a newbie or an entrepreneur, who wants to create a fishing app like Fishbrain and provide a platform for all fishing enthusiasts to make most of to their passion, check out top 4 power-pack features that make Fishbrain app stands out.

The tech industry is completely based on apps. Even though, for outdoors, fishing enthusiasts would not hop on the boat without having smartphones in their pockets. Technology has completely changed the way to find out and catch the fish as the anglers were doing in the past. Fish finder apps have now become the staple for modern-day anglers.

Now, coming to the fishing enthusiasts, they must be terribly impressed with the latest news of one of the best fishing apps, Fishbrain. It is a Sweden-based fishing app and social network that has secured $13.5M in Series B funding by B Capital Group, the VC fund founded by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, according to the latest report from the TechCrunch.

Fishing is one of the most popular activities that attracted millions of people in the United States. In the below-given graph, you can see that fishing is one of the most popular activities from 2009 to 2016 by a number of participants.


Image Source: Statista

Furthermore, recreational fishing is an economic powerhouse in the United States. According to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2011 National Survey of fishing, more than $46 million licensed anglers generated over $48 billion.

After going through aforementioned data, it has been already cleared that there’s no sign of slowing down in the growth rate of the fishing sector in the near future. Now, check out the social fishing apps, Fishbrain.

Fishbrain – The Social Fishing App

According to the Business Insider, Sweden has already launched the five startups, named as Snow Software, Min Doktor, Soundtrack Your Brand, Kry, and Mathem, which are valued at $1 billion and more in 2017.

The widely famous social fishing app, Fishbrain has now become one of the most-funded startups. As the company, Fishbrain has also claimed a membership of over 5 million anglers, and one of the leading digital platform for sports fishing. It’s worth to check out the total growth of the app till now.

  • Total No. of Installs is 1M to 5M
  • Usage Rank: In the below image, you can check the usage rank of the top fishing apps, Fishbrain on Google Play Store that is growing exponentially.


Image Source: SimilarWeb

  • App Rank History on iTunes: In the below-given graph, you can see the app rank history on iTunes by App Annie.


Image Source: AppAnnie

Give a Thought To These 4 Power-Pack Features Before Developing Social Fishing App Like Fishbrain

1. Fishing Forecast

Fishbrain is recognized as one of the top fishing apps, coming up with one of the smart features, Fishing Forecast. In the past times, anglers relied on a combination of local knowledge and predictions by biologists, who studied the fish species in their areas.

However, the fishing forecast app, Fishbrain analyzed the real-problems of fishers and came up with the solution in terms of fishing forecast. When it comes to using fishing forecast feature, basically, it is based on a real database of catches. This feature shows the big fish prompt areas nearby and other important information like weather information, including air and water temperature, barometric pressure, wind and other factors. The user can also set the date in advance and GPS catch location for precise measure.

All top of that, we can say that it is one of the unique and important features to consider before developing a social fishing app like Fishbrain.


Image Source: fishbrain

2. Allows to Discover Fishing Locations Nearby

A social network fishing app, Fishbrain claims to host more than 3 million anglers. However, it is more than just a fishing app, because it also works as a community app for anglers, where they can chat about hot fishing spots, discover 1.7 million fishing locations, and show off their catches. When it comes to fish app development, then this is one of the vital features to consider in the fish locator app like Fishbrain.


Moreover, the feature “Discover” will let users know nearby fishing locations or spots. And it also shows the fishing spots on the map within the app. The user can also select the species of the fish such as Brown Trout or Red Drum.

Additionally, users can also discover millions of shared catch locations by community anglers. If you have decided to create an app like Fishbrain, the feature “Discover” is worth to include for your app users.


3. Enables Users to Join The Local Fishing Community Or Connect With Anglers

One of the popular fishing apps, Fishbrain is also known as Facebook for fishing. You might be thinking that why is it so? This is because it provides the same platform for anglers to connect and join the local fishing community as what Facebook allows its users.

With this feature, fishing enthusiasts can share a passion in peer-group. In this fishing app, they are capable of sharing real-time information about their fishing experiences. If you are one of the fishing enthusiasts, who want to share your idea of fishing in a different way like Fishbrain, then this is the right time to pursue your fishing app idea.


4. Geo Location Intelligence

What if a Android fishing app lets you know the water depth data within map? It must be impressive, at least for fishing enthusiasts. With this feature, anglers are able to view the depth of water in terms of data within the map.

As long as fishing app development is concerned, this is a must-have feature to consider. Additionally, you can provide these power-pack features in the fishing app to take your app users’ experience to the next level.


Image Source: mapbox

The bottom line is that whether you’re a startup or fishing enthusiasts, you just need to provide a set of handy features, including new fishing spots finder or locations, fishing forecast, bait recommendations, fish species recognition and see what other anglers are catching.

Wrapping Up

In a short span of time, the community of Fishbrain, a social fishing app, has gained membership of 5 million anglers. And, undoubtedly, the app has already set the benchmark in its marketplace.

So, now for all fishing enthusiasts out there, who want to transform their fishing app ideas into reality, they can discuss their ideas with us as we are a trusted mobile app development company, who have developed apps that already covered by top websites like TechCrunch, Forbes, Huffington Post, Telegraph and Yahoo News.

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Camera App Development: Technologies Used by Our Mobile App Developers to Develop Camera Apps like Camera360 and Candy Camera

“Whether you are a professional photographer or an entrepreneur, who wants to create a photo-editing app, you can go through this blog and check out the technologies that are behind the successful camera apps like Camera 360 and Candy Camera.”

In the world of technology, there’s no better way to share about your life other than sharing images on social media platforms. People are capable of clicking their special moments due to the camera. However, camera apps add a pinch of creativity and usability to them. That’s why photography enthusiasts are more bend towards the usage of third-party camera mobile apps to shoot.

So, photography enthusiasts can also have their own camera and video application with their desired features to take their photography experience to the next level. When it comes to talking about the best camera apps, here, we’ve listed top camera apps, including Camera360 and Candy Camera.

#1. Camera360

Camera360 is under the badge of ‘the best app of 2016’ on Google Play in several countries. This photo editor app is free, containing professional editing tools, themed funny stickers, motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and video effects.

If we’re talking about one of the world’s most successful photo camera app, Camera360 has more than 800 million users, and it is one of the world’s most successful photo camera apps.


Image Source: App Annie

  • Talking about the overseas market, Camera360 covers more than 200 countries across the globe, and it has reached a rank of top 5 among 145 national and regional imaging apps.
  • “Camera360 app named as App Annie 2017’s “Belt and Road” best app”, according to the report. However, this ranking is based on the total downloads on iOS and Google Play.

#2. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is another photo app that allows photography enthusiasts to add a touch of style to their photos. With 100+ real-time effects, the app provides a wide range of filters, frames and sticker options.

In the below image, you can see the graph, which includes Usage Rank and Google Play Rank of the app. This graph is exponentially growing.


Image Source: SimilarWeb

Moving ahead and let’s check out the technologies behind the features that used by our app developers while creating top camera apps like Candy Camera and Camera360.

Technologies Behind The Features That Are Used By Our Mobile App Developers

In general, an ideal photo editing app contains the following top features:

1. Filters

Photography through smartphones has dramatically risen these days. Users use filters in images due to improving aesthetics, adding vintage effects, highlighting the object and manipulating colors. However, people use iPhone camera filter apps to make the images even more fun and unique. There are several attributes to use filters in images, which are:

To Improve Aesthetics: The feature, filters in photo editing app is used to enhance the image and correct for brightness, saturation, contrast and focus. The general goal of using filter in the image is to improve aesthetics. Basically, filters are used for enhancements of pictures.

To Add Vintage Effects: Filters also provides the image a certain texture. For instance, black and white filters bring nostalgia.

To highlight the objects: Filters help to bring out the focus to a certain object in an image. In android camera apps, the feature – filter is quite popular when user wants to focus on the object and less in the surroundings. To remove distractions from the image, this feature is used widely.

Take Into Account a ‘Photo Filters’ Feature If You Are Planning to Create a Photo Editing App

The third-party camera apps like Camera360 and Candy Camera are pretty much famous because of enhancing, stylize, saturate or age an image. If you are planning to create Android/iPhone camera filter app, then this is one of the must-have and common features.

Technology We Use: Google’s Mobile Visions API


Image Source: Lifewire

2. Cartoon Effects

Well, to a great extent, the growth rate of smartphones rely on third-party camera apps. When it comes to transforming images into comic strips, then a comic book or image enhanced with cartoon effect feature can convey so much drama and emotion. Image with a single cartoon effect can amaze users so much, that’s why this effect is quite popular among users.


Image Source: befunky

Including this unique feature into your photo editing app is worth for your photography app. And, provide your app users with the features, which can make their images artwork for them.

Technology We Use: CIFilter (Core Image Filter)

3. Photo Collage

Another important feature is photo collage, which can be widely used by people worldwide. The feature like Photo Collage helps app users to gather their memorable moments in terms of pictures into one frame. However, to create a collage of different images is something, which could not be possible to capture through camera alone. That’s why users use third-party photo editing apps.

Additionally, this feature is one of primary among other features when you’ve decided to create a photo editing apps like Camera360 and Candy Camera.

photo-collageImage Source: befunky

Technology We Use:

Frameworks –

  • AFNetworking
  • SVProgressHUD
  • SDWebImage

Wrapping Up

To summarize, we can say that aforementioned features such as filters, cartoon effects, and photo collage are crucial when it comes to camera app development. These are some of the common yet important features of photography app; however, apart from these features, you can also consider some other useful features like beauty camera, motion stickers and add glitters in videos with KiraKira effects in photo editing. Such features will surely help to make your app stand-out from other camera apps.

All top of that, if you have questions like how much does it cost to develop an app like Camera360 or Candy Camera, then you can consult us with your queries as we’re leading Android app development company and already developed 50+ photo and video camera apps. Here are some of the top camera apps that developed by us:


If You Want to Start Your Own On-Demand Car Startup like Uber, This Article Will Work as a RedBull for You

This blog is for those car startup companies, who are looking up for different ways to create ride-hailing apps like Uber. Herein, we have listed one of the most-funded on-demand car startup companies and the lessons, which startups can learn from them. Let’s have a look what’s inside?

Over the past eight years, Uber has gained immense popularity and recognition from almost every country of the world. If there’s any on-demand car startup or ride-sharing startup, then sometimes, it gets compulsory to compare the business model with Uber or Uber for X.

Even more technically, we can say that the fusion of two big and powerful terms i.e. ride-hailing and on-demand delivery services is ginormous. Why we are mentioning the word – ginormous, the reason behind is that there are on-demand startup companies now, which are dogged by their exceptional raising in the round of fundings. All top of that, let’s have a look at the most funded on-demand car startups.

Most-Funded On-Demand Car Startup Companies

In the below chart, you can see the top-ranking on-demand companies with the amount of total funding as each company has raised. As of March 2018, all these figures are latest. The top two ride-sharing and delivery sectors i.e. Uber and China-headquartered DiDi Chuxing have exceptionally grown among rest of the other startup companies.


From the above image, it is cleared that on-demand is in demand now. It means that these sectors are becoming increasingly booming and competitive at the same time. Being startup companies, it would be better to know more about these top apps like Uber, DiDi Chuxing and Grab and what you can learn from the boom of these companies? Let’s have a look!

What Startups Can Learn From The Boom of These Car Startup Companies?

#1. Uber

The word Uber was originated in the German language. Currently, Uber means – the transportation everywhere. For maximum, it is the best version of ground transportation. When it comes to Uber’s growth, it is always fascinating. In addition, Uber is among the top in the list of unicorn companies.

Uber’s Growth

  • Total Amount Raised: From 2009 to 2016, Uber has raised about $11.5 billion from 14 rounds of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors.
  • One of the vital contributing factors to the growth of top ride-hailing service, Uber is contributing on developing self-driving cars technology.
  • The Net Revenue Growth: In 2014, Uber earned $500 million. In 2015, it has reached $1.5 billion and in the year 2016, Uber managed to go forth from $6.5 billion.


  • Uber’s Modest Growth: Uber grew from more than 100k to over 200k as compared to other ride-sharing app, Lyft.



1. Came With The Genuine Solutions to Real Life Problems of Common People

  • Every business is meant to serve the need of customers. However, there is a lot of companies, who share the same taxi apps like Uber. But, what makes Uber so popular among their users? One of the main things is that it is providing solutions to real-life problems, which are faced by common people in transportation service.
  • Uber recognized that there were infrastructural problems with public transportation, especially in large cities. Therefore, Uber realized this problem and provides rides at the cheaper cost other than the other taxi alternatives.
  • Convenience is another priority for modern customers. However, the user can book a cab through ride-hailing app, Uber. Moreover, users can check the updates of drivers that help them better ideas of when their cars arrive.

The bottom line is that if you own an on-demand startup company like Uber, then provide genuine solutions after realizing the real-life problems of common people. This is the way by which you can stand out from others.

#2. DiDi Chuxing

The ride-sharing giant of China, DiDi Chuxing is among top five most-funded on-demand car startups. The company had more than 80% market share in China’s ride-hailing business. With the total funding amount of $19.7 billion, Didi has completed fourteen round of fundings by Venture Capitals. DiDi corporate relationships also extend to its main rival, Uber. However, Uber China was later acquired by DiDi Chuxing for $7 billion in stock in 2016.


1. Focus on Local Market

The ride-hailing company, DiDi has a solid grip in local market in China. The first and foremost thing is that the company has worked with taxi drivers instead of individual car owners. Therefore, by adopting the strategy – focus on the local market, your startup company can win over the local authorities and can please to local taxi drivers. Sometimes, people trust more on local drivers than the outsiders. Before taxi app development, startup companies need to understand the requirements of the local market where they are going to launch business in terms of the ride-hailing mobile app.

2. Multiple Payment Options

The second lesson, which you as a startup company can learn is to provide multiple payment options to users as what Didi Chuxing did. For instance, DiDi Chuxing has incorporated WeChat’s payment system, which has become hugely popular. This is one of the convenient options, which you can offer to riders. Ultimately, customers like convenience. Additionally, on-demand ride-hailing service provider, DiDi Chuxing has provided car-pooling services, too.

Other Newbie Startups

1. Go-Jek

The Indonesia-based startup company, Go-Jek which is founded in 2011 as it provides a wide range of on-demand services, including transportation, logistics, and food delivery. According to the report from Crunchbase News, “Indonesian ride-hailing and on-demand delivery company, Go-Jek has secured $1.75 billion that is known Venture Funding over the course of three recorded funding rounds”.

$1.75 billion is a big deal for a single startup to raise. Plus, Go-Jek lands directly at the bottom of the second tier of ride-hailing and on-demand startups as far as pre-IPO (Initial Public Offering) funding is concerned. Well, pre-IPO enables startup companies to participate in growth financing round of SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Moreover, Google is also investing in Indonesia-based Uber competitor, Go-Jek, as per the report from TechCrunch.


#1. Innovation Makes The Difference

Undoubtedly, Go-Jek is one of the hottest startups in Indonesia, and when it comes to the lesson to learn from this startup, Go-Jek provides a range of on-demand services, including transportation logistics, food delivery and logistics.

The startup company believes that logistics is the key to everything, and a pinch of innovation can make the difference. As the company has not bound itself to one area without losing focus on customers’ requirements. The company’s aim is to do something different and provide local audience with a range of on-demand services as per the demand of particular areas.

Long story short, startups need to understand the demand of local area first, then they need to come up with the optimal solution for their targeted audience.

2. Cabify

The Madrid-based ride-sharing startup company, Cabify has raised $160 million at a valuation of $1.4 billion, which has boost the competition in the niche of on-demand transport. The ride-sharing company provides the same services like Uber, Grab and Careem.


#1. Provide Unique Attribute to Stand Apart From Rivals

Cabify shared the same platform as other ride-hailing apps do, DiDi Chuxing, and Careem. However, there are a number of companies, which provide the same services as your startup company does.

But, there is one way from which you can stand apart from your rivals is to provide unique attributes. The attributes should be usable and unique, which are not already offered by your rivals. For instance, Spanish-based ride-hailing app, Cabify allows choosing trip preferences whether the user requires AC or not during the trip.

In short, if you have decided to create an uber transportation app like Cabify, then you can also provide unique attributes to your app users, which are not yet available in other ride-hailing apps.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

The concept of taxi app development is vast enough. However, the ride-hailing apps like Uber and DiDi Chuxing have already set the benchmark in this niche. These car startup companies have not merely solved the real-life problems, but also minimize the infrastructural requirement.

So, if you think your taxi booking app idea can bring the change in the taxi industry, then it’s time to turn your idea into reality. However, if have any query like how much does it cost to create an app like Uber, then you can consult us through below given form and it won’t cost a single penny. Our representatives will get back to you within 48 hrs.


DoorDash (On-Demand Food Delivery Giant) Used These 4 Simple Tactics to Reach $1.4 Billion. Are You Using Any of them to Grow Your Food Delivery Business?

In this blog, we have uncovered the simple yet effective tactics behind the success of unicorn food delivery app, DoorDash. If you want to know more about these tactics, let’s take a quick look to know what’s inside it?

Everyone who either has just started startup companies or planning to dive into this world, undoubtedly, they wish to become among one of those Unicorn companies like Uber (ride-sharing company), ANT Financial (an affiliate company of Alibaba Group), DiDi Chuxing (China-based ride sharing company) and Airbnb (America-based company).

If we’re talking about one of the top Unicorn companies, then we can’t forget to mention about DoorDash that is a San Francisco-based on-demand food delivery service provider, founded back in 2013. One of the best food delivery apps, DoorDash has joined the unicorn club with its latest round of funding, according to the latest report from TechCrunch. Moreover, the company now valued at $1.4 Billion.

DoorDash, an on-demand fast food delivery app, has also announced that it has raised $535 million in a Series D Funding. According to the Crunchbase report, “DoorDash had previously raised around $186 million. If it comes to talking about the growth, then the company is planning to expand from 600 cities to 1,600 cities. However, an on-demand food delivery giant is still focusing only on the U.S and Canada.

4 Simple Tactics Behind The Success of Food Delivery App, DoorDash That Recently Joined The Unicorn Club

Living either in Vegas or Baltimore, it is quite hard for the one, who is searching for food delivery, and it is hard to have enough time to try all the best restaurants and different cuisines in such big cities. In such situations, user prefers on-demand food delivery service app for instant food. In case, if you as a startup planning to enter in the on-demand food delivery industry, then you need to check out the following 4 simple tactics, which are behind the exponential growth of DoorDash.

Tactic #1: Understand The Area of Business

One of the latest and popular on-demand food delivery apps, DoorDash is already in the news due to its stunning growth in a short span of time. To prevent your food delivery service to get immature, you need to understand the territory of your business.

  • Start with the Small Scale

One of the pivotal points which you need to follow is to start with a small scale first as DoorDash did. The company has started its business on small scale. On the other hand, choosing large scale can be overwhelming for you as a business owner. However, a small scale can reinforce the business by eliminating overhead expenses.

  • Embark on The Small Numbers of Restaurants at First

Globally, the food delivery market stands at $83 billion, and food sold through restaurants and fast food chains. The on-demand food ordering market has already matured in almost every country. However, there is one thing that has been cleared already is that investing in on-demand can be beneficial for you because of its robust growth.

But, all you need to take care is that – being a startup, you just embark on the small numbers of restaurants at very first. In the below-given graph, you can check the food-delivery market that has potential growth in upcoming years:


Tactic #2: Develop Meaningful Partnerships and Comfort for The Users

From the very beginning, DoorDash has differentiated itself from its rivals and other on-demand food delivery companies like Seamless, Postmates and UberEats. Startups need to develop the meaningful partnerships with the restaurants that was also adopted by DoorDash app to deliver food to you. And secondly, your business needs to provide the service which delivers comfort for the users.

  • Rather than leaving the delivery process on its staff and drivers, it is important as a startup company to involve in the entire process. Also, you need to develop ways to make menu-options user-friendly, plus choosing the range of delivery of meals for restaurants.
  • That being said, “The longer you wait, the harder it is to produce outstanding customer service”. This phrase is true only when your service is geared towards the comfort of your users. One of the biggest factors behind the comfort of the users is saving time and money. To become one of top food delivery apps, you need to ensure that your business should target the most approachable area and targeted locations which are within reach. Also, you should slowly expand your business if needed. And, it is also important to start from covering the small section.


Tactic #3: Introduce The New Set of Features Constantly

Users always look for constant improvements from the services they use. Therefore, in order to grow your business in terms of food delivery app, you need to introduce a new set of features on regular basis. Because customers want more options, and they can pay a bit more for customized services and better food.

“Group Ordering” Feature: There’s a feature named as a “Group Ordering” in DoorDash. This feature is helpful for larger orders. Also, it can become easier with new iMessage integration. It also makes it easy for app users to order food from an iMessage.


Image Source: DoorDash

Once the food delivery app like DoorDash is installed into iMessage, the user can create a group message. This feature makes ordering food as simple as sending the text message. Furthermore, when the user picks a restaurant from the food delivery app, then a new chat message will appear in the conversation with the group order. The user can send this message to other participants in the iMessage group chat, too. Moreover, the group of friends do not need to worry about the order because it can be easily done with an iMessage.

Bottom line: If you are ready to develop an on-demand food delivery app, then make sure you must introduce a new set of initiatives in terms of features in the app and delight your customers with your services.

Tactic #4: Business Focus


Normally, each food delivery service includes three activities i.e. platform, preparation, and delivery. The on-demand food delivery service must manage all these three areas. Suppose, if your food delivery service charges fees lower than the other food delivery apps, then it could be an effective marketing strategy for your industry. In a nutshell, startups need to concentrate on what the product does the best, and use this as an advantage in front of the rivals.

Are You Ready To Embark on The Idea on Food Delivery Service App?

We’ve analyzed and covered the powerful tactics, which are behind the success of on-demand food delivery giant Doordash. However, by implementing these aforesaid tactics, you can magnify your food delivery service, too like Doordash. On the other hand, for entrepreneurs, no matter which approach you have followed, it is a good idea to stay abreast of what is latest and changing over time. As the requirements and expectations of users change constantly, you need to follow different approaches, methodologies and ways of serving them.

After going through this blog, if any new and unique idea pops up in your mind to embark on the on-demand food delivery, then cross-verify it with any iOS app development company that have already developed food delivery apps.

In case, there’s still any query or confusion left in your mind, just consult us through below-given form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

On-Demand Trucking App Development: Takeaways Which Startups Can’t Miss Out Before Developing Uber Freight Like App

Whether you’re in the logistics business or trying to get into it, then this blog is for you! Herein, we’ve mentioned some takeaways from Uber Freight app that you as a startup or entrepreneur can’t afford to miss while developing an Uber-like app.

There’s no need for any introduction of the Silicon Valley ride-sharing service provider, Uber. The ride-sharing giant has also a trucking business as you may have already aware of. The service is known as “Uber Freight”, which pairs up trucking companies with loads that need to be hauled from one place to another.

Uber is performing well in every single area, whether it is a taxi booking or on-demand food delivery service. The ride-hailing service provider, Uber is always thriving because of constantly delivering unparalleled services to its users. Thanks to its radical business model!

The widely-famous Uber cab app claims that the company’s mission is to provide reliable transportation service for everyone. Additionally, the ride-sharing network, Uber has made billions of connections between riders and drivers across the globe.


Uber has also started to invest in trucking. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) upgrades its autonomous truck test feet with the new technology”.

Before heading towards the new and prolific features of “Uber Freight”, it is worth to check out the growth of Uber Freight in its previous years.

An Overview: Uber Freight

  • Launched back in 2017, Uber Freight came up with the intent of promoting simplicity, transparency, and reliability for the whole process of moving goods everywhere.
  • Launching in New Markets: Uber Freight is rolling out in handful of new areas, including Chicago, Arizona, Georgia and California.
  • Uber has provided solutions to make booking loads easier and fast. The company also claims to make payments less headache for truckers.
  • An easy-to-use Uber Freight free app provides solutions to all the difficulties faced by truckers on a daily basis.


Image Source: Uber

Moving ahead and let’s check out the new features of Uber Freight as what makes this app stand out.

Top New Features of Uber Freight App

1. Take Me Home

As the Uber has already evolved with the advancement of self-trucking technology, there is a core feature, named as “Take me home” in the Uber Freight app. This feature is already changing the lives of truckers as previously they worked with only local freight companies. Such feature eases the lives of truckers who were not able to get home due to hectic lives being a carrier. Uber has just realized this and provide solution for it.

In an Uber Freight like app, it would be great to provide a section named as “For You” within the app as it shows drivers personalized notifications and recommendations. Such feature automatically learns drivers’ preferences based on their past loads, locations and home base. Whenever a new load will be available, it will match these preferences. After that, the uber clone app will notify the driver so they do not miss out.

In addition to this, over the coming days, such feature will start showing only those loads for drivers whose preferences are local, short haul or long haul routes. In a nutshell, such feature shows all the personalized recommendations for drivers. By providing this type of feature in Uber freight like app, startups would make continuous improvements so that app users/truckers will see improvements over time.

However, if you are planning to create an Uber freight like app, considering this type of feature can lessen the lives of truckers.

Takeaway: Ultimately, we can say that this feature allows truckers to find out the perfect load as per their convenience. So, being a startup, all you need to understand the pain points of your end users and provide the optimal solutions. Moreover, there is one another notable thing is that your app users’ feedback that is crucial for constant improvements in the app.


2. Allows Uploading Proof of Delivery Documents (POD) Via App

There is another important feature that can be included in the Uber freight like app. The feature allows truckers or app users to upload proof of delivery documents via Uber freight app. With this, making payments become more simpler and easier for carriers.

Uploading the documents from the delivery location minimizes the hassle for truckers. So, after completing the load, trucker simply needs to follow three simple steps to upload the proof of delivery documents through freight apps like Uber:

  1. Click on “upload proof of delivery” button.
  2. Then, click the picture of the signed proof of delivery documents.
  3. At the end, confirm and submit the documents.

This is what all you can check in the below-given video:

Takeaway: By including this type of feature, your app users or carriers can avoid long waiting hours in never-ending lines at the truck stops. This feature can help users with no more purchasing costly fax machines as they can upload proof-of-documents straight via Uber freight like app.

Therefore, this feature does not only save time but a huge amount of money of your users and drivers. So, make sure that you include those feature that help both drivers and your end-users to save their time and money.

To Sum Up

Undoubtedly, Uber has not only modernize the taxi-booking industry, but also trucking industry. If you’re in the logistics or planning to head into this industry, then the above-mentioned Uber freight app features are one that you as a startup or an entrepreneur can consider. Also, if you have some questions like

How can I benefit by adding aforesaid these features into my freight app?

Then the answer is simple as that all you just need to consult any leading app development company that have already developed such apps.

In case, if you also have such ideas on developing mobile app for your logistics and freight business, then you can share those ideas with us by filling up the below-given form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Video App Development: 4 Surreal Features To Consider Before Creating Camcorder App Like Air

Herein lies information for those startups or entrepreneurs, who want to take a step forward for creating the app in video making genre. All you need to go through these four surreal features, which a camcorder app must contain. Let’s have a look!

Gone are the days when home movies were recorded with the handheld video cameras. Today, with the help of smartphones and apps, there are a lot of things which are easily possible, from booking a cab to ordering food and shopping. In a similar way, video enthusiasts can also have a lot of fun, and get pro results with camcorder (also known as camera recorder) apps.

In general, videos take a huge portion of space in the smartphone. And, it is being said that there’s always a downside associated with everything. Unfortunately, users face the same problem with the iPhones, too. This is because recordings or video clips do not only eat up storage space, but they drastically stretch the storage consumptions on iPhones. Furthermore, if the iPhone user records video in high-quality, then he/she would soon get “out of space” warnings at the maximum time. There was always the only solution to get rid of this message is to offload the videos to the cloud.

Air – A New Family Camcorder App

  • The New York-based startup company, Air provides an alternative solution for iPhone users as the “Air app allows users to record high-quality home movies without running out-of-space”, according to the report from TechCrunch.
  • Founded in 2017, the startup company, Air (camcorder app) claims to be built a user-friendly cloud-storage solution, specifically for videos.
  • The company has secured an undisclosed SEED round in October 2017 led by Media and Tech investors and early-stage funds.
  • Basically, the app allows iPhone users to capture without worrying the shortage of space. Also, users don’t need to search for a hard drive alternative, or the museum looking to persevere the footage.
  • Instead of using the native camera app to record on an iOS device, the Air app automatically records in 4K Ultra HD.
  • The camcorder app, Air allows storing videos in the cloud in a private gallery.

With these points, you can imagine the success of this camcorder app in just one year. In case, if you are also looking forward to developing a camcorder app like Air, we have mentioned 4 surreal features that can make your camcorder app successful like Air.

4 Surreal Features To Incorporate While Developing a Camcorder App Like Air

1. Provides Collaborative Video Editing Feature Like ‘Shared Album’ or ‘Reels’

When it comes to video app development, it is must-have feature, which you can’t miss out i.e. ‘Reels’ or ‘Shared Album’ as what Air app does. This core feature is designed for capturing events and allows the user to contribute his video clips to Reel or album. After that, the user can share the end results in terms of videos across social media sites as per the preference. Therefore, we can say that an ideal camcorder app must keep video safe, searchable, and shareable. This core feature is worth to include.


2. Allows to Record 4K Ultra HD Videos, and Automatically Stores in Custom Cloud Library

While creating a camcorder app like Air, there is an essential feature that you need to include is to enable users to record 4K/HD ultra HD videos. 4K Ultra HD is a resolution, which characterizes video quality. Additionally, Ultra HD provides 4 times the number of pixels as 1080p and wider color range with more depth.

Furthermore, camcorder app also enables users to store every video in the cloud automatically. In a nutshell, a video maker app must provide a cloud storage, which is completely secured in order to store the information. By providing the feature like custom cloud library, the app users would never get a notification like “storage full”.


3. Users Don’t Have to Wait For So Long to Upload The Videos

If you’ve decided to develop an app like Air, then you need to check out more about this important feature. Basically, this feature works on the advanced video technology that optimizes the playback video. It automatically transcodes all videos so that user will adaptively stream during playback. Hence, users do not have to wait for long in order to upload the videos even though the user does not have access to decent bandwidth.


Provides Instant Links and Users Can Share Hours of Videos Across Social Media: The camcorder app does not compress the videos or lowers its quality while sharing. All the users need to share only one link to the video to their friends, and the recipient automatically gains the access to the high-quality file.

4. Offers Digitization Service for Physical Media

There is another feature, which is worth-including i.e. digitization service for physical media. It means that the app can accept any video format or storage device like VHS tape, film reels, DVDs and hard drive.


This feature could be both free or paid. However, in Air app, the pricing is based per hour of digitization, and it varies based on format.

Here’s Top 5 Prolific Video Making Apps Other Than Air


What’s Next?

Undeniably, the camcorder app like Air can make possible for users to effortlessly create high-quality movies without worrying about the storage, and the app also provides a lot of unparalleled features, which makes it stand out.

So, you may have learned about the important and useful features of video creator app that can make it successful in the market. While creating an app like Air, there’s one thing that you as a startup or an entrepreneur needs to ensure is to provide your app users with useful and handy aforementioned features that can add value in the users’ lives.

To sum up, you might have a question in your mind like how much does it cost to create an app like Air, you can consult us through below given form and discuss your requirements. We as a leading android app development company will give solutions to all your queries.


Don’t Miss to Include These 4 Features Before Developing an App for Your Hotel Business

Do you have a Hotel business? Are you planning to create a hotel booking app for your hotel? Then this blog is must read for you as it contains 4 key features that you can’t miss to afford while creating an app for your hotel.

Modern-day travellers endeavour to be independent. Starting from selecting the holiday venue to buying tickets and planning travel routes, they wish to do it all by themselves. There is one thing in common amongst these self-reliant travellers and that is their affinity towards modern technology which has helped smartphones in finding a way in their pyjama pockets.

Hence, it can be understood that how integrating the smartphone with holiday planning can benefit these traveller souls. Maybe this is the reason behind the growing popularity of hotel booking apps amongst the millennial population as compared to web applications.

Hotel booking apps can deliver richer user experience by making the process stress-free and seamless on the go. The best hotel reservation app paves the way for a win-win situation since the hotel gets to rent unused rooms and travellers get a chance of availing a cheap room when they are running on a tight budget.

The hotel reservation apps usually provide their customers with a seven-day window for booking a room. Moving ahead, let’s now take a look at the key features that any booking app development company needs to consider while crafting an application for hotels.

4 Key Features of Hotel Booking App to Consider to Make Your Hotel Business Successful

1.Hotel Reservation

People usually browse through a hotel booking app when they are planning a holiday ahead. Thus it is of paramount importance to have an integrated reservation structure which does not waste the unnecessary time of the customers when they seek out quick room reservation.

It is always recommended to place the search engine of the hotels on the application front page. You can also deck it up by providing a list of the most traveller-friendly cities around the globe. Other options need to be aligned under a tab bar or as an easily available drawer menu.


Geo-location integration feature is an absolute must for defining the current position of the travellers. Filters have a great role to play in determining the functionality of the searching mechanism and can be used for segregating hotels on the basis of visitors’ reviews, price, distance from tourist spots etc.

You can also include further filters to get a more précised selection. Complimentary breakfast and pool availability, bringing a pet along and free Wi-Fi are some state-of-art filters which the Trivago app allows its users to make use of. The right vacation holds a different meaning for different people. Thus it is imperative to encompass all forms of lodging in your application to attract maximum footfall.

2. Integration Of Transport Mediums & Local Attractions

Starting from a car rental to train and flight booking, options are plenty if you want to guarantee a rich user satisfaction through a booking application, which integrates everything under its wing.  

Applications such as Momondo and Hipmunk have already collated the same along with their hotel search engine. The core goal remains to capture the best commutation deals for the users to avail. Once the transport mediums are decided and the hotel is booked, the next big thing vying for customer’s attention is how they should organize their holiday.


Keeping such things in mind, a large number of booking applications are coming up with travel recommendation add-ins wherein users get to browse through a large array of travellers’ reviews and photos of local attractions. is one such application which makes it easy for users to discover any new city from the viewpoint of fellow travellers or localities.

Applications like that of Kayak, Priceline and Expedia are some great multifunctional travel applications which have taken care of even the minutest of details while catering to the customer requirements in their quest of experiencing a carefree vacation. Creating such a cohesive application will ensure that the customers do not hop from one app to another since they can find everything they desire for planning the perfect getaway under one roof.

3. Personal Account Of Users

Allowing users to create an exclusive account will help the booking application in saving their reservation data for future usage. You can suggest the users proceed through a one-tap sign-in process powered by Twitter, Facebook or Google+ authorization.


This approach is followed by the most of the mobile booking application as users get notified about best deals and prior reservation date by simply taking a look at their personal dashboard. The settings menu also needs to collate language and currency changing options so that users get to know exactly how much they need to shell out for planning their dream vacation.

4. Payment Portal

You can collaborate with any payment gateway provider so that your users can pay the initial deposit or maybe even the full amount for confirming their booking. HotelTonight, a biggest hotel booking app, has established collaboration with Braintree for assisting its users in completing successful payment transactions. So, make sure that while creating an app for your hotel business, you don’t forget to include payment portal that can make it easy for users to pay for their booking.  

Final Thoughts

While chalking out the structure of your hotel booking app, you need to be very neat and specific. Adding excess information which cannot do any real good might pave the way for poor user experience and improper app operation.

Developers face constant challenges regarding the size of the mobile screen and have to toggle with alternatives of adding captions, banners and extra buttons. It is also important to have a soothing design apart from the obvious landscape sceneries and picturesque hotel photos which are always there for welcoming the users.

Everything starting from background colours to button styles needs to be in harmony with each other. Apart from making it easy for the user in navigating through the hotel booking app, it also becomes much more native.

Advanced technologies never fail to attract new users. For example, Siri – a natural language user interface imitating real communication can be highly enticing for the users to operate. Such personal assistants can make recommendations, answer basic questions and direct a user towards an appropriate website.

Best hotel booking app of modern times never fail to delight customers with a virtual reality tour courtesy the 360-degree spherical panorama video. This might assist the users in studying their destination in details and from a first-person perspective. Last but not the least, having a multi-lingual support can lure in a large array of users who can operate the app using regional languages.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have been serving startups with advanced mobile solutions through iOS and Android apps development in the hotel and hospitality industry. Our team of full-stack app developers has already developed more than 30 hotel and restaurant booking apps, so if you have any query or confusion related to it, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will get back to you within 48hrs!

Parking App Development: Our Mobile App Developers Have Developed More than 15 Parking Apps Using These Technologies

This blog is for those who have been looking for surefire information to manifest their ideas in the arena of car parking app development. Here, we have rounded up top car parking app features and its technologies, which are used by our developers while creating them.

Apps are everywhere. Now, the apps have also transformed the way we parked our vehicles in the past times. The era has passed when we desperately looking for free parking spaces. There’s nothing valuable than our time. And, parking apps are one of those apps, which can help people to save a huge time on the go.

Finding a suitable place to park the vehicle, and paying for it is painful. “Drivers used to spent 20 minutes in pursuit of a coveted space”, according to report from IBM Global Parking Survey. However, parking apps made things easier for users in order to stow their vehicles more easily.

Talking about the shape of on-demand parking apps market, it is not tiny at all. According to the report from Research and Markets, “In 2015, approximately 2,600 companies operated 12,500 parking venues and gross over $9 billion in a year. That is $1billion bigger than comparatively 2012”.

Top Parking Spot Apps That Have Already Eased The Parking Pain

ParkWhiz: Founded in 2006, ParkWhiz, a Chicago-based, is one of the top parking apps. It claims to be at the number one place to find and reserve a guaranteed parking space before user reaches out his/her destination. It had raised $24 million in Series C funding.


SpotHero: Talking about one of the leading parking reservation service providers, SpotHero is North American-based app. The on-demand parking reservation app, SpotHero has secured $30 million in Series C to accelerate market expansion, business partnership and product innovation in the year 2017, as per the report. Currently, SpotHero operates in the U.S and Canada.


Note For newbies: If you are spending a lot of time to opt for one of the best niches for developing mobile apps, then the parking space apps would be worth spending on. Now, it’s time to check out top four must-have features along with technologies which you as a startup need to consider while developing parking finder apps.

Top 4 Must-Have Features to Consider While Developing Parking Finder Apps

1. Provides Reliable and Safe Communication System

Parking apps help drivers to show one of the nearest available parking spots. Plus, these apps help to save commuters’ time, fuel and money while easing the flow of the traffic. Talking about the most core feature, reliable and safe communication system is all-time required when it comes to car parking app development. Therefore, if you are planning to create parking space apps, then you need to include the following attributes under communication system, which would be worth it, and these are:

  • Technical Support
  • Notifications Via Messaging

Technologies: ARKit for iOS 11

In a similar way, add the best navigation routes with the suitable parking spaces, as it could be very helpful for app users or drivers. In a nutshell, we can say that an ideal parking app must come up with a reliable and safest communication system, which can provide convenience to users eventually.

2. Control System

An ideal car parking app must heal different pain points and problems that faced by drivers on daily basis. From ‘where to park’ option to in/out privileges to payments.

Therefore, in order to become the top in the list of the best parking apps, Control System is the next important feature, which startups need to consider. This feature will provide the driver or user of car parking app with up-to-date information and notifications regarding the process of parking directly to the user’s device.

3. The Concept of Safety

When it comes to safety, then it is always an essential feature which startups can’t neglect no matter what. The collected individual data from the driver’s device must be highly protected from the viruses. Also, the cloud information of spot finder app must be protected from the unauthorized usage.

4. Simplicity Must Be There in The Parking Finder App

In parking mobile apps, the most pivotal feature is to provide the easy access to complicated navigation system. The foremost thing is that the screen status should not block the key elements of mobile device navigation, plus drivers or app users should not be distracted.


Furthermore, the parking mobile application must show parking lots’ addresses along with the number of free parking spots that are available currently. This type of spot finder app development can also integrate a voice navigation system for user’s convenience.

Technologies: Google Maps API

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Parking Mobile Apps?

Undoubtedly, the concept of car parking apps is vast, and it can be long-term projects, which startups need to fill up with up-to-date information and the fast connectivity tools on regular basis.

Now, you must be having a question in your mind – how much does it cost to develop parking apps, then the answer lies here as it simply relies on multiple factors and features like functionalities, platform (Android or iOS) and it may also vary developer to developer that you hire for your project.

So, if you have decided to make your own car parking app and want to discuss your idea, then it would be better to consult a trusted mobile app development company that have a dedicated team of full-stack developers.

In case, if you still have any question or query regarding car parking app development, then look no further and just fill up the below-given form. We’ll revert within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

If Your Startup Comes Under Any of These 4 Categories, Get Ready for the BIG Success

Does your startup fall into these top four categories, which are going to get a big success in the upcoming years? Do you want to know what those categories are to create an app for startup? Let’s check out what are those categories!

Being a startup, if you are looking to start a new business in this year, then remember that ideas alone are useless as it’s all about the execution in a right manner. However, it is equally true, if you are executing the wrong idea, it will lead you nowhere.

Currently, mobile business has been doing good so far. And, as per the report from TechCrunch, “The average seed or an early stage round of mobile app category has been growing since 2012”. There are some founders, who have been striving hard for years to secure a spare Seed Round. On the other hand, others seem to go from launch to massive fundraise very quickly. Have you ever thought of why is it so? And, how does startup get into that second round of funding?

Over the past decade, as Seed and Series A rounds have grown in broader way, but there is a Pre-Seed Venture, which can help startups to do more with less. Furthermore, there is no single formula for achieving all this at one time. Now, you might thinking:

What’s Behind The Success of Some Startups Who Are Able To Take Off So Quickly?

According to the report from Crunchbase News, “there are some of the startup companies that have been founded in the year 2015 or later, but they have already raised $100M or more in venture funding till now.

Now, the question is – what’s behind the success of these startups that are taking off so quickly?

The simple answer is that all these fast-growing top companies consist a broad variety of sectors, from insurance tech to autonomous driving and cancer immunotherapy. Even though, all these are varied groups and having commonalities.

If you, as a startup, is hoping to raise funds in minimal duration of time, then you can’t afford to miss the following four categories, which have recently reached that milestone. It is broken into top four categories, which will help raising money for startups, and to transform solid startup idea into reality.

Top 4 Categories Before Evaluating App Ideas in The Process

Category #1: Self Driving Cars

A very new yet the most powerful concept ‘self-driving cars’ become one of the major developments that are changing the transportation industry. And, it is expected that 10 million self-driving cars are going to hit the roads and there will be more than 250 million cars, which will be connected to high-tech networks.

  • Projected Size of Global Market For Autonomous Driving Features from 2016 to 2025: If we are talking about the global market for autonomous driving, it is projected to be sized US$26 billion in the year 2025. This is an optimistic scenario.


Image Source: Statista

  • Exponential Growth in Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Cars down the road: As a startup, if you want to invest in the autonomous driving sector, then you can’t miss the below-given image, which shows the forecasting growth of autonomous and semi-autonomous cars in the near future.


Here’re Top 4 Autonomous Driving Technology Startups That Have Secured Funds From The Lead Investors in a Short Span of Time

In the autonomous driving sector, automakers are participating fiercely to get the technology road-ready. There are top four companies, including Aurora, Argo AI,, and Nauto, which are on the list of self-driving cars.

Aurora: Self-driving vehicle startup, Aurora has raised $90 million in a Series A round from Greylock Partners and Index Ventures. Additionally, the startup company is concentrated on Level 4 autonomous systems with an aim towards the next i.e. Level 5. Level 4 is a designation by SAE International for autonomous vehicles. On the other hand, in Level 5 autonomy, the vehicle is self-driving in all situations.

Argo AI: Pittsburgh-based Argo has scored the largest sum, a $1billion financing from Ford, which has the startup developing technology for its vehicles.

Nauto: Talking about Nauto, the startup has closed nearly $175 million till date for its AI-powered connected to camera technology. The company, has teamed up with both the countries, including Silicon Valley (USA) and China, which has raised $112 Million in Series A funding to build the platform for connecting a self-driving car’s sensors, software, cameras and other technologies.


Category #2: Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy has been drawing a lot of attention from top VCs (Venture Capitals), and this category has quickly become a hot startup space for a number of years.

The companies of this field develop therapies to corral the body’s immune system and destroy the cancer cells. The sector, cancer immunotherapy has generated enormous returns and remarkable clinical trial results. In the below image, you can see the annual smart money financing history.


According to the report from Crunchbase, “Top seven companies in this field are Neon Therapeutics, Gritstone Oncology, Forty Seven, Tmunity Therapeutics, Arcus Biosciences, and FLX Bio, which have raised $100 million or more in less than three years”.

However, the funding for space comes primarily from traditional venture firms, but the corporate and philanthropic investors are also there in the mix. Long story short, we can say that if your startups come under this category “cancer immunotherapy”, get ready for a big success from now on.

Side Note: At Space-O Technologies, we’ve already developed more than 40 mobile apps in the niche of medical, health and fitness. If you as a startup want to validate your new app idea that falls under the category of cancer immunotherapy, then it can be a right time to start with.


Category #3: Biotech Platform

Among the top four categories’ list, Biotech is heavily represented, and it is the type of startup, which seems particularly widespread among others. And this is what commonly called as a biotech platform company. Herein, we are going to mention “biotech platform company”, because it is a rigid category, and more as a description of the startup, which deploys its expertise towards therapies for a wide number of possible ailments. Furthermore, “Silicon Valley startups, Grail has raised $1.3 billion for cancer diagnostics”, according to the report from EvaluatePharma.

It goes without saying that the biotech platform has become increasingly popular with biotech investors. However, there are a lot of challenges in managing a broad array of clinical trials and R&D efforts, but the biotech platform has a greater potential for successful outcomes in multiple areas.

So, if your startup falls under the category of “biotech platform”, then there’s no room for doubt in that the growth of the biotech industry is increasingly worldwide.

Category #4: Insurance-Focused

Well, if you are planning to start a startup that raises fund easily, then the insurance-focused needs to be your high preference. This is due to the fact that there are few insurance-focused companies i.e. Lemonade, Oscar Health, and Bright Health, and, which have been doing well for the past few years.

Talking about the Lemonade, according to the report from TechCrunch, “SoftBank leads a $120 million round for this insurance startup in the year 2017”. Additionally, by combining big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a seamless user experience, the insurance startup company, Lemonade is revolutionizing the insurance industry.

So, the next insurance startup company, Oscar Health, which also falls under the category “health insurance”. The app, Oscar Health provides health insurance to its app users, and the company also claims to save your time and money by providing unparalleled features in the app. Launched back in 2012, “The insurance start-up, Oscar Health has raised $165 million led by Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Founders Fund. However, the company’s total valuation is now more than $3 billion, according to the latest report. It is also predicted that the company will expand to more than 250,000 members in the year 2018.

Moreover, if you are planning to create an app under the category ‘health insurance’, all we can say that the success is around the corner.

In a nutshell, we can easily say that the insurance has become one of the top four categories in which startup companies can surely get a big success in the year 2018.

Does it Give Guarantee?

Here, we have just rounded up top four categories, which will surely create a buzz in the upcoming years. As you can see the aforementioned statistics, which reflected the four categories, including self-driving cars, cancer immunotherapy, biotech platform, and insurance-focused companies are going to scale up next.

As long as the guarantee is concerned of these categories, over the past years, these classes have already taken place in the list of top categories. We can also say that these categories will score big rounds in the upcoming months.

Apart from this, if you as a startup have business idea that falls under these top four categories, then make sure to validate your idea from a professional iPhone app development company first.

In case, if you have any query or confusion related to app development for any of these categories, you can consult us through below given form, and we’ll revert you within 48 hours.

3 Reasons Why Investors are Turning Towards The Outdoor Recreation Startups

If you are a startup, who has confusion that whether you should go with outdoor recreation app development or not, then this blog is for you. This blog reveals three major reasons why investors are turning towards the outdoor recreation startups.

In this age of startups, having an innovative idea can only take your startup to the next level. For this, you need to follow protocols from raising funds, market your business to attract customers at the same time.

The Venture Capital (VC) is not the only the one, who is making deals in the wild, even entrepreneurs, who seek to make the outdoors more comfortable and accessible, however, they are more interested to invest on the outdoors. This is the reason why customers do spend approximately US$887 billion per annum on outdoor recreation, according to the 2017 Outdoor Recreation Economy report.

All of these outdoor recreation services have one thing common is that the greater the number of services and products are, the higher the business revenues will be. It means that whether you are a startup or an Entrepreneur, who is seeking ways to invest in camping or hiking apps with better and expensive services to users, then you’ll get the better chance for return investors and referrals.

What is Outdoor Recreation?

Basically, outdoor recreation activities are those activities that are undertaken the outsides the confines of buildings, and it can be undertaken without the existence of any facility for infrastructure. Furthermore, the outdoor recreation activities, include Bicycling, Boating, Hiking, and Hunting.

The Outdoor Recreation Economy

  • In the below-given image of pie chart, you can see that the outdoor recreation is essential to the American Economy.


  • When it comes to outdoor recreation economy, it grows at a much faster clip than the overall economy. In the year 2016, the outdoor recreation economy grew 3.8% as compared to the overall economy, which is slower by 2.8%.
  • It is estimated that the 6.1 million Americans lives are directly depended on outdoor recreation.

Essentially, the outdoor recreation economy can continue to be growing, and acts as an economic powerhouse. The continued growth and success of outdoor recreation hinge the opportunities for startups.

So, what is all fuss about in the name of outdoor recreation? And, why should outdoor recreation matter to you as a business owner or a startup?

Herein, we have gathered three reasons on why you as an entrepreneur or a startup should invest in the outdoor recreation. Let’s have a look!

3 Reasons: Why Should Invest in The Outdoor Recreation?

1. Outdoor Recreation is a Powerful Force in The U.S

Undoubtedly, North Americans spend billions of dollars at campgrounds and on camping related products every year. As per the report from Crunchbase Analysis, “North American Ventures invest in the outdoor space, which is ascending five-fold from $8.9 million in the year 2013 to $ 44.82 million in the year 2017”.

In the below-image, you can see the data about the U.S and Canadian companies that are focusing on camping hunting, fishing, backpacking, hiking, and RVs (Recreational Vehicles).


Even better, it is also predicted that there is an indication that the 2018 year will be even more lucrative for startups in order to raise money when it comes to outdoor recreation.

Top 3 Startups That Have Secured Highest Funding

Outdoorsy: Outdoorsy, a San-Francisco-based peer-to-peer RV rental startup, provides an online marketplace for motorhome or RV and its owners to rent out vehicles. Recently, the startup has secured $25 million in Series B round by Aviva Ventures and Altos Ventures.


RVShare: The competitor of Outdoorsy – RVShare (The World’s largest RV rental marketplace) has also secured $50 million from Austin-based Tritium Partners, whose managing partners led by the first investment in vacation rental giant HomeAway.


onXmaps: Montana-based mobile app startup company has recently raised $20.3 million total funding amount in Series A led by Summit Partners. Over the past nine years, the mobile app startups focused only on creating interactive and detailed map-based information for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to help them in planning and navigating their excursions.

One of the widely famous GPS apps, onXmaps is based on the simple concept. As it says that a smartphone can communicate constantly with satellite in space. So that, all the user need is a digital map on the smartphone to know whether he/she is near the tower or not.

This app is basically useful for campers or hikers, where weak signal is a common problem while camping. If we’re talking about the app’s popularity, it is like the estimated half a million customers have purchased the products of onXmaps, called Hunt, Roam and Viewer.


Now, we can say that the outdoor recreation startups are easily raising funds from those Venture Capitals (VCs) who had not previously invested in the niche of outdoor recreation as well as from those who are known for investing only in “traditional” technology firms.

2. Venture Firms Are Diversifying

When it comes to the investors of Montana-based mobile app startup company – onXmaps, then these investors are historically known for investing in the industries like FinTech (Financial Technology), IT, and e-Commerce. However, both Summit Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners are more interested and have an enormous potential towards the outdoor recreation startups. So, it is completely safe to say that – the giant Venture firms are diversifying and looking upon the long-lasting growth in the outdoor recreation startup companies.

Furthermore, after first introduced to onX, the duo partners said that they immediately recognized the special combination of culture, performance, product-market fit, and rare fusion of self-awareness, which they found out in many world’s bootstrapped developed companies.

3. Expanding The Outdoors

Since day one, the revenue of onX has grown 100% year over year, and the app, onX has been profitable from day one. Unquestionably, hundreds and thousands of people use such map-enabled apps like onXmaps. In the niche of hunting mobile apps, there are still lots of opportunities where startups and entrepreneurs can drive expand. In a nutshell, the capital gives startups the ability not to let off, but instead take an advantage of strong ROI (Return on investment) opportunities in a whole host of areas.

Side Note: As more people continue to look for outdoors for recreation, it is inevitable that more number of startups will emerge to meet their requirements and more number of venture firms will invest in the growing space. It is also predicted that 2018 could be the biggest year for venture funding as compared to the previous years.


How Can Space-O Technologies Be Your Best Technology Partner?

Well, throughout the blog, we talked a lot about the growth of outdoor recreation like its constant growth, top startups that generate huge profit and developing new solutions.

So, being a startup or an Entrepreneur, if you have been seeking a professional Android app development company for developing hunting GPS apps and map-enabled apps, then Space-O Technologies have already developed more than 40 GPS and navigation-based mobile applications.

Nevertheless, if you may have any query regarding the development of hiking and camping apps, you can consult us through below-given form, and we will figure out how we can help you to take your startup to the next level.


How Anchor (Podcast App) Secured $10M in Series A Funding by Google Ventures With These 4 Features?

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, then this blog is for you as it contains top four features of Anchor, a Podcast app, that helps it to secure $10M in series A funding. Let’s check out what are those four features!

It seems that everyone has a podcast these days. Since Podcast listenership has been tremendously growing every year. Talking about one of the most popular broadcasting apps, Anchor helps to record a high-quality podcast and allows users to distribute everywhere, including Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music.

Recently, Anchor, one-stop podcast creation app, has raised $10M in Series A Funding by Google Ventures, according to the report from TechCrunch. On the other hand, “Anchor is launching its new app with a new focus on serving the larger podcast community” as per the same source. The new version of Anchor 3.0 claims to have everything, which users need to record, edit, host, publish, and distribute a podcast of any length. Plus, the users can monitor in terms of how well the podcast is performing.

Before jumping on the other section, which will tell you about the top four features of Anchor, a Podcast App, it is important to check out the statistics of podcast app, in terms of, how well the market is performing. Let’s have a look!

Insights: Statistics & Trends of Podcast Market

Below, we have unfolded some of the major statistics and trends of podcast app market, which you need to check out once. According to the Edison Research –

  • The percentage of ever listening to Podcast has been continually growing, and it was 40% or estimated 112 Million Americans in the year 2017. This is what you can see in the below image.


  • In the below image, you can check the total percentage of all podcasts downloaded, and then listened to. The maximum number of podcasts downloaded is 76-100%, and 52% are listened to podcasts in the year 2017.


  • The Podcast advertising spending in the U.S will be increasing in the upcoming years. According to Statista, it will reach US$256 million in the year 2018, and approximately US$395 million by 2020. This is what you can see in the below image.


So, what’s more interesting than the huge growth in the arena of the podcast? After going through the entire statistics, you must have got the idea that podcast lovers will be seeking out new ways to explore the podcasts.

Why Should You Start With a Podcast?

If you completely understand the need of creating the content for your business, then it is important to create content with a podcast, and it can be as equally important as the content creation for the website of your business. According to the report from Anchor, nearly 70 Million Americans listen to podcasts while they work.

However, in simple terms, we can say that a podcast can help you as an entrepreneur to reach out a brand new audience, including a group of people, which might otherwise never find the long-term content due to the audience prefers – more portable audio format.

Generally, Podcast is an excellent method to build an audience. Additionally, it also provides the potential to drive traffic back to your store. And, since it is your podcast, you simply get the direct listeners to your business at the end of each show.

Undoubtedly, Podcasting is huge. Looking at the below-image in which pie-chart reveals that 30% of time spent listening to audio sources are podcasts. This is simply impressive!


In order to build a successful podcast app like Anchor, you need to consider these 4 features that help Anchor to secure $10M in Series A Funding by Google Ventures.

4 Features to Include While Developing a Podcast App Like Anchor

1. One-Touch Podcast Feature, Which Lets Users Record and Distribute Audio With One Tap

There’s a core feature, which is called as ‘one-touch podcast’, which allows users to record and distribute the audio with just one tap. Such feature also includes additional buttons within the podcast app like buttons for recording with the friends; for voice messages, and for adding music from Apple or Spotify.

Furthermore, such feature allows users to create a podcast along with the components like take voice messages from listeners, add them to any episode, add any song from Spotify, and easily add a variety of transitions to podcast from built-in podcast library.

Therefore, within the podcast creation app as these components appear as drag-and-drop modules in the visual editor on the screen. So that user can move them around in order to create the podcast episode. Before broadcasting app development, it would be beneficial to provide a bar at the top of the screen, which will show the length of each audio piece, this is what assembled by the user. Also, in order to record the voice, in a Podcast app, there can be a feature of setting up the limit on recording the voice also. And, this limit can be 5 minutes or more.

However, the podcast creation app, Anchor does not come up with no limitations, in terms of who can use the feature. So, you can also customize it, accordingly.


2. Allows to Distribute The Podcasts

The audio, which is created by the user, will be available for other people on the app as long as the user adds the video. It will also help users to make it available on other podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast or iTunes, Google Play Music, Overcast, Pocket Casts and Spotify.

Likewise Anchor, a Podcast app, allows users to tap only one button in order to his/her podcasts. After that, the podcast will be submitted automatically to other platforms like Google Play Music, Pocket Casts and Apple Podcasts. And, everything will be done in one tap. By doing so, you can provide your app users a hassle-free way to distribute their podcasts.


3. Allows Users to Promote The Podcasts and Grow Audience

There’s another core feature, which lets the user to promote the podcasts. Once the user is done with the podcast, then he/she can tell people about it by promoting it. Within the podcast app, the user can promote the podcasts as well. In short, the user can promote the podcast in the following ways such as:

  • Share The Profile
  • Embed The Podcast in Blog or Website

Share The Profile: User with the podcast app gets a customized URL within the app. When the app user would share the customized link with people, then people will be taken right to user’s podcast. Also, user’s profile within the podcast app will include a list of all platforms where users’ podcasts available.

Embed The Podcast on The Blog or Website: In such feature, user can easily embed the podcast in the website or blog. All user is required to get the embed code from the user’s profile in the android podcast app.


4. Provides Straightforward Analytics

There are times when podcasters or users want to know which of their episodes are doing well. Therefore, this feature lets users to know the number of audience that is growing over time. Instead of providing a ton of hard-to-read charts, you can provide your app’s users with the straightforward analytics, which can be easily understood.

With podcast app, users can able to see things like how episodes stack up against each other, and which apps people are using to listen. When users use the Podcast app, then he/she can even see who is listen to each episode, and where people applauded or commented.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

Being a startup, if you wanted to create a podcast app like Anchor, then it is a right time to start with. Additionally, if you have such questions like how much does it cost to develop an anchor app, how to validate an app idea, it would be better to hire iPhone developer to discuss your requirements.

Still, if you have any confusion related to podcast app development, you can get in touch with us through below-given form and we will revert you within 48 hours.

Stick These 5 Features On Your Board and Do Not Miss to Cross-verify it When You Outsource an App Development for Your Transportation and Logistics Business

If you are running a transportation and logistics business, then this blog is for you. It contains top five unavoidable features that can’t be missed while outsourcing logistics app development for your transportation and logistics business.

You might already be aware of the ride-hailing giants like Uber and Lyft, which have revolutionized the urban taxi landscape from the past few years. Well, among one of these giants, Uber’s another business idea, ‘Uber for Logistics’ has already boomed in the marketplace.

As per the TechCrunch report, “Uber for logistics startup, Lalamove (Hong-Kong based logistics on-demand service) raises $30M to expand beyond 100 cities in Asia”.

Undeniably, there are dozens of industries, which are in the hunt to develop and promote the ‘smart logistics apps’. On the fundamental level, the logistic apps provide a one-stop solution such as quick, automated load matching, which is based on location and equipment, turn by turn route planning, shipment tracking, seamless proof of delivery, billing and payment.

The main idea behind these logistics apps is to replace the fragmented, plus time-consuming legacy procedure like truckers usually spend a lot of time trying to find out the loads by calling freight brokers and checking the load boards. Thanks to smart logistics apps! Uber and Bringg are the latest examples that provide transformative solutions for businesses.

Undoubtedly, the phrase, ‘Uber for Trucking’ is already quite famous. Nevertheless, there are another delivery logistic platforms like Bringg, which provides its services in more than 50 countries and to some of the well-known brands globally. According to the report, the delivery logistics platform, Bringg has raised $12M from strategic investors, including Salesforce Ventures.

Talking about the market size of third-party logistics in the year 2016, the Asia Pacific third-party logistics market was approximately US$305 billion. On the other hand, the global market value was over US$802 billion, according to Statista. As you can see in the below image.


Image Source: statista

5 Unavoidable Features To Consider Before Outsourcing an App Development for Your Transportation and Logistics Business

1. Vehicle and Driver Tracker

Generally, it does not give you a peace of mind when you don’t call many times to know the exact details of your drivers. Then, you might think of the feature, which can track the vehicle along with the driver.

Now, the time has been changed. There is a core feature, which is called as the vehicle and driver tracking, that is all about to get notifications of every move of your driver. In a nutshell, GPS in logistics app can help you to track the vehicle as well as the driver.

With such unavoidable feature, you can know the real-time location of your driver. Whether the driver is on shift or off, late or on time, you can easily get the real-time data in a fraction of seconds. However, this feature will further help to assign deliveries to drivers once they arrive early.


2. Offline Support

Suppose, if there is no internet connectivity, then we can’t imagine things, which rely on the Internet. Even though, the logistics industry has to be prepared in the absence of Internet connectivity. This is because there are a lot of functions of transportation and logistics business that take place on the roads. If the transport and the logistic app does not support offline, then it is completely useless for app users, especially at certain locations where there is no internet connectivity.

While delivering good to end users, there are last-time problems, which might have been faced by logistics managers. However, the last mile problem is one of the most vital aspects of the entire delivery process. Eventually, these problems directly affect the business and on the end users. If there’s an offline support within the logistics mobile app, then it will surely help out driver or user to enter the data no matter what his/her location is. Including this feature in the supply chain management applications ensure that the users are working when they are supposed to end the task at the end of the day.

3. Driver’s Log On a Daily Basis

There’s another feature ‘Driver’s daily log’, which helps to keep the record of drivers’ log activities on a daily basis. Well, what is this driver’s log all about? This log contains information like:

  • Record the Mileage Traveled
  • Total Number of Pickups and Deliveries
  • Total Number of Working Hours
  • Total Trips Made by Driver so far
  • Total Deliveries Done by Driver

Thus, such feature helps to track the daily activities of your drivers on regular basis. Also, it is beneficial yet essential in order to maintain the record from the driver’s end.

4. Pre-Plan Routes for Drivers Via Logistic Management Software

There’s a chance when drivers can choose a different route for delivery. And it may increase the delivery time, consequently, it may increase fuel expenses.

With such feature like pre-planned routes assigned for the trip, it gives surety about the driver’s route, which he is going to take. However, this feature can help to save time as well as expenses of fuel. And, the end user will get the goods on time.

5. Multilingual Support for Driver Side App

Before outsourcing the app development for transportation and logistic, never underestimate the importance of multiple support when it comes to transportation and logistics app. And, that is why Bringg (the delivery logistics platform) offers transportation logistics app, which is customized for a multilingual support.

This type of feature is all time critical while developing logistics management software, because when the drivers from different background with fluency in local languages, then it is pivotal that a logistic app comes with drivers’ choice of languages.

In order to minimize the hurdles faced by drivers on the way, a well-managed logistics management software must-have aforesaid features.

Paradigms of Mobile App Solutions in Transportation and Logistics Industry

Here’s are different types of mobile app solutions in the arena of transportation and logistics industry:

  • Freight Management Solutions
  • Warehouse Management Solution
  • Mobile Solutions for Logistics
  • Transportation Mobility Solution
  • Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions
  • Dispatch and Delivery Solutions

It’s Time to Foster Your Transportation and Logistic Business

Herein, these are some of the unavoidable features that you can consider while outsourcing a transportation and logistic app for your business. Undoubtedly, the logistics app development has changed the way of transporting goods.

Moreover, the logistics apps have made easier by simplifying the work and improving the sales while outsourcing the expenses of running a logistics business.

The bottom line is that you as an entrepreneur or startup do not need to have billion dollars resources for transportation and logistics business, either. Just delivering a mobile app, which meets the on-demand functionality of being able to match drivers and customers.

Additionally, if you have any ideas on transportation and logistics app, then it would be beneficial to cross-verify your idea with a technically sound mobile app development company first.

Apart from this, if you still have queries, you can get in touch with us through below given form for free consultation. We will figure out how a logistic and transportation app can meet your business requirements.

3 Checkpoints Before Creating Ride-Sharing Apps Like Gett and Uber for Startups

This blog will help startups how to turn on-demand ride sharing app idea into a viable business model like Uber and Gett. Here, we have rounded up 3 checkpoints, which startups need to look upon before creating the taxi app development.

Enormous ride-sharing services are available right now, which have already exemplified the modern on-demand economy. Unlike traditional ride services, which require customers to hail a taxi on the street or call them to hire one, the modernized ride-hailing services has simplified the way people hire a cab via ride-hailing apps. Plus, it allows users to track the driver in real-time and offer an integrated payment and rating systems.

Moreover, the ride-hailing giant Uber is the one of the largest and most popular among ride-hailing services. However, Uber’s rivals like Lyft, Careem, and Grab are also not slowing down. Talking about Uber’s competitor, then there’s one another competitor, named as Gett that is also one of the largest players in the New York ride-hailing market.

Founded in Israel, seven years ago, Gett is a global ride-sharing company, which is available in Russia, Israel and the U.K. The fastest growing ride-sharing app, Gett now operates in 100 cities.

As per the latest report from TechCrunch, Gett has acquired Juno for $200 million. So, after buying Juno (a rival in the New York market), Gett operates under the name Juno in the United States. After this deal, Gett and Juno, both have more vehicles than Lyft that is San Francisco-based on-demand transportation service. In the below given graph, you can see how Gett and Juno are ahead of Lyft:


If we’re discussing the on-demand ride-sharing services, then it would be beneficial to check out some insights of the market, in terms of statistics and trends before heading into taxi app development. Have a look!

The Global On-Demand Ride Sharing Market: Stats & Trends

Before creating ride-sharing apps like Gett and Uber, startups need to check the following data from Statista:

  • Revenue: The Revenue in 2018, ride sharing app segment amounts to US$57,705 million. On the other hand, the revenue by 2022, it is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 16.5% in the market volume of US$106,398 million.


  • The User Penetration in 2018 is at 9.6%. And, it is expected to hit 13.0% by 2022.


  • The ARPU (Average Revenue per User) amounts to US$117.03 currently.


  • The most revenue is generated in China with a market volume of US$29,749 million in the year 2018. And, the US ranks at the second place as you can see in the below image.


The aforesaid plethora of data on global on-demand ride-sharing market has already gave some solid reasoning to create a ride-sharing app, but there’s even more!

As per the report from McKinsey, “Consumer survey indicates that continued growth potential for shared mobility”. This is what you can see in the below image.


  • What about Ride-sharing Trend?: When it comes to the ride-sharing trend, the below-data from Google Trends reflects the ride-sharing interest over time.


3 Checkpoints to Create Ride-sharing App Like Gett and Uber for Startups

You might have noticed that a lot of conversation is on-demand transportation has been centralized. It is mainly focused on how new players like Gett and Blacklane are rapidly expanding and disrupting the established on-demand transportation market. However, it is pivotal to explore the checkpoints to create a successful ride-sharing app like Gett and Lyft.

1. Ride-Sharing App Must Be Featured-Rich

Becoming the successful business model under the tag of ‘ride-sharing app’ like Uber, it takes a lot of essential features. Uber fulfills 40 million rides per month, and it has over 75% of US ride-hailing market. Furthermore, in the year 2017, the number of Uber’s customers reached 40 million per month. There’s no room for doubt in that the Uber’s fast growth is directly proportional to its feature-rich mobile app, which is easy-to-use and comprised of essential features.


If we’re talking about the features, then it should not right away that developing a ride-sharing app means two sides of applications or we can say two apps i.e. Rider App and Driver App.

In the below table, we have outlined the must-have features of uber clone app.


So, features play a huge role in the success of mobile app, which facilitates interactions with customers, manages ride routes as well as provides secure payment methods. The key to long-lasting success is to keep your customers for a long term.

2. Compare Your Business Model With Your Competitor

Now, you already know the explosive growth of ride-sharing companies, which is hitting the world at full force. As long as the ride-sharing app is concerned, then this is the platform, which is meant for users. However, you can build a better business model if you don’t forget to compare your model with your competitors. While comparing your app, then don’t forget to evaluate the following checkpoints with your competitor’s app. The comparison of –

  • Product Feature
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Target Market
  • SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis

Side Note: Startups need to build what customers want or need. And, the online platform for ride-sharing must be user-friendly.

3. Discover The Potential Market

If you have decided to develop ride-sharing apps like Uber or Gett, it is a high time to identify the potential market. Well, this is a group of consumers, which will match the level of interest, and probably offered by the market. However, you might be thinking that how is this checkpoint is significant when the demand for ride-sharing apps is supposed to be arising. This is due to that fact that there are some large cities like New York city and Boston in which taxi usage is constantly declining, as per the report.

Suppose that if newbie somehow fails to perceive the potential market, but you as a startup will certainly prevent yourself from it by learning about the potential market. This checkpoint plays a huge role to build a successful model under the tag ride-sharing.

Validate Your Ride-Sharing Mobile App Idea

Interestingly, after going through the aforesaid entire data, it doesn’t look like the speed of growth is going to slow down in the future. Whether it is about Uber, Lyft or Gett, the main idea behind these ride-sharing apps is to provide a seamless experience to riders.

So, keeping these checkpoints in mind, you as a startup can create the most distinctive on-demand ride-sharing app. Although, if you believe that your ideas can also build a business model like Uber or Gett, which is so disruptive, then you need to validate your idea to any technically-sound iPhone app development company, which you may think can add value to your customers’ lives.

Still, if you have any query like where to start with a new idea on the mobile app, you can get in touch with us from validating the idea to discovery and project scoping, including design and estimation. All you just need to fill up the below-given form, we will get back to you asap!

An Important Lesson Startups Can Learn From Slack’s Competitor, Stride by Atlassian (A New Work Chat App)

This blog contains information for those startups, who are willing to create a workplace chat app like Stride and Slack. Additionally, there’s an important lesson that can be learned from Slack’s competitor Stride to build a successful business model.

In any office, communication is key. If it would seamless, then it helps the team to keep synchronized. Moreover, in the workplace, colleagues have diverse ways to communicate. Nevertheless, it is questionable if all these messages and emojis are actually creating productivity.

However, Slack is a highly popular workplace communication software. This is one of the first preferences for colleagues among other workplace chat apps. But, if we’re talking about the work chat apps, then how can we forget to mention about Stride, which is known as a Slack’s competitor now.

Stride is launched by Atlassian, which is an Australian-based software company, and having popular tools like JIRA, Trello, Confluence, and Bitbucket. The company has also long offered a team communication service in the form of HipChat (a group messaging app).

Moreover, according to the report from TechCrunch, “The idea behind Stride (which will be available on all major platforms) is to provide solutions in the current scenario of communication, which can make users’ professional lives easier”. Additionally, there’s another recent report, which says, “The Slack’s competitor Stride is opening the Stride API for all the developers”.

Stride – What Exactly It Does?

Stride claims to be a complete communication solution, which empowers business teams to work seamlessly together with the group messaging along with custom emoticons, sharing files, and easily moving chats to video meetings.

Also, Stride provides only a single tool to its users that includes both smart text-based messaging service and fully featured video and audio conferencing services. It also allows frictionless meetings without the need to install other plugins.


Image Source: TechCrunch

Stride’s Spontaneous Growth

Stride is no more than a good-looking makeover of HipChat, however, it is important to look upon the instant growth of Stride, which is mainly designed for the purpose of creating value into workplaces or addressing new challenges in the marketplace.

  • People’s Interest Over Time: Let’s have a look at the below image, the data by Google Trends which reflect people’s interest over time.


  • Ranking: When it comes to global ranking, Stride – the work chat app is unexpectedly growing even though it is too new as compared to Slack.


  • Traffic Overview: Furthermore, you can see the data of overall traffic of Stride by SimilarWeb in the below image.


Image Source: Stride

Apart from aforementioned growth data, startups and entrepreneurs can also create an app like Stride. The point is, before developing a work chat app, you as a startup needs to check out the following unique and must-have features as what makes Stride stands out.

Top 3 Quirky Attributes to Include in Workplace Chat App to Make It Standalone App

1. Allows to Isolate Important Message from Chat History by Marking Actions and Decisions

One of the core features, which startups can consider before creating a work chat app like Stride is letting users to isolate important messages from the chat history. Such feature lets users to mark actions and decisions rather than getting lost in a plethora of messages. Even when user is out of the office, such feature in a work chat app assures that he/she never be out of the loop on key outcomes.


Image Source: Stride

2. The ‘Focus Mode’

Well, in the workplaces, emails and instant chats are the only ways for formal communication. With the constant thrum of pings, notifications, messages, plus alerts, office workers can easily get distracted from these activities. Getting constant pings is quite noisy. In order to get rid of this, there is a feature called ‘Focus Mode’, which lets user to work without noise. Such feature lets the users to focus on work even though stepping away.

This focus mode comes with one tap, and it will mute all the notifications and incoming messages. Also, it removes the necessity of noise-cancelling headphones. Additionally, once users come back to office, it will surface the most important messages, actions and decisions.


3. Allows One-to-One and Channel Specific Video Chat

Another core feature, which startups need to consider is to allow one-to-one and channel specific video chat within the workplace chat app like Stride without installing other plugins. Providing such feature in your app is a critical way of moving work forward. Such video chat feature allows the user to have one-to-one and the team video chat by inviting them via phone numbers.

Additionally, startups can also provide features like screen sharing, voice and video calling, and remote control access across all devices as whatever suits best to needs of individuals.


Image Source: Mashable

An Important Lesson From Slack’s Competitor – Stride

An office chat app, also known as ‘enterprise social network’ like Stride allows team members to collaborate with the team members in open forums or catching up in private messages along with the unique and usable features. A workplace chat app like Stride helps teams to stay in touch regardless of the location.

Undoubtedly, it’s not at all easy to grow, and being a standalone app in the market for Stride, in front of its competitors like Slack and Workplace by Facebook. However, with the unique attributes, which make Stride arguably a better workplace chat app.

In a nutshell, to create a disruptive workplace chat app like Stride, it is pivotal to provide your app users useful features that give solutions to their problems and ease their lives while working, no matter where they are.

Is Your Idea Innovative Enough?

If you think that your idea has momentum behind it, then you can surely build a successful app like Stride and Slack. All you just need to validate your app idea from the trusted android app development company, which would ensure you that you are on the right way.

However, if you till have any query related to work chat app development, then you can get in touch with us. Just fill the the below-given form and we’ll revert you within 48 hours!

5 Factors That Startups Need to Look Upon Before Creating On-Demand Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless, DoorDash or Uber Eats

This blog is comprised information for the startups who have been looking for surefire ways to create a successful business model in the category of on-demand food delivery app like Seamless, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

Over the last few years, on-demand food tech industry has seen sudden unparalleled changes, in terms of offerings and customer preferences. The tendency of people dining out or ordering food from outside has seen a remarkable growth over the past few years.

Well, there’s no room for doubt, FoodTech companies have completely changed people’s food habits. However, there are two primary factors i.e. lack of time and convenience, which are behind the sudden growth of any on-demand food delivery service.

Furthermore, it is pivotal to look at the shape of the on-demand food delivery market as of now. Check it out.

The Shape of On-Demand Food Delivery Market

  • The Growth of FoodTech Companies: As per the report, “The growth of FoodTech Companies is expected to grow over $250.43 billion globally by the year of 2022 at a single digit CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) via the forecast period”.
  • Revenue in Food Delivery: In the year of 2018, the revenue is expected to US$121,848M.
  • The Annual Growth Rate (2018-2022): It is expected to show an annual growth rate of 17.7% resulting in the market volume of US$234,206M in the year of 2022.


Image Source: Statista

  • The Largest Segment of Food Delivery: ‘Online Takeaway’ is the largest segment of food delivery with a market volume of US$110,044M in the year of 2018.


Image Source: Statista

  • Undeniably, the food delivery market has the potential for robust growth, which you can see in the below image.


Well, it seems the never-ending opportunities are out there if startups are planning to invest in the food ordering apps like Postmates or Uber Eats.

5 Factors That Startups Need to Look Upon Before Creating On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

1. Pain Points of On-demand Food Industry

Undoubtedly, on-demand is a competitive space. Right now, people have multiple food delivery apps to choose from. And, there are Seamless, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub.

When it comes to the on-demand food delivery, it is all about to provide high-quality customer experience, richness in taste, and delivery food only on time to customer’s door or right timing. Therefore, affordability and accessibility have been significant pain points for the on-demand food industry. And, this is what startups need to look upon before diving into the world of food delivery industries.

Bottom Line: All you need to do as a startup is that to make food delivery service – more personalized for users as what Uber-like apps – Uber Eats do. And, currently, Uber Eats stands above the rest. Additionally, being a newbie in a food industry, it is also essential to realize the pain points of customers as well as analyzing the rivals of your niche, and providing solutions to them.


2. Customers Seek One-of-a-Kind and Consistent Experience

With more and more entrepreneurs and startups entering in online food delivery industries, the concept of ‘one gets everything under one umbrella’ no longer excites to customers. In short, the customers’ choices are leaning towards those food delivery services, which can provide them ‘one-of-a-kind’ and ‘consistent’ experience. And, this is what customers seek from an online food delivery app.

3. Technology Enhances The Delivery Orders

For startups, it requires careful planning and step-by-step approach before heading into on-demand food delivery sector. All it requires the essentials of the properly trained staff, working with the drivers, and educating customers.

Now, the question is, how can you surmount the service in the niche of on-demand food delivery? For this, startups need to have best food delivery app along with the unique and useful features, plus it must take easy steps for ordering food. In a nutshell, technology has revolutionized the food delivery industry.

4. In-House Fleet Versus Outsourced Fleet

There’s nothing like right and wrong perspective to scaling the food delivery industries. Undeniably, it is a quite complex task to penetrate into new cities, towns, and countries. Due to the fact that, customer behavior, city infrastructure, and many things do vary from city to city or country to country.

Whereas, an in-house fleet gives opportunities to maintain and control over the entire supply chain to food delivery companies. On the other hand, it is easy for restaurants, which want to grow their delivery operations in order to choose a delivery partner, which will manage the entire process with an established platform as well as operating fleet.

Before entering into the world of on-demand food delivery sector, it is important to know that besides the direct costs related to an external partner or outsourced fleet for managing food deliveries, there are also another indirect costs, which come from when your business would rely on others to handle your food deliveries.

Therefore, you just need to go with ‘in-house fleet’ when it comes to choosing between the in-house fleet and outsourced fleet. To choose in-house fleet, startups would not pay extra charges for delivering their own products to the customers.

5. The Customer Behavior

Generally, customers come to the very new online food delivery platform, have their different types of needs and expectations from the particular food ordering mobile apps. For startups, we’ve compiled some points on customer behavior which you can check once before heading into online food delivery industry. Have a look.

  • One of The Biggest Variables is – Speed of Delivery: When it comes to customers’ satisfaction, then the ‘speed of delivery’ is recognized as one of the biggest variables. And, this is what in which entrepreneurs or startups need to work, who have been missing out so far. As per the report from McKinsey, “With an average 60% of consumers across markets referring it as a key factor. Well, the optimal wait time is 60 minutes.
  • Orders are Placed From Home, in general: As per the other report, “The maximum orders i.e. 82% were placed for homes, on the other hand, 16% were placed from workplaces”. That means, people do prefer order the food from home only.
  • Orders Spike on The Weekend: Well, the highest-volume days of orders for on-demand delivery service platforms are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, when 74% orders are placed, in general.

Now, let’s check out other popular on-demand food delivery apps, which are widely used by people globally.

The Food Delivery Apps, Which Are Widely Used by People Worldwide

With a flurry of on-demand food delivery apps, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular online food ordering mobile apps, check it out.


Final Words

Food ordering apps are gaining pace in the recent times. Either, you as an entrepreneur still have not integrated white-label food delivery apps like Uber Eats in your business, or being a startup, you are still thinking how to create an app like Postmates, then it would be better to consult or hire android app developer first.

However, all top of it, if you may have queries like –

  • How much does it cost to create an app like Postmates, Seamless, Uber Eats, or DoorDash?
  • What does it take to develop an on-demand food delivery app?
  • I have an on-demand food delivery app idea, how can I validate it from a top mobile app development company?
  • What is required to design and develop an app for food ordering business?
  • I need to discuss the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of an on-demand food delivery app. What will be the procedure?

All you need to get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will revert you within 48 hours.

5 Key Takeaways for Startups Who Need To Create Next Ride-hailing Apps Like Curb

For startups who have made up their mind to invest in developing ride-sharing apps, then 5 key takeaways right here, which can beneficial for you in the long run. Let’s check out.

The term ‘ride-hailing’ has become one of the most recent trends and buzzwords from the last few years. With a quick growth of businesses such as Uber, Lyft, and Grab, there are many startups who want to involve in the business to creating the next ‘Uber for X’ model or create an app similar to Uber. On top of that, there is also not the slightest doubt that whether the trend of ride-hailing mobile apps will grow or not. As per the report, “Ride-hailing market worth $276.00 Billion USD by the year of 2025”.

If we’re talking about the ride-hailing companies, then we can’t forget to mention – Curb, a taxi app that connects users to reliable rides from sedan drivers. Now, let’s move ahead to know more about Curb.


Back in 2015, Curb became a part of Verifone. After that, Curb has emerged with the Way3ride app, and allowing to connect a number of passengers to even more cabs and drivers across the U.S.

Curb is formerly known as Taxi Magic. As it claims to be no. 1 taxi app in the United States, and available in 65 cities with over 50,000 cabs, and 100,000 drivers across the U.S. With total funding amount of $10.7M, Curb stands out from other ride-hailing apps because it provides only professional drivers to its riders. Also, Curb does not have surge pricing like other ride-sharing apps.


Image Source: The Verge

5 Key Takeaways for Startups Who Need To Create Next Ride-hailing Apps Like Curb

Before creating a ride-hailing app like Curb, Uber, and Lyft, it is pivotal for startups to bear in mind that these companies are successful for a reason. Also, these ride-sharing companies appeared on the market at the right time. Nevertheless, the point here is that startups need to actually dig up into what makes Uber, Lyft, and Curb innovative.

Now, it’s time to head into the key facts, and figure out how startups to apply those takeaways to your own ride-hailing app in a way that actually benefits the users. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled some ideas for startups on how to create a successful on-demand ride-hailing app similar to Uber. These takeaways are below:

1. Streamlined Mobile Offerings to Users

As more and more companies involved in the concept of ride-hailing apps, then it is essential to have strong and streamlined mobile offerings to the users. This is what which startups need to take care before involving into custom taxi app development. Why we are emphasizing the mobile offerings here, due to the fact, “Google announced that they have more searches on mobile rather than on the desktop”, as per the report.

And, this is what you can see in the below graph, which reflects that the gap between mobile users and desktop users has been increasing for over past few years.


Undoubtedly, this trend will surely be the same in the upcoming years, too. The startups can create one of the best ride-hailing apps like Lyft, Uber, and Curb will be the ones who will surely stand out no matter what. The key to success of Uber is providing the streamlined access to their users for booking a ride or cab. The other key is, evolving user engagement. When it comes to user or customer engagement, then it must be constantly improved in order to maintain the users, plus stay ahead of any future competition.

Outline: Startups also need to focus on heavy promotions of the mobile app by using AdWords, and other social media platforms like Facebook. As it will allow creating visibility of your mobile app. Additionally, startups need to continuously involved to develop new and better ways to engage app users such as providing new safety tracking feature to riders.

2. Target B2B (Business-to-Business) Market Instead of B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

You may already aware of the two terms: B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business). If you’re not, then we’ll explain it briefly.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) is a business or transactions, which is conducted directly between company and consumers who are the end users of services or products.

On the other hand, B2B (Business-to-Business) is a type of transaction, which exits between business. Also, it refers to business, which is conducted between companies instead of company and individuals.

Coming to the point, there are several Uber-type models, which focus on the B2C (Business-to-consumer) industry such as Wag!, Lyft, and Seamless. However, B2B (business-to-business) provides enough opportunities for startups who want to leverage the business models like Uber in a new way.

3. Don’t Follow The Trend, For The Sake of ‘Trend’

There is a number of succeeding ride-hailing apps are there like Uber, Lyft, and Grab, which are already recognized and used by masses worldwide. They are succeeded not only because they way they operate, but this is because they offer something to people who need it, plus willing to pay for the services. As long as the sustainable business is concerned, startups can’t rely on one single model, which is on trend alone. No matter how successful and trendy the business model, you need to add some more ideas in terms of unique and usable features to your app users.

4. Seamlessly Integrate Your Service into People’s Lives

It is obvious that people make use of ride-hailing apps to save time. Therefore, startups need to build the efficient business model. For developing uber clone app, you need to focus on the user experience and make sure that the app or service you are providing must be hyper-connected to people’s lives. For instance, if you want to start or have already run the business of ride-sharing, then you would not include price surging as Uber does. However, most riders believe that hiring a cab is a necessary part of the system, but riders usually hate paying excessively higher rates.


Image Source: TransLoc

5. Make Your Service Super Simple to Use

There is no room of doubt in that the trend “Uber-for-X” model has been readily gaining popularity. Startups can also take advantage of this model by looking at the industries where on-demand services have not yet invaded. Additionally, there is a lot of opportunities in on-demand solutions for startups.

Moreover, the ride-sharing is also a part of on-demand solutions. Therefore, the ride-sharing app like Lyft or Uber is capable to deliver the driver to your door for a ride. Therefore, being a startup, all you need to do is that think about how can you make your mobile app super simple and viable for your app users. for validating your app idea on ride-sharing apps like Uber, you can hire iPhone app developer.

What’s Next?

It goes without saying that the market of ride-hailing will continue to grow in the future. This is because that the concept of ride-sharing is too powerful as well as efficient to disappear. As people expect such kind of app of which they can quickly access any type of service by tapping one button on their smartphones. Therefore, after going through aforementioned key factors for startups who are willing to create next ride-hailing apps like Curb, Uber, and Lyft, you might have queries like these:

  • How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?
  • What would be the estimated minimal backend development time for developing apps like Lyft?
  • How much does it cost to develop an MVP app?
  • I have an idea for ride-hailing apps, how can I validate it?

All you need to simply get in touch with us by filling up below-given form. All your queries will be shunted out.  And, we’ll right back to you within 48 hours.


How These 3 Strategies of Varsity Tutors Can Help You to Develop a Successful Learning App?

With the emergence of smartphones and applications, the world is changing entirely, and people are adopting new habits when it comes to hiring a taxi, order a food from the restaurant, calling a doctor or hiring a tutor for their child.

These days, people prefer to hire all these services on-demand using a high-end application on their smartphone. With just a few clicks, they can book a taxi, order food from their favourite restaurant and call a tutor at their home or book a live video session for any subject.

Talking about the education and learning apps, Varsity Tutors, an online video learning app, has got the huge attention of various parents and students worldwide. The app helps students to connect with the right tutor of their needs, right when they need it most. This live learning platform has personalized learning plans so that it becomes easier for students to learn and grow.

Recently, Varsity Tutors, the learning platform founded in 2011, declared that it has closed a $50 million Series C funding round that led by Learn Capital. An initiative by the Chan Zuckerberg and existing investor TCV also participated in the round. Started as an offline service, today, Varsity Tutors offers a fully functional online platform for learning, including on-demand content through Varsity Learning Tools.

Rapid Growth of Online Tutoring Services & Online Learning Platform Varsity Tutors

The annual growth rate of students, who are constantly enrolling in the online tutoring services worldwide is expected to double over the new few years. The worldwide K-12 online tutoring market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 12.75% from 2017-2021, which is up from a CAGR of about 6% from 2016-2020. The online tutoring market of K-12 segment was valued at $63.57 billion in 2016 and it is predicted to be $120.67 billion by 2021.

As already mentioned that Varsity Tutors has raised $50 million in a Series C round that matches the St. Louis-based company’s $50 million Series B round that closed in November 2015. Across its three raises, the St. Louis, Missouri-based company’s total funding comes to $107 million.


With the new funding, Varsity Tutors has planned to enter new categories, new geographies and develop new products that help students to learn in a better way. Today, the platform’s 60% business comes from online that is up from 20% just a couple of years ago.  Moreover, it platform claims to help 100,000+ cumulative students since its founding.

Many of you might be thinking that why this on-demand tutor app is highly popular in the market and what leads this platform to secure $50 million funding. In this blog, we have mentioned strategies that lead this learning platform Varsity Tutors to get huge success in the market.

Strategies That Lead Online Learning App Varsity Tutors to Success Road

#1. Constant Innovation to Offer Quality Learning Experience

The main strategy behind the success of Varsity Tutors app is its constant innovation to deliver quality learning experience to students across different geographies, backgrounds and learning requirements.

The company is constantly improving its platform with many new tools, experts, adding new subjects and methods to teach students. Moreover, it is working hard to make students’ learning more effective and increase access for more students.


Initiated as an offline service, today it has combined many live experts with an online and mobile platform for learners. Furthermore, there are about 40,000 tutors, who offer services spanning more than 1,000 courses and subjects, ranging from elementary school to graduate levels and classes for professional training. Till date, 10,000+ students have used the service of this tutoring app, and students have accessed more than 3 million hours of live instruction.

In order to provide a quality education and learning to students, the platform examines the tutors by conducting a video interview and check on a prospect’s skills, grades, transcripts and test scores. Along with it, the company also conducts a diagnostic test and a background check. So, this is how the company keeps improving the learning experience of students and getting huge success in the market.

#2. Connecting Students to Teachers in Just a Few Seconds

Another strategy that made this platform stands apart from other online learning platforms is that this application connects students to teachers in a just a few seconds. The online platform has an instant Tutoring product, which will connect a student with a live expert in just 15 seconds through the desktop web or mobile application.


With the tutoring sessions, students can get doc editing, whiteboard functionality and some of the other tools that will ensure the lesson is as impactful as possible. To use this easy tool, you just need to select any subject from different subjects, get matched with a tutor of your choice in 15 seconds and work with your tutor until all your studying and homework questions are answered.

One of the best things about Varsity Tutors platform is that the tutors are online 24/7, so if you have in question while studying in mid-night or early morning hours. Tutors will answer your queries with a right solution.

#3. On-demand Tutoring Solution for Students

Now, there is no need to let your busy and hectic schedule interfere with tutoring as on-demand tutoring app Varsity Tutors allows you to take your tutoring sessions on your desired time. Whether you want to get face-to-face help on mobile tutoring platform, the tool is an ideal choice for whenever and wherever works best for you.

instant-tutoring-solutionIf you want to learn in a break between classes to your commute home and turn your waste time into your educational benefit, it is one of the best learning apps for students that is available on-demand. This on-demand solution offers a comprehensive range of tools to help in your tutoring sessions.

You just need to follow a step-by-step guide to different levels of math problems by using the math board. Moreover, the platform also offers workboard, enabling students to highlight their concerns and queries through graphs. There are enormous tools that can help to perform the work that you need from just your mobile device.

What’s Next?

Whether you want to create a learning and education app like Varsity Tutors or any other app of a different category, you need to ensure that your app provides a solution to your audience that can be easily accessed by them.

Talking about the education apps, you can also have your own online education and learning platform, helping students worldwide with different subjects. You just need to validate your app idea with any android apps development company that has proficiency in developing different education apps.

Apart from this, if you still have any confusion or query like:

  • How to create an education and learning app?
  • What features can be included in learning app?

You can directly consult us with your queries and questions. You just need to fill the below-given form for free consultation and our business team will get back to you within 48hrs!

Lyft Gets into Bike-sharing Industry Like Uber’s Electric Bike. Top 3 Opportunities in the Electric Bike Sharing Industry for Startups

Being a startup if you want to invest in the electric bike-sharing app like Lyft & Uber, then this blog is for you as it contains top three opportunities, which you can grab by investing in the electric bike sharing industry. Let’s check out, what those opportunities are?

Most recently, especially for startups, bike-sharing has become one of the hottest trends and a new mode of transportation. What exactly bike sharing does? Fundamentally, it is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared used for people on a short-term basis. For hiring and sharing the bikes, the user can do it via bike-sharing apps.

Talking about the bike-sharing market, Lyft, a San Francisco based on-demand transportation company, has also announced the collaboration with the Baltimore bike share (a bike sharing system) that supports transportation hubs for bikes.

As per the recent report from TechCrunch, “The collaboration is in between Lyft and Baltimore’s department of transportation”. It involves a $270,000 investment from Lyft in order to sponsor five of these new transportation hubs for three years.

As you know that the trend has already begun with several successful bike sharing companies like Ofo, Mobike, JUMP and some other companies. And you might also know about the latest update of Uber’s new electric bike sharing service.

Now, let’s have a look at the top three opportunities in the bike-sharing market, and why you as a startup needs to invest in this industry.

Top 3 Opportunities: Why Do Startups Need to Invest in Bike-sharing Industry?

1. Non-Stop Growth in Bike-Sharing Market

Believing that world will soon forget the ride-sharing war. Due to the fact, there’s a new battleground – bike sharing.

2008: Washington D.C launched SmartBike DC, along with 10 stations, and 120 bike pilot program, which is the first modern bike share system in the United States. On the other hand, in Montréal, a government-owned company, which is known as Bixi Pilots has its own system with innovative and robust bicycles. Furthermore, China launched its bike share system with 2,800 bicycles.

2013: When it comes to New York, the bike-share system launches with 6,000 bikes in the year 2013.

2014: By the end of the 2014 year, bike-sharing systems were available in just 855 cities globally. Nonetheless, as per the report from MetroBike, the global bike-share fleet comprises almost 1 million bicycles. And, the majority of which are situated in China.


2015: In the year 2015, worldwide, the number of bike-share bicycles hits an estimated 1,000,000.

2016: As of December 2016, approximately 1000 cities globally have a bike sharing program.

Total Amount of Bike sharing Companies Raised: Talking about the non-stop growth of bike sharing system, it is worth mentioning about the total amount of money bike sharing companies like Ofo (Beijing-based bicycle sharing company), Mobike (the stationless bike sharing system), and Bluegogo (bicycle-sharing based in China) has raised.


2. Bike-Sharing is a Resource Efficient Business Model

Talking about the Chinese bike sharing industries, amid all, Mobike is one of the most expensive manufacturing models. However, it claims that Mobike costs more than US$400 in order to manufacture per bike. It is assumed that each bike is used for 3 hours per day, and the revenue is US$1. It means that each bike takes 400 days for manufacturing cost to break even.

To consider this, we can say, these bikes generally have a life cycle of more than 2 years.

However, bike share providers do not want to surely lose their money on the hardware only. In the meanwhile, with millions of daily active users, startups can surely gain reasonable revenue through advertisements and other financial services. This works in two ways i.e. hardware and software, The company spends money on hardware only and earns millions of dollars through bike sharing app. In this way, we can say that by investing in bike sharing apps, startups can actually make a profit like Mobike and other companies like Ofo and JUMP.

Furthermore, in the below image, you can get the glimpse of the total amount of funding in bike sharing programs, which has been raised by different companies over time. The image will give a clear idea about the funding amount that companies have raised.


After going through the data of funding amount of bike sharing companies, it would be a great idea for startups to invest in the bike-sharing industry.

Bottom Line: Well, it is all about the growth potential of bike sharing companies. As long as startups are concerned, this is a big time to invest in uber like an electric bicycle. It is also predicted that the bike sharing companies are projected to be worth 23.7 billion yuan ($3.5 billion) by 2019, as per the report from Forbes.

3. Bike-Sharing is the Last Minute Solution for People, and They also prefer it actually

When people plan to go somewhere, then they usually look for a cab to hire. After finding out surge while hiring the cab, even for a short distance, what would they do? However, it is a typical scenario, and called as ‘last mile problem’.

So, hiring a bike is surely an affordable option for them. If people would find out last minute solution to commute through nearby bike option, then it could make people’s life easier in terms of hiring the taxis, which can sometimes stretch out the budget. At the same time, it is beneficial for startups, who look up for ways to invest in a business model like bike sharing mobile apps, which can actually create value.



Throughout the above, you as a startup would know that the level of competition in bike sharing is not that fierce, however, startups can definitely make most by investing in the bike sharing industry.

Over the next few years, the scenario of bike sharing will be completely changed. So, it would be better to discuss the challenges, which you may face as a startup before developing a bike or ride sharing app like Uber or Lyft.

As long as investment in ride or bike sharing technology is concerned, there is a lot to keep up with. The first and foremost thing is that startup should wisely invest his time to hire dedicated developer to create app like uber bike.

All top of it, if you’re still uncertain about the following points like:

  • Is there any firm, who can validate my bike sharing app development idea?
  • How much time does it take to develop an app like Lyft or Uber bike?
  • How much does it cost to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for bike sharing app?
  • I have an idea along with some unique features, how can I validate it?

Firstly, a trusted mobile app development company can help startups to develop a right app to serve their customers’ requirements. Moreover, make sure to check the portfolios of the organization, which you are going to hire for your project.

Still, if you have any queries related to bike sharing app development, you can get in touch with us through below-given form. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Why Auto Giant Toyota Invests in Uber-like Application? [3 Lessons for the Investors]

In this blog, we’ve compiled three lessons, which will give a new way to startups and entrepreneurs to think like Toyota and why the brand has invested in the Uber-like app?

Toyota is not new in the string of auto industry giants partner with ride-hailing companies, or we can say that Uber-like apps. As per the report, Toyota and Uber announced the partnership in the year 2016.

With the rapid investment in the trends of car usage from the last few years, the development is clearly seen in new areas, including ride-sharing and car-sharing services.

According to the latest news from TechCrunch, “Toyota will invest 7.5 billion JPY i.e. $69 million into JapanTaxi”.  JapanTaxi is an Uber-like service in Japan, which is owned by Ichiro Kawanabe, CEO of Nihon Kotsu (Japan’s largest taxi operator).

Growth Rate of Toyota Hitherto

Toyota, the company that requires no introduction, is widely famous brand worldwide. The company has shown much interest in investing in Uber-like applications as it is seeking one of the biggest roles in the future of connected mobility. So, here we are going to explore more in terms of growth about the global leader of the automotive industry – Toyota.

  • Toyota ranks at the top in the marathon of the most valuable brands within the automotive sector globally as of 2017, which you can see in the below image.


  • In addition to this, the below-chart from Statista illustrates the market capitalization/valuation of top companies in the year 2016.

toyota-growth-rateWell, aforementioned data is revealing about the growth rate of a successful company, Toyota. Undoubtedly, the company is itself a big brand, and despite this, it has been investing in ride-sharing services. Thus, this data simply gives reasons to investors that it’s time to invest in ride-sharing market. Now, let’s check out the three lessons which you can learn from this biggest brand.

3 Lessons Learned From The Auto Giant – Toyota, Why The Company Has Been Continually Investing in Uber Like App So Far?

1. Solving the Global Challenges

There are various global challenges like traffic, pollution and difficulty in booking taxi and these challenges are constantly affecting the lives of global citizens. However, the carpooling options from various Uber-like services are one way to improve the traffic condition. Moreover, as per the new study, “Using carpooling services from Uber and Lyft could reduce the number of vehicles on the road by the factor of three without impacting travel time”.

The ride-sharing service is responsible to transfer urban mobility by providing – convenient and timely transportation services to people. Therefore, we can say that ride-sharing taxi app development is solving one of the biggest challenges.

Well, this is the idea of investment in solving the biggest global challenge. And, it is not at all surprising that why Asia’s auto giant Toyota has invested in uber like apps so far. Now, the whole scenario is translucent.

So, this is the first lesson that investors can learn from Toyota, and can decide to invest in the ride-sharing app like Toyota.

lesson toyota

Image Source: SFChronicle

2. It’s Good to Go With The Flow, Sometimes

It goes without saying that Toyota is a global leader in the automotive industry. It would be great if investors can learn a lesson from Toyota, which has successfully invested in on-demand solutions like Uber, Grab, and JapanTaxi. Toyota vehicles are among one of the most popular cars on the Uber platform. Also, the Global carmaker, Toyota keeps its fingers in the pie of taxis as well as hire cabs.

Toyota and other carmakers involve more because the craze of hiring taxis is increasing dramatically more than anything in the recent times.


The above image has clearly explained that the craze of ride-hailing is never going to an end.

3. Never Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Toyota has not only invested in white label Uber like app, but the company has also invested in other ride-hailing service providers like Grab.

Basically, Grab is a Singapore-based technology company, which provides ride-hailing and logistic services through taxi booking software. And, Grab offers 300 million daily rides via private cars, taxis, and carpooling services across seven countries in Southeast Asia.

Toyota has covered absolutely three major ride-hailing areas: Uber, Grab, and JapanTaxi. Therefore, being an investor, if you are planning to invest like this, then you should cover other areas as well as like what Toyota did.


The bottom line is that investors should also have such clever ideas that not only invest in one ride-hailing service, but they must invest equally in the marketplace. This is the third lesson, which can be learned from Toyota before investing taxi applications like Uber.

What’s Next?

The on-demand taxi-hailing apps have played a major role in the plans of successful car makers like Toyota. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who run taxi business, covering different cities, then these three above-mentioned lessons can help you to make most of your business.

If you have any query in the niche of taxi booking software, it would be a good idea to consult with any trusted iPhone app development company that has experience in developing taxi booking apps like Uber.

Still, if you have any question like:

  • How to create a taxi booking app like Uber?
  • How can taxi booking app benefit your business?

You can consult us through below given form and we will figure out your queries and get back to you with a right solution.

Every On-demand Startup Needs to Learn These 3 Lessons From Instacart, a San Francisco-based Grocery Delivery Service

This blog is for every on-demand startup, looking for surefire ways to boost their business models, in terms of, on-demand grocery app. We’ve rounded up three lessons, which will help you to create a successful business model.

With the emergence of the on-demand solution, grocery shopping is never going to be the same again. Today, numerous grocery service providers are already in the marketplace. But according to Forbes report, “Instacart has become America’s most promising companies list”.

Launched back in 2012, Instacart is a grocery delivery startup, which is popular to deliver in as short as an hour. According to the latest news from TechCrunch, “Instacart has secured another $200M at a $4.2B valuation”. From the same source, “Instacart was last valued at $3.4 billion in a financing round in March 2017”.

Additionally, in just two and half years, Instacart has rocked up to the Silicon Valley money list with its 1-hour grocery delivery service. That’s why this startup has placed among one of America’s most promising companies list.

Facts and Funds Raised by Instacart As of Now

  • Total funding amount: $874.8M as per the data from Crunchbase
  • Total App installs: 1M to 5M, as per the latest data from Similar Web
  • Instacart ranks #12 in the United States.
  • Funds raised in the first 3 years of the emergence of Instacart can be seen in the below image.



  • Instacart has raised $220M in Series C funding in 2014.


  • In the below image, you can see the latest data of mobile app ranking of Instacart from SimilarWeb.

So, if you are also planning to establish a successful on-demand grocery startup, let’s check out the below-mentioned lessons that learned from on-demand grocery startup, Instacart. These lessons can help you to know how you can establish a successful on-demand grocery platform.

3 Lessons Learned from Instacart, a San Francisco-based Grocery Delivery Service

#1. Analyzed The Key Problems and Provided With The Appropriate Solutions

A nimble grocery on-demand service, Instacart analyzed the pain points of people while they order grocery. There was a delivery issue, which was faced by many shoppers in the previous times, but Instacart has recognized this problem and worked on it, and provide optimal solutions to users.

To deliver groceries within one hour to customer’s place was another biggest challenge. And, this was first implemented by Instacart. However, there were numerous stores already available for customers, where they could buy groceries, but Instacart provides instant delivery services to their customers.

In order to reduce the delivery time, Instacart provides facility to customers, in which they can order groceries by choosing one or more stores nearby via a mobile app.

Instacart has expanded its delivery zone to total 14 areas. Also, the company has added stores in the area in order to serve better to users by providing seamless online grocery experience.

By providing this useful facility, the user is now able to get grocery in a minimal time, which was not possible earlier.


#2. Solved Common Problems Like Wrong Item Delivery, and Out of Stock Items

Have you ever got a wrong product as a customer while shopping online? A lot of customers receive a wrong product when they shop for grocery online. So, Instacart has hired a dedicated support team for the particular job to handle all these issues.

This team makes sure customers would receive right product. In any case, if the customer receives a wrong product, then he/she can directly contact Instacart team through a phone call or email.

Talking about, the ‘out of stock items’ means that, when the items in the app go out of stock. To handle this problem, on demand grocery delivery app, Instacart allowed their customers to add notes in the below of ‘out-of-stock’ product. By doing so, such on-demand grocery app can readily fix the problem, which can make hurdles in customers’ shopping experience.

Within the app, Instacart added ‘out of stock’ button on such products for the reference of customers.


#3. Provided With Some Salient Features

Providing users with the unique and salient features always play an important role to grab attention from the maximum number of users. Therefore, the third lesson is centralized on the basis of what unique as well as useful features that you can provide your users. If you’re planning to create an Instacart clone app, then you need to check out the following salient features:

  • There is a collection of over 300,000 items from numerous stores, which enable customers to place orders from their favorite stores. Or, users can mix items from different stores into one order.


  • Instacart is widely available in major areas of the United States such as San Jose, New York, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Austin, Los Angeles, Boston, and SF Bay Area as you can see in the below-given graph.


Long Story, Short

With a vast network of grocery chains and retailers and quality customer experience, a grocery app can achieve success like Instacart. Additionally, in this way, you, as a startup, can boost your business model after considering above mentioned lessons in your mind and try to deliver solution to your audience problem and serve them better.

Validate Your On-demand Grocery App Development Idea

No matter whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur, all aforementioned lessons can surely help you to broaden your vision and provide your customers with an outstanding service like Instacart.

With the constantly increasing demand for on-demand grocery services, you can also have your own on-demand grocery apps like Instacart. If you have any grocery app idea like Instacart, you make sure to validate your idea with any android apps development company.

In case, if you still have any query related to on-demand grocery apps like:

  • How this grocery app can help you to serve your customers?
  • How much does it cost to create an app like Instacart?

You can consult us through below-given form and our business team will get back to you to solve your queries!


Surprise Your Client by Delivering Android App Development Project Faster with These Top 10 Android Libraries [2018]

This post is helpful for Android developers as it contains a list of top 10 android libraries of 2018 that can help them in developing an android app with less time and efforts.

We have already stepped into 2018 and many of you all might be working on your new android development projects.

Well, developing a high-end Android application requires a complete dedication and a set of libraries that help you to save a lot of time and make your app bugs-free.

However, Android libraries are being developed by the whole community of developers, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel while developing an app. Moreover, these libraries can help you to develop projects with fewer bugs. And utilizing Android libraries can make a win-win situation for you.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top 10 android libraries of 2018 that you should check out to make your next Android app development project hassle-free and complete it in less time:

Best Android Libraries of 2018 to Save Your Time & Efforts


MyLittleCanvas is one of the top android libraries that you must check out in 2018. The library was to facilitate work with canvas on Android, but instead of methods, you can make use of objects now.

This Android library is used to achieve feature like a custom underline on a TextView. Moreover, you can use it to implement RectShape, RoundRectShape, TextShape, LineShape, DrawableShape, PathShape, CircleShape with Canvas methods.

GitHub Link

2. ExpansionPanel

ExpansionPanel is another feature-rich library from Florent Champigny that gives developers an implementation of Expansion Panels (that contain creation flows and enable lightweight editing of an element). With this library, you can set-up multiple expansion layouts to allow only 1 opened at the time.

This library is easily comprehensible and the project itself comes with a sample application so that developers can check this out. Moreover, the complete code of this library is under Apache-2.0 license and the sample app is also obtainable on Google Play.

GitHub Link

3. ButterKnife

A view binding library ButterKnife makes use of annotation to generate boilerplate code for Android developers. This high-end android library is developed by Jake Wharton and it makes your code clearer than before.


Using this library, it will be time-saving for developers to write repetitive lines of code. If you want to avoid writing repetitive code like “findViewByID(, butterknife is extremely helpful for developers to binding strings, dimens, drawables, click events and more.

Now, rather than writing setOnClickListener method for every view, you can make use @OnClick annotation that gives click event for single or multiple views. In short, using butterknife library is a lot easier for your project.

GitHub Link


Kotlin-math is another great android library as it is a complete set of Kotlin APIs to make graphics math simpler to write. These APIs are mainly modelled after GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) in order to make porting code to and from shaders easier.

The different types that offered by this library are only meant to be value types. There are various APIs that are exposed as top-level functions and not as methods.

GitHub Link –


While developing an android application that has multiple active components communicating with each other, you might be facing different problems. EventBus is one of the best android libraries that was mainly created to solve this problem using the publisher/subscriber pattern.


This library has simplified the communication between components, decouples event senders, and receivers.performs well with Activities, Fragments, and background threads. All the different classes that are involved with this library are completely decoupled from each other, leading to code that is less complex and simpler to maintain and debug.

Moreover, it has some advanced features like delivery threads and subscriber priorities. It avoids complex and error-prone dependencies and life cycle issues.

GitHub Link –

6. Lottie

Suggested by one of our Sr. android developers, Lottie is an android animation library that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with Bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile.


With this library, for the very first time, designers can create and ship beautiful animations without an engineer thoroughly recreating it by hand. Currently, it supports with solids, shape layers, masks, alpha mattes, trim paths, and dash patterns.

Moreover, the library allows to go forward, backward, and most importantly – it allows to program animation to respond to any interaction.

GitHub Link –

7. EasyPermissions

EasyPermissions is a wrapper library in order to simplify basic system permissions login when targeting Android M or higher. Using EasyPermissions, users can check if the app already has the required permissions or not. This method can take any number of permissions as its final argument.

Moreover, requesting permissions with EasyPermissions#requestPermissions. This method will request the system permissions and show the rationale string provided if necessary. However, the request code given must be unique to this request.

GitHub Link

8. Objectbox

ObjectBox is the most used android library that allows app developers to devote their valuable time to what makes their apps stand-out and not for storing and retrieving data. Moreover, this library is an object-oriented embedded database and a right alternative for SQLite. This is incidentally well-suited for IoT.


It also allows users to avoid different repetitive tasks and offers a simple interface to your data. In addition to this, ObjectBox is specially optimized for performance and designed to save app developers from dealing with SQL.

Link –

9. Activity Recognition API

Activity Recognition API allows users to recognize a current activity of users like walking, driving, or standing still. Android developers, who are making use of this library, can request activity updates by pressing the “Request Updates” button and stop receiving updates using the “Remove Updates button.

Moreover, the sample makes use of an IntentService to process detected activity changes, which are sent using ActivityRecognitionResultobjects. The IntentService will get a complete list of probable detected activities and broadcasts them through a BroadcastReceiver. Know more about this API on the below-given link.

Link –

10. Smart Lock for Passwords on Android

With Smart Lock for Passwords on Android, developers can automatically sign users into their app using the credentials they have saved. Moreover, they can also save both username-password credentials and federated identity credentials.

You can easily integrate Smart Lock for Passwords into your app by using Credentials API to retrieve saved credentials on sign-in. Make use of it successfully retrieved credentials to sign the user in or use the Credentials API to rapidly onboard new users by partially completing your app’s sign in or sign-up form.

Link –

Final Thoughts,

So, these are the top 10 open source Android libraries 2018 that every Android developer should check out in this year. Using these libraries, they can save a lot of time and efforts that they spend on developing an Android app from scratch.

However, if you have any confusion related to these android libraries or want to know how these libraries can be useful in your android app development project, you can consult us that is totally free. Just fill the below-given form and we will get back to with answers to your queries!

Which Technologies Our Mobile App Developers Use to Develop a Successful On-demand Food Delivery Apps Like Swiggy, GrubHub, Postmates

The business of delivering food from diverse restaurants to the homes or offices is undergoing dramatic growth across America, Asia, and the Middle East. With a rapid rise in the on-demand food delivery niche, there are new Internet platforms, which are attracting considerable investments and high-value investments. Talking about the Indian food delivery startup, “Swiggy has secured $100M in its latest round of funding”, as per the Techcrunch report.

Two Tiers of Online Food Delivery

When it comes to talking online platforms, there are two types in the niche of on-demand food delivery i.e.

1.Type: Aggregators
2.Type: New Delivery platform with logistic support

The very first type is – aggregators, which has been emerged a few years ago.

The second one is “new delivery” players that are appeared in the year 2013. However, both types allow customers to compare menus, place orders, and post reviews from a range of restaurants by accessing only single food delivery app.

On the other hand, “aggregators”, which is the part of the traditional-delivery category. In simple terms, it takes orders from customers and routes them to restaurants, in which they handle deliveries themselves. In contrast, the providers under the label of new delivery build their own logistics networks and offering delivery for restaurants, which don’t have their own drivers.

Let’s elaborate these two terms – Aggregators and New delivery.

1. Aggregators

When it comes to food delivery, aggregators is built on the traditional model. Simply, it offers access to multiple restaurants via a single online portal.

How Does It Work?

It simply works by logging into the app or website, and users can quickly compare menus, prices, and reviews of other users. However, the category ‘aggregators’ collects only a fixed margin of orders, which are paid by the restaurants only. Plus, restaurants handle the actual delivery by themselves. And, there are no additional charges to user/consumer.

2. New Delivery

Alike aggregators, the second type – New Delivery allows users or consumers to compare offerings, plus order meals from a group of restaurants via a mobile app or website. In this category, the providers also offer the logistics for the restaurants. In addition, it allows providers to open a new segment of restaurant market to home delivery.

Moving ahead and let’s have a look at the most common yet essential features, which any on-demand food delivery app possess.

Must-have Features of Successful On-demand Food Delivery App

In order to create an app like GrubHub, Swiggy or Postmate, there are some significant features to make your app stand-out. With the experience of developing 20+ startup apps in the same niche, we’ve compiled a list of essential features along with the technologies in the niche of on-demand delivery solutions. Have a look!

1. Search and Menus

The first and foremost thing, for any on-demand food delivery startup, it is essential to take the first step to collect and display the right data only. In this way, you can provide your users right information about the particular restaurants and cuisines.

Now, the question is – how can you provide all the necessary information about the localized restaurants, addresses, and menus? So that, your users can easily place the order within the local food delivery app. Fortunately, for all startups and entrepreneurs, who are looking food ordering and delivery solution, there are GrubHub’s API and Foursquare’s API.

Technologies We Use:

  • GrubHub’s API
  • FourSquare’s API

The GrubHub’s semi-public API is used to get back the entire information related to the menu of the restaurants from the databases, and it can be 10,000+ restaurants. On the other side, FourSquare’s API connects customers with restaurant listings. However, this technology – FourSquare is used by Postmates food delivery app.

2. Secure Payment Integration

Another must-have feature is ‘in-app payments’. You must notice that it is pretty hard to find an app that does not have an in-app payment option.

Technologies We Use:

For developing an on-demand app with the secure payment integration, our mobile app developers use:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Square’s API

Food for Thought: To provide seamless user experience, it is highly recommended that you must provide different payment options.

3. Accurate Time of Food Delivery

It would be great if you can provide your users with an accurate time of food delivery. Because nobody would like to wait. Therefore, in order to cut this, our mobile app developers make use of ‘machine learning algorithm. Machine learning algorithm includes many factors such as delivery location, order volume, and availability of drivers.

4. GPS Tracking

Planning to build online food delivery system, it is pivotal to aware of the integration of GPS tracking. From determining user’s location to check driver’s real-time location, we have mentioned technologies for GPS tracking that we used while creating on-demand food delivery app:

To determine app user’s location:

  • Core Location Framework (for iOS)
  • Google’s Places API (for Android)

For providing driving directions:

  • MapKit (for iOS)
  • Google Maps API (for Android)

5. Ratings and Reviews

The concept of feedback plays an important role when it comes to providing excellent customer services as well as to grow your business after knowing your customers’ genuine feedback.

However, behind the app under the tag of food ordering and delivery solution, there are many factors as It includes restaurants and delivery persons. Therefore, you would not let your service down due to some issues like bad taste or late delivery of food because of freelance delivery drivers.

That’s why, it is important to provide your app users with the feature, which is usually named as ‘ratings and reviews’. In addition to this, within the app, you can also provide your users to rate individual chefs and their dishes.

The Shape of Current On-Demand Food Delivery Market

Across the globe, the revenue of food delivery segment amounts to US$121,848M in the year 2018, according to Statista report.

However, there’s one another report, “The market’s largest segment is the segment “online takeaway” with a volume of US$110,004M in 2018”.

The market for on-demand food delivery has already matured enough. However, for upcoming years, the data is also worth mentioning here. Let’s have a look!

Expected Revenue of On-Demand Food Delivery Market: According to the latest data from Statista, it’s predicted an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-22) of 17.77%, resulting in a market volume of US$110,044M in 2018.

Talking about the three on-demand food delivery apps or giant startups i.e. GrubHub, Swiggy, and Postmates, then its Google Trends reflects like this:


The above-given data from Google Trends shows that it is quite hard to beat these on-demand food delivery startups as they are strong competitors. Moreover, these platforms have been growing rapidly. It would be worthy to look upon the individual growth of particular platforms – GrubHub, Postmates, and Swiggy.

  • GrubHub: In the below-given image, you can see the average order volume of GrubHub.


  • Postmates: As per the below image of Postmates growth, you can see how sharply deliveries has grown.


Image Source: venturecapnews

  • Swiggy: According to the latest report of Swiggy app, the growth in daily transaction is growing upward.


After going through the overall data of on-demand food delivery providers, you must have got the idea, it’s not easily going to end the era.

Wrapping It Up

So, aforementioned features are essentials for creating Swiggy food delivery app. Here, we as a mobile app development company provided the technologies, which are used by our mobile app developers to create on-demand food delivery apps like GrubHub and Postmates. Moreover, it will also ensure our future customers that their project is in the safe hands.

Still, if you have any questions like:

  • How much does it cost to create an app like Swiggy, GrubHub, or Postmates
  • How should I validate my on-demand food delivery app idea?

All you just need to drop your query into below given form. And, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


How to Keep User Data Secure When Developing A Trading App

Trading on the commute to work or while waiting for a morning coffee are just two of the benefits individuals around the world get when downloading and using a trading app.

Today, apps are big money makers and it’s anticipated that by 2020 they will generate $189 billion, which makes app development a lucrative and growing business, but it’s vital to get it right.

Therefore, before releasing a product on the market, developers should focus on keeping sensitive data secure and implementing as many functions as possible to keep user’s data safe. Let’s take an example of the most popular mobile app for tracking stocks and shares SeekingAlpha that faced a serious security flaw leading to information leaks.

It had been discovered by Derek Abdine of Rapid7 that the app leaks personally identifiable and confidential information, comprising the username and password that connected with the account, lists of stock symbols and HTTP cookies.

In this blog, we will have a look at the different ways how developers can keep user data safe and secure while developing a trading app.

5 Proven Ways to Keep User Data Safe & Secure When Building Trading App:

1. Learning From Others

Cryptocurrency receives good and bad press coverage on a day to day basis. Many people benefit from these types of programs and make a considerable amount of money from them. However, others are finding themselves being targeted by scammers.

Evidence suggests that investors shouldn’t leave cryptocurrency coins on the exchange as it’s not the most secure of storage facilities. Instead of leaving coins on the exchange, alternative and safer homes for them should be sought, such as in a hardware or paper wallet.

Developers can learn a lot from the cryptocurrency industry and use this knowledge to improve the data security in the apps they offer.

2. Data Security

To make your app as secure as possible, use a 128-bit algorithm encryption level – the highest level that US law allows. It’s almost impossible for hackers to steal user’s information with this level of encryption due to the sophisticated algorithm used. It’s highly recommended that file-level encryption is incorporated to protect any data stored or entered.

Most people like the benefits that come with their details being auto-filled when they return to a login page, however, this function can put the individual’s data at risk due to it being housed within the app. Therefore, when using this feature, arrange for any sensitive information to be kept in a secure, encrypted storage space.

Typically, a user will log into a piece of software using a username and password. If this is the login method you choose to use for your piece of technology, be sure to build in some rules regarding the password to ensure individuals like they have to select upper and lower letters, special characters and meet a word length threshold. This provides maximum protection and stops hackers from easily guessing login details.

3. Automatic Features

Developers should look to build in an automatic logout function which activates after some seconds when an individual closes their screen. This prevents the software from being open to vulnerabilities and ensures that only the authorized account holder can access their data by being forced to log back in.

It’s also recommended that any update made to your application automatically download onto your customer’s devices, rather than relying on them to check and manually process them. By doing this, you’re making sure that everyone using your product’s safest, securest and latest version.

Moreover, fingerprint recognition is a great tool that is utilizing many pieces of technology. It’s a brilliant way of ensuring that only authorized persons can access their data, and it provides a reassurance that transactions made are legitimate.

4. Testing

Before releasing your product onto the market for the general population to download and use, it’s vital that you test every aspect of your design multiple times. Ideally, you should use penetration testing to seek out weaknesses. This should then be followed up by in-depth authentication, authorization, data security issues and session management testing. Before signing off the app, using emulators to test how it will perform in a specifically designed environment would be a good idea.

Even when your product has gone live, regular testing should continue to be done to check for bugs and flaws. If anything, untoward is found, measures should be taken to protect anyone who has the app installed and a quick resolution implemented to limit downtime and any potential damage that could be caused.

5. Prompt Users

Individuals who have downloaded your program may think that they know exactly how to use the system and know what they need to do to stay protected when trading. However, don’t be afraid to remind them of the ways in which they can keep themselves and their personal information safe online.

Simple things like prompting a user to log out of the system, reminding them not to trade while using public Wi-Fi and encouraging them to use a unique password when signing in can all be helpful reminders which can even be incorporated in a fun way into your specifications.

A Concluding Note,

In short, trading apps are a brilliant way for people to trade on the go, but it is must that it is built with complete security to give users the safest experience. So, if your app has well thought out features to protect users’ data, you can be sure of a trustworthy product with a long and healthy future.

However, you make sure that while discussing your trading app idea with any leading mobile app development company, you discuss the security features that you are looking for. In case, if you still have any confusion or query related to data security feature in the trading app, you can get in touch with us through below given form and our business team will get back to you with required answers to your questions.


The First Post You Should Read If You are Planning to Build Carpooling App like Uber and Lyft

The summertime is on the way and everyone is busy in planning for their vacation whether it is just on beach, trekking or a road trip to an unknown destination. No matter where they decide to spend their summer days, but all they need to take transport to go there.

In this case, what people are doing is hiring a taxi using taxi booking apps, but it might be a highly expensive option that costs heavily on the budget. Therefore, it would be a great option for people to travel through rideshare services, where riders will share the ride with other people and divide the cost.

In this service, the rider will book a ride, choosing the destination and share the ride with other riders, who are going to the same destination.  Such ride-sharing or carpooling services are offered by various taxi service giants like Uber, Lyft, BlaBlaCar and many other transportation companies. These services are extremely popular among travellers and young people, who travel often to different destinations.

Carpooling Apps-A New & Advanced Alternative to Pricey Airfares

With enormous travel alternatives by new technology and business models, individuals have even number of choices. Today, the convenience of using carpooling apps from smartphones, sharing a ride with other riders and splitting the cost has helped a lot of people to propel ride-sharing to the forefront of the sharing economy.

According to PwC report, transportation is being one of the largest sectors, and it is estimated that the sector will generate global revenues of $335 billion by 2025; therefore, transportation is considered as the most promising sectors for investment opportunities. Taking the benefits of new trends, taxi service providers can come-up with new carpooling apps, bringing together office goers and commuters to share their rides.


However, in the above-given graph, you can see that the search term for carpooling apps is growing constantly from past several months. Every single day, the demand for ride-sharing apps like UberPool, BlaBlaCar and Lyft is rising and allowing people to save their time and money.

If you have also made-up your mind to create a carpooling app like Uber and Lyft, you can go through below-mentioned features that can increase the success rate of your carpooling app:

#1. An Easy Way For Riders to Search for the Ride

People always prefer to use those applications that are easy, time-saving and takes fewer efforts to access. Therefore, one of the main features of carpooling app is allowing riders to search for their preferred rides effortlessly. It is essential that your riders do not face any hassle while searching for the rider where they want to go.


No matter whether they prefer to go on any tourist destination, home-to-office or any other place, it must be easy for them to enter the details and find a ride that they can share with other riders, who are going to the place.

#2. Allow People to Choose With Whom They Want to Travel

Another important feature that can make a carpooling app stand out is the preference of other riders with whom they can travel. As everyone is different and have their own choice, so it would be a good option to allow riders to choose with whom they want to travel. Allow them to add their preferences while booking for a ride like by gender, age, and any other preferences.


In case, if you are targeting tourist places that mean long-routes, then you can give your riders some additional preferences like hobbies, interests, etc. so that they do not get bored while riding. By choosing hobbies and interest, they can find another rider, who has the same interest as them and can travel long routes together. Apart from this, you can share profile information of riders with each other so that they can find more comfort in travelling with strangers.

#3. Allow Riders to Create Groups

Now, it is something that can really excite your app users. You can allow your app users to create a group of people with whom they often travel on the same route. By creating a group of people with whom they are familiar whether it be intercity travel or daily ride to their home-to-office, they can enjoy their daily rides.


They can be with their friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives while riding. In fact, you can always allow them to share their preferences about the people they travel with by being a part of groups.

#4. Suggesting Rides Based on Users’ History

No one likes to enter the same information again and again, so your users hate it too. If the rider is using your ride-sharing app on daily basis and he has to enter the address repeatedly, it can irritate your users to type long addresses of places they travel often like home or office. Therefore, it would be a great option to suggest rides based on users’ history.

With the special algorithm, you can provide your users rides based on his or her commuting history. It will be convenient for your users who often go to the same place. So, including this feature in the rideshare app is totally worth for riders.

#5. Chat Option

Another essential feature that can be considered while creating a carpooling app is chat or direct message option so that driver and passengers can communicate easily about the place.


They can add their contact information for making their communication easier through chat messenger. Rather than calling each other again and again, they can communicate through chat messenger that is more convenient.

#6. Rating & Reviews

Being an owner of carpooling or ride-sharing app, you must always be open to suggestions, reviews and feedback from your customers, who use your app on daily basis. By their suggestions and reviews, you can keep improving your ride-sharing app with more features, functionalities and services that facilitate your app users.


Moreover, feedbacks and reviews help other riders to know about your app and its features. It can also help them to choose a driver by their ratings and reviews as you can also allow users to rank drivers according to their behaviour and service.

So, these are some of the most common carpooling apps that you can consider while creating a ride-sharing app. However, apart from these above-mentioned features, the ride-share market is vast and there are enormous other features like Emergency button in the app, driver & rider identity verification and search option that can be included in the app.

No matter whether you have planned to create a carpool app or already have one, you can customize it from app development company that proffers Uber clone app development services.

How Do We Customize Carpooling App Service to Meet Our Client’s Taxi Business Needs?

According to one of our clients’ requirements, we have given a new definition of carpooling app service. To match our clients’ business service, we customized carpooling app service, where the only driver can decide the route and pick-up only those passengers that are going the same way he goes. Then, the riders will split the cost accordingly.

In this service, the driver will not serve its passengers with on-demand services as he is the one, who decides the route and gets only those requests, through carpool app, that come for the same destination where he is going. Our client wanted to open carpooling service for all the people, who want to save on fuel cost while travelling to home-to-office, tourist place or any other destination.

Apart from this, we can also customize carpool apps according to your business requirements so that you can deliver your customers an utmost level of services. In case, if you have any query or questions in mind like:

  • How should I validate my carpool app idea with any mobile app development company?
  • What type of other features and functionalities can be included in carpooling app?
  • How much does it cost to develop a carpooling app like Uber and Lyft?

To get answers to such questions or queries, you can consult us directly from the below-given form. The consultation won’t cost a single penny. Our business will get back to you and offer you a complete proposed solution.

3 Strategies Behind The Spontaneous Growth of Blacklane, Germany-based Startup

Herein, the information lies for those Entrepreneurs or Startups, who have been looking for surefire ways to create an on-demand limo booking app like Blacklane. Also, compiled strategies, which are behind the rapid growth of Berlin’s Blacklane, a Germany-based startup.

The more frequently you travel by air, the more chances to face the never-ending longer queues and the taxi fares, which could stretch your budget. However, this biggest nightmare of air travel has been successfully resolved by a German startup, Blacklane.

The startup was founded by Jens Wohltorf and Frank Steuer in the year 2011. On a fundamental level, Berlin’s Blacklane works by contracting with local professional limousine (a luxury sedan or saloon car generally driven by chauffeur drivers). Plus, Blacklane uses drivers’ unscheduled time to provide rides.

You might be wondering that in just four years, Blacklane (on-demand transportation startup) has successfully established, and its presence over 500 airports globally, covers 250 cities, and more than 50 countries. However, the data is pretty impressive in such a short span of time. As per the latest news by TechCrunch, “Berlin’s Blacklane has raised $40M to $45M for its high-end transport on-demand service”.

In the below-given video, you can see the co-founder of Blacklane, Frank Steuer shared his thoughts. Have a look.

Key Data Points of Blacklane That Witnesses Spontaneous Growth


Image Source: TNW

  • Here, you can see the exponential quarterly revenue growth of Blacklane.


Now, moving ahead, let’s have a look at the strategies behind the rapid growth of Blacklane.

3 Strategies Behind The Rapid Growth of German-based Startup- Blacklane

1. Lessening The Pain Points of People Who Travel by Air

On a daily basis, Germany-based startup connects with its thousands of users through its website or app. With such an unusual model, Blacklane come up with the solutions of challenges, which people have been facing so far, especially air travelers.

Challenge: Traveling by air looks pretty comfortable for all of us. But, to reach the airport on time was always the matter of pain for enormous people.

  • The cost of ride, which is usually undefined
  • Airport Tolls
  • Tipping Customs
  • Local Fees

On ground transportation, the problems were like paying in multiple currencies, receipts, fragmented car services, and the taxis came with different quality standards. However, people were not able to find out an ideal transportation solution while traveling to the distances, especially airports.

Solution: Thus, Germany-based startup, Blacklane analyzed the problems and challenges that faced by common people, and constantly working to resolve them. They have come up with the fixed ride fare for passengers, with a strategy like 60-minutes of free wait time, especially if it is airport pickups, which is not provided by any other ride-hailing services.


2. Providing Unique Attributes Like ‘Professional Drivers’ That is Not Yet Available On Other On-demand Transportation Services

Undeniably, Blacklane limo app already offers a range of features to its customers, but the question is – what makes Blacklane unique comparatively to its competitors?

Well, it is based on the concept of connecting users with local, licensed, regulated, and professional drivers as what people missed this feature on other on-demand ride-hailing services.

Blacklane has simply resolved these problems that faced by people in their daily lives. As per the report from Forbes, “Our aim was not making money first, rather see if there was a demand for such a service, Jens Wohltorf (the founder of Blacklane) said.

Therefore, such feature, professional drivers to the riders, can help users to build trust easily with any limo booking app. In short, we can say that the world needs such ride-hailing app, which provides smarter ways of traveling from one place to another along with discounted rates. This is what Blacklane did. If you’re ready to create an app like Blacklane, then this strategy, in terms of the feature is completely worth.

3. The Competitive Ride-Hailing Service Without Compromising Quality

There’s nothing new in the concept of ‘on-demand limousine app’. Even, there’s an abundance of ride-hailing service providers in the marketplace. But, Blacklane has also covered all those areas in which people had been waiting for so long. Talking about the charges of pricey hotel cars or traveling to the airport, which usually requires a lot of formalities before getting the flight. However, Blacklane just cut the monotony and provides users, which is not available on others.

What Does Blacklane Have, Which Uber Doesn’t?

  • Insured and licensed drivers
  • No surge pricing
  • Drivers undergo more stringent background screening
  • Free cancellation
  • Free wait time up to 15 minutes, and 60 minutes at airports

In a nutshell, we can say that Blacklane is a right choice for business travelers with fair pricing. In the most simple way, we can conclude is that – Blacklane had thoroughly understood its users’ needs and analyzed competitors’ pros and cons to come up with the unusual business model in terms of on-demand limo service app.

Wrapping Up

The rapid growth of Blacklane has already set the norms. In simple words, we can say that the on-demand industry requires quality with a competitive cost as it is hard to achieve both at the same time.

After going through with the above-mentioned data and strategies behind Blacklane’s growth, you may be got the clear idea about how you can add more useful features in order to build a successful business model in terms of the on-demand app like Blacklane.

So, if you have your own unique ideas like Blacklane, you can simply discuss it with an ideal iPhone app development company.

Apart from this, if you still have any questions or queries like:

  • How much does it cost to develop a limousine app like Blacklane?
  • Which features must be required to create an app like Uber and Blacklane?
  • How can I validate my app idea?

Then, all you need to fill up the below-given form and we will get back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

Planning to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? You Can’t Afford to Miss These Points That Make It Stand-Out

If you’ve been waiting for creating the business model, in terms of the Tinder-like app, then you can not afford to miss out these essential points, which can make your dating app stand-out. Let’s have a look!

Smartphones gave a new life to online datings, and Tinder just grabbed the opportunity. In a short span of time, Tinder has become the most popular dating app. It does not only kill the stigma of online dating, but it also makes easier to subtly stalk the matches. Now, it is just a matter of time.

However, you may have scrolled a Tinder app for once in your life and know about its nitty-gritty features. According to the latest news by Techcrunch, Tinder has launched a new location-based feature in its dating app. Moreover, the company stated in the statement that its new location-based feature set will include releases, where every single feature builds on top of the prior one.

Talking about the online dating industry, the below-mentioned facts can make you aware of the current market.

Interesting Facts About Online Dating

Fact 1: According to the data from Pew Research Center, “80% of Americans say online dating is a good way to meet people”. It means that people’s attitude towards online dating has become more positive that you can see in the below-given data.


Fact 2: The next report reveals, “Since 2013, use of online dating sites, and apps by young adults has nearly tripled” that can be seen in the below-graph.


Fact:3 Taking you straight to the data from Google Trends, in which you can see people’s interest towards online datings apps is increasing over time. Since 2013, it has been increasing drastically around the globe.


Moving ahead, to know briefly about Tinder’s overall growth to know what Tinder possess.

Tinder’s Overall Growth

Launched back in 2012, Tinder is a widely used dating app, which focuses on matching users by allowing them to search matches based on location. Just look at the figure below:

  • Within just two years, Tinder had over 1 billion matches and 800 million swipes per day.
  • According to the data from App Annie, which reveals the total download rank of Android users in the United States. As you can see it in the below image.


  • Moreover, you can check the Tinder’s ranking in the provided image below.


Image Source: AppAnnie

  • Tinder has become one of the top dating apps among dating apps that you can see in the below image.


If you’ve decided to create an alternative to tinder app, then you can review the essential points below.

Essential Points That You Can’t Afford to Miss While Creating a Tinder-Like Dating App

After going through the aforementioned data about Tinder, now, there’s no room for doubt that the tinder app is something doing right.

#1. It’s Important To Overcome The Two-Sided Marketplace Problems

Generally, in a dating app, there are two-sides required. It means that the two-sided marketplace or network, which is required for different user groups. For instance, in Tinder, there are two groups i.e. male and female.

However, for tech companies, the two-sided marketplace problem is common. And, Airbnb and Uber, both are the perfect examples, in which the concept of the two-sided marketplace is playing. When it comes to Uber, there is two-sided market i.e. Rider and Driver. However, in order to handle the two-sided marketplace is pretty hard. Plus, the value of the market is directly proportional to the number of participants. But, the strategy of Tinder appeared to be hit in that time.

Therefore, such condition needs both sides participants in order to find value. And sometimes, it is very hard to find.

However, the question arises here – how do you get started before developing tinder alternatives? Then, the simple answer is to start by ‘driving growth’ of one side of the marketplace. As Tinder did. They focused only one-side of the market. Also, you need to deploy a systematic approach before involving innovative projects like dating app like Tinder.


#2. Tactics: To Achieve Continuous Growth in Dating App

Apart from overcoming the two-sided marketplace problem before creating tinder like apps, there are other variables also, which are few worthy of mentions here:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Third-party Integration

User Experience: Tinder has a plethora of features. However, in order to select the match, the user usually follows: Swipe right for yes, and Swipe left for no. Therefore, provide app users the easy process for accessing the features in the dating app. If you’re planning to create one of tinder-like apps, then you need to take care of UX, which is an essential component to virality and explosive growth of the mobile application. Thus, we can say that a simple UX of Tinder is responsible for its growth.


Image Source: bdcwire

Third-party Integration: To verify user’s identity through other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram is easy for app user. This is an effortless on-boarding process, so you can consider this point before creating Tinder-like dating app.

#3. Upgrading The App With Useful Features on Regular Basis

According to the source from AppAnnie, “In the year 2015, with the launch of Tinder Plus (one of the Tinder’s features) Tinder jumped from 969 to 26 in the iOS download charts”. Currently, the app is available in more than 30 languages worldwide. Although, it provides an exclusive range of features, and some are latest are worth-mentioning below:

  • Social Feed
  • Tinder Gold

Social Feed: According to the source, “Tinder has come up with a new feature, which is known as Feed”. In the dating app like Tinder, the feature ‘social feed’ helps users to learn more about their matches. With such feature, user can get a real-time update of other matches. This feature is pretty common and worth including for users.


Tinder Gold: It is a paid feature, in which user supposed to upgrade to Tinder Plus (the premium version of Tinder). This feature helps users to get 60% more likes as compared to those users who are using the free version of the app. By consider such type of feature in the dating app, you can allow your app users to get unlimited likes, more profile controls, and rewind. Apart from these features, you can also consider these enormous features of a dating app like Tinder.

Final Thoughts,

There’s no denying that the technology has transformed everything from finding a new friend to looking for an old one. However, datings apps are one of the booming examples of it. Whether you’re a startup or an entrepreneur, you can also grab an opportunity by creating an app in the genre of online dating. If you have ideas which you think can add value to end users’ lives, then you can validate it from any trusted Android app development company.

Last but not the least, still, if you have any query or confusion related to dating app like Tinder, feel free to share your ideas with us. All you just need to fill-up the below-given form and it won’t cost you a single penny. Consulting is completely free!

If You are Planning to Start a New Mobile Startup, This Post Will Charge Your Day

“What is the right category for my mobile app”? Of all questions, this has always been the most difficult, which can make a new mobile startup think about. Herein, we’ll combine some insights of growth of the apps, which will surely give a new hope to mobile startup. Let’s check out what’s inside?

Are you one of the tech startups, who operate maximum in the web and mobile sectors? If you’re being one of them, then there’s a good news for you is that these sectors are thriving in the 21st century. For the masses, mobile apps are lifesavers, undoubtedly. However, there’s an app for every possible need from booking ride to ordering food to texting to your buddies.

The first and the foremost, we’ll take you to show the statistics of one of the most popular mobile apps, in which you can see how these popular mobile apps have been doing so far.

  • WhatsApp: According to the source, “Over 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp every day”. Also, you can see the total growth of messenger apps in which WhatsApp ranks at the top.


  • Worldwide Consumer Spending: As you can see in the below- given image, which shows statistics of worldwide consumer spending on mobile apps from the year 2017 to 2021.


  • Instagram: Furthermore, Instagram has over 100 million photos and videos uploaded to the platform every 24 hours.


Mobile apps have been continuously shaping the meaning and practice of entrepreneurship in the modern days. It is also undeniable that the enormous number of startups have been emerged every year with the hope to create a next WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

Before heading to the business of mobile applications, you just need to understand the financial side of the mobile business. Because there’s always a requirement to do a lot to keep up with.

Financial Side: How Good Mobile Business is Doing?

First of all, we’ll start with to explain you briefly about the Venture Funding, Its stages, and rounds. As these terms will help you to easily understand the statistics.

Venture Capital: A type of private equity or form of financing, which is provided by firms or funds to small/emerging companies, which are deemed to have high growth of potential. Also, it further divides into Venture funding stages and venture funding rounds, which you can see in the below-give table.


Now, coming to the essence of entire blog post i.e. the financial side of mobile app business in terms of venture investment and returns. However, in order to get the whole idea about it, a reasonable understanding of the mobile market is essential.

According to the reported data, which reveals that “Since 2012, the average-seed or an early-stage round of mobile app category has been growing”. As you can see in the below image.


So What’s The Good News?

1. Emerging Industries Can Be Driving Growth in Round Size

Over the past few years, one of the main trends is the emergence and growth of mobile-facilitated sharing economy. You might be familiar with the fact that ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have been grown with a wide range of services since its emergence.

There’s no doubt in that the market of dockless bikes have emerged. Additionally, just in the quarter of 2017, LimeBike (a bicycle sharing company raised $50M in its Series B. On the other hand, China-based Mobike (a smart bike sharing app) has raised an amount of private equity fund from Line (Japanese-based messaging company). In this way, we can say that the mobile-centered apps in the sharing economy have been gaining growth since its emergence.

2. The Economics of Mobile Are Beneficial to Massive ‘Exit-Multiples’

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the biggest M&A (Merger and Acquisitions) deals, in terms of exit multiples of mobile sectors. Well, all these companies were launched in 2003, and presently known as unicorn era.


Let’s Have a Look at the Top 3 Mobile Apps Categories for the Mobile Startups

Most often, Venture Investors talk about investing in those companies, which will deliver 10 times return on invested capital. This goes without saying that doing so, and working on constantly, is a challenge.

According to the report from TechCrunch, “The CrunchBase CEO said that the startups are raising more seed tranches and closing Series A rounds when startups do”. Now, the question is, what are the ideal categories to create an app in which startups can invest? To know the answer, just browse through the following top app categories for mobile startups:

#1. Cab or Taxi Booking Apps

Being a startup, if you have not made up your mind as in which category in the mobile app could be advantageous for you, then invest in Taxi or cab booking apps like Uber as in the past couple of years, the category has gained huge popularity. In the below image, you can see how Uber grows along with its popularity among users.


No doubt, by investing in the category of ride-sharing apps can help mobile startups to achieve their business objectives.

#2. On-Demand Apps

In the recent time, everyone is connected to on-demand services, whether it is ordering food or grocery products. Certainly, the on-demand economy is thriving constantly. This is what you can see in the below image, which is comprised data of on-demand mobile services quarterly financing trend.


On the other hand, “US consumers are spending $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy”, according to the data. However, if you have decided to invest in the apps under the category of ‘on-demand’, then this is the right time to invest.

#3. Music-Streaming Apps

In the year of 2016, the music industry experienced its true growth. Majorly, this is because of music apps like Spotify (40 million subscribers) and Apple Music (20 million subscribers). Additionally, the music- streaming helps to drive 8.1% growth in revenue, specifically for the United States.

Furthermore, music subscription boom will continue in the near future. According to the data from FastCompany, “100+ million people are believed to subscribe to music service”.

The bottom line: Choosing a music-streaming category in order to create an app could be a great idea to flourish your business model as a mobile startup.


Image Source: CNET

It’s Time to Choose The Perfect Development Partner

If your business is now ready to take a plunge in the mobile app development, then you may have a query like how can I choose the perfect development partner? In order to ensure the whole process goes seamless, here are few qualities that you need to consider during the selection process. Here’s what it could be – where to find trusted mobile app development company?

  • All you need to do is don’t go with the agencies who emphasize on delivering the product at the cheap cost with less time.
  • To get the best apps for your business, check the feedback and reviews from the previous clients before choosing the perfect development partner.
  • You can ask for the work sample, which is similar to app’s idea, in which you’re currently working on. In this way, you’ll get the idea of how they are working and what you can expect from them.
  • You need to make sure that you would not miss out to thoroughly check the technical skills of mobile app development partner.

All top of it, if you’ll still have any confusion or turmoils like-

  • I have an idea for an app, but don’t know how to get started?
  • How to figure out the right step for my first mobile app?
  • I’ve been searching for a right firm to develop business startup apps. What would be the right category in which I should invest?

You can consult us with your requirements and questions if you have any. Consultation won’t cost you a single penny! Just fill-up the below-given form and our business team will get back to you within 48hrs.

Want To Develop a Credit Card Alternative App? You Need to Check Out These Powerful Features of Tanda By Yahoo Finance

If you want to develop a credit card alternative app like Tanda, which is under the label of ‘Yahoo Finance’, then the below-given information is for you. Rounded up with some powerful features of Tanda app, which you surely need to consider to build a business model in the genre of personal finance.

In this epoch, tech companies have a profound impact on everything from ride-hailing to booksellers, whilst fundamentally changing already settled various other sectors. For the purpose of saving money, Yahoo Finance has rolled out Tanda, an app alternative to the credit card, according to the report by TechCrunch.

Tanda – The Credit Card Alternative App

The credit card alternative app, Tanda allows small groups of either five or nine people to save money collectively for short-term goals. For instance, putting away money for holidays or doing savings for emergency funds.

The word “Tanda” is used in some Latin American Countries. As in the reference to the longtime practice of pooling money with a small group of people.

Talking about the basic concept behind the credit card alternative app, Tanda is “moneypool”. It means every app user can participate in Tanda’s collaborative savings circles. As it will pay a fixed amount to the group’s saving pot every month. Therefore, one of the members of Tanda app will have the chance to get money.

The Notion Behind Tanda

In other words, the concept is called a rotating saving and credit association i.e. ROSCA, which has been around centuries. The main question could arise here is – how it works?

Let’s take an example, suppose there are five people, who decide to save $100 each for 5 months, then each person will pay $20 per month. After that, one of the members (according to need) of the group will get $100 payout and next month, another member will get $100 payout and it will go on until the cycle is completed.


Total Growth of The Money Saving Apps

There is no room for doubt that it is hard to build an exact app what people want. Before building successful money-saving apps, it is essential to understand the dynamics of growth of such apps.

  • According to the source, “Daily bill payments reached over $1M in daily volume in just one year”.


Image Source: CBInsights

  • In the below image, you can see the craze of personal finance apps by Google Trends.


  • Even better: When it comes to Yahoo Finance App, you can see its craze over time in the below-given graph.


As you have checked the total growth of mobile bill payments, now let’s have a look the steps of Tanda app. Through these steps, you will know how this app works:

Steps: How Does Tanda App Work?

Before diving into the common features of Tanda, it is important to look at how flawlessly Tanda works.

Step 1: User can join the circle or create on his own.
Step 2: User can select the payout position, which is based on when he wants his savings.
Step 3: User can continuously contributions into the shared pool.
Step 4: User can take his payout when it’s his turn.


Common Features of Penny Saver App – Tanda

1. Allows User to Join Saving Groups

One of the common features of Tanda app is it allows the user to join saving groups to save money according to their conveniences along with flexibility. All top of it, tanda is not a gambling app, and users are not contributing in the hope of winning the pot of money. As we’ve mentioned earlier the concept behind the Tanda app, which is ROSCA, which pushes users to save money by joining saving groups.


2. Lets User to Choose Payout Option

Generally, the success of any personal finance app depends on the powerful features, which help consumers to save money. We’re going to highlight another must-have feature is the app like Tanda allows the user to choose his payout option. You may be wondered what do we mean by ‘payment option’ feature? Let’s elaborate it briefly.

Suppose, when the user is in the need of more money like paying off hospital bills or replacing a dead laptop. By using this feature, the user also makes use the app like Tanda to take money out. However, it is important to mention that such apps will not be a direct replacement of credit cards. Nevertheless, with some powerful features, such apps could be credit card alternatives.


Image Source: startupworld

3. Allows User to Link The Bank Accounts

The app Tanda is released under the brand Yahoo. The company hopes that Tanda could readily attract millions of users. As it allows users to link their all bank accounts with the social saving app, Tanda.

According to Simon Khalaf, the company’s head of media and business, “Tanda also has a Venmo-like activity feed and a chat feature”. However, Venmo is a free digital wallet, which lets users make and share payments. It has been acquired by PayPal and is responsible to connect directly users’ bank accounts.

Well, if you’ve already planned to create an app like Venmo or Tanda, all you need to take care of its functionality and easiness that will help users to access money-saving app easily. The entire process must not be lengthy. And, the user can actually make most of such feature while using the app as you can see the below-given feedback of the user:


How Much Does It Cost to Develop Money Saving App Like Tanda?

Moving ahead to know the answer of the pivotal question – how much does it cost to develop a money-saving app like Tanda. So, as a mobile app development company, we have mentioned an approximate cost of developing a basic money saving app like Tanda.

Thus, the approximate cost of developing a money saving app like Tanda is $36,000. Well, it is just the estimated development cost that varies with the following mentioned factors:

  • Features-to-features
  • iOS or Android App Developer that you will hire
  • Functionalities that you choose to include
  • Platforms (iOS and Android) that you want to develop on

A Concluding Note,

In short, Tanda app is certainly useful in many contexts. No matter what, such money-saving apps should be useful for users who find it hard to save money on monthly basis. In case, if you’re having the same idea or something like this, you can start right now by validating your idea from any trusted mobile app development company.

Furthermore, in this blog post, you’ve read from attributes to the development cost of Tanda, which is recognized as credit card alternative app. Whilst reading this article if you have any of the following mentioned questions:

  • I have a mobile app idea, but how Can I validate it?
  • Can I add some more features to my existing such money saving app?

Then, you just need to fill up the below-given form for further assistance. We’ll revert you within 48 hours with the answers to your questions.

This is Why It is Not Easy to Build a Project Management App like Asana

Have you ever wondered how Asana has been creating a buzz for so long in the niche of project management? If you also want to create an app like Asana to simplify the life of masses no matter in which areas of their lives, then unfold three must-to-know things behind the success of Asana.

That being said- If it’s not in Asana, it’s not going to happen”.

Among erroneous & one of the best project management applications, people would still love to work with Asana. Launched back in 2012, Asana is a web and mobile app, which is designed to help teams to track their work. And, it is founded by the co-founder of Facebook Dustin Moskovitz and ex-engineer Justin Rosenstein.

According to the latest news, “Asana is getting a major infusion, and it secures $75M Series D led by AI Gore (former U.S Vice President) Generation Investment Management, which is a London-based firm”.

International Growth of Asana

The collaboration of Asana has become increased. According to the source from Asana’s official website, “45% of paid customers have come from the outside from the United States. As it includes the teams at companies like Trivago, Spotify, and Decathlon.

  • The number of total visits of Asana is 25.95M as you can see in the below image.


  • Asana ranks number 6 out of 200 platforms, according to the source from its official website.
  • When it comes to traffic share of Asana, it is continually growing that you can see in the below image.


  • Furthermore, GetApp ranks top 25 project management apps. As you can see in the below image, in which Asana has got second place on the list. Every tool is secured on the basis of user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security. This report is from Project Management Category Leaders Q1 2018.


3 Powerful Points Which Make Asana Stand Out 

1. Helps Team To Be More Effective Together

As you might be aware of that Asana ensures to do teamwork without any single email. Basically, Asana is a task and project management tool, which facilitates the team collaboration as well as communication of any firm.

Simply, it is pretty much work like an email inbox. Talking about the groups’ projects, it provides some features like the ability to add due dates, likes, and stars for essential items. We’ve compiled some advantages of Asana in order to know how it would help the team to be more effective together:

  • File Sharing
  • Integrations with third-party apps such as Dropbox and Google Hangout.
  • Messages are encrypted for security.
  • User can view progress reports.
  • Provides features, which allow teams to organize and manage the tasks efficiently.
  • The user can add task by email, and sync to Google Calendar or iCalender.

2. Simple, Smart and Flexible Asana Structure

A cloud-based project and task management solution, Asana has smart and flexible internal structure. On a fundamental level, Asana is based on the deep insights into the way of people work, specifically when it is all about team collaboration.

Before jumping into the steps of how the user can follow Asana whether for teamwork or personal use, let’s have a quick look at the features of one of the best project management applications – Asana.

Workspaces: One of the big building blocks of Asana tool is – workspaces. It is a section where all the projects are live. For personal task management, the user can create a set of workspaces in order to stay on top of different priorities in his workplace. Within the workspace section, the user can create a number of projects in order to match different areas of focus. In this, the search feature is easy and customized and providing seamless experience at the same time.


Image Source: Hubstaff

Tasks: It provides deepest level of organizing user’s work in Asana. Simply, it is just to-dos. It also enables user to add a variety of information within a task. In simple terms, we can say, it can be a real powerhouse of your work. Also, you can include this must-have feature for developing the Asana alternatives project management tool.


Inbox: Asana provides the user with an inbox of his own without switching the tabs.


Calendar: One of the real treasures in Asana is Calender. Rather than a standalone app, this feature is integrated as an alternative view for tasks. This means that user can easily switch between ‘list view’ and ‘calendar view’.


Steps: How to Set Up a Team Project With Asana

Undoubtedly, the structure of Asana is pretty simple. If user needs to set up a project for team collaboration, check out the simple steps how to set up a team project with Asana.

  • Step 1: Create a new project
  • Step 2: Add team members, who are going to work on the project
  • Step 3: User can create ‘sections’ within the project in order to signify diverse activity areas
  • Step 4: User can create for each unit of activity
  • Step 5: User can set the assignee of every task along with the due date
  • Step 6: Add description of the task, subtasks, along with the attachments
  • Step 7: Add team members to the tasks
  • Step 8: Mention the names of team members

3. Asana is Responsible for Providing Momentum In The Enterprises

Undoubtedly, large enterprises have complicated requirements. However, whether it is startup company or a big sized firm, every enterprise wants the same thing i.e. to move fast and do work with purpose. If you are planning to create the alternatives to asana, it is important that the tool should simplify the team-based work management.

Also, such tool must provide a platform to users for personal, team, and project workspaces, and allow them to organize their work into shared projects.

Top 5 Alternatives To Asana


What’s Next?

If you have made-up your mind to develop an app like Asana, and have one of the important questions in your mind like – how much does it cost to develop an app like Asana? Generally, the cost of developing an app like Asana varies as it depends on different factors like features, platform (iOS and Android) that you want to develop on, and iPhone app developer that you will hire.

However, if you want to know the exact of developing app like Asana, feel free to get in touch with us through the below-given form and let us know your requirements. Our business team will get back to you within 48 hours!

3 Highly Effective Lessons Learned from Uber’s New Electric Bike-sharing Service in San Francisco

Whether you’re having an ‘entrepreneur’ label or running a startup, you just need to go through three highly-effective lessons from Uber’s Electric Bike-sharing service that can help you to run your startup successfully.

Herein, we’ll talk about Uber, but, this time, it is about ‘bicycle’.

According to the latest news, “On 31st January, Uber has announced a San Francisco pilot project, and Uber is piloting a bike-sharing service with Jump”. In the marathon of being one the best bike-sharing providers, the collaboration of Uber and JUMP (a startup of dockless, electric bikes in San Francisco) has put them in the spotlight.

The Electric Bike Uber – A New Way to Commute to San Francisco

Starting on 5th of February, 2018, the users from San Francisco will soon have chances to book a electric bike right from the uber app. Well, it is a trial program with the bike sharing company, Jump, which is previously known as Social Bicycles.

However, the bicycles are electrically assisted, and when user start pedaling, then an electric motor kicks in that, which give an extra boost. Therefore, it will be helpful and perfect for the notoriously steep heels of San Francisco.

The service, Uber bike is currently available in San Francisco. Through the Uber mobile app, the user can book an electric bicycle, which is provided by Jump using Uber app only.

uber bike

Although, the concept of bike-sharing is not new at all. The bike-sharing systems have already proven its effectiveness in order to manage urban traffic. That’s why, this concept has taken a pace, and become popular in the big cities and densely populated areas.

Bike Sharing Key Data Points

  • According to the data from Statista, “In the year 2014, bike-sharing systems were available in 855 cities around the globe”. And, you can check this data in the image below.


  • In the below-given image, you can see the total trips of bike-share per day in the United States. And, New York is top among others across the U.S.


Image Source: Spin

Now, you are aware of the latest news of collaboration of Uber and Jump in the city San Francisco. Nevertheless, it is important to know – how good is San Francisco as a bike sharing city?

How Good is San Francisco As a Bike Sharing City?

In the late of 2013, a big wave hit San Francisco when it comes to bike sharing program. Here, we have rounded up the data from the San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency (SFMTA) of the year of 2015. Let’s have a look.

  • Total number of estimated bike trips in San Francisco per day – 82,000
  • The miles of the bike lanes throughout the city – 434
  • San Francisco’s fastest growing mode of transport from the year 2006 to 2015 was increased by – 184%
  • Eventually, it is ended up with the explosion of bike-sharing. As you can see in the below image.


Now, moving ahead to the main point, and let us dive into the three effective lessons from which startup can learn from Uber’s new electric bike sharing service.

3 Effective Lessons Learned From Uber’s New Electric Bike-Sharing Service

1. Don’t Underestimate Your Competitors

According to the source from CrunchBase, “Throughout the years from 2009 to 2016, Uber raised about $11.5 billion from 14 rounds of venture capital, plus private equity investors”. Uber knows how to be the part of the headlines. And, the company always does. Similarly, Uber has jumped on the dockless bike-sharing service. As seen in China along with a ride-sharing app like DiDi, and another top bike sharing app like Ofo is the leading player in the marketplace.

As one of the main lessons, which a startup can learn from Uber is – having a respect for competitors is the key attribute. Plus, before diving into the service of electric bike rental San Francisco, Uber has considered its competitors like Ofo (Beijing-based bike sharing mobile app). Also, the best thing, we’ve found about Uber that the company has never underestimated its competition. There’s no room for doubt that Uber has taken the idea from Ofo before entering the zone of electric bike sharing.

2. Take Small, Actionable Step

There’s another thing as you may have noticed here is that the concept of Uber bike is started with one city i.e. San Francisco only. Instead of covering all cities in the U.S., Uber is starting in one city only.

One of the main lessons, which startups can learn from the concept of Uber electric Bicycle is that it is important to take small trials for introducing any new service in the marketplace. Rather than focusing globally, you need to embark on one or two cities.

In a nutshell, like Uber Bike, you can launch your new service or business in one city. All you need to do is to take a small and actionable step. By doing so, you will get the idea about the performance of your business whether it is liked by people or not.


3. Remember the Ultimate Purpose

Last but not the least, the third lesson is learned is that you must have a clear vision of your ultimate goal and purpose, which is behind your business, eventually. If your business falls into the category of ride-sharing, then you must take care of the essential features, which must be helpful for your users.

Just like Uber, its service makes the transportation easy for people, no matter what. Uber has completely changed the way we transport in the past.

Therefore, before heading to provide service like Uber, your business’s end goal should be to make the easiest mode of transportation for people.


Final Thoughts

That’s all that Uber did, even though the user is not hiring a bike directly from Uber, but he is still using Uber app. Nonetheless, all you need to take utmost care of aforementioned lessons before creating your own uber clone app, which you have just gone through here.

Apart from this, if you still have questions like:

  • How to validate your bike sharing app development idea?
  • How much does it cost to build a bike sharing application like Ofo?
  • How much time does it take to develop a bike-sharing app?
  • Which features you must include creating a bike sharing app like Uber and Ofo?
  • How much does it cost to build an MVP for bike sharing app?

Fill out the form. Our dedicated mobile app development team has already developed more than 30 application like Uber and Lyft. They can(from their rich development experience) definitely guide you on the time and cost-related questions.

You Must Know These 4 Features Before Developing a Dog Walking App Like Wag (Secured $300M From SoftBank)

If you’re thinking about to develop an app like Uber for finding dog walkers, this blog lies information as what you have been looking for. Here, we’ve also covered some essential features of what an ideal dog walking app must have embraced.

As technologies keep advancing, the number of business niches are emerging, growing, and prospering. One of the significant of aforesaid businesses is on-demand apps. No matter what, such apps have already become an inherent part of our lives. In the same way, you must be well aware of a popular dog walking app, Wag, which is now recognized as ‘Uber of dog walking’.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Wag raised $300M from SoftBank, the Japanese technology giant”. In addition, SoftBank is well-known for providing liquidity to extant shareholders.

Apart from the SoftBank, there are other Investors as well, including Battery Ventures, General Catalyst, Sherpa Capital, and Freestyle Capitals. There’s another report from the Crunchbase, which reflects, “In April 2017, Battery Ventures (a venture capital firm) secured $40M funding round in Wag”.

Wag – A Popular Dog Walking App

Based in Los Angeles, Wag is a dog walking app, which allows dog owners to book a dog walker on-demand or at their conveniences. Within minutes, while users are not in their homes, they can schedule for dog walkers, which could come to the house, and take their pets out for the walk.

Furthermore, Wag app connects any user with wag walker nearby. If we are talking about the dog walkers, according to the sources, “They can make up to $17 per 30 minutes walk with a dog”. The service provided by Wag works very similar to Uber, Postmates, or TaskRabbit.

Now, we’ll take you straight into the growth of widely-recognized dog walking app like Uber – Wag, which will help you to aware of the growth of Wag app till now.

Insights: The Advancement of Wag

There’s no room for doubt that Wag has been doing well since its emergence. Here we’ve rounded up the data, which would reveal the insights of this on-demand dog walking app. Let’s have a look.

  • There’s not much of a doubt in that, the growth in the usage ranks has been exponentially growing. Well, in the below image, you can see the data by a digital marketing intelligence firm, SimilarWeb.


  • Launched back in 2015, Wag has gained rapid popularity, which you can see in the below image by Google Trends.


Ultimately, the idea of creating a dog walking app is simply worth. If you’re among those, who are looking up for ways to turn your idea into a successful dog walking app like Wag, let’s dive into four essential features that can add value to customer experience.

1. Track The Dog’s Live Walk

Wag app enables dog owners to track their pouches’ locations through built-in GPS tracking. You may be already aware of such feature that is known as Puppy Tracker in Wag app. This feature is a slick solution for daytime dog worries of their owners.

So, if you have made-up your mind to create an on-demand dog walking app, you can consider these additional features apart from live tracking feature:

  • Track your dog’s live walk online
  • Instant Images of Dog’s Live Walk
  • Live Poop Alerts

However, by considering these features, you can create a better version of the app in the niche of on-demand dog walking.


2. Make Sure The Security of Pet Owner’s House

One of the fastest growing startups in Los Angeles, Wag provides comfort to busy pet owners. There’s an abundance of features provided by Wag app. So, there’s another feature which is essential because of security reasons of pet owners.

In order to maintain the security of dog owner’s house, a dog walker is provided with a Wag lockbox by the company itself, which is free of cost. Therefore, the key of the owner is never out of your possession except for the dog walker.


So, this is one of the must-have features if you are planning to invest in such on-demand dog walking apps as it will ensure the security of your app users.

3. Allow Owners to Write Reviews for Dog Walkers

Undeniably, Wag app is designed to provide a pet owner as much information as possible about the dog walker. There’s also a useful feature, which allows the pet owner to write a review about the dog walker after completion of the walk.

After completing the walk, the pet owner receives the report card through the Wag app. Additionally, it also allows the pet owner to meet the dog walker ahead of time.

While making an app like Wag, you can also look out for this feature that allows owners to share ratings and reviews for dog walkers.


Image Source: seattlerefined

4. Receive an Image of Dog Walker At The End of The Walk

With less than 15 minutes, pet owner gets an image of dog walker with his pet at the end of the walk via push notification. As it will ensure the owner that his dog is safe, secure and back at the home.

So, there is another important point, however, which you can consider in developing an app like Wag is to let pet owners know the time as well as the image of dog walker at the end of the walk. Informing through such push notification of arrival of his dog, your app like Wag can build trust among users.


These are the essential features, which we’ve listed above, that can make your dog walking app successful and unique.

Note: Creating an app like Wag is not that easy as it looks like. Although, the company, Wag has strived hard to build a successful business model in terms of on-demand dog walking app. Undoubtedly, they constantly enhanced its app along with useful features. If you’ve been trying to discuss your ideas on on-demand solutions like this, then you can authenticate it with a trusted mobile app development company.

What’s Next?

In the short span of time, Wag has become one of the popular dog walking apps. On top of that, there are hundreds of on-demand apps that are already available in the App Stores. Nevertheless, what does all matter is the features that provided in the app. Make sure that your app has useful and convenient features for your app users. So,

– What do you think about the dog walking app like Wag?
– Do you have any such idea, which you think can be one of the best on-demand dog walking apps?
– Do you want to hire a dedicated developer to have an app like Wag?

To resolve these questions and queries, you can get in touch with the below-given form. Our dedicated business team will revert you within 48 hours!


4 Strategies That Startups Can Learn from Delivery Booking App- GoGoVan

If you want to create a business model in the genre of on-demand then, you’re at the right place! Herein, we’ve rounded up four strategies of GoGoVan, which has transformed its on-demand business into in-demand. Let’s have a look what’s inside.

We live in the era in which ‘on-demand’ is ‘in-demand’. Undeniably, on-demand has become one of the widely known industries in the marketplace.

We came across a logistic on-demand service provider, which is known as GoGoVan that connects van drivers and customers for transporting goods.

According to the recent report, “GoGoVan becomes Hong Kong’s first $1 billion startups after a merger with 58 Suyun”.

After facing various challenges in the marathon of being one of the best on-demand service providers, GoGoVan has again made the headlines. Well, there’s another report, which tells, Alibaba (the Chinese multinational e-commerce) has also invested in the on-demand ridesharing service – GoGoVan through its entrepreneurship fund.

Before entering into the zone where we’ll share the strategies of GoGoVan, you can have a look at the evolution of the on-demand economy. It will give you the complete idea about the on-demand market.

The Evolution of On-Demand Economy

Undoubtedly, the collection of on-demand app-based services is making the lives of people more resourceful. From transportation of large and bulky goods to food delivery to grocery stores, – the world has become small due to the rapid growth of on-demand services.

In the below image, you can have a look at the data that shows the worldwide financing history of on-demand on the quarterly basis.


This story is not yet finished. Additionally, you can check the annual economy spending of on-demand, “US consumers are spending $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy”.


In this way, we can say that the future on-demand service providers should know that the on-demand economy is too big to miss out the opportunities.

4 Strategies That Startups Can Learn From GoGoVan

If you have already made up your mind for creating a business model in terms of the on-demand delivery mobile app, you can check out the four main strategies of GoGoVan that can help any startup to get a huge success:

Strategy 1: ‘On-Demand Means Variety’ That GoGoVan Has Proven It

Established in 2013, GoGoVan is one of the first app-based platforms for transporting goods. It was initially launched in Asia, but now it also operates in other countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, and India. According to the sources, over 18,000 van drivers and 50% of the van driver market was controlled by GoGoVan.

Coming to the point, GoGoVan provides the ability to choose multiple options within one service. Users will realize that there is no boundation in order to stick with the old and tedious services as they experienced in the past. To illustrate, for transporting goods, users would not be forced to settle. However, GoGoVan comes up with a variety of options for transporting goods, like

  • User can ride with his items while moving
  • Oversized Goods
  • Transporting Pets
  • Additional Movers if needed
  • Warehouse in and out for commercial purpose
  • Provides a diverse range of vehicles like Van, 5.5 Ton Truck, and 9 Ton Truck

If you’re planning to provide your users a successful on-demand delivery solution like a GoGoVan, then you need to make sure that you must assert the service, which is on-demand. Similarly, by providing a distinctive on-demand solution, GoGoVan proffers customized options to users within one service.

Moreover, you need to be familiar with the customers’ needs as well as keep introducing personalized and viable options into the services. By doing so, they will not find out the on-demand services that are better than you.


Strategy 2: On-Demand Means Now

The phrase, “on-demand means now”. Suppose that if you’re running an on-demand business, and you can’t able to provide what and when it is being demanded. Then, it will fail to meet the requirements of your users. All you need to take care is that do not leave enough space or time when it comes to potential customers.

Therefore, the concept, ‘on-demand means now’ has been verified by the GoGoVan, allowing users to connect with 15,000+ drivers to meet the on-demand delivery as well as moving needs.


Image Source:

Strategy 3: The Flawless and Ideal Process

Being the fastest and most-widely available on-demand service on the market, your business model needs to be revolutionary along with the flawless process of building products at the same time. Before heading to create an on-demand delivery app like GoGoVan, here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • What are the problems you are trying to solve?
  • How can you validate that these are the actual problems of your customers?
  • How can you solve them?

Keeping aforementioned questions into your mind, you can develop a successful model in the niche of the on-demand delivery market.

Note: Below, we’re sharing the idea of the product process for on-demand that might be helpful for you.

When it comes to the on-demand solution, one of the topmost priorities should be – to solve the real-life problems, which can add value to your customers’ life. However, a well-crafted product process must include four phases, including:

When it comes to an on-demand solution, one of the topmost priorities should be – to solve the real-life problems, which can add value to your customers’ life. However, a well-crafted product process must include four phases, including:

  1. Product Discovery (Defining and prioritizing problems)
  2. Product Validation (Designing and Testing the Prototypes (the very first version of any product)
  3. Product Delivery (Building and shipping solutions)
  4. Product Iteration (Measuring and Iterating solutions)


Apart from building a well-crafted product process for your business, make sure you go through from the following points in order to avoid major failures.

  • The ‘simplicity’ plays a pivotal role while offering on-demand service in terms of a mobile app to your users.
  • When it comes to on-demand mobile application, then it must provide a user-friendly experience to users, which they would find easy-to-use without facing any challenges.
  • If you are determined to create an on-demand delivery app like GoGoVan, you need to focus on customer experience and business outcome. For instance, if you’re running an on-demand business like transporting goods, then you need to completely take care of the areas like rider experience, driver experience, and business experience, as you can see in the below image.


Thus, figuring out the problems and their solutions for business must be one of the hardest parts, which you need to keep working out, or you can consult with an iPhone app development company to discuss your idea.

Moving ahead with the last but not the least strategy for building the successful on-demand solution.

Strategy 4: Delivery Booking With GoGoVan App, It Just Takes 5 Minutes

Talking about the mobile app, specifically for the on-demand solution, no matter what you’re providing under the tag of ‘on-demand’, that means instant service. Similarly, what GoGoVan doing is, and it claims to provide the service within a fraction of minutes.

While using GoGoVan mobile app, users just need to follow five simple and hassle-free steps of booking a vehicle for transporting goods. As it embraces – Sign up/Sign in, choose the vehicle type, enter the pickup and delivery address, specify pick up time and additional requirements, and review and complete the booking.

However, you might be aware of the complete process of booking a vehicle with GoGoVan, but the point of mentioning this is that the GoGoVan (package delivery app) simply saves the time of customers and its drivers.

The entire process is not complicated at all for both users and drivers. So, if you’re running a business like GoGoVan, then these are essentials points that you may require to implement in your on-demand mobile app solution.

In a nutshell,

The revolt of on-demand does not require either venture capital or vital marketing scheme. Simply, the on-demand solution requires identifying the problem, finding out the way around it, and providing solutions to overcome it. That’s what a user expects from an ideal on-demand service.

However, you may have been struggling with a list of questions like:

  • How can I start with the procedure of building a unique on-demand platform?
  • Will it attract the right audience to my marketplace?
  • I have an idea, and looking for ways to implement it, what’s the right way to approach a mobile app development company?

So if you have any of such queries in your mind, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. And, we’ll revert you back within 48 hours.

How Song Recognition App – Shazam (Acquired by Apple) Stands Out From The Others


This blog will reveal the information regarding Shazam – the music recognition app. All you need to check out the nitty-gritty features, which are required to create a successful app like Shazam. Let’s have a look!

Literally, music helps to soothe our mind. But, what if you are stuck with the song, which is in your backside of your mind, and you’re not able to recognize it properly? Anyway, things will not be in that way from now onwards.

An easy, handy, and user-friendly song recognition app – Shazam is here. The London-based company, Shazam was acquired by Apple in December 2017 according to the report by TechCrunch.

The Music Recognition App – Shazam

Founded in 2002, Shazam was used in the tag under ‘2580 service’. The 2580 service was the phone number, which was dialed by the people in order to recognize the music. It was only accessed by a call that was lasted for 30 seconds only. However, with the launch of App Stores, Shazam has been rapidly acquiring a number of app users till now. You can check this in below image.


Growth of Shazam

With over 1 million downloads, Shazam has always been popular for the last nineteen years independently. This song recognition app is performing well since its emergence. Additionally, in the below-given image, you can check that the usage and growth have been continually accelerating for the last previous years.


In the meantime, we came across with another data of Shazam by Google Trends, which is worth mentioning here. The below image reveals that the music identifier app, Shazam is exponentially growing since 2004 worldwide.


Process Behind The Shazam

Fundamentally, Shazam can be used to find out the similarities between the songs. Shazam is based on the music recognition algorithm, which was revealed by one of Shazam’s developers, Avery Li-Chung Wang in the year of 2003. Well, the entire process of searching and identifying the song is pretty similar to the ordinary fingerprints.

  • As long as fingerprints of Shazam is concerned, it is a set of audio files, and all these fingerprints are stored in the database.
  • The 10-second sample of song track is automatically fingerprinted by the app.
  • After that, the sample of song track is uploaded by the app, which starts searching the ‘sample’ or we can say ‘fingerprint’ in the database.
  • If the match is found, then the user gets the information about the song track.


After going through the process behind the Shazam, now, it is time to look into the section, which embraced the top most features of the song recognition app – Shazam.

Main Features to Embrace in Order to Create Music Recognition App Like Shazam

If you’re intended to develop apps like Shazam, either you can use the solutions given by EchoNest, which provides open-source service or consult with the trusted android app development company. Now, coming to the point, the ‘song recognition’ is not the only one feature which should be included in the app that recognizes songs. Nevertheless, there are also other features, which you need to look out.

Herein, we’ve rounded up the list of main features. Have a look.

1. Search Visualization

Whenever you would try to develop a song recognition app, you must consider the design, which plays a vital role. Likewise Shazam and SoundHound (the song recognition mobile app), both have their own animated voice recognition circles, which you can see in the below image. All you need to take care of the design for the search feature. Plus, for making your song recognition app successful, you should invest in recognition element.


Image Source: Mlsdev

2. Music Recognition

One of the essential features is music recognition. On the Shazam, previously, there was a menu, which was called as ‘My Tags’. But, now, this menu looks different, and it is named as ‘My Shazam’.


There are several things, which you need to take care before heading to the Shazam-like app development for Android. When the user selects the song from the list of the tags in the app, then he/she must be capable of:

  • Watching the YouTube Video
  • Checking the lyrics of the song

Last but not least, allow users to download the song from iTunes, Google Play Store, and can listen to it via Spotify, Apple Music, and Play Google.

Technical Side:

When it comes to the technical detail for creating the song recognition app like Shazam. There are many open-source libraries like Gracenote SDK (GNSDK), which provide API for iOS, Android, and allow developing song recognition apps.

3. Personal Account

There’s another essential feature i.e. Personal account. Talking about it, whether you sign up or not, you can access the entire features of this mobile application. But, you would not able to see the history of your searched music.

Basically, after creating your account in Shazam, it makes sure you will not lose every searched that you perform or history of your searched songs. Therefore, you can also consider this type of feature so that your mobile app users will not lose tracks as they looked up.

Also, while using the Shazam app, you may have noticed that the mobile app has renewed its UI (User Interface) design, which makes it easier for users.


Image Source: Quora

So, you have just gone through with the nitty-gritty features of successful song recognition app, Shazam, which you can consider before proceeding for music recognition app development for Android.

What’s Next?

Hoping that the information contained in this blog post will help you to build a successful app like Shazam. If you’re still in turmoils like –

–  How can I implement my ideas to creating an app like Shazam?
–  How can I consult with the right firm to validate my idea?

You can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will revert you back within 48 hours, giving a right solution to expand your business.


3 Lessons Learned from Ninja van, On-demand Delivery Startup, Which Secured Total Funding of $117.5 Mn

Born out of the necessity to expedite shipping and delivery, Ninja Van is one of the most promising logistics companies. The company recently concluded the series C funding, wherein it received close to $85 Mn. Combining this with the Series A and Series B funding, the company has received close to $117.5Mn funding.

This company has come at a time when investments in the supply chain, as well as logistics tech startups, are higher.


Image Source:

Before we get down to the lessons that can be learnt from this on-demand delivery solution, let’s acknowledge what the company has achieved.

Ninja Van- An Overview

Lai Chang Wen had started his own fashion venture “Marcella” when he was unable to find shirts that fit him perfectly. It was during this stint that he realized the inefficiency that lay in the logistics and delivery department. Where eCommerce was supposed to offer to expedite delivery of products, the logistics was unable to support this assertion.

Lai Chang Wen saw an opportunity and attempted to innovate the traditional style of logistics to not just accelerate delivery but also to streamline it. Ninja Van was born out of this innovation.

They went hands-on with sorting and delivery to understand the functioning, and even to identify how it can be done better.

Today, the model, the company has created, allows optimization of sorting, packing and delivery. Where the old methods used manual sorting, Ninja Van has used technology to allow easy sorting at the start itself. With this sorting, they are able to choose the driver and the route to be used to deliver the packets. The routes have become shorter, thus reducing the wait. They can even appoint drivers when they need, thus creating a place for on-demand logistics.

Now, that’s interesting, isn’t it? Bringing technology to the core was one of the major reasons why the logistics worked. So, now we can easily move on to the three lessons we can learn from this tech startup that reformed logistics as we know it.

The Lessons Learned from Ninja Van

When a startup succeeds the way Ninja Van did, there are business lessons that it gives out, which you should pocket. Here we will discuss a few things that Ninja Van has taught from the way it has conducted itself in the market of innovation and technology.

Lesson 1: Always think of solving a problem

If you are planning to start a new business or, you want to ensure the idea that you have nurtured succeeds, think of solving a problem at hand. That always works. The new business idea that Ninja Van had was to accelerate the logistics and make sure the customers don’t have to wait for their delivery. You will also need to think about solving the problem that your niche may be suffering from. It could start with just one problem, and probably your startup could provide a holistic solution.

So, the next time you have an idea, make sure you start analysing the idea and think about how it can actually solve the problem. If your idea is not going to make any difference, they might as well shelve it. You will not be noticed if you are just another sheep in the herd. You will need to stand out, and for that, you might want to think differently, identify a gap in the existing model and find a solution.

Uber for cabs is an excellent example of problem-solving. They identified that people were unable to call for cabs on time, which is why they decided to offer an app-based solution that will allow the people to hail a cab whenever they want.

Lesson 2: Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty

Ninja Van team knew that if they wanted to solve the impending logistics problem, they would need to first enter the operations. They will need to find out where and at which part of the delivery most of the time is consumed.

Mr Lai asked his engineers to make deliveries and his operations people to learn technology. He had to get everyone on the team to do everything so that they understand the problem thoroughly. It is only when you get your hands dirty that you realize the solution.

The engineers could understand the delivery issues perfectly, as they started delivering the packages. This helped them build the ideal technology that would help accelerate logistics. The operations people got their hands dirty with technology, and so could help with aspects concerning the operations and how the technology can help them.

So, when you are planning a business, it is important to get your hands dirty with all aspects. It can be confounding and may seem like moving out of your comfort zone. However, when you set out to do it, you will actually enjoy and find better ways to do your business.

Lesson 3: Know what others are doing, don’t follow them

While Ninja Van was well aware of what the other companies were doing, they weren’t learning things from them. It is common to follow someone who has reached a zenith, which in this case would be the numerous logistics companies. However, Ninja Van wanted to do things differently, for which it was important not to follow anyone but to create a separate path for themselves. They knew how the companies worked but, they wanted to make sure they did not repeat any of that in their working.

It is important to know what your competitors offer and how but, you need to carve your own path. It is important to offer something unique, which will later become your USP. In case of Ninja Van, bringing technology to their core business became the highlight, which has helped them in ensuring quick deliveries.


Ninja Van started from the scratch to bring things into an order. Though the niche was already driven by leaders, Ninja Van managed to break through it with its innovative and useful idea.

As a new business, you will need to think innovation, usability and uniqueness before you bring your idea to the floor and discuss it with any iPhone app development company.  It is important to solve a problem, which will, in turn, help your idea turn into a business success.

How Wattpad Secures $51M in Venture Funding With These Top 4 Features?

Herein, we’re introducing the writing platform- Wattpad with its top features. This blog post can arise opportunities for those who want to create the writing and reading platform in terms of the mobile app. Let’s check out what’s inside it?

Storytelling is a measure of the magic between the storyteller and the audience. In the era of digital transformation, storytelling apps have taken the experience of reading and writing the stories to the next level.

Being a book reader, you may be already aware of the fact that there is an abundance of digital storytelling apps on the Play Stores, where readers can dive into the ocean of stories no matter where they are.

All top of that, talking about the storytelling apps, how could Wattpad stand behind the story! A storytelling and reading/viewing app – “Wattpad, Canada-based company, has secured $51 millions in Venture Funding from Tencent and BDC”, according to the latest report.

Furthermore, the community grew over 40% in the year of 2017, and now it has 65 million users worldwide and 400 million story uploads. Now, we can say that Wattpad has become a trusted global community of user along with hundreds of millions of stories to helping people and the partners to find out the great content.

So, before jumping into the top four features to create an app like Wattpad, let’s have a look into what Wattpad has been achieving so far.

  • When it comes to the total visits of Wattpad, which is approximately 158.88 million as you can see it in the below image.


Image Source: SimilarWeb

  • “Wattpad app ranks no. 1 in the category of books & reference”, according to the digital marketing intelligence platform – SimilarWeb.
  • “On Wattpad, users spend an average of an hour a day in 2011”, this is the data from the Wattpad official website.
  • Moreover, there’s another data, which speaks itself as it says, “In the year of 2012, users spent 1 billion minutes on the service”. This data reveals that the fanfiction app, Wattpad had already achieved the milestone in the previous years.

wattpad-time-spentImage Source: TechCrunch

So far, a creative community for storytellers and story lovers – Wattpad has proven out itself in terms of its user growth. And, it seems like the craze of Wattpad is never going to an end among readers as well as writers.

Top 4 Features That You Can Include to Create an App Like Wattpad 

1.Provides The Search Function That Lets Users to Find Out Stories by The Authors’ Names 

The global community of readers and writers, Wattpad allows users to search stories by the name of the authors. Also, users can keep exploring 250 million stories within the app. In order to create the storytelling app like Wattpad, users are free from choosing a story for reading from a range of genres, including Romance, Fiction Stories, Inspirational, and much more. According to the official website of Wattpad, “The Wattpad community spends 15 billion minutes each month using Wattpad.


In fact, Wattpad assures their users that they would be able to read the content, which they were not able to find out in the previous. Well, it is all about what Wattpad has been providing their users for so long.

Nevertheless, if you may have been going through with the ideas to create storytelling app like Wattpad, you can start with it. This is due to the fact that the growth of the novel writing apps like Wattpad and others are still growing with the interest over time across the globe. This is what you can check in the below data by Google Trends.


2. Provides The Library Where Reader Can Store His Favorites in Archive

Launched in 2006, Wattpad provides a free online community to readers and writers worldwide, and the mobile app embraces 10 million free books.

Moving ahead to check out the next feature while developing an app like Wattpad is – Library. As the name of the feature speaks itself, where the user can store N number of favorite stories in Archive. The user can access his saved stories, even offline.

Now, the real question is that – what else you can provide your users in terms of storytelling app? Till now, Wattpad does not allow users to explore the fresh stories (which are not already saved) when they are offline. This is what in which you can work in order to develop Wattpad alternatives.


3. Allows Writer to Create Story

One of the unique features, which is provided by Wattpad. Providing the platform for writers, where they can write and publish their stories. More than 45 million people choose Wattpad to published their serialized stories. However, Wattpad had realized the challenges faced by writers for creating the full-length work.

In order to create the stories in a fraction of minutes, Wattpad introduced new chat story tool – Tap, where writers can create stories with texts, images, and emojis.


4. Provides The Latest Updates, Including News Feed, Push Notifications, and Messages

Another feature is – Update by Wattpad as it includes News Feed, Push Notifications, and Messages. To be honest, in order to develop a storytelling app, the feature like push notifications plays an important role. With this feature, users get the latest updates of stories, which are on trend. Additionally, it allows mobile app users to send messages to their followings.

It goes without saying, without including these must-have features, which are mentioned above, your idea of creating a storytelling app like Wattpad could be incomplete.

Bottom Line

Over a decade, Wattpad app has been doing well on mobile as the report says, “The majority of the activity is happening on mobile devices. About one third came from Android, 20% came from the iOS device, and the rest comes from other mobile platforms”. Needless to say, Wattpad has been able to shine a big spotlight on the readers as well as writers.

Anyway, now, you have opportunities for the creation of your own mobile app. All you need to just take care of these must-have features into consideration before developing a mobile app for the same genre.

Also, if you want to upgrade your existing fanfiction app like Wattpad, it would be better to consult with an ideal mobile app development company, where you will get to know the feasibility of the features, which you want to include.

As far as your future mobile app is concerned, if your mind is still occupied with lots of queries, feel free to get in touch with us by just filling up the below form. And we’ll revert you within 48 hours.

Time spent in apps grew JUST 6% in 2017. Ask These 5 Questions to Yourself Before Developing Any Mobile App in 2018

Herein lies information for those who want to prevent their mobile apps from stagnation. If it is so, just go through with these five questions before heading to app development process, and ask them by yourself, which we’ve compiled in this blog post.

The advancement of mobile applications is the new digital benchmark.

“Since 2015, in the U.S, iPhone and Android smartphone users used an average of 27.1 apps per month with their devices”, according to the report, that you can check the image below.


Undoubtedly, we live in this era when there’s an app for each and every problem.

Now, moving ahead to know more about the app’s session growth.Year after year, the session of mobile apps growth has been slowing down. It may notice that a big difference between in the year of 2015 and 2017.

The reason of this that amid slowing down the growth in app’s session is that the mobile app categories are no longer uniformly rising as seen prior years.

As we’ve found the data of apps stats in the report, which says, “Mobile app usage up 58% in the year of 2015”. It was significant uplift. You can check the below image.But, this is not the case in 2017.


Decline in the App’s Session Growth

The scenario has completely changed.

According to the recent report by Flurry, “The total time spent in apps grew just 6% in the year of 2017, and down from 11% in 2016”.

Additionally, the other report by Flurry says, “The overall app session growth stagnates in the year of 2017”. You can check the statistic on the below image.


But, Not Decline in The App’s Usage

In fact, the real scenario is that shopping category grew by 54% as consumers continue to shift their spending into eCommerce through mobile shopping applications. The below image comprises the data, which reflects that the essential apps for users who can’t go without the following apps.


Even though it is undeniable that session growth may have obstructed, but it has never been more obvious that the mobile apps affixed their roles in the people’s lives.

Additionally, according to the report by Flurry, “940,000 applications are tracked, across 2.1 billion devices in 3.2 trillion sessions”.


Hope is still alive!

The real question is – are you really prepared for developing an app for your business? If not, we’ve compiled five powerful questions, which you need to go through once if you want to grow the time spent on mobile applications. Let us check them out.

Question: #1 Does your app idea solve any real problem?

Everyone likes the solution, especially if these are associated with the real-life.

And, we live in this era where there is plethora of mobile app available next to you for each and every problem.

Nonetheless, both the success and failure of mobile app majorly rely on its features. Let us take an example to elaborate this point.

If the mobile application lies in the category of health and fitness, then it must embrace all the essential features like customized diet plan, various workout programs, which can actually solve the problems of users. If the mobile app provides all essentials in terms of features, which can be helpful in user’s life. Then, the app will simply recognize by masses.

Question: #2 How can you make the mobile app simple?

Before developing the mobile application, there are essentials, which you need to bear in mind, before diving into the world of mobile apps.

  1. Analyse your competitors’ apps
  2. On top of all, it is all about audience

1. Analyse your competitors’ apps

Deep analysis of your top rivals’ mobile apps can give you the insights of the interests of your targeted audience. By asking the questions, you can do your analysis like How are other mobile apps named? And, are the names of other apps easy to remember?

Well, a thoroughly analysis of market research can help you to make your app simpler. Plus, your app only can upfront with the right audience.

2. On top of all, it’s all about the audience

In order to create an app simpler, all you need to know more about your audience.

Finding out the right audience, you need to aware what your audience requires, and what are the problems they have been facing so far with other existing mobile apps. For this, you need to speak to them by conducting campaigns on various social media platforms.

Also, you can gather information from smaller subgroups of consumers to figure out the type of group of people who would like to install your mobile app.

Once, you know your audience, it will help you to know their requirements. With the help of this, you will be able to produce a simple yet handy mobile app in front of them.

Note: Once, you will be done with the creation of the mobile app, it is important to bear in mind that you’ll always be working on continuous improvements to the app. WhatsApp is an example, which always comes with the frequent updates.

Question: #3 Does your app make sure that it would not face the issue like battery drain?

According to the source by Techlicious, “Out of the 49.5% of daily battery drain is noticed, in which 28.9% is because of the apps, which frequently wake up, and still run in the background”.

Users generally end up with the abandon the applications from their Smartphones. The mobile advertisements are one of the primary revenue providers for several mobile applications. Nevertheless, advertisements are the factor in battery drain. Advertisements make use of processing power to display colorful images as well as videos. In addition, ads also utilize a lot of bandwidth in order to load the large content. It results in more battery drain.

Here, we are not asking the removal of advertisements from the mobile apps. Nonetheless, a nice solution to get rid of this situation is – to limit ads to only a few places in your mobile app.

By doing so, you will be able to provide users with the less-consuming battery mobile apps. Plus, they can get the most out of your apps without consuming a large amount of battery of their devices.

Question: #4 Will you provide any customer loyalty programs, which could attract more users?

In the light of statistics, being a startup or Entrepreneur, you need to think about what you can do to attract more users.

Customer Loyalty: Basically, it reflects customer or user’s willingness to use the product with a brand again and again.

Customer Loyalty Program: A reward program, which is offered by the company or mobile app to make customers or users frequently make purchases. There are top five loyalty program apps i.e. Belly, Spendgo, FiveStars, Shopkick Local, and Linkables.

Here, we’ve rounded up three images with the statistics, which will help you to think more about – customer loyalty programs.

  1. Loyalty programs are great for building relationships with the mobile app users. You can check in the below image:


Image Source: VTiger

2. The below image tells you about the stats of why customers participate in loyalty programs.


3. Furthermore, customer loyalty programs are effective in order to influence the purchase decision.


Apart from these a plethora of data, here, we’re trying to say that the concept of customer loyalty program can add value to the mobile app as well.

Let us take an example of Amazon Prime. Talking about the report from Business Insider says, “74% of Amazon prime members said that they used Amazon more today”. Having a subscription to Amazon Prime, users can enjoy free perks like free shipping, and access to the catalog of e-books, movies, and digital music. Also, according to the report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, “Amazon Prime members spend $1,500 per year, while non-prime members spend only $625”.

Well, after going through above data, we can say that the customer loyalty programs actually attract more users. This is one of the pivotal points, which you can include before create the mobile app, in which users could spend a lot of time in your app.

Question: #5 Do You Believe in The Concept of The ‘Buyer Persona’?

On a fundamental level, the Buyer Persona is a non-fictionalized characterization of one of the best customers. Also, it includes the information of the customers, and how they use the product or service.

Persona can be varied according to a targeted audience.

Why is Buyer Persona Important?
In simple words, we can say, Buyer Persona helps to understand the customers, or it can be app users. After getting familiar with the concept, it makes easier to customize the product, mobile application, or service.

Also, it is important to create the detailed buyer persona, due to the fact that, it helps you to understand what your mobile app users thinking, feeling, believing, concerned about, and expecting from your business, service or app.

How to Create Mobile User Persona?
In order to create mobile app persona, all you need to take care of the following steps before heading into the world of mobile application development. You can check here:

1. Ask Questions to Yourself: In order to create buyer persona, this practice is generally misunderstood by many people. Well, it is not about determining the details like buyer’s age, and gender. However, it is all about to know the challenges faced by customers/users. Also, you can ask questions to yourself like:

  • What does my audience need in terms of the app?
  • What is stopping people to find out/use the mobile app?
  • What do the users need in order to make the decision?

2. Choose The Mobile Platform: Now, it is important to select the mobile platform where you’re about to develop your mobile app.

In addition, if you are trying to reach younger buyers with text and image content, then you can choose a responsive design for web offerings.

You can also make an impact with the special cost offers and coupons, then you can embark on the SMS campaigns.


Image Source: Blog Readz

Together, this information can help you to create an ideal picture of your ideal mobile app users. So that you can talk directly to the customers about their needs. Also, help users – why your mobile app is the perfect choice to help them.

Also, creating buyer persona helps to develop apps in a better way. It can be achieved with a long-term association with a trusted Android app development company.

Final Thoughts

All these aforementioned questions and solutions can help you to make your app users stay long. And, you can prevent yourself from being a part of a huge decline in app’s session growth.

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How Snow (Once a Snapchat Clone App) Raises $50M From SoftBank With These 5 Unique Features?

Have you ever thought of creating an app like Snow? If yes, this blog post is for you as it contains top five features of Snow, a successful photo editing app like Snapchat.

In the ocean of photo filter apps, the Snow – a video messaging app has an edge on Snapchat. Since there was a time when Snow was recognized as Snapchat clone app. But, right now, the scenario has completely changed. It is no longer a Snapchat clone. Well, the report says, “Selfie app Snow raises $50M from SoftBank and Sequoia China”.

When it comes to the growth of the SNOW, it reflects, “In the year of 2016, Snow – the video messaging app had overtaken Snapchat in terms of installs across Asia”, according to the report by SimilarWeb. You can check in the below image.


After Asia, now we’ll move to other countries that have become early adopters of Snow, the Snapchat clone app. Whereas, in the U.S, Germany, Netherland, and UK, the installs of Snow have increased steadily since January 2016. You can check the data in the below image.


Image Source: SimilarWeb 

On the other hand, when it comes to the in-store traffic sources of Snow, it tells “In Japan, the vast majority of the app’s in-store traffic came from the Google Play Store. On the other hand, in the U.S, only 70.16% in-store traffic came through in-store search”, according to the report by SimilarWeb (a digital marketing intelligence company).


Emerged in September 2015, a video-sharing app, Snow was started by Naver, the Korean firm, which is behind the popular messaging app, Line. Additionally, one of the most popular apps in China, Snow app is used by over 200 million people around the world. That’s why Snow app has changed significantly since its emergence. Also, Facebook tried to buy Asian Snapchat clone- Snow in the last year.

Additionally, it is important to look out the app rank history of Snow app by App Annie, you can check in the below image.