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Dating App Development: 3 Reasons to Develop a Dating App like Crown That Turns Dating into a Game

As you already know that the dating app market is already flooded with a lot of applications. But still, the demand for the new dating apps is increasing constantly as people want to come out of the swipe world and experience something new and unique.

According to the report from, the total revenue in the online dating segment amounted to $1,389m in 2017, and it is projected that the revenue will show an annual growth rate of 3.3% resulting in a market volume of $1584m by 2021.

Talking about the newly created dating app, Crown is turning a dating into a game. A Dallas-based company, Match Group, has created this new dating application, which throws a curveball at trying to find a match.

The operator of a number of dating sites and apps including Tinder, Plenty of Fish and others, Match Group developed Crown dating app to change the way people find a match. Instead of endless swiping from left to right, Crown is here to revolutionize the experience.

How is Crown App Different from Other Dating Apps?

  • The newly launched dating app, Crown, is guaranteed to provide quality singles, who are playing head-to-head for the attention.
  • The application sends 16 curated profiles of singles nearby on daily basis, so one must choose from whom they like more between two people at a time.
  • Then, the app will directly message them that they have won the dating game for the day.
  • The winners of the game will decide with whom they want to chat, date or keep playing the game.
  • No more swiping here and there to find the match, just play the game and have fun while finding a perfect match.
  • In a nutshell, it is like a Bachelorette’-style process of elimination, helping users to choose quality over quantity.

Being a startup and entrepreneur, if you have decided to develop the best dating app that stands-out, here’re 3 reasons why should you make a hookup app like Crown:

1. No More Swiping, Just Play Game & Have Fun

The main reason why you as a startup or entrepreneur should develop a dating app like Crown is giving your app users an interesting way to find a perfect match. They don’t have to swipe left or right to find the match, instead, they can play the game and get the quality option of people, who are single.


Crown is a new kind of online dating app that gives users a new way to find a match to date or make a friend. Every single day, the application sends users 16 curated profiles of eligible singles nearby, allowing one to choose whom they like more between two people at a time.

After selecting the final four singles, Crown app will directly send a message to them that they have won the dating game for the day. So, developing a dating app like Crown can help you to grab the attention of maximum people and deliver quality service.

2. Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

Unlike Tinder app, Crown is focusing on quality over quantity. It is another reason to develop a new dating app like Crown, allowing your users to focus on quality instead of quantity. Talking about Tinder and OkCupid app, the apps show one person’s profile at a time and let your swipe to see countless options that are available.


Users don’t need countless options to choose instead they need quality options to choose from and begin dating one that fits their needs. Crown is one such dating app that is only showing two options at a time out of the 16. Users of the app have to choose between the two and move on to the next pair. Once selected, the users will be given the option to chat.

Just like Crown, provide your users something interesting and fun way to find the perfect match. Along with playing the game, they can find the right match to chat and date. Moreover, you can suggest different places nearby including cafes and restaurants as a meeting destination.

3. Crown is Making More Meaningful Matches Than Other Apps

The most important thing that any dating app should offer to its users is more meaningful matches and this is what Crown application is doing. If you have planned to make a dating application, consider Crown as the app is making more meaningful matches than other applications.


As you know that already available dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Happn present users with an endless stream of people to pick from, but Crown provides a more limited selection and make more meaningful matches. No matter whether you want to match people with the help of algorithms, plain filters or with the different game, make sure to give your users advanced level of dating experience through your app.

On a Concluding Note

Today, people spend their maximum time on dating apps – approximately 90-minutes a day – that means startups and entrepreneurs can make a lot of money in the dating app development industry. But you must think of your users’ problem that they face while accessing current dating apps and provide a solution in terms of the app which adds value to their lives.

If you think that your dating app idea can change the dating industry and help people to find a right match, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading iPhone app development company and have already developed over 40 dating apps with exclusive features and technologies. Contact us today to our hire iPhone app developers to turn your dating app idea into reality.

Sill, if you have any confusion related to developing dating app, just fill this below-given form and our sales representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

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5 Notable Features to Keep in Mind When Developing a Guided Mediation App like Calm

“This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop a meditation app like Calm. Here, we have mentioned top 5 features that you need to keep in mind when developing a guided meditation app. Let’s give a look!”

To get some peace and relaxation, people prefer to meditate whenever they get time. They wanted to take a break from their hectic schedule and office chores to feel an inner calm. Whether they prefer deep breathing or guided imagery to get relax their mind, mediation can have a significant impact on their mental and physical health.

Today, millions of people practice meditation every day using some of the top meditation apps like Calm, Headspace, Simple Habit, Pacifica, Shine, 10% Happier and The Mindfulness. In the recent time, mindfulness and meditation apps have gained a huge popularity that Apple editors named this category as one of four breakout trends in app culture in 2017.

Talking about the most popular mindful meditation app, Calm (Apple’s best iPhone app of 2017) has raised $27 million in a new financing round that values the company at a $250 million. The pre-money round led by Insight Venture Partners along with Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures also participating. Earlier, the company raised approximately $1.5 million in seed funding.

Success Story of Calm: The Best Guided Meditation App

  • Calm was founded in 2014 by British entrepreneurs named Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew with the aim to make the world happier and healthier.
  • In 2013, the company began developing its library of guided meditations and soothing nature sounds and scenes.
  • Then, in 2014, Tamara Levitt joined the company as Head of Mindfulness with its 20+ years of meditation expertise. She has been Calm’s meditation instructor ever since.
  • Today, Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation with more than 26 million downloads and over 225,000 5-star reviews.
  • Recently, the app named the world’s happiest app by the Center for Humane Technology.
  • Last year, Calm app was selected by Apple App Store editors as the best app on the App Store in 2017.

A few years ago, it was quite challenging to convince investors that a mindfulness app can end-up as a successful business, but the increasing focus on mental health from startups and big companies, entrepreneurs and companies like Calm are grabbing the attention of investors.

Being a startup, if you have made-up your mind to develop a meditation app like Calm, don’t forget to include these 4 features to make your app successful:

1. Guided Meditation for Everyone

It is must that you allow all the people to mediate with your application by providing them with a complete guide about it. You can include a guide on mediation for everyone in the app, helping users to learn how to meditate and practice breathing exercise.


In addition, make your application in such way that it can be easily accessed by all age group of people like children, youngsters, and adults. Beginners can practice meditation whenever and wherever possible following guidance.

Along with beginners, you can include programs for intermediate and advanced meditators and gurus. Whether beginners or trained meditators, they must train their mind in just a few minutes a day and should not face any problem with your app. In a nutshell, guided meditation will teach beginners and experienced meditators the life-changing skill of mediation.

2. Mindfulness and Meditation Exercises

Through mindfulness and meditation exercises, you can allow your app users to learn classic meditation techniques that will help them in getting relax, manage their stress and fight insomnia and other depression problems.


Let’s take an example of Calm application that provides its users with breathing exercise feature, enabling them to get relax and feel peaceful. The selection ranges from 3-minute to 25-minute sessions, it also includes a feature called Daily Calm, a minute program to practice before the beginning or end of the day.

When developing your own app for mediation, you can provide your users with different techniques like relaxation breathing, mindful breathing, and mindful breathing meditation. Apart from this, provide users with different exercises to practice meditation.

3. Sessions on Everything from Stress to Happiness

An essential feature that you can consider while developing a mindfulness app is a session on different topics like stress, stress management, insomnia, depression, happiness, peace, relaxation, body scan, forgiveness, walk mediation, and more.

By covering all these sessions, you can allow your users to listen and practice meditation. Such sessions will help people to fight depression and feel happiness by getting relax. You can provide these sessions in different lengths like 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 60 minutes, allowing users to choose the right length that fits in their schedule.

4. Allow Users to Track Daily Progress and Meditation Time

Tracking the daily progress and mediation time is much important for users to keep going and improving. If you will include a tracking feature, it will help users to know their daily time that they spend on mediation, listening to music, reading stories or listening sessions. They can even track their progress and compare it to know whether they have improved or not.


By tracking daily habits of meditating, reading, and listening to soothing music, users can get help in accomplishing their target easily. Once they achieve their target of meditating or reading, they can share it with their friends through social media. Make sure that you allow your app users to directly share their progress from the app and can invite friends and family members.

5. Push Notification to Keep Users Engaged

Push notification plays an important role when it comes to keep users engaged and connected with your application. It is considered as a retargeting tool, helping you to keep your users near to your app.


Whether there is any new feature in the app, introducing new music, a session on any topic or any offer for people, you can directly let your users know through notification without asking them to open the app.

Apart from this, push notification will help you to send a reminder to visit your app and experience another meditation session. Moreover, don’t forget about the gamification element. And, keep reminding your users to keep their score high and use the app every day.

Some of the Recommended Features to Consider

  • Stories: Meditation and mindfulness stories of the people, who fought depression and other problem and happily doing meditation. By including this feature, you can encourage and motivate beginners to meditate and experience peace.
  • Thousands of Tracks and Soothing Music: Along with the above-given features, you can consider including thousands of tracks and soothing music, allowing people to listen whenever they get time. Include sounds and music of water, trees, birds chirping and more that help people to improve focus, sleep and give them peace.
  • One-to-one chat support: Allow your app users to have a one-to-one chat with experts, meditators and gurus to talk about their problems and discuss their queries related to meditation. They can discuss and get a solution from the experts.


With the increasing demand for meditation app, meditation app development seems a good idea for startups and entrepreneurs. Developing a meditation app like Calm or Headspace is not difficult if you consider the pain points of users and provide a solution through the app. Include requisite features and functionalities in the app, helping beginners and experienced meditators to get relax and feel peace.

If you think that your meditation app idea can change the lives of millions of people and help them fight depression or stress, then discuss your idea with as we are a leading Android apps development company. With the experience of developing over 3500 mobile apps of different categories, we can be a perfect partner to develop Android applications under mental health and mindfulness category.  

Still, if you have any query related to mediation app development, just fill-up the below-given form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you within 48 hours.

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Group Video Chat App: Consider These 3 Solutions If You Want to Develop a Successful Video Chat App like Houseparty

“This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who have made up their mind to develop a video chat app. We have mentioned top three solutions to consider if you want to make your video chat app successful like Houseparty. Let’s have a look!”

The days of holding a phone conference have been replaced by video chatting. Since almost all the people have a smartphone capable of handling video chats, it’s no surprise that a number of video chat apps are being released on the App Stores.

Today, video chats are not only convenient, but it also provides the chance to talk to someone else face-to-face. As most of the people are always with their smartphone, they can hold a video chat wherever or whenever possible with their friends, loved ones, and family members.

Talking about the most popular video chat app, Houseparty is a widely used group video chat application for teenagers, college students and office goers. Available on both the platforms Android and iOS, the company has recently launched HouseParty for Mac, allowing faster video chats among close friends and family.

Houseparty: A Successful Group Video Chat App for Teenagers & College Students

Houseparty app has proven itself as the most popular group video chat app as it continues to redefine the social media landscape with its exclusive range of features and functionalities. With the launch of Houseparty for Mac, the company is representing its bid for extending its reach beyond the teenage hangouts for which it is well-known in college dorms, campus, houses, and workplaces.

Despite Facebook’s and Snapchat’s 2.072 billion and 178 million users respectively, this live video chat app is shaking up the industry with just 20 million users. Now, these two giants are playing catch-up to Houseparty app as they fall behind in what truly important, engagement.


Image Source:

In the above-given image, you can see that the total time spent on Houseparty app is 51 minutes, Facebook 50 minutes (including Messenger and Instagram), and Snapchat 30 minutes. Without any doubt, we can say that Houseparty app is leaving behind these two giants.

So, if you have also decided to make a video chat app, you must consider the below mentioned 3 solutions to develop an app like Houseparty.

3 Solutions to Keep in Mind While Developing a Video Chat App like Houseparty

1. Video Chat with up to Ten or More People at Once

The main solution to consider while developing a video chat app like Houseparty is enabling your app users to video chat with more than one people at a time. Make sure to allow users to chat up to ten or more than ten people at a single time so that they have a fun with their friends, family members, and relatives.


When it comes to Houseparty app, the app allows one-on-one or in a group with up to 8 friends, all at once. Once the user opens the application, he/she will get a complete list of friends to whom he/she can send a notification, letting them know that he wanted to talk to them. The thing that other video chat apps are not offering is push-notification to contacts or friends of the user that he is available in the Houseparty.

While making a live video chat app, allow your app users to chat with a maximum number of people at once and make it easy for them to connect with their friends and family through a video call.

2. Making the Video Calling App as Secure as Possible

Another solution to provide your users through the app for video chat is a security of the information that they have filled while registering. Try to make your app as secure as possible and give users specific control to pick with whom exactly they wish to chat while creating “room” for video chat.

To make it more secure for users, it is must that these rooms come with some filters to block out anyone nor explicitly invited. It will help users to avoid unwanted snooping and eavesdropping. Making your app a two-way street like no video chat can be started without agreement from both users.


Currently, Houseparty is one such group video chat app that doesn’t experience any privacy leaks or scandals so far, giving users a secure video chatting experience. To give its users advance level of security, the app doesn’t allow users to post content that impersonates another person or entity in a manner, which is intended to mislead. Thus, develop a safe and secure video chat application that is for all age-group of people like school & college students and office people.

3. Refine Application with Advance Features and Functionalities

If you want to know how to make a video chat app successful, then don’t forget to refine your application with advanced features and functionalities that allow users to stay connected with friends and family. Here are some of the features that you can include in your live video calling app to give more engaging experience:

  • Better Quality Video Connection: Interrupted calls and fuzzy images are the things that depress your users, so try to deliver a video chat solution that gives users a better-quality video connection, allowing them to have a seamless and crystal-clear experience.
  • Video Call Preview: Just like Google Duo app, you can also allow your users to preview the incoming video calls so that they can have a better idea of the context of calling.
  • Custom filters & Animations: This feature plays an important role in making your group chat app successful. Filters and animation add additional engagement to your video app. Rounds app is one such app, enabling users to add custom doodles and effects to the video stream.
  • Instant video messaging: Instant video messaging to enable users to instantly video chat with friends and family members to express thoughts and feelings that sometimes not possible in a mere text.
  • End-to-end encryption: Consider security of the app as the main feature when you are developing a video conferencing app.
  • Pair with text messaging as well: Providing a text messaging option to your users is also a good option, allowing them to drop a message when he/she can’t video call due to any reason.

So, these are the three solutions to consider while creating an app like Houseparty video chat. To give your users a seamless video chatting experience, try to understand your users’ pain point like what problems they are facing and try to solve it through your application.


With the availability of different video chat apps like Google Duo, Facetime, Skype and Houseparty, it is essential to stand out from these apps by providing a wide range of features and solutions to your users.

Unlike other live video calling apps, make it much simpler for users to access the app by keeping the UI simple and uncluttered. Moreover, allow them to create a contact book or frequent callers list so that they can instantly make a video call with their desired person.

So, if you have got one such group video calling app idea in mind, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading iPhone app development company and can be a right partner to develop app for iPhoneIn case, if you still have any confusion or query related to group video calling app development, just fill this below-given form. Our business representative will get back to you within 48 hours!

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Photo Scanning App: How Photomyne, A.I.-powered Photo Scanner, Raised $5 Million With These 3 Simple Strategies

“This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who have decided to develop a photo scanning app like Photomyne. In this blog, we have covered top three strategies that are behind the success of this A.I.-powered photo scanner app. Let’s have a look!”

In this digital world, almost all the important data like files, assignments, notes, and even old photos of your grandparents can be stored in a smartphone. Today, the stored files, assignments, an old photo album of your parents’ wedding or first holiday with your friends can be easily stored and accessed anytime and anywhere.

Talking about storing physical photo albums in a smartphone, it is easily possible using different photo scanning apps available on the web. Photo scanning apps have made it easy to scan and save old photo albums along with a date, location, and description.

When it comes to talking about the best photo scanner app for Android and iOS, Photomyne is one such name that buzzing around. Recently, this A.I.-powered scan old photos app named Photomyne has raised $5 million in Series A funding.

The funding round was led by Luxembourg-based Maor, a co-investment tech fund from Philippe Guez and Eric Elalouf. With this new funding, the company is planning to expand its team of 16 to around 25 and scale the business in Japan and South East Asia, in particular.

Photomyne – The Most Popular A.I.-powered Photo Scanning App

  • Photomyne, Tel-Aviv, Israel-based startup company, helps people worldwide to bring their old photo prints online within just a few minutes.
  • Being an ideal time-saver scanner app, Photomyne has made the scanning process easier because users don’t have to snap a picture of a single old photo one at a time. Instead, users are allowed to scan multiple pictures in a single shot.
  • Just flip through the pages of an old family photo album and instantly get those pictures converted to digital more quickly.
  • Currently, the app is used by a million people every month, and 250,000 people pay the $20 annual subscription for the expanded service.
  • As of June 2018, the application has been downloaded 7 million times and is largely used in the U.S. and in Western Europe.
  • The app is free to download on iOS and Android, but the complete range of feature is only available to paid subscribers.

In a short period, the application has gained huge popularity worldwide. So, if you have also decided to develop a photo scanning app like Photomyne, let’s explore 3 simple strategies behind the success of this A.I.-powered photo scanner.

1.Constant Innovation with the Latest Technology

Many of you might have a question in your mind – how has Photomyne gained instant popularity on the web. The reason behind it is constant innovation with the latest technology. This image scanning app is leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence that runs locally on mobile devices to speed up the tedious process of picture scanning using a handheld device.


Unlike other photo scanner apps, Photomyne allows users to scan photos without any hassle as they just need to simply hold the device and capture. Then, the scanner will do the rest. The app’s A.I.-based technology improves over the time the more users use it. With the constant innovation, the app allows organizing photos beautifully into albums, so users can browse them on multiple devices and online.

To record memories forever, turn piles of physical photos into digital albums along with dates, location and names of the person in the photo. Even, mention the story behind the photos and albums to save those moments permanently. It doesn’t matter what type of photo and video app you are developing, it is essential to keep innovating with the latest technology, helping your users to save their time and efforts.

2. Scan Multiple Analog Photographs in a Single Shot

Another strategy that is behind the success of Photomyne app is the ability to scan more pictures in one shot that makes this application appealing to those who want to upload their entire collection of old photos to the web rather than picking and choosing specific photos to import.


Once users scan multiple analog photographs in a single shot, the application will auto-detect picture boundaries, auto-rotates sideways pics, crops and save them into a digital album. The application is helping a lot to all those people, who attempt to digitize images found in old albums containing various pages filled with physical photos.

Moreover, the more interesting thing about Photomyne is that it has a vision of being more than just another scanning utility. It helps users create live, shareable digital achieves anytime and anywhere. In the sea of photo scanners, Photomyne stands-out due to its ability to scan multiple paper photos in a single shot.

So, if you want to make your own photo scanning app, make sure that you add value to your users’ lives and make things easy for them like Photomyne did.

3. Focusing on a Set of Exciting and Unique Features

To make your application successful, it is must to include a set of exciting and unique features that other apps don’t offer. Irrespective of the type of app you make, make sure to provide an array of new features just like Photomyne application.

This picture scanner application comes with lots of exciting features such as scanning multiple photos at a single shot, auto-rotates sideways pics, crops & saves them into a digital album. In addition, users are allowed to share as many photos as they want through email and text messages.

The best features of this A.I. app is it enables users to save unlimited photos to their iOS or Android device and create unlimited albums. However, some additional features like unlimited photo backup, syncing account across multiple mobile devices and online photo access on the Photomyne website are available for paid subscribers only.

Moreover, Photomyne scanner app is focusing on many new features like automatic color correction such as fixing color decay and the ability to search the more interesting photos in 70 million-plus photo archives. To develop your own power-pack photo scanner app, you must provide a complete range of new and exciting features that help your users in saving their time while scanning and creating a digital family album.

What’s Next?

Developing the best photo scanner app that gets funded and covers by top news website like Techcrunch is not as easy as it sounds. You have to think out-of-the-box and provide a solution to your users’ problem they face while converting physical photos into digital albums. Understand your users’ pain points and try to solve them through the application to add value to users’ lives.

So, if you have got an idea that you want to turn into a successfully running application, you can get in touch with us as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 40 photo and video apps with numerous features and functionalities.

In case, if you still have any query related to photo scanning app development, just fill-up the below-given form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you within 48 hours. The consultation is totally free!

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Uber for Tutors: 5 Features You Need to Include If You Want to Develop a Successful Tutoring App like Wyzant Tutors

“This blog contains a list of top 5 features that you need to include while developing a successful on-demand tutoring app like Wyzant Tutors. Private coaching centres, institutes, and education classes can develop their own tutoring app, helping students. Let’s have a look into it!”

Today, the world is moving with on-demand solutions. No matter whether it is about booking a taxi, ordering food or grocery items, calling a handyman at home, or looking for tutors, on-demand solutions have made it easy to get things or services at the doorstep.

When it comes to hiring a tutor, the traditional model of finding a tutor and hiring that person to come to your house once a week does not make sense for this generation of students. Today, students often need help on an immediate basis, and that is a big part of what attracted on-demand tutors.

These days, hiring tutors on-demand is not a big deal for parents or students as there are many best tutoring apps available on the web. These tutor finder apps help students to find the best tutors as per their requirements. Students look for the best tutor nearby, book a session for a particular subject, get learning, and share the experience with other students just like Wyzant Tutors.

Increasing Growth of Online Tutoring Service Apps

The annual growth rate of students, who are enrolling in the online tutoring services is expected to double in the next couple of years. The global K-12 online tutoring market is expected to grow rapidly and will post a CAGR of close to 12% during the forecast period. In the year 2016, the online tutoring market of K-12 segment valued at $63.57 billion and it is predicted to be $120.67 billion by 2021.

With the increasing demand for online tutoring apps and services, several coaching centres and classes have developed their own tutoring app, helping students to get in touch with the best tutor. Using tutor apps like Wyzant and Ace tutors, students connect with various experts, hire the right fit based on qualifications, and schedule the meeting as per the convenience.

Top On-demand Tutoring Apps

  • Whzant and Ace tutors both are the most successful on-demand tutoring apps, connecting students with experienced tutors instantly.
  • Both these tutoring apps help students to hire tutors based on qualification, hourly rates, and special skills & expertise.
  • Students book the session anytime and anywhere of their desired course and pay through two different modes online and cash.

If you have also made-up your mind to develop Uber for tutors, here are the top 5 features that you need to include to make your tutoring app successful like Whzant and Ace tutors:

1. Allowing Students to Find Nearby Tutors Easily

To make it easy yet simple to hire tutor on-demand, allow students to find and search for all the nearby tutors with just a few simple taps. Let students search and look for tutors by location, subject or courses, hourly rates, skills & expertise. From a complete list of tutors, covering different subjects and proficiency that require in particular subject, students can hire their desired tutor.


To make your tutor app stand out from other obtainable apps, make sure to allow students or parents to compare tutors and check their ratings & feedbacks, backgrounds and hourly rates. By comparing different tutors, students can get help in hiring a right tutor for their needs and get the best learning experience.

2. Enable Students to Book On-demand In-person or Video Session

After selecting a right tutor for their course or subject, enable students to book an on-demand in-person or video session with just a few simple taps on the app. Once they choose their desired tutor, students can send him/her a lesson request to book an at home-session or video session at their preferred time.

Apart from this, you can also make it easy for students to book a session in advance for particular date and time, helping them to stay tension-free. No matter at what time and date they want to book a session, app for tutors must have a calendar so that student can easily make decision and book session in advance.

3. One-to-one Chat or Messaging Option

One-to-one chat or messaging feature plays an important role when it comes to developing a successful tutor finder app like Uber. By including chat option, you can enable students and tutors to message each other when required. Students can directly send a message to tutor when they have doubts, need help with homework, preparing for an exam or answers to their queries.


The main benefit of including the chat option is students do not have to wait for tutors to visit home or come on video-call to discuss queries; students can directly drop a message to tutor and get an instant answer irrespective of the time and place.

4. Safe & Secure Payment Option

The most essential feature that you need to consider while developing Uber for tutoring app is safe and secure payment option that is by powered by the most secure payment gateway, including PayPal, Stripe and any other gateway. Apart from this, you can also allow parents or students to pay by using wallet money or credit/debit card through the payment gateway.


By this way, you will not store any credit/debit card details with you, giving students a secure payment experience. Moreover, you make sure that you don’t charge payments or deposits for the lessons that students have booked. Charge students only for the lessons or courses once it is completed.

5. Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews can make your on-demand tutor app stay ahead from other tutoring apps as it will help students to share their reviews and feedbacks and give ratings to different tutors whom they have hired for a particular subject. Even, it will help them to know that which tutor is more demanded and getting a higher number of ratings.


Apart from this, other students and parents can check the reviews and rating of different tutors while hiring and easily make a decision that whether to hire or not. Allow students to give ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 and share detail review so that other students can hire on the basis of star ratings and reviews.

How Can You Make Your Uber for Tutoring App Popular?

  • To make your tutor finder app popular than other apps, make sure to keep innovating with the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence and provide students with the quality learning experience.
  • Another way is connecting students and tutors in just a matter of few seconds. Students can have video-call or one-to-one chat within seconds and get instant help related to any subject, course, and topic.
  • In addition, allow students to manage all the lessons that they have requested, upcoming, in-progress, cancelled, and successfully completed sessions. It will help them to track their sessions and revised the lessons easily.

On a Concluding Note

You have just gone through the list of top 5 features that you can include in your Uber-like tutoring app and make it stand-out. No matter what type of tutoring app you want to make for your education centre or institute, it is crucial to give students a better learning experience. They must get the easiest way of looking and hiring tutors and get help in the difficult subjects through your app.

So, if you have got an app idea and having a question in mind like how to make an app like Uber for tutoring, you can get in touch with us through below-given form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you within 48 hours. We won’t charge for consultation; it is totally free of cost.

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Online Grocery App Development: How Farmdrop (The Farmer-friendly Grocery App) has Raised £10M in Series B Funding by Solving These 3 Challenges

“This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop online grocery delivery app. We have rounded up three major challenges which are solved by Farmdrop, a successful Grocery delivery app. Let’s have a look!”

The online grocery delivery industry has already created a buzz on the web. Undoubtedly, online grocery niche will be booming in the upcoming years because of offering a wide range of unparalleled solutions to consumers.

Talking about the market size of the online grocery industry, the report says,“In 2016, the global online grocery market generated 48 million U.S. dollars, and it is forecasted to reach approximately 150 billion U.S. dollars by 2025,” according to Statista.


Image Source:

Meanwhile, we came across the latest news which is about the farmer-friendly online grocery app that is known as Farmdrop. As per the latest report by TechCrunch, “The UK-based online grocery app Farmdrop has raised £10M in Series B funding led by LGT Impact Ventures and Belltown Ventures that is a renewable energy investment specialist with an interest in agriculture technology.”


3 Major Challenges Solved by Farmdrop, a Family-friendly Online Grocery App

1.Hit With a Revolutionary Idea

As you might be aware of the old tradition and fundamental problem that the supermarkets have always been dominant over the last 50 years. But, there was zero role of farmers plus customers were not getting 100% fresh veggies and on-time grocery items. Now, the Farmdrop has completely changed the way consumers shop, eat, and get the grocery items.

On a fundamental level, Farmdrop is an online grocery platform that connects farmers, growers, and producers directly with the local customers. In this polluted environment where we live, the only option for producers is to concentrate on yields and durability that has led to a big decline in the taste and nutritional quality of homegrown foods.

However, the online grocery app, Farmdrop has solved this problem, allowing consumers to directly buy fresh veggies and get it delivered to their doorstep. So, if you are planning to start your business under the category “online grocery”, then you need to embark on a revolutionary idea that benefits consumers.

2. Offer What Consumers Have Been Missing So Far

Established by ex-city broker Ben Pugh in 2014, Farmdrop originally launched as a ‘click and collect’ service, which allows ordering groceries online from farmer producers in order to pick up at a local collection point.

What do consumers expect from the online grocery delivery companies? The simple answer is freshness and instant delivery of the items. Plus, they also expect the same as what is visualized. Furthermore, consumers also expect organic and quality products as what they do not get from supermarkets. These were the main problems faced by consumers while purchasing veggies, fruits, milk and other grocery items.

The Farmdrop company has provided door-to-door grocery delivery service by eliminating the medium of supermarkets. So, the company has come up with the same basic idea of delivery but giving consumers much fresher produce and more generous share of the retail price. However, the large supermarkets are known for squeezing suppliers in the bid to lower costs whilst maintaining their own profits.

The company has depended on door-to-door delivery with the same basic idea of the marketplace, which bypasses the mass supermarkets. By cutting out the middleman, Farmdrop pays producers 75% of the final retail price, roughly double what they would receive from supermarkets, whilst users get access to food which is up to 5x fresher than what is sold by conventional retailers.

3. Analyzed The Pain Points of Buyers and Sellers

The freshdrop company has not only analyzed and resolved consumers’ pain points, but the company also analyzed the pain points of farmers who did not have a platform to sell their products without squeezing the entire cost along with zero profits. Also, the company claims that 80% of its fresh produce is sourced directly from 208 sustainable farmers and independent food markets. Till now, Farmdrop sells over 2,000 products ranging from high-welfare meat, dairy products, fish and organic fruits, vegetables and other household supplies.

If you have planned to develop an online grocery app like Farmdrop, then you need to analyze such major challenges faced by people and provide a solution through the mobile application.

On a Concluding Note

So, you just checked out the main challenges that solved by Farmdrop, a successful grocery mobile app. If you have also made-up your mind to develop your own grocery delivery app like Farmdrop and got any unique idea, then you can discuss it with us.

Being a leading mobile application development company, we can help you to develop feature-packed grocery delivery application, allowing your customers to directly order through a mobile app.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to grocery delivery app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you to answer your questions.

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How Opendoor (San Francisco-based Real Estate Startup) has Secured $325M in Series E Funding with These 4 Foolproof Features

This post holds information for those real estate startups or entrepreneurs, who want to create one of successful real estate apps like Opendoor. Breaking down four foolproof features, which you can consider whilst developing real estate app.

In the recent times, technology has changed almost every industry. And, there is no exception that the real estate industry has become one of them. There is a game changer real estate startup company named Opendoor that has changed the way Americans buy and sell their homes.

According to the recent report from TechCrunch, “The San Francisco-based real estate startup company, Opendoor has raised $325M in Series E round of funding led by General Atlantic, Access Technology Ventures, and Lennar Corporation in order to make buying and selling homes instantly.” The company has raised fund in just three years, and achieved the label of “unicorn”.

Opendoor & Its Insights of Growth

Well, the reason behind the spontaneous success and growth of the popular real estate company is to eradicate the complex procedures and operations of buying or selling home and it has switched to something as simple as hailing a cab. So, it would be the worth-mentioning the following numbers of growth of Opendoor app:

  • Opendoor is presently in 10 cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Tampa and San Antonio.
  • The company has purchased more than $2.5 billion in homes on an annual run rate.
  • Furthermore, it is also expected that this real estate startup company is estimated to expand to 50 markets by the end of 2020 with the additional financing.
  • From last three years of the company’s emergence, Opendoor has more than 20,000 users till now. Opendoor streamlines the home buying process and assists their customers through the mobile app.
  • The below-given image reflects that the Google Play and Usage Rank that are 38 and 76 respectively.

4 Foolproof Features That Real Estate Startups Need to Include Whilst Developing Real Estate Apps like Opendoor

1. Allows to Explore Hundreds of Housing Listings for buying and Selling Purpose

To simplify home buying and selling, the very first handy feature is to allow users to explore hundreds of housing listings for both purposes. If you are planning to create real estate apps like Opendoor, then providing features that help users to find a right house property as per their requirement.

In addition, you can’t forget to provide results of queries that must be relevant and right for users as what they are searching for. Through the app, users must allow to sneak peek at those housing properties, which yet to hit the market. So, you need to constantly add the new listings as your users will not feel hassles while exploring their favorites.

2. Provides Flexible Search Options

Flexibility is always preferable and likable by users. And, when it comes to search options, you can provide users with filter by bath, bed, or price to see only those, which match your criteria. Users can easily explore Opendoor homes for sale with a map or list view.

Moreover, allow users to save a home to easily review it later. Opendoor has sought to expand its efforts in order to make view those homes just as seamless. It is important to enable potential customers to check out a home by opening it. It is just a significant step for any homeowner, and it makes sense that planning and consideration would go into the process.

real estate app development

3. Allows to View Photos Gallery, Home Details and Instant Updates

The next feature is centralized towards to make the hectic process of buying and selling property streamlined. It is important to allow your user to check the images of property for buying purpose before visiting it.

Before developing real estate apps like Opendoor, make sure to add such feature that would make the whole process seamless for both buyers and sellers. In addition, users allow seeing high-resolution photos and at-a-glance property details of every home. Along with it, you should allow users to get instant updates. As it includes to get the new insight alert and cost change notifications in which users are more interested in.

4. Instantly Connect With Home Experts

No matter in which niche you are going to launch your app, but including essential features play important role. Therefore, developing real estate apps like Opendoor, you need to include the feature in which users can instantly connect with home experts for queries and confusion.

Plus, home experts can provide users more information on their favorite listings. Therefore, by considering such feature, it would eliminate the hassles and help them to deal where users find obstacles. Furthermore, it is also recommended to include directions, allowing users to find nearby open houses for sale.

The Future of Real Estate is “On-Demand”

There is already a lot of tailwinds with people want to transact only with their mobile devices. The Goliaths are Uber, Lyft, and Amazon, who have already taken the term ‘on-demand’ to the next level. However, there is no room for doubt in that when the real estate will become an on-demand.

This statement seems to be true after a spontaneous growth and success of Opendoor in a short span of time. The Opendoor app has made the transactions in real time and instant. In a nutshell, we can say that the growth of Opendoor is the tailwinds for the real estate industry, and the future is on-demand now.

Therefore, being a real estate startup, if you have decided to build apps like Opendoor, then it is important to include aforementioned app features to make it successful. All you need to do is to save a little bit of time to decide the most prominent features for your future competition.

Having ideas of real estate mobile app? If it is so, you can get discuss with us as we are a leading iOS/Android application development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications. Still confused regarding real estate app development? Then, you can fill-up the below-given form and ur sales representative will revert you within 48 hours to solve your queries.

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How Kry, Sweden-based On-Demand Doctor App, Has Bagged $66M in Series B Funding With These 3 Powerful Solutions

This post embraces information for those healthcare startups who want to create on-demand doctor apps like Kry. Herein we’ve curated top three solutions by Kry app that would definitely help you to make a successful app.

The market of digital health or mHealth (mobile health) has started to catch up the demand. Indeed, consumers are demanding more than anything. At the present times, this sector is booming and has been disrupted by on-demand doctor mobile apps. However, on-demand doctor apps have changed the way we meet with doctors regarding health issues.

Furthermore, “The digital health market is expected to reach 206 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, according to Statista. It seems that the future of healthcare industry is bright. As long as people are concerned, they are more interested to use healthcare apps as compared to traditional healthcare services, according to McKinsey & Company.

There are a number of other on-demand startups like Push Doctor in the UK and Doctor On Demand in the U.S., who have been booming in video-call-a-doctor healthcare niche.

Kry: The On-Demand Doctor App

If we are talking about mHealth (mobile health) apps, then we can’t forget to mention a very successful on-demand doctor app named KRY. It is a Sweden-based video-call-a-doctor app, allowing its app users to book and meet a doctor or therapist at any time by using an app. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “The on-demand doctor app, Kry has bagged $66M in Series B funding in order to launch its video-call-a-doctor service in more European markets.”

Founded in 2014, Kry app has around 430,000 user registrations to date and approximately 4000,000 patients meetings have been conducted so far. Even, the app has been experiencing repeat consultations from patients. Thus, it is safe to say that Kry app has been going well in the healthcare industry.

So, if you are thinking to develop successful video-based telemedicine apps like Kry or Doctor On Demand, then you need to browse following powerful solutions, which are behind the success of KRY app.


Keep an Eye on These 3 Powerful Solutions by Kry before Developing an On-demand Doctor App

1. Become a Problem Solver for Patients

on-demand-Kry-appThe on-demand doctor apps are problem-solving for patients. The Swedish-based health startup offers its service to as many patients as possible. The first and foremost thing is to identify the problems faced by patients worldwide and try to provide solutions to their problems through the on-demand solution.

While consultations are conducted remotely, via the app’s video platform along with tech-enabled convenience and increased accessibility to qualified healthcare professionals. These mHealth app helps to treat diseases by modifying patient behavior and providing remote monitoring in order to improve long-term health outcomes.

There are numbers of people who have been using such service instead of going out to the clinic. In simple words, this on-demand video-call-a-doctor app is actually problem solver for patients no matter where they reside. All top of that, it is important how well you solve your patient’s problem.

2. Best-Suited Solutions for Remote-Areas

One of the best-suited solutions is to cater such people, who live in the remote areas or the places where it is not easily possible to visit any clinic easily in the emergency conditions. The key factor behind the success of Kry app is its tech-enabled convenience and enhanced accessibility to qualified healthcare professionals for patients across every region covered by them.

The people who reside in the remote areas could not easily find out clinics or physicians to get themselves treated. Through the app, patients can easily get an appointment to check themselves through on-demand video-based consultation services in a fraction of seconds.

Apps like Kry proffers a unique opportunity to deliver a much-enhanced healthcare to patients across Europe as well as cut down on overall costs associated with primary care. The app has already become a household name in Sweden and trying to become an integral part of the public healthcare system.

Therefore, if you are planning to create the on-demand doctor apps, then consider such solutions in order to cater to users one of the best ways possible.

3. Disrupting Traditional Methods

During the video calls, patients may also receive prescriptions for medication, advice, referral to the specialists, lab or home tests with a follow-up appointment with prescribed medication and home tests able to be delivered to the patient’s home within 2 hours.

The on-demand doctor apps like Kry has disrupted the market as well as the old tradition. It has also changed the way people prescribed medicines from doctors. Such apps have changed the face of medical sectors. And, mHealth apps are reinventing in a whole new way. The Kry app provides solutions for patients of all age groups. These doctor on-demand apps are just one step ahead in the direction of a new mobile health experience, and it has taken this sector to the next level. Being a startup, if you have made-up your mind to develop an on-demand doctor app like Kry, then this is going to be the next big thing, which has the capability to disrupt the industry.

What’s Next?

Well, mHealth apps provide fast and convenient access to patients across the globe where doctors do not need a full physical examination of patients. If you, as a physician, are planning to build video-based on-demand doctor app like Kry, then you need to keep above-mentioned solutions in your mind during mobile app development.

Till now, if you are having any app idea regarding on-demand doctor app development, then you can discuss with us as we are a leading iOS app development company and have already developed over 50 healthcare mobile apps.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand doctor app, just fill-up the below-given form. One of our sales representatives will revert you within 48 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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Uber for Laundry: 5 Important Features You Need to Know That All Successful Laundry Apps Have in Common

This blog is recommended for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to develop an on-demand app like Uber for laundry. Breaking down five important features, which you need to know to make a successful laundry app.

The on-demand services have become the vital part of our lives as they are meant for the busy schedules. That’s why it is called as ‘on-demand’ as it comprises convenience and swiftness. Being a startup, if you want to be a part of the on-demand world and provide your users an excess of easiness through an app like Uber for laundry, then you are at the right place!

Herein we’ve managed to compile important features that you need to include before developing an on-demand laundry app.


Integrate 5 Must-have Features Before Developing an App like Uber for Laundry

1. Allows to Select from a Wide Range of Services in Laundry

When customers log in to the app, it allows them to choose from a wide range of laundry services like dry cleaning, wash & fold. If you provide a number of choices to users in order to choose, then it becomes easy for them to use and retain to the platform for a long time. If you own a laundry business and planning to create an app like Uber for laundry, then you can include this feature into the app for convenience. This is because that the people eventually attract to those services where they find ‘convenience’.

Enables to Add Pivotal Details: After choosing the service, users must be enabled personalized laundry services. This section can be included the selection of detergent, fabric softener, and the customized preferences as per user’s convenience.

on-demand laundry app

Image Source: rinse

2. Lets Users to Schedule Pickup and Drop-off Now or in Advance

Once the order is placed, it is time to pick up the laundry. For their convenience, you can provide an option to schedule the pickup timings according to users’ convenience and preferences. The timings can be within 30 mins, after 1 hour or it can be any day. So, according to the timing decided by app user, the crew person will come and pick up the laundry from user’s door.

On the other hand, same can be applied in the drop-off feature where the user can schedule its laundry drop-off timings as per his/her availability.

The bottom line is that providing such feature where the user can schedule laundry service now or in advance helps to sort out daily things better. Therefore, app users are more likely to tend to use the same service again and again. Pre-order booking option is highly recommended for you if you are planning to develop an on-demand laundry app.

on-demand laundry app development

3. Allows Users to Calculate The Cost And Make Online Payment of Services

The next feature is to let app users calculate the cost of laundry services booked by them. Also, the user can easily calculate the cost of services according to the number of clothing. In addition, the next important feature is to allow users to pay online through multiple options like pay through credit cards, debit cards, and digital or e-wallets. It is also important to offer a seamless online payment to users for paying services. You can also include the Cash on Delivery option once the service is done.

4. Track Orders in Real-Time & Push Notifications

Uber for laundry

Once the laundry is dispatched by your end, it is important to let them track the delivery in real-time. With the tracking feature, the user can easily check the status of its order. Such usable feature is all time important to add before developing an app for on-demand laundry services. This is because that this type of feature lets users know the delivery time, and they can plan accordingly.

Furthermore, push notification feature is one of the all-inclusive and must-have features to include before developing an app like Uber for laundry. Through this feature, you can let users know some offers and discounts if you are providing to them. You might add features where users will get a notification about the laundry pickups and drops-off. In simple terms, this is one of the usable and highly-recommended features in an on-demand laundry app.

5. Allows to Check Order History, Ratings & Reviews

To make a successful on-demand laundry app requires some crucial features, including check history of laundry booking orders. And, allowing users to rate and review the laundry services. Customers can also share their feedback regarding how they feel about the laundry service. By providing such feedback feature, you can also evaluate the service and know where you can improve.


Essentially, being a startup, you need to integrate those features that make it stand out from other laundry apps. Indeed, on-demand laundry services have become important sector. Hence, we can say that it is a high time for developing mobile app in the on-demand laundry niche.

If you have an idea regarding on-demand laundry app development, then you can directly consult us as we are the trusted mobile app development company and have already developed over 50 on-demand app solution.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to uber for laundry app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

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Want to Create Fitness App? Check Out These 3 Unique Solutions by Kayla Itsines’ Sweat App to Succeed in Short Time

This story is centric towards those startups and entrepreneurs who want to create a fitness app like Kayla Itsines’ Sweat app. Herein rounded up top three unique solutions behind the success of this fitness app. Let’s have a look!

The health and fitness sector is evolving rapidly. In the past times, the fitness thing was limited to VHS tape, CDs, and DVDs. But, the story has changed this time. Now, everything has been replaced by the apps whether it is about ordering food or booking a taxi.

At Apple’s 2018 WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in San Jose, the company brought one of the most popular fitness industry’s icons, Kayla Itsines, who is the co-creator of BBG (Bikini Body Guides) and the Sweat app. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Sweat app will soon rake in $77 million USD this year in order to lead a morning workout for around 200 conference attendees.”


Sweat: The Most Popular Fitness App

Launched back in November 2015, the Sweat app is a one-stop destination for fitness programs for women and featuring programs across all areas like yoga, pregnancy workout, and gym workouts.

  • The Sweat app grew 86% last year, and it is expected to hit about $100 million in revenue this year.
  • The Sweat app ranked #2 among top four health and fitness applications, this is what you can see in the below-given image.


  • Over a million people use the app on a monthly basis, and out of 30 million total app downloads of the Sweat app. In addition, the app is based in Australia; however, the U.S is Sweat’s largest market.
  • According to SimilarWeb report,”The Sweat app’s usage rank and Google Play Rank in Health and Fitness category is constant and lies at the top.” Here we can say that the Sweat app is performing outstandingly in the niche of health and fitness.


  • Even better, as per the report from AppAnnie, “The download rank of Sweat app is also going upward.” This is what you can see in the below-given image.


In short, it is safe to say that Sweat app has been performing so well that the app has managed among top four health and fitness apps. It is time to check out unique solutions by Kayla Itsines’ Sweat app, have a look!

3 Unique Solutions by Kayla Itsines’ Sweat App That are Behind The Success in a Short Time

1. Affordable Cost

If you want to become successful in the health and fitness niche, you need to deliver, which is something affordable at cost for users. In general, people do incline towards quality and affordability.

However, you might be thinking how can you deliver affordability in fitness apps. As you may know that the Sweat app is a one-stop solution for fitness enthusiasts across areas like yoga, pregnancy and gym workouts, especially for women. Users need to pay $19.99 per month to use the Sweat app that is much cheaper than the gym. Also, users can select for the annual membership to save 50%. In this way, Sweat app has become popular among women fitness enthusiasts.

However, app users are turning to the app instead of the gym, and it can be a companion for those users who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars they tend to charge. So, it is important to offer a platform where fitness enthusiasts can get services at affordable cost. Moreover, you need to analyze the pain points of your customers before providing the platform in terms of the mobile app. As what Sweat app did.

2. Convenience

After providing affordable cost, the second most pivotal solution is that startups need to offer convenience. We live in the world, where everyone is looking for convenience. When it comes to the fitness apps, you can provide a platform to users where they can access workout programs at their fingertips by just using the app.

If we’re talking about the users’ side, a number of workout programs streamline the process and can turn to the app instead of the gym. An ideal fitness app can be a companion for those who want the assistance of a personal trainer in a gym environment, and they do not require to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars into the gym.

In one-stop solution, users can explore multiple health programs, including fitness tracker, healthy eating and meal planning, weight tracking and exercise motivation. According to the report from TechCrunch, “The Sweat App had a really big growth as it grew about 86% from the last year.” So, we can say that both convenience and handy features, which are behind these figures and its spontaneous growth.


3. Solutions for Fitness Enthusiasts to Solve their Real-life Problems

If you are planning to create fitness app like Sweat, then you just need to optimize the whole experience to get the best results for your app users. You need to provide solutions for those problems, which are never seen as providing the women-centric platform where women of same age groups can join the community to transform their body. Sweat app has provided the platform for women only, or we can say that the community for women.

The fitness app offers a wide range of video-led fitness programs and focusing on all the aspects of health and wellbeing. As it covers the programs, including yoga, strength performance training and rehab.

The app also offers a new and popular program i.e. Bikini Body Workout called ‘BBG Stronger’ which is a 28-minute resistance program as it includes weight exercises, which can be done at home or in the gym. However, both the original and update strength program will be available on the app.

What’s Next?

So, creating a successful fitness app like Sweat, it is important to keep an eye on the aforesaid solutions which are provided by Kayla Itsines’ Sweat app. In addition, to optimize the experience of your app users, you need to consider features that can create value into the lives of fitness enthusiasts. Also, these solutions must provide ease to users’ lives.

So, if you have decided to develop Android app regarding health and fitness app development, then you can directly get in touch with us as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 40 apps in health and fitness category. All you just need to fill up the below-given form and our sales representative will revert to you within 48 hours. Our consultation is totally free of cost.

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Uber for House Cleaning: 4 Must-have Features That Startups Need to Include Before Developing On-demand Apps for Cleaning

This article holds information for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to create an app like Uber for house cleaning. Rounded up four must-have features that startups need to consider before developing on-demand apps.

On-demand has become one of the most in-demand industries in the marketplace. The term ‘on-demand’ is the fusion of variety, convenience, most affordable and widely available. The synonym of word ‘on-demand’ is the Uber. The apps like Uber are meant to be quickest, reliable and affordable. You may have heard of a number of Uber-like services, including on-demand massage, handyman, movers, and flowers services. There’s an app like Uber for all those services. Now, there is an Uber for house cleaning, which has completely changed the way people hire a maid or a person for home cleaning services.

Being a startup, if you want to make your own Uber for house cleaning app for your business, then you need to check out the following must-have features that make your successful.

house-cleaning-appImage Source: marketingplatform

4 Must-have Features to Include Before Developing an App like Uber for House Cleaning

1. Allows to Choose from Multiple Services like Home/Commercial Cleaning, Handyman or Electrician

1 uber for home cleaning

Image Source: handy

Embarking to create an app like Uber for house cleaning, it is important to allow users to select from multiple on-demand house chore services, including home or commercial cleaning, handyman, plumbing, or electrician. Selecting from these service options must be an easy process. Plus, app user must easily browse multiple services for house chores according to his/her requirement.

So, if you are planning to create an app like Uber for cleaning, then you can allow your users to choose from multiple services, which are essentials for house chore services, including home cleaning, furniture assembly, hanging pictures or shelves, office cleaning, and TV mounting.

2. An Easy Booking Option for Now or Later

2 Uber for home cleaning

Image Source: handy

The vast majority of startups are involving to invest in on-demand services. As a startup company, if you have made-up your mind to create an app for on-demand house cleaning, then easy booking option must be important for app users to book the desired service. For convenience, you can provide options such as booking for now and later to your users. Users can book the service for now or later as per their requirement without facing any hassle. Therefore, all you need to keep in mind is that convenience when it comes to offering an easy booking feature within the app. Moreover, an easy booking option is all time favorite for every age group, and it is recognized as user-friendly.

3. Search and Select a Home Cleaning Person

3 Uber for home cleaningImage Source: handy

One of the best ways to allow users to search and select home cleaning person is by themselves. By doing so, you can provide the option to choose and send a request to the cleaning person directly from the app. After selecting the person, the user should be able to chat with an individual for home chore services. Plus, the user can also call them. In addition, you can provide filters in the search option where users can choose according to their preferences. They should also able to check job history details of cleaning person.

4. Seamless Payment Integration

One of the most important features in an on-demand cleaning service app is a seamless payment option. Indeed, the online payment landscape is bringing change at a rapid pace.

All top of that, seamless payment option is important for excellent customer experience, giving users a safe and secure way to make payment of the booking. Furthermore, such feature also gives users a sense of security while putting up the credentials of their credit and debit cards. The process of payment must be simple and fast as anyone can use it without a hassle.

Now, moving further and let us explore how on-demand economy is performing.

Insights: The On-demand Economy

As long as the on-demand economy is concerned, it has been witnessing miraculous growth, and it is also expected to continue in the near future.

  • As per the report from Harvard Business Review from 2015, “The on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending.”
  • Furthermore, one of the largest categories of on-demand spending is online marketplaces, with 16.3 million consumers each month spending almost $36 billion annually.

There is no room for doubt that the on-demand economy should continue for years to come. Well, the secret behind the rise of on-demand service is not only technology, but it is the single-minded focus on solving problems and providing solutions to the app users. However, it makes on-demand solutions to grow exponentially. And, it can be easily felt the reverberation of growth.

Concluding Note

As you have seen the top features of Uber for house cleaning and the data of an on-demand economy. So, one thing is cleared that there is a golden opportunity for you as startups if you have made up your mind to develop an app like Uber for house cleaning.

If you have got an app idea regarding on-demand home cleaning services, you can directly discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 3500 apps in diverse app categories.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within 48 hours. The consultation is free of cost.

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These 5 Quirky Features of Apple’s iOS 12 Taking Innovation to The Next Level

This blog lies information about the newest operating system i.e. Apple’s iOS 12. Herein we’ve rounded up five quirky features of iOS, which is taking innovation to the next level. Check out those features below.

As long as Apple is here, there is nothing that could beat the innovation. This year, Apple has come up with different vibes as the company is always known for its innovation and keep introducing quirky announcements more frequently.

As per the latest report, “At Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), accessibility has played an integral role.” There are two things i.e. accessibility and conceptually on which Apple is emphasizing while launching and updating any product. Now, these two things have become mandatory parts.

From one another report of TechCrunch, “On 4th June 2018, at WWDC 2018, Apple has introduced iOS 12, the next version of iOS, operating system that runs on all iPhone and iPads.” However, the new features of Apple’s iOS 12 are all about performance and optimization. The company also does not forget about augmented reality (AR), and it has created a new file format for AR, which is called as USDZ. Apple is also launching a new app to teach people about AR. And, the app is called “Measure”.

The newly launched iOS 12 is all about allowing people to better understand and control the time they spend with apps and websites, and how often people pick up their phones during the day, and how they receive notifications.

You may have heard a lot about the latest updates and unparalleled features of iOS 12, but here we’ve put together a quick roundup of them, which you can use to ramp up your iPhone apps according to the latest Apple’s iOS 12 features.

Sneak Peek: 5 Features of Apple’s iOS 12 That Will Make a Huge Difference

1. Screen Time: Allows to Track Daily Activity


As we’ve already said that iOS 12 is all about to empower its users. The feature “Screen Time” provides users with insight into how they are spending time with the mobile apps. However, this feature brings detailed Activity Report on a daily and weekly basis to users. The Activity Report shows:

  • The total time a person spends on each mobile app they use, and their usage across categories of mobile apps?
  • How many notifications does user receive on daily basis?
  • How often user picks up his/her iPhone or iPad?

The feature allows users to set a specific amount of time to be in an app, and a notification will display when a time limit is about to expire.

  • Screen Time feature allows parents to access their child’s Activity report right from their own iOS devices in order to stalk on where their child spends his time. Parents can also manage and set up app limits for their kids.


  • Screen Time gives parents the ability to schedule a block of time to limit when the device cannot be used like children’s bedtime.
  • Parents can also choose specific apps like Phone or Books, which will always be available, even during the downtime of after a limit is spent. During downtime, notifications from apps would not be displayed. And, a badge will appear on mobile apps in order to indicate they are not allowed to be used during that period of time.

2. Do Not Disturb: Reduces Interruption

One of the most awaited features, which is named as ‘Do not disturb’ is a powerful time management tool, helping users to stay in the moment during times like studying during class, meeting or dinner.

Also, this feature blocks out the majority of messages, which are not too important for the user. This feature does not mean that user could miss out something important. We mean here something important like health update or a text from a loved one. In addition, the user can also designate certain notifications as critical alerts, which will come through even with DND turned on.

3. Notifications

This feature is all about reducing interruptions, as iOS 12 gives users more options to control the way how notifications should be delivered. Instant notifications to be turned off completely or delivered directly to notifications center. Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri intelligently makes suggestions for notifications settings such as to quietly deliver or turn alters off that based on which alerts are acted upon.

iOS 12 introduces Grouped Notifications feature that has been added to make it easier to view and manage all notifications from the app at once. The new ‘Instant Turning’ feature adjusts notifications for a given app or set them to deliver quietly. The feature sends notifications to Notification Center, but not the lock screen. Siri suggests to turn off notifications for the app that is least used by the user.

4. Messages: The Customizable Animoji Called ‘Memoji’


One of the biggest changes is seen in Animoji (custom and animated versions of popular emoji). As iPhone users, cum fans of Animoji know very well that user can record in a 10-second time span. And, this time limit is tough. It makes it hard to truly convey the message in the amount of time. But the all-new iOS 12 gives users 30 seconds with an Animoji or the newly announced Memoji. Memoji is a personalized touch of Animoji, and iOS 12 offers a number of personalized options in Memoji.

5. SMS Autofill


There are more chances that users have two-factor notification turned on for at least services like social platforms, for instance, Twitter. If the user does not use an authenticator app, then he/she should select the text messages. But, with iOS 12, it will automatically recognize those codes in text messages, and autofill them into the app, which requested them and getting the user to sign in faster.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, iOS 12 must be smoother as well as faster in performance. Also, iOS 12 is improved and stable version of Apple’s operating system. However, there are also some rumors about iOS 13 in 2019. Well, it was all about iOS 12 and its quirky features which will be rolling out in the fall this year.

In case, if you have any query related to develop iOS apps on iOS 12 platform, then you directly consult us. We are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse categories. To consult our business representative, you need to just fill-up the below-given form, and we will revert you within 48 hours. Our consultation is totally free of cost.

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Want to Make Attendance App for Students? Don’t Make These 3 Silly Mistakes

This blog contains information for those schools and institutes, who want to make an attendance app for students. Avoid these three silly mistakes, which can be a deadlock in the way of the success of your app.

It is good to be smart. After all, it is a requirement where we live. If we’re talking about the apps, they are bounded to be smart and problem-solving for almost everything. Talking about the academic sector, students do have hectic schedules to follow while managing studies, classes/lectures, and attendees are unable to track the attendance of students by date, week, or month. There are many questions that might be emerged in the minds of students:

  • Is there anything to lessen up the burden of tracking their attendance record?
  • Is there any app that can help to track record of classes or lectures?
  • Is there any mobile app solution that provides continuous notifications whether the lecture or class is important or it’s alright to miss?

Yes, for students, there is a solution in terms of the attendance app that allows a simple and convenient way to track classroom’s lectures and courses. An ideal attendance app helps students to simplify the tedious task of keeping the attendance without a hitch. If you are planning to develop an attendance app for students, then it is important to avoid following based mistakes.

3 Mistakes Need to Avoid While Developing Attendance App for Students

1. Overlooking to Users’ Real-Life Problems

Developing an attendance app without knowing objectives can lead to failure. Today, there are a number of mobile applications in the App Stores, but not every app has got a success. The reason behind this is not solving real-life problems of users. Here, the user means student.

Suppose students want to attend multiple lectures along with different activities like dance, swimming, and music, but it is not at all possible to collect entire information at one single place. Tracking the records of attendance of classes along with homework and courses is quite tedious. As it is not possible for students to manage all these activities as they have already on their plates.

While developing an app, institutes, schools, and universities often forget to consider the students’ real-life problems as what they have been struggling for so long. All top of it, it is important not to forget to include the essential features of the attendance app for students such as:

  • Student verification
  • Export attendance data to CSV and HTML
  • Create different classes and set a reminder
  • Easily add subjects
  • Tracking attendance of multiple classes & activities
  • Filter quantity and date of classes attended by the student
  • Create classes with different time schedules

So, these are the basic features that you can’t miss to include while developing an app for students. However, you can also include some other features that can create value to your app students’ lives. By embracing such features in the attendance app for students, you can solve the real challenges faced by them.

2. Thinking Transparency and Accuracy are Least Important

There are two crucial components i.e. transparency and accuracy if you are planning to develop attendance tracking app. Without accuracy, mobile apps are less performing. Accuracy in the app lets students track the record of their attendance in the easiest way. You might be thinking how accuracy is important in attendance app? The answer is that whenever students need to quickly track attendance in classes, meetings, sports, and events with the app, then it is important that students must get an accurate data.

On the other hand, being transparent to your students allow you to build trust. And, it is particularly pivotal for the growth and success of your app. As teachers and students are both made use of the app, so you need to build an app in a transparent manner that you can build trust in front of them. Furthermore, by delivering transparency, it also makes sure that you are offering what you have promised. Hence, transparency and accuracy are effectual things to consider in order to enhance the value of your mobile app.

3. Poor Usability and Confusing User Interface

One of the common mistakes to avoid while developing attendance app is poor usability and confusing user interface. Indeed, mobile apps are the great medium to deliver the services around the globe while lessening the real-life challenges faced by people. Coming to poor usability, all we can say that there is nothing more frustrating for students than app that has poor usability and confusing interface.

Therefore, the important thing bear in mind is that app should work on multiple platforms like iOS and Android. Make sure that the apps for attendance tracking should have multiple possible functions. For example, there should be a feature like scannable QR code, which sends an alert to parents that the child has arrived, alert on leaving the child, and there should be statistics available at the end of each class like how many students arrived along with photograph next to their role numbers.

On the other hand, user interface of the mobile app must be easier for students to use. It must not be confusing for students to scan the QR code, check their homework, classes, schedules, and stats of their attendance. It is must that attendance app should be easier for students of all age groups to access.

On a Concluding Note

So, these are some of the silly mistakes that universities, schools, and institutes should avoid while developing an attendance app for students that create value in students’ lives.

If you are planning to develop an attendance app for students, then you can directly share your idea with us as we are a leading Android/iOS app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse mobile app categories.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion, then you can directly get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within in 48 hours. Our consultation is free of cost.

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On-demand Dog Walking App: 4 Effectual Things to Know Before Creating Dog Walking App like Rover

This blog embraces information for those startups and entrepreneurs who are looking up ways to create a dog walking app. Read on these four effectual things, which you need to look into before developing a successful app like Rover.

The on-demand economy is booming and rapidly expanding across the global economy. However, the on-demand services have changed the consumer behavior in terms of the way they consume, travel and entertain. With the emergence of on-demand services, people are no longer waiting to get a service. From ordering food to booking a ride, all things have covered by on-demand mobile apps.

You might not be surprised that booking a dog walker has now become an easier job, especially for busiest dog owners. Wag! is an on-demand dog walking app, which has already created a buzz in this niche. However, there is also another dog-sitting startup named as Rover, which has secured $155M in New Capital led by Silicon Valley Bank and T. Rowe Price, according to the report.

Launched back in 2011, Seattle-based Rover is the world’s largest network for 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. The on-demand dog walking app, Rover connects dog owners with trusted pet care. It is worth to mention that millions of services have been booked on Rover, including in-home boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, and dog daycare. Rover has more than 200,000 dog sitters throughout North America.

So, being a startup, if you are also planning to create a successful dog walking app like Rover, then you just need to consider the following effectual things to know, how you can include them to build a successful dog walking app.


4 Effectual Things That Startups Need to Be Familiar With Before Creating Dog Walking App like Rover

1. Ease of Use

One of the effectual things is to offer easy-to-use services. You may be aware of this fact, but it always helps to attract more consumers. The complicated things, services, and app features always create hassles for users to book a service. And, the end result is to leave the app.

As long as dog walking app is concerned, the truth is that the features must be too easy for app users (dog owners & walkers) that every age group can sign up easily. Well, mobile apps like Wag and Rover are successful dog walking apps because of making services easy to use for all. With few taps, a user can book dog sitters nearby, and they can also track updates of their pooch in real-time.

So, once you have decided to build an on-demand dog sitting and walking app like Rover, you need to be very careful in order to select and proffer features in the mobile app, otherwise, it would be hard to beat rivals.


2. Don’t Forget, it’s all About ‘Convenience’

As the mobile apps are emerging, the convenience has now become a part of people’s lives. It is one of the vital things to consider before establishing the business. Behind the success of Rover app, is its unparalleled features, and that’s why investors are investing piles of capital into startups. Now, the question is that, how can you offer convenience to app users?

However, one of the simplest ways convenience can be achieved is by focusing on the features of the app that can create value to users’ lives.

Talking about dog walking app, then it is required to add some functional features such as dog boarding, house sitting, and drop-in visits when dog owners are away. On the other hand, when users are at work, then the features be like, daycare of pouch and dog walking. Furthermore, dog walkers must be professionals along with detailed profile and personal information. By providing professional services, your app will earn trust from the targeted audience. In addition, all dog sitters are proved by the team of sitter specialists as all these features are responsible for convenience.


3. Give Solutions to Real Challenges

The successful dog walking app, Rover connects dog owners with various users or dog walkers, which will walk, board, and take care of their pooches. The dog sitting app is best-suited for those who may be traveling or just working in non-dog friendly offices. So, before launching and developing a dog walking app, you need to deep market research and analyze the flaws, which were made by others earlier.

For instance, there was an area where Wag app had faced a lot of criticism regarding poor services like losing pooches. Therefore, Rover analyzed those real challenges faced by people and provided solutions for the same.

So, we can say that one of the vital things is that the mobile app must embrace the solutions for real challenges and problems. Therefore, by providing such solutions, you can triumph over your rivals.


4. Pricing Strategies

One of the pivotal things is to make pricing strategies, especially when you find your rivals’ costs lower than you believe, which you could afford. To grow your dog-walking app, you need to take extra care regarding charges of services, which are provided by you. However, there is also a case that the competitor-based pricing might also work in a highly saturated and well-researched market. But, it depends on region to region. Thus, you as a startup, need to understand the customer’s willingness to pay in the specific region where you are going to launch the app.

The charge also plays an important role in any business’s growth and success. All top of that, it is essential to take a closer look at charges. You can also cut down the cost for those, who are in need of quick dog walker. You can also give discounts and offers to your clients to stay long with the mobile application.

In Conclusion

As with every successful dog walking apps like Rover and Wag, there is still bright chances and opportunities for startups to build successful on-demand dog walking app.

So, if you have already made up your mind to develop dog walking apps like Rover or Wag, you can directly consult us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse app categories.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding apps like Uber for dog walking, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within 48 hours.

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Construction Management App Development: Top 3 Powerful Features That Construction Startups Need to Check Before Building an App Like Procore

This article is for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to develop construction management app. Keep reading on these three powerful features that you can consider before building an app like Procore.

Construction technology is now a booming niche. Yes, you’re listening right. There are a number of opportunities that recognized because of disruption of the multi-trillion dollar construction industry. There is a slew of startups, which are focusing strictly on developing technologies in order to build construction projects to go more seamless whilst increasing productivity and inefficiencies.

However, investors are also joining the game with a number of venture capital firms with the objective of investing in the construction industry. There’s an evidence of the growing interest in the construction technology sector. According to the report from Crunchbase data, “The funding in North America construction technology startups risen from $182.7 million to $581.6 million in 2017. This is what you can check in the below-given image.


So, investors pumped dollars in the last year i.e. 2017. Undoubtedly, the numbers are expecting to go way up in 2018, too. Meanwhile, we came across a very successful construction technology Unicorn company named Procore Technologies, which has already broken up all the records.


Image Source: procore

Procore: An Overview & Its Insights

The billion-dollar startup “Procore Technologies” is Carpinteria, California-based construction technology company, which has developed a cloud-based construction management software, aiming to help owners, general contractors, and subcontractors collaborate on blueprints and building documents from any device. Currently, the company is valued more than $1 billion, and more than double its $500 million valuation in the year 2015.

  • The startup reached unicorn status in December 2016, bringing its total venture raised to $229 million.
  • Procore app offers support to more than a million app users across the globe in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • According to SimilarWeb, you can check the graph of Usage rank and Google Play ranks, as both are going upward.


Interest over time by Google Trends: In the below-given image, you can check the trends of Procore, construction management app. Also, you can check the graph reflects the good signs about its growth.


Moving ahead, let us explore three powerful features that you can include before developing a successful construction management app like Procore.

Top 3 Powerful Features That Startups need to Consider Before Developing Construction Management App like Procore

1. Allows to Completely Overview the Project

Construction is a multi-trillion dollar sector now, and the industry has started adopting technology to reduce costs and increase productivity. If we’re talking about Procore, it is known to offer a popular cloud-based management solution for the construction industry. The construction management app enables firms and builders to collaborate on and check the project overview with just a single tap.

The construction industry has been historically very slow in order to adopt technology, and resistant to change. The project overview feature includes RFIs, punch times, submittals, and observations. Such feature allows large teams of construction companies, property owners, and project managers to share access to documents, planning systems, and data. An ideal construction management app enables users to share information and check project progress from the field and office in real-time.

In addition, being a startup, you can also add features like project dashboard, email tracking, and document management.

2. Offers Cloud-based Project Management Tools to Sort Out an Array of Tasks

Users will no longer feel hassles to check the current status of the project. This feature enables app users to share information and check project progress from the worksite or office in real time. Moreover, it includes a number of sub-features like contacts directory, share documents, schedule, drawings, submittals, and RFI (Request for Information).

An ideal construction management app is a collaboration tool that helps contractors keep track of projects, including drawing and specification books to overseeing contracts. By doing so, it will reduce errors and cost overruns. The construction management app is the solution for freelancers, large enterprises, and mid-sized business.

3. Quick, Easy-to-use and Highly Accurate


One of the pivotal features that a construction management app should have is that it must be quick, easy-to-use, and user-friendly. Such apps also involve accuracy, and it is always a major concern when it comes to construction management. If we’re talking about architectural drawing, then it needs accuracy. So, it is important that such feature must provide high accuracy.

Furthermore, features in construction management app also facilitate the tracking and reduce errors. Some of the other features, which you can include are cost control, purchasing, and field administration. It also gives access to reports and material tracking within the construction management mobile app.

The construction management app like Procore enables real-time communication among industries and their onsite employees, architects and contractors. In a nutshell, we can say that an app must include the ability to manage drawings, daily logs, RFIs, submittals, progress images, change orders, project, meeting minutes, contact directories, timecards, and schedule.

To Sum Up,

Indeed, there are lots of opportunities in the construction management niche. However, all these features simply automate the construction process and store all important files into one single platform, and they can be easily accessed with a single tap.

So, if you have already made-up your mind to develop construction management app, and having some ideas for making an Android app, then you can directly consult us as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse app categories.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding construction management app, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within 48 hours.

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Uber for Flowers: 4 Factors That Startups Need to Keep an Eye on Before Creating an On-demand Delivery App

This blog includes the important factors, which startups or entrepreneurs need to keep an eye on before developing an app like Uber for flowers.

Mobile apps have already entered into the niches of on-demand flower delivery. In the recent times, it has been noticed that the young consumers are interested in purchasing more flowers than two decades ago. However, young consumers are the key players in the floral industry’s future.

According to the report from Statista, “In 2015, the retail sales of the U.S. flower industry amounted to 31.3 billion U.S. dollars”. The below-given graph tells more about the flower industry.


Furthermore, the entire global flower business was worth a whopping 60 billion U.S. dollars in the year of 2017. There is no room for doubt that the on-demand flower industry is growing with the increasing demand and it is a high time to have a mobile app for your flower business in order to make it more successful.


So, if have you ever thought to blossom your flower shop and turned into a mobile app, then we’ll highly recommend you these following important factors to keep an eye on before developing an app like Uber for flowers.

4 Factors That Startups Need to Bear in Mind Before Developing an App like Uber for Flowers

1. The Essential Keys: Quality, Quickness & Same Day Delivery

On-demand flower delivery app development can’t work if you are not providing the two essential keys i.e. quality and quick same-day delivery. Talking about the on-demand flower startup, BloomThat offers same-day delivery for a variety of occasions.

So, quality and quickness are the two essentials which are required to blossom your flower business. Your startup business must also provide quality on-demand flower services which are on-demand in your area.

All these services can be same day delivery or within 1-hour, and you can provide the feature where they can book the service after 1-hour delivery and allow app users to book in advance. Being startup, you will also see an opportunity to disrupt an existing market through an app-based platform.

2. Convenience is Everything

We live in the era, where the word ‘on-demand solutions’ means convenience. If you are planning to create an app for on-demand flower services, then one thing is clear that without proffering convenient services, your business is not meant for an on-demand solution. Talking about an app like Uber for flowers means that the mobile app must have Uber-like business.

As you may know that Uber like models are based on business-to-consumer (B2C) industry. Uber-type business models are Lyft, Wag!, Soothe and BloomThat. The emerging market of business-to-business (B2B) offers an ample of opportunities for startup companies that want to leverage the Uber model in a quite new and unique way. So, make sure to provide convenient on-demand flower service to your customers.

3. Provides a Range of Handy Features

Whether your app is dedicated to the on-demand delivery of flowers to home, office or anywhere, all top of that, a mobile app like Uber for flowers must embrace a range of handy features. In the mobile app, you need to integrate quick and easy-to-use features like browsing different flowers and ordering. Additionally, provider some other important features like:

  • Easy booking option
  • Advance booking
  • Seamless Payment Integration
  • Tracking Order
  • Ratings and Reviews

Such handy features provide easiness to use and retain long with app. So, it is undoubtedly the best to offer only handy features that do not require efforts of app users.

4. Deep Market Research of The Industry

For the fast-growing startup company, there are many factors, which you need to keep in mind. So, the next factor is to deeply analyze the industry first. You need to look into the cost, on-demand quality service, and period of delivery in florist industry. Market research helps in identifying the new market opportunities for your business. By doing deep and complete market research, it gives you nature of competition, customer satisfaction levels, and performance. It also helps to solve problems in the future.

Marketing research also demands study of the niche. Also, it finds out the positions of existing brands helping to develop the techniques to simplify and retain brand loyalty. In a nutshell, we can say that a well and deep market research is directly proportional to the brand loyalty. So, it is pivotal to do well research before creating an app for on-demand services.

As we’ve already known about the Uber-like business model, which is disrupting the ride-hailing niche and the company applied its modern technology to the market with external and internal inefficiencies. So, the key is to identify such market and you need to create a mobile platform, which helps to connect buyers and sellers with optimal efficiency. Moreover, it is also important to differentiate by being the first mover in the market, which is still required to modernize.


The key to successful Uber-like business model is tapping into the new market and evolving user engagement. The aforementioned factors can help startups to stay ahead of any current and future competition. If you are owning flower business, and having an app idea on Uber for flowers, then you can discuss with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 on-demand mobile applications.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding on-demand delivery app development, then all you just need to just fill-up the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within 48 hours. The consultation is free of cost.


3 Solutions You Must Checkout to Develop Successful Dating App Like Hinge

This story lies information for those newbies and entrepreneurs who want to create dating apps like Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble. We’ve rounded up three solutions by Hinge dating app that you can check before developing dating app.

Dating apps provide a new way to connect people who work or live close by. There are a number of successful dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr. Now, Hinge is also on the list.

A new and standalone dating app called Hinge Matchmaker allows people in relationships to see which of their friends are on Hinge. It also makes recommendations by suggesting potential matches. Launched back in 2012, Hinge dating app was founded by Justin McLeod.

This dating app is a form of social networking as it expands into new areas like friend-finding or professional networking, according to the report from TechCrunch. Hinge app is also gaining popularity like other social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It also embraces “stories” as a means of offering an angle into people’s lives, activities, and interests. Let us check out more about the growth of Hinge dating app.

Insights of Hinge Dating App

  • According to the Sensor Tower’s report, “Hinge app has more than 3 million worldwide downloads across both iOS and Android, and 94% of which are in the United States”.
  • Hinge is one of the first popular and modern dating apps to allow users to add video.
  • As per the report from SimilarWeb, you can check Google Play Rank of the app which is #9. Talking about the graph, which is going upward.


  • Now, as per the report from App Annie, you can check the download rank of Hinge dating app, which is at the top.


3 Unique Solutions by Hinge That Startups Can Consider Before Developing Successful Dating App

1. Provide ‘Anti-Ghosting Reduction’ Feature

As you may know that most of the dating apps match as per users’ preferences, and then leave it up to users to initiate the conversation. However, Hinge dating app has completely changed the way how conversations on dating apps should be handled. So, there is an implementation of the new and usable feature that is called as “Your Turn”.

Well, this feature allows users to decide, regardless of gender, and then it reminds users when it is their turn to respond. In other terms, we can say that it is all about providing security to users in dating platform, which has been missed out previously. However, Hinge app provides solutions to users in a new and secure way.

Moreover, Hinge app helps users to reduce ghosting behavior on dating platform by providing solutions that actually work. Talking about the idea behind “Your Turn” feature, it emerged from focus groups, where app users told the company they did not always abandon users’ conversations intentionally. This is because that they simply lost track of people in their inbox, and they have just got busy and forget.

This solution is for flag conversations for which users do not respond yet. Also, such solution led to the creation of “Your Turn” feature. The feature “Your Turn” helps get the conversation off the ground. And, it also reminds app users when it is their “turn” in order to respond the conversations as the chat or conversation continues.

In a nutshell, we can say that this is one of the main things behind the popularity of Hinge dating app.


2. Introduce a Different Way of Dating

The company has analyzed that a lot of people felt like they missed out craze and users were no longer interested in the concept of dating. Apart from swiping right and left or swipe-based apps like Tinder or Bumble, Hinge app has introduced a new and different way of dating. It allows users to see which of their friends are on Hinge, and then give recommendations by suggesting the potential matches to provide a platform to build real relationships.

Also, the app gives recommendations for two users who can connect and even send an icebreaker message to start the conversation. There is also an option to take control of one specific friend’s dating life by locking profile that will allow the matchmaker to rotate through available matches for the person alone.


3. Improve The Concept of The Modern Dating


The app has analyzed the pain points of consumers that they were facing in the previous time. Other dating apps reveal the full list of users’ Facebook friends who are also using the same dating app. But, Hinge app has taken this into consideration and build the opt-out mechanism into the app, which prevents user’s profile from being shown to those playing matchmakers, only if the user chooses.

Instead, Hinge app helps people to find out real relationships. The app also moves away from the swipe-based mechanisms to focus on profiles that tell the story, and require a little more effort to create than just uploading the image. In addition, there is a number of filtering options and a number of usable features.

On a Concluding Note

Above, you have just checked out unique solutions, which are provided by Hinge app to its millions of users. All top of that, it is important to provide solutions in terms of usability features, which can create value to users’ lives.

So, if you also have a dating app idea that can help people to connect and find right match, then you can cross-verify your app idea with us as we are a leading mobile application development company, and have already developed over 10 dating apps with different features and functionalities.

Now, you might be getting some questions in your mind like how much does it cost to develop a dating app like Tinder, or Hinge, so you can get in touch with us through the below-given form and one of our sales representatives will revert you within in 48 hours.


How an Android App Developer Can Create an Android App from an iPhone App

Research has shown that iOS apps generate an average of 75 percent more money than Android apps, despite Android’s Google Play Store roughly has twice the number of apps downloaded. As a result, when going to market, many companies release their app for iOS first. Nonetheless, with the smartphone and tablet market firmly a two-horse-race between Apple and Google, any company serious about their mobile app presence should have an Android version. This begs the question: How do you create an Android app from an iPhone app?

The Challenges Involved in Porting an Application

Despite obvious similarities between the two platforms, it’s not an easy task for an Android app developer to port an app from one to the other. Much of this comes down to fundamental differences in the way each platform is architected, and the visual interface each displays.


The biggest difference between the two platforms is the fundamentally different design architecture behind each one. Apple is well known for tightly controlling the App Store, and which apps make their way onto it. In contrast, Google’s philosophy is much more open, allowing developers to modify the source code, upload apps directly to a device and push the envelope of Android’s functionality.

Programming Langauge

While iOS apps are created using either Objective-C or the newer Swift, the majority of Android development is done in Java. That’s not to say that some elements of code cannot be reused, especially underlying, basic C code. But large portions of the code will have to be ported to Java.


Since compiled Objective-C/Swift code runs faster than Java, Android app developers may find performance bottlenecks that were not previously there and must now be addressed.


Another factor to consider is interface design. Google, like Apple, has a preferred design aesthetic outlined in its Material Design guidelines. While Google does not enforce that aesthetic, Android users nonetheless are accustomed to a certain look and feel, and any app being ported from iOS should adopt those design elements.


One of the single biggest challenges in porting an iOS app is the fragmentation that exists on the Android platform. Because Apple tightly controls the hardware, software, and developer tools that used to create and run iOS apps, developers have a limited number of screen sizes and OS versions to worry about.

In contrast, Android app developers have to contend with devices that range from small budget smartphones to phablets and full-blown tablets. In addition, because cell providers and device manufacturers can modify Android for their customers, there tends to be software fragmentation, as some users are slower to update to new versions of Android.

How to Port an App to Android

Due to the difficult nature of porting an app, time should be taken to properly plan out the process.

  • Identify potential performance bottlenecks in the code and come up with a plan of action to address them and maintain performance.
  • Study Google’s Material Design to understand the design and UI elements that help make a well-designed Android app.
  • Test your app on a variety of hardware. While it’s not realistic to test it on every conceivable hardware and OS variation, testing on high-end and low-end hardware should provide enough of a baseline for your Android user base.
  • Hire an Android app developer who is intimately familiar with the platform—and devices that run it—and can help you navigate the porting process.

With careful thought and planning, you can port your iOS app to Android and benefit from an even larger base of customers.

Author of this article:

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Want to Develop Messenger Apps and Chat Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Telegram? Don’t Miss to Integrate These Top 7 Features

This article lies information for those startups and entrepreneurs, who have taken the plunge to develop messenger apps & chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. Let’s see what are the must-have features, which you can’t-miss to integrate.

The world is completely moving away from SMS and MMS, which are recognized the default way to text messages. Today, instant messaging apps have changed the way we prefer to communicate in the past times. Now, messaging is not just meant for sending messages, but this process has already advanced one level. Now, we can send files, images, audios, videos, and update live status.

When it comes to chat and messenger apps, then we can’t forget to mention these Goliaths like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. These apps have already set the benchmarks in the chatting industry. As per the report, “WhatsApp already reached 450 million users on daily basis.” So, it is quite natural to replicate such services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

7 Must-have Features of Modern Messenger and Chat Apps

1. User Login

Messaging is not only about sending text messages and pictures now. It is more than that, so the foremost feature is the simplest user login in which app user needs to type his/her phone number and verify it after receiving an SMS from the app. On the other hand, messenger apps like Facebook Messenger need an email verification, which user needs to verify via an email.

This is one of the simplest forms of verification for users. Moreover, you can also consider email verification or traditional sign-up with the username. Being a startup, all you just need to find out one of the easiest options that work best for your targeted audience.


Image Source: whatsapp

2. Chat Bots

Chatbots (AI-based programs) are all over the messaging apps. Nevertheless, it is important to understand chatbots first. Chatbots are software agents that communicate and collaborate with human users via text messaging by using natural voice to simplify the tasks. Telegram is one of the first messengers to launch its own bot platform. Chatbots on Telegram performs a wide variety of tasks from reporting recent news to managing finances. So, including this feature can make an app like Telegram stand-out from other chatting and messenger apps.


3. Message Broadcasting

This feature enables users to create a group of selected contacts and then frequently send the message to a number of people. All these texts will start appearing to recipients as normal non-group messages.

Broadcasting is different from group messages as here the recipients have no way of identifying other app users who receive the broadcasted message. This feature is widely used by news agencies. Also, those who want to send promotional messages, which will be treated as any other personal message.

4. Encryption

Before diving into the feature – Encryption in chat apps, let’s first understand what is encryption all about? E2EE, End-to-End Encryption is a system of communication where particularly communicating users can read the messages.

However, the specific system is developed and designed to beat the attempts of surveillance since no third party can break or decode the data, which is being communicated. In the simple words, we can say that encryption is an extremely high-end, valuable and latest security system, which prevents all type of data to access from third-parties when it is transferred from one device to other.

Currently, the security is a must-have feature in the instant messaging apps. And, encryption has become the vital feature, which influences the choice of a messenger. In instant messaging apps, encryption is important because it secures sensitive information. If you don’t want to take security lightly, then this is one of the essential features, which you need to consider while developing instant messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp.


Image Source: techadvisor

5. Cloud Synchronization

This is a process of keeping files like images, docs, audios, and videos stored in different places. When the user makes changes to the file on his/her device, then it will automatically be applied to all other instances of files.

Talking about the messenger app, messages, chat histories, and files are stored in the cloud, and these can be accessed anytime and anywhere where Internet Connection is available.

So, cloud storage or cloud synchronization is one of the great features for users who use multiple devices to access the app. If people lose their phone, they can also access chat history and files by just entering the same phone number or email.

WhatsApp allows taking backup of the chat. On the other hand, Telegram offers full-fledged cloud synchronized excluding secret chats as those leaves no traces on servers.

WhatsApp and Telegram have already gained the popularity just because of providing the security to app users. If you are planning to create an app like WhatsApp online chat, then chatbots and cloud synchronization are the useful features, which you need to consider before developing the messaging app.

6. Geolocation

Talking about the Geolocation that you might have already heard about, there are a lot of instant messenger apps and chat apps, allowing users to share their live location together with the status changes. Plus, there are several ways to use geolocation feature.

Geolocation feature can be used in a number of applications like social networking, transportation apps. In fact, such feature has been identified as the backbone for several businesses, without which it will be nearly impossible for the owners to operate. Ultimately, we can say that it is worth-including while developing apps for chatting.

Let’s take an example, geolocation sharing service is widely used as an additional means of businesses. Any store or brand can advertise itself by sending a message of launching new products, great deals, discounts, etc. for those clients who just walk by the shop.

7. Push Notifications

Instant messaging apps can’t be completed without push notifications that enable users to check the new messages. So, push notifications is a must-have feature, which serves a direct communication between app user and messenger provider. Also, it informs users about new messages.

Additionally, you can also let users know when their friends or favorite contact appear online, when messages are actually received and read, and when a contact begins to respond. By adding these extras in your chat or messenger app, you can grab the attention of lots of people to use your application.

Wrapping Up

In several ways, instant messaging apps are the future of communications. This is due to the fact that messaging market is continuously showing evolution. However, there is still a chance of creating apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger that will surely get a success like these game-changers. Apart from fierce competition, there is still space for quality messenger and chat apps that give users a new experience. So, if you might have any question like –

  • How much does it cost to develop chatting apps?
  • What other unique features and functionalities I can include in chat and messenger apps?

Then, you can get in touch with us as we are a leading Android/iOS app development company, and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse mobile app categories.

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4 Important Ingredients to Establish Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App

In this post, we’ll discuss four important ingredients that will help food delivery startups and entrepreneurs to get succeed in an on-demand food delivery industry. Let’s check out what are those ingredients that can speed up the growth of your startup.

Online food delivery platforms are frequently expanding with choices and convenience. The on-demand food platforms allow customers to order food from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap.

Indeed, the business of delivering food is undergoing rapid change as the new online platforms or we can say on-demand food delivery apps race to capture markets and customers across America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. However, ride-sharing giants like Uber and Grab have already plunged into on-demand food delivery industry. As per the recent report, “Grab has launched a food delivery service in Southeast Asia.”


Being an on-demand food delivery startup, if you might be thinking about those important ingredients, which are behind the success of these on-demand food delivery startups, then you are at the right place. Here, we are going to explain four ingredients, which are essential to establish successful on-demand food delivery startup.

4 Pivotal Ingredients to Establish Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App

1. Easy User Registration and Account Set Up

The on-demand food ordering apps have become one of the biggest pursuits, and venture capitalists have also invested hundreds of millions of dollars into it. And the main ingredient behind the success is easy user registration and account set up.

This is because that the app user’s journey embarks on the sign-up process. If this process is complicated, the user will leave it within seconds. Therefore, the user registration and account-set process must be simple and easy to follow, allowing users to sign up within minutes.

It is also important to let users log in quickly through social media sites as whatever social media platforms are popular at the moment. Therefore, while developing on-demand apps, this is a core feature, which you need to pay attention.

2. Finding Out The Popular Restaurants

Whenever people order meals online, they usually start looking for the most popular restaurants in their areas. So, first thing has cleared that you need to provide multiple options in terms of names of the restaurants in the food delivery app. To do so, you need to research well in the targeted area or market where you want to launch your food delivery startup. We’ve rounded up some key points, which you can consider while developing on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates, Doordash or UberEats.

  • Based on the search, the results of all the popular restaurants of the targeted region must be shown in the app. Users can explore the map or list to see all the top restaurants.
  • Users can also browse different restaurants by offers and discounts.
  • Let users open particular restaurants to see all the details of that restaurant like name, logo, images, address, reviews, and the menus uploaded by the restaurant.
  • Users should be able to select items from menus and add them to the cart with the quantity, toppings, and preference data.

So, if you have ever thought about developing mobile app under on-demand food delivery category, then such feature is essential to consider.


Image Source: doordash

3. Ordering & Tracking The Food

Once the menu is all set, the user must be ready to order the food. It is important to provide your app user with the options to add the dishes or meals in his/her cart. First and foremost thing, the process of ordering the food must be simple so that every age group of people can use it easily. The second thing is that you need to provide a delete button to remove the items if the user is no longer looking forward to ordering.

The idea of on-demand food delivery app development is to cut the wait time. No matter where your user is, your main objective is allowing users to order the meal in the minimal time. Moreover, allow your app users to track their food using real-time GPS tracking.

Such feature allows staying updated with the whereabouts of his/her order. It is important to make this ingredient easy with three simple steps like –

  • When the order went to the kitchen
  • When the food was out for delivery
  • Let users show the estimated time to reach the food to user’s location

Thus, you can provide your app users a hassle-free service in terms of real-time location tracking feature in order to make it seamless for users. It is a must-have feature, which has been using since long.


Image Source: ubereats

4. A Secured Payment System

Everything starts when the user pays for the deal. So, the next important ingredient for on-demand food delivery startup is that the payment integration like Stripe, Paypal, and CCAvenue in the app.

You need to ask restaurant app developers for the same in order to create the food delivery app like Uber Eats. The user can place the final order with direct online payment option, or pay when delivered options.

Thus, with the instant notifications of the order completion and payment, your food ordering app is all set to roll. There are two widely used payment integration systems i.e. Braintree and Stripe that made it easy for users to make payment.

Top 3 On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

Undoubtedly, the on-demand world is dominated by ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft, and DiDi Chuxing. But, on-demand is also dominating in food delivery niche. Here’re top three on-demand food delivery apps, which have already created a buzz in the market.

1. Uber Eats

In 2014, Uber has launched on-demand food delivery platform in Los Angeles that helps to bring food to consumers in a convenient and reliable manner. In 2015, UberEats has also launched as an individual app in Toronto. In the past 18 months, the app has grown incredibly fast, and now available in 26 countries and 78 cities around the globe.

Specialties of the App:

  • UberEats allows users to easily find and order the right food for the moment with just a single push of a button.
  • Users can view food photos and broad cuisine search, while the suggestions bubble up restaurants that users will love.
  • This app is based on machine learning, and the thing that made it popular is the creation of individualized taste preferences and customized restaurants, dishes for each app user, which is based on their past orders and recent contextual information.
  • The user can schedule the food order now or later.

2. Dahmakan

Dahmakan is the Malaysian-based food delivery app that has become one of the famous food delivery apps among people. According to the report from Techcrunch, in the year of 2017, Dahmakan raised $2.6 million funding and expanded its business across Southeast Asia.

Specialties of the App:

  • Daily changing menu by professional chefs.
  • With just three clicks, the user can place the order.
  • The user can pay with the cash, credit card, Paypal, and online banking directly on the app.
  • The user can check when the food will arrive.

3. Postmates

Postmates is the San Francisco based company with over 65,000 active users. The company operates the largest on-demand service in 44 major U.S. metropolitan markets by collaborating with Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Apple, Walgreens, and Chipotle.

Specialties of the App:

  • The on-demand app delivers food to home, dorm, office, for meetings, and a fancy dinner party as per user’s convenience.
  • The user can pay with Google Pay and use credit or debit cards stored in Google account.
  • The user can order food along with alcohols.
  • The app allows users to track food in real-time.
  • Fastest delivery

Above, you have just gone through with the top on-demand food delivery apps, which are performing exceptionally well in the market.

Wrapping Up

The food ordering industry has been revolutionized by on-demand food delivery apps by setting up new benchmarks for the consumers. A deep research and market study can take your on-demand food delivery startup to the next level. You can also consider the specialties of the most popular food delivery apps and try to make your app stands out from the rest.

In case, if you still have any query like how much does it cost to create an app like Uber Eats, Dahmakan, and Postmates, all you need to fill-up the below-given form. One of our business representatives will get back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

How Tik Tok (Music Video App & Social Network Platform) Has Become The World’s Most Popular iPhone App With These 4 Exceptional Features

In this story, we’ll reveal the exceptional features of the world’s most popular and downloaded app named Tik Tok for those startups and entrepreneurs, who are planning to develop music video-sharing app.

The music and video apps have completely changed the way we interact with the music and videos. There’s an app named Tik Tok that has already created a buzz and quickly becoming popular in the world. The app, also known as Douyin in China, is a music video-sharing app and social media network, allowing users to shoot and edit short clips, add music, and special effects into those videos.

Insights of Tik Tok: Stats and Trends

The Chinese mini-music-video social network, Tik Tok was the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018. The app is owned by same parent company, which bought social video app for $1 billion in 2017.

  • According to the report from U.S. research firm, Sensor Tower, “Tik Tok has become a ‘total phenomenon’ in China in the recent months”.
  • Launched in September 2016 by Zhang Yiming, founder of Toutiao, the Tik Tok app is developed by Beijing-based tech unicorn Bytedance.
  • The number of daily active app users reached 66 million in February 2018.
    Currently, Tik Tok is one of the most popular short video maker apps in Asia and making numerous viral trends across the continent.
  • In China, Tik Tok is already one of the fastest growing apps and the most popular music video community. Thanks to its advanced and easy-to-use technology.
  • SimilarWeb: According to SimilarWeb report, you can see the usage rank, which is also going in the upward direction.


  • Google Trends: Here’s the latest trend by Google Trends, where you can see the interest over time is simply increasing. This is what you can check in the below image.


The Competition Landscape

In the first quarter of 2018, the app was downloaded for 45.8 million times during the three-month period.


In addition to this, Tik Top has already taken over the top spot from Facebook’s WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, and Messenger. This is what you can check in the below-given image.


Hence, we can say that this video-sharing  app has broken all the records set by Facebook and WhatsApp. If you are planning to develop Android app under the same category, then you need to explore the unique features of Tik Tok that made this app stands out from others.

Top 4 Unique Features of Tik Tok That Made This Music Video App Stands Out

1. Allows to Watch Millions of Musical Clips

Creating a successful music video maker app is only possible if you would provide users something unique and in variety. When it comes to musical video apps, then you should keep in your mind that allows users to explore and have fun.

Here, we’re taking an example of Tik Tok app that allows users to watch millions of musical clips. And, providing with such features something have taken Tik Tok to the next level. So, one key point is that this is one of the essential features if you have planned to create music video app like Tik Tok.


2. Lets Users to Shoot Short Video Clips

Indeed, Tik Tok has transformed the smartphone into the mobile studio. Thanks to its exceptional features. Tik Tok has made music videos more fun with the advanced technology. One of the basic features, which you can’t miss is to allow app users to shoot short video clips for fun. It is important that you allow users to shoot short clips. Talking about Tik Tok app, it has following options to shoot the video clip:

  • Upload the short video clip
  • Select sound from different categories
  • Users can directly record and edit their clips

So, in this way, allow users to interact with the music in a new way. Make it for users to create their own short music videos by selecting background music, and they create whatever they want for 15 seconds. It also contains various music styles, including hip-hop and electronic. To make a successful short video platform like Tik Tok, you need to provide such features that create a buzz among youngsters.


3. Special Effects: Users Can Easily Create Magical Clips and Select Background Music

Tik Tok app is designed for new generations of digital natives and social media creators. So, being a startup, if you are targeting youngsters and want to make a video creator app like Tik Tok, then ‘special effects’ feature is the heart of such app. You need to include eye-catching and easy-to-use special effects so that users have fun and make entertaining videos more easily. Through artificial intelligence and image capturing technology, developing music video app with special effects become easily possible.

However, special effects include shaking and shivering with hip-hop and electronic music, hair dying, 3D stickers and props. In addition, users can take their talent to the next level and unlock a world of endless possibilities by tapping into a massive music library.


4. Let Users to Share in Multiple Social Platforms

The lip-syncing app lets app users create short lip-synchronizing music videos and share those videos on multiple social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Allowing users to share on multiple platforms is the must-have feature to consider before developing a music video-sharing app like Tik Tok.
Undoubtedly, Tik Tok app is becoming a new cultural benchmark for global video creators. The personalized recommendation algorithms enable users preferences and increase engagement.

Bottom Line

As you’ve just gone through with the unique features of Tik Tok app, which has emerged as one of the world’s most popular iPhone apps.

So, if you are planning to develop video maker app like Tik Tok, and still have a plethora of questions like how much does it cost to develop an app like Tik Tok? Then, you can directly consult us as we are a leading iPhone app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in different categories.

Still confused regarding music video maker app development? Then, all you need to do is just fill out the below-given form. And, our sales representative will get right back to you within 48 hours.


Don’t Miss to Consider These 4 Unique Features Before Developing Uber for Lawn Mowing App like Plowz and Mowz

This article provides information for those startups and entrepreneurs who are planning to create the Uber for lawn mowing app. Rounded up four unique features, which you can consider before creating lawn mower app like Plowz and Mowz.

To mow the lawn or remove snow from ordinary driveway can be a daunting, time-consuming, and exhaustive task. As you know we live in the era where there is an app for everything, making it a lot easier for people to get any service using their smartphone.

Plowz & Mowz, a Los Angeles-based startup, is better known as the Uber for lawn mowing. According to the report from TechCrunch, “The Plowz and Mowz app had raised $1.5 million for on-demand landscaping services in SEED round of funding in 2016.”

Plowz & Mowz: The Uber for Lawn Mowing App

The Uber for lawn mowing app named Plowz & Mowz allows users to request lawn mowing, snow plowing, and leaf removal services, and it also provides a quote in just 60-seconds. Also, the app allows homeowners to book services at their convenience.

Founded in 2014, the LA-based startup company is solving the problem by making these tasks as simple as making a request with just a single tap on the screen which we are following while booking a cab using taxi booking app.

According to the report from SimilarWeb, you can check the usage rank of the app, which is exponentially growing.


As long as the market size is concerned, as per the report from Grand View Research, Inc., “The global lawn mowers market is expected to reach USD 38.2 billion by 2025.”

The global lawn mowers market is expected to witness a CAGR exceeding 4% over the forecast period owing to the rising demand for landscaping services.

It’s safe to say that the growing residential development is spurring the demand for landscaping services, which, in turn, is expected to propel the demand for lawn care tools over the forecast period.

Indeed, the on-demand services have become an indivisible part of our lives. If people don’t have enough time for their house chore services, then on-demand lawn mowing apps are there. If you are planning to create an on-demand lawn care app and still you have not finalized the top features, which you need to include, then take a quick look at top features, which are mentioned below before diving into the world of on-demand lawn care services.


Image Source: offthegridnew

4 Unique Features That Startups Need to Consider Before Developing The Uber for Lawn Mowing App like Plowz and Mowz

Well, there are a number of features, which you can include, but we have curated four essential features that startups should consider before creating the Uber for mowing app.

1. Users Can Select & Schedule From Multiple House Chores like Lawn Mowing, Snow Plowing & Leaf Removal

Users always look for convenience, and they look for handy features in the mobile app on which they can rely on for a long time. An ideal on-demand home chores service app must be easy, fast, and efficient so that user will never have to bargain with any contractor again. So, it is important to provide handy features where users have a number of options from which they can opt for multiple services like lawn mowing, snow plowing, and leaf removal. Also, there must be a feature where they can schedule the service as per their convenience.

Booking a service must be simple and easy for everyone. Also, extra options in lawn mowing apps must give choices to choose from multiple services such as yard clean up, mulch, trimming and pruning. You must cover every possible service in terms of features, allowing users to book exactly what they want. Therefore, Plowz & Mowz app also provides on-demand and contract-free seasonal house chores.


So, if you are planning to create an app for on-demand solutions for home chores, then consider such feature while offering convenience to app users.

2. Push Notifications & Real-Time Updates

The apps like Uber have become popular among people around the globe because of convenience. There are many people who don’t find it enjoyable to clean their loans like working mothers of toddlers find it hard to clean the lawn after storms or whatever reasons. Then the on-demand lawn mowing app can do miracles for them.

However, sometimes people forget about mowing and snow shoveling in their busy schedules, so you can include a feature in your lawn mower app that helps users to set automatically weekly reminders of mowing and snow shoveling services. Such feature lets users get real-time updates like the photo when the job is done. It is also important to tell about the advance booking and professional contractor of lawn mowing in terms of push notifications.


3. Live Chat

Startups need to include all those features in the app that make their app different from other apps. One of the most essential features that we have come across in an on-demand lawn mowing app is the ability to live chat, allowing users to chat and solve all their queries.


The main objective of providing such feature is to offer users with satisfying customer experience. An app for on-demand lawn mowing experience can optimize business processes, implement a full cycle approach, and provide a fast and comfortable service for app users.

Make sure that your platform must provide an integrated messenger or chat feature within the app. The real-time messaging should be simple and convenient for all. So, the real-time messaging or live chat is a great solution. It also enables a constant connection between the platform and a server so that the server knows whether app users are online or offline. There is a number of real-time messaging solutions that you can integrate.

4. Schedule Services Now, Tomorrow or Later

To make your on-demand lawn care service successful, you should be able to put an aggressive plan and program and come up with those handy features, which are on-demand.

So, being a startup, if you are providing specifically at a lawn care service in your area, then you need to think about the additional services and facilities that you can offer when the weather is not good. These might include getting yards for the summer or starting in early spring and preparing lawns for winter in early fall.

Therefore, it is pivotal to allow users to schedule services now, tomorrow or in advance as per their convenience. Furthermore, users can have different options to choose yard size and enter the lawn details. And, there must a feature where they can easily place the order.

Wrapping Up

So, you have just gone through the four unique yet essential features of Uber for lawn mowing app that can make your app stand-out from other apps. If you are planning to create an on-demand lawn mowing app, then you can also come up with other unique features that allow people to enjoy on-demand lawn services. All you just need to cross-verify your app idea with any trusted mobile app development company in order to put them into action.

Sill, have any question or confusion related to on-demand lawn mowing or snow plowing mobile app development? Get in touch with us through the below-given form and our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours.


The Health & Fitness Niche is Gaining Momentum. Keep an Eye on These 3 Key Points Before Developing Health and Fitness Apps

This story lies information for those startups or entrepreneurs who are thinking to create health and fitness apps. Here’s a round-up of three key points, which you can keep an eye on during fitness and healthcare app development. Let’s check out what’s inside?

The previous year was the biggest year for the $3.4 trillion wellness sector. Currently, the healthcare and fitness industry remains powerful and disruptive. And, this niche is becoming popular.

Specifically, a dramatic shift has been analyzed in holistic practices and wellness first. And, the most exciting development is coming from young startups as what personal health means to each of us.

Obsession with fitness is combined with a need for immediacy, convenience, and flexibility that has given rise to a generation of fitness-obsessed millennial. As we’ve moved, the world has shifted towards on-demand live workout and yoga classes from at-home VCRs.

Thanks to technology, plus the emergence of the mobile applications of course. According to the market and consumer data analytics company, Statista, “The global fitness and health club industry generates more than 80 billion U.S. dollars in revenue per year”. Also, the U.S. accounted for 57.2% of members in health and fitness club in 2016.

With the market potential, tech startups are looking to capitalize on the world’s obsession with wellness. According to the data from Crunchbase, the U.S. fitness industry has grown significantly since 2010. The total venture deals peaked in 2014, along with Seed-stage funding taking up the majority. And, the total funding reached a record high both in the United States and globally in 2017.


In the above-given image, you can see there was a significant drop in dollar volume in the year 2016, which does not necessarily indicate a loss of interest in the industry. The average dollar volume for each deal did increase compared to 2014. However, you can see the drop, which is a reflection of outlying rounds in 2015 and 2017. So, the total funding in 2017 was strengthened by a massive $325 million round.

You might be wondering that why does it all matter?

Well, one of the biggest trends, which fueled this growth was a host of startups, which are trying to get people to go to the gym and stick to it.

Herein, we’ve explained about two fitness startups i.e. ClassPass and Peloton Interactive who have been doing well among fitness enthusiasts for past few years.


Launched in 2013, ClassPass emerged out of the idea that the yoga studios or other fitness centers could potentially recruit more and more potential consumers or app users. ClassPass has garnered a known total funding of $154 million in venture funding, refers to itself as the most flexible membership ever.

ClassPass is also recognized as one of Forbes’s next billion startups, and it leverages proprietary technology to dynamically merchandise and surface over 1 million fitness classes for a seamless booking experience.

Peloton Interactive

The company is revolutionizing the fitness industry by merging high-design with modern technology to provide access to live and on-demand fitness group classes led by professional instructors. It allows users instant access to workout classes, performance tracking metrics, and motivating real-time leaderboard. The company is changing the way people get fit via socially connected experience, which makes every workout efficient.

Peloton is the most well-funded startup company, selling a tech-enabled spin bike. The company has raised $325 million in Series E funding in May 2017. The luxury spin bikes are equipped with the flat screens that enable subscribers to access on-demand and live workout classes. Moreover, it provides at-home workout classes for fitness enthusiasts and busy professionals.

Here’s a Round-up of Three Key Points, Making Waves Across the Health and Fitness Sector:

1. Provide One of The Most-Hyped Solutions to Gym Convenience

People do usually feel discomfort to pack up their gears to workout, it is painful to drive and park out there, and many other hassles people do face. So, it is important to identify the problem of users and provide the solutions. High-intensity-workouts take very little time.

So, you can provide such solutions in a mobile app. Even though, you can let your app users a lot of solutions in terms of app features. It is important for users to provide convenience to fitness enthusiasts. You can leverage data assets and reviews to create one-of-a-kind, live workout classes.

By providing gym convenience in terms of the mobile app, offer your users more value and flexibility in how and when they workout while simultaneously bringing studio fitness inspired workouts to more people nationwide.

To create a fitness app, you are actually providing the technical capabilities to push the future of fitness, especially as it releases interactive and immersive experiences. To create one of the best fitness apps, you need to provide the most-hyped solutions to gym convenience to your app users.

2. On-Demand & Live Workout Class-Streaming Apps

Finding the time for the workout to go to the gym can feel like an impossible feat. But those barriers are gradually being broken down, thanks to the rise of on-demand workout programs, which bring professional workout instructors to users’ phone, laptop or smart TV. Such apps allow users to exercise whenever and wherever they want.

Make sure to pay extra close attention to on-demand live streaming apps. It is really up to the individual to make sure that their form is correct because if users are not doing it correctly, users can actually do more harm to the body than good.

This solution can be a true blessing for those users who do not have time and strength to wake up early or working mothers who have a ton of tasks to do. Therefore, the on-demand and live workout class streaming apps are the solutions for your targeted audience.

In the mobile app, you can bring fitness classes to wellness home seekers’ home. ClassPass has started with ClassPass Live that brings at-home workout platform, which connects app users with fitness professionals via live video.

Being a fitness app startup, you can provide such solution to expand to a new market almost instantly without having a lay any hard work. An ideal fitness and health app allow users to discover new on-demand workout or yoga classes, complete with the reviews, pricing information, schedules, and sign up to attend the workout classes no matter where they are.

The on-demand solutions bring convenience to users’ lives. That’s why on-demand is in demand. People can easily find on-demand fitness classes without hassle.

3. Seamlessly Synchronized With The Wearables

The leading physical fitness app must be easily synchronized with other devices like wearables (smartwatches), which is critical to the long-term appeal for their app users. People seek various workout tools for the workout, and techniques for different body parts, muscle groups, and even entertainment as they work towards their overall health goals.

So, one thing is cleared that you need to put efforts to develop an ideal health and fitness app during fitness and healthcare app development. If we’re talking about wearables, then these gadgets have become a part of our lives. So, it is essential that fitness apps should be seamlessly synchronized with wearable devices, giving complete data about their daily goals and tasks.

It also helps consumers to track jogging, but that is not only activity contributing to health. Users who jog are likely to care about other aspects of their health, including diet, muscle strength, heart health, and weight management.

Ensure that the apps connect larger health monitoring platforms such as Apple’s Healthkit and Google Fit. And, the app provides the central spot to monitor the data being received from various wearables and fitness accounts.

Wrapping Up

The market for fitness is promising. Based on the above-mentioned data and key points, we can say that the upcoming years are for mobile apps and wearable technologies as they are playing prominent roles in the health and fitness industry.

So, if you are planning to develop health and fitness app and have an app idea related to it, then you just need to cross-verify your app idea with any trusted iOS/Android app development company to beat your rivals in the market.

Still, if you have any question or confusion regarding fitness and healthcare app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. And, our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.


How Superpedestrian (The Smart Bicycle Wheel Company) Has Modernized The Commute of Electric Bikes By Implementing These 3 Powerful Solutions

This article lies information for those e-bike startup companies, who want to create an app in order to revolutionize the commute. Herein we’ve rounded up three powerful solutions by Superpedestrian, which you need to check them once.

The sharing is the new ride-hailing whether it is e-bikes or e-scooters. The great players of e-bike sharing service are Ofo, LimeBike, and Mobike. Like the ride-hailing sectors, bike-sharing startups have revolutionized the commute.

Today, e-bikes have a big impact on the transportation and helping people with issues like the last-mile transportation to public transit stops. So, the rapid growing momentum of bike sharing is attracting many companies, which provide technology and services to fleet operators.

As per the latest news from TechCrunch, “The smart bicycle wheel company, Superpedestrian, has secured $16.5 million in Series B1 funding from top-tier venture capitalists to introduce its products and services into e-bike and electric scooter sharing market.”

Superpedestrian – The Transportation Robotics Company

Superpedestrian, Massachusetts-based, is a venture-backed company, developing lightweight electric vehicles with the integrated online platform in terms of mobile app.

The six-year-old Superpedestrian startup is born out of MIT, which is famous for its product i.e. smart bicycle wheel that helps riders to pedal with fewer efforts. The company is best known for selling the Copenhagen wheel (pictured below), and an internet-connected, electric motor system, which gives riders a boost.


Image Source: autonomousvehicletech

Now, Superpedestrian has launched technologies that will power electric bike-sharing programs. The startup company has developed sensors, embedded motor controllers, and software to enable bikes to perform onboard diagnostics in order to identify maintenance issues and alert the fleet operator’s maintenance team. All top of it, let’s know more about the electric Copenhagen wheel.

What is Copenhagen Wheel?

The Copenhagen wheel is a rear bicycle wheel, launched in 2017. It contains a built-in electric motor, battery, computer, and sensor. The bike equipped with a Copenhagen wheel becomes a pedelec, i.e. a bike in which the electric motor assists the rider when they are actively pedaling.

The Copenhagen wheel is controlled through a smartphone app. It can be charged externally through the battery charger, with additional charging while riding the bicycle.

The wheel was developed by the Senseable City Lab at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for the city of Copenhagen.


The bikes can fix some of the problems autonomously. On the back end, the software allows tracking which bikes need new batteries and other tune-ups. They can also remotely install software updates to the e-bike’s electronics.

Now, let’s dive into powerful solutions that electric bike startups can consider before developing e-scooter bike app.

3 Powerful Solutions That Electric Bike Startups Can Consider Before Developing E-Scooter Bike App

1. Technology Meets Urban Mobility

For past decades, the urban mobility has been facing radical changes around the world due to congestion in traffic. The old solutions from the 20th century are no longer useful. Indeed, as more and more electric bike/scooter sharing companies are emerging, the ride-sharing services has completely changed the face of urban mobility. To book a cab, there are a number of handy ride-sharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Grab.

When technology meets urban mobility, then there is nothing that could beat it. Technology does not protect riders. But, it helps to build better products and help ride-sharing companies to provide optimal solutions to their riders.

Undoubtedly, micro mobility is becoming a reality in cities. It is not possible to squeeze more capacity out of roads, and nothing makes happier than one-person vehicles, because they are occupied at 100%. The cities become more congested. Still, this new concept of bikes has a different brain in them.

Basically, the hardware or Copenhagen wheel is connected to the app to synchronize the rider’s movement. Such solutions in terms of features do not provide something valuable to riders, but it also assures safety and reliability while riding.

The mobile app allows users to control and customize the Copenhagen wheel, which transforms any bike into a smart electric hybrid. When technology meets urban mobility, the it enables users to commute seamlessly.

2. Enhance The Quality of Commute

The electric bike sharing service is one of the hottest new areas in tech and venture capital. Indeed, riding a bike is just plain fun for riders.

Talking about the Copenhagen wheel, the user can attach to his or her bike and operate through an app. It actually has a circular unit that houses a motor, battery, and sensors, which is placed in the middle of the rear wheel. It also helps to measure how fast and how forcefully someone is riding and adding a little electric oomph when the pedals of the bikes are pushed.

If you are running e-bike sharing service, then you can actually think out of the box. As both the hardware and the mobile app help riders to bike fast with less effort along with absolute safety and security. However, a bunch of sensors installed so that the wheel can be more easily serviced and maintained. In this way, the user will get the quality of commute, where the rider commutes effortlessly.

By using data in real time the Copenhagen wheel learns how users pedal and personalize the ride. Customized experience enhances the quality of commute of riders. Technology not only make riding safe, but it also increases the quality of commute. If you’re bike-sharing startup, then you can think about such solutions to improve the quality of commute of riders. That being said that there is nothing wrong to do something different.

3. The Efficient & Safe Business Model for Riders

The Copenhagen wheel is a part of quickly growing trend in Europe, China, and the U.S. However, here we are not talking about something more powerful motorcycles, but the bikes by Superpedestrian that have small motors to give a little extra thrust as rider pedals. Well, the combination of software, hardware, and mobile app can reduce cost, increase uptime, and basically, it can make your entire bike share business model more efficient.

The bikes can fix some of the problems autonomously. On the back end, an app helps to track which bikes need new batteries and other tune-ups. E-bike startups can remotely install software updates to the e-bike’s electronics. Talking about the features of the mobile app, checkout some of the top features for users:

  • It controls the Copenhagen wheel with user’s phone.
  • Users can keep track of their trips and mileage.
  • Users can track personal usage statistics including time, distance, calories burned, power and elevation climbed. All of which can be compared and shared with friends.

Thus, if you as a e-bike startup want to ease the life of your riders, then you can think of such out-of-the-box solutions that will not only ease the commute, but also help users to track their riding habits.

On a Concluding Note

The ride-sharing industry has evolved largely from the past few years. And, micro mobility is becoming a reality in big cities. The medium of commute does not only solve commuters problems, but it also contributes to the climate and solves chronic congestion problem, too.

As more cities becoming congested, many e-bike sharing services are emerging to provide solutions that directly contribute to environment for better. Being an e-scooter startup, if you have already planned to develop a ride-sharing app, then it would be great to consider such solutions.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding ride-sharing app development, then you can directly consult us as we are a leading Android/iOS app development company, and have already developed over 50 apps like Uber. All you just need to get in touch with us through the below-given form and our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours.

Shared Housing App Idea is Thriving! 3 Takeaways That House Rental Startups Can Pick from This Post

This article embraces information for those house rental startups and enterprises, who want to create shared housing rental app. Herein we’ve shared three takeaways to become successful house rental startups. Let’s have a look!

The world is changing rapidly. And, everything has been shifting to mobile apps. With a few taps, we are able to book a cab, order food, and get on-demand handyman and beautician at home.

When it comes to renting an apartment, which is considered as one of the daunting tasks, it has become easier for everyone, regardless of location, region, city, and country. This is because that rental property apps have minimized the pain of tenants. Even, shared housing startups are experiencing continuous growth potential. According to the recent report from the TechCrunch, “The residential-focused real estate startups uncovered a raft of companies with a shared and temporary housing focus that have raised in the past years.”

Moreover, this is not only a U.S.-specific phenomenon. Shared and short-term housing startups are cropping up around the globe, from China to Europe to Southeast Asia. In the below-given chart, you can see one of the top shared housing startups that have raised recent rounds.


Have you noticed any commonalities in the above image? All these startups listed are based in either New York or the San Francisco Bay Area. But, at the same time, these areas offer the bulk of startups’ living spaces, and they are also operating other cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, and Pittsburgh.

Advancing ahead! Let’s check out few takeaways that you as a house rental startup should consider before developing rental property apps.

3 Takeaways That House Rental Startups Should Consider Before Developing Rental Property Apps

1. Focus on The Solutions


Image Source: thespruce

When something is on-trend, then more and more startups generally take part by jumping on the bandwagon. However, all top of that, it is important to focus on the solutions after realizing the pain-points of people. Like for working professionals, co-living solutions can work for your business. By providing this, it gives the visibility to your business.

If startups focus on providing solutions, then they can create the best house rent app. Focus heavily on solutions to make your business stand out from your rivals.

Now, we are taking an example of one of the top-ranked funded house rental startups, i.e. HubHuas, which is a real estate agency and focusing on providing the co-living solutions to working professionals. This housing rental startup is less than three years old, and now handling about 80 houses in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, and matching up app users to roommates.

On the other hand, Starcity is another San Francisco-based company that positions its model as a partial solution to housing shortages as it promotes high-density living. It also claims to increase living capacity by three times the normal apartment building.

Furthermore, you need to co-living solutions for working professionals, which is on-demand. It is not just renting a room, but it is also about being a part of the community. As it is important to provide solutions to housing shortages, it promotes high-density living. It claims to increase living capacity by three times than normal apartment building.

For housing rental startups, it is essential to provide solutions to users that is the key point to consider before developing rental property apps.

2. Recognize The Ingredients Needed for Your Business’s Success

The next takeaway is to provide seamless house rental solutions, which must be affordable for your app users. If we’re talking about the ingredients, which are needed for your business’s success, make sure to provide affordable rental solutions with important ingredients like the choice of location, easy move-in, and ready-made social network.

The main objective is to come up with the solutions in terms of on-demand house rental apps that disrupt the existing market. Also, your solutions must create value in the users’ lives.

Talking about the HomeShare, it is a San Francisco-based housing rental startup. It allows users to get affordable city living with their preferences. The company matches housemates based on the personality that ensure compatibility and peace of mind. Currently, it is available in four markets, including San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, and Seattle.

The key point that house rental startups can pick is that it is important to unlock cities by providing attractive yet affordable housing. So, the first move is to offer your services through an app-based platform in order to disrupt an existing market through rental app solutions that can actually work.

To become successful and stand out from the crowd, the startup needs to find a different addressable market to win. As we’ve just seen in the image-given image, all these shared-housing rental startups already had clear strategies to become unique from others. Shared and temporary housing startups also seem to offer some savings through flexible-term lease, with minimum stays of 1 or 3 months.

These startup companies have targeted those people, who found hassles while searching a home or finding a roommate or a flatmate. Furthermore, these companies have also broken up the stereotypes of accepting from the particular community or not. Being a house rental startup, if you are planning to create an on-demand rental app, then find a specific market that your business can address better only.

3. On-demand Commercial Rental App Solutions


Image Source: officelovin

Now, coming to the last takeaway is that temporary, flexible, and high-service models that have already gained a lot of grip for commercials. But, how can you become unique? All you just need to provide the temporary, flexible and high-service model. This business model has already gained a lot of grip for commercial spaces. The key point is to provide the on-demand rental app for commercials.

Let’s take an example of Industrious, Knotel, and Breather that are high-funded commercial startups in this sector. Industrious is a provider of flexible-term and high-end spaces to offices. Knotel is a provider of customized workplaces. And, Breather provides meeting and work rooms on-demand. Collectively, these three companies have raised about $300 million till now.

Your business model works only when the company applies modern technology and give advanced solutions to users in terms of on-demand solutions for residential and commercial purposes. To create an app for on-demand solutions to fulfill for both commercial and residential purposes, a mobile app is vital to delivering unique solutions to your users.

The key is to identify the market and start with the small region for testing. And, create a platform that connects owners and tenants or connects to perfect roomie with optimal efficiency. Differentiate by being the first mover in the market that needs modernization.


The aforementioned takeaways reveal the solid reasons that it is a high time to develop shared housing app for your business. Just make sure that you keep those takeaways in your mind before developing an on-demand home rental app.

So, being an apartment rental startup, if you have any query or confusion regarding mobile app development in this niche, then you can directly contact us as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 3000 mobile apps in diverse categories. Just fill this below-given form and our sales representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

The Tech Beauty Giants (Glossier and StyleSeat) are Booming! It’s High Time to Develop Beauty and Fashion Apps

This story lies information for those beauty tech startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop apps under the category of ‘beauty and fashion’. Let’s check out the figures and stats, which are overtaking the beauty sector.

Gone are those days when people were buying cosmetics at a departmental store makeup counter. This is because of the beauty tech startups named Glossier and Styleseat, who have created a buzz in the beauty sector.

In the recent years, “beauty startups” have helped shape one of the fastest-growing areas in technology, with innovative unique brands raising around. Thanks to hyper-growth and investors. According to the report from Crunchbase, “Beauty tech startups enjoy boom courtesy of millennials”.

The Shape of The Beauty Tech Market

Tech is the future of beauty industry. Let’s check out some pivotal points that will reflect the positive change in the beauty tech market.

  • From the last few years, it has seen an upswing in financing for beauty startups, with funding rounds steadily increasing since 2012.
  • In 2016, various new beauty companies had already snagged more than 74 rounds of funding, according to the report from CB Insights.
  • Beauty startups attracted over 70 funding rounds worth nearly $300 million in 2016.
  • Beauty Quarterly Global Financing History of 2017:
  • Beauty Annual Global Financing History of 2017:


  • Beauty and Cosmetic deals by Geography: In the below-given image, you can see that the United States was ranked at the top in the list of beauty and cosmetics deals, whereas India stood for the second.


Now, let us dwell some the current top beauty tech startups that are performing well in the market.

The Coolest & Interesting Beauty Tech Startups

1. Glossier

Glossier is one of the hottest cosmetic startups, which has raised $52 million in Series C round of funding. It is just 3-year-old cosmetic startup and the total valuation of the startup was $400 million in March 2018. According to the SimilarWeb report, “The average monthly visits in Q4 2017 were three times higher than the same quarter in 2015”. The below-given graph embraces Glossier’s total traffic.


Image Source: similarweb

2. The Ordinary

On the other hand, The Ordinary is the Toronto-based company, which is responsible for a breakout in the skincare line. The startup has attracted funding from the cosmetic giant Estée Lauder.

“The multi-category cosmetics and skin line are the coolest and interesting categories right now”, according to Ross Blankenship (a venture capitalist at Angel Kings).

Also, the profit margins of beauty and cosmetics are so high, especially compared to perishables, which attracts investors to these fresh startups long-term.

3. StyleSeat

This is an online marketplace, which connects beauty and wellness professionals with clients. The company has found similar success. The company provides a platform that caters to beauty professionals’ requirements.

Styleseat helps consumers to find a customized service like booking for a stylist for a certain type of braid. With the total funding amount $40 million, the services are provided in 15,000 cities since its launch in 2011. Moreover, cosmetics and grooming are the two main categories that beauty startups can consider to develop an app to go to the next level.


After diving into the shape of the beauty tech market and top beauty tech startups, we’ve come up with the following reasons that tell you why it is pivotal to create an app for your beauty startup.

3 Reasons: Why It’s High Time to Develop Apps for Your Beauty Tech Startups

1. Allows Users to Browse The Beauty Products in The App

The are several major beauty brands that are investing in augmented reality to enhance the experience of their customers. The technology-backed cosmetics brands have transformed the industry.

As beauty tech industry fueled its growth, it has become more personal and accessible for all. And, the most of the consumers prefer purchasing cosmetic products online.

It is no secret that today’s consumers increasingly seek transparency when it comes to the beauty products. Beauty apps are meant for solving shoppers’ needs.

One of the main reasons to develop is to allow your app users to browse different beauty products from the comfort of their home. Users now have a lot of options to shop in beauty. The mobile app also helps shoppers to replicate the experience of trying cosmetics products and use data from smart devices to create personalized makeup for customers.

Specifically, the younger generations do not prefer to go to physical stores, and they usually prefer the mobile app for shopping on-the-go. As the beauty industry has transformed with the emergence of technology, a lot of people have highest expectations.

Therefore, if you are running any beauty startup, then you need to think to develop an app to take your beauty brand to the next level.

2. Convenience

Undoubtedly, the on-demand solutions mean convenience. The Global Cosmetic Packaging industry market was worth $24.3 billion in 2014, and it is estimated to reach $31.4 billion by 2020 with an annual growth rate of 4.3%. This data simply means that in future, the industry will expand and offer more solutions to consumers.

Talking about the solution in terms of the app, convenience plays an important role that leads to enhancing customers’ experience through the app. The beauty booking platform helps beauty and wellness professionals to connect with the app users and has found similar success.

Online booking beauty platform helps consumers to find a customized beauty service, including to discover top barbers & professionals nearby, automatic appointment reminders, book online according to their preferences, and online payments. All these features provide convenience to users. That’s why technology has transformed beauty industry by providing services in terms of handy features. In this way, by booking a beauty appointment is no longer a hassle for users. Also, attract more customers to your business by providing an easy-to-use app.

3. Personalization


It is important to enhance consumers’ in-store experience through the creation of customized and personalized beauty products. It is expected to be firstly implemented in color cosmetics through personalized shades.

Let’s take an example of Matchco, a San Francisco-based startup. It allows app users to scan their face to create a custom foundation for their exact skin shade. However, Matcho company was acquired by Tokyo-based Shiseido later for an undisclosed sum.

So, customization is one of the main reasons why beauty tech startups need to have mobile apps to give personalized service to their customers. That’s being said that everyone looks for personalized solutions, especially when it is online. No matter in which industry you are dealing with, a mobile app has now become a persona of business.


So, the tech beauty brands are successful because of providing a perfect blend of solutions, including customization, convenience, and options to browse beauty products to consumers on-the-go. However, you as a beauty tech startup need to be unique when it comes to building an app for the same before Amazon takes over these booming categories.

In case, if you have any query or confusion regarding beauty app development, then you can directly contact us as we are a leading iOS/Android application development company, and have already developed over 3000 mobile apps under diverse categories. All you just need to fill up the below-given form and our sales representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

Bookmark This Post And Include These 4 Pivotal Features If You Are Planning to Develop ‘Uber for Handyman’ App

This post encompasses information for those startups and the entrepreneurs who want to develop an app like Uber for handyman. Herein we’ve rounded up four essential features that you can consider while developing one. Let’s check them out!

Currently, we live in the era where saying an app the “Uber for X” is another way of saying “on-demand service for X.” Uber for X app development is one of many startup models that thrive in different sectors. There are several Uber for X templates available that need a customization for Uber for X applications.

The word “Uber” has already created a buzz in the world of on demand solutions. If you are a newbie or an entrepreneur, then you may have found yourself diving into the world of “Uberfy” or how to Uberfy your business.

From Uber for babysitters to Uber for tutors, cleaning, doctors, now, we’ll talk about the ‘Uber for handyman’.


If you can improve the quality of an existing service and offer it on demand, then you might be the next Uber. To develop an app like Uber for handyman, and get it into the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, then you need to go through some pivotal features that you can consider while developing the “Uber for Handyman” mobile app.

The On-Demand Economy is Booming

The sharing economy and on-demand services are weaving into the lives of Americans. There is a number of new commercial online services that have emerged in the recent years. Some of these services offer on-demand access to goods or services with just a few taps. Furthermore, it is promising to reshape some aspect of the way Americans go about their lives.

According to the report from BIA/Kelsey, “The total US transaction value of the on-demand economy grew from $22 billion in 2015 to $34 in 2016.” It is also expected to reach $57 billion by 2018. These are some big and encouraging numbers.

The word “handyman near me’ is on the trend that you can see in the below-given graph. However, the trend is moving upward and showing no sign of slowing down.

Interest over time:


Interest by region:


Now, let’s check out four pivotal features that startups can consider before creating an app like Uber for handyman.

Top 4 Pivotal Features to Consider Before Developing An App like Uber for Handyman

1. Allows to Find Nearby Handyman

This feature seamlessly connects app users to nearby handyman professionals who can do a wide range of repairs, typically around the house. Such feature connects a number of nearby handy workers, including the on-demand plumber, electrician, mechanic, and carpenter. You can include many services as per your customers’ requirements, and it will help users to get a handyman on demand from a single mobile app.

By including such pivotal feature, create a private network of professionals to provide high trust of the service. If you are planning to provide a platform, which is an on-demand handyman or home service provider platform, then you can also include every minute detail for transparency for your users. In short, it can include the service charge, estimation, and cancellation. If you are one of the startups who want to work on the same problems, then you can simply provide your app users with some essential features, which can make your app stands out from other apps.

2. Suitable Payment Methods

To create an app for Uber for home services, suitable payment method is one of the essential features, which you need to give a thought on. Providing different seamless payment methods make sense for your app users as they can make payment according to their convenience. Payment options must be faster and safer, and consumers must have a choice in this matter. Not providing varying payment options for customers could lead to fewer numbers of customers and damage the reputation of your brand.

After using services, app users can pay via debit or credit card or use a promo code. It simply eliminates the hassle of transferring money, and simply promotes the cashless system. You can choose from different payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. Payment gateway protects your online business from frauds. It is important to select the right payment gateway for your solution.

In a nutshell, we can say that this is one of the significant features, which you can’t-miss to consider when developing an app like Uber for handyman.

3. Book Now, Advance or Schedule it for Later

Customer convenience is the bottom line. That being said customer convenience is the shortest path to increasing customer retention and loyalty. That is because app users expect everything to be intuitive and instant, and the slightest hiccup can result in churn or preference for a competitor.

Developing an app that allows users to book now, in advance or schedule it for later can save them from any inconvenience. Nevertheless, chances are that if there is demand, more than one business wants to seize the market, and optimizing convenience even though having a great encompasses both sides of the equation.

It is important to account for all your full consumer-base, so finding the right is the initial base to build upon. It can be the differentiating factor that can make your app stands out and above the noise. It is pivotal to provide multiple options to customers, including book now, advance or schedule it for later.

4. Enables Users to Track Service Provider

The fourth feature to consider is allowing app users to track handyman or service providers to check the real-time location in Google map. Allow them to track their real-time location so that they know whether the service provider is on the way or not and how much time he will take to reach. It is the most common, but the most essential feature to consider as it will help users to know the real-time location of handyman.

Thus, if you are planning to create an app like Uber for handyman, such feature is recognized as one of the mandatory features. Once handyman accepts service from customer’s end, then customers can able to track the real-time location and also call them if required.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we can say that the above-mentioned app features provide a competitive edge to apps like Uber for handyman. So, if you as a startup want to give a bit of jump start, the aforementioned features are crucial to consider.

Take what works for your app like uber for plumbers/handyman and allow your mobile app to grow in a unique and meaningful way. To get triumph in the new digital economy, it is important to develop an app around your consumers’ requirements and put them at their ease.

Therefore, if you have an app idea regarding Uber for handyman, then you can discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile apps development company and have already developed over 50 mobile apps under the category on-demand solutions.

In case, if you have any query or confusion related to handyman on demand, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

How Skip, an Electric Scooter Sharing App By Boosted Boards, Has Secured $6 Million in Seed Funding With These 3 Strategies

This post embraces information for those e-scooter startup companies, who want to develop an e-scooter sharing app. Read on these top three strategies of an e-scooter startup, Skip, which are included in this article.

It seems like the streets of San Francisco are getting overrun with venture-backed e-scooters. The last-mile transportation options like electric scooters and bikes have become favorite for people because e-scooters are smooth, sturdy, and easy control along with good grips. When it comes to the inexpensive last-mile transportation services, e-scooters must be the first choice of people. Also, e-scooters are not at all cumbersome when it comes to parking.

Apart from e-scooter goliaths like Spin, Bird, and Lime, there is another e-scooter sharing startup – Skip, which is launched by the creators of Boosted Boards (the popular skateboards with remote electric motors).

Let’s move ahead to know more about the e-scooter sharing app, Skip.

Skip: The E-Scooter Sharing App

Based in San Francisco, Skip is an electric scooter rental company, launched by Boosted Boards. The Co-founder/CEO of Skip is Sanjay Dastoor (former Boosted co-founder) and Mike Wadhera.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “The dockless e-scooter startup, Skip has raised $6 million in Seed funding, led by Initialized Capital via Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-founder) and Ronny Conway’s A Capital, with SV Angel”. Furthermore, as per the report, “Skip is formerly known by its Y Combinator codename i.e. Waybots. However, the company is exclusively announcing its funding and rebrand to Skip.”

Currently, the e-scooter sharing service by Skip is available in Washington DC only. But, it will soon be available in San Francisco. Skip has joined the competition among its rivals such as LimeBike, Spin, and Bird.


Top 3 Strategies That E-Scooter Startups Can Consider Before Developing E-Scooter Sharing App Like Skip

1. The Quality of Vehicle Matters Even If It is Short Commute

In the recent time, dockless electric scooters have taken over the West Coast of The United States. So, one of the top strategies behind the new e-scooter startup – Skip is that the quality of vehicles does matter a lot, regardless of the distance of the trip.

If we’re talking about the ride-sharing services, then they may not concern about the quality of vehicles as some companies might be using the same car. However, Skip startup has emphasized on the – “quality of vehicles”. The vehicles should be designed for a different level of use and upkeep.

So, being a startup, you need to take extra attention to the quality of vehicles, and they must be durable for a long run. Also, they would not create hassles to riders while using them. Thus, you need to plan to build your own customized e-scooter mobile app solutions for your users.

Bottom Line: Being a startup, you need to provide smooth, sturdy, and safe ride with the easy controls. And, if you are planning to create a ride-sharing app like Bird or Skip, then it is important to provide an essential feature like precise location tracking. By providing such feature, it could help them to drive and park their vehicles in a safe manner.

2. High-quality, Collaborative & Sustainable Solutions to Urban Mobility

E-scooter revolution has been already occurred for last few years. Unlike bikes, the e-scooters are light enough to carry to short distances and they are compact too. The e-scooters are the high-quality, collaborative, and sustainable solution to the urban congestion crisis as many big cities have already affected by this.

Electric scooter does not only provide the last-mile solution to users but also delivers the best-in-class mobile application, as well as good hardware experience.

As long as transit solution is concerned, e-scooters make short commutes easy. Also, the dockless e-scooters have proved to be the useful car-replacement solution. The emergence of electric scooters and electric bikes creates sudden awareness about the alternate modes of the mobility solution. The last-mile solutions are not meant to merely commute, but it also eliminates the mobility challenges due to the increased number of vehicles.

So, if you are planning to develop Android app like Skip, then you need to provide the last-mile solution, which could be useful for a wider range of commuters and it can also reduce congestion.

3. Analyze Deeply The Previous Riders’ Issues While Commuting

It is important to provide optimal solutions to the app users and eliminate the most annoying scooter behaviors that have analyzed by the e-scooter app company, Skip. The company has also worked on the riders’ issues of dead batteries during the rides. With the dead batteries, e-scooters are nothing more than the useless vehicles for users.

In this way, the startup company has analyzed deeply the riders’ issues regarding e-scooters. After that, Skip has come up with the crowdsourced charging program where people can get paid to pick up, plug-in at home, and drop off scooters in order to keep vehicles charge all day.

Also, users can be able to adjust the handlebar height, as they can go up to 18 mph and dual suspension flattens the road bumps. So, it is important to provide a durable vehicle to users.

There is number of e-scooter startups have been sprouting for last few years, however, it is important to build a successful business model like Uber, Bird, and Skip. Also, you need to analyze deeply what problems the riders of particular locations could face. And, you should start with a specific or small area first to test your business model.

At long last, being an e-scooter startup, it is pivotal to do the market analysis well plus problems of users. In this way, you can make your business more attractive to your app users. That being said, if the user feels safe, then they will choose your app over the competition.

E-Scooters are Invading. Are You Ready to Lead the Charge?

Indeed, e-scooters are an enticing option in the world of shared mobility as they are compact, two-wheeled and easy to use. By providing effective urban mobility solutions to solved numerous concerns, e-scooters have become more attractive to users.

So, if you have made up your mind to develop an app under the category of ride-sharing or e-scooter app development, then you can cross-verify your app idea with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed more than 50 ride-sharing apps like Uber.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to e-scooter app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert to you within 48hrs with an optimal solution.


Here’s How Lemonade, The Insurance App, Has Made Some Big Moves in the World of Insurance With These 4 Surreal Features

This story lies information for those insurance startup agencies, who want to create an insurance app like Lemonade. Herein we’ve rounded up four surreal features that you can give a thought.

Time has changed. Today, people spend a huge time on their smartphones, and it is continuing to grow every year. As the devices are becoming more sophisticated, the number of activities that we can do on mobile is also increasing. And, it means that we are more likely to use mobile apps with greater frequency. That being also said that there is an app for everything from hiring a cab, tracking sleep activity to ordering food on-demand.

Here, we will talk about the insurance app, which is known as Lemonade. This insurance app has made some big moves in the world of insurance. As per the latest report from TechCrunch, “Lemonade company uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and chatbots to sell insurance”.

Indeed, insurance is pretty tricky business niche that depends on a lot of data science to right-size coverage. Lemonade is one of the first completely new entrants in the market to design a soup-to-nuts insurance business for the smartphone era.

As per another report from TechCrunch, “Lemonade company has raised a total of $180 million, including a whopping $120 million round by SoftBank in December 2017.”

Lemonade: The Insurance App

A fully licensed insurance company offers insurance policies in property and casualty insurance market. It is P2P (Peer-to-Peer) insurance platform powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to offer home, renters insurance carrier for residents of California, New York, and Illinois. Lemonade company has already covered 90,000 policyholders for policies worth tens of billions of dollars.

By using the insurance app, users interact with chatbot in order to provide information about their coverage needs, location, and property details. Lemonade app uses artificial intelligence to create a customized policy of each app user. Currently, Lemonade is available in US states, including California, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Arizona, New York, and Texas.

Insights: The Insurtech Market

Over the past few years, insurtechs have emerged in the insurance space. And, the Insurtech companies raised $2.6 billion according to Financial Technology Partners, a San Francisco based investment bank. Moreover, the total 91 deals have raised a total of $1.5 billion.

In the below image, you can check the global venture activity in insurtech from 2010-17. The growth was in the upward direction.


Adopting Technology by Insurtechs

Many insurtechs are also adopting new technologies and concepts, which incumbents are only just beginning to experiment with. There is eight important new technologies that are widely adopted by incumbents and being used by insurtech in order to solve real business problems. These technologies can support insurance product innovations, including:

  • Microinsurance
  • Usage-based Insurance
  • Peer-to-Peer Insurance

In the below image, you can check new technologies that Insurtechs companies are adopting:

Give a Thought to These Top 4 Surreal Features Before Developing Insurance App

1. Offering The “Live Policy”


Image Source: coverager

Lemonade has already made big moves in the world of insurance. And one of the best moves is the implementation of live insurance policy feature. The insurance app has made big changes in an actual insurance policy.

For decades, the insurance companies have been held to long, tedious in their insurance contracts. And, when it comes to the physical documents, more than 40 long pages difficult to understand for normal people. And, nobody has enough time to read such long doc in this busy world. But, Lemonade app is a game changer in the niche of insurance. According to the open source insurance policy, which is called as Policy 2.0, it is meant to give app users a clear and easy way to understand what is and what is not covered in users’ insurance policies.

The new and handy policy feature is just a matter of few clicks away. All just user needs to do is to scan the QR code, and users can view their policies online, make changes and file claims. In simple words, users can make edits and contributions to the policy.

By providing such feature, you can give transparency to consumers and provide policy on phone. However, it is important to provide a policy that makes sense to the five-inch screen.

One hurdle was that 10,000 word-long insurance policy is legally required to be in the document. This change from Lemonade requires the company to work with regulates to allow the new policy to be sold, and that conversation differs from state to state.

2. Zero Everything


Image Source: lemonade

The insurance startup company, Lemonade, provides renters and homeowners insurance. So, the next important feature of insurance app is zero everything. With such feature, app users do not need to pay deductibles and have their rate increased when filing claims. In simple words, no deductibles and no increase in pricing.

Regardless of the value of the claim, with zero everything, users get the full amount needed to replace the items with the new ones. If $500 bike would steal, then the company will pay to user $500 to get a new one. After signing up for a new policy in an insurance app, there is an easy-to-use feature i.e. Zero Everything.

In the United States, home insurance companies spend more than $10 billion each year on the bureaucracy of claim handling alone. Nobody likes the endless paperwork, faxes, and phone calls that create hassles. In fact, small claims often cost incumbents more to process than the size of the claim itself. All these small and big claims simply discourage users from filing them. So, it is important to note that there are no bad intentions behind this whole process, and it is just an unfortunate consequence of the way insurance works.

Bottom Line: Make sure that you create a handy and useful feature like Zero , allowing your customers or policyholders to easily access the app and claim the amount.

3. AI-Enabled Chat Bots


Image Source: lemonade

Nowadays, everyone expects quick results to get his/her work done. So, it is important to automate things by chatbots or it can be managed by algorithmically enhanced policy management tools. Or, we can say that AI-enabled feature to process the data well.

The chat engine or chatbots should run on an entirely new NLP (Natural Language Processing) infrastructure. The Chat Engine lives on the servers and drives all of our conversational experiences from signing up for a new policy to offering the instant and delightful customer care.

The Chat Engine supports CXAI (CX: Customer Experience AI: Artificial Intelligences) that provide an infinitely scalable customer care experience built in-house. It allows users to make changes to their policies and get relevant answers to complicated questions, which is all in natural language by using AI (artificial intelligence).


Image Source: lemonade

So, being a startup company, you can create superior customer experience with deep learning AI. For instance, the ride-sharing app Uber has just implemented customer care with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning.

It is also pivotal to make the experience as painless as possible, and it can provide the overall service improved, no matter under which category your app is falling. The AI-enabled feature also works by reducing the cognitive load for customer agents by automatically suggesting.

4. Seamless Payment Integration


Image Source: lemonade

Believe it or not, the feature, which is known as seamless payment integration always plays an important role in the app. You need to give extra attention to this basic feature while creating an insurance app like Lemonade. The seamless payment option also attracts more users to use mobile app. In addition, if your mobile app is fully integrated, then you are maximizing the potential of your app’s success.

As long as insurance app is concerned, then such feature plays an important role. By including this feature, allow policy holders to save time, avoid errors, and fulfill their requirements along with seamless payment process in one tap.

Wrapping Up

You have just gone through with the main features that insurtech can consider before developing an insurance app like Lemonade. Apart from this, if you have any worth-sharing idea on insurance mobile apps, then you can cross-verify it with us. Being a leading Android/iPhone app development company with the experience of developing over 2500 mobile apps, we will comprehend your requirements and suggest an optimal solution for the same.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding insurance app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative right back to you within 48hrs.


What is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Some Basic Information That You Should Know

“This blog is for those entrepreneurs and startups who want to know what is GDPR and some basic information about it. Here, we have covered important information related to GDPR that you should know.”

Have you heard about the term GDPR?

Did you search for GDPR overview?

The term GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation that is all set to go into effect on the 25th of May 2018 across the entirety of the European Union. The regulation will change the entire way businesses worldwide process and store client and employee information.

What is GDPR in Simple Language?

In simple terms, GDPR is the EU’s (European Union) primary data-governance regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal information, data, and privacy of EU citizens for transactions which occur within EU member states.

All the companies, which are collecting data and information of citizens in the European Union (EU) countries, will need to comply with strict new rules across protecting customer data by May 25. Moreover, GDPR will set a new standard for consumer rights regarding their data. And companies will be tested as they put systems and processes in place to comply. The compliance of this regulation can cause some concerns and new expectations of security teams.

Now, the companies need the same level of protection for things like an individual’s IP Address or Cookie Data as they do for Name, Address, and Social Security Number. As it is the most forward-leading privacy regime that fines up to 4% of global revenue or €20 million, breaching the GDPR is a risk that a lot of companies and enterprises may not be able to afford.

But how real is the public concern over privacy? It is important, and it grows with every new high-profile data breach. According to the RSA Data Privacy & Security Report, RSA surveyed 7500 consumers in France, Germany, Italy, the U.K. and the U.S., 80% of consumers said that they are concerned about the lost banking and financial data. Lost security information and identity information was named as the most concerned about 76% of the respondents.

Different Types of Privacy Data That Protected by the GDPR

  • Basic identity information like name, ID numbers and address
  • Web data like IP address, cookie data, location and RFID tags
  • Biometric Data
  • Political Opinions
  • Health and Genetic Data
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Racial Data

Which Companies Will Be Affected by the GDPR (GDPR checklist)?

All those companies that are storing and processing personal information or data about EU citizens within EU states must comply with the GDPR. Even, if they do not have a business presence within EU, but collecting personal data or information of EU citizens, they need to comply with the GDPR. Here are some of the specific principles for companies that require complying with GDPR:

  • A company that presents in the EU country.
  • A company that is not present in EU, but it processes personal data and information or European residents.
  • A company that has more than 250 employees.
  • A company that has fewer than 250 employees, but its data-processing impacts the rights and freedom of data subjects, is not occasional or comprises different types of sensitive data. It means almost all the companies. According to the latest survey by PwC, 92 percent of U.S. companies consider GDPR as a topmost data protection priority.

The new survey report by Propeller Insights and sponsored by Netsparker Ltd., asked executives that which industries will be most affected by the GDPR, and most (53 percent) says that the technology sector will be the most impacted followed by online retailers (45 percent), software companies (44 percent), financial services (37 percent), online services/SaaS (34 percent), and retail packed goods (33 percent).


Some of the biggest cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon have already declared GDPR compliance. Here, we as a leading mobile app development company are also declaring the GDPR compliance across all our mobile app development and cloud services. There is no need to be afraid of the new European policy as it is only about being prepared and implementing important things in a right time.


How LimeBike (San Mateo-Based E-Scooter Company) Has Paced Up Its Growth With These Top 3 Strategies

This post contains information for those startup companies, who want to develop e-scooter apps like LimeBike, Bird or Spin. Herein we’ve gathered top three strategies that are behind the exponential growth of LimeBike. Let’s check out what’s inside?

From the past few years, the overwhelming success of a number of ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft, and DiDi Chuxing has generated an interest in the “sharing economy”. There are many other startups like Bird and Spin who are performing exceptionally to ease the commute. Here, we would like to introduce one of the popular dockless bike-sharing companies, Lime, which is now formally known as LimeBike.

The LimeBike company is based in San Mateo, California. It operates the dockless bicycle-sharing system in several cities and college campuses across the United States by providing a mobile app for reservations.

Before jumping into the main section of our post, we’ll give you a quick overview of how e-scooter company, LimeBike, has been doing so far. Let’s have a look!


Image Source: LimeBike

How LimeBike, E-Scooter App, Has Been Doing So Far

A promising new growth area, which has emerged from ongoing trend is electric scooter or e-scooter. LimeBike is a key player in the nascent industry that allows people to locate and rent the electric scooters nearby via a mobile app.

LimeBike aims to revolutionize mobility in cities and campuses by empowering residents with cleaner, more efficient, and affordable transportation options, which improve urban sustainability.

  • A San Meteo-based dockless bike and e-scooter company, LimeBike, launched back in 2017. Now, it has expanded to many other US cities, including San Francisco, San Diego, Washington DC, Austin, and Texas.
  • As per the report from TechCrunch, “LimeBike, the transportation company, has partnered with Segway to launch its next-generation electric scooters in May 2018”.
  • According to the report from TechCrunch, “Lime is reportedly trying to squeeze up to $500 million out of VCs”. So, in the below-given graph, you can check the Lime’s potential round, which is highest compared to its rivals Bird and Spin.


  • LimeBike has already hit over 3 million rides across the fleets of bikes and scooters.
  • The below-given graph reflects the Usage and Google Play rank of LimeBike that is going upward.


Moving ahead, and let us have a look at the top three strategies, which are behind LimeBike, a popular e-scooter company.

Top 3 Strategies of LimeBike, E-scooter App That Paced Up Its Growth

1. Provide More Convenient Transportation Choice Along With Safety

One of the strategies behind the success of LimeBike is to provide the highest rate of convenience and safety in transportation. However, there are various US cities like San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., which are flooded with the e-scooters, but LimeBike has become one of the fastest-growing e-scooter startups.

When it comes to convenience, there is no option that can beat the convenience provided by the e-scooter apps. And, the convenience comes with a slew of features like nearby bike option and easy-to-operate. After each ride, the fare will be automatically charged online. It means riders can enjoy the cashless ride. In this way, convenience is one of the dominant factors behind the success of e-scooter companies.

Therefore, if you are planning to create e-scooter apps like LimeBike or Bird, then providing “convenience” to riders to book e-scooter can surely help your startup to stand-out.

2. Offer an Alternative & Inexpensive Option to Commute

E-scooters are meant to be a ride on the sidewalks. The company, LimeBike, employs independent contracts so that their services must be readily available in more locations. The seamless process of hiring the e-scooters has lessened complications and cut the expensive options to commute. Herein, we’ve rounded up a few takeaways that you can consider under this strategy:

  • Every business or startup company needs to solve a problem of consumers whether it is about to lessen hassles in transportation or simply cut out the expenses of commute, which is generally one of the major concerns in people’s lives.
  • Also, all you just need to provide the quality of services, which can be a great alternative in the ride-sharing app.
  • It is also important to listen to your targeted audience and try to find solutions for the same.
  • If we would take an example of the ride-sharing giant, Uber, then the company has changed the balance by providing rides at a cheaper rate with a high level of services.
  • When it comes to e-scooter apps, you can also add an option of accountability by allowing app users to share their ride experience after using each ride. It helps you to improve your service as a service provider.
  • In a similar way, an app like Uber or an e-scooter app like LimeBike, both have successfully resolved the perennial public transportation problems of large cities and increasing the mobility of people to get around easily. And, believing that e-scooter is one of the best and cheap alternatives to commuting for all age groups.

Furthermore, what value your startup company can offer to your audience that your rivals can’t offer? It is important to answer such questions if you want to build the successful e-scooter apps like LimeBike, Bird, and Spin.

3. Solutions for Urban Mobility With Technology

Undeniably, there is the highest rate of traffic congestion, plus harmful CO2 emission in the largest cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Berlin and Washington D.C. Therefore, the emergence of e-scooters are the solutions to ease commute to work as youngsters need to go to their dance classes, or students who need to go swimming in the local lake. In the simplest way, we can say that the mode of transportation e-scooters has conquered the urban traffic.

First of all, you need to identify the urban traffic problems to conquer urban traffic. In short, urban traffic is shorthand for stress, frustration, and time not spent actually living. To face increasing congestion in major cities, urban mobility is in demand of transformation.

The challenge is not just to find something that is eco-friendly and easy-to-use but also adaptable to consumers’ needs and can be shared between app users. All these challenges can be addressed in several ways.

When the urban mobility meets technology, then it must be conquered urban traffic. The development of the mobile app is the best possible strategy that e-scooter companies like LimeBike and Bird have used. As people love to use their smartphones, in fact, people’s daily schedules involve heavy usage of smartphones with key transactions conducted over the mobile devices. By just tapping into the app, users can book electric scooters nearby. The ride-sharing giants have already aware of the fact that they have a guaranteed market in the smartphone users, and these companies realized that they need their service.

Technology has been known to be able to break down the past barriers in transportation. Also, technology makes easier for both ride-sharing companies and app users to book a ride with a few taps.

Being a startup, you need to think to add more valuable features, which can make your business more attractive to your app users. Some features like schedule the ride that helps riders to book rider in advance if they are in hurry.

To Sum Up,

We can say that if your startup company is providing solutions locally, then your business idea can work globally. The key is to implement highly-effective strategies in terms of providing solutions, which can actually work for your business and targeted audience’s needs.

So, being a startup, if you have ever thought about developing mobile app under the categories like ride-sharing or e-scooter app development, then you can cross-verify your app idea with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and already developed over 50 Uber clone apps.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to e-scooter app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


3 Unique Solutions by Bumble (A Game-Changer Dating App) That You Need to Check Out Before Creating an Online Dating App

This blog contains information for those startups who want to create an online dating app like Bumble. Learn more about three unique solutions by a game-changer dating app – Bumble.

We live in the world of dating and connections. Indeed, the online dating world is flooded with the mobile apps. So, you must be aware of top online dating apps like Tinder,, and Zoosk. However, we want to introduce a new yet successful dating app over here. It is “Bumble”, which is total-game changer dating app.

America’s fastest-growing dating company, Bumble allows users to start building valuable relationships, find friends, and make empowered connections. Let’s explore more about this popular female-led dating app – Bumble.

The Key Facts of Bumble Dating App

  • The app has over 30 million users.
  • Bumble dating app for Android is not just a hookup app, but it appears to be doubling down on branding itself as the destination for finding empowered and long-lasting connections instead of hookups.
  • As per the report, “Bumble has opened a physical space in New York for dates to meet up”. The physical location is the first step of dating startup companies.
  • In the below-given graph, you can see that the graph is going upward when it comes to usage rank.


  • In this below-given graph, you can see the download rank history of Bumble app.


How Bumble App Becomes The Game-Changer Online Dating App

Launched back in 2014, Bumble has over 30 million registered app users, spending an average of 100 minutes a day on the app. In general, in the popular dating app like Tinder, you might have heard about the concept of swiping through photos of potential mates. If the user is interested, then he/she swipes right, if not, then swipe left.

When it comes to talking about how bumble app becomes the total game-changer dating app, the app mainly focuses on giving all the power to women. However, men can also swipe through the app and find the matches, but they can’t initiate the conversations. In short, we can say that Bumble app is the female-led dating app.

According to Business Insider, “What makes Bumble different from other dating apps is its focus on giving women all the power”.


In this blog, we have mentioned top unique solutions by Bumble that startups can check out before creating an online dating app like Bumble.

Top 3 Unique Solutions by Bumble to Keep an Eye on Before Developing Online Dating App

1. A Digital Response to a Real-life Problem

The online dating app, Bumble, has been able to grow because that the company had realized the issue that women were never supposed to make the first move. Realizing this problem, the company offered the unique solution by breaking up the stereotypes.

The online dating startup company has also been vocal about making sure that they are using their voice to address issues which are generally avoided by other online dating companies.

Therefore, after realizing the whole issue, the company come up with the digital response to solve real problems. Moreover, it has taken stance on by banning images of guns on its platform.
One of the popular online dating apps, Bumble, provides the solutions that women had been expecting so far and this is the reason why it Bumble has become one of the fastest-growing dating companies.

So, being a startup, if you are planning to create an online dating app like Bumble, make sure that you work on the problems of your target audience and provide solutions that can create value in your users’ lives.

Also, you need to provide long-term dating solutions to app users as they would retain longer in the app. It sounds challenging but you need to provide such level of dating services that you will become just a transactional service provider to a trusted partner. And, the product in terms of the mobile app can add value to users’ everyday lives.

2. Female-First Platform

Bumble app is all about empowering women in the online dating world. The female-first platform means that only women have all the rights to start conversations with matches. Although, the concept behind Bumble is new and unique.

Female app users are empowered and ready to make the first move. However, the concept was pretty new and unique in the world of online dating. It would be better to say that Bumble app long positioned itself as more than a dating app because of its unique features like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, which are meant for friendship and networking, respectively.

The feature Bumble BFF provides the easiest way to make new friends, whereas Bumble Bizz allows users to network, find mentors, and create new career opportunities.

According to Fast Company, “Bumble exits to empower women”.

Bumble is not only dating app and it has been working to distance itself from the label of the “hookup app”. So, it is important to provide matchmaking technology by providing an app, which allows app users to foster more than just romantic connections.

3. A Platform Where People Feel at Ease

Just four-year-old dating company, Bumble is at the forefront of matchmaking technology by providing an app that allows users more than just romantic connections. However, Bumble provides a community where people feel at ease, and where they do not feel threatened.

So, being a startup, if you have already taken a plunge to create an app like Bumble, then you should start thinking outside of the box. By providing such solutions, Bumble has become successful in such a short amount of time. Additionally, this online dating app has a different and unique approach that made it stand-out from other apps.

Furthermore, the dating app, which is pretty much like any social networking app due to its unparalleled features that are more than hookups. Bumble app has also broken up the fear to meet new people that situation commonly turns out to be a really labor-intensive and uncertain way of getting relationships. To overcome all these problems of people that would not leave people unsafe, frustrated and exhausted, providing a safe and secure online dating platform is highly important.

Alike other dating apps, people usually do not feel at ease because exhaustion makes dating apps worse at performing their functions. In short, you just need a platform where users feel secure because it is all about dating and women usually look for more security.

Thus far, Bumble has stayed true to one of its core values such as creating a space that prioritizes women. Using Bumble Bizz (one of the app’s features), only women can initiate the conversation with their potential contacts to lessen hurdles and create a more welcoming and secure place for female app users. In short, the Bumble app is centralized on women’s empowerment. Bumble’s journey as a dating app has already succeeded.

What’s Next?

In just four years, Bumble app has just transformed the way people think about online dating industry. Now, Bumble app has become something that users are proud to associate with. It has simply broken up the “gender stereotypes”, and make over 2 billion matches.

So, if you also have a dating app idea like Bumble or Tinder, then you can cross-verify your app idea with us as we’re a leading Android app development company with experience of developing over 20 online dating apps. In case, you have any query or confusion regarding dating app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


3 Important Lessons to Learn From HopSkipDrive (Los Angeles-based Uber for Kids) to Develop Ride-sharing App

“This article for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to create a ride-sharing app like Uber for kids. Herein, we’ve rounded up three important lessons that startups can learn from this Los Angeles based ride-sharing app named HopSkipDrive.”

The ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft have already made it easier to get around town and simplified commute for almost every age group. But, what about young ones? Solitary passengers who are under the age of 18 are prohibited from booking a car for themselves, because of the lack of services, especially for kids.

How are kids supposed to go from one activity to the next one with their busy parents? Meanwhile, we came across the ride-sharing startup, HopSkipDrive, which is better known as ‘Uber for kids’.

According to the report from TechCrunch, “The Los Angeles-based ride-sharing startup named HopSkipDrive raised $7.4 million in Series A funding in the year 2017 for its Uber with kids business”. Launched back in 2014, the ride-sharing app like Uber, HopSkipDrive has been operating in Los Angeles for the past three years and also operate in Orange County and San Francisco Bay Area.

The last funding was led by Student Transportation Inc. that has partnered with HopSkipDrive for school bus alternatives.

Regular users can book rides for just one passenger. Also, the company has also been growing its carpooling business that offers discounted fares.


3 Important Lessons Learned from The Uber for Kids – HopSkipDrive (The Ride-sharing App)

1. A Unique Approach

There is a number of ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, or Cabify, but there was not a solution for unaccompanied minors and for their full-time working and single parents. However, HopSkipDrive is known as Uber for children, which came up with the unique approach. Basically, it is the solution for full-time working parents or a single parent who face the struggle in terms of transportation.

According to 2015 Pew Research Center study, “56% of working parents with children under the age of 18 find it difficult to balance work and family responsibilities”. Plus, roughly 4 out of 10 working mothers say that they always feel rushed.

From ride-booking apps like Uber and Lyft, the HopSkipDrive app has a different approach. It means that the company differs dramatically from these companies in terms of safety precautions as they offer. On the other hand, Uber and Lyft prohibit the use of their platforms by unaccompanied minors in their terms of services. Well, the aim of the company is to fill up a niche, which is not presented in other ride-sharing apps, in general. By providing such solution, parents can provide their children safe transportation options in terms of ride-hailing apps. The HopSkipDrive app provides assured and professional caregivers with a complete focus on safety and security of children.

Bottom Line: Being a ride-sharing startup, one of the important lessons that you can learn is that you need to provide a safe and stress-free transportation solution in order to pick children from schools to dance classes to any other extracurricular activities. In simple terms, it is important to keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of minors, the drivers should be rigorously screened, continuously monitored and have a vast childcare experience.

By adopting such unique approach, you can build a powerful business model and can offer app users or parents a set of safety features, which they have been waiting for so long.

2. Fixed the Real-World Problems of Single/Full-Time Working Parents

Indeed, parents usually do not become more comfortable with the idea of allowing a stranger to drive their children. Furthermore, ride-sharing giants like Uber and Lyft have not ever provided solutions to real-world problems of single or working parents. However, an app like Uber for kids, HopSkipDrive has offered solutions for kids or unaccompanied minors.

Every business or startup needs to solve a problem or simplify lives of customers or app users. It is important to listen to your consumers and try to find out solutions. What value you as a startup can offer to your targeted audience that your rivals can’t offer? Being a startup, you need to answer such questions. The ride-sharing app, HopSkipDrive has successfully solved the transportation problems for kids existing in large cities, especially for working parents or single parent. Also, it increased the mobility of young ones to get around easily.

While other ride-sharing services do not always provide trustworthy service and several private cab companies offer services at a premium level when it comes to minors. So, it important to offer the on-demand solutions for children and allow parents to share their feedback on drivers. Also, parents can check their drivers’ profiles and real-time locations for latest updates.

Once again, it is important to mention that there was a lack of peace of mind for full-time working parents who find it hard to manage work and their kids’ activities. So, a ride-sharing app like Uber for kids has fixed the problems of parents and give them peace of mind.

3. The Highest Level of Security and Safety

The juggle of work, school and a slew of extracurricular activities are too familiar to all the parents. But, when it comes to a level of security and safety along with convenience, the full-time working mothers or parents look only for trustworthy ride-hailing services.

In general, some transportation companies do not provide that level of security and safety as HopSkipDrive (Uber for Kids) considers like fingerprints and extensive interviewing, screening, and software is used to monitor the driver’s speed. Also, all the drivers are TrustLine (an official screening program for in-home caregivers) certified along with 15-points background checks.

In addition to this, the company only hires women drivers, who were earlier teachers, nannies, daycare workers and mothers. In short, the company has a bunch of professionals staff.

Being a startup company, you can also come up with the same solutions for on-demand ridesharing app for minors. On top of that, convenience and safety are the two key points as what parents are looking for their minors.


HopSkipDrive, a ride-sharing company for kids, is the leading service for busy families. Being a startup, if you are planning to build a business model in child ridesharing business, then there are a number of opportunities for you. As we’ve recently mentioned important lessons, which startups can learn from Uber for kids app.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding taxi app development, you can consult us as we’re a leading mobile app development company, and already have developed over 40 on-demand taxi booking app solutions. All you just need to fill up the below-give form and our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


Top 3 Challenges for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Companies

This post contains information for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to create AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps. Herein, we’ve compiled top three challenges that Artificial Intelligence startups can face.

Whether we believe it or not, we’re in the midst of the gold rush in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has created a buzz in the market. According to the 2017 survey by McKinsey Global Institute, “Out of 3,000 AI-aware executives, only one in five are using any Ai-related technology in core areas of their businesses”.

In a simple word, people are not much aware of AI. Also, startups are not sure where to apply it, and how to ensure a return on their investment and most of us have a question – how to implement it?

Winning with AI requires serious analysis about where to play and how to win backed by rapid investments in software, data and machine learning.

All top of that, the important thing is that where to start? It is important to know more about Artificial Intelligence.

What Do We Mean By Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Basically, AI describes a family of technologies, in a rough sense, it can be simply compared to human brain. However, AI may never replicate the creative problem-solving as people are capable of, but it differs enormous processing power and decision-making skills.

In a practical sense, we can say that it will never get bored, get tired or call in sick on Monday morning. The advantage of AI means that, in certain situations, it can perform work in mere minutes. AI technology simply half our work, and serves to augment the decision-making ability of human beings. Rather than having a security guard watch hours of surveillance footage, an AI solution can flag instances of a suspicious activity, and greatly lessen the human workload.

AI is advantageous because the software does not need to be 100% accurate. Even though an algorithm is 80% accurate that saves an incredible amount of time and the accuracy improves with the use.

Essentially, AI can manage and assess the mass quantity of information. But, it requires a degree of human input and efforts to get direction. Autonomous AI receives attention because of the latest innovations like self-driving cars.

If you as a startup are waiting to begin with artificial intelligence in terms of apps, then do not delay. This is due to the fact that AI is going to revolutionize the world more than any other tech advancement of the past 30 years. Like the internet, AI will produce a rich-get-richer environment, and those who get a head start are going to run the table.

In the below image, you can see the global quarterly financing history from 2011 to 2016. It shows an unusually high percentage for a horizontal sector. Have a look:


Key Trends and Highlights of Top 100 AI Companies

  • Google is world’s one of the largest AI companies. Apart from this, the AI top 100 startup companies like SoundHound, ZestFinance,, Leap Mind, SenseTime, etc. have raised $11.7 billion in equity funding across 367 deals in December 2017.
  • Some of the AI startups are specializing in particular industries like medication adherence, sales, and finance.
  • The China-based company, ByteDance has raised $3.1 billion in 2017, which uses AI for personalized news and recommendations.
  • Geographic distribution: Top 100 AI startups are from 9 different countries, including France, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Spain, and Israel, which are on to AI 100 in 2017.
  • The majority of AI startup companies were from 13 states in the U.S.

The Booming Artificial Intelligence Categories Globally

The booming artificial intelligence categories, including

  • Cybersecurity AI
  • Healthcare AI
  • Enterprise AI


Image Source: cbinsights

Now, moving ahead! Here are the major challenges that AI startups can face, let’s check them out.

Top 3 Challenges for AI (Artificial Intelligence) Startup Companies Could Face

Challenge #1: Competition

Artificial intelligence is fascinating. If you are AI startup and want to try to patent something or invest in creating AI apps, then it is certainly useful to think about the competition in the marketplace. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges for startups is to face competition. The competition is intense because the barriers to entry are relatively low, and there is plenty to access venture capital.

If startups can find a niche market and differentiate themselves from their rivals, then there is nothing greater than this. If we widen the spectrum of what is being patented worldwide at any level and from any organization, it seems clear that the most of AI patents focus on enabling intelligent robots such as self-driving cars by Uber, automated delivery drones by Amazon, AI assistants apps like Siri, Cortana, Bixby, and Google Assistant, plus deep learning, face recognition and AI hardware, which is specifically in China.

US and China are two countries where most of this innovation is happening in AI niche followed by Japan, South Korea, Germany, Canada, the U.K., Australia, India, and Russia. Currently, various opportunities exist for the entrepreneurs because the demand is rising even faster. AI and machine learning with its massive datasets and its trillions of vector and matrix calculations have a ferocious and insatiable appetite.

Challenge #2: Adding Technology Partner

After rapid expansion in business, it’s time to find and hire talent in terms technology partner to help tackle the AI startup’s growing needs. It is important to focus on hiring a technically-sound mobile app development company, which is capable of developing artificial intelligence (AI) apps. However, success would not happen overnight.

Let us take an example of Google. Currently, Google is the world’s largest AI company attracting the best AI minds, and spending small country size GDP budgets on R&D. In contrast, the tech giant gets billions of users for its services. It is just a matter of putting some extra efforts. AI is powering autonomous vehicles, Google’s search, speech recognition, intelligent reasoning, a massive search and even its own work on drug disease diagnosis.

In short, if you are planning to hire a technical partner for your AI startup, then you need to consider the following things:

  • The technical partner should have a vast experience and skills as they can work on your app idea.
  • You can tell about your expectations.
  • Before finalizing your technical partner, make sure the company must be updated with the latest trends of AI.

Challenge #3: Fast-paced Market

Artificial Intelligence has already changed the world. As technology moves at an incredible speed whether it is about artificial intelligence or robotics. AI is also driving a race for the best vertical industry solutions. Also, startups should strive for innovation as they can easily become distracted by new projects, markets, and technology, losing sight of their niche market that makes them valuable.

However, billions are being invested in AI startups across every industry and business functions. In 2016, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM were in the biggest fight due to AI solutions.

Additionally, we can say that we’re now entering a truly golden era of artificial intelligence. So, in order to prosper AI startups, you need to have access to unique data sets, deep domain knowledge, an ability to attract, and retain the increasingly in-demand AI talent. AI startup winners will be those who can solve valuable real-world problems, scale go-to-marketplace quickly, and build defensible positions. AI startups should focus on enterprise and industry solutions.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, the software has overpowered the world; however, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over software. However, being a startup, if you are thinking to create AI-based mobile apps, then there is a good news for you.

The increase in adoption of AI in mobile app development has helped many businesses to engage more customers and drive more revenue. Then, you can imagine how these startup companies Microsoft, Google, Apple have changed the way user communicate, and increase the reach, and succeed in mobile app retention. Indeed, unstoppable artificial intelligence technology is driving new possibilities.

If you have an idea to develop android app in AI and machine learning niche, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.

Planning to Create a Cruise App? 4 Essential Features That Startups Need to Consider Before Developing an App like Dreamlines & Cruise Finder

This post contains information for those business owners who run cruise business and want to create cruising apps like Dreamlines and Cruise Finder. We’ve rounded up essential features that you can check out once before developing a cruise holiday app.

Mobile apps have completely transformed the way people plan and think about the cruise holidays. With one tap, everybody can gain access to book the ride, even more, they can plan their holidays through cruise finder apps like Uber.

Meanwhile, we came across the latest news regarding one of the best cruising apps, named Dreamlines. As per the report, “Dreamlines is one of Europe’s largest online travel agency specializing in cruise-related travel, which has raised 45 million Euros in Series E funding”. The round was led by Princeville Global, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Target Global, Dimaventures, Hasso Plattner Ventures, and TruVentro”.


Image Source: dreamlines

Dreamlines, a Hamburg-based company, was founded in 2012 by Felix Schneider. The company can be thought of as one of the high-rated and popular travel apps like or Expedia. The company connects customers to the largest portfolio of cruises around the world, including holiday packages.

The cruise industry is also disrupted by tech-focused online booking apps. These best cruise apps are positioned to continue to transform the cruise industry into an online model around the globe.

Dreamlines became the biggest cruise portal in Europe. The company is now in several major cities of U.S., Brazil, and Australia, including Amsterdam, Nice, Sao Paulo, and Gold Coast while launching in Russia. It has become one of the fastest growing cruise portals for booking cruise holidays, ships, etc.

It is also providing unique cruise packages, created by the experienced cruise experts. Alike other apps of holiday and travel, Dreamlines also allows cruise lovers to create personalized cruise vacation plans through the app. Also, travel enthusiasts can plan cruise holidays with the help of booking cruise vacations.

On the other hand, Cruise Finder app is also one of the most comprehensive cruise vacation planning apps in the travel industry. The award-winning cruise planning app allows users to know the detailed cruise information on 32 different cruise lines, 310 ships, including deck plans, 25 destinations and 25,000+ itineraries complete with route maps.

Moving ahead, let’s check out more about the latest data about the growth of global cruise industry.

  • The total output of the global cruise industry is $126 US billion worldwide.
  • According to the report from Statista, “In 2016, the global cruise industry generated a revenue of approximately 35.5 billion U.S. dollars and it is estimated that the revenue of the global cruise industry forecasted to reach 57 billion U.S. dollars by 2027, growing from just 23.3 billion U.S. in 2007”.


Like hotels are using mobile apps to add new customers, you as a startup cruise company can also develop a cruise app and look at these main features that you can include before developing cruising apps like Dreamlines and Cruise Finder.

Top 4 Features That You Need to Consider Before Creating An App like Dreamlines & Cruise Finder

1. A Quick Search Tool

One of the essential features is a quick search tool that is must for an ideal cruise app. The quick search tool allows app users to quickly find out one of the most suitable cruise options within the app. Such feature must be easy-to-use in which users can easily search cruises, cruise lines, cruise ships, deck plans, and the latest deals & offers.


The cruise finder search feature allows users to search cruise by place name, departure port, ship, family/singles/group cruises. By providing easy-to-use search option, users will be able to see complete information about ships and destination where they are planning their holidays. An ideal quick search option helps users to search fast, and instantly.

It is important to create an intuitive system of search and specific filters. Search matters when the app delivers complex content. Moreover, do not forget to make every page and every service easily accessible.

2. Seamless Online Booking

A simple online booking system plays an important role in the travel industry. It’s time to work to enhance this features. A seamless online booking system can create a great impact on customers mind, helping to book any cruise easily. It is important to consider to make this feature secure and easy-to-use. For instance, online booking can be a leaky pipe, where small drops of water are constantly being lost.


So, it same applies when it comes to online booking system. An effective online booking system will also improve the number of bookings. Therefore, we can say that you as a travel startup can spend some time on how you can make seamless process of online booking for your app users.

3. Deck Maps

Within the app, if the user can see the whole deck plan in the form of highly accurate map, then this is quite enough for app users. As every app user always looks for convenience when he/she downloads the map.


Image Source: cruiseshipmate

So, before creating cruising app like Dreamlines, Cruise Finder or Cruise Ship Mate, the feature like Deck Maps is important to include to make a successful business model. Again, convenience plays an important role whenever it is about to get more app users or customers.

4. One-to-One Chat for Advice or Query

Every business needs to develop a healthy relationship with its consumers. However, communication provides the strong base to build a strong relationship between business and consumers. So, one thing is cleared is that there is nothing to beat the power of communication. We can say that one-to-one chat is next essential feature, which is important for consideration.

Here’s the data that will give you an idea about the live chat option in a business. Let’s have a look!

  • According to 51% of consumers, a business needs to be available 24×7.
  • 42% of consumers say that they prefer live chat functions because they don’t have to wait on hold.
  • 92% consumers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature.


To conclude, we can say that consumers do prefer one-to-one chat for advice or asking query. As long as travel app is concerned, then you must get that how important this feature is. This is the basic feature of on-demand cruise booking apps, which define the success of travel app no matter in which niche is.


The aforementioned features are basic and essential to consider before creating a cruise finder app. The main point here is that if you consider these features, you will be able to provide an ideal cruise booking app. However, the ultimate purpose of any business to attract more consumers.

If you run cruise business or having an idea to develop a cruising app to reach more customers, then you can directly consult us as we’re a leading Android/iPhone app development company. We have already developed over 2000 mobile applications in diverse niches.

Still, if you have any query or confusion related to on-demand cruise app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


3 Definite Reasons Why Startups Can Dive into the World of Healthcare Mobile App Niche in 2018

This post contains information for health industrialists, who want to create digital healthcare apps. You don’t need to miss this post to know which healthcare startups are booming in the year 2018.

Gone are those days when people were spending time in the waiting room of the hospitals when patients need an approval of a drug and treatment. Today, the medical industry is disputed by m-health or mHealth or mobile health.

However, you might be thinking on what basis we’re saying that medical industry is disputed by mobile health? According to the recent report, “There are few healthcare startup companies, which could shape the future of healthcare industry in the year 2018”.

Indeed, there are two fields i.e. Biotech and immunotherapy, which have always been on top, but there is still more to healthcare than the expensive leaps of faith on technology. There is a good news for those who have made up their mind to take a plunge in m-health sector. These are mainly personalized medicine and proactive wellness in the health industry.

Now, let us check out some definitive reasons that why you as a startup need to invest in mHealth sector.

Top 3 Definite Reasons Why Startups Need to Dive into the Digital Mobile Health Niche

1. Continuous Growth of The Digital Healthcare Sector

Indeed, the healthcare sector is a late adopter of IT innovations as compared to other sectors like finance, entertainment, and retail. However, now, IT has increased quality, efficiency, and easy access to the health industry, and a popular term is “Uber for doctor” in which app users/patients can call doctors on-demand.

With the continuous growth of the global digital healthcare market in the last few years, there is not a single sign of slowing down in the growth of healthcare industry:

  • In 2017, the worth of mHealth market was $23 billion, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 35% over the next three years.
  • Furthermore, according to the report from Statista, “The mHealth sector is expected to increase 206 US dollars by 2020”. This is what you can see in the below image.


  • Investors have been swifting to capitalize on the digital health sector’s strong growth. According to the US technology market Intelligence company Mercom Capital Group, since 2010, VC funding in the global healthcare tech sectors has surpassed $20 billion (2010- Q1 2017).
  • Digital health has become a major growth sector with annually 10+ billion of investments and market size forecasts up to 400 billion over the next few years globally.

No doubt that healthcare industry is growing dramatically and it is safe to say that in the near future, the healthcare industry will keep growing. Just as the digital revolution has fundamentally and permanently changed consumer access in a range of markets, including music, minicabs, and hotels. The force of new technology is driving unprecedented advanced in healthcare.

Now, the question is that what is powering this trend? However, it is not only the innovation and flexible online, but the on-demand approach that the digital health businesses provide. The traditional healthcare services failed to meet ever-rising demand of consumers or patients, which caused consumers and businesses to seek alternative solutions. Therefore, we can say that mHealth mobile apps are growing because of on-demand solutions.

2. The Rise in The Demand From Consumers

The interest of consumers is increasing in digital health. Undoubtedly, the consumer space in digital health has been one of the most challenging categories. But, now it seems that the demand of consumers is rising. Certainly, there is an appetite from consumers for digital health solutions.

According to the report from Rock Health, “The leading venture fund dedicated to digital healthcare that surveyed 4,000 individuals and came to know that the digital health technology is favored and has been adopted by 80% of consumers of U.S.”

In simple terms, we can say that the rise in consumer demand is fueling a wave of interest in consumers to use more and more mHealth (mobile health) services. One of the key attributes of the digital healthcare model will be focusing on consumer experience and understanding the need of patients.

Digital health heavily depends on having the right information in the right place and at the right time for use by the right healthcare professionals. In order to use technology effectively in health, it is important to have a system to interact with one another in order to provide the data required to make informed decisions about the delivery of care.

Digital healthcare is not just about technology, but it is all about the new ways in terms of a mobile app for solving healthcare problems, and creating unique experiences for app users.

Over the long term, digital healthcare will help system-wide operations and organizations in order to deliver more powerful on-demand solutions in healthcare niche.


The above graph clearly shows that the emerging markets have shifted from traditional to the digital model in healthcare niche.

Bottom Line: The growth of health mobile applications and telemedicine services has empowered the patient or consumer. If you are planning to create health apps or telemedicine services, then it is important to you as a startup company to have wide-ranging data, which is important in the prevention and cure of health problems, allowing health records to be centralized. Plus, an individual’s symptoms effectively compared and analyzed. Resulting, the digital healthcare providers being able to target, attract, and retain increasingly well-informed patients at the point of need.

3. The Boom of New Healthcare Subsectors

Over 100 million U.S. adults are living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to the latest report by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The reports find that as of 2015, 30.33 million Americans, and 9.4% of the U.S. population have diabetes. On the other hand, 84.1 million have prediabetes, a condition that if not treated often leads to type 2 diabetes within five years.

In 2018, there are two early-stage companies that both focus on diabetes (a chronic illness) over 100 million Americans have or at risk for. So, after going through the entire data, we’ve concluded that the emergence of new healthcare subfields, which are:

  • Diabetes
  • Genomics
  • Telemedicine

Healthcare Sector #1: Diabetes

When it comes to diabetes healthcare sector, there are two startups companies i.e. Sano and Virta.


Sano, the San-Francisco based company, is building a small and wearable sensor that can capture and transmit blood chemistry data to virtually on any device. The company has scored $6 million in Series B funding from FitBit in January 2018. Basically, the company develops wearable biometric (body measurements) sensor to help diabetics assess how their health choices impact glucose levels.

The company is founded by Ashwin Pushpala and it has raised $20.7 million in total known funding. The previous investors were Intel Capital, True Ventures, First Round Capital and Felicis Ventures.


On the other hand, Virta is another startup that is working on diabetes treatment. The healthcare startup company was founded by Sami Inkinen, who is a former CEO and founder of real estate platform, Trulia (acquired by Zillow). Since 2014, Virta has raised total funding of $82 million from Venrock, Caffeinated Capital and Paypal. The most recent fund was a $45 million in Series B funding in April 2018.

The company helps diabetic patients through the online reversal clinic. According to Virta’s official website, the company supplies patients with medical equipment that monitors patient’s diet and overall health. Virtually, patients can meet with Virta clinicians to assess their biometrics. The company’s goal is to reverse diabetes in 100 million people by 2025.

Healthcare Sector #2: Genomics

You might not be aware of the term i.e. Genomics. It is the branch of molecular biology focusing on structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genomes. In simple terms, it is a branch in which the study involves a complete set of DNA or genes. If we’d not discuss too much technical part, then it would be better to say that this category is booming in the digital healthcare industry.

So, there is a Helix startup health company, which mainly focuses on personal genomics as it has a simple but powerful aim to empower every individual to improve their life through DNA. It is creating an ecosystem where people can explore different and uniquely personalized mobile apps provided by high-quality partners.

A San-Francisco based digital healthcare startup, Helix handles sample collection, DNA sequencing, and secure data storage. So its partners can develop on-demand products in different areas such as fitness, health, nutrition, lifestyle, and genealogy. The company currently operates one of the world’s largest next-generation sequencing laboratories in San Diego.

Healthcare Sector #3: Telemedicine

Telemedicine refers to remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunication technology. Also, it allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance with the use of telecommunication technology. Currently, telemedicine sector is booming, and have become the important part of the American healthcare infrastructure.

Basically, telemedicine apps digitally connecting patients with doctors. According to the report from Statista, “The global telemedicine market size is expected to increase over 40 billion dollars by 2021”.


Long story short, the above image reveals the top 9 healthcare startup companies, including Helix, FIGS, Medopad, LetsGetChecked, Normal Health, Dialogue, Parsley Health, and Suno, who have done well in a short span of time.

On a Concluding Note

The aforesaid information might change the way healthcare startups think about the mHealth industry. Well, the main aim behind these mobile applications to decrease unnecessary medical visits while promoting users to see the doctors virtually whenever they want.

So, if you also have any such mhealth mobile app idea in your mind that you want to turn into reality, you can directly consult us as we’re a leading mobile app development company and have already developed more than 2000 mobile applications in diverse categories. All you just need to fill the below-given form and our sales representative will revert you with an optimal solution within 48 hours.


Want to Develop Apps like Baby Monitor, AtHome Camera & Dormi? Don’t Miss to Include These Top 5 Features

This post is for those startups who want to develop baby monitoring apps like Dormi and AtHome Camera. Herein, we’ve rounded up top features of baby monitoring apps that you can’t miss to include.

We live in the era where smartphones can be a substitute for almost everything. From booking cabs to order food online, everything is at our fingertips. Like these solutions, baby monitoring apps are also used as baby monitors. Undoubtedly, parenting is tough to begin with. However, baby monitoring apps can actually turn these into baby monitors that alert parents when the baby is crying and can track each & every activity of the toddler.

Keeping track of baby’s activity is easy when parents are at home, but it becomes a little more difficult when parents are outside, and toddler is with the nanny. Or, it may also happen that every time it is not possible to take toddler while shopping at supermarkets. Meanwhile, parents can track the activities of their toddlers using application.

Before jumping to our main section of this post, let’s have a look at the insights of one of the best baby monitor apps named Dormi.

In the below-given graph, you can see that usage of mobile app Dormi is going upward constantly. In short, we can say that the baby monitoring app category is flourishing.


So, being a startup, if you are planning to create a baby monitoring app, then book this article as it contains a list of top features that you can include in your app. Let’s check out.

Top 5 Features That Startups Can’t Miss to Include While Developing Baby Monitoring App

1. Baby Alarms

One of the basic features is baby alarms. A baby alarm is received by app users either by text or calls when the baby is crying. With this feature, your app users will always know what’s going on in the toddler’s room. As it will include all important information about the child device which is always available as baby monitoring. In case, if the connection with the child device is lost, then it will be notified to the parents or user’s device. Such feature also helps to track toddler’s activity at each moment.

The baby monitoring apps must be accessed from anywhere whilst not having direct access to the device. Such feature is quite basic and important to include because it is all about the toddler. And, every parent wants to have a mobile app, which is completely secured with handy features.

In addition, it is also important to consider limit battery usage as app users can monitor for many hours on one charge. If there is a smartphone with no use, the baby monitoring app can be able to work with such features.


2. Adjusts Noise Level Automatically

When it comes to baby’s safety, then users are usually more choosy about picking up one of the best baby monitor apps. App users do not need to configure microphone sensitivity. This type of feature adjusts noise levels automatically. Users can leave the smart devices like Smartphones and tablets several meters away from the sleeping baby. And, it will still be able to detect when the baby cries and amplifies the sound to the parent device as if it placed right next to the baby.

All the app users need to press and hold the button to hear the sound of the child even while the baby is not crying. Users equally use the talk button to talk back to soothe or calm the baby while the parent is on his/her way.


3. Notification About The Missed Calls & Text Messages on the Child Device

This feature aims to help parents or app users to simplify their parenthood. When parents are not having direct access to the phone of the child device, they will get notified about missed calls and text messages on their device that used as parent device.

So that user as a parent will not miss anything important while not having direct access to the device.

With such feature, app users always know what is going on. Well, all important features of the child device like smartphone are always available while monitoring. In case, the connection with the child device is lost, then the parent device will notify app user or parent.


4. It Still Notifies Users When On Call

One of the worth-including features is it still notifies app users when they are on calls. If the baby starts crying while parents are attending the phone calls, then such feature will be notified with vibrations and a gentle beep to their ears while receiving the calls, plus without abruptly disturbing the phone call yet letting app user knows about his/her toddler.

It is also an important feature to consider while developing baby crying detector app like Dormi. Such feature provides peace of mind to parents no matter what. Furthermore, an ideal baby monitoring app should work in the background, even when the device screen is off. If the user has an extra smart device with no use, then he/she can make use of the device as a child device by installing one of the best baby monitor apps. This kind of upgraded feature can make the baby monitoring app successful.

5. Enhanced Night Vision Mode

The all-time needed feature is – the enhanced night vision mode. When it is lower light condition in your baby’s room, then what is the need of app if it does not work in low lights. As the baby does not need lights while sleeping as it may interrupt the baby sleep. Therefore, it is cleared that such feature is essential for parents to keep track of their child at night when babies are sleeping.

To enhance the “night vision mode” in the app, you can include a handy button where users can turn on or off the night vision mode as they will get much clear and enhanced video images of their toddlers. All we can say that it is one of the must-have features, which you can’t ignore to include.

Wrapping Up

The aforesaid features can make your baby monitoring apps as successful as Baby Monitor, AtHome Camera and Dormi apps. Indeed, parenting is hard to start with and especially for those, who are working parents. However, with these features, you as a startup can lessen the burdens of parents who are with their toddlers, but find it hard to balance their work and parenthood.

Being a startup, you can develop your own baby monitoring app, allowing parents to track their toddlers when they are not at home. In case, if you have got the baby monitoring app idea, you can discuss with us as we are a leading Android app development company and have already developed over 2000 mobile applications in diverse app categories. You just need to fill the below-given form and our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


These 4 New Updates from Uber and Lyft That Can’t Be Ignored Before Developing an App Like Uber

This post is for those taxi startups who want to create an app like Uber and Lyft. Here’re four new updates from these Goliaths, which you can’t miss before creating a ride-sharing app like Uber.

The ride-sharing economy has become one of the most recent trends and buzzwords of the last few years. With the rapid growth of businesses like Uber, Lyft, and other taxi giants, there are many startups, who are proposing the “Uber like app” model, where drivers and riders come together using the ride-sharing app.

In ride-sharing niche, the Goliaths are Uber and Lyft, both have been making changes from driver pay to how surge pricing is shown to drivers. If you belong among one of those markets, then you may have noticed the changes.

Over the last several weeks, there has been a slew of updates from Uber and Lyft such as pay rise from some drivers to new Prime Time. However, some of these updates are live in only a few markets, but it is a good that some of them will be rolled out soon to a market nearby.

Being a startup, if you are constantly seeking ways to incorporate more ride-sharing options for your customers in terms of apps like Uber and Lyft, then you need to check out the following new updates from these Goliath before creating an app like Uber and Lyft.


4 New Updates From Taxi Giants That You Can Consider Before Developing Apps Like Uber

1. Uber Raises Rates 5% to 10% and Increases Their Booking Fee

One of the recent updates, which you can’t miss is that Uber has announced that they were increasing driver pay rates. It always happens when Uber make changes in terms of features, then the other ride-sharing app like Lyft also tries to adopt it for better. Uber has raised 5-10% in a total 11 cities in the United States, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County (CA), Boston, Vermont, Worcester, and Oxford.

The ride-sharing company, Uber also raised their booking fee in dozens of cities; however, most of which get an increase in the driver pay. This new update is not only in the favor of your drivers, but it is also in the favor of your business. If you are planning to create an app like Uber, then you as a startup can consider this new update that will be beneficial for both drivers and your business.

2. Lyft is Planning to Reveal More Payment Information to Drivers

One of the new updates from Lyft is that the company is planning to reveal more payment information to the drivers. Lyft is testing new earnings screen, which will allow drivers to view the full information of who-got-what in each fare. It will be similar to how Uber displays the full deal in each fare and will allow drivers to see how much Lyft took on each ride.

However, it is still tested in few cities by the company, but it seems like the ride-hailing app, Lyft plans to roll out a version of it to all the drivers in the United States over the coming weeks/months.

To build a successful business like Lyft, it is must to show your drivers and riders the full picture of each fare. So far, Lyft has not been showing the price and, as a result, the vast majority of criticism to show upfront pricing and driver commission creep has gone towards Uber.

Even though the ride-sharing giant, Lyft is doing the same exact thing, and it would be nice if either company told their riders what their effective commission is. Such updates maintain transparency between riders and company. And, transparency always works in business for better. Therefore, you as a startup needs to keep your eyes on this new update, and you can consider this during taxi app development.

3. Lyft is Replicating The Uber’s New Surge Pricing

Uber always likes to test its services in a specific area. If the surge is for Uber, then Prime Time is for Lyft. However, Lyft has always been testing a new and upgraded version of Prime Time.

It means that when demand for rides is higher as compared to the number of available drivers on the road, passengers may pay an extra percentage on top of the base ride amount. For instance, if the ride is $6 without Prime Time, costs the passenger $9 when 50% Prime Time is added.

The new version of Prime Time basically works by guaranteeing an amount of additional pay if the driver manages to drive into a Prime Time area. The new surge price can also benefit drivers in getting higher payments from the company. If you have planned to create apps like Uber, then you as a startup should also think about your drivers and their benefits like Uber and Lyft are doing.

4. Uber: Skip the Queue After a Short Airport Trip

This new update from Uber allows drivers who stake out the airport to cut back to the front of the line in the event that they get a short trip from the airport. Uber will show the pop-up message on the request screen if the trip is available for short trip protection. If the driver accepts the short trip, then they will be going back into the airport queue and jump to the front of the line for a fare that is probably longer and worth the original wait in the queue.

Morover, this new update is definitely a welcome improvement for all those drivers, who are targeting airports for the rides. They don’t need to spend much time at airports. The feature called as airport shuttle service by Uber is worth-including if you’re planning to create taxi booking app like Uber. This is because that nobody likes to wait for long hours as they did earlier in the traditional airport services. However, this new update is worth-considering to create a successful business model like Uber.

Wrapping Up

You’ve just checked out the new updates from the top ride-sharing companies, including Uber and Lyft. It seems inevitable that the ride-sharing economy will continue to grow. Also, it is simply too powerful and efficient to disappear.

Being a ride-sharing startup company, if you believe that your taxi booking app idea could be as successful as Uber and Lyft, then you can discuss your idea with us. We’re a leading mobile app development company and have developed over 50 taxi booking app solutions with different features. Just fill-up the below-given form and our sales representative will right back to you within in 48hrs.

How Washé, on-demand car wash app, has raised $3.5 million with these 3 powerful solutions

This post is for those startups who want to create an app like Uber for car wash services. Herein, we’re breaking down three powerful solutions by Washé, on-demand car wash app.

The on-demand is getting bigger. Indeed, the on-demand economy is changing the face of businesses. According to the survey from 2015, “The on-demand economy attracted more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending”.

In the year 2015, one of the largest categories of on-demand spending was – online marketplace with 16.3 million consumers each month spending almost $36 billion annually.

On the other hand, other on-demand services including home services, freelancer services, and health and beauty services account for $8.1 billion in spending each year; however, all other on-demand activity was at $3.8 billion.


Things are not just ending up here. On-demand is now everywhere from laundry, ride-sharing, doctors to car washing services.

Today, the on-demand solutions for car washing services are available, too. There is “the Uber for car washing” startup named Washé that recently raised the fund. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Washé app has raised $3.5 million in SEED round of funding for its on-demand washing service and business platform”. The round was led by veteran tech entrepreneur Ron Zuckerman and a board member at TV Time.

Washé: The On-demand Car Wash App

Basically, Washé is a mobile app that connects its app users to professional mobile car washers for on-demand service at any location. Washé is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and it offers the fastest and easiest way to get a high-quality car wash service. The startup company has a network of over 1,000 licensed and insured car washing professionals.

Washé operates currently in the parts of Florida, Southern California and more recently, Georgia and New Jersey. The company has performed 100,000 car washes to date in South Florida market. Washé experienced the 25% growth over there.


Moving ahead, read on top three powerful solutions that you can consider before developing on-demand car wash app like Washé.

3 Powerful Solutions By Washé (The On-demand Car Wash App)

1. Maximize the efficiency of your business

To unriddle the problems of your consumers, it is important to maximize the efficiency of your brand. Because more efficiency means more productivity. Before changing anything, you need to learn how to identify the inefficient process in your current startup’s business model. The business must work for both businesses and consumers as Washé app does.

The idea of bringing services to the consumer is growing interest in an on-demand world, where you can order nearly anything online, and have it show up at user’s location.

2. Eliminate the inconvenience

Another solution that can be provided by any startup under the category of on-demand is convenience. How can you achieve it? By just eliminating the inconvenience as customers can actually feel more connected to particular product or service, where they get convenience in every manner. This is same as applies here.

Being a startup company, you need to understand the real-life problems of your customers in the particular location. One of the main inconveniences that faced by people was the never-ending waiting line to get the services done, for example, on-demand car wash service.

Washé understands this problem of people and provides convenience to them by delivering on-demand car wash service at their location. Additionally, there are two key points, including ease and convenience that offer good service by placing stumbling blocks in customers’ ways with the aim of offering an enhanced experience.

3. Focus on providing solutions for both B2B and B2C

On-demand business is all about providing a rich experience to B2B and B2C world. You as a startup need to take all the friction out of the process. Once the user downloads the app, he/she will create a profile and pick up from four packages as per their convenience, ranging from $30 to $120. With just a tap of “Wash Me Now!” button, the washer is deployed to the user’s location like home or office.

The washer would already have all his/her car washing equipment. So that, the job can be done anytime and anywhere. And, there is no need of anything from customer’s end like power or water. The company is allowing its users or customers to set their own hours and are paid through the app, including tip. These payments are automatically deposited into washers bank accounts.

Once the job is done, customers will get a photo of the work, and they can tip or rate the washer within the on-demand car wash app. Furthermore, startups need to use the service as lead generation, allowing them to focus on making money.

Meanwhile, the company’s focus must be also on the customer’s experience like washing equipment and power, they will get high-quality car washing service. This is one of the examples of providing rich experience to customers or B2C (business to consumer) world along with total comfort and security.

If we’re talking about the B2B (business to business) services, Washé company has already set their services for them. Beyond the consumer-facing service, the startup company offers service for businesses who want to offer car washes as an amenity for employees, customers or other on-site. You as a startup company can offer tech platforms for businesses to track and manage car wash activity. Recently, it partners with the corporations, hotels, travel companies, and valets, including Office Depot Curbstand, Citrix, Jetsmarter, and the Setai Hotel.

The B2B (Business to business) is more flexible; however, offering more options for packages and pricing as well as specific times, the on-demand car wash service must be available. The startup company fundraises for both B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) operations. An on-demand car wash service offers an innovative platform for both Businesses and consumers. So, you as a startup should think for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer and provide optimal solutions to them.


There has been a rapid increase in the on-demand economy for past few years. If you as a startup have an idea of creating an app like Uber for a car wash, then you just need to cross-verify your app idea with any mobile app development company or hire a professional full stack developer, who has an experience in developing mobile apps for varied categories.

Still, have some questions in mind? If it is so, you can feel free to get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within 48hrs.

3 Lessons Startups Can Learn From The Success of SoundHound (Music Recognition App) That Secured $100M in the Corporate Round of Funding

This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to develop an app like SoundHound and Hound. Keep reading the following lessons, which you can learn from the success of the SoundHound Inc.

The heady growth of music recognition apps contain lessons to the world. The innovative A.I based music recognition platforms have grabbed a significant round of big fundings recently. Other companies may learn from the growth of a billion-dollar company named SoundHound Inc.

Well, the SoundHound online is the best known for its song recognition app. But, it is going beyond music in a big way. Let’s dive into the world of SoundHound. Founded in 2005, SoundHound is an audio, speech recognition and sound-search technologies in the Santa Clara, California. Founded by Keyvan Mohajer, the company’s featured product is music recognition app named SoundHound. In the year 2015, the company launched its two new products i.e.

  • Hound: The voice-recognition virtual assistant mobile app
  • Houndify: The Voice-enabled artificial intelligence platform

On a fundamental level, SoundHound Inc. turns sound into understanding and actionable meaning. The company has announced the new strategic round of funding to accelerate its growth. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “SoundHound has raised a new round of financing that values the company at an estimated $1 billion”. And, it has joined the Unicorn club.

Key Point: Who is Driving The Investment?

The big round of funding led by Tencent Holdings Limited, one of the Chinese tech-giants that challenge America’s GAFA companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, and in the U.S. are Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. China is investing heavily in A.I (Artificial Intelligence). And, the other names of participants are Daimler AG, Hyundai Motor Company, Midea Group, and Orange S.A.

Believing that in enabling humans to interact with the things around them in the same way we people interact with each other by speaking naturally to our smartphones, cars, TVs, music speakers, and every device which is emerging as ‘connected’ world. Hound leverages speech-to-meaning and deep meaning understanding technologies to create a groundbreaking smartphone experience.

The music recognition app enables people to discover, explore, and share the music around them, and even the name of the song stuck in their heads by singing or humming. Although, with Houndify platform, the aim to bring voice-enabled AI to every user and enables others to build on top of it. They call it collective AI.

Moving ahead and let’s explore what’s SoundHound app is up to now.

  • SoundHound is already large. The company claims to have 60,000 partners on the platform, and have more than 1,000 products that are currently powered by Houndify, its voice platform.
  • SoundHound has over 1 million downloads and over 2 billion users worldwide.
  • SoundHound, a music recognition app, has raised a new and big round of financing that values the company. According to the report from Sensor Tower, you can see the growth of current ranking history.


  • Additionally, in the below image, you can check the graph, which tells about the usage rank of the SoundHound app.


Apart from this, let’s check out the important lessons from SoundHound that we’ve analyzed and curated. Let’s have a look!

3 Lessons That Startups Can Learn From SoundHound

1. Always Be Innovative

As SoundHound looks to leverage its 13 years of experience and data to create a recognition tool, the company can bake into any platform. And, it has already a become member of the Unicorn club.

So, when there is a lot of hot discussion about A.I enabled products like Alexa and Google Assistant, SoundHound has already taken a plunge to take on these Goliath. Moreover, the music recognition app its way ahead. SoundHound has already come up with its innovative ideas. And, it has always been ahead in the niche of voice-enabled artificial intelligence with the apps like Hound (voice search & mobile assistant) that allows users to search anything with the natural language or voice like “OK Hound”.

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant are SoundHound’s early competitors in the race of having complete control of the technology and provide full access to the world’s top information via voice.

However, SoundHound is at the next wave of technology evolution. That is given it more than a decade of data to work with as it tries to build an audio recognition engine and tie it to the system with dozens of different queries and options, which it can tie to those sounds. The SoundHound app was a result. It is constantly try to open up that technology to developers and show that it is more powerful than the rest of the voice assistance on the market.

Before Google and Amazon, SoundHound has launched app called Hound. Amazon has the Alexa fund to invest in smaller companies. Instead of investing in smaller companies, it is better to go with big successful companies that will invest in your company to accelerate the growth of your product in terms of mobile app. This strategy, which you can learn as a lesson to build a successful app like SoundHound. In a nutshell, all we can say that the company, SoundHound has always been innovative with its mobile apps, voice recognition and voice-enabled products.

2. Move Beyond Being Merely a Competitor

SoundHound has moved beyond being merely a “competitor” of Shazam app. The music recognition app SoundHound has not bounded itself with one product; however, the company has been continuously involving with other technologies.

For example, Hound and Houndify are the other products of SoundHound, which are different than the music recognition app. The company now centers on its other products like Hound (voice search and mobile assistant app) and Houndify (one of the first voice AI platforms). If we’re talking about the Hound app, it is more than the personal assistant-style voice recognition service where the user can string together a sentence of as many as a dozen parameters and get a decent search result back. Hound app uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to field inquiries, much like Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri.


All we can say that the company SoundHound has not bounded itself with just a music recognition app, or being merely a competitor. They keep exploring the latest technologies like AI (artificial intelligence).

3. Fix The Problems of Your Customers

The “sound-to-meaning” startup has fixed the problem of big brands that are his customers. As the company used to be known for its successful music-identifying app, but its main product is Houndify that allows any software developer to quickly and easily build a voice assistant, using SoundHound’s technology. There are a number of several voice assistants, but SoundHound is a better fit for integration with established brands.

For instance, if you are running a business of cars like Mercedes Benz, and you have worked hard to create this really good brand, and you choose to integrate Amazon Alexa in your vehicles as a business owner, then user has to log into an Amazon account when they buy the product or they might have to create one. Also, users have to call Mercedes Benz ‘Alexa’ and provide the complete data to Amazon, and there is no differentiation.

Nevertheless, unlike Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, developers can rename Houndify’s assistant. So, in hypothetical example, Hyundai could let its drivers summon their assistant by saying the brand name like Sonata rather than Amazon Alexa. Sometimes, big companies do not want to adopt these assistants made by Amazon, Google or Apple. They want to their own, and they want to personalize, and they want to differentiate. The Houndify platform exactly what big companies want. In simple terms, SoundHound has realized the problems deeply, and provided the solutions.

For instance, if Sonos (a wireless home sound system) wants to build a speaker (as it rumored to be doing), SoundHound could provide the intelligence. Every business or startup needs to solve a problem or simplify lives of their customers and help other brands according to their requirements. Being a startup, you need to listen to your customers and understand the requirements before developing apps like SoundHound.


You just have gone through the lessons from the successful tech giant, SoundHound, which is a voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence provider that has turned sound (voice, music & more) into understanding and actionable meaning.

So, if you as a startup have any app idea that could enable humans to interact with the things around them in the same way people do interact with each other and want to convert it into an app then you can directly contact us.

As we’re a leading Android app development company, and have already developed over 2000 applications in diverse niches. You can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


How Soothe, The Uber for Massage Startup, has Secured $31M in Series C Funding With These 3 Highly-Effective Strategies

This post contains information for those startups who want to create an app like Uber for massage. Read on top three proven strategies by Soothe, an on-demand massage service app.

It seems like everything transforms to on-demand. It is not a surprise that professionals services like massage is also becoming part of that trend.

So, just as people are ordering groceries, cleaners, and laundry services from their mobile phones, Soothe allows people to book same-day appointments with massage therapists. According to the latest report, “Soothe, the massage on-demand app, has raised $31M in Series C funding that led by The Riverside Company”.

Launched in 2013, Soothe is a Los Angeles based on-demand massage company that is now available across the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia.

For app users, Soothe provides such convenience that every user might expect from an on-demand massage app at a competitive cost as compared to other on-demand massage apps like Zeel. When the massage is requested through the mobile app, it works to send the nearest licensed professional with the highest rating.

The Market Size of On-Demand Massage Niche

All top of it, it would be better to see the market size of massage on-demand  niche. Let’s have a look!

As per the report from ISPA’s annual U.S. Spa industry in 2017, “The record-breaking revenue of spa industry was 16.8 billion USD”. And, all indicators point to continued growth.

The massage on-demand  apps are thriving. The digital fitness category is now $330 million and that is just one of the many fitness categories, which has exponential growth.

So, it is safe to say that the wellness industry is booming and a hot business niche.

Stats of Soothe App, The Uber for Massage

Well, the current numbers are clearly indicating that the concept of on-demand massage apps will work. Here are few stats about the growth of Soothe app, which you need to check out once:

  • The monthly revenue from tens of thousands of users just reached $1.2 million in the year 2016.
  • Soothe app is the number 1 rated on-demand massage service provider from 8 am to midnight.
  • Soothe has over 1000 massage therapists across 50 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Austin, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington, D.C., and Miami.
  • In the below graph, you can see the growth of the downloads of the app, which is growing upward.


  • Furthermore, according to the report from App Annie, you can see the current download rank from iTunes, which is growing.


So, there is no wonder that the on-demand massage apps are booming due to its huge market size. However, it is not tough enough to build a successful business model like Soothe app. In this post, we’ve compiled some highly-effective strategies by Soothe app that you can check and pick some worthy points before developing an app like Uber for massage.

3 Highly-Effective Strategies That Startups Can Consider Before Developing On-Demand Massage App like Soothe

1. Be Flexible & Convenient

Soothe, an on-demand massage app, provides a way to its app users to book the same day appointment with their professional massage therapists. So, it is important to provide a fuss-free process of booking. The service should be flexible and convenient as the way customers expect. When the massage booking is requested via on-demand massage app, the service works to send the nearest professional massage therapists with the highest rating. On-demand is all about convenience.

As long as flexibility is concerned, then your customers must have options to choose between male or female massage therapists. The Soother app is based on an on-demand solutions, and that is why it would be better to call it Uber for massage. Customers must have a number of options to choose from as they can choose Swedish, deep tissue or even couples massage. All your users want is flexibility and convenience.



If we are talking about the solutions of an app like Soothe, you also need to take extra care of security for both your customers and massage therapists. The therapists bring their own massager to the customer’s home and perform the massage onsite. So that users do not have to go anywhere else once they have booked something.

Therefore, developing an app like Uber for massage, you as a startup need to provide customers services that must be a fusion of flexibility and convenience.

2. Focus on Maximizing Your Business’s Strong Points

On-demand massage apps are something to deal with one of the biggest businesses where you have unlimited opportunities to grow. So, it is important to maximize the assets in your business. When it comes to on-demand massage, one of the biggest assets is the massage therapists who must be professional and licensed.

Maximum booking of in-home massage appointments usually occur after 9 p.m. (when normally spas are closed) and on weekends. Mainly, spas need therapists on weekdays, typically during the day. However, it is important to maximize your business’s assets, for example, you need to identify beneficial opportunities in order to maximize the utilization rates for massage therapists. So, they can work more and the spas can provide quality massage therapists when they need them.

Available at midnight

In order to ensure quality, you need to check all massage therapists to ensure they have the necessary certifications and credentials. When it comes to availability, then there is nothing that can beat Soothe app. On-demand massage services are available at midnight, which is one of the proven tactics to stand apart from its competitors.

Currently, Soothe app has more than 1000 massage therapists across six cities in the U.S., including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Austin, Phoenix, and Miami. And, it will be soon expanding into new cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Washington, D.C.

3. Launch The Referral Programs

Finding the right way to get new and valuable customers for your on-demand massage startup is hard work. To reach new and more customers, it is important to have a strong strategy to have a long lasting relationship with your customers. However, the proven tactic is constantly launch the referral programs to bring loyal customers as what Soothe app does.

The referral program means that when an app user will invite to the app, then the user will earn $30 off on massages. In this way, your customers will find out more budget-friendly relaxation. Furthermore, the referrals programs help every leading business grow by engaging and leveraging brand’s one of the biggest assets of the customers or app users. The great idea for growing the business is referral programs that also help businesses for customer growth.

Like all other strategies, marketing program is the most effective when it is launched and managed effectively to attract the right customers. It is important to build an attractive referral marketing program that is the only half battle, ensuring your loyal customers recommend your businesses to their friends and families. Thus, being a startup, you can consider this strategy by Soothe app before developing on-demand massage app.

The Bottom Line

Beyond a lot of competition, Soothe app is heading the new markets and launching services in Manchester, U.K.; Australia’s Gold Coast, Pittsburgh and Hartford. Indeed, wellness market size increases and the industry will emerge as a trillion dollar business. However, it is not too far to achieve. Due to the fact that people love to use such services which provide quick, flexible, and convenient solution.

Additionally, if you’re having app ideas on Uber for massage, then you can cross-verify it with us. Being a leading iOS app development company, we will figure out your requirements and suggest a right solution as we have already developed over 60 health and wellness apps. So, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form, and our sales representative will revert you within 48hrs.

Fix These 3 Small Issues to Grow Your On-demand Grocery Delivery Startup like Instacart

This blog is for those entrepreneurs and startups who are running on-demand grocery delivery business. Here, we’ve compiled three small issues, which you can resolve to grow your grocery business like Instacart.

Indeed, e-shopping has dominated the retail sector. In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars, and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.48 trillion US dollars by 2021 worldwide. Well, online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide. In addition, e-shopping has raised a revenue of approximately $120 million. However, there is a strong foothold in the market. In some ways, it was initially started by Spoonrocket, a startup company based in Berkeley, California. The startup was delivering a selection of comfort foods right from users’ door in under 15 minutes.

Online grocery shopping sales in the U.S.

According to the report, “Online grocery shopping sales in the United States is estimated to reach 29.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2021”.


We can’t forget to mention about the grocery delivery Goliath called Instacart. According to the latest report, “The grocery delivery startup Instacart has raised fund of $150 million in Series E funding with a total valuation of $4.35 billion”. Well, Instacart and other local delivery apps connect local restaurants and stores with customers. Instacart has already hit the market and already become a unicorn.


So, herein, we are going to discuss the small issues in order to grow your on-demand grocery delivery startup like Instacart. Being a grocery delivery startup, you just need to keep an eye on the following issues, let’s have a look!

Resolve These 3 Small Issues to Grow Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery Startup Like Instacart

1. Payment Options

Apps like Instacart offer a personalized experience to app users. It delivers groceries to people at their doorstep by sending a personal shopper within a hour.

In grocery delivery application, it is important to provide different payment options to your customers because every app user may have different preferences while shopping online. Accepting mobile payments is a must for businesses whether by accepting credit cards in the field or by letting app users pay on-site with the smartphones. It is important to figure out which mobile payment technology is right for your business.

Basically, there is a number of payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfer, Electronic fund transfer, Apple Pay, Digital Wallet, Net Banking, Amazon Pay and Prepaid. From all these payment methods, you can select the most used ones.

So, providing with diverse payment options to users can simply provide convenience. And, people are more likely to interested in using those services where they are not bounded with limited options. So, providing multiple payment option is one of the major things, which startup companies need to resolve in case if they are missing it in their app.

Also, online payments provide security and convenience. And diverse payment method options provide your business a cheaper, faster, and reliable way to do business.

2. Categorization of Products

If you are running an grocery business and planning to create a grocery delivery app, then there is one simple thing that you as a startup need to work into is to categorize the products.

By doing so, it will simply increase your online store’s performance through better online grocery shopping product categorization. You might be aware of the fact that if customers are unable to locate the products as what they are looking for on the online stores, then they would not visit the store again for the next purchase.

In addition to this, offering more products to online stores can churn out the revenue. However, the same holds true for product information, too. The better the product categorization, more traffic it will bring and influence store’s revenue in a big way.

The term “Product categorization” often overlooked, but it allows online stores to increase traffic. More categories mean an increase in the number of users. So, in order to develop an accurate and well-organized product category, understand how your users will search for the products and determining the characteristics of the product as it is critical.

The information gained is used to define product categories and subcategories that are incremental in bringing traffic and improving conversion rate. If it sound critical to you, then you need to check out the following points:

  • The Accurate Product Categorization: It ensures that all the products in your online store are correctly categorized and are placed according to the product attributes.
  • Smart categorization: It determines the correct product type for each SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). It will also helpful for both you and your online customers.
  • New Product Categorization: The individual review of every new product can allow app users to try the new ones.

Therefore, if you are developing mobile app under the category groceries on demand, then you as a startup needs to consider this issue very closely to grow business.


Image Source: Instacart

3. Faster & Convenient

In the digital age, time is an important commodity. Ordering groceries online not only saves us a trip back home carrying shopping bags but also raises our expectations in terms of overall quality of the experience.

To perform a task faster means you are providing convenience to your customers as what they expect from online shopping. Convenient involves better shopping experience along with huge time savings. Furthermore, it also includes discounts, which can delight your customers a lot.

For instance, Instacart business model might seem simple one, but that is the brilliance of it. As it enables buyers to order fresh product at the time they want it.

So, apps like Instacart are popular among its users due to its fastest, convenient, and on-demand solutions. Today, digital is changing grocery shopping patterns. Globally, people buy less, more frequently, and impulsively, and they are embracing groceries as a fast and convenience shopping.

Furthermore, in the below image, you can see that the most customers have a better experience online than in store as they can get to desired items quicker.


Image Source: Instacart

So, we’ve collected some pivotal points by which you can provide your online grocery customers a fastest and convenient shopping experience.

Offer same-day delivery: To become a successful online grocery Goliath like Instacart, you can integrate a logistics infrastructures from third-party operators. So, that you as a startup company can provide same-day delivery service for your online impulsive buyers. However, new customers generally prefer to buy smaller baskets more frequently. It is pivotal your customers get it now. Hence, there is no need for investing in owned large vans, if the fleet of scooters can do the job better.

Engage with customers: New users seek convenience, both experience and price wise. Established business owners should leverage brand equity and marketing budgets in order to provide great quality and a wide selection of products, together with targeted promotions. As customers move to when-needed shopping, retailers may consider offering delivery passes, so be more competitive than both app users and discounters.

Streamline Experience: It also ensures a seamless experience for customers. Store pickers must assemble online orders right from the stores by scanning the products and handling them over to drivers. In this way, the users get online grocery delivery quickly.

Winning grocery players need to adopt business models that provide customers with the most seamless, fastest and convenient experience while keeping infrastructure costs slow.

Wrapping Up

Developing on-demand grocery app like Instacart requires you as a grocery startup to deal with the small issues and resolve them in order to establish a successful business model like Instacart. Also, it may seem like a challenge, but developing an app for a smaller and underserved market has the potential for you to scale business and get outstanding results.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding on-demand grocery delivery app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form as we’re a leading mobile application development company, and have developed over 2000 mobile apps in the diverse categories.

How Castbox (Podcast Streaming App) Has Raised $13.5 Million in Series B Funding With These 3 Powerful Features

This article is for those entrepreneurs and startups who have taken a plunge to create a podcast streaming app. We’ve compiled three powerful features, which you can consider before developing a podcast streaming app like Castbox.

Nowadays, the mobile app categories like streaming media, video, and music seem to get all the attention. Nevertheless, podcasting is one of the fastest-moving categories in the streaming space. To take advantage of this momentum, podcast startups are devising innovative features that give a better listening experience.

We came across with the latest news of a game-changing podcast app maker startup company named Castbox that has been creating a buzz in the streaming space. According to the latest news, “Riding high on the growing consumer demand for podcasts, a startup called Castbox has raised $13.5 million in Series B funding for its technology-fueled podcast app.” The round was led by SIG China, and includes participation from existing investors IDG Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, and GSR Ventures.

Castbox – The Podcast App

Castbox is a San Francisco-based award-winning global podcast platform that enables users to easily find, access, create, and enjoy spoken audio content. And, the names of the founders are Renee Wang, Shibin Li, and Xiaocong He.

  • Castbox is a cross-platform podcast application that is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Alexa, and the web.
  • The Castbox app differentiates itself from the competition by offering in-audio search functionality, curated recommendations, and an expanding lineup of original content the company calls – CastBox Originals.
  • Since its launch in 2016, Castbox has gained over 15 million app users worldwide and grown its audio library to 50 million episodes.
  • If we’re talking about a list of awards that the app has won, it includes Google Play Android Excellence app of 2017, Nominee of Google Play Awards 2017: Standout Startup, Winner of top trending apps from global best 2016 by Google Play, and Winner of “Most Entertaining” from Best Apps 2016 by Google Play.
  • In the below image, you can see the growth of Castbox app, which is growing upwardly.


What Makes Castbox Different From Other Podcast Apps

Well, there are a number of podcast apps on the marketplace right now. You might be thinking that what makes Castbox different and interesting from other podcast apps. Castbox uses the proprietary technology as it has under the hood. The platform is using natural language processing and machine learning technique to power some of its unique features such as personalized recommendations and in-audio search.

Now, let’s check out some of its unique features, which you as a startup can consider while developing one of the best podcast apps for android/iOS.

3 Powerful Features to Consider Before Developing Podcast App like Castbox

1. In-Audio Search

The feature named in-audio search works based on in-audio search functionality that arranges and indexes spoken words audio content, so that the app users can search for keywords and topics within the audio itself.

When it comes to technology, the in-audio search feature is based on the voice recognition. It means that the app users don’t have to depend upon things like episode titles, descriptions, and show notes in order to find out a podcast related to the topic as what they want to listen to. Users are now able to search the Castbox app for any podcasts where the term mentioned.


This unique feature is attracting enormous app users. That’s why the app, Castbox has been installed 15 million times, and currently, it has 1.8 million daily app users with a retention rate of 50%.

Currently, Castbox has a user base with 45% from the United States. But, those app users are most engaged. Americans spend the most time in the app, and listening to an average of 113 minutes per day.

Meanwhile, Chinese app users subscribe the most with an average of 12 subscriptions per user. However, you as a startup can make additions to its usability, content discovery, and personalization. Therefore, it is important to include such viable features in the app, which app users find attractive.

Undeniably, CastBox has consistent growth across all metrics, but more importantly, the company is extremely passionate about the podcasting space. This startup company has fierce competition in the U.S. where there are dozens of alternative podcast players available across platforms to those from major players like Apple and streaming services like Spotify and TuneIn.

Nevertheless, app users are always looking for the best app to serve their needs and focus on discovery. This feature can give your podcasting app an extra edge to grow.

2. Cross-Platform Support

In the past times, users were not able to play their favorite tracks everywhere. Everywhere means, they were not able to play it in their cars and smart home devices. This podcast-streaming app provides cross-platform support to its app users.

So, being a podcast startup you need to provide such feature in which the podcast-streaming app must be compatible with all other devices like music system in your car and smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home at one time. However, users’ favorite spoken shows are synchronized on all castbox-supported platforms so that users can pick up where they have left off, and they can listen interruption-free.

Additionally, the podcast-streaming app allows users to bring their podcasts go anywhere anytime. With this vision in mind, the podcast-streaming app strives to make user-friendly and simple, and which can be a smart audiobook player at any time. So, the next feature that you can consider to develop an app like Castbox is allowing app users to cross-platform support.


3. Enables to Tune in On-Demand Radio

To create a successful podcast app like Castbox, you as a startup can’t miss this feature that enables to tune in the on-demand radio. In order to better serve your podcast app users, you can provide on-demand radio, and smart radio books into the podcast. Such feature allows users to enjoy on-demand FM where signals are weak. If you are providing such feature in an app, then you can’t miss to include such powerful feature to make the app stands out from the crowd.

This on-demand radio feature allows users to tune in radio across the globe, and they can listen to immerse themselves in the world of podcast. Moreover, users can listen to podcast when you go on a hike, anchor Castbox to your arm. They can use podcast such feature to download and tune in radio in the mountains where signals are weak.


Stats About Podcast and Online Radio

As per the report of the music industry, music streaming is setting a whole new range of records:

  • According to the source, the number of urban on-demand streams rose from 55.9 billion in 2016 to 100.34 billion in 2017.
  • The number of on-demand audio streams in the U.S. in 2016 and 2017 were 301.35 billion ad-supported on-demand audio streams and 191.36 billion.
  • As long as ad-supported music services are concerned, over 900 million app users do not mind using ad-supported music streaming services.
  • The streaming revenues are increased by 45.2% and now account for 43% of all digital sales.
  • In the below images, you can see the growth of weekly online radio listening that is from Edison research.


  • By 2021, music streaming will account for 86% of the EU Digital Music Market.


After going through the above points, it is safe to say that the music streaming and online radio are the hottest business niche. If you have planned to develop Android app in the podcast niche, then you need to cross-verify your app ideas with any trusted mobile app development company.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion on the podcast and online radio app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert you within 48hrs.


3 Reasons Why Your Airport Shuttle Service Needs an App like Uber

This blog is for those startups, who are providing airport shuttle service to travelers. Herein, we’ve curated top three reasons why you as a startup need to develop an app like Uber airport shuttle. Let’s check them out.

Gazillions of people visit airports around the world. And, airport management authorities usually get busier to look at different ways in order to handle such huge traffic. While expanding the airport’s capacity and building better infrastructure may sound like the logical thing to do; however, it may not be immediately achievable.

So, adding another runway and opening a new terminal are such things that are not only time-consuming, but are also likely to cause disruption. So, airport shuttle services are the hope, which can lessen out traffic congestion. Let’s know more about the airport shuttle service.

What Do We Mean By Airport Shuttle Service?

Airport shuttle means to and from the rider’s departure and destination place. Undoubtedly, an airport shuttle service can be a very profitable business to own and operate. In order to grow an airport shuttle service, it is best accomplished by building alliances and partnerships with the companies and local businesses, which can supply you with the customers such as hotels, tour operators, travel agents, and large corporations.

On a fundamental level, airport shuttles transport people between the airport and either their homes, hotels or where they have parked their vehicles. Airport shuttles are used by businesses, travelers, groups, families, and riders. The driver picks travelers up at a predetermined location and drops off whenever necessary, specifically with no more than two stops on each route. Generally, vehicles are spacious with ample room for riders to store their luggage.

In the past times, if we look back to the tough time, then there were not such things like ride-sharing apps. If anyone wanted to travel to airport or travel back home, hotel or any other place from airport, they did not had a ride. They had very few options, including expensive taxi, a cramped shuttle service or a slow public transit. Thanks to airport shuttle services because these services have created an affordable and hassle-free alternative.

Today, mobile apps based on airport shuttle services have changed the way people look at the taxis that allows people to book a ride to airport or from airport to any place. If you are running airport shuttle service, so let us talk about owning an app for Uber for airport shuttle service, which is always a smart choice for the entrepreneurs.


Top 3 Reasons Why Your Airport Shuttle Business Needs an App like Uber

1. Offers a Convenient Way to Airport Riders to Book a Ride

Any business can get success only if it provides solutions to their customers. So, this solution is customers centric. Through a mobile app, the airport riders can request a ride when they have a lot of bags in their hands. The Uber like apps for airport shuttle service provides fast and convenient way to book a ride with just a few simple taps.

Furthermore, through a mobile app, you can provide convenience to airport riders to book a ride within a fraction of minutes. By doing so, people can skip the rental car lines and ride with your business’s app to the hotel or destined places. In simple terms, we can say that it offers a convenient way to airport riders to book a ride through the app that serves airport shuttle services.

So, if you are running airport shuttle business, and still do not have a mobile application, it is a high time to develop an app like Uber for your airport shuttle business.

2. Gives Peace of Mind to Maintain Your Airport Shuttle Business

Who doesn’t want to be relaxed and maintain their business easily? The answer is everyone. So, another reason to develop Uber-like app for your airport shuttle service is peace of mind. A mobile app simply gives you a peace of mind to manage your airport shuttle business easily. So, let us check out what are those pivotal things, which can lessen hassles of your work as a business runner and how you can ease it.

• Keep track of your fleet using the app

The taxi booking apps like Uber will give you full freedom to systemize everything as you own a number of taxis to run your business. And, it is very difficult to manage all the taxis and drivers. However, with an app, you can definitely make it easier. There is a GPS facility, which has made it easier to ensure the safety of the vehicles, reducing the chances of accidents on a large scale.

• Increase booking frequency

A perfectly scripted taxi booking app for your airport shuttle service can be effective. Airport shuttle app with the advanced fleet management system provides updates about the taxis that are available through the GPS location map. It will also impact on increasing the number of bookings. With such apps, one can easily increase the booking frequency.

• Standardized Rates

In a taxi booking app, the rates of the user’s side are always fixed. There is no need for bargaining. It is important to save the time for your riders. Because people like to use those services where there are fewer hassles in terms of bargaining. Usage of taxi apps paves way for cashless payments. It is important to provide your customers or riders an easy transaction, so online payment is much easier as compared to handing cash over.

• Offer Quality Services

If the quality is not above decent, then there is no way to achieve unexpected results in taxi booking app niche. With the increasing competition, only the outstanding app with complete features can make it. Nevertheless, it’s being said that technology seems to be improving with every day, and an app that launches now will have all the technologies and better versions of it on the mobile app. In order to serve your customers quickly and efficiently, you need to build loyalty. Better the services are, the better ratings you’ll receive from the passengers which will further solidify your brand name.

3. Efficient & Safe Model for Your Business

Hard cash is always a risky thing to be carrying around. And, especially when it is late at night out in different areas. It is important to install a wallet payment option that will increase the security for both the drivers and the users. For the entrepreneurs, who are pissed of managing numerous cars without an app, so taxi booking app is a perfect solution that will surely work for their business and help them in managing taxis along with drivers.

It has separate functionality and features for drivers, users, and admin. While drivers can accept, pickup and drop the customers, app users can book, ride, and pay in the most secure way.

Furthermore, once the app user has requested a cab and pinned their location on the map. The closest driver will be notified. The driver is set to arrive that is not more than 5 minutes. The minimum waiting time is no time basically. So, developing an app like uber airport shuttle service is the efficient model for your business.


Over the past few years, the mobile app industry has developed largely. If you still do not have a mobile app like Uber for your airport shuttle services, then it is a high time to develop taxi booking apps.

To get success, you just need to analyze the market and construct a business plan or a model accordingly to make sure that it will work. Also, all you need to cross-verify your app idea with the trusted mobile app development company as it will help you to develop your own airport shuttle app like Uber.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding Uber airport shuttle service or taxi app development, you can get in touch with us through below given form. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


Planning to Create Scooter Sharing Apps like Scoot & eCooltra? Take a Quick Look at Top 3 Solutions by These Goliath

This blog is for those startups who want to take a plunge to create scooter sharing apps like Scoot and eCooltra. We’ve mentioned top three solutions by these Goliath. Let’s have a look!

In the past few months, electric scooters or e-scooters have popped up on the sidewalks of San Francisco. But, are you aware of another vehicle sharing platform? Scooter sharing is the next popular platform after dockless bikes that have gained huge popularity from urban dwellers.

In short, we can say that the first came bike sharing program, then electric car sharing system, which also started gaining popularity. Currently, several large cities around the globe are rolling out electric scooter sharing services. But, now new vehicle choice for urban dwellers is – Scooter sharing.

Scoot is a San Francisco-based electric scooter sharing app that has a fleet of over 500 vehicles in the California city and the numbers keep growing. The other Goliath in scooter sharing is eCooltra that is the leader scooter sharing in Europe with a fleet over 2,000 electric scooters, including five cities Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, and Milan.  Furthermore, according to the recent report, “The electric moped company, Scoot is deploying two modes of transportation in Barcelona.”


Sharing is Booming: The Rise of Electric Scooters

In on-demand mobility niche, electric scooters play a vital role. The emergence of scooter sharing has been since 2012, but it was not only in the last two years where a wave of scooter sharing services emerged. There are now approximately 8,000 shared scooters on the road globally.

  • It seems like the number of shared scooters are going to increase as this way of getting around becomes more widely adopted. And, operators began expanding to both competitive and untapped markets.
  • The global electric scooter market size was $12,961.8 million in 2016, and it is expected to reach $22,192.0 million by 2025. And, growing at a CAGR of 6.9% during 2017-2025, according to the report.

Advantages of Electric Scooters

  • The scooters are faster, and they allow users to cover greater distances and can attract customers who are not able to cycle for physical reasons.
  • The advantages of electric scooters are less noise, reduced greenhouse emissions, less traffic, and less time spent while searching for a parking spot.

It is pivotal to note that not all the cities are equally well-suited to electric scooters. Moving ahead, and let’s have a look at the veterans and emerging players in the global scooter sharing sector that are Scoot and eCooltra and their solutions.

Top 3 Solutions by Scooter Sharing Apps Like Scoot and eCooltra

Solution #1: Ease of Commute

As people become health conscious and eco-friendly, e-scooters have become increasingly popular among them. Now, you might be thinking what is the main reason behind its popularity? However, it is all about ease of commute for urban dwellers. This is a huge solution, which is provided by electric scooters.

Scoot app is one of the most dominant examples in e-scooter sharing. And, scooter sharing was born in an innovative way to combine the benefits of vehicle sharing for driving in urban environments with the easiness of using a scooter instead of the car within the city. Scooters are the medium for the commute to youngsters, and travelers.

By hiring a scooter, commuters can avoid traffic and park at its station. In addition, electric scooters are pollution free in terms of noise and gas emissions. Electric scooters are popular because of their compact size and speed suitable for instant city trips.

Globally, 95% of scooters are electric. And, the battery pack is smaller, and making it faster to charge and easier to swap out. It results that operators less reliant on the city’s charging infrastructure. That’s why electric scooters make sense.

Additionally, electric scooters are experiencing electric revolution. The dependence on non-renewable resources like oil is decreasing and electricity run transportation options are steadily emerging. However, we are a few years away from the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and scooter sharing services that allow users to get around while minimizing carbon footprint.

Solution # 2: Lessens Congestion on Roads and Streets

With other mobility options like carsharing, scooter sharing contributes to lessening congestion. Having access to scooter encourages muti-model trips, less reliance on a personal vehicle and greater awareness. The next solution is provided by Goliath is all about lessening congestion. In the big cities, congestion is all over there because of increasing vehicles. However, sharing is the way to lessen the congestion and can improve traffic conditions.

If you want to be a part of the scooter sharing app economy, then make sure to give solutions to your app users that can create value into their lives, and it must be beneficial for the environment. Also, you need to provide powerful features in the app like Scoot that must meet users’ requirement.

Solution #3: Ease of Parking

When it is compared to a standard motor vehicle, scooters take up a fraction of space. It makes them a great option in places where parking is limited or expensive.

In actual, only 5% of electric scooters are station based and require on-sheet parking. On the other hand, non-electric scooters are free of floating. It means that they can be parked almost anywhere as long as it is not obtrusive to vehicles or pedestrians. Moreover, the free-floating concept provides another level of convenience for scooter sharing, and users have the flexibility of being closer to their first and last mile destination.

Scooter sharing service has removed one of the biggest barriers to parking. After providing such powerful solutions, it makes easier for scooter sharing services to entering a new market. These scooter-sharing services have come up with the solutions like providing secured designated parking spaces. By doing so, it makes them win in terms of lower startup costs and no recurring fees or tickets to worry about.

Such powerful solutions generally attract urban dwellers. Solutions in terms of ease of commute, parking, and convenience, which can be only provided through an app.

However, as a new businessman if you are entering in the new city, we recommend you to discuss any new sharing scheme with city officials and cross-verify your scooter sharing app idea with any trusted Android app development company.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, scooter sharing is a growing part of shared mobility, especially when evaluating potential transportation options and individuals looking for cost-efficient and convenient options. Scooter sharing has a strong base, and this concept has already gained popularity among urban dwellers because of its powerful solutions. The adoption of scooter sharing has begun to take off, and we are looking forward to supporting the growth of the new shared mobility services.

If you would like to be a part of the growing world of shared mobility and want to create electric scooter apps like Scoot and eCooltra, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form as we’re a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 mobile apps like Uber. The consultation will not cost you a single penny. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours.


How Doctor on Demand, a San-Francisco-based App, Raised $74M in Series C Funding With These 4 Powerful Features

This post is for those startups who belong to medical sectors and want to develop an on-demand doctor app. Herein, we’ve compiled top features of the Doctor on Demand, a San-Francisco-based app. Let’s have a look!

The time has completely changed. We tap the button and get into the new world in a fraction of seconds. It surely sounds revolutionary. Right? That is what’s being promised by arising on-demand platforms in different verticals today. The on-demand economy is built on the top of a technology infrastructure, which brings the offline and online world together.

Now, Uber for doctors is trying to disrupt the on demand healthcare industry by providing the on-demand services. A telemedicine startup that serves Doctor on Demand service has already joined the competition in the niche of mHealth. The mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to see an urgent care by doctor or psychologist on computer, tablet, or phone from the comfort of home. A San Francisco-based, Doctor on Demand mobile service is specially introduced for non-emergency services like cold & flu, skin & eye issue, allergies, depression, and anxiety.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “A Doctor on Demand that is a telemedicine app to facilitates quick video consultations with physicians has raised $74M in Series C funding led by Goldman Sachs and Princeville Global”. The app users of Doctor on Demand can get an assistant under three minutes from a physician through a smartphone or a desktop.

Glossary Term:

Telemedicine: It defines as the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology.

Well, in the previous times, telemedicine providers use phone-based callbacks to treat patients, and charge subscription fees to provide access to doctors. However, this approach has failed to achieve widespread consumer adoption and cost savings. However, the apps like Doctor on Demand has completely changed the telemedicine space because of introducing live video feature, which is quick and easy.

The Market Size of mHealth Care and Telemedicine Sectors

  • According to the report from Statista, “One of the most attractive sectors for mHealth app companies in 2017 was “connection to doctors”. It was one of the leading healthcare sectors for doing mHealth connected business.
  • Mental health is one of the growing areas. According to the report, “There is a $50 billion addressable market in the U.S. alone”.
  • The Global Telemedicine Market Size: According to the report from Statista, “The global telemedicine market was valued around 18 billion U.S. dollars. It is expected to increase to over 40 billion dollars by 2021”.


  • The digital health market is expected to reach over 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 driven particularly by the digital health technology.

The Growth of the Doctor On Demand App

  • “In 2015, the total number of app users were 25 million, who were Americans”, according to the report.
  • As per the report from App Annie, the app ranks on #2 in Apple App Store. In the below image, you can see the recent downloads of app, which is on the top and it has been constant for the past time.


  • Furthermore, according to the report from SimilarWeb, the app is performing well in terms of ranking. As in the below image, you can see the Google Play rank is number 11.


Apart from the plethora of data, let us move towards the powerful features of the app like Uber for doctors, which you can consider as a physician. Let’s have a look!

4 Powerful Features That Tech Startups Need To Consider Before Developing Telemedicine App Like Doctor on Demand

1. Enable Users to Consult With Board-Certified Doctors Through Live Videos

For telemedicine startup, one of the vital features is to enable app users to do live video sessions or one-to-one sessions with physicians through employer partnerships, an individual account, or through partnerships like Comcast Corporation. It also provides users with the national health plans such as United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As they claim to provide in-network or subsidized access to over 25 million Americans.

To create an app like telemedicine, video is vital to delivering high-quality care. In this feature, the quality of video must be high. As it all depends upon smooth connection and clear image in order to provide a proper diagnosis and accurate treatment.

If you are a physician by profession who needs to create an app like doctor on demand, then you need to consider the following points before providing on-demand solutions to your users:

  • Through the on-demand mobile app, patients or app users can connect with a Board-certified physician at anytime of the day and anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • While video technology is the backbone for doctor on demand businesses, so this is the most vital feature that tech startups need to take extra care while developing an app like Doctor on Demand.


2. Allows Users to Access High-Quality, Medical and Mental Healthcare in Minutes

The best thing about this feature is there is a customized solution in terms of features to patients according to their illness. This feature simply provides an easy and personalized solution to patients or app users. So, patients can get a solution or guidance according to their illness. However, there’s not one physician or doctor for every kind of disease as patients will have choices to select one according to their needs.

3. See The Doctor Right Away and Schedule a Time That is Convenient for Users

Undoubtedly, Doctor on demand app is one of the top-rated services, and it has an unique business model that is changing the world of telemedicine. So, one of the important features, which you need to consider while developing apps like Uber for Doctors is to schedule the appointment with the doctor as per the user’s requirement. This feature provides two options to users to book or schedule an appointment with doctor or physician as per his or her convenience.


However, this is a unique feature, which is worth to consider if you as a tech startup have decided to create an app like Doctor on demand. Talking about Doctor on Demand app, It is No Subscription Fee Business Model (PEPM), which has made Doctor on Demand the telemedicine partner of choice for an increasing number of companies. In this app, patients or app users only need to pay when members have a video visit.

4. Available With and Without Insurance

To develop telemedicine app, it is important to add a feature which helps app users to get treatment by adding their already existing insurance plans or without it. If we’re talking about Doctor on demand, it is available to everyone in the U.S., and accept many insurance plans. There is a feature to free to join, and price for a doctor visit may be significantly less than the user would pay for an urgent care in any pharmacy clinic. It is exactly what patient’s visit will cost by signing up in the app.



Telemedicine services are a sensible alternative to in-person appointments for people who live dozens or even hundreds of miles away from their healthcare providers.

  • Basically, telemedicine apps are based on video and reliable connections where doctors depend on visual and other cues from patients to diagnose their symptoms.
  • The connections can create a better connection between a doctor and patient and ultimately, better and quality care service.
  • You need to provide secure and reliable platform, which is compatible with all the browsers and works on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • It provides the cloud infrastructure and powerful SDKs, so businesses need to add real-time video to their mobile apps.

Being a physician, if you are planning to create an app like telemedicine, then it is must to hire one of the proficient Android/iPhone developers for on-demand app development.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to Uber for doctors app, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form and our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


3 Winning Strategies of DoorDash That Teamed Up With Walmart to Make a Big Move Into The Grocery Delivery Market

This blog is for those startups who want to create a grocery delivery app. Herein, we’ve compiled three winning strategies of DoorDash that recently teamed up with Walmart (an American multinational corporation) to disrupt the grocery delivery market.

From boring commutes to long working hours to rising internet penetration, the waves of mobile apps are giving space to on-demand grocery players to serve more and more customers. If we’re talking about the grocery, then there is a Walmart, a very first name that strikes in our minds.

If Uber is the king of ride-hailing service and DoorDash is all about on-demand food delivery service, then Walmart is the giant of grocery services. According to the latest news from TechCrunch, “Walmart is partnering with DoorDash to power its online grocery delivery service that will start in Atlanta initially and then it will expand across the United States ultimately”. With the partnership between two giants, it becomes a major move to become a back-end platform for brands like Walmart.

Well, on the fundamental level, DoorDash has started with the last-mile food delivery business initially, but now, it looks like DoorDash gets further into the grocery delivery business, too.


Moving ahead and checking out the winning strategies of DoorDash that teamed up with Walmart to make a big push into the grocery delivery market.

3 Winning Strategies of DoorDash to Disrupt The Grocery Delivery Market

1. A Pretty Straightforward Business Idea to Get Into The Niche of Grocery Delivery

One of the popular on-demand food delivery apps, DoorDash has a simple strategy to get into the world of grocery delivery as it wanted to get into the world of on-demand solutions for grocery without putting a lot of efforts and investments towards it.

The duo is not going to make anything complicated for their customers. The process of ordering grocery is pretty simple. When the user is shopping for a missing ingredient or for whole grocery list of a month, he/she can simply place the order online at or on the Walmart grocery app, and switch to the delivery tab.

After that, the user needs to select a delivery window at checkout. Once the grocery items have been selected by Walmart personal shoppers, then the delivery person from DoorDash delivers the order during the delivery window selected by the user. It is as simple as to add an item to the cart. By doing so, Walmart also offers DoorDash a potentially nice neutral niche as grocery delivery heats up.

2. Convenience

One of the strategies, which is all-time required to build a successful business is convenience. It is important to make it convenient for your customers, especially when it comes to on-demand delivery. In a similar manner, DoorDash is bringing the convenience in the grocery market niche as well. That’s why Walmart has chosen the DoorDash.

So, DoorDash takes a step further with the grocery delivery. What company provides when it comes to convenience to their customers? Check them out what are these points of convenience:

Time Saving: DoorDash saves time and trip to the store. It also saves time of standing in long queue for paying bill for all those grocery items that you have purchased. However, the company is providing enough time to their customers to do something more instead of spending their whole time to shop grocery.

Comfort: When customers find something missing in their kitchen item, then DoorDash person can deliver right it to their doors. However, the partnership of Walmart and DoorDash can set a great example of the on-demand niche. It also provides convenience and comfort to customers under every age group.

Shortest Delivery Time: After the partnership between two giants, the delivery time will be shortest as DoorDash will delivery the items as soon as possible.

Covered Remote & Small Areas in the United States: There are no worries about the small areas. Firstly, the company will continue to expand its reach along with Walmart across Atlanta metro area, then it will continue to expand its reach across the U.S. And, by doing so, everyone can experience the grocery delivery whenever they need it.

3. Expand Network To Get More Customers

Apps like DoorDash are basically based on the idea of fast delivery of food as per the customers’ convenience. But, one of the other benefits of teaming up with a brand like Walmart is not merely that it is a leading grocer in the United States, but Walmart is also in a lot of other lines of businesses, too.

In simple term, Walmart keeps expanding in terms of the network as well as customers. Likewise, the strategy of DoorDash is quite similar. They are also expanding their network. Also, they are also trying another line of businesses to simply get more and more customers.

To Get More Exposure To Business: However, it is a great way to expand the business. This is due to the fact that this can provide more exposure by helping you to make more customers. The teaming up will enhance the quality of delivery in grocery as DoorDash provides in food delivery.

Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of this strategy is your startup business will get more exposure and more customers. Plus, it can uplift the level of grocery delivery like food delivery services.


Now, you know the winning strategies of DoorDash which we have just explained above. However, that was all about DoorDash and its strategies, but now the question remains as to how to make use of these strategies into your business.

From the on-demand food delivery app, DoorDash, we have extracted essential learning for you as a grocery startup:

  • A simple strategy is to provide convenience to your customers.
  • Initially, you can start your business with the small areas to deliver.
  • Being a startup, you can consider the remote areas where people find it hard to get groceries for themselves. However, this winning strategy can take your business a long way.
  • DoorDash has already changed the way food is delivered. However, the company is all set to change the way groceries are delivered. In short, we can say that you can also think to expand your network to grab more customers’ attention. And, you can provide genuine solutions to your customers, plus give chance to test other items, too.

For a successful business model like DoorDash, it is also pivotal to keep an eye on your competitors. Here, you came to know the strategies of DoorDash that is going to disrupt the grocery delivery market, so you as a grocery startup can also develop your own grocery delivery app and expand your business.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to grocery app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. As we’re a leading mobile app development company and have experience of developing over 2000 mobile applications in diverse categories.


What is Family Office? 3 Reasons Why Startups Need to Consider Direct Investments by Family Offices

This blog is for those tech startups who are keen to know about the concept of Family office investment. So, we’ve rounded up top three reasons why you need to consider direct investments by family offices.

Where there is money, there is wealth. In all likelihood, money is what the most of us have or don’t have. But, it is what we use to buy apparels, house, pay rent or put down a money to start a new business or we can say a startup. Meanwhile, there is a term “funding” that is directly related to the money, and everyone must be familiar with it.

When the right fit for raising funds, then the family offices can be the best possible place for the startups and entrepreneurs to get the direct capital. Family Office is an alternative to Venture Capital.

There are several companies currently raising rounds of venture investment, which are inevitably learning some hard truths. Initially, VC dollars are not as readily available as they were in the previous times, and for the companies, which are receiving funding, are finding that the terms are becoming increasingly less pleasant. However, the good news for the startups who are looking for funding is that a new pathway for direct investment is emerging. So, let’s understand the concept of “Family Office”.

What is Family Office?

Family offices are a wealth management concept wherein ultra-high net worth individuals or families pool their liquid wealth with the express aim of preserving and growing.

In other terms, we can say that Family office is a private wealth management advisory firm, which is established by an Ultra-HNWI (HNWI: High-net-worth Individuals) in order to manage family’s private wealth. In actual, a family office goes beyond just managing wealth. It also helps to secure a family’s financial future by building, preserving, and transferring family wealth and legacy.

Half of Americans hold no stocks, bonds, or real estate, and most of the remaining half that are lucky enough to do so to choose to manage their assets on their own or with the help of a financial advisor. But, when you as a startup moves further along with the privileges end of socio-economic curve, managing, preserving, and growing one’s wealth becomes more complicated.

The world’s highest-net worth (HNW) families employ an entire office full of accountants, lawyers, and investment professionals to manage their assets. These family offices manage the assets of more than one family, but they are still comparatively close-knit. If we’re talking about early days of family offices, they haven’t made many direct investments into individual tech startups rather than favoring a more diversified approach to tech investing by being limited partners in venture capital and other private market funds.

Types of Family Offices

Family Offices are broadly classified into two parts:

1. Single-family Office (SFO)
2. Multi-family Office (MFO)

1. SFO (Single-Family Office): SFO is an organization, which is created to support the financial needs of a specific family group. Generally, a single-family office becomes affordable for clients with at least $100 million or more of investable assets. The examples of billionaires who created single-family offices to manage their wealth include John D. Rockefeller (the first American billionaire), George Soros, and more recently Oprah Winfrey.

2. Multi-Family Office (MFO): MFO is an organization that provides family office services to more than one family group. It also provides a similar range of customized services by the single-family office, but without the need to set up an individual family office infrastructure. The service provided by MFO becomes affordable for Ultra-HNWI1s with the wealth of about $50 million or even more. The examples of multi-family offices include Rockefeller & Co. in 1882, and Bessemer Trust, and Wells Fargo Family Wealth.


To sum up, we can say

  • The Family Office is a wealth management company that invests assets on behalf of wealthy individuals or groups of wealthy individuals.
    Single Family Offices (SFO): It focuses on managing the wealth of a single individual or family.
    Multi-family Offices (MFO): It manages the wealth of multiple families who pool their investable capital together for a more formal or institutional investment arrangement and to reap cost economics of scale.

How Family Office Investment is Different from VC (Venture Capital)

  • Venture capitalists raise funds with a 10 to 12 year lifecycle and focus exclusively on building a diversified portfolio of multiple early-stage companies.
  • On the other hand, family offices have “evergreen” capital or loan. And, Family offices do not have an investment horizon.
  • Venture Capitalists compete for deals through PR (Press Release), Marketing, Fund Sizes, and News about portfolio companies whilst family offices value discretion and confidentiality irrespective of how active they are in their investments.

Family Office Investment is Right for Startup only if –

  • You need a relatively large quantum of growth equity or debt. And you prefer the patient variety, complete with investors who will be in it for the long haul.
  • To build a halo effect in order to attract talent that is not a requisite for your business model.
  • You are specifically seeking a strong entrepreneurial orientation in DNA or background, or specific expertise and advice alongside patient capital.

How Can You as a Startup Company Prepare Yourself to Get Direct Investments From Family Offices

  • To create or fine-tuning your pitch, including your financial business model, projections, it is important to position your venture to specifically speak the value points to family offices.
  • You need to access a deep network of relevant family offices by industry who already has a track record of cutting checks.

Top 10 Family Investment Offices With The Most VC Deals

In the below image, you can see the names of top 10 Family Investment Offices that ranked by the total venture deal volume.



Increasingly, family offices are investing more into individual tech startups, according to the report by Crunchbase News. Let’s look at the top reasons why tech startups need to consider direct investments by family offices.

Top 3 Reasons Why Startups Need to Consider Direct Investments by Family Offices

1. The Direct Investment of Family Offices Has Picked Up The Pace


The above image is based on over 1700 venture deals (i.e. Seed, Angel, Equity, Crowdfunding, Series A, Series B, etc.) struck with individual technology companies by 193 family offices located around the world.

The 193 family offices with listed venture investments are only a fraction of total count of such groups that tend to be private. However, it is combined with the fact that many startups are slow to announce funding, and it is not like the list of funding rounds of their participants is comprehensive. It is safe to consider above figure as a directional indicator of general trends.

Now, the question is what are those trends?

Firstly, when it comes to the deal volume, family offices’ startup investment activity tracks with the broader venture investment marketplace as it includes individual Angels, Venture Capital groups, Seed funds, Accelerators and others.

In the above graph, you can see the growth of 2015, there was a run-up in the number of deals being struck. After reaching high point, the deal volume began to decline in the United States. According to the report from Crunchbase News, as investors favored denied writing many smaller checks to early-stage startups and rather favored fewer, larger checks with later-stage tech companies.

Bottom Line: On a global scale, the projected deal volume is roughly flat on annualized basis from 2015 to 2017, whereas reported deal data is down primarily because of reporting delays. This is due to the fact that there are more U.S. family investment offices that invest in the startups than international ones. And, it is not surprising to see that the family office deal volume cuts closer to the U.S. market, in general.

2. Family Office Venture Deal Volume Growth Outpaced

There were more deals struck by both types of investor in the year 2017 than in the year 2010 around the globe. But the main difference between these two types of investors (i.e. Family Investment Offices and Venture Capital firms) is – the magnitude of the change.

In the image-given below, we compare the reported deal volume between VC funds and family offices. VC funds have a lot of known deals per year. On the other hand, family offices have much fewer recorded startup investment deals volume against 2010 levels. In doing so, we are able to deliver a relativistic comparison between Family Office investment and VC funds.

Around the globe, in the year of 2015, the reported deal volume from VC firms was almost precisely 2.5 times that of 2010’s totals. Nevertheless, that multiple for family offices is roughly 6 times (6x). And, although, it is not pictured above, the volume growth of family office deal outperformed traditional VC (Venture Capital) between 2011 to 2017, 2012 to 2017, and 2013 to 2017.

However, the above data reflects that the family offices making direct investments into startups, which has been recently becoming a trend. Specifically for that period through 2014, family offices were on the early side of the adoption curve for making direct startup investments.

Bottom Line: In relative terms, around a range of measures, the deal volume growth was higher and faster among family offices than VC funds for a significant period of time.

3. The Long-Term Nature of Family Offices’ Capital

Family Offices have private equity capital to be preserved across generations, unlike venture capital firms that have contractually shorter time horizons. There are biggest differences between Family offices and Venture Capital

  • The Family Offices do not have the external capital that raises demands nor are they unnecessarily looking to force exists. As funds approach, their maturity dates, GPs are often under pressure to liquidate investments to either obtain IRR milestones to receive carried interest or to avoid claw-backs.
  • In actual, Family offices exist to protect, grow, and transfer wealth across generations. The deals are structured to focus on delivering long-term value and quite often with a uniquely designed mechanism for achieving downside protection. It all depends on the investment. The family office may look for an exit in 1 year, 15 years, or never, and all of which are dependent on the nature of the deal.
  • Family Offices have the patient capital to allow companies to develop and ferment. However, whatever growth you see on the VC side, it is the product of growth in the market in general. But, this is not like that the Venture Capital funds that are still adopting direct startup investments into their collection.

All we can say that as compared to Venture Capital, Family office investment is still the very new thing in the marketplace, no matter how family investment office old is.

According to the above points that Family Offices are growing as participants in the direct deals are also growing. We believe that in this competitive world, Family Offices investments are compelling alternative to funds. However, the concept of family investment offices is capable of drive better returns in aggregate in asset class. However, in order to achieve such returns, it needs sufficient preparation on the side of the family office, and an informed evaluation from the side of the entrepreneur.

Bottom Line: Family Offices represent a deep but largely untapped well of venture funding for both tech startups and the later-stage entrepreneurs who have taken enough time to understand the niche’s workings. Family Offices embrace different investment styles, organizational structures, and track records, but Family Offices represent some of the most patient, long-term supportive sources of capital in today’s market.

A Concluding Note

It should go without saying that investing in startups is not for every high net worth individual or family. But as long as tech startups are concerned, they continue to attract younger generations who will eventually take up the task of using a fortune. You don’t need to be surprised if many of them look to the investment groups highlighted for some inspiration.

If you as a tech startup thinking to develop your own mobile application and have any query related to it then you can directly consult us as we’re a leading iOS app development company, and have already developed over 2000 mobile applications in diverse categories. You can get in touch with us through the below-given form, and our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours.

Planning to Create ‘Uber for Babysitters’ App? Check Out 3 Major Challenges & Their Solutions Before Developing On-Demand Babysitting App

This article is for those startups who are planning to create uber for babysitters app. We’ve compiled major challenges and its solutions, which you need to consider before developing an on-demand babysitting app. Have a look!

It is hard to trust when it comes to finding a nanny or babysitter for a child. A lot of questions may pop up in parent’s mind before hiring a babysitter for his/her child. Hard-working parents can reclaim their social lives. Thanks to Uber for Nannies mobile apps. These on-demand babysitting apps let parents find, book, and pay babysitters in just a few taps of the app.

These mobile apps have left behind the traditional models and providing on-demand babysitting solution like Uber. These apps use social and community data such as Facebook, school, nurseries to connect parents with babysitters that already exist within their wider personal networks. However, these babysitters have already used by friends and people as they trust the most.

So, meanwhile, if you remember that challenging time when your mind was occupied by a plethora of questions like how can I start my own Uber for babysitting app? How can I make my app popular?

It is not a secret that recommendations run the babysitting world, and parents are still of being afraid of hiring somebody through an app. In order to overcome this hesitation, startups need to provide solutions that will incentivize parents to use the app and keep using it.

In this post, we are going to shed some light on the major challenges and its solutions that startups can face while developing on-demand babysitting app. Let’s explore them.

Challenge #1: Gaining Trust

In the world of babysitting niche, one of the toughest things is to build trust with your customers. And, it is quite hard, especially when it comes to babysitting. So, while attracting parents or we can say that customers, the central challenge you can face is – mistrust.

  • As per the babysitter survey result from, “64% of parents do not use babysitter services because it is too stressful in order to find someone as they like and trust”.
  • On the other hand, as per another survey, which is conducted by UrbanSitter, “According to 68% of parents, life would be harder if they would be miserable without trusted childcare”.

Now, the thing is how to gain parents’ trust? What’s the right way to fill this gap? Here are the solutions to this challenge.


All startups need to fill the gap by using different ways of trust-building like suggestions and offering extra guarantee. Let’s check out how you can implement these ways to gain the trust of your customers.

1. Suggestions

Suggestions can win parent’s heart. According to the survey, “88% of parents still ask for suggestions. That is why startups need to consider this solution. So, you need to think about to make parents feel comfortable finding a nanny with the app. The app like Uber for babysitters allows parents to create a list of their favorite sitters and browse the favorites in their community. Additionally, each nanny profile, which includes the number of repeat families, showing how many families have repeatedly work with that nanny.


Image Source: urbansitter

2. Extra Guarantee

Even if you have well-checked and screened nannies, then still there can be some risks. In that vein, the app asks both parents and babysitters to confirm the job performance to prevent all possible accidents. In case of emergency, the app communicates with users by email or phone. The concept of parent loyalty covers more areas than trust. While choosing a babysitter, 61% of parents make their choice based on comfort as they can get for themselves. Therefore, you need uber babysitting app to be convenient and efficient.

Challenge #2: Inconvenience

Parents know very well how difficult it is to find the reliable child care, specifically when it is on-demand. In the past times, the story was not same. There was a lack of convenience for parents. So, on-demand apps have provided with the solutions that can actually work in the recent times. On-demand babysitting app works same like as you can book a babysitter the way you book a cab or even book Uber without internet nowadays. Let us explore how can on-demand babysitting apps overcome inconvenience.


Image Source: urbansitter


So, to overcome the inconvenience, it is important to provide the solutions that actually work. All you need to eradicate the inconvenience by using diverse technologies. Here, we recommend you to pay attention to the availability and online payments.

1. Availability

In the recent times, you may have seen that both parents are working in the families. Some of these parents have flexible working hours, but it is hard to manage their kids along with work and other things. Thus, people need someone to stay with their kids early on weekend mornings so that they can have at least some rest, or overnight in order to spend a romantic evening. The solution is that your babysitters must be available 24/7.

So, as a startup, you need to consider the feature like real-time booking in the babysitting app. Therefore, it is safe to say that availability is the main reason why more and more people use these babysitting apps. And, it must be instant or on-demand as people expect from Uber after booking a cab.

2. Online Payments

As everyone knows that online payments lead to convenience. So, this is the solution for your customers to overcome inconvenience. Online payments help to avoid embarrassing situations when parents don’t know how much to pay to the nanny. It is also pivotal to implement online payment system into the app.

Challenge #3: No Safety & Not a Good Pay Scale for Babysitters

There are many entrepreneurs, who believe that they provide a perfect working environment for babysitters. But they do not see, and avoid the evident failures that can lead their business models to fail.

However, many entrepreneurs are failed to resolve the problems like quitting jobs for contractors. So, this is one of the major challenges that you need to overcome by using winning patterns and solutions. That is why we have gathered solutions, which are in the favor of babysitters. These useful tips will help startups to engage more babysitters to work with them.


1. Safety for Babysitters

Safety is one of the most vital requirements. It is important that startups need to provide a secure environment and have protection system in the place. Now, the question is how you can create such system for babysitters? You need to arrange 24/7 support so that babysitters can contact you in any critical situation. Also, it would be great if you can provide an option to block those users immediately within the app.

2. Fair Pay for Babysitters

Payment is one of the major issues, especially for babysitters. If you as a startup do not provide fair pay option to nannies, then there is a higher chance of losing contracts or babysitters in the future. Make sure that your payment rates are not too low. To illustrate, UrbanSitter does not allow parents to set rates below $8 per hour. If you want to set up a successful business model under the category of ‘Uber for babysitters’, then you need to take utmost care of these challenges and must consider solutions to get a greater success.


So, we’ve just shared some major challenges and their solutions that you as a startup can face while creating an on-demand babysitting app. All these solutions will help to overcome these challenges and make a successful babysitting app like UrbanSitter. After deciding about babysitting app development, you might have some questions like:

  • How much does it cost to develop a babysitting app?
  • Why should I consider an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before developing mobile app?

If it is so, then you can directly consult us through the below-given form as we are a leading iOS/Android app development company and have already developed over 40 on-demand solutions successfully for startups and enterprises.


Don’t Forget to Checkout These 3 Important Features Before Creating a Weather App like AccuWeather and NOAA Weather Radar

This blog is for those startups who want to develop a weather app. Here, we’ve compiled important features which you can consider before developing a successful weather app like AccuWeather and NOAA weather radar apps.

Weather is something everybody deals with, and an accurate data of it like what is coming can help to users to make inform decisions. With weather apps, people can exactly know when to expect a change in the weather conditions. Weather apps can give urgent alerts too.

Undoubtedly, weather forecasting has come a long way, helping people to know about weather conditions. So, if you are in an area where weather frequently changes from sunny to torrential rain in a matter of minutes, then what is the easiest way to make sure to be prepared for. The suitable answer is a weather application.

Weather applications continuously update their forecasts, whether it is by the day, hour or minute, so it always takes us one step ahead. The best weather apps for Android are like pocket weather channels, and they do not just tell anyone when the sun is going to shine and the rain is going to fall, these apps tell us the wind speed, the UV level, humidity levels, and even “feels like” temperature to account for the dreaded wind chill.


So, if you as a startup have made-up your mind to develop your own weather application like AccuWeather and NOAA Weather Radar, here, we have mentioned top three features that you can consider.

3 Important Features That Startups Can Consider Before Creating Weather App

1. Smart Notifications Based on The Current Weather Forecast

The weather app can’t be completed without considering this must-have feature, which is called as smart notifications or push notifications based on the current weather forecast. As such feature keeps reminding your app users to take an umbrella if there is about to rain outside or prepare themselves for heat strokes or high UV rays. To update users about the latest weather conditions, you can send notifications to app users. So, if you are planning to develop a weather app like AccuWeather, then considering in-app notifications is important.

Technology to Develop This Feature: TSMessages

TSMessages is a library that provides an easy-to-use class to show notifications on the top of the screen. Also, the library allows creating attractive alerts and notifications.


2. Hyper-Local Forecast

The next important feature that you can’t miss before creating weather app is hyper-local forecast which predicts rain, storm, and weather changes with a per minute accuracy based on the user’s current location. To develop this feature, our developers make use of Dark Sky API to gain access to the same data.


3. Weather Visualizations With Stunning Maps

Along with the prediction of current weather conditions, it is also important to offer your app users with stunning maps which allows them to explore weather in the past and the future. Such feature is important to consider because it allows app users to check the complete weather data of the past and future times. This type of feature is worth-considering if you’re planning to create weather app like Dark Sky.


Other Recommended Features

If you want to expand this idea and wondering how to create weather forecast app, which makes public curious, then there are some other recommended features, which you as a startup can consider. Check them out:

  • You can include the feature, which tells app users about historical temperature trends and changes in diverse areas. You could also connect with comments like today is 45 degrees temperature, which is higher than the previous year.
  • You can also consider drought monitoring and forecast tab that can win your app users who are from the agriculture industry.
  • If you have planned to create the most accurate weather app, then you can consider a map of global climate changes. All you need to do is update it regularly. The best example we can take here is Earth Now that comes up with the unique features that tell users to global climate change. And, this feature is worth to consider before weather app development.

So far, we have developed more than 30 weather apps using different weather APIs, so let’s check out those APIs.

How Our Developers Make Accurate-Data Providing Weather Apps Using These Weather APIs

1. AccuWeather API

AccuWeather API is one of the popular weather API providers, which provides the world’s most accurate source of weather. Over 2 billion people have already used the AccuWeather API. It has a real-time database, which includes the following:

  • Hundreds of thousands of real-time weather observations updated every few minutes from land, ships and aircraft.
  • Satellite Observations, Lightning-Strike Data for locations around the globe.
  • Comprehensive Global Radar Datasets in over 40 countries, which show the precise movement of precipitation
  • Crowdsourced reports, photos, and information
  • It supports over 100 languages.
  • Generates forecasts for 2.3 million locations along with over 100 parameters from temperature, humidity to rain, and snow and ice amounts for every minute.
  • Over 100 expert meteorologists that provide the most accurate, actionable, detailed, comprehensive, and up-to-date forecasts worldwide.

2. DarkSky API

DarkSky API allows getting hyperlocal weather forecasts along with precise accuracy, severe weather alerts, access to historical data, global coverage, multi-language support, weekly forecasts by hour/day, and minute-by-minute hyperlocal forecasts. The DarkSky API allows to look up the weather anywhere across the globe:

  • Current weather conditions
  • Minute-by-minute forecasts out to one hour
  • Hour-by-hour and day-by-day forecasts out to seven days
  • Hour-by-hour and day-by-day observations going back decades

It provides a full collection of meteorological conditions in 39 different languages, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, cloud cover, dews point, humidity, moon phase, ozone, apparent or feels-like temperature, wind speed, wind gust UV index, and wind direction.

3. OpenWeatherMap API

OpenWeatherMap API allows getting the current weather data, the daily forecast for 16 days, and 3-hourly forecast 5 days for a particular city. It provides helpful stats, graphics, and current date in history charts that are available for reference. Interactive maps show precipitation, clouds, pressure, and wind around your location. It also provides the following information:

  • Historical weather data that ranges from 1 month to 5 years.
  • Weather map layers, including clouds, wind, temperature, and more.
  • UV Index
  • Data on air pollution with historical records. (You can include this if you are planning to build a climate app).

On a Concluding Note

Above, we’ve discussed the essential features of weather app, which can’t be missed while creating a weather app like AccuWeather. However, we have also described some other recommended features along with the Weather APIs that our developers have used to develop over 30 weather apps. After going through the above post, you might have some questions in your mind like:

  • How much does it cost to develop a weather app?
  • What’s the importance to create an MVP of an app?
  • What is the right way to start to develop android app under the category of weather?

Along with above-mentioned questions, if you have any other query or confusion, you can directly consult us through below given form and our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.


Important Lessons From Stash (Micro-Investing App) That Partners With Green Dot Bank to Expand Into Banking

This post is for those startups who have already made up their mind to create the micro-investing apps like Stash or Acorns. Herein, we’ve curated important lessons from the fastest growing investment app, Stash.

Earlier, investing in the stock market was complicated for newbies, but technology has simplified this area, too. However, twenty years ago, if you wanted to start investing, then you might have called a full-service broker on the phone who charged outrageous fees to make a trade.

But, now, the things have been changed completely. This is due to the fact that the investment apps allow regular people to make their own trades for a fraction of the cost, and allowing anyone with the mobile app and a bank account to start and monitor their investments from the comfort of their phone.

As a first-time investor, even if you understand how the stock market works, then you might not know how to play with the market wisely. Fortunately, there are best investment apps like Stash, Acorns and Robinhood, which are designed specifically for novice investors, and the technology is simple to understand, yet the features are comprehensive.

These investment apps are not only facilitating stock purchases, but they can compare fees, proffer investing suggestions, analyze mutual funds, and aggregate net worth or even track cash flow. Talking more about investment and stock marketing apps, then Stash is the fast-growing investment app in the market. Let’s know more about Stash invest app.

Stash – The Fastest-Growing Investment App

Stash is an American FinTech (Financial Technology) company that is offering a mobile app with micro-investing services. It aims to simplify investing, making it more accessible. According to the recent report from TechCrunch, “Stash investing app has raised $25 million in Series B funding”.


Making your money work is the best way to communicate wealth in the long run. Nevertheless, there is another booming marketplace, which you might have missed i.e. micro investing.

The basic idea of investing still remains hot among the consumers and startup investors. Sound interesting? We actually feel the same. However, if you are also planning to create investment apps like Stash and Acorns, then you should start identifying and researching the target market first. Before you move ahead, we have curated something important for you. Let’s have a look!

Why Startups Should Invest in Micro-Investing Niche

The micro-investing niche has become one of the hottest FinTech trends in 2017. There is a number of millennials who are interested to embrace it. This is due to the fact that millennials are more concerned about their future, according to the survey-

  • Approximately 50% of them are counting on tech startups to introduce new innovations to the financial space.
  • 71% of millennials would go to the dentist than listen to a banker.

The above data reflects that the banks should work more on establishing trust with consumers, and should offer m-banking solutions.

Apart from the daily financial struggles because of banks, millennials are actually concerned about their financial future. This is why –

  • 77% millennials indicated that investing is pivotal to grow their future assets.
  • 70% millennials admit that they feel worried about their future finances.
  • Approximately 77% millennials said that they did the majority of their banking and investing operations through mobile devices, tablets or computers.

However, the above-given points clearly indicate that startups should seriously consider developing investment app. So, being a startup, if you want to create investment app like Stash, let’s check out the important lessons from investing app Stash that can help you to develop a successful investment app.

Important Lessons For Startups To Learn From Micro-Investing App, Stash

1. Provide Diverse Type of Investing Solutions

This fastest growing investment app aims to make investing easier for those people who are not financially experienced. Stash app has analyzed the market and the problems of such people, who do not have any experience in the investment. Before getting started with the investment plans, the user can set up an account in just a couple of minutes by connecting Stash app to user’s bank account. The user can access over 35 investment options, and the app provides the diverse type of investing solutions. Plus, it allows users to create a portfolio by providing personalized guidance.

The company believes that the small change will only lead to small results, and the larger goal is to get app users comfortable with investing so they can automate the process by constantly transferring large sums from their bank account via the app’s Auto Stash feature. The feature, Auto Stash allows users to invest on regular basis. The user just needs to set the amount like $5, $10 or more, then it will automatically deduct from the user’s account.

2. Making Investment Easier Who are not Financial Experienced

The next lesson is based on younger users and first-time investors who are new in the world of investments.

Stash aims to appeal to younger users and first-time investors, who are afraid of investing and uncomfortable using traditional tools. The company also notes that other people previously locked out of the market like freelancers, military personnel, and teachers are now using the tool to invest, but learn financial strategies.

The plans by Stash app seems to be working. Also, the company says that it is now servicing 850,000 user accounts. The company added over a half a million new investors to its platform, with over 25,000 new users joining every week.

3. Educate Customers on Investment Basics

Investors choose from a selection of over 30 ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) selected by Stash’s team. The investment is chosen based on mobile-driven factors, including historical performance, expense ratio, risk profile and asset allocation.

Moreover, the micro-investing app, Stash also tries to educate customers on investment basics by providing guidance and tips. According to report, “Stash customers have invested over $25 million through the mobile app, and the numbers are keep growing”. Stash’s business and others may work out well for the platform owners, and they are not necessarily helping customers with their financial goals as the way they traditional investments can.

So, developing an investment app that educated customers on investment basics along with investment can help them get comfortable with stock market concepts and their monthly fees.

4. Make The Platform Available for All

Rather all differences, Stash, Acorns, and Robinhood, which are all after the same kind of audience in which people who have been overlooked by traditional investment management industry that focuses more on assets under management.

As we’ve already said that the main aim behind Stash is to make its platform available for as many people as possible, regardless of net worth. It is also an important lesson that you can consider while developing investment app like Stash. You can make your app available for maximum number of people irrespective of their net worth.

5. Target Undervalued Demographic

The Stash company also concentrated undervalued demographics who can and should only give small amounts at a time. The company also emphasizes on investment products that reflect an individual’s risk tolerance, financial goals, beliefs, and interests.

There are many investment managers with billions of dollars in care more about attracting assets and earning sales commissions and fees as compared to they do putting the long-term financial health of their customers first that can be a clear conflict. So, you as a startup also ensure that you develop one such investment app that targets undervalued demographics.

Wrapping Up

Stash’s business works out well for the investment seekers. However, the main idea behind this investment app Stash is to make people comfortable with stock market concepts, indeed. Thus, if you want to start with the same successful business model under the same niche like Acorns and Stash, then you should encourage more reluctant types of investments, and useful features, which can create value to your customers’ lives.

Furthermore, the tips and in-app guides, smart analytics, and suggestions that can enhance the users’ financial literacy can also be considered. To build a FinTech company, and create an investment app like Stash, then the next logical step is to hire full stack developer, who can help you to develop a complete investment app solution.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding investment app development or you want to discuss your app idea, then you can directly contact us through the below-given form. We will right back to you within 48 hours.


This News Will Boost Your Day If You Want to Start Your Own Startup in The U.S. or Canada

This blog is for those startups who are waiting for the “right time” to develop an app. However, this post will change your mind. We have rounded up top mobile app categories which are at the leading in the first quarter (Q1) of 2018.

Before being an entrepreneur, startups need to go a long way. To keep a small business in startup mode that requires you to stand on the brake. If you keep thinking what’s the right time to start a startup, then you never find the right time to start with! However, we’re going to share you the latest news, which would push you towards your goals in order to achieve them.

According to the report, “The overall, venture investors put $28.67 billion to work across the Seed through technology growth stage funding rounds in the first quarter (Q1) of 2018”. This is up from $24.2 billion in Q4’17 and $18.23 billion in Q1’18.

The drastic rise was driven by increased investment as Seed, Early-stage, and Late-stage, with round counts also up significantly from the prior quarter. It is upward trajectory, specifically at the Seed stage that could uplift concerns in the recent months about a decline in rounds for the very earliest stage startups. While seed deal counts remain well below peaks hit a couple of years ago, and projections show they are no longer falling.

So, it is time to move from thinking mode to initiate mode, and you can also embark on your top ideas on startup companies. Before an angel investor or venture capital firm invest in a startup, your startup needs to prove its ability. Startups need to prepare themselves in which app category they should start with.

Before jumping to the main section of our post, let’s check out the glossary of terms, which we will use in the post more frequently. Herein we’ll cover about venture, venture capital, and the venture capital investment stages.

Venture and Venture Capital

Venture: It is a global business with a growing percentage of financing taking place outside Silicon Valley as an expanding array of innovation hubs, which compete for capital.

Venture Capital: It is financing that investors provide to startup companies and small business that is believed to have long-term growth potential. It generally comes from well-off investors, investment banks and any other financial institutions. However, it does not always take just a monetary form, but it can be provided in the form of technical or managerial expertise.

Venture Capital Investment Stages

1. Seed/Angel: It includes financings, which are classified as a Seed or Angel including accelerator fundings and equity crowdfunding below $5 million.

2. Early-Stage Venture: It includes financings that are classified as a Series A or B, venture rounds without a designated series that are below $15 million, and equity crowdfunding above $5 million.

3. Late-Stage Venture: It includes financings, which are classified as a Series C+ and venture rounds, which is greater than $15 million.

4. Technology Growth: It includes private equity investments with participation from venture investors.

Investment Totals

If we’re talking about the investment totals, the two words: “Up” and “Rising” are one of the best-suited words to explain it. The total investment across all venture stages was up both sequentially and year-over-year (YOY). Technology growth is the only stage which saw a small decline, and it is typically volatile from quarter-to-quarter because of the small number of deals and large dollar sums involved. This is what you can check in the below image. Also, you can see how the numbers compare over the last five quarters i.e. Q1’17, Q2’17, Q3’17, Q4’17 & Q1’18.


Herein, we’ve broken up into the numbers in greater detail, focusing on Q1 investment and round totals, stage by stage performance, largest rounds, and biggest exits.

1. Seed Stage: There’s no Sign of Decline

The latter part of 2017, there was a drop off in the number of Seed-stage financings. However, the decline was a source of worry across all startup ecosystem as investors depend upon on a healthy pipeline of SEED-funded companies for later venture funds. Talking about Q1’18, the numbers do not put all fears to rest as they do offer a bit of comfort. It covered over 1500 companies in the U.S. and Canada that raised SEED or Angel funding in the first three months of this year, and up about 28% from Q4 2017. In the below image, we can look at the Seed-stage investments and round counts for the past five quarters.


2. Early-Stage is Accelerating

Early-stage funding includes Series A and B increased in Q1, with startups collecting in a projected total of $10.54 billion by far the highest total in five quarters. In the below image, you can see how much money has gone into early-stage since 2017.


If we’re talking about Q1, the quarter-over-quarter rise was driven by both bigger rounds. Entirely, 898 Series A and B rounds closed in the first quarter (Q1) in 2018. An early-stage round does not always mean immature technology. It is worth noting that some of these big early-stage bio rounds went to startups with fairly mature technologies and product pipelines, which were licensed or spun out of larger companies.

3. Late-Stage is Boosting

The Late Stage experienced the biggest gains. Investors put $15.7 billion into late-stage rounds (Series A and beyond) over the first three months of the year, by far the highest total in five quarters. In the below image, you can see how much capital has gone into late-stage startups in the first quarter (Q1) of this year pulled in more than 30% capital than any quarter in 2017.


The key factor behind the late stage rise can be mounting piles of cash in the hands of large venture firms. However, the U.S. venture firms have embarked on a supergiant fundraising spree. So far this year, at least six have disclosed new funds targeted at upwards of $1 billion. The leading companies in this category are Katerra, DoorDash, Moderna Therapeutics and Robinhood.

4. The Round Counts

After a comparatively sluggish Q4, the round counts are on the upswing. Over 2700 startups closed funding rounds in Q1, as per the report. It is a nice rebound from Q4 of 2017 that saw a steep drop in the number of financings, specifically at SEED and Early Stage. However, it is still below average for the past five quarters that you can see in the below image:


Top App Categories That Have Been Flourishing So Far

1. On-Demand Food Delivery

The on-demand food delivery category is one of the leading categories, and will surely flourish in the upcoming years. If we’re talking about on-demand food delivery, then it would not be fair not to mention the food delivery giant, DoorDash. The company is one of the top mega-round recipients and has raised funds in Series D round with total funding amount of $535 million. DoorDash comes under Late Stage round. It is safe to say that on-demand food delivery category will surely flourish in the upcoming years because of flexibility and convenience. Moreover, it is a good news for those startups who are ready to take a plunge to create an app under this category.

2. Personal Finance

The next app category is personal finance which is in Late-Stage venture capital. One of the popular personal finance apps, Robinhood is a startup company, which has already matured due to its rapid growth. The zero-fee stock trading tool, Robinhood has raised $350 million funds in Series D funding in 2018. However, we can say that the personal finance apps category is booming. If you’re planning to dive into this category, all we can say that it is a high time to start with this category.

3. Health Care

It seems that the healthcare app category is showing no sign of slowing down. However, the startup companies have raised a huge amount of fund in the medicinal and healthcare niche. In short, we can say that this niche has also bright chance to grow in the upcoming years. A few names of startups which are already positioned well: Moderna Therapeutics (raised $500 million in late-stage), Viela Bio (a developer of therapies for autoimmune diseases), and Helix (health startup company that focus on personal genomics and connects consumers with insights into their own DNA.

Apart from raising fund of apps, the size of global health market is expected to increase to over 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. Additionally, the mobile health segment is expected to generate the second largest revenue share, and reaching 46 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. It is clear that the global health market in the upcoming years will be flourishing. Being a startup, you can embark on this category.

4. Music Streaming

You might have heard a lot of new updates about the growth of this app category that is music streaming. It may have already seen that the first big internet IPO (Initial Public Offerings) of the second quarter with Spotify (music streaming app) with the total funding amount $2.7 billion. The stats of 2017 looks like something this:


This is one of such mobile app categories, which is also booming in the market. In a nutshell, the music streaming app category is also rising rapidly.

Wrapping Up

There is no need of a crystal ball to predict that the IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) will be big in the second quarter (Q2) in 2018. After going through the above-given graphs of growth from Q4’17 to Q1’18, there is no room for doubt that Q2 of 2018 will be growing with all these app categories. Apart from above app categories, there are some software startup firms like Zuora, Pivotal, and Smartsheet, which are also flourishing in this first quarter of 2018. Overall, Q1’18 is dedicated to startup companies, and because of them, the graph is growing upward.

Being a startup, if you might have questions related to creating an app in the above-mentioned categories like health care, music streaming, personal finance or on-demand food delivery, then you can directly consult us through below-given form as we’re a leading iOS app development company and have experience of developing more than 2000 mobile apps under different categories.


How Uber Resolves Safety Issues With These 4 New Safety Solutions

This blog is for those taxi startups, who want to build a ride-sharing app like Uber. To make a successful taxi booking app like Uber, you must-have to consider these new safety solutions from Uber. Let’s have a look!

The “Uber” has become one of the most recent trends and buzzwords from the last few years. With the rapid growth of Uber, there are many startups who are proposing the ‘Uber for X’ model, connecting buyers and sellers through an app.

When it comes to ride-sharing services, technology puts millions of people together in cars in cities around the world. However, running a taxi booking app business or starting it from zero, it is important to consider safety feature. It is a huge responsibility that you can’t take lightly. This is what Uber’s new update is all about.

According to the recent report, “Uber introduced a bunch of new safety features for the app that is mainly designed to address growing concerns over rider safety”. Several new improvements by Uber to double down on safety in the app, strengthen the screening process, and bring a new powerhouse advisor on board to help shape Uber’s next chapter.

If you as a taxi startup or entrepreneur is constantly seeking ways to incorporate unparalleled safety solutions in terms of safety features for your customers, then you need to check out top safety solutions by Uber.

Top 4 Safety Solutions From Uber That You Need to Consider While Developing Uber-like App

Solution #1: Safety Center

Undoubtedly, Uber has offered a lot of usable features, but this time Uber has come up with the solutions about safety. In the app, they have located safety in one central place and making it accessible directly from the home screen during the ride. If we’re talking about the safety center, then this solution in terms of the feature will soon let users know a dedicated place in the app where they can learn about the key safety information, including tips built in partnership with law enforcement, driver screening processes, insurance protections and community guidelines.

For U.S. users, Uber has updated its app with a safety center that provides users with safety information by the app. If you want to become the next Uber, then you must consider this safety solution before developing apps like Uber. Safety is one of the important aspects, which you need to take extra care if you share Uber like business model.



Solution #2: Trusted Contacts

With this Uber’s latest solution, riders will be able to designate up to five friends and family members as ‘trusted contacts’, and be prompted to share trip details with close ones during every ride.

This solution provided by Uber has made it easier than ever to share the trip, so users’ closed ones that can follow along and know when the user has arrived. However, night time sharing is also an option to share the trip’s details and live locations to close ones. This solution does not only provide safety, but also build trust among users. In short, it is a powerful feature, which you need to consider as a startup before developing apps similar to Uber.

Solution #3: Emergency Button That Connects Riders to 911 Operator

There is no guarantee when it comes to transportation and nothing comes with 100 percent free of incidents. If the rider faces an emergency situation, then he or she can get assistance using an emergency button, which will connect the rider directly with 911 help.

Most importantly, this feature shows rider’s real-time location in the app both on the map and as an address, so that rider can share it directly with the 911 operator. However, such feature can also be launched for drivers.

Solution #4: New Offense Notifications

With this solution, Uber is going to take safety to the next level. This solution of Uber is based on the technology, which rapidly identifies the new offenses. By using the data sources, that covers the new criminal offenses, Uber will receive notifications when the driver is involved and leverage this information to help continuously enforce the driving screening standards.

In addition, Uber is also involving in driver’s screening in which Uber will investigate and verify the potentially disqualifying information from public records such as new and pending charge for a DUI (Driving under the influence), and ensure the driver is still eligible to work with the company.

Wrapping Up

Since 2009, the ride-hailing company, Uber has been helping people move safely around their cities, countries and the world. All these solutions are built on the safety benefits that ride-sharing already brings such as helping people avoid drunk driving, providing GPS tracked records of every trip, and 24×7 feedback, and quick response from safety team.

Technology has made traveling completely safe more than ever before. And while there has been a lot of progress, then you as a startup company must be ready to do more for your users from the safety perspective. When it comes to safety, you need to pay an extra attention like Uber, and you must have come up with the features that can create value for riders’ lives.

So, after going through aforesaid solutions, if you have any query regarding ride-sharing app development, then you can directly consult us through the below-given form as we’re a leading Android app development company and have developed over 60 taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft. Let us know your queries and our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.


Want to Develop Job Search Apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search? Don’t Miss to Integrate These Top 5 Features

This blog contains information for those startups, who are ready to take a plunge to create job search apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Herein we’ve curated top features of job finder app that you can consider.

Hunting for a job is undoubtedly one of the most stressful barriers in one’s life. However, the scenario of searching for the best-suited job has completely changed in the recent times as hunting for a job has become a lot easier now. Thanks to the explosion of job search apps.

The job search is happening 24/7. However, with the help of these apps, the user can create a resume, connect with recruiters, track job listings, and networking opportunities on the go. Now, job seekers can run their job search anywhere, anytime.

Over the past couple of years, the job search is squarely the business of technology with the tedium of resumes, interviews, and salary negotiations streamlined to help job seekers breathe a sigh of relief. Moreover, it goes down differently for everybody as the job search can generally be split into four major categories, including Professional Networking, Job Discovery, Job applications, and Employer Communication.

If we’re talking about the job search mobile apps, then we can’t forget to mention the giants of top job search apps like LinkedIn Job Search and Glassdoor, which are booming in this niche. These apps have emerged to streamline and simplify the whole job search, and allowing an increasingly smartphone dominated society to network, search and apply the job, and communication on their time and on their terms.

Job finder apps let you search for jobs across virtually all other major online job boards like LinkedIn, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, and others. So, before jumping to top features of job search app, below is the growth of the top job finder apps as how good are they doing. Let’s have a look!

Key Facts of The Goliath – Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search


Launched in 2008, Glassdoor is one of the largest and fastest growing job search mobile apps across the world. The app combines all the jobs with the valuable data to make it easy for users to find a job, which is uniquely right for them.

  • According to the report from TechCrunch, “Glassdoor company secured $40M in Series H round of funding, valued around $1B for a job search platform in the year 2016”.
  • Glassdoor has reviews and insights for more than 700,000 companies in more than 190 countries.
  • Approximately 57 million users visit Glassdoor’s mobile app on monthly basis.

In the competitive world of job market, Glassdoor has been growing since its emergence. According to the SimilarWeb, the graph keeps growing and currently Google Play rank is 13 and Usage rank is 69.


  • When it comes to the growth of Glassdoor, then according to App Annie, the company keeps growing that you can see in the below graph.


LinkedIn Job Search

According to LinkedIn, 40% of its 300 million users access the website on mobile devices, so its bid to tap into the wave of the users accessing the website via smart devices that continue apace. In the year 2014, the company had launched its mobile app to apply job search. Check out the below growth points of LinkedIn app till now.

  • LinkedIn has 187,000,000 members in 200 territories along with minimum 2 members signing up every second.
  • 70% app users are outside from the U.S. It is available with 19 languages versions.
  • Over 2,600,000 company pages are on LinkedIn.
  • Top 3 countries, in terms of members are the U.S., India, and UK
  • Company’s Q3 2016 revenue was $960 million with 17% ($162 million) generated from premium account subscriptions.
  • In the below image, you can see the growth from the first quarter of 2009 to the third quarter of 2016. In the year 2016, LinkedIn had 467 million members.


  • Currently, the total number of LinkedIn users are over 500 million.
  • According to the latest report from App Annie, the download ranks of LinkedIn app keeps growing upward that you can see in the below image.


Now, let’s check out what are those common features which can’t miss before developing job search apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search.

Common Features That You Need to Consider Before Developing Job Search Apps

1. Allows Searching Job By Key Skills, Designations, and Companies

The search option is one of the significant features to include in any job finder app while developing job search apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search.
Make sure that the search option allows users to find out the job by key skills, title or designation of the user, and companies.

In simple terms, this feature must be as easy as we search the contact in WhatsApp so that users do not face any problem. Additionally, you can provide your app users to filter their searches in more productive ways to get a relevant job. Apart from this, it would be better if the job requirement shows up salary structure in the search results as it can help users to decide. The more viable and easy features, the more users will be inclined to use the app.

2. To Get Relevant Job Alerts

This feature is one of the fundamentals of any job search apps. To get relevant job alerts time to time, it is a must-have feature of job alerts, and, in this way, app users can get connected to the jobs as what they are looking for. A must-have feature in which job seeker can connect to the outer world of jobs as what he or she wants to get from his/her dream job.


3. In-app communication

We live in an era where technology gives comfort. And, in-app communication makes the communication easier. If we’re talking about businesses, then every area has relied on the power of messaging in order to acquire more users. By providing the seamless messaging platform to app users, you can increasingly expand into the product.

Again, the communication is a key feature, which is behind the success of any job-searching app. Staying connected with customers is always important in every area. When it comes to job search apps, there are several ways to connect with job seekers with recruiters like SMS, emails, and push notifications. These ways can be used to keep app users updated regarding the latest jobs, companies, and evolving trends.

In job search app, users always want to be heard. Therefore, allowing to talk with the recruiter or the admin in the event of some query can make mobile app noticeable in this niche.

4. Membership

Talking about the membership feature, the app users can use this advanced feature to get premium memberships and access to set of features that are needed.

By providing this feature, your app users do not need to look for the deals again and again. Such feature works great in order to capture the user attention as they are keep reminded about the services, and the best offers, which come with their membership can assure them that they will be provided with the most convenient job opportunities.

5. Cloud Management

Allowing to manage all the data in a much-secured way, it is important to the implement cloud technology, which comes as a great deal. However, all the related data corresponding to the app users, recruiters and resume uploaded are stored in the cloud to make the workflow of the businesses very seamless. Well, in a job finder app, cloud technology can help a lot in making the business scalable, monitors and secures all the information and data stored on the secured servers; therefore, protecting the entire business integrity.

A Well-Planned Job Search App Goes a Long Way!

Indeed! If you as a startup have decided to create job finder apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search, then you need to consider above-mentioned features of a job search app. It will let your app users take their job searches wherever they go. By providing a set of these handy features, you can help users to perform all the tasks related to job search with the mobile app. And, there is no chance to abandon such mobile apps. In case, if you have these below-mentioned questions related to your job search app idea:

  • I have a unique job search app idea. What is the right way to cross-verify it?
  • How much does it cost to develop an app like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search?
  • What is the significance to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for app idea?

You can directly consult us through the below-given form as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 2000 mobile applications in diverse categories. Let us know your queries and our sales representative will right back to you within 48 hrs.


You Must Integrate These Top 4 Features in Your Mobile App When You Want to Build a Successful Bike Ride-sharing Startup like JUMP, Ofo and Mobike

This blog is for those startups, who want to develop a bike-sharing app like Jump, Ofo, Mobike and Bird. Here, we have listed top four features that can make your bike-sharing app successful.

It seems like every company is making a big push into the bike-sharing market. The journey to the office is probably already on wheels, but you could power those wheels with a small push from the electric motor to new bike share option.

By just tapping into the bike-sharing app, you can book or rent a bike for your nearby commute as it is considered as the general means of transportation. A bike-sharing option is not only giving a convenience to people but providing affordability, too.

The Global Rise of Bike-Sharing

In the recent times, the bike-sharing service has gained huge popularity in the market. Last week, Uber, the ride-hailing company, has acquired bike-share startup Jump, adding the company’s fleet of 12,000 dockless bikes to its transportation offerings. Undoubtedly, Uber is paying a close attention to growing popularity of bike-sharing services that are taking off in the cities across the world.

According to the latest report by Bike-sharing Blog, there is a significant increase in the bike-sharing services in recent years. As per the below-given chart, the total number of public-use bikes has experienced massive growth since 2013, when there were only 700,000 public-use bikes in circulation across the world.

By 2016, that number had over tripled to 2.3 million. Talking about the countries, the most significant growth took place in China that in 2016 had 430 public-use bike programs in operation. The bike-sharing economy is shaking up the transportation market across the globe.

Jump: Since the bike-sharing startup launched in 2013, it had raised a $1.1M seed round funding in the same year. As it has already started its e-bike services in Washington D.C., the company has partnered with Uber in San Francisco to offer an electric motor assisted ride to users for the next nine months.

Now, Jump and its fleet of e-bikes is officially a part of Uber, pedalling Uber away from solely cars and driving to get around. However, it is a big step in Uber’s transformation into a multi-modal platform.

Ofo and Mobike: Talking about Ofo and Mobike, both are the largest bike-sharing companies in China. And, both the companies now valued more than $1 billion and have secured their place in the unicorn companies.

Recently, Meituan-Dianping, China’s biggest provider of on-demand services, including food-delivery to ride-hailing, has acquired Mobike, the country’s biggest bicycle-sharing firm.

When it comes to Ofo, the company operates over 10 million yellow bicycles in 250 cities and 20 countries as of 2017. The bike-sharing company makes use of smartphone app to unlock bicycles, charging an hourly rate for use.

Top Features That You Need to Consider If You Want to  Build a Successful Ride-Sharing App Like like Jump, Ofo and Mobike

1. Find a Bike Anytime, Anywhere

When it comes to developing a successful bike-sharing app like Ofo and mobike, one of the main features that you can consider is – allow people to find a bike anytime and anywhere. Make this feature as easy as possible so that riders do not face any difficulty while looking for a nearby bike.

The bike-sharing apps track the bikes through the rider’s GPS location using the app, enabling other people to find a bike anytime. This must-have feature is basic, which you need to consider if you are planning to make a bike sharing app.

2. Unlock The Bike By Scanning a QR Code in Just Seconds

Another important feature that can make your bike sharing app successful is allowing people to unlock the bike by scanning a QR code in just seconds. They can tap the “unlock” button and scan the QR code to automatically unlock the bike.

Try to make unlocking the bike as simple as possible so that people do not face any hassle while unlocking it. Within just a few seconds, they can unlock the bike and start their journey whether they are exploring the nearby areas, travelling to office or home.

3. Easy & Secure Payment Option

The next essential feature to consider while developing an app like Uber bike-sharing is to allow users to make payments after the trip without any hassle. Consider making this feature a lot easier, so riders can make payments with just a single tap on the screen.

Moreover, you need to consider the security of your riders’ included data like credit/debit card details. Also, you can provide a promo code or discount deal, which will be automatically applied in total cost.

Regardless of the city or country for which you are developing the bike-sharing app, make sure to make payments a lot of easier for your customers so that they can get user-friendly experience.

4. Allowing Riders to Book Bike in Advance

The fourth important feature that you can include in your dockless bike sharing app enables your riders to book a bike in advance so that they do not have to wait when they are riding office or coming back home.

By booking a bike in advance, they will not be late for their destination and it will be a highly useful feature in those areas, where bikes disappear instantly in the morning or evening time. Thus, you can allow your riders to book their bike in advance and this feature can convince people to book bike with you only.

On a Concluding Note

So, these are the top 4 features that are must consider if you are planning to develop an app like Ofo or mobike. It doesn’t matter whether you are targeting a single city or country, providing features that make it easy for people to use your bike-sharing app plays a significant role to make your app successful.

In case, if you still have any confusion or query like how much does it cost to make a bike-sharing app like oFo or Jump, you can directly get in touch with us through below-give form and our sales representative will get back to you to solve your all queries and confusion.


5 Key Features You Can’t Afford To Forget When Building A Retail App

This blog is for those startups, who are running a retail business and want to develop a retail application. Here, we have mentioned top 5 features that you as a startup can’t afford to forget when developing a retail app.

With the rise of mobile seeping into all areas of commerce, there’s never been a better time to develop your own retail app. But the potential scope of a retail app is such that if you’re not careful, you may end up overlooking some major features. It’s not easy to retroactively save an app build, so instead of charging ahead, spend more quality time in the planning stage.

A good retail app will improve customer experience, provide you with an effective marketing channel, and gather valuable data that can be used to optimize conversions. If you want your app to do all of this and more, remember to include these five key features that make your app successful.

Don’t Forget to Include These 5 Features When Developing A Retail App

1. Omnichannel support

Gone are the days when a purchasing decision was made entirely via one channel, be it desktop, mobile, or in store. Nowadays, a customer might do some preliminary research on their phone, move to their desktop to find out more, then make a final decision in store – that’s just one possibility. Customers could theoretically go through every channel, in any order, on their journey to a final decision. If you want to make the sale, your infrastructure better is able to keep up.

You may not have heard the term ‘omnichannel cart’ before, but you can be sure that the retail apps of the future will include this capability. An omnichannel cart allows users to add items to their cart through your website or mobile app and pay for them in one transaction, along with anything else they feel like picking up in store.

This means that even if you don’t have an item in stock at the customer’s location, you can leverage the convenience of one checkout to ensure you win their business – instead of your online competition.

Improve your omnichannel selling capabilities by adding social commerce to your arsenal. Instagram Shopping allows you to turn your business in a visual shopfront with access to Instagram’s 800 million users – and that’s only the beginning.

2. In-store Integration

Your app should serve to aid shoppers while they’re out and about, and few features are better at this than live, in-store stock tracking. When a customer knows what they want, the last thing they want is to walk into your store and be told it’s out of stock. Your app should direct them to alternative locations where they can buy their desired product. If that’s not possible, then it should offer a convenient way to order online, with speedy delivery.

This same ‘mobile app meets physical store’ synergy can save the day in other ways too. For example, if a customer is looking for an item that’s out of stock, you can use QR codes to create virtual aisles offering far more variety than you can house in one store – and your customer can leave with exactly what they came for.

Again, the key here is to allow the customer to purchase items from your virtual aisle in the same transaction as their physical purchases – otherwise, they might as well buy from any other online store.

You can then go a step further and incorporate Pincodes into your business. These are Pinterest’s own version of QR codes. They work by allowing your customers to scan physical codes, which then take them to your company Pinterest account or a curated Pinboard where your customers can buy products from your business. It’s the future of social retail.

3. Loyalty Incentives

There’s no point in developing an amazing retail app with all the latest functionality if you can’t convince your customers to use it. In 2018, people expect rewards. The rewards don’t have to be mind-blowing, but obviously, better rewards will drive more installs. So the question is, what rewards can you offer that make financial sense?

With a little gamification, you can offer some really tempting incentives, while ensuring you’re not left out of pocket. Depending on your business, you will want to tweak the specifics, but the idea is to offer the best rewards to your most prolific customers while giving new users something to encourage them to install your app. Offering deals to customers who have shopped with you over multiple consecutive weeks is a great place to start. Use detailed buyer personas to help you tailor your offers and content.

Of course, if your app comes furnished with loyalty incentives, don’t forget to do the same with your online store. You’ll need the functionality to do this, so use a store builder with an interface that makes it easy to tweak offers and incentives on the desktop version of your store.

4. Extensive Checkout Options

You don’t want to make your customers jump through hoops to spend their cash on your app, so you’d better support your customers’ preferred payment method. It’s important to remember that checking out on a mobile device isn’t the same as checking out on a desktop.

Even with a full-size keyboard, mouse, and monitor, it can be a chore filling in all the fields when checking out on a new site; on mobile, the process is even lengthier.

That’s why payment solutions like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay are so popular. You can be sure that if your customer uses these services extensively, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to sit down and enter all of their information – just to use your app.

5. Location Information

If you built a large install base for your new app but forgot to include location data in your app permissions, you’re going to want to sit down. The potential applications of your customer location data could be the subject of a series of very thick books, but they all lead to the same result: increased sales.

To put the importance of this in perspective, there are plenty of companies out there offering deals at a great financial loss, just to get their app on users’ phones and start collecting that location data. So if you can get it for free, you’re doing pretty well. Even if you don’t currently have plans to integrate location data into your marketing, you can be sure that you will eventually – so view it as a smart bit of future-proofing.

These are the top five features that you can’t afford to forget, but there are dozens more you certainly don’t want to miss out on. You don’t want to leave money on the table, so if you want your app development process to be plain sailing, there’s no substitute for proper planning. At the end, when your app finally hits the market, you will be glad that you took the time to do things right – and you’ll reap the rewards of your labour for years.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to retail app development, you can directly consult us and discuss with us. We as a leading mobile app development company can assist you and solve your all queries that you have.


Reasons to Create On-demand Grocery Delivery App For Your Grocery Business

If you run a physical grocery store and still do not have a mobile app, then this blog is for you. Herein, we’ve gathered top challenges of on-demand grocery business and how grocery delivery app can resolve it. Let’s have a look.

The adoption of online grocery is increasing worldwide at a greater pace. However, the way people shop, in the past, has transformed completely. Digital retailing helps companies to deliver what today’s customers expect.

And, it also gives customers diverse ways to shop and access to products and services more than ever before. It is safe to say that consumers are embracing the freedom of shopping whenever and wherever they want. Thanks to mobile apps. However, we can say that people can do purchase at their ease because of mobile apps.

On-demand grocery delivery apps are recognized as fast-paced marketplaces. Now, let us have a look at the growth part of grocery shopping apps.

The Growth of Grocery Delivery Apps

  • There’s a good news for all online grocery businesses that online grocery shopping could grow five-fold over the next decade.
  • According to the report, American consumers will spend upwards of $100 billion on food-at-home items by 2025.
  • Indeed, the number of U.S. households are getting groceries digitally has risen significantly in the recent years and near the future.
  • The U.S. online grocery sales amounted to about 14.2 billion U.S. dollar in the year 2017 and are expected to rise to nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars by 2021, according to report from Statista.


  • Furthermore, grocery mobile apps like Amazon Go and Instacart have already stolen the spotlight, hence, there is no turmoil left in saying that the future of grocery delivery mobile applications will continue to bloom henceforward.

If you run physical grocery store, and you don’t yet have the mobile app, then you might be facing following challenges that mobile app solution can resolve.

Top 3 Reasons to Develop On-demand Grocery Delivery App

1. Loyal Customers

It is not easily possible to gain loyal customers. It generally, takes 10 times more effort to convert a new user into buyer as compared to converting an existing user to do the same. As per the report, existing users spend 67% more than the new customers.

After understanding the importance of loyal customers, there are many companies who have started offering loyalty programs in their grocery mobile apps by providing discounts coupons, reward points, etc. With a grocery shopping app, it is easy to reach to more customers and allow them to reach to your online store at any time anywhere.

Therefore, you as a startup or grocery business owner needs to have a mobile app, where you will be able to retain your customers and convert them into loyal customers.

2. Convenience

In the today’s fast-moving world, people are short of time to go out and spend their entire time to shop or buy their needs. So, users are preferring online markets to do shopping. If they can do the same on mobile, then it would be more convenient for them.

Customers can experience the ease of shopping with mobile apps. As per the report, “25% of people who are staying in the big cities prefer mobile apps to buy their groceries, and it is expected that it would cross 50% more in the upcoming years”.

Moreover, the grocery shopping ordering reduces the inconvenience of grocery selection by eradicating the trips to physical stores. Further, it allows shoppers to purchase more items instantly by category-wise, whereas trip to grocery store is more difficult as they have to find every single product on their own.

3. Customer Engagement

With the help of on-demand service mobile apps, the business can avoid barriers between service providers and users for engagement. It also helps businesses to understand exact user requirement via customer feedback.

However, the prompt services make customers happy when it comes to shopping for either groceries or any other item. So, the mobile app solution can help them to enjoy prompt service of your business. And, it also helps to boost your revenue.

Wrapping Up

Above we have mentioned the top reasons to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app if you are running a grocery business. By providing the grocery shopping app solution, you can also create a successful grocery business like Amazon Now and Instacart. In a nutshell, a mobile app for your business can help you to take your customer experience to the next level.

With increasing demand for on-demand services, it’s high time to create an on-demand grocery app for your grocery business, allowing your customers to experience advance level of services.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand grocery shopping app development, you can get in touch with us as we’re a leading iOS app development company and have already developed over 40 apps in the on-demand category.

5 Reasons Why Google Added Kotlin as an Official Programming Language for Android App Development

This blog contains information about Kotlin that is a modern programming language and going to replace the Java language for Android development because of its unparalleled attributes. Herein, we’ve gathered top reasons why Kotlin has become the official language for Android app development.

Kotlin is a new and much younger than Java, but it is a promising programming language. It has become an official language for Android development. According to the Android’s official website, “Google announced Kotlin as a first-class language for writing Android apps”.

Furthermore, since Google I/O 2017, the growth rate of Kotlin has jumped dramatically all over the globe. This is what you can see in the below image.


Image Source: visualstudiomagazine

A programming language, Kotlin is developed from JetBrains (the developers behind the Android Studio), and maker of the world’s best IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). Undoubtedly, the Kotlin community is constantly growing, and everyone is talking about it. So, we’ll briefly know about Kotlin, and also discuss how this programming language is different from Java.

An Overview of Kotlin (Programming Language for Android Development)

  • The latest version of Kotlin is 1.2.40
  • Kotlin is a statically typed programming language. It means that the type of variable is considered at compile time instead of runtime.
  • The basic examples of other statically typed programming languages other than Kotlin are JADE, Ada, C, C++, C#, Java, Scala, and Pascal.
  • Areas where Kotlin language can be used: Kotlin can be utilized for various types of web and mobile app development such as Client-side web, Server-side web, Android app, Mobile app, Client-side with JavaScript, and Data Science.
  • Organizations who are using Kotlin, include Lyft, Slack, Pinterest, Basecamp, and Square.

How Kotlin is Different From Java

Kotlin also works with Java at the same time. It means that you can add the Kotlin code to the existing project whether it is based on Java language. Due to Kotlin’s bi-directional use, Android developers are able to call into Java language from Kotlin or vice-versa. That’s why Kotlin is quite different from other languages.

Now, moving ahead! In the year 2011, JetBrains had started working on Kotlin, a statically typed programming language, which runs on a Java virtual machine (JVM). Also, it is worth to mention that JetBrains has done a remarkable job by fusing the Kotlin language in the IDE (Android Studio) that is based on the IntelliJ platform.

The search engine giant, Google has announced that it is making Kotlin a first-class language for writing or to develop android apps. So, keeping all things in mind, we have prepared top five reasons on why Kotlin has become the official programming language for android app development.

Top 5 Reasons Why Kotlin Has Become The Official Programming Language for Android Development

1. It’s 100% Interoperable With Java

One of the main reasons why Kotlin has become the first-class language in Android is because it runs smoothly on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). JetBrains developed Kotlin as a JVM programming language, making it 100% interoperable with Java programming language. Therefore, the Android developers can use several Java libraries whilst writing code for Android apps in Kotlin. In addition, developers can generate Java code from Kotlin using the converters provided by JetBrains.

2. Kotlin is Safe

Let’s talk about one of the biggest pains of developers while writing the code in Java- the null pointer exception. It is hard to imagine that a lot of developers have suffered from the NullPointerException while writing the codes.

One of the most common drawbacks in many programming languages, including Java is that accessing a member of a null reference will result in a null reference exception. However, in Java, it would be the equivalent of a NullPointerException or NPE for short Kotlin’s type system is aimed to eradicate NullPointerException’s from code. In Kotlin, there is less a chance of crashing the mobile applications as compared to Java.

3. Performance

Now, let’s talk about the performance. When it comes to the speed, Kotlin does not outperform Java. But, the programming language, Kotlin increases the execution speed of lambda functions by supporting inline functions.

Additionally, it has a compact runtime library that adds few methods as compared to Java at runtime. However, Android app developers can use tools like ProGuard in order to compress the runtime library. Therefore, an Android app, which is written in Kotlin runs faster as compared to an application written in Java.

4. It is Concise

The class written in Kotlin is more concise and compact as compared to class written in Java language. It means that less coding is required in Kotlin. In addition, Kotlin has reduced the boilerplate codes as compared to Java. So that the code, which is written in Kotlin is quite compact. Less coding is directly proportional to less development time, fewer bugs, and eventually reduce costs. This is also one of the main reasons behind the Kotlin popularity in a short span of time. And this modern language has become popular among Android developers due to its conciseness and compact in the coding part.

5. Great Support for IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and Tools

While writing android apps for Kotlin, the Android developers can take advantage of robust IDEs. As the IDE has full tooling support from Android Studio. It is designed with complete tooling support for Kotlin.

The developers can write code for Android apps in Kotlin more efficiently using the development tools provided by Kotlin team. As they can also use Kotlin Android Extensions to eradicate the findViewById() function. Kotlin Android Extension is a computer extension, which allows developers to get rid of findViewById() calls in the code, and to replace them with the synthetic computer-generated properties.

These extensions enable programmers to replace the findViewById() function with the synthetic compiler-generated properties. Also, they can use a library such as Anko (Kotlin Library) in order to faster the process of android app development. All these components help developers to keep the application code more readable and clean.


After going through aforesaid reasons, now, there is no room for doubt in that Kotlin has become quickly popular among developers in a short span of time, and become the official language for Android development. And, aforementioned top five reasons, which are shared by one of our Android app developers, who have researched and already started working on Kotlin.

Still, if you have any doubt or query related to Android app development using Kotlin language, you can consult us by filling the below-given form and we will right back to you within 48hrs.


Ingres Database: Introduction to Its Top 7 Features & Tools

This blog contains information about Ingres Database that is an open-source database management system. Here, you can check out the top features and tools of this database. Let’s have a look!

Ingres is a widely popular open-source and relational database management system (RDBMS) that is developed by Ingres Corporation (Currently known as Actian Corporation). This commercially supported open-source database management is mainly aimed to support big-scale commercial and government mobile apps development.

This enterprise database management has the power to reduce IT costs and time to value while delivering the strength and enormous features that one can expect from an enterprise-class database. Being a leader in supporting critical mobile apps for businesses, Ingres Database has made it easy to manage the most demanding enterprise applications of Fortune 500 companies.

Moreover, this database is known for strictly following the atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability properties of the relational database. Supports audit capabilities and automated backup, the platform has its own scalable architecture with extensive platform and transaction support.

Ingres database offers a comprehensive range of features that are widely demanded by the enterprise while delivering the flexibility of open source. Without discussing this database, let’s check out the main features of this platform.

Top Features of Ingres Database

#1. Advanced level Security: Ingres database is well-known for delivering complete security mechanisms like configurable user authentication, regulatory compliance and more. It also gives column encryption capabilities like allow database administrators to secure particular fields in a record like social security numbers, credit card numbers without having to encrypt the entire table.

#2. Simple to Migration: The database comes with a simple to migration toolkit that is hosted on Sourceforge. It helps customers in migrating to Ingres from Oracle’s Enterprise and Mysql databases.

#3. Increase Flexibility: Ingres database is also a helpful platform for all those businesses, who are looking forward to enhancing the functionality, reduce risk, best solutions to customers. It is also supporting the latest standards like ODBC, JDBC and .NET.

#4. Parallel Queries: As a single query, it offers huge scalability to get broken queries into components that run on all obtainable resources. In addition to this, the database has its own tools that allow users to create new layers or tables within an existing database instance. Every single database is developed in a data location known to the installation. Database with different locations enable parallel backups and decrease backup time. It can be made private or public while creation.

#4. Rich Performance: Ingres database improves the overall performance of bulk loading by 50%. It also allows users to the same high-performance loading through standards based on JDBC 4.0 driver.

#5. Online Table Organization: In this database, there is no need to take the database offline to perform routine maintenance.

#6. Advanced level of Technology: Ingres database makes use of high-performance technologies like smart query optimizer and improved log writer.

#7. Multi-Version Concurrency Control: Another important feature of this platform is that it provides concurrent access to the database or a snapshot version for every single user to work with, so queries are not blocking other users and update block at the time when changing the same row.

So, these are some of the main Ingres features that users can get while using this platform.

Along with these above-mentioned features, it offers some of the other features, including regular patching of the database server, continual service improvement process, support for Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud Platforms, backup, disaster recovery and advanced availability solutions. Apart from features, users of this database can find Ingres tools that can help them in using this database.

Now let’s check out the Top Tools for Ingres Database:

  • Ingmon Tool: Ingmon is a monitoring and management tool that gives early warning for possible issues within the database. The users will get a notification and alert messages to email through SMTP server for auditing purpose. It is completely configurable by the use of configuration files.
  • Checksum Tool: Talking about this tool, it can be used to validate data. It reads every single row and column in a table and computes a checksum for the table.
  • Rfwd.ksh and Ckpt.ksh: Both these are two wrapper scripts handle different aspects of backup and recovery that usually performed manually by DBA.
  • CompareDB.ksh: This tool of Ingres Database compares tables of two different databases at the data level.
  • Wdw.ksh: This tool is mainly used for knowing who did what and when.

So, these are some of the Ingres tools that you can use to access this app database for developing mobile app for government and large enterprise. In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to Ingres database for enterprise applications, you can get in touch with us through below-given form and we will get back to you within 48 hrs.


App Downloads and Revenue Again Broke Records in Q1 2018. These 3 Leading App Categories Have Created a Buzz in the Market

This post lies information for those startups who have made up their mind to develop an app. Check out this post to know which are those top categories, that are exceptionally doing good across the App stores.

It is seeing a strong growth in app downloads in the Apple App store and Google Play, which are both the major platforms to download any mobile app. Well, the year 2018 started with the strongest quarter that mobile app economy has ever seen! This is due to the fact that, according to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Global app store records again broke records in Q1 (first quarter) 2018”.

Below, we’ve compiled data of Q1 2017 and Q1 2018, where you can check the growth of the worldwide gross consumer spend iOS and Google Play combined. Let’s check out what it is all about:

Q1 2017 Vs. Q1 2018

If we compare the consumer spending on Apple App Store and Google Play, it grew by 22% year-over-year to reach $18.4 billion, which is a record number. This is what you can check in the below graph. The growth has risen up in the year 2018 as compared to the previous year i.e. 2017.


Highlights From First Quarter (Q1) 2018

1. iOS Narrowed Download Gap With Google Play

When it comes to app downloads on Google Play and iOS, the Q1 2018 was a record-breaking quarter.

  • Google Play downloads exceeded 19.2 billion
  • iOS downloads exceeded 8.2 billion

Well, quarter over quarter (Q/Q), iOS narrowed the gap of global mobile app downloads with Google Play by 10 percentage points.


Side Note: “Quarter over quarter (Q/Q) is a measure of an investment or the company’s growth from one quarter to the next (e.g. Q1 to Q2). Quarter-over-quarter growth is most commonly used to compare the growth in profits and revenue”.

Who are the Leading Countries?

The United States, Russia, and Turkey have experienced a large year-over-year growth in the market share when it comes to iOS downloads. Indeed, the growth in the market share is a pivotal metric in order to identify absolute growth and its relation to the global breakdown of downloads.

On the other hand, when it comes to Google Play downloads, specifically, India, Indonesia, and Brazil saw the largest market share growth.

2. Google Play Saw Growth in The Consumer Spending

Worldwide consumer spend on Google Play grew 25% in Q1 2018 year-over-year. On the other hand, iOS saw 20% growth, nevertheless, the iOS App store maintained a sizable lead over Google Play for global consumer spend.


The Leading Countries:

  • The United States always remains at the top and is a strong driver of Google Play’s consumer spend growth in the market share both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year.
  • After the U.S., Japan and the Philippines saw the largest quarter-over-quarter market share growth of Google Play consumer spend.
  • For year-over-year market share growth, Germany and France ranked second and third.

3 Leading Mobile App Categories, Which Are Exponentially Growing

1. Mobile Commerce (m-commerce)

With over 6.2 million mobile apps available across both iOS and Google Play at the end of Q1 2018, it is clear that mobile apps touch nearly every aspect of the consumers’ lives. The average smartphone user spends nearly 3 hours a day in apps and accesses close to 40 apps per month. Furthermore, the ride-sharing app is on the top in the m-commerce or mobile commerce app category.

The revenue earned in the mobile app economy is quite large. M-commerce category is the part of it as it includes the revenue flowing through – third-party Android stores, m-commerce (for instance, ride-sharing) and in-app advertising.

Ride-Sharing Apps

The mobile app economy is extremely healthy. Thanks to the boom of ride-sharing apps. The extremely successful China-based bike-sharing apps like Ofo and Mobike are expanding rapidly across the globe. So, there is no room for doubt that China has become the world’s largest app market. However, in the year 2017, China was also at the top across the globe.


The mobile app market has already matured, and there’s not a single sign of slowing down. However, all credit goes to ride-sharing apps like Uber.

With the global ride-sharing revenue was $45 billion in the year 2017, the market remained highly lucrative and extremely competitive. Globally, the ride-sharing market is booming. Additionally, the ride-sharing services are increasingly expanding their revenue opportunities into areas such as food delivery, package delivery, and even financial services (e.g. Uber and Grab companies payment services). So, According to the report from Statista:

  • The revenue in the ride-sharing segment amounts to US$59,678m in the year 2018.
  • In the ride-sharing segment, the number of users expected to amount to 697.1m by the year 2022.
  • With a market volume of US$29,749m in 2018, and the most revenue is generated in China.

2. Entertainment

Across all categories, music & audio and entertainment mobile app is the second largest category which has the largest market share growth of global consumer spend on Google Play as both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. It speaks the larger trend of consumers opting for sign-up and pay for music streaming and video subscriptions in apps. The experience is quick, frictionless and secure that is the inherent benefit that mobile apps provide over other channels in addition to their ability to allow users to consume content virtuality everywhere.

The ‘live streaming’ mobile app category is also booming. For instance, social media live streaming services like Facebook Live and Periscope allow to post informational videos as the way to provide help and content to potential users at low cost. Therefore, to promote user-generated content does not only enhance the users’ experience but also provides a more personal experience with a large target group.

The below graph illustrates the percentage of global internet users who have watched live a stream via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in 2017. According to the report from Statista, “There has been a steady increase in the share of live-streaming audiences on all social media platforms from 20% reported in Q3 2016 to 28% in the Q2 2017. This is what you can see in the below graph.


3. Health and Fitness

The next category is Health and Fitness apps that experienced huge quarter-over-quarter growth as well as a behavioral shift from consumers to the subscriber the health and fitness apps. The United States, United Kingdom, and Germany have experienced the largest market share growth in iOS consumer spend both year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter. However, the performance of these countries illustrates that these countries demonstrate that app market has already matured. However, consumers are increasingly willing to pay for the growing benefits that they receive from apps.

Additionally, the mobile app economy had a record in 2017 and has continued the strong momentum on Google Play and iOS into Q1 2018. You will be surprised to know that the consumers continue to embrace mobile throughout 2018.

Furthermore, according to the report from Flurry, “Mobile Health and Fitness App Sessions grew 9% year-over-year”.


Have You Planned for Mobile App Development Under These Categories?

If you have made-up your mind to create mobile app, then you as a startup can go with these above-mentioned leading categories. This is due to the fact that the categories, including ride-sharing apps like Uber, live streaming apps, and health and fitness apps have experienced huge growth in the mobile app economy. However, you might have some questions in your mind like:

  • How can I validate my app idea?
  • What’s the importance to build an MVP for app idea?
  • Could my app idea work?
  • How much does it cost to develop an app?

You might be having plenty of such questions in your mind, then you can directly consult us as we are a leading mobile app development company and have developed more than 2000 apps under different categories.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to your new mobile app ideas, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will get back to you within 48hrs.


How Singapore-based Startup, Igloohome (The Smart Lock Maker) Has Raised $4M in Series A Round With These 4 Surreal Features

This blog contains information for those startups who have made up their mind to create an app for home security devices. Herein, we’ve rounded up top features of Singapore-based startup, the smart lock maker – Igloohome (an official partner with Airbnb). Let’s have a look!

The word ‘security’ is one of the major concerns. And, so-called ‘smart locks’ seems everywhere now. With a good reason, the app for smart lock has replaced the physical key. It is also not surprising that the smartphone app for smart lock device has ditched the piece of the key.

The combination of smart locks and its app has completely replaced the front door deadbolt. The most of the smart locks allow to receiving alerts and track who is entering and leaving the home. If we’re talking about the smart lock devices, then we can’t forget to mention here the Singapore-based startup, Igloohome, a smart lock maker.

Recently, “The startup company has secured $4M in Series A funding that led by Insignia Ventures, the new firm started by ex-Sequoia venture partner Yinglan Tan”, according to Techcrunch report.

Igloohome – The Smart Lock Maker

The Singapore-based company is a rare example of hardware startup, which is coming out of Southeast Asia with the global presence. Founded in 2016, the startup has already matured in a short span of time as it has created smart access solutions, which help its users conveniently manage their homes and property remotely through a mobile app, along with the smart devices like Smart Mortise Lock, Smart Deadbolt, and Smart Keybox.


Image Source: igloohome

As per the report, the startup company claims that Igloohome is going to be the next Unicorn. Well, it seems true as there are no signs of slowing down when it comes to its growth. Let’s know more about the growth of Igloohome:


  • Total Funding Amount: $5.3M
  • Global Partners: Airbnb (An American company, which operates an online marketplace and hospitality service), HomeAway (The U.S. based vacation rental marketplace), and China’s Xiaozhu.
  • Launched The World’s First Smart Lockbox: The company launched the world’s first smart lockbox, which works offline – the Smart Keybox.
  • Awards: Igloohome received many prestigious awards, including CES Asia Innovation Awards 2017: Honoree (IOt), Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Best Innovation Infocomm Product/Solution: IoT (Gold Winner).

Stats and Trends

  • In the below image, you can see the growth stats of Igloohome mobile app by SimilarWeb.


  • Google Trends: It keeps growing since its emergence that you can check in the below image.


Moving ahead, let’s check out top four features, which are responsible for the rapid rise of Igloohome.

4 Surreal Features to Consider Before Creating an App for Smart Lock like Igloohome

1. Issue Access

The startup company, Igloohome came up with the smart solution for renting purpose. So, talking about its first feature, which allows users to provide the access to keys by sharing PIN to them.

  • The smart lock of Igloohome uses an eight-digit PIN code, which can be generated by the Igloohome mobile application.
  • The PIN code needs to be entered into the keypad of the device, smart lock.
  • In the alternative method, the Bluetooth key on the app can be used to unlock the device.
  • On the other hand, in case of emergencies, the smart lock still has a traditional keyhole that can be unlocked by a physical key.

However, this feature is completely secured, and app users (owners of the house) can provide the access to only those people, whom they want. Well, on a fundamental level, with such feature, users can create multiple access for other users.

Bottom Line: In order to offer beyond this feature, you can allow users to access some additional features like filters, check validity, and create the new key option. This smart solution is beneficial for the hospitality industry and landlords. With this seamless solution, you can provide your customers a peace of mind with smart lock app.


2. Activity Log

With this feature, users can check the history of activity logs within the app so far. It also provides the information, including the date and time and how many times the user has unlocked the house. For security purpose, this is one of the important features, which you can consider before developing an app like igloohome.


3. Users Allow to Select The Multiple Smart Locks

Igloohome is based on the idea of making home sharing easier. The next feature allows users to go keyless with the complete peace of mind. This hassle-free feature allows users to select the multiple smart locks.

However, this feature lets users choose multiple smart locks or products, and they can monitor them at any time anywhere. This smart lock app is basically designed for rental homes and hotels. Additionally, it also makes check-ins and check-outs easier for users and their guests.


4. Send PIN code or Bluetooth Key Via Email, WhatsApp, and Other communication platforms

The next feature allows app users to manage their smart locks or key boxes and send a PIN code or Bluetooth key to anyone through email/SMS/WhatsApp and other communication platforms for the time period, which the user select. Also, the app users can allow their guests into an empty apartment and change the code before the next stay. The code can be easily changed through an app. Thus, this feature also allows users to send or share PIN code or Bluetooth key through an email, WhatsApp, and other communication platforms.

In short, with all these handy features within the app, there will be no more fuss over key exchanges and missing/lost keys ever again. If you are in the hospitality industry or owner of the various rented homes, then this smart lock solution with smart lock application can be a right choice. The above-mentioned features are essential, which you can consider to develop a successful smart lock app like Igloohome.

Should You Really Bother to Creating an App for Smart Lock like Igloohome?

Indeed! The smart home technology is now a multi-billion dollar market, which is poised for the rapid growth over the next few years. Home security is one of the main drivers behind the market’s growth. As per the report from Statista, “Americans are more keen on smart home security”.

However, it is also expected that smart security solutions like connected cameras, locks or motion detectors will become the largest segment of the United States’ Smart Home market. The below chart illustrates that Americans are spending more money on Smart home security solutions as compared to UK and Germany.


  • In the below-given graph, you can see the growth of users, who are accessing smart locks. In the security segment, the number of active households is expected to amount to 115.8M by 2022.


  • The smart lock industry is booming. If we are talking about the forecast, then as per the report, “The revenue of security segment is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 24%, and resulting volume of US$23,725M in 2022”. However, it will be increased.

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that we are also in the camp of smart lock app development like other niches. However, all these points are directly pointing towards it is high time to create secure lock app for the smart lock.

Wrapping Up

The smart lock apps have totally transformed home security. Moreover, the smart lock app does not only provide handy features, but it also provides security with mental peace to users.

However, being a startup in the home industry, if you are planning to create an app for smart locks, then you might have questions regarding it, so you can get in touch with us as we are a leading Android app development company. We will get back to you within 48 hours.


Top 4 Features You Can’t-Miss Before Developing On-Demand App Like Uber for Movers

This blog comprises information for those startups who have made up their mind to create an app like Uber for Movers. Herein, we have rounded up the top features, which are essential to consider before developing movers app like Uber.

There is an ‘Uber’ for everything at the present time. Uber now has become a brand and synonyms for disruption and innovation. However, the ride-sharing Goliath, Uber has pioneered on-demand industry and economy. Talking about the growth of Uber, the company had raised 28% more than all other U.S on-demand startups combined in the year 2015. In short, we can say that Uber is one of the dominant companies when it comes to on-demand services.

Moving ahead, for the majority of people, there is nothing more than tiring than moving bulky things. Even though, if anyone is only moving a few houses away, however, packing up all the stuff and moving from point A to point B is an absolute pain. Fortunately, Uber for Movers or Uber Movers is here. Let’s know more about Uber for movers!

Uber for Movers

From unloading to moving trucks to assembling new furniture and hauling a heavy mattress, one of the famous services under the tag ‘Uber’, which is known as Uber Movers can save the day for their app users.

Fundamentally, Uber Movers has teamed up with the existing moving service, Bellhops (the U.S. based moving company) to bring users to on-demand movers, ready to assist with their moving needs.

This service streamlines the entire process of moving items from home or office spaces, eliminates the mix-ups, and saves the money. According to the report, “UberMovers provides free and professional moving services for up to ½ an hour for students in Atlanta between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays only”. Moreover, the same moving services are available in Nashville on Saturday and Sunday.


Image Source: Bellhops

Furthermore, when it comes to on-demand services, there is a lot to keep up with. If you as an on-demand moving company is ready to take a plunge to create an app like Uber for Movers, then in this post, we have rounded up the top pivotal features, which you can’t-miss before developing an on-demand app like UberMovers. Have a look!

Top 4 Must-Have Features to Consider Before Developing On-Demand Moving App like Uber for Movers

1. Schedule Booking

An app like Uber for movers can only provide the best experience if it can provide convenience to its app users. And, such app can win over the competitors. So, the most important feature of an app like Uber for movers is all about providing the convenience to the users while scheduling their booking.

With this feature, app users can schedule their booking at their convenience and keep an eye on the whole booking process for the time they have chosen the services. Also, they have a number of choices and comfort of changing or canceling the booking. That being said that the users prefer flexible service for their ease when it comes to on-demand. So, this is a must-have feature, which you need to consider.

In addition, it is also beneficial to provide a customized feature to change and edit their booking. If an app can provide the excellent experience to users, then it will ultimately win the market. If you are planning to create an app for moving furniture, then you can make this feature into consideration.

2. Suitable Payment Methods

To build an app for Uber for furniture and other bulky items, the suitable payment methods is the essential features, which you can’t miss to provide your app users.

One of the best things is to provide seamless payment experience to users so that they can easily make payment of their booked or scheduled service and get a smooth experience.

Furthermore, allowing users to pay for their services based on their convenience is also important. Payment can be done by cash, e-wallet or any other secured payment gateway. So, before developing moving app like uber, this is one of the basic yet important features, which you need to consider.


3. Real-Time Tracking

The convenient and handy feature is real-time tracking that allows app users to track their items like furniture and any their item, and they can get a real-time notification about the arrival time of items. As people are usually concern about their expensive goods, so such feature can give them relaxation and an easy way to track their items.

This must-have feature is important to consider in an on-demand mobile app like Uber movers. In a nutshell, we can say that by including the real-time tracking feature, it increases the productivity of the app among the users.


Image Source: codecanyon

4. Ratings and Reviews

Another significant feature, which you can’t miss to consider before developing an app like uber movers is ratings and reviews. It will directly tell you about the overall performance of your app.

This feature, which is named as ‘ratings and reviews’ is crucial for the app users to share their experience. However, ratings and reviews can also help your app to grow because a great rating and a bunch of positive reviews can impress your potential app users.

Such feature also provides a competitive edge to apps like Uber for Movers. According to the survey, “59% of people usually or always check ratings before downloading a new mobile app. So, if you have decided to create an app like uber for moving furniture, then this is a must-have feature that you can consider.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we can say that if you as a newbie want to give a bit of jump start, the aforementioned features are crucial and must-have to consider before developing movers app like Uber.

By considering all these features in your mind, you can triumph over your competitors. That said, if you use it smartly, an on-demand moving app can give you an edge. Being a businessman, if you have already owned a business like uber for movers and still you don’t have an app to connect with your customers, it’s high time to developing mobile app like Uber movers.

In case, if you have any query or confusion related to on-demand moving app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will right back to you within 48 hours.


3 Reasons Why Every Parking Owners Need IoT-based Parking Management System

This post lies information for those parking owners who want to build parking management system. Herein, we have curated top reasons on why should parking owners need to have this IoT-based parking management system.

In this era, the majority of people are facing problems of parking vehicles. You may be aware of the fact that over 1 million vehicles burn oil every day. Also, we can say, it is one of the major problems, which is faced by gazillions around the globe.

Usually, people spend maximum time on searching parking lots because of the growing number of vehicles and bigger size of the vehicles. It is inevitable for people to update with the growing technology. In general, people are facing problems on parking vehicles in parking slots in the city.

Let’s know more about the smart parking system, its architecture and structure before jumping to the main section of our post.

Smart Parking System

The smart parking industry continues to make progress as an increasing number of cities struggle with traffic congestion and inadequate parking availability. The deployment of sensor technologies continues to be the core of the development of smart parking. It also includes a wide variety of other technology innovations, which are also enabling more adaptable systems, including cameras, wireless communications, data analytics, smart parking meters and advanced algorithms.

Getting stuck in the vehicle because of parking is quite complicated due to less space and time. Moreover, a manually handled car parking lot can be stressful like anything. This is not only stressful for the visitors but also for every parking owners. So, in such situation, a minor accident of one vehicle’s bonnet banging on another vehicle is not something uncommon. The best thing is that the manual vehicle parking is being replaced by smart parking system.

The smart parking system that can be a huge time saver for both parking owners and the drivers. The system is implemented by the use of IOT i.e. Internet of Things. It is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity that enables all these objects to connect and exchange the data.

The advancement of sensor technology is the crux of the development of smart parking system. Also, there is need for other technology innovations that are enabling more adaptable systems, including wireless communication, data analytics, induction loops and advanced algorithms.

Basically, the parking system is designed in a manner, which is applicable for covered and opened areas, and street side parking. If we go under the technical side, the smart parking system consists of the main components like Centralized Server, Raspberry pi, Image Capture, the Navigation system, the Display device, User Device. It is also used some IOT supportable hardware such as Raspberry pi. In the below image, you can see the cloud-based architecture for smart parking system.

The Architecture of Smart Parking System (SPS)


The Structure of Smart Parking System


When the availability of parking slots changes, then the information is immediately updated to the server. Therefore, the user can access the stored information about available parking spots through the internet.

IOT (Internet of Things) plays a major role in connecting the surrounding environmental things to the network and makes easy to access those un-internet things from any remote location.

  • Automated car parking system allows users to find the nearest parking areas. It also gives availability of parking slots in the respective parking area.
  • It mainly focuses on reducing the time in finding the parking lots in the parking area. It also lessens the fuel consumption, which in turn reduces the carbon footprints in an atmosphere.
  • It also helps people to search parking space accessible with the ease of IOT (Internet of Things) automation by supplying the parking slot information.
  • The user can book in advance the parking slots and update the information to the server.
  • Every user has a unique ID and password. In case, the car is stolen and enter the parking IOT, then the server checks automatically from the database and informs the police.

Top Reasons: Why Should Parking Owners Need IoT based Parking Management System

1. Real-time Data and Insights of Lots

One of the greatest reasons to adopt the parking management system is to track the real-time data and the insights of parking car lots. Over the time, the smart parking solutions can produce real-time data, which uncovers correlations and the insights of users and car parking lots.

However, these trends can prove to be inevitable to lot owners as how to make adjustments and improvements to drivers. By adopting parking management system, parking owners can lessen their work to the greater extent, which they could not do ever before.

The best thing about the smart parking management system is that it is easy, convenient, and economic for parking owners to get real-time data and insights about the lots. Moreover, the software helps parking owners in handling all these things at their fingertips.

2. Decreased Management Cost (Cut Staff Cost)

With innovative parking solutions, you as a parking owner can monitor whole parking procedure through automation. And, it provides the less manual activity, which saves on labor cost and resource exhaustion.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned that smart parking system includes the use of low-cost sensors, real-time data and parking management app that allow users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots that decrease the number of labours at the parking lots. However, the main goal is to simply automate and decrease time spent manually searching for the optimal parking space or lot.

So, as a parking owner, you do not need to hire the number of staff as through this smart parking management software, you can decrease the management cost or we can say that you can cut the staff cost. This is one of the greatest reasons that why you as a parking owner need to take a plunge to start with parking management solution.

3. Automatic Report Generate

After analyzing the real-time data of vehicle parking lots, being a parking owner, you can comprise the data in terms of the report, which is automatically generated by the parking management system. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to make the report from a plethora of data. With parking management system, you will be able to generate the report on the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It makes lessen your work, and you can make most of your parking business by implementing parking lot management software.

  • Moreover, smart parking management solutions enhance the customer experience and revenue generation.
  • With this, you as a parking owner can get visible, and measurable improvements to the service you provide in your parking area.
  • It also makes easier day-to-day management, including payment and space management.
  • It is also based on comprehensive data gathered and analyzed by smart parking management software.
  • It also helps you to improve your parking service year-to-year.

Parking management system is an intelligent system, which is used for optimizing parking programs by parking owners, plus delivers convenient solutions for drivers. However, the parking management system includes ticket dispensers either at entry or exit gate, decentralized payment collection system, and exit ticket reader.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

As evidence of above-mentioned are the top reasons, which reflect that the implementation of a smart parking solution would be a great investment for parking owners. However, all these reasons are evident by the fact that parking owners should embark with intelligent parking assist system to seamlessly track the parking lots.

As per the report from Persistence Market Research, “The global off-street parking management system market valued at nearly US$ 3,301 in 2017, and it is expected to register a CAGR of 8.9% from 2017-2025”. It is safe to say that parking management software will be in huge demand in the near future.

Moreover, if you as a parking owner want to create a parking management app or have any idea on parking management solution, which you want to cross-verify, then you can discuss with us as we’re a leading Android app development company and have already developed over 10 parking management apps and solutions, helping parking owners to automate their business.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding parking management solutions, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We will right back to you within 48 hours.

Highly Effective Strategies of Ride-sharing App, Taxify (Uber’s Biggest Rival) That Helps It Rule The Public Transportation Industry

This blog is for those startups who are ready to take a plunge to create a ride-sharing app. This post will help you to build a successful business model like Taxify or Uber. Let’s check out what’s inside?

The ride-sharing industry has grown noticeably during the recent years. Whenever anyone talks about the ride-sharing apps, then there’s only one word, which strikes in our mind – Uber. However, it would not be fair to ignore the Uber’s biggest rival Taxify, which is at the top of the list.

The Estonian-based ride-sharing company, Taxify was launched in 2013 and since then it allows users to requests a taxi or private driver right from the mobile application.

Taxify is also known as Uber’s European rival. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “The unicorn in the global ride-hailing space, Taxify has raised $175 million in new funding led by Daimler (the German automotive giant) that takes it valuation to the $1 billion mark.”

Let’s know more about the rapid market expansion of Taxify!

The Rapid Market Expansion of The Ride-Sharing App, Taxify

  • Four-year-old Taxify operates in 20 countries and 30 cities, including Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central America with over 10 millions of rides every year to over 3 million customers.Taxify-Operates-Worldwide
  • With over 3 million users worldwide, the ride-sharing company, Taxify provides private cars and licensed taxi that puts it squarely into the ‘Uber Rival’ box.
  • According to the report, “China’s ride-sharing company, DiDi has invested in Taxify in 2017, and Taxify has raised a €2 million ($2.4 million) from investors”.
  • Taxify has become the world’s second-highest valued private tech company.
  • Taxify was the first transportation app in the world, allowing customers to pay for their trips through mobile carrier billing.
  • The company became #2 ride-sharing app in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria in the year of 2017.

Strategies Behind The Success of Taxify, Uber’s Biggest Rival

1. Invest in the Cities, where Public Transport System Relatively Poor

There’s no doubt in that the European-based ride-sharing company is one of the biggest rivals of Uber. However, Uber had also faced many challenges due to Taxify. This is due to the fact that the company’s stronghold in the marketplace. As long as its strategy is concerned, which make Taxify stand out from its competitors in diverse marketplaces.

  • The first and foremost, Taxify started investing in the cities like African cities so that people can make utmost use of transportation service.
  • The second is that Taxify only chooses those cities or countries where the position of public transport is relatively poor.

The Competitive Pricing Structure

Talking about another highly-effective strategy of taxi booking app, Taxify is that there are no cancellation fees at all when it is compared with the Uber. This is what makes it different from its rivals. This is the unique strategy that followed by Taxify, making it strongest player in the ride-sharing market.

If we take an example of Sydney, Uber’s charges are pretty high. However, Taxify realized this problem, and make a planned strategy, and provide solutions for the same. Therefore, instead of banging on charges, Taxify provided solutions to users with no cancellation fees.


2. Started With The Well-Established Markets. The Good Examples here are Paris and Sydney

The reason behind the growth of Taxify has been possible due to its effective strategies. Initially, Taxify started expanding with cities (over 1 million residents). Then, the company started investing in the well-established marketplaces like Paris and Sydney. Also, it allows driver-partners to earn more. By doing so, riders can take benefits from more adorable rides.

However, the well-established markets can also play a vital role in the growth when it comes to ride-sharing services. Additionally, the taxi-hailing app, Taxify has also broken up the monopoly by providing better conditions for both drivers and riders.

Bottom Line: Undeniably, the ride-sharing companies have changed the mode of commute. A well-planned business with effective strategies can provide an abundance of opportunities that were not possible in the previous times. If you as a startup planning to create apps for your taxi business, then you need to provide a platform to people that would come with entrepreneurship opportunities to the public.

Moreover, you can also consider the improvements in price, transparency, convenience, wait and travel time information to make your ride-sharing business apart from your rivals. However, all these taxi booking apps like uber are the greatest examples to effectively transform the urban mobility. And people are also starting adopting the trend because of convenience and affordability.

3. Breaking The Monopoly: To Take Lower Commission for Drivers

The next strategy is about the breaking up the monopoly. However, Taxify had realized the root cause, and provided the solutions for the same by lowering commission from drivers. However, it has made Taxify a strong competitor of Uber in the big cities like Sydney. Additionally, the company completely lowered the commission, which is 15%, compared to Uber’s 25 to 30%.

  • The lower commission allows the company to offer lower prices to riders and take-home for drivers.
  • Moreover, it also allows drivers to create a defined radius for pickups, and they do not need to stray too far from home. So, the solutions provided by Taxify are in the favor of both the drivers and riders.

This is undeniably another effective strategy by Taxify, which is worth to adapt. However, you as a startup company can make a hold in your marketplace of business by providing the solutions which can create value to people’s lives.

Thus, by implementing a strong strategy to build a successful business model like Taxify, you can differentiate your ride-hailing app by lower the commission from drivers. But, first of all, you need to understand deeply the market where you want to start Uber like apps.

4. Exemplary Customer Services to Riders

Taxify is stepping into the ride-sharing market, which is overwhelming for its competitors. Thanks to Taxify’s exemplary customer services to its riders. This is one of the effective strategies, which is also behind the success of Taxify. The ride-sharing company, Taxify is well-known because of its exemplary customer services such as:

  • No cancellation fees
  • Lowest surge pricing
  • Waiting time that is no more than a couple of minutes for riders

The business of Taxify is based on a sense of fairness and transparency. It is one of the surefire ways to establish a successful model like Taxify. However, this effective strategy helped Taxify to build a strong place in the market, and the company was able to prove itself in the highly competitive market.

So, being an owner of startup company under the category ride-sharing, you need to focus on aforesaid strategies to build the most efficient business model in transportation, which are in the favor of both riders and drivers.

On a Concluding Note,

It seems inevitable that the ride-sharing industry will continue to grow in the future. Plus, the ride-sharing industry has profound opportunities to grow. This is because of the report from McKinsey, “It is predicted that the ride-sharing market will see 28% annual growth worldwide from 2015 to 2030”.

Nevertheless, what matters the most is that you as an owner of startup company must research the market where you are going to start your business. Plus, you need to provide easy and handy taxi app solutions to users as they can quickly access it and book a ride. Further, the success also depends on how effectively your business can solve your customer pain points.

In case, if you have any query regarding ride sharing app development, you can get in touch with us through the below-give form as we have already developed over 60 apps similar to Uber.


How Yellow (Game-Changing Brazil-based Startup) Has Secured $9 million in Seed Funding to Launch Dockless Bike With These Solutions

This blog is for those startups, who have made up their minds to create a bike-sharing app like Yellow, Ofo, and Mobike. In this blog, we’ve put top solutions, which are provided by Yellow (Brazil-based Dockless bike-sharing company).

The bicycle is a bit like becoming Hulk. However, the concept of “dockless bike share” is not new, but still, its craze is not going to fade away. There’s been an explosion of American dockless, electric bike-sharing systems, that started in Europe and Asia. And, the craze has now reached to every shore across the world. Some of the most popular and top bike-sharing companies worldwide are JUMP and Spin (San-Francisco based), Lime and Mobike (Chinese-based) and Ofo (Beijing-based bike sharing company). Now, it is all about Yellow!


Yellow is a Brazil-based mobility startup that recently secured $9 million in SEED funding for its dockless bike-share service. The company was founded by Ariel Lambrecht and Renato Freitas, who sold their first ride-share company 99 to Didi in a $1 billion deal on 4th Jan 2018, along with Eduardo Musa, the former owner and CEO of one of Brazil’s largest bike manufacturers, Caloi.

The U.S. Market Size of Bike Sharing Globally

  • According to the report, “The market size of the global bicycle is predicted reach 65.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.


  • In the below image, you can see the top regions where e-bikes are booming as it includes U.S., Norway, France, Germany, China, and Japan in the year of 2015.


  • Unicorn Bike-Sharing Startup Companies: Ofo and Mobike. Both are the most successful companies in bike-sharing. Ofo is four years old bike-sharing company that had raised over $1.2 billion USD, and Mobike, which pulls more than $900 million in venture capital.

Let’s dive into the solutions, which are behind the dockless bike share startup, Yellow.

Sneak Peek: Top Solutions by Yellow (Dockless Bike Share Startup)

1. Acutely Aware of Pain Points of Common People

The concept of bike-sharing has exploded in just a couple of years and spreading to dozens of cities in China, and the U.S. overnight. However, the incredible growth of bike-sharing companies has fueled by massive injection of venture capital. Apart from this growth, the main thing that matters the most is to provide resiliency and comfort to the common people. But, how to achieve this? The simple answer is acutely aware of the pain points of common people. We mean to say to ease the pain points like difficulty of traveling from one place to another in the nearby area, the high cost of transportation, and other hassles.

This startup company has been analyzed the pain points of local commuters and provide solutions like ease the commute, affordable cost of transportation, hassle-free to hire a mode for commute through ride sharing app. Moreover, the Brazil-startup bike sharing company, Yellow is going to deploy 20,000 dockless bikes initially. And, the company plans to deploy a total of 100,000 bikes, as per the latest report. In short, the company understands the pain points caused by Brazil’s inefficient public transit, and come-up with the solutions, which are specifically to address their needs.

So, if you want to become the next tech giant, and build an app like Ofo, Yellow or Spin, then you need to bear the following points in mind:

  • As a startup company, you must analyze the pain points of local commuters, and have a realistic attitude what is possible.
  • On the other hand, if you have an existing business and considering an app for dockless bike sharing like Ofo or Yellow, make sure you do plenty of market research first. Find out how many customers would actually value such service.
  • Also, you need to take a look at the competition and recognize that more competition is likely to arise henceforward.

2. Improve Circulation of Urban traffic by Providing Cost-effective Transportation Mode

The reason behind the emergence of the startup company, Yellow provides solutions to increase the quality of people’s lives. The goal of this business model is to improve circulation of urban traffic and curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions by providing fun and cost-effective mode of transportation, which integrates with other public transit systems to optimize daily routes in big cities. Since e-scooters or e-bikes are the new craze, there is no surprise that Yellow also plans to deploy those mode of transportation.

Without providing effective solutions to commuters or local people, it is not possible to survive in the industry, no matter what. Here are some of the points that you can consider while developing a bike-sharing app like ofo.

  • Your startup business model must proffer solutions, which are convenient and efficient for people.
  • Also, you do not need to build a brilliant business model rather providing brilliant solutions to users.
  • Talking about the bike-sharing business model, then create an app that must be easy for busy professionals to pinpoint and quickly order what they want.
  • Additionally, you need to work on to identify a niche market, and then find out an efficient way to serve the market.

What’s Next?

The concept of the e-bike is one the latest entrant into the app-based mobility market. Moreover, the e-bikes are shaping up and simplifying the commute. What’s more, the e-bikes industry is also going to flourish in the near future.

Talking about the growth in this niche, then it is equally attractive. Being a startup, if you have ever thought about developing mobile app under the category bike sharing, then you can cross-verify your idea with us. As we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 Uber clone apps.

Sill, if you have any query or confusion related to bike sharing app development, then you can get in touch with us via below-given form. We’ll right back to you within 48 hours.


3 Reasons: Why Startups and Entrepreneurs Are Investing in the Self-Care and Digital Wellness Industry?

In this post, the information is centralized for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to create self-care apps. We’ve curated 3 reasons why you should invest in the self-care and digital wellness industry.

In our lives, one of the wealthiest things is health, and is best solved by professional physicians. However, going to a physician’s office is a loathsome experience for everyone. It has never been easier to monitor our health condition, fitness goals or research treatment options. Fortunately, technology has already made things more simple.

When it comes to mobile apps, you might be aware of self-care apps; however, such apps are not the replacement of doctors, and not about health and fitness, but this mobile app category is all about self-care or self-awareness, which is equal to self-love. The category falls under “self-care and digital wellness”, which has become far more common with the apps for everything from meditation to talk therapy.

People have been more obsessed with the self-care as it is same as health and fitness. The recent report says, “The category – self-care is now seeing notable growth. In the first quarter of 2018, top 10 grossing self-care apps in the United States earned $15 million in combined iOS and Android revenue. Plus, $27 million in the worldwide revenue.

Stats and Revenues of Self-Care and Digital Wellness Industry

  • The Market Size of mHealth Industry: It was worth $23 billion in the year 2017, and approximately to grow at a CAGR of more than 35% over the next three years, according to the report.
  • Top 10 Wellness Apps by Revenue: It is found that the top 10 wellness apps, for instance, mindfulness and meditation made about 170% more revenue worldwide in Q1 2018 as compared to top 10 wellness apps did in Q1 2017 across both the App Store and Google Play. In the United State, this category made about 167% more revenue.


In this post, we’ve curated top three reasons, which are inclined that why startups and entrepreneurs should invest in the self-care app category. Let’s have a look!

3 Reasons: Why Should Startups and Entrepreneur Invest in Self-Care Apps?

1. Self-Care Apps are Getting Quite Popular Among Users

Talking about the self-care app category, then we can’t forget to mention two apps, which are among top 10 wellness apps by revenue. The two apps, named Calm and Headspace are already in the spotlight. Calm is recognized as the number 1 app for mindfulness and meditation, which claims to bring more clarity joy and happiness in the users’ lives.

On the other hand, Headspace is ranked number 2 among top 10 wellness apps by revenue. This is a meditation app, which falls under the category of digital wellness. It helps users to get life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness. Let’s know more about the growth of Calm and Headspace apps.

  • Calm app won Apple’s much-sought App of the Year award in 2017.
  • Both Headspace and Calm apps are big money makers in this space.
  • Collectively, both mobile apps have created about 88% of revenue in Q1 2018 among top 10 apps.
  • Calm has seen massive MAU (Monthly Active Users) growth up to 81% year-over-year. As compared to Headspace, it grew MAU 26% during the same timeframe. With this huge growth, Calm recently secured $25 Million in new funding.
  • Calm’s Apple U.S. download rank arose 222 spots from no. 281 to 59 entirely. This is what you can see in the below image, and its U.S. grossing rank has been growing consistently over the past 365 days. If we look into the health and fitness category, the grossing rank almost never drops out of the top 10.


  • User Retention for U.S. users: Additionally, Calm lets users try the app for free for 7 days. On the other hand, Headspace app does the same for 10 days. If we’re looking at 14 days User Retention for U.S. users, then both the apps retain about 7% of new downloads, and 7% of all installs end up becoming paying customers for a month.


Long story short, Calm and Headspace are the most popular apps. On the other hand, 10% Happier Meditation Daily app has increased its IAP revenue 179% year-over-year. In a nutshell, these apps have increased the revenue, active users, and downloads.

2. Self-Care Apps Will Keep Growing Henceforward

Social media apps already have a bad reputation. According to the study, “social media users are more likely to suffer from depression”. However, it is entirely surprising that the category of self-care apps already has a mini-boom over the last couple of years.

These self-care apps are transformed into a force of good that is less about likes and filters, and it is more about the user and user’s actual happiness. Even, self-care apps cater a variety of issues and ailments that help users to get over any trauma, and a mood tracker rooted in clinical psychology, and daily motivational services.

It seems like people have more time to relax. As per the report, “Consumers, who are spending for the top 10 self-care apps, are up 40% year over year for Q1 2018”. It is approximately $32 million on the App Store and Google Play. Generally, self-care apps are used for meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and emotional/mental healing. When it comes to the total installs of these apps, which are also up to the tune of 36% year over year.


Indeed, the self-care app category is relatively small. However, a number of marketers and agencies see its growth potential, which is jumping on board now, especially self-care and wellness category.

3. The trend is focusing on self-care apps. Here’s the Proof

In general, the self-care apps category is growing within the mobile app economy. The below-given chart shows that the more number of apps are hitting the app stores each year as compared to previous year. Moreover, the newly created iOS apps are down the past few years, and new Android self-care apps are entering the Google Play store every year to keep the overall number of new apps increasing, which you can see in the below image.


In the digitally connected world, self-care can be a quite tricky, specifically when it is about to relax. However, there are often distractions like work emails or Facebook messages at mobile users’ fingertips. Believe it or not, self-care apps are booming rapidly.

The self-care apps allow users to have an access to the tools and knowledge that can help them to achieve their well-being goals. In previously, there were CDs, books, and videos, which were proffering self-help category was generating an approximately $9.9 billion, according to the study.


Undeniably, the self-care app category has already created a buzz. That is why self-care apps are the latest craze among users. After going through the above plethora of data, it is safe to say that there is a significant change in the self-care and wellness industry. However, the evolution of self-care and wellness industry will soon start looking like a revolution.

As long as startups are concerned, all we need to say is that startups will see the dramatic changes in this app category. If you may have any query related to create self-care apps, you can discuss with us as we are a leading iOS app development company. And, we have already developed over 60 apps in the healthcare industry. You can get in touch with us through below-given form, and we will right back to you within 48 hours.

Till then, you can explore the following health and fitness apps that developed by us:


Follow These 2 Important Lessons to Grow Your Startup from Door, Inc. (Dallas-based Real Estate Brokerage Startup Firm) That Secured $12M in Series A Funding

This blog is for those startups who want to embark on developing real estate apps. Let’s check out the top lessons from Door, Inc. (Dallas-based real estate brokerage startup firm).

The real-estate industry has already occupied a prominent place on the mobile applications and websites. However, there are a lot of opinions that real estate apps and their tools may replace the agents and brokers completely.

Being a real-estate agent, it may sound quite disturbing, but who have already gone digital, there is an abundance of opportunities in the niche of real estate. On the other hand, real estate app development is something, which realtors can invest in to keep pace with the time.

The Traditional Process of Real Estate Industry

For the majority of people, finding the house is one of the major challenges and biggest purchases in their lives. However, it is an expensive affair and complicated process too.

Here is the traditional way how real estate brokers are getting paid:

  • The broker on each side of the deal takes, on average, 3% of the selling price of the home. For instance, if the house sells for $500,000, the broker collectively takes $30,000 from both buyers and sellers off the table for themselves.
  • There is no wonder that the craze of real estate app development is already high. So, this post will shed some light on the latest trends in the mobile US real estate marketplace.

Insights: The Key Statistics on U.S. Real Estate Market

The United States has made a drastic change and the statistics of the U.S market are quite fascinating. Let’s check out the growth of the real estate market in U.S.

  • The U.S housing market has regained its momentum: As per the same report, “Mobile apps are used by 68% of new home shoppers throughout research of homes”.
  • San Jose is the nation’s hottest housing market in 2018: As per the report from Zillow, “San Jose’s median home value of $1.13 million is expected to grow by 8.9% in 2018”. On the other hand, Dallas is among the top 10 cities in the U.S, and the real estate market growth will be 4.7% in Dallas.
  • Forecast: Talking about the revenue of real estate property management in the United States from 2009 to 2020. By 2020, the revenues of real estate property management in the U.S are projected to reach approximately 70.028 billion U.S dollars.


  • According to NAR (National Association of Realtors) that has long been a gatekeeper of housing information is seeing a real challenge from mobile and web real estate search tools.
  • As per the report from NAR, “90% of homebuyers did an online search when looking for real estate”. Simultaneously, mobile is complementing this broad shift in the balance of power among sellers, home seekers, and their intermediaries.

Before jumping to lessons for startups, let’s know more about the real estate brokerage startup firm, Door.

Door, Inc. – The Real Estate Brokerage Startup Firm

There is no shortage of competition in the housing space, but Door, Inc. is making a dent in real estate. Door, Inc. is a Texas-based residential real estate brokerage, allowing users to buy and sell a home by saving huge brokerage fees.

Moreover, the company builds a tech-enabled real estate brokerage firm, which aims to change the traditional way of buying and selling process of homes by charging a flat $5,000 fee to either the buyer or seller for the transaction.

According to the report, “Dallas-based company, Door, Inc. closed the final chunk of an approximately $12 million Series A round that was raised in multiple tranches”. Even more, the company has only raised a small chunk of its capital from traditional VCs, including a $500,000 Series A check from Picus Capital, a German Venture fund started by Rocket Internet co-founder Alexander Samwer.

The lead investor in Door’s round, Court Westcott is a Dallas-based investor and the son of Carl Westcott, a prominent entrepreneur in the area who founded 1-800-FLOWERS, among other ventures.

Door-incImage Source: Door Inc.

Important Lessons That Startups Can Learn From Door, Inc.

1. Leverages Technology to Sell or Buy Homes

The tech-enabled real estate brokerage firm, Door, Inc. has taken the real-estate market to the next level. The company aimed to change the world of real-estate brokerage by charging a flat $5,000 fee to either the buyer or seller for the transaction.

The real-estate company, Door has believed that 6% (3% on the buy side, 3% on the sell side) was the traditional commission structure for selling and buying from the days before the internet and the company has completely changed from today’s reality.

However, Door, Inc. is categorized as the next-generation real estate transaction platform that leverages technology to provide services to home buyers and sellers. Also, the startup company has provided solutions for both sellers and buyers.

So, being a real estate startup, if you want to provide a solution in terms of a mobile app to your users, then you need to start to leverage technology solutions, helping people in selling or buying homes as what Door is doing.

2. Broken Up The Traditional & Excessively High Commission Structure

Buying a home can be complicated. Throughout the process of home buying, there are many eventualities, which can have a negative impact on home buying experience. However, Door has simplified it as much as possible in the favor of home seekers. The next important lesson, which startups can take from Door is the company has completely transformed the way people were finding and buying a home earlier.

Real estate agents are no longer the gatekeepers between sellers and buyers, and there is no need to pay extremely high commissions to sell or buy a home. However, the real-estate startup company, Door has brought a wind of change in the niche of real-estate. Moreover, the solution is based on resolving the real-life problems of home seekers. Thus, an ideal real estate mobile app must provide aforesaid solutions to home seekers, by reducing the amount of commission.

Buyer’s Side: Talking about the buyer’s side, then you can consider following attributes for creating apps like Zillow (leading real estate marketplace) or Door such as find a home, schedule to see selected homes, no commissions, and cash back.

Seller’s Side: It includes the features like market analysis, home valuation at free of cost, and full-fledged service listings like capture photographs, craft a 3D model, and install a yard sign and lockbox.

However, all these attributes can be considered when it comes to real estate mobile app development.

Do You Have a Real Estate App Idea that Could Take the Industry by Storm?

With emerging tech platforms in the real-estate industry, the traditional process of buying and selling homes has been transformed, making it spontaneous. The real estate startup company, Door hit the marketplace with advanced solutions.

Well, the aforesaid lessons are those on which startups need to pay attention while building their own real estate mobile app. If you have a real estate app idea, which you think can change the process of buying and selling homes, you can get in touch with us through the below-given form as we are a leading mobile app development company and have an experience of developing over 40 real estate mobile apps.


How Uber for Trucking Apps Can Eradicate The Business Hassles of Trucking Industry With These 3 Proven Ways

This blog contains information for those startups and the entrepreneurs, who are interested in developing an app like Uber for trucking. Curated three proven ways, which can help you out to eradicate the business hassles of the trucking industry. Let’s check out what’s inside?

The logistics market is largely driven by the success of Uber. Everyone wants to replicate Uber’s business model and for good reason; the company is expanding itself rapidly in the transportation industry, and furthermore, Uber has launched its “Uber Freight”, and reinvented the logistics in the transportation industry by eliminating the middleman broker.

Well, a mobile app for logistics has the potential to build the industry more efficiently by matching consumer demand for packaging services that is direct with the source. In actual, logistics apps cut out the middleman or third-party broker who can charge up to 30% commission for services.

Insights: Logistics Market

  • According to the report, the revenue of logistics market was valued at USD 8183.46 billion in the year 2015, and it is expected to reach USD 15522.02 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2015 to 2024”.
  • Furthermore, as per the forecast from the market intelligence firm, “It is estimated that the global market revenue for the sector reached $1.9 billion in 2016, and the market will continue to grow rapidly over the next several years, and reaching a market value of $22.4 billion by the end of 2021”.

When it comes to Uber for trucking, we can say that the app optimizes the associated cost and time taken to deliver and receive packages. The transportation app like Uber eradicates the need of a middleman between shippers and truckers. Furthermore, it establishes a direct line between truckers and those who need their services.

In fact, there are numerous companies, which have picked up on the idea of using mobile technology to seamlessly connect shippers and carriers. But, Uber for trucking app is the seamless medium to connect them. Now, it is well known as Uber for trucking industry.

3 Proven Ways How App like Uber for Trucking Can Reduce The Hassles of Trucking Businesses

1. An Ideal App Can Provide The Seamless Services

Mobile apps promise the kind of services, which might not have thought of 20 years before. However, with on-demand transport app like Uber, you as an owner of startup company, can take a peace of mind. Whether you may be thinking to build the Uber like applications or Uber trucking solutions, customers or users only think of convenience and ease of use.

So, it is important to note that you should provide the quality of the apps, which provide the seamless services no matter what. Even though, users are not thinking of whether the driver is properly licensed or permitted.

Uber for trucking is a disruptive innovation, which impacts transport business, and achieves the same results quickly and affordable.

2. Logistics App Makes You Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

If you want to develop an app like Uber for logistics, then this is the proven way, which you need to check out now. As it says that adding more vehicles on the road is not the solution. Because this is not going to give you an edge over your competitors. The highly-effective solution is to maintain the good communication.

This is because you might have noticed the rapid growth in the Goliath, named as Uber, which is based on this strategy. As the company has simplified the commute as well as resolved the communication, which was the barrier, and one of the major issues in the past.

  • To resolve this, one of the easiest and effective ways to do is by creating the company-specific mobile app.
  • Talking about the ride-sharing app, it has revolutionized the face of taxi industry. In this way, you as a startup company can expect a steady demand for the transport services among loyal or potential customers.
  • As long as your competitors are concerned, whether they are thinking in the same way or not, so here is the chance to get an edge.
  • Also, owning a startup company, you will get an opportunity to customize your app marketing strategy that is far from competitor’s thoughts.

3. Startups Need to Think Different

After the launch of Uber and Lyft, these transport industries have extended in many ways. They have looked upon the traditional issues that taxis, buses or heavy vehicle industries have been facing since ages. However, the main thing is what these companies have introduced in the market? The answer is – revolutionary change.

Moreover, all these companies introduced geographical matching to reduce the ETAs (Estimated Time Arrival) and wait time with the help of an addictive and hassle-free app. The real-time tracking along with the integration of map-based API into transportation apps proffer accurate direction so that the wastage and delay are no longer a major issue.

The launch of Uber or Lyft has addressed the transport industry in various ways. In a nutshell, both these companies have brought a ‘revolutionary change’ in the transportation industry.

Factors to Bear in Mind Before Developing Apps Like Uber for Trucking

Over the past 20 years, the transportation industry has seen a dramatic change. Down the years, the industry underwent vast changes technologically. But, when the technology gets improved, it is going to solve all the business hassles to make it spotless. Let’s check out what are the main factors that you need to keep in mind before developing apps like Uber for trucking or Uber for logistics.

  • Vehicle Condition: All top of everything, it is always important to know the condition of a car, bus, truck or might be any vehicle service, which you are in. Furthermore, you need to be prepared to answer the kind of question like do you maintain the heavy vehicles to increase their efficiency? Earlier, customers never put a question on the vehicle condition, but currently, customers are aware of these issues. And, from now on, you must be prepared as a cab, bus or logistic owners.
  • Right Information: When it comes to the next factor, it is not enough to move the products and materials. You must know where they are. Also, you as a startup company must know that what inventories you need to supply and to which location, pickup and drop off location of passengers. Also, there must be the information about what bookings are coming in and where goods must be delivered or dropped. However, there are two important things i.e. time and accurate information. These two things are important for sound decision-making. When it comes to on-demand trucking apps, then it seems to connect all difficult ends and help out the drivers and customers to attain real-time information with few taps on respective devices.
  • Enhancing Driver’s Experience: Drivers are often victims of insufficient support from transport companies as they worked for. Due to the fact they usually look for something to survive. So, this is huge disconnection and attention rate of on-demand transport mobile apps.

Long story short, the solution provided by logistics apps will help to lower the expenses, improves visibility across company’s entire supply chain. Even most importantly, it prevents trucks from having to move even if it is empty.

What’s Next for The Logistics Businesses?

After going through the above different proven ways and factors of logistics app like Uber for trucking, you might have decided to develop an app like Uber for trucking to fill up the gap between shippers and truckers. By implementing aforesaid proven ways on your logistics business, you can eradicate the business hassles of trucking industry. Additionally, with a transportation app, startups can take their business to the next level.

So, if you have made the decision to develop Android app, then you can discuss your requirements with a professional mobile app development company, which has proficiency in building Uber clone apps. In case, if you still have any query related to on-demand transportation app like Uber, you can get in touch with us through below-given form, and we’ll right back to you within 48 hours.


Don’t Do These 3 Things If You are Planning to Develop an On-Demand Package Delivery App

This blog is for those startups who want to build a business model in terms of the on-demand package delivery mobile app. Let’s check out these three things that you can avoid while creating an on-demand package delivery app.

With the most rapid rise in the consumer technology, companies are providing “on-demand solutions” or a set of on-demand applications, which deliver consumers what they want and when they want.

According to the report from CB Insights, the on-demand economy is growing exponentially currently. However, all top of that, we should always prepare for the unfavorable times as well.

If we’re talking about the category ‘on-demand package delivery’, as you might already know that on-demand package delivery app, Doorman has been shut down on October 6, 2017, because of facing financial difficulties and operating at a loss. However, for those who have been following the last mile delivery has been closed.

Undeniably, the company had set out already to revolutionize the customer experience in the parallel delivery industry. But, the company had been struggling from its early days because it could not get the viable business model.


Image Source: veho

The company has been shut down, but it had resolved a growing pain in the lives of consumers in the big cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Because people from these cities found harder for online shoppers to receive packages at their homes. All of these things, Doorman still went wrong.

However, the failure is not due to poor operational execution. Instead, it was due to a flawed business model and lack of focus on sustainable unit economics. So, herein, we have broken this down into three things, which startups need to avoid before developing on-demand package delivery apps. Let’s have a look!

3 Things That Startups Need to Avoid While Developing On-Demand Package Delivery Apps

1. Going Direct to The Customers

In today’s world of online shopping, everyone knows that the free shipping is the standard now. For instance, Amazon (a Goliath of the on-demand app) is always in the obsession for delighting the customers. And, Amazon has made the consumers’ expectations high to free shipping. Meanwhile, if any retailer who charges for standard shipping is at risk of losing its customers. On the other hand, it is no wonder that Doorman customers were willing to pay $89 per month for its premium delivery subscription.

Of course, Doorman was not the only delivery startup, which targeted consumers. Unlike some other delivery startups, its revenue model did not account for the particular challenge of targeting customers.

All on-demand startups like Postmates and Doordash own a customer at the checkout point. And, they take a cut of the transaction. On the other hand, the company which is recently failed to continue with its business, is charged for the delivery after the consumer had already made the purchase from a retailer.

So, if the customer’s willingness is to pay low, then building a successful business model is tough. The failure behind some of the on-demand startups is they could not have built a more sustainable business by working directly with retailers and charging them for the service instead of charging the consumer.

While retailers have more bargaining power than a single consumer does, and could try to negotiate delivery fees down, and paying for deliveries is nothing new to them. However, it is important to realize this at some point, and begin to target retailers as part of its offering, but it may have been too little and too late.

Takeaway: And while retailers have more bargaining power than a single consumer does, and could try to negotiate delivery fees down, paying for deliveries is nothing new to them. Doorman seems to have realized this at some point, and began targeting retailers as part of its offering, but that may have been too little, too late.


2. Not Concentrating on The Density

When it comes to delivery business, density is defined as the number of delivery stops, which a driver can achieve in a given hour. In the high-density model, the delivery cost spreads over a large number of packages that result in a relatively low cost per package. In brief, we can say that density is the key to achieve profitability.

For instance, there is a company named as Shyp, a delivery startup that allows consumers to ship anything from their home by utilizing a Shyp driver, who would show up at their door and pick up any item within 30 minutes of the call. The flat $5 fee that Shyp company has collected from consumers, and any other revenue gained later in the process. However, it was never ever enough to cover the high cost of sending the driver to pick up the location in such narrow time windows.

Doorman could had avoided this mistake by surging their delivery fees during hours of low density. Similarly, talking about Uber and Lyft could accurately reflect the true cost to the customers, Therefore, it is important to include surging pricing, which can help to uplift the revenue from your business.

3. Not Thinking About The Unit Economics

If we’re talking about the startup company, Doorman, which failed recently. The company’s pricing model was not based on the actual cost of delivery. Instead of finding out a sustainable and economic model, Doorman made a huge bet on adoption at highly subsidized rates with the hope that it would be able to compensate at some point in the future. However, the company, continued to lose the money.

Betting on the future density is a dangerous move. Uber and Lyft may have pulled it off by introducing pool service at highly subsidized rates in order to achieve adoption. On the other hand, Doorman had never attempted to reflect its true cost to the consumers, and eventually ran out of the cash.

So, the bottom line for startups is that it is important not to underestimate the risk of ongoing market with such a low price. With the unlimited delivery option, customers doubled their online purchases, and driving up delivery costs far beyond the subscription fee.

Wrapping Up

Here are the quick takeaways, which you as a startup needs to consider –

  • By improving the customer experience, and offering more convenient delivery options, online shoppers are willing to buy more from startup companies.
  • Even more, a better delivery experience can convert into higher conversion rates, increased customers loyalty, and more sales, eventually.

Moreover, customers who order online or make purchases online usually live in the big cities. If it comes to the demographics of those cities, they have more average younger people, educated people, higher income earners and heavy users of online services.

They can be the perfect customers. Initially, it is also important to start with the area which is already developed. So, considering all these things in mind while creating on-demand package delivery app can increase the chances of your success like Parcel and Roadie that are successful package delivery apps in the market.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand delivery package apps, you can get in touch with us through below given form and discuss it with our business representative, who will solve all your queries and suggest a right solution for your business needs.


3 Important Lessons Learned From Wildly Successful Customer Messaging App, Intercom, Which Has Secured $125 million in Series D Funding

This blog lies information for those startups, who are willing to establish a business model like Intercom, and want to create a successful customer messaging app. Herein, we’ve curated three important lessons from which you can pick the ideas.

Automation is a great thing. If it is too little, it is the enemy of the efficiency, if it is too high, then it could kill the engagement. Likewise, it’s true for the customer messaging software, which is vital to boosting any company’s effectiveness.

Talking about the sales software, Salesforce is not the only name in the top of the list. However, the spotlight is on the new yet already matured startup company, Intercom, which provides the customer messaging platform to businesses.

In addition, the seven-year-old startup, Intercom has secured $125 million in Series D funding. According to the latest report, “The total valuation of the company, Intercom is $1.275 billion. It means that the company is also known as a unicorn”. And, its existing investors’ name are Bessemer Venture Partners, Index Ventures, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Intercom and Its Key Points of Growth

The widely used customer messaging platform, Intercom is by no means the only startup selling messaging technology to businesses, but it is probably the larger than you may realize. Let’s know more about what’s Intercom and how big it is?

  • Intercom is used by over 13,000 companies: Founded in 2011, the San Francisco-based software company, Intercom is used by over 13,000 companies, including Ancestry, IBM, RackSpace, Shopify, and Yahoo.
  • 1 billion monthly user milestones and the total customer count was 10,000 businesses: Initially, the company, Intercom started its journey as a provider of chat software within web applications, but now Intercom helps other companies unify the customer conversations across diverse channels, including email, mobile apps and Facebook messaging platform. In the year 2016, the company has passed 1 billion monthly user milestones, and disclosed total customer count was 10,000 businesses.
  • More than 20,000 customers in just six years: The messaging platform, Intercom has reached more than 20,000 customers in just six years. The famous companies like Microsoft, Spotify, Stripe use Intercom to engage with their users.
  • 400 million conversations every month: Intercom powers approximately 400 million conversations every month, and reaching over a billion end users across the world.
  • One of the fastest growing firm in Silicon Valley in 2017: The company, Intercom launched its software, and a customer service app that handles and integrates all the ways companies talk to customers. Its three-stretch of growth makes Intercom one of the fastest growing firms in the Silicon Valley, according to the report from Intercom. In the year 2017, Intercom hits $50 million in ARR faster than Shopify, Servicenow, Twilio, and others, which you can see in the below graph.


What Can Exactly Intercom (Customer Messaging Platform) Do For Businesses?

Intercom is a messaging app, which allows businesses interact with their customers. Intercom provides the medium to communicate to several businesses through messages. By using this messaging platform, customers can get in touch with businesses via a mobile app. However, this service has replaced live chat, email, and, other medium of communication.


Image Source: upscope

3 Important Lessons That Startups Can Learn From Intercom (Wildly Successful Messaging Platform)

1. A Simple Idea Can Simplify The Way of Communication for Internet-Based Businesses

Undoubtedly, Intercom has drastically changed the way people communicate in the past times. If WhatsApp is the king of the communication platform for common people, on the other hand, Intercom is the crux of communication for businesses. However, but what does make Intercom stand apart from its rivals like FreshDesk, Team Support, Olark, and Zoho Desk?

As we have already told about Intercom, it is a live chat system for support, sales, and marketing team. However, the main idea behind the emergence of this app was as nobody like spammy communication; neither with their customers and nor businesses. Because most of the businesses do not have a clear and cohesive way to communicate. Plus, spam messages, which are not irritating people, but they don’t meet their needs in business point of view. So, the Intercom company had analyzed the real problems, which were faced by many businesses while communicating with their users.

The company has a wild idea, which has changed the landscape. In a nutshell, it provides the platform that would bring messaging products for sales, marketing, and customer support easily from anywhere. Currently, Intercom is used by over 20,000 businesses, which want to connect to their customers within the app. Thanks to Intercom, because of providing such innovative idea!

2. Focused on Simple Things: Resolving Major Issues

Intercom app is based on messaging-first approach. The idea behind the approach is very simple. Initially, Intercom wanted to make really easy for the internet-based businesses to talk to their customers without delivering spam or irrelevant messages. A customer messaging platform, Intercom focused only on simple things and resolving the major issues like spam messages, which was the barrier to communication.

Moreover, currently, Intercom considers itself as the “next-generation Salesforce”, and allowing a digital take on a timeless problem; enhancing business’ interactions with potential or existing customers. Furthermore, an app like Intercom provides platform wherever businesses and customers are talking to each other, and this is what a customer messaging app is all about.

So, if you as a startup have decided to create customer messaging app like Intercom, you need to bear this lesson in your mind. And, it will help you to establish a business model like Intercom. Additionally, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who have already started with this type of mobile app, you must be aware that talking to users is probably one of the most important things, which is essential. Instead of sending massive email blasts to customers, you must prefer to communicate with them on chat.

3. Focus on The Internet Bots Like Chatbots and Voicebots that Have Already Created a Sensation.

One of the last solutions provided by Intercom was based on – Internet bots. If you may not be aware of the term “bots”, then it would be better to explain more about it.

The Internet bots are like virtual assistants that can answer questions, and help users to get things done faster without requiring to speak to another human. They are used by many companies like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and of course, Intercom as well. Moreover, bots use natural language to get tasks done, and one of the many reasons Siri and Cortana, the technology behind them are internet bots.

Likewise, Intercom is also based on chatbot technology, and the company claimed that 400 million conversations are powered by Intercom. So, bots are the future like A.I. (artificial intelligence). Chatbots are the programs that interact with humans via text or voice interface.

Fundamentally, bots sit between the business and the end user, which tries to pair conversation. So that it is as easy as possible for both the parties. And, it can automate tasks simpler.

Therefore, like Intercom, you as a startup company needs to concentrate on the latest technology that could make things simple for users.

Side Note: On the technology side, if you have decided to create a customer messaging app like Intercom, then you can consider internet bots, which are of two types like chatbots and voice bots.


The adage, “The technology has a long way to go” still rings true. However, if you are trying to triumph in this niche, you as a startup company needs to focus to nail it. Also, these solutions in terms of lessons will help you to achieve success like the company Intercom.

Furthermore, if you have idea and looking for developing mobile app based on business messaging software, then you can discuss your idea through below-given form. We will revert you within 48 hours.

How BetterUp, On-Demand Corporate Training App, Has Secured $26M in Series B Funding with These 3 Useful Features?

This post contains information for those startups and entrepreneurs, who are looking up surefire ways to develop online training apps like BetterUp. We’ve curated top three useful features, which you can check out once before creating an on-demand business training app.

The buzz around the potential of on-demand corporate training apps has already reached new heights. There are a growing number of institutions, but startups are on a mission to democratize the education and learning with the best e-learning platforms.

If we are talking about the on-demand corporate training apps, we can’t forget to mention an app, called as BetterUp, which is performing tremendously in the market.

According to the report, “BetterUp, a San Francisco based leadership development platform, has secured $26 million in Series B funding”. However, the latest funding round of BetterUp led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from its existing investors DFJ, Freetyle Capital, and Crosslink Capital. The objective of this on-demand training app is to democratize and enhance coaching with AI (artificial intelligence) and mobility.

What BetterUp (On-Demand Training App) is All About

Founded in 2013, the company BetterUp has been selling its services exclusively to large organizations. Plus, its clients include Salesforce, CapitalOne, Square, LogiTech and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Basically, this service is for Chief Executives, mid-level managers and employees who work in diverse organizations and have high potential to do extraordinary, but do not have a right platform. The platform is a completely safe as it provides a strict confidential code to its app users.

  • BetterUp is a mobile platform, allowing its users (managers, employees, or new parents) with personalized coaching at their fingertips.
  • Also, the venture-backed startup, BetterUp provides a hybrid of therapy and executive coaching to employees of the tech companies in the Silicon Valley.
  • It helps users to develop the behaviors, mindsets, and skills, which boost organizational and individual excellence.
  • The main aim of the app is to develop soft skills like stress management and collaboration to help employees/mobile app users to be happier and more effective in and out of the office.
  • Furthermore, according to the company – BetterUp, “Millenials spend more time working as in the past generations. So, the company believes that it is important to find out fulfillment at work and job satisfaction is crucial.

Most importantly, if you have also decided to develop e-learning training apps like BetterUp, you can have a look at below-given top three features, which you can consider while developing one of the successful e-learning mobile apps.

3 Innovative Features To Consider Before Developing Training Apps Like BetterUp

1. Enable Users to Schedule Weekly Video Sessions and Messages

BetterUp app provides an on-demand learning experience for employees or app users who want to develop skills, behaviors, and mindsets in their respective jobs. So, the very first feature is video sessions and messages that allow users to get in touch with the mentors at any time and anywhere.

This feature helps employees and organizations with the one-on-one coaching of all levels. Simply, this feature cuts the time and cost of expensive tutors. In addition, the idea behind the training app, BetterUp is to connect employees with certified and executive level coaching through mentors for 30 minutes weekly session over video chat or phone.

Plus, in between the meetings, personal coaches can provide activities to users and exercises along with resources such as videos, podcasts, and reading to aid users’ professional development whereas on-demand support is also available via text messages.

2. A.I Enhanced Sessions By Mentors

Now, there is a time where companies fear that A.I. will replace jobs and destroy humankind, so it is important to see how this technology can be used for coaching. But, it would be impossible for any coach to keep up with the volume of reports and tests.

Undoubtedly, BetterUp has a new approach to leadership development, which is actually working! Also, its innovative features have the potential to take the e-learning to the next level.

Talking more about this feature, it is centralized on A.I. (artificial intelligence) personalized sessions by mentors. As we’ve already explained about weekly video sessions by personal coaches.

Additionally, whatever the coach has already planned, the machine learning can provide the coach with a selection of additional material, which is relevant to an individual’s session. Thus, combining human and machine insights, the personal coach in the app can provide the guidance by using the most up-to-date research.

That being said, “Data can only fuel the recommendations for reading and tests, but recommendations are delivered with human empathy”. In a nutshell, we can say that empathy is certainly required these days. Also, BetterUp app provides a powerful platform to develop leadership skills seamlessly.

3. Generate User Report for Top Skills

After session provided by mentors, it generates a report on the top skills of the user. Through this feature, BetterUp app provides analytics to track progress across all areas such as leadership effectiveness, happiness, and productivity. Furthermore, it allows users to track their progress in every area and feedback given by their mentors.

This is the unique way to encourage app users, especially in the business training apps like BetterUp. The company hopes to challenge the reputation of online coaching, and provides users a unique and effective platform where they can grow completely.

Therefore, this must-have feature can be considered if you, as a startup, are looking up surefire ways to get a big hit like BetterUp in the niche of on-demand training.

On a Concluding Note

Well, according to the report, “E-learning market was valued over USD 150 billion in the year 2016, and it is also predicted to grow at over 5% CAGR from 2017 to 2024”.

So, it is safe to say that the e-learning industry is booming! If you have ever thought to dive into the world of creating AI based coaching/training apps for android, so it is high time to start with. However, A.I is a new concept, and it must be resounding in the future.

If you have got an idea in your mind, you can discuss it with any trusted Android app development company, who has already developed eLearning and training apps.

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How UberEats Has Mobilized the Food Delivery Industry With a Mobile App

“This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop an app like UberEats. It contains how UberEats has mobilized the food industry with its top features. Let’s have a look at it”

For being a trendsetter, you need to follow the latest trends which can optimize your business. One such thing that contributes toward business development is app development. Building an app has become a key to win the higher number of customers.

Today, Android and iOS are commonly used platforms to develop apps and develop your brand proposition. Apps are creating buzz by spawning every industry with their user-engaging features. The significant impact is seen in the food industry. When it comes to the food industry, UberEats is worth mentioning.

Uber has recently launched UberEats, which gives a push to the industry while widening its scope as compared to traditional on-site order. You get innumerable options on a single click and get your food from almost any restaurant.

Beginning with 1000 restaurants in four cities, now UberEats has partnered with more than 40000 restaurants in all the major cities across the world. It’s advanced features allow you to track, where your order has reached and how much time it will take for delivery.

Both Android and iOS users can use this app as it is available on app store and Play store respectively. Its technology-driven features have gained it about 5 million downloads globally. Most developers are curious to understand what makes UberEats different from its competitors. To get to the bottom of it, they train themselves by enrolling themselves in an Android training to dig deeper into UberEats’ features.

This post describes how UberEats is pushing the boundaries of the online food world with its advanced features.

Let’s Get Started With Top Features of UberEats

#1. Smart curation

Everyone knows that AI is driving mobile apps personalization. UberEats has the front row seat in this innovation. With UberEats, foodies can watch out for photos of a meal before they order.


Moreover, its suggestion carousels recommend a number of nearby restaurants to your location you can order food from. Taking advantage of machine learning, UberEats enables taste preferences by suggesting cuisines according to past histories and existing contextual information. Therefore, users get customized choices of food from different restaurants at the push of a button.

#2. Pre-orders

If you run out of your time and want to get food on time, go for Uber Eats. It allows you pre-book order about an hour and even a week in advance. Moreover, you can track your order throughout the process of delivery to ensure that you receive it at your desired location.

#3. Restaurant Manager

When a restaurant gets orders in bulk, UberEats helps you deliver as per the order on time and hassle-free. Uber has rolled out a new analytics app, restaurant manager, which helps make data-driven decisions. With this tool, UberEats partners get access to data and insights with which you can finetune your food quality and delivery strategy and optimize user satisfaction.

#4. Order Anywhere Without Worry


When ordering food, a general concern that users have is if their location is eligible for delivery. This is especially true for places like hospitals and parks. Uber has taken care of it, as UberEats delivers at places like hospitals, parks, homes, offices, etc. Moreover, you can even specify the way you would want food delivery.

#5. Get Complete Information

UberEats is all about easy exploring. Developers have designed its infrastructure in a user-friendly way. For example, if a user looks for gluten-free options, then he/she gets the results according to the search. You even get complete information about a dish which includes ingredients, average preparation time, etc.


Developing an app like this requires reliable tech team and developers. Displaying a unique idea requires an engaging interface with a great UI design. There are many other examples of food apps like GrubHub, Eat24, Caviar, DoorDash, Postmates, and Amazon Prime, but the success that UberEats has achieved in the short term is truly commendable. It has three simple steps – browses, order, track, and you are ready to go.

With hundreds of restaurants available at your disposal, you just need to open your app and search for your favourite cuisine. After placing your order, you will see your address, an estimated delivery time and the price. If everything sounds good to you, you can tap to place your order. UberEats has a robust tracking system which allows you track your order till its delivery. Follow your order in the app. First, you’ll see the restaurant accept and start preparing.

UberEats has mobilized the food industry by giving it new dimensions just with a mobile app. If you are in the developing phase, make sure your app has a great user interface, easy navigation and other latest features that mentioned above.

In case, if you have any query related to food delivery app like UberEats, you can consult us through the below-given form. Consulting our business representative and discussing uber like app idea is free, it won’t cost you a single penny. Our representative will figure out how a mobile app can help your business to grow at faster pace and suggest you a right solution.


How Lark (A.I Powered, Clinically Proven Health and Fitness App) Ranked in Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World With These 3 Core Features?

This blog contains information for those startups, who want to create wellness AI apps. There are must-have features of Lark A.I app, which are worth to check out. Let’s have a look what’s inside?

The wellness industry is going to be highly profitable. This is due to the fact that the new Global Wellness Institute research confirms that the wellness industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most-resilient markets. The industry is becoming a highly profitable market as it was worth $3.72 trillion in the year 2016 with 10.6% growth from 2013-15.

It is no wonder that the category “Health and Fitness” was among the most popular app categories in 2016, and this category increased by 18% in the time spent by its users.

Talking about the booming artificial intelligence technology, A.I. is a big deal now. There is not even a single doubt that A.I is the future technology. There is no surprise that A.I platform provided in terms of the app, ‘Lark’ that is the leading personalized A.I and clinically-proven health app on the top of the list. Let’s know more about one of the award-winning chatbot apps, Lark!

Lark – more than a Pocket Health Trainer and Nutritionist

Lark helps users who suffer from the most crushing chronic diseases in an infinitely scalable, highly engaging and clinically proven way with cutting-edge A.I. (artificial intelligence) as a platform. Moreover, Lark app is one of the best artificial intelligence chatbot apps as it already has over 1 million app users. Moreover, the A.I platform by Lark is clinically-proven.

Here’s the video to know more about – how Lark works.

Key Points That Makes Lark App a Big Hit in The Wellness Niche

  • In the Apple App store, Lark app was recognized as one of the top 10 apps in the health and wellness category.
  • Google also tagged Lark as the “Best of 2016” app.
  • Lark, Uber, Airbnb, and WeChat are the “Top 10 most innovative companies in the world” by Business Insider.
  • Lark is the world’s first AI nutritionist with over 1 million app users.

Moving ahead, we are going to provide you the core features of wellness app – Lark, and how you can leverage utmost from these powerful features before developing AI apps for android in health and fitness niche.

Consider These 3 Core Features of Lark Before Developing A.I. Powered Health App

1. 24/7 Health Monitoring

One of the core features is health monitoring, which can be accessed by users at any time. This feature replaces everything that users require equipment to monitor their health conditions like wireless weight scale, blood pressure monitor.

Health monitoring feature can automatically track exercise, sleep, and meals, plus it is also monitored by A.I coaches. Interaction with these coaches as realistic as face-to-face healthcare professionals. In short, users do not need to spend a fortune on expensive personal coaches. This feature is handy and worth to consider before developing a health app like Lark.

Talking more technically, such feature of health tracker app relies on the device’s built-in sensors to track the activities and habits of users. This feature makes Lark app different because users can text or dictate to the chatbot, and will ask about ate or drank at the moment after user’s comprehensive feedback on eating, drinking, exercising and sleeping habits.

Bottom Line: One of the best things of Lark app that you can consider is there’s no wearable needed. Lark app is built on smart aggregation partner, which is seamlessly merging patients’ existing data only from the smartphones. Such feature will provide the critical data but not just a firehouse of unstructured data.

2. Customized A.I. for Each Chronic Disease like Stress Management, Sleep and Nutrition Counseling

The more downloads and popularity app will get in a short span of time.

But, the thing is that what would be the best-suited features, which give a big hit to the app? Let’s take an example of Lark. It is more than a health tracker app. The app comes up with the usable feature like provide users the customized A.I. for each chronic disease such as exercise coaching, nutrition counseling, diseases specific curriculum, behavioral health counseling, stress management, sleep counseling and improved medication adherence.

Moreover, there are also some features, which are worth-including like a personalized health plan, flexible nutrition coaching, automatic exercise and sleep tracking. All these features are important, which you can consider before creating an app like Lark.

So, this is one of the handiest features, which you can’t afford to miss while creating an app like Lark.

3. 1-on-1 Coaching Available at Their Fingertips

Lark is more than just a productivity tracker, which is available on both platforms i.e. iOS and Android. One of the core features of the app is to provide users with a personal health coach, which is specialized for their chronic diseases. The best thing about this feature is that coach responds within 2 seconds. Plus, there are no appointments and no long phone conversations, users just have to start conversation through texting.

In short, Lark app is more than just productivity tracker. A health app, which talks to users, just like a live weight loss coach or fitness trainer. The powerful features within the app make witty remarks on users about how the user can improve his/her lifestyle to be healthier, drawing its insights from the database generated by the world’s leading sleep and nutrition and experts.

What’s Next?

Above, we have just provided the core features of A.I. powered health app. However, if you are planning to create health and fitness artificial intelligence app like Lark, you can consider aforesaid features, which are worth-including. Moreover, there are no surefire ways to build an ideal health and fitness app, but there are a lot of things, which you can use to improve the chance of winning in the marketplace.

Also, you can provide your app users with the right tools, constant support and 24/7 personal coaches at anytime anywhere for users’ life-changing journey of becoming healthy and fit. Make sure to develop a high-quality and one of the best fitness apps from any professional iOS app development company that has already developed fitness and wellness apps.

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Planning to Create a Health App? Keep an Eye on These Solutions Provided by Uber Health (B2B Ride-hailing Platform)

This post contains information for those startups and the entrepreneurs who run healthcare clinics, rehab centers or physical therapy centers. It contains top solutions which can help you to build a successful business model like Uber Health.

In general, when someone says, “Uber for X, Y, or Z”, then immediately it strikes in our mind – Uber is making something ‘easy and convenient’. Undoubtedly, Uber has completely changed the way people live their lives in the past times. This is due to the fact that there’s a lot of things that are successfully transformed by Uber, and it looks like these –

  • Helping out seniors to regain their independence
  • Mobility to those people who live underserved areas
  • Provides a safe alternative to driving

If you are one of the staunch followers of Uber, then you must be aware of the newest business-line that launched by Uber, called Uber Health. The ride-sharing company, Uber has launched a service, known as Uber Health, which allows doctors, hospitals, clinics, rehab centers to hail cabs for their patients.

What Does Uber Heath Exactly Mean?

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “This month, Uber has announced its new platform i.e. Uber Health” that is one way for healthcare organizations to book rides for their patients. Moreover, the company has also launched an API, so that the ride-hailing service can be built into existing healthcare tools. It provides reliable and comfortable transportation to the patients. Also, the dashboard allows healthcare professionals to order rides for their patients at anytime anywhere.

Additionally, the company’s ride-booking service aimed at business customers who want to provide the rides for their clients or patients. However, Uber health service is also tailored for healthcare industry with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) standards compliance, plus it gives the ability to use the service on the client-side from even with a landline.

What’s Different About ‘Uber Health’?

Alike Uber’s famous business model, ride-hailing app, ‘Uber Health’ is not exactly the copy of the existing Uber app. Let’s know what’s different about it:

  • Healthcare industries can schedule health rides up to a month in advance, so that patients don’t miss their appointments and make sure they also get their follow-up care.
  • Uber Health claims to provide hassle-free transportation facilities.
    Riders or patients can coordinate through text messages. Also, there is a facility to set up calls to landlines or cell phones rather than texting.
  • Hospitals, rehab centers and senior care facilities, more than 100 organizations in the U.S are already using a beta version of the Uber Health.

Apart from this, healthcare is a big business. Whether you are running a clinic, home care center or physical therapy center, there are big opportunities to start with the same business model like Uber Health. However, if you want to provide any solution like Uber Health to your patients or users, we’ve curated top solutions that are provided by Uber Health (B2B ride-hailing platform).

Top Solutions Provided by Uber Health (B2B Ride-hailing Platform)

Solution #1: Flexible Ride Scheduling for Patients

According to the report from TechCrunch, “Nearly 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments because of lack of the available and reliable transportation”. In addition to this, nearly one-third patient show up to medical appointments every year in total.

These are some of the problems that are analyzed by Uber. After analyzing such problems, the tech company, Uber provides the flexible ride scheduling for patients who have been missing out the important appointments due to the lack of reliable transportation services at affordable cost. In order to decrease the rate of missing appointments, here’s what Uber has provided –

  • Health industries can schedule rides on behalf of patients, caregivers and the staff to take place immediately, and as per their convenience.
  • It also provides transportation to be scheduled for follow-up appointments for patients.
  • It is also possible to schedule and manage the multiple rides at one time from a single dashboard.

Bottom Line: Being the owner of the health clinic or rehab center, if you are planning to build an app like uber based on B2B ride-hailing platform then you need to provide your targeted audience with such solutions, resolving their real-life problems.

Solution #2: Fixed The Root Problem

Uber is known for its successful business model in terms of ride-hailing apps development, however, the concept of ‘Uber Health’ came-up after analyzing the biggest barriers by the company.

The easy-to-access transportation is one of the biggest barriers for vulnerable popularities, including patients with the highest burden of chronic disease. Patients with chronic diseases are not able to get an easy-to-access transportation facility that safely takes them to hospitals and clinics.

In the United States, the biggest barriers to access health centers easily and safely is higher cost of transportation. So, instead of creating a rehab center, Uber has analyzed the root of the problem and provide solution for the biggest barriers, which are faced by people.

In a nutshell, if you’ve decided to start a business model like Uber health, then there are three main points, which you need to consider, including ease, convenience and lower cost. So, providing a blend of these solutions to patients can make your business successful.

Solution #3: Easy and Convenient Service

Naturally, everyone desires convenience. From uber for delivery to hiring a cab, everyone seeks ease and convenience while using these services. In the rapid growth of urgent care clinics, there’s a great demand for easy and convenient transportation services. In addition, the emergence of Uber Health is the solutions to all the problems, which are commonly faced by many patients worldwide.

Uber Health has not just provided the easy and convenient solutions to patients, but the organizations like healthcare centers or rehab centers can also take benefit of Uber Health like solution. This is what healthcare industries can do after connecting to Uber Health (B2B ride-hailing platform):

  • The healthcare industries can easily keep track of how much they are spending on the rides.
  • Organizations can request rides and view monthly billing statements, appointments and scheduling reports in the simplest terms.

Have You Decided to Take Your Healthcare Business to the Next Level?

Herein, as we have already mentioned that in the United States over 100 healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, rehab centers and senior care facilities, homecare centers and physical therapy centers are already taking the benefit of Uber Health solution.

However, there are some big healthcare technology companies named Bracket Global and Collective Health that are also exploring ways how Uber Health can work with their offerings.

So, after going through this post, you can also think about to create an app like Uber in the genre of health. If you may have any idea that can give you a big hit like Uber Health, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company, and have already developed over 50 healthcare mobile apps successfully.

Still, if you have any query related to Uber Health like solution, you can get in touch with us through below given form. We will revert you within 48 hours. Till then, you can explore the following Healthcare apps that are developed by us:

Fleet Management App Solution

This is Why Every Fleet Manager Must Include These 3 Features into their Own Custom Fleet Management Mobile Solution

This blog contains information for both those startups and the entrepreneurs, who want to develop their own ‘fleet management’ app. Check out some top features of the fleet management mobile app.

The badly performing delivery fleet is a challenge for any company. However, ‘vehicle tracking’ is one of the major concerns for those industries who are under the categories of logistics and transportation and movers. To get rid of this dilemma, it would be a great idea to track the vehicles, which are running on the roads.

There are several businesses, which are looking up for surefire methods to track the number of vehicles or we can say “fleet” so that they can monitor and analyze the distance covered by vehicles and help them out in calculating the fuel consumption and other required factors.

Tracking the vehicles is another method to control and monitor the fleet management business and activities at the same time. Moreover, it can be a reliable option to track your drivers as well.

There are plenty of businesses and enterprises which are looking forward to a fleet management mobile app to track the path taken by their vehicles. This is due to the fact that the fleet management apps deliver complete information about the driving habits, speed and the number of stops taken.

If you still want to know more about fleet management solutions, take a look at the reasons why you need to have a fleet management app.

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet management solution helps companies to manage, organize and coordinate their vehicles from the central data platform. The objective is to keep the fleet operating seamless by reducing cost, enhancing performance and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

The primary motive of customized fleet management solution is to collect, store, process, monitor, store, and report and export information. It is also known as fleet telematics solution. This is an IT category, which leads to long-distance transmission of computerized information.

In fleet management, the data can be collected from external sources, including gas pump processors and government divisions, which handle vehicle registration, financial firms, mapping systems and vehicle specification databases.

Why Do You Need a Fleet Management App?

A fleet management app usually comprises the following attributes:

  • Vehicle Security
  • Track Vehicles and Drivers
  • Driver Behavior Logs
  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedule
  • Reporting on the aspects of day to day management of the fleet of vehicles

Apart from this, let us check out top three features of fleet management app that can help to get most of your delivery fleets.

Top 3 Features to be Considered While Developing a Customized Fleet Management App

Nowadays, mobile apps have been gaining an impressive surge and this concept is more likely to increase in the foreseen times. So, check out some basic features to be considered while developing customized fleet management app.

1. Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

One of the pivotal features to be considered is real-time GPS vehicle tracking while developing customized fleet management app. With this feature, it is easier to track up-to-date information about location and condition of the vehicle. In a nutshell, we can say that this feature allows admin to check the real-time location of the drivers and the fleet in the most convenient way.

Considering the real-time GPS tracking vehicle tracking feature can provide the following facilities:

  • Easy to trace a stolen vehicle or equipment
  • Information about damage or inappropriate usage
  • Collect data about drivers road behavior to detect risky drivers

Furthermore, security is one of the major concerns when it comes to fleet management, this feature provides the following advantages:

  • Vehicle Tracking: It determines the current location of each vehicle to trace the stolen cars from the fleet.
  • Accident tracking: It allows easy to manage the process of accident, repair, and recovery of the vehicle.

2. Fuel