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Apple Watch Event Recap – An Opportunity for Apple Watch App Development

The much anticipated “killer app‘ from the Apple, raised their curtain on March 9th with their Wearable Apple WatchKit app, that provides a complete toolkit, along with thinnest MacBook, that has long lasting battery life.

The wearable computing technology, that is creating a large and disruptive impact on the technology market, is the fastest growing segment in the global computing markets, the next big thing that will rock the technology industry and will significantly influence the Internet of Things (IOT) and an easy user interaction with the world. With Apple, releasing their new wearable Apple Watch, has come up with the health care kit. This clearly showcase that a wearable technology offers tremendous applications in the field of healthcare and medical, infotainment, fitness and wellness technologies, that are driving the market now.

The wearable apps industry is creating new buzz in Business Opportunities:

Research reveals that the market of the global wearable technology & electronics is estimated to par $11.61 billion by the end of 2020 with Nike, Adidas AG, Google, Fitbit Inc, Jawbone, Weartech, being some of the major players in wearable-electronics & technologies.

Along with rising the consumer experience and making businesses more efficient, wearable technology, is spurring new business opportunities, boosting the wearable technology app marketplace, that offers a boon for an independent developers, with an opportunity to generate revenue for app developers in the wearable technology market.

The inflow of wearable devices like Apple Watch Kit along with health kits, Google Glass and smart watches open new opportunities for business, with an enhanced data collection that gives insight about the user interaction. With wearable gadgets, along with marketers, the benefit of wearable devices is seen with the enterprises, who will need to develop an app for new systems. With smart clothing and accessories already expanding business opportunities, possibilities of multi-billion dollar industry will arise.

Time to invade the bite-size chunk information about new Apple releases:

The new Apple watch connects the apps in three different modes.

Standard WatchKit App:

apple watchkit app

Having its own user interface and features on the Apple Watch home screen, it allows users to view and interact with their data, manipulate the data optionally and view a subset of the data. The Watch Kit comes only with a storyboard and resource files that are associated with the app’s user interface. Having the code for managing content, responding to user interaction, it coordinates with your iOS app to perform more refined tasks.

Watch Glances Screen/ Interface:

With number of tasks in the busy world, it has become essential to put on the reminder and keep glancing at it, Apple with its new Watch Glance interface, has made it easy for user to quickly glance on their Watch screen or by just tapping a glance from their WatchKit app, and go through short snippets of information, like sports or entertainment news that wearers can easily swipe through.

Create Actionable Notifications App:

Apple Watch has paired with iPhone to provide automatic support for actionable notifications introduced in iOS 8. This lets the user to simply let someone read and respond to a message or has been programmed to allow more complicated actions like someone could turn their house lights off from their wrist once they leave home, or with an actionable notification interface button they can accept or reject any meeting invitation. With Apple Watch you can easily & automatically add appropriate buttons to the notification interfaces on Apple Watch.

Apple’s Research Kit – A tool for Medical Research

Apple Researchkit

With the open source framework, the Five Research Kit, that will help researchers and medical practitioners to gather and manage Patient’s medical data, for this they can take advantage of iPhone features to gather new types of data. It is designed to let medical researchers create iPhone apps for their medical studies and in recruiting patients. The Kit has 5 apps that include apps for breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Parkinson’s diseases, and asthma.

Call a taxi or use Instagram.

No more hassles to call a taxi with Apple Watch you can request a car directly, on its arrival you will instantly get notification including the picture of the car. Also, you can view the full experience of browsing the feed on your wrist and glance the information or browse the pictures, comment and likes with easy & quick Instagram.



Apart from the above, Apple came out with CarPlay with 40 new models with every major manufacturer onboard, this will transform the way we interact with our cars, having Apple and Google with it’s Android Auto platform.

Apple also cares for TV

It looks like Apple has not left any stone untouched, with Apple cares for TV platform, has slashed the price to £59 (from £79), also it’s content deal with HBO will see streaming product launch exclusively on Apple TV.

Are you ready to embrace the Wearable Tech?

With Apple making it big opening in Wearable WatchKit, we no longer have to wake up with our smartphones and open an app, wearable makes it easy to get connected all the time. If you are thinking of developing apps for Apple Watch, get in touch with us, as plenty of wearable tech pieces are already making it big businesses, so grab your chance to remain in the competitive future to set the next wave of Wearable technologies and set the business of your app with the strap on their sleeves.


Turn Your e-Commerce Store into M-commerce App

Just a few years back, nobody would have imagined that E-Commerce would become a major part in our life. Rightly said technology is a short version that keeps changing with a new technology and the recent one making the rounds is the M-Commerce, popularly known as Mobile Commerce.

Thanks to the mobile phones, where at the age of living in a fast-paced lifestyle is becoming a survival kit more than just a path to communication accessory, where we may tend to forget our wallet but never our cell phones, clearly defines that mobile world is quickly taking the new heart of business. With busy schedules and People being always on the move, marketers and companies are fast catching them up through smart phones.

The tremendous success of smart phones has led to the creation of several apps that has resulted to the growth of M-commerce apps. Players are getting lured to enter into the market of commerce with a huge revenue opportunities and the potential for customer attainment and retention.

Why there is a demand for m-commerce?

M-Commerce Growth

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is an easy way to demeanor business transactions through a mobile device. Various market research depicts that Mobile commerce, or m-commerce is going to play a vital role with huge profit and will be seen as a rapidly growing market with all its rounds making it the hottest sectors right on. The e-retailers are able to reach their audience due to app stores that offers more digital channels. With smart phones growth, the m-commerce growth is widely seen with improvement in mobile infrastructure across the globe.

Mobile Apps for Shopping:


PayPal reports that 64% of smartphone users are using an app for purchases as against to the 52% who use mobile browsers. The users felt it was convenient and speed with instant payment confirmation and having a reminder in the app to use a discount or coupons helped them to go for m-commerce. This creates a merchant to take advantage of going for m-commerce apps, as more people are increasingly buying from an app.

The Growth of Mobile Commerce

The pace at which m-commerce is growing is impossible to ignore with more and more people turning to their mobile devices for shopping, making it only get bigger and better with mobile orders rising this year in America, with states like North Dakota, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Louisiana making it the highest growth of m-commerce.

The mobile commerce sales in the US is expected to reach more than $100 billion this year. Forrester Research projects sales from consumers shopping for mobile phones will increase to $38 billion this year. As per Statista,( mobile retail revenue is expected to amount to $133.35 billion up from $42.28 billion in 2013. Statistics also reveal that the mobile retail commerce revenue worldwide to reach $626 billion in 2018.

Research by ABI estimates that by the end of 2015 shoppers from around the world will spend nearly $119 billion on goods and services bought via their mobile phones. The mobile shopping at the US saw tremendous growth from $396 million in 2008 to $1.2 billion in 2009.

Taking advantage of m-commerce:

Mobile commerce is definitely growing and this directly relates to the amount of mobile marketing that companies are investing in with nearly 74% of online retailers either having in place or are developing mobile commerce. According to PayPal’s report, upon surveying on a third of online shoppers, the smartphone shoppers were between the age group of 18-34 giving an advantage of increased sales.

Mobile commerce without mobile traffic is just like chicken and the egg. It is important to turn the traffic into billion dollars and if you haven’t yet got serious with m-commerce app, it’s high time you need to think about increasing your traffic for your e-commerce businesses.

Get in touch with Space-O, who has worked on m-commerce apps like Ingubo, who will surely assist with the creation of your own M-commerce apps or turn your Magento, WooCommerce e-commerce store into an m-commerce app.

Taxi Service

A Complete Mobile App Solution to Manage Cab Services, Taxi and Drivers

Every day there is a news about the taxi services and the recent one, Ridesharing marketplace Tripada has raised $11 million series A funding by Rocket Internet and other investors.

Want to make millions by starting your own taxi booking services like Uber?


You are on the right path, you have already crossed a small feat of your business.

Now, all you need to do is get the entire cab app solutions all under one roof.

How will you manage challenges like Uber like app creation?

No worries!!

With mobile app solutions, we at Space-O, makes everyone grow in their respective business by making mobile app and you are no exception!

We will make a definite path of your success by getting a taxi app idea developed today!

Let us walk you through some of the key benefits & features of having a Taxi App development solutions.

  • Real time cab location tracking using GPS
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Compatible both for iOS & Android
  • Best cost-design
  • In-app notifications to passengers & drivers
  • E-receipts to passengers automated
  • Easily customizable with friendly admin panels
  • Backs multiple languages
  • Automated fare estimation and calculations
  • Daily transactions & reports can be tracked
  • Robust back-end architecture with dynamic UI rendering
  • Native app over a cross-platform


Our Mobile App Development Solution for Taxi/Cab Business Includes:

  • Taxi Booking App for Passengers
  • Development of Cab App for Taxi drivers
  • Taxi Management System
  • Integration of Cab Management solutions, Taxi & Driver App Modules

Essence lies in our Developer & Designer:

In order to get a good app developed, you need an excellent developers & a designer, who can create cab app which will turn to a good business. At Space-O, our expert team of taxi booking app software developers & designers can come up with a custom solutions for your business that enables profitable taxicabs.

What makes the role of the Space-O apart?

Having developed apps like Appaxi, UCab, has given us hands on experience to develop taxi management apps.



The Appaxi, mobile application which enables individuals and groups within a geographic region to find carpools, in real time and spontaneously, where our developers created a user friendly, social application on mobile devices that allows communities to locate travelers with a common destinations that helps them to find each other- whether you are a rider or a driver, looking for other riders to share a taxi.

The core idea of the client:

The client’s whole idea was to register taxi bases to our apps through the country that allowed customers to order the registered taxi bases through the apps.

Solution provided by our developers:

Our developers developed routing algorithm with the best user GPS and maps, iPhone and Android mobile app for users, with CMS Development (in PHP + MySQL).



UCab a taxi app solution that enables user to provide a platform of using the highest technology in order to find the nearest taxi within their nearest location without waiting or calling a taxi company in everywhere at any time.

The core idea of the client:

The client needed to create an application that would allow customers to search for a taxi in there nearby location and contact the drivers via APP. Wanted to create account on the APP and rate each other by giving feedback and reviews after every trip, so that the Customers and drivers will benefit completely.


The developers came up Round Robin Algorithm with the following features to the clients

  • Splash Screen
  • Login Screen
  • REGISTRATION – Customers and Drivers
  • Settings
  • Search and Search Results Screen
  • Drivers Screen
  • Feedback and Review

Time to get into tailor made Applications to meet your Business needs…

Having developed such billion dollar apps, Space-O as a mobile app partner will help you in reaching your desired customers. Our mobile app development team enables your ideas into reality, allowing your business to venture into a booming mobile industry.

Get in touch with us to know more about Taxi Booking app like Uber. We as mobile app development partner help our customers with the best in the class where you can grow using the mobile apps and get quickly adapted to today’s marketplace with taxi mobile apps or top cab booking apps.


Cloud Computing Prediction 2015 – How Secure are Our Data?

The storing and accessing of the data and programs over the internet instead of one’s computer hard drive has become so easy with cloud computing. With the number of companies using it in a good way, more companies have taken forward to come under the cloud, but some of the companies are still skeptical about migrating to the cloud.

Most of the enterprise organizations have reaped a lot of efficiency and economic value over few years through the services of cloud. In fact it was a fascinating 2014 for the cloud, some of the forte technologies are hitting the mainstream over the data protection and governance, hence it is a clear indication that the cloud will shoot high in 2015, gaining much more attention than ever before.

It’s a clear prediction that 2015 is all about the data, a data that provides a complete customer insights, a data about the trend that is leading the market. As said by Motley Fool’s Tim Beyer, the 2015 is all about the Big data in the cloud computing.

The next question that arise is how secure are our data?

With recent celebrities’ iCloud account being hacked, the new questions about the safety of storing sensitive information on the cloud arises. But the recent intuit predicts that nearly 78% of small businesses will use the cloud by 2020, a clear prediction which we have started seeing with many small size businesses turning more to cloud-based services, whether it is a Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft’s office 365, as Cloud computing solutions provides a clout to manage an enormous data, however big or small on cloud is highly accessible even through a smartphones.

Also maintaining a huge data becomes very expensive, but having data analytics that are cloud based the problem of storage and scalability of the data minimizes, hence leaving many to access both their analytical tool and data including the results.

Recently the CEO of IT for GE in an interview stated that the company which is working with a lot of huge data that it sells from Jet engines to power plants to pumps is making complete use of the cloud computing solutions by moving much of its data towards public cloud.

With all said, it is known that Hybrid Cloud will make its headlines in 2015, it will be all about.

Hybrid Cloud:

With many companies turning to cloud computing solutions, cloud computing is no longer an IT trend, it is becoming an integral part of the overall business strategy for many organizations, with Hybrid cloud being the winner which has been declared victorious over the public cloud. The hybrid cloud rules and has is known for its enterprise-friendly vision of the cloud, as it allows the public cloud to integrate seamlessly with the data center. Hybrid cloud being expensive to build, due to the vast gulf of manual processes requires re-architect existing data center apps into the cloud.

With Microsoft and VMware being the best fenced offerings make it difficult for the customers to change, through combinations of product, pricing and cloud migration process.

Whether it is Public, Private, or Hybrid, Cloud is here and occupies a significant share of IT spending, by 2016 it is expected to grow to nearly to 27 percent from the current 23% growth and Private cloud will be the most prevalent cloud deployment.

Get in touch with us to know more about Cloud Computing solutions, we are a leading App developers with rich experience in building mobile apps for iOS and Android.



Key Enterprise Mobility Trends of 2015

With the number of smartphones hitting the market, the study reveals that the average person looks at their mobile nearly 200 times per day, which is going to increase by nearly 400-500 times per day. Data from Ericsson revels that by end of 2020 there will be around 6.1 billion smartphone subscriptions and around 90% of the global population over 6 years of age will own a mobile phone, a trend which is seen evidently.

In midst of this the mobile devices and cloud services have changed the way we work, helping employees to carry out their work from home or in the office using tablets and smartphones. The enterprise mobility market had gone through some changes in 2014 – from strategic partnership between great tech industries to the primer of new wearable technology like the Apple Watch, which has initiated the door of enterprise mobility, which is all set to be a big IT Trend for 2015 – a trend which will be at the top of the CIOs agenda.

The million question now is why is Enterprise Mobility that important?

With the increase in number of smartphones, tablets and SaaS applications has revolutionized the way we work today. Enterprise mobility gives instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime enabling them to be on tip of their toes. Having an improved mobile productivity results in greater ROI which further enhances the businesses.

  • As per the report from nearly 4.2 million people were seen working from their home in the year 2014.
  • With 52% of all workers use three or more devices for work and 60% of devices reported by info workers are used for both work and personal purposes. source: forester
  • Services like Microsoft office 365 enables employees to work or edit documents and go through emails from any device at any time.

Enterprise mobility carries with its lot of conveniences of all sizes from hand-held device to cost saving to companies.

The Other Top Trends for 2015:

Increase use of Phablets will be seen among employees in 2015:

2015 is set to increase the demand for iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as employees have started feeling the need of a better solution to meet their on-the-go needs with a better tablets. Employees will slide from tablets to a convenient portable device like Phablets that will enable them to do all their work on the go.

The security of mobile will become more relevant:

2014 saw many companies investing in and using data-rich enterprise apps like customer relationship management tool, but the most challenging thing any organization will face in 2015 is securing the data. With the growing focus on cybersecurity infrastructure, many organization will go for mobile device management (MDM) tools, hence security may become the responsibility of the application, where one can see more enterprise applications with inbuilt security to erase the concerns of their customers.

BYOD the big talking point in 2015:

With organization wanting to go for an all-in-one MDM solutions that will take care of all BYOD security needs, vendors and organization are moving away from a singular devices to a holistic approach that will protect the device data and applications. BYOD will be the talk of 2015, with security vendors going for all in one MDM solutions.

Internet of things (IoT) to embrace enterprises:

Recent report by Frost and Sullivan says, enterprises will embrace wearable at a much tremendous rate, making it a strong presence in the modern enterprise that is expected to become the mainstream of 2015. As companies implement IoT solutions, CIO are sure to find IoT to become driving force of the digital transformation of their company. The growing importance and scope of the data will push CIOs to integrate with the IoTs into their business technology agenda.

As rightly said by General Partner Kevin Spain the following in a recent enterprise mobile forum: “There is a huge opportunity to serve the 2.5 billion global non-desk workers. At $40 per worker per year, it could be the next $100 billion opportunity for enterprise technology. I predict we will start seeing more enterprise mobile use cases in 2015 that generate real revenue.”

2015 is all set to bring its first flavors of Enterprise mobility apps, with mobile technology growing at a rapid speed, there will be a need to evolve their approach towards the management and deployment of mobile devices, their services and the apps, to increase and maintain their ROI. Get in touch with us to know more about enterprise mobility apps.


Hire Xamarin Developers – Make Your Cross Platform an Easy to Work


Until few years back, developers used to consider only Objective-C and Java to build iOS and Android application, but not anymore, with Xamarin, a cross platform compatibility that has emerged as a unique single language – C#, class library, and run time that works across – iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Xamarin the new enterprise standard for mobile development and quality is being used by over 800,000 developers. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies use Xamarin for their business apps. Xamarin provides access to native APIs and objects, on average, nearly 75% of the code is common in all the platforms that result in substantial development and maintenance cost savings.

Xamarin having partnered with Microsoft recently, can produce full compliance of .NET Portable Class Libraries that offer deeper integration with visual studio. It also partners with Microsoft to support the Windows Azure Mobile Service on Android and iOS thus it helps to create a scalable and secure backing for mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Space-O Technologies, having tremendous experience and Xamarin expertise in mobile app development on native and cross platform mobile app development tool gives an edge on Xamarin app development. We have built applications for multiple operating systems extensively, thus helping our clients to achieve higher ROI, there by cutting down on their cost and saving on the time.

Our Xamarin Expertise:

  • Reuse existing C# codes
  • Native libraries used for bindings
  • Platform libraries are done through Native access
  • Sharing of codes between mobile apps
  • Safeguarding mobile cross platform support
  • Both Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio used as IDE
  • Hands on experience in development using Objective C, C# and Java
  • Component to share Social networks and Camera codes between platforms are done through Xamarin
  • High ability of debugging

Benefit of Hiring Xamarin App Developers

Pocket reach:

We have excellent developers who have vast industry experience in cross platform mobile app development. Hence, they know how to making your required mobile application within your budget reach. Understanding the importance we ensure cost effective development services to our customers.


Our team of Xamarin developers is very focused and dedicated towards delivering quality works on time.


Knowing the importance of client’s privacy and ownership, Space-O executes Nondisclosure Agreement with our clients, we abide by laws and go as per code of ethics. We adopt best practices for protection of intellectual property.


Xamarin being a cross platform app. Our Team of professionals Xamarin Developers with their diverse skill sets apply to build apps for all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.


Having expert Xamarin developers, they provide exclusive performance and debugging analysis tools.

Get to know more about our hiring module:

Efficient Hiring Models

Fixed Cost:

After thorough evaluation of the client’s requirement, doing exhaustive analytic assessment, you can hire developers on hourly and monthly basis as per your needs and convenience.

Full time Xamarin Developer hiring:

  • Monthly 180 hours of work commitment
  • Communication channels: Basecamp/Skype/Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, Major Indian Holidays
  • Billing Cycle: 15 days advance (monthly cycle)
  • Minimum Hiring Period: 2 months
  • Cancellation Notice: two weeks

Part time Xamarin Developer hiring:

  • Monthly 90 hours of work commitment
  • Communication channels: Skype/Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, Major Indian Holidays
  • Billing Cycle: 15 days advance (monthly cycle)
  • Minimum Hiring Period: 3 months
  • Cancellation Notice: two weeks

Hire on time and material basis:

  • Minimum commitment of 40 hours a month
  • Communication channels: Skype/Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, Major Indian Holidays
  • Billing Cycle: 15 days advance (monthly cycle)
  • Minimum Hiring Period: 3 months
  • Cancellation Notice: two weeks

Why to go for Xamarin Development Services in India?

Space-O Technologies have been in Xamarin application development since the demand of cross platform application began. The yearlong exposure in technologies and its cross platform development framework has given us and our developer’s hands on experience. We have mastered the craft in both native and hybrid Xamarin cross platform compatible applications. Our Xamarin development team in India is embraced with adept programmers who work closely with experienced consultants.

Our clients rate us at 100% and we thrive to give best services at the most affordable and competitive price. In case, if you have any query or confusion regarding cross platform app development, get in touch with us about your requirement of cross platform compatible application through the below-given form and we will guide you through with the best possible solution.


Get Ready to Upgrade Your App with iOS 8 and 64 Bit Support

In the age of the fast moving technology world, by the wink of the eye, technology and hardware keeps changing; some for the betterment and some has reflex action; after iOS 7 upgrading in year 2014 from app store, yet, again app store comes out with another upgrading for all iOS apps – come February 1, 2015 new iOS apps uploaded to the App Store must mandatorily include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK, included in Xcode 6 or later.

What’s the impact of this on your mobile developers?

So, this seamlessly goes saying that the developers need to be updated with the 64-bit support. All long the developers had the choice to submit only 32-bit apps or universal binaries, but no longer will it be an option. To enable a project, default Xcode builds, setting of “Standard architectures” can be used to build a single binary with both 32-bit and 64-bit code.

From February, all newly released games, will need to take advantage of iOS 8 and 64-bit ARM chips in newer iOS devices.

52% of devices are already using iOS 8, the percentage of the iOS 8 adoption reach comes from the App Store recently announcing on October 27, 2014; it perfectly goes without saying that the user’s within 5 weeks of its release have shown interest for upgrading and due to this Apple is insisting all iOS developers to update their apps to iOS 8 before February 1st, later on they would not be permitted to submit their apps of preceding versions.

If you are looking to convert your app to a 64-bit binary, you can find more information regarding this through Space-O developers.


Cross Platform Mobile App Development easier with Xamarin Platform

The App stores and Google Inc. offer more than 700,000 apps each. The survey reveals that on an average about two hours a day consumers spend on their apps, with many apps to choose from the consumers where the global revenue is expected to rise 62% by $25 billion, according to Gartner inc. The apps are expanding their reach on devices. We no longer see it on phones, but even in tablets and television we get to view them.

So if you are dreaming of getting instant overnight Snapchat-like riches it is right time to do it to get cross-platform mobile apps development.

Once you step down to get a mobile app development for your business, the next question that will come up is a robust mobile strategy, that is critical for any business to win, retain and grow your customers along with improving on cost-efficiency and productivity and many are uncertain on which the app needs to be built on? Whether to go to Native app or Cross-platform app?

Native mobile app development:

To make the core business logic to play nicely in individual platform, developers go for  native app development where the apps get best native navigation and feature rich view with UX specific platform. For instance, for iPad native apps, we need to go only for professional iPad app developers, we cannot rely on other developers. The advantage of going native is it captures full access of platform with specific tools, but the constraint in native app is on their development cost.

Cross-platform mobile app development:

To enhance your mobile apps business, you will need to run it on all mobile platforms. Cross platform app development is the ideal strategy for platform who are looking for independent app development.

But why many go for Xamarin Cross Platform Development?

It makes use of modern programming language, the code can be shared across all platforms, it has prebuilt backend connectors and there is no-compromise native User Interface. It’s also cost-effective in development and supports enterprise cloud services. One of the latest is the Xamarin, a top cross platform mobile application which is providing a great user experience and navigation.

Get a better app with Xamarin Platform

Know more about Xamarin Cross-platform app development:

Xamarin which was created in 2011 has crossed over 505,500 developers, in more than 130 countries. With number of smartphones, app developers need to work a lot on cross platform. The creation of Xamarin has made developers to adapt to one main technology because of its unrivaled features.

Why there is a sudden shoot up of Xamarin by the users?

Most of the software developers today go with an entirely new approach and that is developing cross platform mobile app using Xamarin.

Reason for developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps using Xamarin:-

  1. With Xamarin apps, all codes can be shared across all platforms
  2. The apps can be written entirely in C#, and can be shared with the same code on iOS, Android, Windows, and more. Anything that can be done in Objective-C or Java can be done in C# with Xamarin
  3. With the help of standard, native user interface control Xamarin apps are built, this give the end user what they expected to thereby preserve Native performance while enjoying the full API coverage.
  4. With Xamarin Test Cloud the apps can be tested over 1,000 devices that offers continuous integration, reports, test for fragmentation and object-based UI testing.
  5. Xamarin gives a complete insight about the error reporting that helps developers to prioritize issues and even developers can see who’s online and if any crash impact they can help them with the issue.

Want to get started with Xamarin Mobile App Development, but not able to get Developers? We are here to help you! Contact us to hire Xamarin developers to build mobile applications under cross-platform development.

mobile app trends

Mobile App Trends: Get in Line with 2015

Having a mobile in a pocket is not a common thing to see, and having a mobile app developed is not a hard task master with number of mobile app developers in the market today. Thirdly engaging and monetizing user is not a mountainous job.

With nearly 250 million users for over 1.8 million apps on Google Play and iOS App Store mobile app has surely jolted the world, Resource: VB. Totally the average time spent on mobile device by the average US consumer has risen to 2 hrs and 42 mins per day, apps has continued to lead with 86% of the average US mobile consumer time this clearly reflects that mobile is dominating the center force with browser swimming for its breath.

Top Growing Apps in 2014

Top Growing Apps

It’s a common to ask how many apps on your smartphones than what’s plan for today? This has given way to photo sharing apps and the calendar that once used to be carried on briefcase is now built on your native apps on your phone. On an average a person having smartphone has 26 apps installed and roughly around 22% of mobile apps are abandoned after one use.

Study reveal that dating apps like Tinder, quick taxi app like Uber and app like YO App have been the fastest growing consumer apps with Tinder making its wings till today.

But why?

What is reason behind its popularity and its growth?

These apps have real life, a life that captured the user to large extent, also the photo and video-sharing apps allows user to capture real life moments, both for posterity and for sharing with others.

Ever since Tinder app was launched, smartphone app has bombed with a billion swipes daily, matching more than 12 million people, with more than 60 million active users. The company says, people log into the app nearly 11 times a day and women spend as much as 8.5 mins swipes during a single session, and men spend nearly 7.2 mins. Gone are those conventional days with dating app like Tinder making its way almost daily in the market.

Dating Apps like Tinder

With more youngsters using apps, and hanging out in nights is a common things, with Uber descending, the life has made a smooth and tension fear especially after partying all night. It’s common to use Uber, the smartphone-enabled car service app, an essential means of every urbanites who are indispensable part of their day and night life. The ride sharing services, like Lyft, Sidecar and others have made peripatetic to people more freely.

From tinder to Uber to people want to have fun all way, Flappy Bird was the ideal app, which user were waiting for long time, it came like a bird and flew back like a bird, an app which earned $50,000 a day from in-app advertisements, a side-scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro style instantly captured millions of user within its short period time.

There are still plenty of apps which are still making the news and going to continue its trend in 2015 and as per the Target, mobile accounts for two-thirds of the retailer’s digital traffic and continues to rise. Companies are preparing for its revolution in the way user consume media, work, and play and shop online.

Let’s see which apps are going to make the trend in 2015?

Whats Next in 2015


User demand things instantly, and they want micro-moments customized into their mobile experiences that delivers in seconds. The technology to act in micro moments is happening with latest iteration of Apple’s system, iOS8, user will be able to take action quickly in response to push notification.

GPS and Geo Location based Apps

With apps in wallet, who would like to carry paper maps or bundle of papers to locate an area or remind a things, users are seeking more location based apps and geo-fencing that gives them their exact location, with enhanced navigation, interactive store maps, guide shoppers as per their needs and many more.

Photo & Video Mobile Apps:

Americans spend roughly 33 mins per day watching video on their phones and 62% on smartphones. So running an advertisement will be going strong in future apps, the Mobile Marketing Association reports, non-skip able apps ranging from 15-30 seconds receive high completion rates.

Holiday, shopping and other mobile apps

As per Juniper Research, nearly 2 billion mobile users will make mobile commerce transaction by end of 2017. 77% of shoppers use their smartphones to compare the prices, to find nearby stores and look out for sales. National Retail Federation reveals more than half of consumers use their smartphones while shopping during the holidays. So it is of no doubt that an app with holiday and shopping are going to make in a big way.

So which mobile app trend you plan to develop next year? Get in touch with us, we will help you to fill the sketch of your mobile app development and set it with the trend.


Design Your Best App with Mobile app UI & UX


As per the study:

  • An average American spends 8% of their day peeping at a mobile screen.
  • 91% of American adults own a mobile phone.
  • Nearly 76% millennial use smartphones.

A right time for someone who is looking to create or develop apps.

And If you are planning to develop an App, one of the top priority that you need to look is the designing of your app, as design is all about people, the way you design will let you know how satisfied your user is and their needs, that is the reason your designer will ask you the type of UI/UX that you prefer to put in your application.

“UI/UX is the heart and soul of any designer who are involved in designing any apps, website, or smartphones.”

Next question as a prospective client:

What is User Interface and User Experience?

User Interface (UI): an easy access to human being, where User Interface is designed into an information device. The goal is to make the User Interaction as simple and efficient as possible.

User Experience (UX): in order to make the process of using an app etc., and to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty; to improve mobile app usability, simplicity, and the comfort provided while interacting between the customer and the product User experience is used.

With the apps being used for a short intervals and as the mobile screen is small, user needs a flexible and easy mode to use their smartphones, this makes the designer to design the UI and UX project more accurately, it’s like a pinch of salt, not too much not too less, which gives out a perfect design.

Space-O designer strive hard to have a better UI and UX in their daily task for an absolute perfection. Our designer work with clients to produce the simple and ultimate design (UI and UX) that combats with the clients thoughts and User friendly designs.

Designer puts into User shoes:

Before jumping into design, any designer looks at the app from the User perspective, this gives them in-depth reason to understand the device, and working with numerous apps will smoothen their User Experience talent.

Amongst several mobile app UI, UX design, the latest one that is making the headline is the Flat Design that is here to stay…

Flat Design:

When using any mobile apps, user look for minimal design approach that makes them easy to use. So came the Flat design, an antithesis to skeuomorphic design, a design that features clean with open space, crisp edges, and bright colors with a two dimensional or flat illustrations. Even though Microsoft was first to apply this design style for its interface, Apple flexed with its iOS interface.

Flat design does not given any scope to ornamental elements that is how the design is known for its minimalistic nature. Its bright contrasting colors make the illustrations and buttons to pop out from the background, which easily catches the attention and grabs user’s eye.

Flat designs are quick to grasp

Mobile users look for simple images that convey right message more quickly than detailed explanation. As Icons play a main role for any universal actions or purposes, flat design has helped designer to implement them in their Mobile App UX and User Interface Design.

UI/UX design for mobile apps is a key to any application, anyone looking to make an app need to get a talented designer, which is hard to come. Your project is important and we at Space-O understand the key ingredient in making an app, our designers listen and craft the best mobile app UI/ UX designs. Contact us to give you a complete solution for UI & UX design services.



Why SMEs, SMBs Adopt Cloud Computing?

Do you own a small and medium enterprises or small and medium-sized business?

Do you want to increase or add capabilities on your IT services along with data storage without investing on organisational structure, training new personnel, or getting license to your new software?

Then the ideal thing to your company would be adopting to Cloud technology that encompasses any subscription based or pay-per-use service which in real time extends IT’s existing capabilities.

  • 90% of businesses are adopting to Cloud as per RightScale survey.
  • 74% of enterprise use hybrid cloud strategy, with more than half already using public and private cloud.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) to remain the largest public IT cloud service category with expected 59.7% revenue by 2017
  • Amazon Web service dominates Public Cloud Adoption compared to other vendors like Windows Azure, salesforce, Rackspace Public Cloud etc…

So what’s the buzz about Cloud Computing?

Amongst all the developments in Information Communication Technology (ICT) for over a decade now, Cloud Computing is the main player, which offers sweeping benefits for business especially for Small and medium sized enterprises and to multinational corporations.

The latest market for cloud computing forecasts 30% of annual growth, as there is more demand from people to store their latest technology in a virtual space. Not only does cloud computing stores data, but it helps to run applications and software remotely, without being tied to another computer.

As organizations are seeing significant benefits by the use of cloud, IT industries are moving fast toward a world where they can offer a portfolio of cloud services, both public and private, to meet the diverse requirements of their applications.

Why is it so popular amongst SME & SMB’s?

Implementing information technology solutions and platforms can be complex and far costlier for SME & SMB’s. In these cases, cloud computing, help ease the burden by enabling SME & SMB’s to access services by supporting them with data processing, storage and backup, facilitate productivity, accounting services, communications or for customer service and support.

Recent study found that 94 percent of SMB cloud adopters report that they have experienced security benefits since moving to the cloud. As SME & SMB’s are embracing technology, have the ability to grow faster, export more and employ more people, it is seen as means of increasing business agility and of introducing capabilities that would otherwise been cost or time-prohibitive to deploy on traditional technology.

Running small & medium scale business or enterprise is more impending than before, in high competition with restricted customer engagement and services, enterprises always needs to be on their toes, more challenges are seen for SME and amidst tough times, the cloud computing helps to provide the SMEs & SMBs with benefits:

Reasons Why SMEs, SMBs Adopt cloud computing?

    • Scalable:

Cloud computing allows SME to grow without worrying about your infrastructure. It allows business to easily upscale or downscale IT requirements as and when required. Virtually unlimited storage capabilities and due to its scalability, many organizations are relying on managed data centers, where there are cloud experts or cloud consulting services trained in maintaining and scaling shared, private and hybrid clouds.

    • Costs Less:

Cloud computing can decrease IT costs significantly; It provides with lower power costs, as it uses less electricity; lower people costs and Zero Capital costs – one need not worry about capital investment as third party provides and maintains the infrastructure.

  • Secure:
    • Security is a crucial component of the cloud with government grade security-
    • Sophisticated and high levels of security protocol ensures business and data protection.
  • Availability:
    • Has access to everything as it lives in the cloud
    • Mobility and convenience in accessing application anywhere, anytime, portability and flexibility; giving more time and effort to be placed on business strategies and solutions.
    • It gives universal access, enabling staff to use the device of their choice-desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Disaster Recovery:There is no need to worry about losing data, as data replication is instant and automatic. The start-up after a system failure is almost instantaneous, enabling to ramp up the processing power and get back to system as quickly as possible.
  • Mobile Impact:
  • With increase in mobile applications, the apps company can take advantage of cloud-based processing and data storage, making mobile devices more functional, as cloud computing has come up with whole new functionality to mobile devices.

    Embrace Cloud Computing Consulting solutions & enhance your SMEs, SMBs

    Despite the ample advantages of cloud computing, some small and medium companies are yet to realize the advantages of cloud solutions can provide. The survey by business software provider MYOB – 79% of SME’s are going for cloud technology. Also the survey of 1000 SME’s conducted by Colmar Brunton reveal that only 8% of SME’s are unsure if their business should go for cloud computing.

    The reason they embark is lack of knowledge, concerns about security of data and not many technical staff to look into the cloud issues.

    And those who have embraced cloud consulting services have seen success in their business. It is high time the small and medium enterprise and businesses realize the advantage what a cloud solution can provide.

    get in touch with us to know what best solutions we can offer you about cloud computing.

enterprise for healthcare

Better Care & Better Understanding with Enterprise Mobility for Healthcare

With increase in number of patients with Diabetes, heart ailment, stress, infectious diseases commonly seen among children and many more innumerable diseases; the need for Health Care has been spurred up tremendously.

Healthcare is a hot topic which is going viral creating a great opportunity for technology solutions that can lead more provisional care and make it easy for both patients and professionals. The age of mobile has helped in bringing out apps for enterprise mobility for healthcare and the mHealth care is expected to reach $26 billion by 2017.

Despite a considerable growth, the enterprise mobility for healthcare is in an embryonic state when compared to the US $ 6 trillion global healthcare market, which is making way for an opportunity and supply of mHealth on a larger scale.

In today’s business world, we rely on the availability and access to the information in real time, and the real time technology today is “Mobile”, especially true in case of Healthcare. Enterprise mobility thus enables us to have a workforce of instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere and anytime.

What enterprise business mobility provides for a health care practitioners?

  • Instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime
  • Mobility is not just a device, but can be a fixed device that are located everywhere a user goes.
  • Access to electronic health record about their patient’s information, clinicians can make a quick decision and save lives
  • As per Health Care Information & Management Systems, 69% of health care providers use mobile devices to access information.
  • Mobility solutions improves data security and reliability.
  • Reduces cost of the hospitals & saves environment – by printing less documents, sending emails etc..
  • Clear communication between doctors and caregivers giving a clear insight about the disease and patients background

Changing the face of the Patient Care

  • Reduces operational expenses and helps both doctors and patients
  • Enterprise mobility health care helps patients by guiding them what they need to eat and what not, especially while traveling who wish to keep themselves fit and fine and during other occasions
  • Information about their diet, illness, medicines etc., can be monitored and information can be availed.
  • The medical test results can be accessed through mobiles through which they can monitor their health issues.
  • The spread of virus spreading in the city can be altered though these mobile devices.
  • The mHealth can easily connect patient, doctor and insurance company.

Increase of smartphones in health care

As per research2guidance, by 2015 an estimated 1.4 billion people will use smartphones. One out of three people will have a health-related app on their smartphone. With the demand of smartphone, more people will be looking for health information on their phones.

Survey by Price Water house Cooper expects 6 in 10 patients expects that the enterprise mobility for healthcare will change the way they find information on health issues going forward.

Why wait any longer to develop an enterprise mobility apps, contact Space-O to have in-depth and creating engaging mobile apps for healthcare Industry. Our proficient developers in enterprise mobility will help you get the best of the solutions for your healthcare Mobility needs.


5 Thanksgiving Apps – A Must for Every Season

What do you remember when you come across images of football, family reunions, roasted turkey with stuffing, pumpkin pie and of course, the Pilgrims and Wampanoag?

A day each year when food and family takes center stage?

Yes! Like me I know everyone is eagerly waiting for the day to give thanks for the successful harvests, for the hope of a good growing season in the early spring, and for other good fortune such as the birth of a child and many more.

Every year I plan something different to make Thanksgiving a memorable event for the entire family, this time I plan to download some of the popular apps from great Recipes to fun game apps, which are making the round and give them the review of the same.

Butterball Cookbook Plus Apps

Butterball Thanksgiving AppWho can skip the roasted Turkey meal – a juicy, crispy, perfect baked recipes, I know everyone will be busy hunting for the best chef recipe to prepare, among all the best recipe apps, I would go for butterball cookbook, An app that is apt for everyday dinner to school snacks, special holiday meals & desserts and many more with thousands of recipes that have over 60 years of experience in talking turkey –  a top kitchen companion for Turketarians.

The app is packed with suggestions with a variety of turkey products, along with nutritional information and suggestion for serving. The best part is it is simple to share and can send recipes through Facebook & Twitter or email to your friends & families.

Thanksgiving planner App

Thanksgiving planner App

Who would not like to have a stress free turkey day? With Thanksgiving Day approaching nearer, you may be juggling with plans, shopping, cooking, inviting people and many more, you may be running out of hands to manage all these things; thanks to the fully configurable & customizable Thanksgiving planner app, with this one can go at ease & plan their party that is pre-loaded with 160+Thanksgiving items. With mere $$ you have the Ultimate checklist that includes 50+occasions and 10K+ items. The ideal thing is the export/import multiple lists & emails that can be shared with anyone.  And above all how can i forget, a great reminder clock for every one week to backup personal lists. I would also go for apps like Packing Planner To-Do App for better Trip Planning in Thanksgiving days.

Thanksgiving Decoration Idea Apps


Decoration is the thing which I like to do all by myself, I want to always bring in different pattern every year, this year I wanted something out of the box and guess what I have got the idea from Thanksgiving Decoration Idea app

You can find interesting centerpiece ideas, entertaining tips and much more creative idea given. Decorate your Thanksgiving with blend of old and new ideas and welcome your friends & family in your warm decorative house this winter.

Thanksgiving live Wallpaper

Thanksgiving live Wallpaper

Who does not want to decorate their home especially during festival & holiday times like Thanksgiving? To make it more warm and attractive I would definitely go for Thanksgiving live wallpaper apps, this will brighten my thoughts with many live pictures suitable to my home walls and paints.

I always decorate my wall with seasonal and quite traditional Thanksgiving live wallpaper to be in the celebration mood and re-collect our thoughts about the idea behind Thanksgiving Day!

This apps is a colorful HD wallpaper full of atmosphere that continues with the wonderful tradition of Thanksgiving by modern means and in a lovely way and creates autumn and Thanksgiving mood instantly.

Thanksgiving Shopping Apps

Thanksgiving Shopping Apps

Take your coupons and check out for all the best deals around, find out the store opening timings and be the first in your favorite store and save some money this Black Friday. Get into the world of Thanksgiving shopping apps and be up to date with your latest shopping list, new ad alerts and many more and get into rocking deals even before they hit newsstands.

Keep checking here for more awesome Thanksgiving apps or create your own awesome Thanksgiving app for Every Season and reach millions. Contact us to make your ideas turn into action.


Typing…Emoticon…Selfie Pic…Video Selfie App- Trending Reach Million Heights

Last Updated on 24th May 2018

In my vacant and pensive mood, lying on my couch, I was flipping through my old photos, I was all blushing to see my childhood photos, which brought back so many cheerful memories…

It was the age, where we used to line up or beg others to take our photos, but does that trend still continues now?

What I can see is less of manual album and more of software album, which is an instant or trendier to be called as ‘Selfie’. Taking snapshot of ourselves, usually by ourselves, has become a viral pursuit. The survey carried out by The Daily Mail, Britons post around 35 million Selfies a month!

Did you know when the first Selfie was taken?

Scratch your mind a bit and rewind your history back…

Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer created a daguerreotype of himself in 1839.

The evolution of smartphones, forward facing camera, that directly faces the smartphone user, has encouraged the growth of Selfie culture. The user can take spur-of-the-moment captions, and instantly share in social network sites.

Selfie popularity in social media is astounding, Instagram has more than 53 million photos tagged with the hashtag #selfie. In Facebook the status updates over 368,000 times during a week in 2013 October. Twitter, the hashtag #selfie was used more than 150,000 tweets.

Do you think this trend of #Selfie picture will continue for long?

If YES, you are partially right, the trend of selfie will continue but in a different mode.

Guess what it can be?

…rightly said, its going to be Video world, world of video Selfie.

Source: Daniel Lau

The future world is going to be “Video Selfie”, where the user will have more fun with live action videos of themselves that can be sent across to their family & friends in jiff of a seconds and have fun.

Currently, Douyin, the most popular Chinese mini-music-video social network app, has become the most downloaded iOS app in the first quarter of 2018, according to a new report from US research firm Sensor Tower. The app took over the top spot from Facebook’s WhatsApp, with more than 45 million downloads worldwide during the three-month period.

Always think out of the box to create something unique, as only a few startups touch the sky / reach the millions way. This is the right time to get a trend setting app like Unda video selfie or Douyin mini-music-video app.

Let’s look at the insight of Video Selfie App like Unda

  • With changing trend Selfie Video App will help user to use their photo to shoot the video using front facing camera and record it.
  • The app consists of a feed of short videos from yourself and the people you have chosen to follow. The videos are represented by still images that come to life when you tap them.
  • User are always on-lookout for new gizmo, they want to fiddle with them and connect with their friends in unique way, especially the youngsters.
  • With Unda like Video Selfie App, can create amazing video message using unique Video Camera, meetup new friends across the globe or go for video chat.
  • User want a complete product now in single mode like music, video,GIF and friends, that give them lot of fun and sharing makes easy
  • Embellish your video, sing along and do variety of interesting things like mixing the trending GIF with your favorite song and add to your face.
  • Whether you want to send your cool video message to private, public, camera, is up to you,

The cultural mania for selfies will only grow deeper. It’s the beginning of something that’s going to continue into the future. As things evolve and change for better, it’s right time for Selfie’s to take on the selfie.

With trend of Selfie’s, Video Selfie Apps can fetch you lot of dollars if you get it right. Space-O having hand-on expertise developers with similar kind of video apps, can only make your ideas convert into potential way. Why can’t you take this opportunity to get a free quote, or email us, we will be more than happy to serve you with app ideas.

food recipe app

Food & Recipes Mobile Apps For All Cooking from Scratch

In 1891, August Oetker sold small packages of his baking powder to households with recipes printed on the back.

In 1911 Oetker started publishing his very successful cookbook, which went through major updates over past 100 years and is one of the most successful cookbooks, globally reaching 19 million printed copies.

1904, Jell-O salesmen went door-to-door, distributing their cookbook for free. Touting the dessert as a versatile food, the company saw its sales rise to over $1 million by 1906.

Are you a Master Chef looking out to sell your collection of recipes book?

Or you own a restaurant that serves authentic food but still not being able to attract more customers?

If any of these is your case, then you might be looking for ideas to market your restaurant or personal recipes to increase your sales and spread brand awareness.

In this case, developing a food recipe app is the best bet to reach wider audience. Now technology being in the pocket of everyone, things have become much easier and faster. With different apps getting used everyday by millions of people, developing a good mobile recipe and food app will not just help you hammer your target audience, but it will also help to generate revenue in big way.

Some of the recurring trends like Thanksgiving day, Christmas, New-year. and festive seasons and holidays are around the corner, that always glitters and showers happiness.This is the time when people will be browsing through internet to get ‘traditional recipe’ or calling their families to get hold of the recipes.

Why not take a chance to come out with a unique way to meet these people’s demand, and at the same time, also make your dream of getting your cookbook reach the mass audience come true?

You can reach your target audience by a food mobile app of your own and frame with interesting features listed below. It’s an impending way to make $ and reach your audiences with right recipe in-time.

Essential Features of a Food Recipe Mobile App:

  • Search recipes by keyword, course, and ingredient also browse popular recipe collection
    Filter by category, course, cuisine, occasion, or dietary needs
  • User ratings and calories-per-serving right in the mobile app
  • Detailed nutrition information for each dish, Tips, buying guides
  • Each recipe with one-touch shopping list, option to email/favorite the recipe or share in Facebook, Twitter
  • Browse recipes by key ingredient, cooking technique, flavor, or recipe type: Fast, Make Ahead, any interesting dish, or Essential

With all above features you can surely create a unique food recipe app and sell your personal recipes with a wider audience. In fact, food channels and networks are also developing their own food recipe app to tap the recipe and cooking industry.

So, if you’re serious about developing a food recipe app, fill out the below form and let us know your requirements. Our business analyst will get back to you within 24 hours.


Why Choose Rails over .NET for Large Scale projects?

There are wide number of programs that are used for large projects and one such program is Ruby on Rails that are widely used due to its flexibility and simplicity nature.

Why Ruby on Rails and not other?

Ruby is a scripting language also known as Matz, as it was designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto of Japan. Ruby is a object oriented programming language that is explicitly designed and has the ability to run on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX. Ruby is a general-purpose, interpreted programming language like PERL and Python. Being a versatile tool, its at its close to the top of the language power continuum. As such it has sharp knife-like edges. Thus the synergy between a cool language, pragmatic web framework, and excellent community gives Rails a much better than the sum of its parts.

Below are some of the salient features of Ruby on Rails:

Maintainability: Rather than centering on readability Ruby and Rails creates more maintainable code at less $ with high performance creating lot of functionality, hence it is positioned high on a dynamic language. Added to this, the on test-driven development reduces the amount of bugs and almost improves the chance of relapsing. Rails is an easy application framework for understanding and maintaining especially for developer and for the team.

Dynamic vs. Static: Considering from the standpoint of a development team, static languages have an exceptional advantage of being overt. The new developers cannot go through any magical powers to lessen their confusion and there must be wee-bit effort when it comes to chasing down ghosts (in theory, anyways). The dynamic language quickly overshadow to take advantage of OOP and start to develop rapidly.

Dynamic nature of Ruby let you do few things:

  1. You can skip explicit compilation step to see changes that made in the program, thereby saving time during development.
  2. Though you do not have access to source code, try to supplement or patch any library or part of the code. This is not usually recommended but there are several situation in third party code where this feature helps to work around major issues.
  3. Try to keep the code as less as possible, whether it is writing 13 lines of C# per hour or write same 13 lines of Ruby; at the end the programmer tend to produce same amount of line. Hence cut down to fewer lines of codes to increase the productivity and to reduce number of bugs

Ubiquity: Ruby strikes to be at one of the top language and there is no doubt that the obtainability of the skilled Ruby programmers depicts this. Technically, Ruby is more refined than Java or C#, being closer to Smalltalk in terms of OO purity and closer to LISP in terms of meta-programming facilities.

Reliability and Availability: On comparing with .NET. the Scalability rises to the same problem no matter which ever technology it is stacked to.

Flexibility and simplicity: Ruby on Rails establishes a prototype of the program in no-time that allows things to go smoothly and its streamlined nature helps the developers to get their products on the market much quicker, hence it results in making it more flexible and simpler.

Collaboration: Having extremely active and receptive Ruby development Community, the people are constantly developing code along with talking with other APIs, as such, our developers has a diverse toolkit to lean on.

Modularity: Rails’ structure makes it easy to accommodate change. This is certainly true for many MVC frameworks, though Rails is particularly good at restructuring your application flow, reusing components in a simple way.
Rails having simpler structure makes it to easily bend to changes, as it is nearly accurate to many MVC frameworks, by reusing components in a simpler way it make the rails to easily have flow of the application


  • Programming makes fun and is very easy of not having to code much.
  • the complete framework is focused on agile development.
  • Ruby is a rich language which cannot be executed at the same speed as many .NET languages can
  • It has a very productive framework – it is caching, MVC … integrated too.
  • Among Programming languages Ruby is very modern. It is much more dynamic and not strongly typed like C#, Java, it has mixins.
  • RoR’s deployment and simple ways to push to live sites – no scripts to run at all, just a bit of command line will get one up and running once the code is actually written.
  • If you RoR is chosen, understand the command line- it will make the programming much easier

Ecosystem and architecture: Having Ruby and ROR projects which are open source, moves faster in the modern programming techniques with more challenges. .NET is right behind to make it up with ROR, this can be detailed out with below examples

Entity Framework is almost the duplication of ROR ActiveRecord component

  • NuGET (.NET package manager) influenced by Gems infrastructure available to ruby developers since 2004.
  • Development with ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework are almost very much like ROR development. ROR has the capacity to provide finite things at a programmer disposal.

when compared to ASP.NET MVC,ROR ommunity is larger and it is much easier to get help or find an approacble library for our task and ROR commuity is

Pros of Ruby on Rails:

  • Open Source and Community Driven
  • Very good OR/M – Saves a ton of work, and there is very little setup to be up and running (no nasty XML files, etc.)
  • MVC, filters, etc. very useful
  • Cross platform, works every
  • Ruby is a terse language (compared to more traditional c-style languages), well thought-out, and very readable
  • Extremely Scalable (a front end proxy balancer will do it)
  • Built in unit testing and Ajax support
  • Built-in testing framework
  • Clean separation of layers
  • Zero configuration (convention over configuration)
  • Extremely flexible
  • Mainstream, good community and lots of books
  • Lots of interesting plug-ins and gems you can use to save time.
  • Active, friendly, helpful community.

Cons of Ruby on Rails:

  • Single threaded. Fortunately this doesn’t prevent us to build scalable applications
  • No Unicode yet. You can overcome this with JRuby on Rails and Iron Ruby on Rails
  • Green threads. It doesn’t use real OS threads.
  • Hard to prove correctness of your code. Requires mounds of unit testing (which can easily take more time than coding the app itself).
  • Large web apps become rather unwieldy. Rails is better suited to smaller, tighter code bases. Because it uses a dynamically typed, interpreted language, risk of regression bugs in your app increases exponentially with the size of the code base.
  • Hard to debug, step through code, etc. Again, new IDE support may help some with this, but it will be some time before it is on par with, say,ASP.NET.
  • Rails development in a Windows environment is not as well supported as on a Mac.
  • The down side of the MVC pattern. You have to type a lot of html

 Pros for .NET:

  • As it uses .NET platform hence entire .NET library is at user’s command.
  • It is rightly documented and streamlined
  • It can do wonders any where as it cross platformed and works singly
  • Mono.NET is an open source
  • As the event is driven and component, usually there is no messing with JavaScript and HTML
  • Ajax is extremely easy and by using an update panel you are good to go

Cons for .NET:

  • The .NET page life cycle is too complex. The Loading dynamic controls runtime, view state issues, custom controls.
  • It can be a true performance, but failing to notice it can be a killer, It helps a lot to emulate a stateful web.
  • Generated HTML: the html does not part with other as .NET generates complex html.
  • As Unit test is important is becomes hard on unit test

Hence in order to get Ruby on Rails for your business, Space-O is always there to help our clients to help them understand and their large scale projects and development with right framework. To get more insight about the same and achieve your enterprise goals contact us to build right program with our talented developers and programs who know the subject in-depth.

Your are in right place to build your next mobile or Web App right now with Ruby on Rails, Space-O is the best team to captivate when it comes to Ruby on Rails large project development, we have best of the developers who knows how to use it right, its pros and cons and how to effectively empower them to you. we have best of the best client development large scale projects under our belt and we will be very glad to serve you as our client.

Get In-Touch with Space-O are always there at your doorstep, whether it is any queries about Ruby on Rails development or any other ROR development projects, we would like to hear from you.


Taxi App Development to Spruce up Your Taxi Business


Are you a taxi services company boggled by the success of the likes of Uber or Lyft?

Uber and similar others have simply adopted technology to provide better services to people looking for a ride. It’s beyond my understanding that instead of competing them taxi service owners are fighting against them. And for what? For being progressive?!

In any case, there is always a solution to this conundrum. You can always come up with your own taxi app and take the control of your business back in your own hands. Just like what Yo-Taxi did!

Yo-Taxi is an enterprise solution for taxi business owners who had been losing out to competitors like Uber and Lyft. It is an ingenious way for cab businesses to grow faster as it enables drivers to find passengers without losing any time.

Taxi App Development

Good news is that you can always build your own taxi enterprise solution. How? Let’s take a look before starting to develop taxi apps like Uber.

In case you are wondering how you would gather the mass of taxis to begin with, then let me tell you that it’s no rocket science. Aggregation is the answer to this critical question. A third party API is generally used as one-stop inventory on multiple platforms for all implementations to take place. This API could be your own Taxi app taking inventories from cab businesses instead of directly from drivers.

How would it work?

It would be a mobile app for Android or iOS devices, free for your customers to download. Upon registration and signing in the riders would be able to hire cabs by viewing their locations via and interactive map-view. Multiple bookings could be made, SMS service could be used for booking confirmations, and making payments could also be only a matter a touch of a button. This way precious time could be saved and your customers would be assured of a reliable pick-up ride.

It benefits the drivers as well!

Drivers who spend their time idle on streets waiting for a customer can save time and earn more by downloading the app and receiving multiple booking requests. Based on their availability, they can accept or postpone pre-bookings too.

With Taxi apps you can bid ‘good-bye’ to tedious manual booking systems!

A taxi app solution is intrinsically an intuitive software product that streamlines everyday processes. From managing booking requests, tracking driver routes and recruiting new drivers to handling online payment gateways, the app handles it all and hence proves to be more efficient, secure and productive than manual work.


Your App, Your Design!

Your taxi app development can be engineered and tailor-made for your unique brand needs. You can add features like multiple languages, real time communication with the drivers, chat options, and more. Whatever it requires you to stay ahead in the competition!

It’s time your taxi business takes the mobile way of running things. At Space-O, we specialize in Taxi booking app development, we would be more than glad to discuss your ideas and help your business flourish seamlessly. For now, get started by taking a look at our portfolio to understand what you can convert your business into.

In case, if you have any query or confusion regarding the cost of Uber-like taxi app development, then you can get in touch with us through contact us form. Our sales of representatives will revert to you within 48 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.


Titanium vs PhoneGap: A Guide to Making the Right Choice


Are you a start-up enterprise aiming to build cost-efficient, high-on-performance mobile apps?

You must be stuck with choosing between cross-platform app development frameworks, PhoneGap and Titanium.

If you have the budget to build native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, then further discussion on Titanium vs PhoneGap is out of question. But, if that’s not the case, then read on.

The discussion of choosing the right framework for app development for mobiles or web is presiding over conference rooms these days; more so because there are various HTML5 frameworks available to developers with features like CSS styling and APIs so dealing with HTML5 becomes easier.

But, PhoneGap and Titanuim, both open source JavaScript frameworks, have proved to be the best for the job. Although this negates direct comparison of the two, there are a few prominent dissimilarities to be taken into account for decision making.

Let’s take a look at each criterion closely:


Apps powered by PhoneGap are web apps written with HTML/CSS with native code wrapper. While, Titanium uses a variation of HTML and JavaScript that is then compiled into Objective C. From architecture point of view the two are more or less the same because their bundled executive packages are similar and they run as JavaScript code on execution of the final output.


Titanium is a platform strictly for building native apps of one particular operating system. This explains why iOS apps don’t work on Android or vice-versa. On the other hand, PhoneGap framework allows cross-platform app development. It promotes re-usability and portability of codes with least change.


In terms of performance Titanium scores over PhoneGap in the Titanium vs PhoneGap conflict because since titanium apps are native, they perform to their maximum potential utilizing the native user-interface of the device, as opposed to the latter’s web apps.


Titanium is expensive as money is spent on one app at a time, whereas, PhoneGap framework apps can have the same code for one app on several different platforms. So, you need not spend on the same app development for different platforms.


PhoneGap framework allows moulding of codes and making changes according the request of clients. This makes it a user-friendly cross-platform tool for developing flexible apps.

Read Also: The Battle between iOS Native App Development and PhoneGap

Having said the above, both platforms are ideal choices for building cross-platform mobile applications for smartphones, as both have a place of their own when it comes to specific requirements. It is, thus, necessary that you first scrutinize the mobile app strategy & understand your product and its needs.

At Space-O we help our clients understand and develop phonegap apps with the right framework. Being a start-up or an entrepreneur, if you have any query or confusion regarding cross-platform app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. We’ll help you achieve your enterprise goals by building the right multi-platform apps.


Create Your Own Spooky Halloween Apps‎ This Year

A woman, whose husband often came home drunk, decided to cure him of the habit. One Halloween night, she put on a devil suit and hid behind a tree to intercept him on the way home. When her husband came by, she jumped out and stood before him with her red horns, long tail, and pitchfork. “Who are you?” he asked. “I’m the Devil!” she responded. “Well, come on home with me,” he said, “I married your sister!

For this fun-loving couple that Halloween became a memorable day to remember and share with their folks for the rest of their lives.

If you ask people, they’ll always have something fun to share with you about their Halloween experiences. Well, that’s the beauty of the festival.

Another Halloween is Upon Us

Once again it’s that time of the year when children and adults alike are busy preparing for the day in advance. Food, decorations, greetings, costumes, games… the list is long, and a little more assistance is always welcome. Moreover, if you were an inventor, you would want a mobile app to do all the planning for them.

Mobile Apps for Halloween

Generally, mobile app makers are opportunists who exploit prevalent trends to capitalize on their ideas. Some would say that making creating an app especially for Halloween is a bad idea given that there is a risk that the desired ROI would not be met. But on looking at the bigger picture you will realize that festive seasons are recurring trends that do not die down but pick up momentum months before time. That’s the period when the market is the most lucrative. Just like it is now.

So, what’s your idea of a Halloween Mobile App that can contribute to this frenzy?

Competitors are leaving no stone unturned to benefit from the upcoming Halloween. Its witches, ghosts and monsters all over the app stores these days. All types of spunky and spooky Halloween apps are being made to cater different requirements of the festive season.

Which is why it’s just the time to materialize that Halloween app idea you’ve been ruminating on!

Do not worry about the peculiarity of your idea; as long as the app can grab enough eye-balls and prove to be useful, the idea is very much viable.At Space-O we work on Halloween app development for iOS, and Android, and make apps that reflect the exact theme of the festival. We make apps like,

  • Spooky Halloween Apps for Local Business
  • Halloween Apps for wholesale Dealers
  • Halloween Costumes Apps
  • Halloween Wallpapers Apps
  • Halloween Costume Guide Apps
  • Halloween Photo Apps (to transform yourself into scary monsters)
  • Halloween Kids Tracking Apps
  • Halloween Makeup Tutorials
  • Halloween Restaurants Apps
  • Halloween Recipes Apps
  • Halloween Party Ideas Apps
  • Outdoor Halloween Decorations idea App
  • Local apps to Find Halloween Costumes, Party, Make-up Artists, and more
  • Halloween Video Apps (for making scary videos of yourselves)
  • Halloween Greetings and Messages Apps

Another example of a relevant app would be for Halloween in NYC. The state hosts a number festivals in and around the city, like the Village Halloween Parade, ghastly ghost and witch houses, haunted houses, costume contests, thrilling amusement park rides, and other scary festivities and attractions. So how are supposed to about all of at a time? An easy way to list out all events at one place via an app. Similarly apps can be made for other cities like for Halloween in Massachusetts, Utah, California, Kentucky, et al.

Hence, there are more ways to grow your business this holiday season. Get started by contacting us with your ideas; whether it is spooky Halloween apps for iOS or Android, we will capture all the thrills and frills of Halloween in your App.


Mobile Apps for Hotels – A Faster Way for Hoteliers to Reach Out to Customers

Picture this. It’s past midnight. You are on a 12 hour road trip on a deserted highway. You are exhausted and just want to find a good hotel to crash for a while before resuming the long drive. But, the places you come across are unknown to you. What do you do?

Do you compromise with a cheap roadside inn with little sanitation or spend the night in your car parked in some trashy parking lot?

My friend Martin and his cousin Damien chose the latter option when they had encountered a similar situation. That was a time when even WhatsApp had not been invented.

In the winter of 2009, Martin and Damien had been travelling from New York to Chicago in their SUV for the past couple of hours when they realized they needed to take a break. At around 2 AM, somewhere near Ohio, they decide to look for a good hotel to check-in. The clueless travellers were in the country where finding a decent place to halt is a tad bit difficult unless you are a localite. Dejected, they landed up in a cheesy low-cost inn only to find they had rats for company!

So what were they supposed to do now?

Damien suggested they spent the night in their car. So, they pulled in the parking lot of the inn, ignited the car engine, turned up the heater, stretched their chairs, and went to sleep. It was only in the morning that they found out through some locals that some of the best hotels in Ohio were only a few miles away!

It was a time when iPhones were the sole rulers of the smartphone business, and mobile apps for hotels was a far-fetched notion. Had Martin and Damien had better access to hotel bookings, they wouldn’t have faced such grave inconvenience.

That was then. Today, smartphone users have access to any and every hotel they want, & anytime they want, using their smartphones, whether it is Android, Apple or Blackberry they possess. There are Travel planning apps like Trip Advisor and Expedia, and then there are hotel brands with mobile applications like Ritz-Carlton, W Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Hotel Tonight, etc. for mobile booking with exceptional features like…

Mobile Apps for Hotels
The future we are living in shows more promise for hotel brands. They can reach out to potential customers via mobile apps like never before. Not only do they up their chances of building stronger and lasting relationships with customers, but also multiply their profits by making accurate decisions with the huge database of information.

Hospitality industry in USA is evolving owing to the versatile usage of smartphone and increasing number of smartphone users. Statistics from a survey conducted by Pew Research show that 30% of the people used their mobile phones to decide on a restaurant, and 35% to solve an unexpected problem.

Another report showed that there was a drastic increase in the number hours of men and women spent using mobile apps instead of web browsers in the year 2013. From the 89% of those using mobile apps, they spent 30% more time on their smartphones than they did in the previous year.

The point is that hotel brands can do a lot better with the possibilities that a smartphone has to offer. Prestigious hoteliers are missing out on the opportunity of competing with mobile hotel booking apps like Expedia, TripAdvisor, Priceline, Travelocity, etc.

Almost 90% of the hotels in the world have branched out to creating websites for smartphone browsers. But, only 32% have provided links to their websites in booking engines.


  • Booking via mobile website is a trickier business than desktop websites, as not all features are accessible to the user and it takes more clicks to finish the task.
  • Secondly, hotel applications may not generate more revenue than the mobile sites but they are faster and can beat OTA apps by 5 click on an average.

A study done on the mobile app of Warwick Hotels by L2, a digital research organization, concluded that travellers were more prone to opting for last-minute bookings via mobile apps that offered special same-day rates, and GPS technology that suggested nearby tourism locations.

The idea behind building better hotel apps, whether they are OTA or hotel brands, is to offer booking for rooms on short notice at anytime and anywhere. Martin and Damien today joke about their adventurous night saying that sleeping in the car with the engine on cost them way less than what a hotel would’ve cost them for a couple of hours. But, they also make sure they have a GPS based hotel app in their smartphones before leaving the house.

At Space-O, we develop mobile apps for hospitality industry and enable them to reach out to more customers.

Are you a hotelier or do you have an idea for a hotel booking app development?

We’re ready to bring your hotel booking app idea into life and discuss more about how mobile apps can help you to connect with your customers.


Women-Only Ride-Sharing App Creating Ripples in New York

NEW YORK – “This is a man’s job. Go home and cook.” Can that statement sound any more discriminating?

Women in New York have probably heard similar statements quite often, and more so the female taxi drivers in the city.

But, not anymore.

Earlier it was only the yellow cabs, black livery cabs or the green cabs, that women had to opt for risking chances of being sexually assaulted. Now, they have better options. The recent cropping up of all-women ride sharing mobile applications has changed the way women perceive safety and empowerment.

The new Women-Only ride sharing app may not be traditionally associated with women’s empowerment but it works to promote exactly that. The apps is similar in concept of Uber and Lyft, but it comes with a difference.

Ride-Sharing apps like SheRides and RideSqirl offer taxis driven by female drivers for female passengers only. Recruited drivers are between the ages of 21 and 70. They are trained in combating domestic violence and rape situations, and sometimes offer free and discounted rides in times of crisis. The fare is collected via the app; riders can either use a credit card or a debit card to make the payment.

The primary benefit is that the apps give women the freedom to hire a cab at the touch of a button; wherever they are, not matter what time it is, they get to hire a safe ride home for themselves. That’s one less thing to worry about!

App developers of all-women taxi services have made transportation safer and easier for women. Statistics show that over 30% of women in the recent past have come across unwanted sexual advances while commuting. Apps like Women-Only reduce this number to a great deal. It’s like the freedom to go for a female gynecologist if they are not comfortable with a male doctor.

The fact that there are only 5% of female cab drivers currently on the streets of New York is synonymous to the lack of gender diversity found all across the US. A women-only ride-sharing service is not only an effective way to change the male-dominated transportation industry, but it also broadens the perception of how we see a stranger.

All-women ride services are likely to expand in other cities like Chicago, Washington, Miami. They exist in other countries as well. The expansion means more recruitment, more empowered women, and safer streets.

Cristina Velos, who became an all-women taxi driver after 17 years as a hotel housekeeper thinks that there’s more opportunity in this industry. “You have more time for family. You feel more comfortable. You never have a supervisor.”Twitter

Positive response from women has made Startups, Entrepreneurs around the world to sit up and take notice of the rising trend. Also, after stories of Uber’s sexual assault on its female riders flooded the news, of security for women has become a legitimate pursuit.

You can create your own SheRides like all-women ride sharing app and be a part of this change. Contact us with your ideas, and get a detailed estimation today.


Medical App Development: A Future in the Making

Have you ever suffered a long illness because a doctor wasn’t able to diagnose you correctly?

Citing a compelling example, the App Association‘s Executive Director Morgan Reed, at the Consumer Health IT Summit, said that a man died of cancer five years after he was sent home by a busy doctor who misdiagnosed a mass in his chest as mere chest pain.

His example only points to the necessity of patient-doctor transparency, wherein the patient is empowered with information of his health, and can decide a further course of action for himself.

Medical Apps Are On the Rise

There is an increasing awareness in patients about medical health, and it’s giving rise to a new set of questions. Research is being done every day to reduce the minutest possible flaw in the health care system.

An article on the work of Steven Lin, MD, a clinical instructor at Stanford and who is also the co-creator of two medical apps, says,

Dr. Lin noted the large gap between what he had learned in medical school and what was happening in practice. He had knowledge but it was often difficult translating that knowledge into point of care practice.

Doctors are human but Technology is not. Medicine has, thus, resorted to the use of Information Technology in the recent years which is why we have been seeing so many useful medical apps in the market.

What Are These Medical Apps After All?

Mobile medical app solutions are a reliable source of patients’ data, which can be accessed on the go, and which in turn is capable of reducing medical errors by 75%.

A wide range of mobile medical app development on the floor and lots of medical apps are being made; from workflow management, to patient record management, the multi-purpose health care apps are doing all kinds of medical tasks.

For a doctor, a medical app is a mobile patient management system to store and access records of patients and their medications, manage patient appointments, and research for medicinal purposes. Doctors can consult each other effectively and efficiently without losing precious time. It can also reduce the communication gap between doctors and patients to a great extent.

(Have a look at our medical apps portfolio)

According the government in US, the main concern is that only 30% of health care providers have given patients the access to their patient records in 2014.

Data collected through a survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago in 2013, says that only 28% patients had access to their information online. But, out of those, most had accessed it more than once to monitor their health, share it with family and other doctors, download it, and transfer it to another device or an app.

In another survey, 88% of the patients who had access to their online records found the information to be of a great help.

To this Morgan Reed concluded, “It proves that consumers have an enormous hunger for better user interfaces to interact with care providers,”

At Space O, We do medical app development and build beautiful apps that people love to use. If you are looking to build a radical new medical app, we are happy to discuss with you.


Why Uber Is Not Welcomed In Las Vegas Taxi Market

Technology has made finding taxis for tourists easier than ever.

Taxicab companies like Uber, Sidecar and Lyft use smartphones to connect riders with their rides at one touch.

However, this type of online booking service didn’t exist in Nevada until recently.

Ride Genie App, a cab service that offers taxis and limos using smartphones, was launched on the 16th of this month. Uber has been trying to enter Vegas market but so far has been kept out due to heavy regulations.

Uber may just be a four letter word in Las Vegas but not in the 70 other cities in US where it’s ride-sharing app has been serving tourists since 2009.

It has its presence in big cities like New York, LA, New Jersey & Chicago, and smaller towns like Tacoma, Vermont & Ann Harbour.

In the list of places where Uber is a prominent name, Las Vegas’ absence is quite apparent because the city is one of the third most populated and famous places in US.

It leaves tourists and residents wonder why Vegas has not been on the radar of the biggies in the taxicab industry.

More than 26 million taxi rides in Las Vegas generate revenue worth $400 million every year. Such a lucrative target for taxicab companies like Uber doesn’t have ride sharing services, you may wonder.

The fact is that ride sharing companies have always targeted Vegas as their market but never succeeded owing to Nevada’s unique structure of taxi and limousine industry. That and a hefty tourism makes the city a tough market to penetrate.

The state of Nevada has the strictest of rules in US when it comes to taxi and limousine services.

The guidelines on insurance, fares, driver background checks, vehicle safety, and other areas have solid regulations which are taken seriously. Also, only a certain number of taxis with medallions are allowed to operate in the streets at a time.

Taxicab companies cannot just start operating in Nevada because that would be illegal. There is no prohibition on them, nevertheless. They can follow the legal method; visiting the authorities and filing an application is all that takes.

Las Vegas is not like other cities where Uber can “hire lobbyists and throw some money around” for its benefit. That kind of a strategy doesn’t work here because a board of appointed officials at the state level who govern the taxi industry are isolate from directly communicating with the lobbyists.

On the other hand, Ride Genie app launched by Integrity Vehicle Solutions, is a legitimate app that functions within the confines of Las Vegas’ stringent taxi and limo regulations and fee structure. It may cost a tad bit more and but gives the riders access to 400+ sedans, SUVs, and limos from several different transportation companies. It is a successful attempt to put competitive differences aside and create a good consumer experience.

However, Ride Genie isn’t the only ride sharing app that provides licensed taxi services. There are other companies who have similar apps like Uber and Ride Genie.

iTaxi, the Las Vegas e-hail taxi app connects riders within a range and can pick you up from wherever you are and whenever you want, provided you are using Apple or Android smartphones.

You, too, can create a ride-sharing app of your own. Contact us to know more about how you can proceed with your ideas on the same.


Want to Build the Next Instagram? A Guide to Developing Billion Dollar Photo App

Suppose that you were on your deathbed. Would you be able to say that you have lived your life to the fullest?

Inspiration hit Chad Mureta when he was in the hospital fighting for his life, going through therapies and rehab only to be able to walk again. What inspired him was a book on the business of app developers which instilled in him the idea that Apps are the next big thing!

And so began his second innings; he had finally found his true calling. In just two years he had created and sold 3 app companies and generated revenue in millions. Today Chad is a successful billionaire and entrepreneur with at least 40 mobile applications to his credit, more than 35 million app downloads, and whose annual profits are in billions. He lives his life doing what he loves, goes hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, is a certified skydiver, and doesn’t take life too seriously.

This success story only points out the obvious: Mobile Apps are the future, courtesy of the successes of the likes of Instagram, a photo app that continues to ignite the imagination of people giving them the liberty click, edit and share their images with the world.

When Instagram was bought by Facebook in 1 billion dollars earlier this year, it officially consolidated this era as that of photo applications. Photo apps like Pinterest, SnapChat and Tinder have been gaining more popularity lately; all social media now integrates photo sharing plugins to adjust to the shifting demands.

These are disruptive innovations that shatter the existing market to build a new one with immense value to set new trends. Their vast potential is an opportunity for anyone who understands what it takes to make an app successful.

According to a new study conducted by Simply Measured, a business data analytics company, 54 percent of the world’s leading brands are connecting to its customers using Instagram. It is estimated that by the year 2015, there will be more mobile internet users than wire-line internet users in US alone. The European mobile app industry is expected to be worth almost £ 53 billion by 2018.

In spite of all the hype and promise, not many know how to develop something that can have such massive influence on users. Let’s discuss step-by-step the formula for app development and sales optimization as elucidated by experts:

Understand your Market

To get the feel of an app market, the App Store is the right place. Developers seldom understand this concept and instead study only those apps which are successful. The App Store tells you which ones are top paid, top free, and top grossing applications.

No Harm in Following the Suit of Successful Apps

One of the mistake developers make is to try to make original apps even though they are not in alignment with what the market currently demands. Emulating an existing app and taking it to a new level is always a welcome step towards creating a breakthrough mobile application.

Design your App

Once you have the idea for your app, and have done the market study, your task begins. Now is the time to give your ideas a tangible form. Use sheets of paper to draw and design your application as its first draft. You can also use Photoshop to draft your first impressions. Whatever feels comfortable. It will give you clarity of all its features and functions.

Then comes Registration

It’s nothing tricky. Registering as a developer doesn’t mean that you become a programmer. You become officially eligible to publish apps and offer apps for sale to any of app stores like Apple, Android or BlackBerry.

Hire a Programmer

Coding your own app can be messy sometimes, esp. when you are not a professional programmer yourself. Screening potential programmers may be a lengthy process, but not a futile one, since you would eventually get the right results.

Brainstorm with your Programmer

Before you share your ideas with them, ask them to sign an NDA to protect the rights of your intellectual property. Hire the best programmers and periodically review their work.

Start the Coding Process

Instead of allotting the entire project to the programmers at a time, begin by giving them smaller tasks, and then gradually ramp up the workload.

App Testing

Once all the coding is done, the app is almost ready. Just like buying a new house needs thorough inspection, selling a mobile app too requires app testing. Don’t be the sole tester of your app because knowing it too well can be disadvantageous. It is crucial to know how a third person views the product, what features are intuitive and more can be done to enhance its functionality. Your testers can be anyone between the age groups of 6 and 80.

Send the App to the App Store

Your programmers will guide you to submit the app to app stores across various platforms. The App stores will review it for you within 3-10 days.

App Marketing

Ever wondered how poorly designed apps get good rankings? Effective marketing of your apps involves focusing on key aspects like icon, screenshots, app title, app description, keywords, and categories. In addition, free apps get more traction among users. Advertisements within apps is another way of marketing the paid versions.

In summary, this is the first time in the history of technology that we have access to so much knowledge, and innovative tools at our disposal.

So, you have just gone through with the important points, which you can keep an eye on while developing apps similar to Instagram.

Why leave for tomorrow what you can accomplish today? Take a step forward, and convert your dreams into reality today itself.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion on developing apps like Instagram, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form as we are a leading iOS app development company and one of our sales representatives will revert to you within 48 hours.


Where is Everyone? Find Out Using a GPS Based Android Apps

Are you looking for an Android app that tracks locations and acts as a guide to the desired destination?

Applications with GPS tracking have captured the imagination of smartphone users around the world like never before. Location sharing, tracking, and exploring have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that location tracking Android apps are on the rise.

So, if you are looking for developing a GPS based app which finds and tracks a user’s and Your Family Members position using Google Maps or Google coordinates, then you need not look too far.

We specialized in integration of GPS into an application. Our team of Expert Android developers exploits the advantages of the operating system to the fullest, producing the finest multi-purpose apps in the market.

We have created GPS based custom Android app, here is one of our favorite:

iTrackMiles is a mile/kilometer tracking application, which is very useful for employee’s going out of office for daily / weekly / monthly work and reimbursement. Check this app –itrackmiles

Android offers the most suitable platform for developers to design, experiment and innovated different kinds of GPS (Global Positioning System) applications. One of the foremost advantages of Android is that it is an easy OS to work on for app development. Developing GPS based Android applications requires less learning curve and hence can be developed at a brisk rate utilizing only the tools and API provided by Android SDK. These tools have eased the life of developers to the extent that new and versatile GPS based apps are being invented.

Having a location tracking application simplifies mundane tasks like never before. We can say that having a GPS tracking system in your pocket, is like carrying a reliable friend with you everywhere you go. Here’s why:

    • GPS devices are capable of displaying maps, which include street maps, in a readable layman format
    • They provide turn-by-turn directions via speech to a person driving a vehicle.
    • Feed directions into an autonomous vehicle.
    • Show traffic congestion maps.
    • Provide real time information on nearby restaurant, tourist attractions, hotels, banks, airports, fuel stations, and other places of interest.
    • Show all options available, tell you the best route to reach a place, and suggestions on alternate routes depending on traffic congestion.

This is the kind of comfort and security a modern smartphone user looks for in a mobile phone. So, in case you have an amazing idea for a GPS tracking Android app, then bring it to us. We will convert it into reality by taking it a whole new level, resulting into a superlative GPS application.

Image: flickr user

How an iOS Contractor Can Save 35% of the Costs on Your Next iPhone App Development Project?

Are you happy with the services of an offshore iPhone developer you’re using to save your costs?

Most iPhone Development companies in the US get it wrong.

I hope you are right.

A latest trend shows that contractors are more in demand than full time iOS developers. Here’s how:

Professional contractors do not incur any extra expense on your pocket. They have their own team with their own servers, hardware and software support, network, IT support, quality analysis and testing, etc. A full-time developer can prove to be expensive and a burden on the infrastructure of the company.

Contractors have experience in completing a project on time, in the given budget, which in turn reduces the possibility of any kind of risks. Their experience is an assurance that a project will be thoroughly taken care of. It eliminates the risk of failure due to reasons like delays, missing functions, over-pricing, etc.

When you partner with an experienced contractor, you have their portfolio at your disposal to study their work before hiring. This transparency goes a long way in determining the success of a project. In the case of a full time developer, all you have is their CV to refer or reference.

Contractors invest heavily in building new and advanced tools, come up with innovative software and solutions every day with the use of the best technologies. They are equipped with a reusable internal library of codes to solve problems, debugging solutions, crash reporting, advanced analytics, and other diagnostic systems. Partnering with one means having an access to enhanced technology to accelerate iOS app development.

“Great developers are never found in the job market.”

The ones that you hear from; are probably laid back developers with nothing constructive to do other than browse job websites. A full time software developer may have experience of working in three or four companies in his career, but a contractor has collaborations with several companies and a variety of projects in their kitty, making them all the more proficient.

Contractors are qualified people with the right skills and who can begin work right away resulting into instantaneous positive outcomes.Twitter

Hereafter, Do you think you are paying more $$$ to get your iPhone Apps Development done? Consider hiring a contractor like Space-O can provide superior value for your business than the presumption of making a new hire in today’s job market. We are not saying that our iPhone Developers are the cheapest when it comes to price? They are not but they work more than what you pay.
Visit our portfolio

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How to Solve Hadoop Installation Errors For Big Data Solutions?

Installation of Hadoop for handling Big Data has always been a tricky task. The process involves editing multiple configurations and setup files. So, it’s not unusual that developers get stuck in the middle of the process time and again.

However, there are few common loopholes that developers come across and have very little or no information about how to go about solving them. For example, installing in a 64 bit operating system.

Space-O has been involved in providing Big Data as a Service or BDaaS to its clients all across the globe. Lately, our ingenious developers have been working on Hadoop extensively. They have figured out a few loopholes in the framework and have effectively evaluated solutions as well. Here’s how they did it:

Day 1

When Space-O sense that something is wrong, instead of letting everybody know about it, we figure out the way what it is. In day 1 to begin with, Hadoop needs Java to be installed, so our developers initiated by installing OpenJDK7 on Ubuntu, which didn’t work with Hadoop 2.4.1, and showed errors given below:

Error 1:

WARN util.NativeCodeLoader: Unable to load native-Hadoop library for your platform… using built-in-java classes where applicable
Binary distribution of Hadoop 2.4.1 is compiled on 32 bit, and they had 64 bit box. This was the first challenge they faced to resolve it.The reason for building from source is that if you have a 64-bit OS, the Hadoop tar ball will not include ‘native libraries’ for your system and you will get weird errors such as above.

Solution 1:

Build Hadoop from source using Maven, Protobuf.

Before you begin install all required tools. Start building by using this command:

  • apt-get install -y 
  • gcc g++ make maven cmake zlib zlib1g-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev

Then, they downloaded Hadoop and started building using the followingcommands:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

However after this they encountered another error:

Error 2:

INFO] ————————————————————————
[INFO] ————————————————————————
[INFO] Total time: 1.730s
[INFO] Finished at: Wed Apr 17 07:06:39 UTC 2013
[INFO] Final Memory: 8M/360M
[INFO] ————————————————————————
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project hdfs-nfs-proxy: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.cloudera:hdfs-nfs-proxy:jar:0.8.1: Could not find artifact at specified path /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/../lib/tools.jar -> [Help 1]
org.apache.maven.lifecycle.LifecycleExecutionException: Failed to execute goal on project hdfs-nfs-proxy: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.cloudera:hdfs-nfs-proxy:jar:0.8.1: Could not find artifact at specified path /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/../lib/tools.jar

Solution 2:

In Linux/Ubuntu box install Sun JDK and point JAVA_HOME to the already installed JDK.

They installed Oracle Java 8 and then started building Hadoop again but it failed again and it showed the following error:

Error 3:

[INFO] Apache Hadoop Annotations ……………………. FAILURE [4.086s]

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-javadoc-plugin:2.8
.1:jar (module-javadocs) on project hadoop-annotations: MavenReportException: Er
ror while creating archive:
[ERROR] Exit code: 1 – C:hadoop-srchadoop-common-projecthadoop-annotationssr error:
unexpected end tag:



Solution 3:

This is an error reported by Javadoc. The Javadoc version in Java 8 is considerably stricter than the one in earlier version. It now signals an error if it detects what it considers to be invalid mark-up, including the presence of an end tag where one isn’t expected.

To turn off this checking in Javadoc, add the -Xdoclint:none flag to the Javadoc command line. Specifically, add


add it to the maven-Javadoc-plugin:


They then started building it again and it was successful. It displayed this success message:

[INFO] Apache Hadoop Tools …………………………. SUCCESS [0.376s]
[INFO] Apache Hadoop Distribution …………………… SUCCESS [1.613s]
[INFO] Apache Hadoop Client ………………………… SUCCESS [0.925s]
[INFO] Apache Hadoop Mini-Cluster …………………… SUCCESS [0.623s]
[INFO] ————————————————————————
[INFO] ————————————————————————
[INFO] Total time: 10:33.592s
[INFO] Finished at: Wed July 09 07:04:11 PKT 2014
[INFO] Final Memory: 77M/237M
[INFO] ————————————————————————

All services were running with an output message like:

root@server14:/home/server14# jps
6319 Jps
6032 DataNode
6205 SecondaryNameNode

Day 2

They were running Hadoop on Ubuntu machines as single node. On day 2, they tried to create files and folders for jobs on Hadoop file system. They followed the below given sequence of commands:

Create some files and folder on HDD

cd /tmp
mkdir test
cd test

Now, create a folder in HDFS and upload the folder there.

hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /user/hadoop/
hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal /tmp/test /user/hadoop/
hdfs dfs -ls /user/hadoop/test

But as soon as they triggered “hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal /tmp/test /user/hadoop/” command it showed this error:

No DataNodes are started

It was bit surprising that on day 1, data node was functioning but now showed that it had not started.So, they again checked JPS output:

4825 NameNode
5391 TaskTracker
5242 JobTracker
5477 Jps
5140 SecondaryNameNode

It clearly showed that there was no DataNode.

Solution 1:

  1. Stop the cluster
  2. Delete the data directory on the problematic DataNode: the directory is specified by in conf/hdfs-site.xml; if you followed this tutorial, the relevant directory is /app/hadoop/tmp/dfs/data
  3. Reformat the NameNode (NOTE: all HDFS data is lost during this process!)
  4. Restart the cluster

Main reason is that bin/HadoopNameNode -format didn’t remove the old data. So they had to delete it manually.

They created folder on Hadoop file system to see if it actually created data or not. After coping files from local file system to Hadoop file system, it said, DataNode is not running. So, they checked it using JPS command and there actually was no DataNode.

They stopped all services of Hadoop and started all again but DataNode had still not started running. Later, they formatted the entireHadoop system to started DataNode but in vain.

When you have one cluster node, and old data in DateNode, then it will not run unless you delete it manually. Therefore, all Hadoop services were stopped and all data from DataNode was removed. Once gain they formatted the Hadoop file system and started all services again. Finally, they found success!

Space-O developers don’t fix problems but they turn them into opportunities, we have the expertise needed to turn your data into a strategic advantage.


YoMe The App Built on Top Notch iOS8 Features


A lot of iOS8 news has been buzzing around the town! A lot of developers have been talking and speculating over the features that are going to be made available on iOS SDK kits with the iOS8.

Joining this bandwagon of speculations is the developer team at Space-O Technologies. Our team here is looking forward to embracing the all new iOS8. That’s not it! We are currently using our sources to work out the various features that are being awaited.

As a team, we are working on the “YoMe” app wherein we have beautifully integrated some of the most talked about iOS8 features.

Here’s a sneak peek into this beta version of the YoMe app showing the iOS 8 app in action:

What’s YoMe?

An interesting amalgamation of the Yo app and the Snapchat app has given out this YoMe app from Space-O. Like any other app, you can build your own list of contacts using this app. You can invite or import the contacts into the app. Now, you can share; select photos with select contacts using this app. The photos thus shared would last on their screen for 3 seconds, similar to Snapchat, and will then fade away.

What’s Different from SnapChat?

Unlike Snapchat, you cannot directly send or view the photos. You will need to use your touch Id to receive the photo, send the photo or even view the sent photo. This is how your Yo Me is different. Plus, in case you are not sending photos, you can always Yo at your friends using this app.

Integrating iOS8 Features

Currently our team has devised a beta version of the “YoMe” app to demonstrate the top notch iOS8 features. We have devised this app to introduce the features to the people in an illustrative manner; most relevant consumers include business enterprises and consumer groups.

As a lot of you are aware of, iOS8 is the latest update in the operating system that would be offered with the new iPhone version. The company has promised a lot of features accompanying this update which includes a whole new code called the Swift code along with others.

For this app, three iOS8 features have been integrated which are not just classy, but also quite promising. These iOS8 features are already in demand, even before the launch of the operating system.

1. Custom Keyboard

For this beta app version, the iOS8 feature that has been used is the custom keyboard. It seems iOS8 finally decided to give into the insights it has gathered over a while. With custom keyboards you can:

    • Enter text in a language that is not being supported by the native iOS
    • You get to use novel text input methods
    • The keyboard responds to taps, gestures etc.

iOS8 Customized-Keyboard
This keyboard has been easily integrated into the YoMe app.

2. Notification Center’s “Today View”

This is yet another talked about feature that will be available with iOS8. With this feature the users can choose widgets for their Notification Center’s “Today View”.

This feature has been introduced into this app just to show how it works, and for enterprises and users to know how the feature proves to be useful.

Yo Me App

3.Touch ID Pass Code

You can unlock to view or send the images or the yo messages by using the touch id. Initially it was just used to unlock the phone, but this app demonstrates how it can be used within an app too. This feature of iOS8 can be exploited in many ways.

Yo Me App

The Team at Work

At Space-O we have diligently worked towards paving a path for the features of iOS8 using this app. We have developed different modules as a team, and have integrated them in order to devise a single app. We, as a team, have worked hard to recreate the iOS8 features into the beta version of this app. Around 16 hours of good work has gone into building, testing and integrating this app. We have created this app using the Parse framework.

Team Space-O

YoMe app showcases iOS8 capabilities of Space-O developers in an easy-to-understand way.

We keep moving forward, and doing new things. If you have any app idea that calls in for iOS8 features to be integrated, Let’s Try something new.


Payment Gateway Integration in Ruby on Rails

Payment gateway integration benefits websites with e-commerce services, where online shopping and money transactions take place. It is safe, secure and hassle free method of handling customer payments.

Basically, payment gateway is an application that makes it possible for the customers to make internet money transactions. For selling their products websites integrate payment gateway solutions in their functionality to keep their business competitive and simplify payment transfer. In short, it is a software that works as an intermediary between the website and the internet.

Payment gateway solution can be integrated in any web framework including Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails (RoR) or better known as Rails is an open source framework which runs on programming language called Ruby. It is a full-stack framework which means it can seamlessly support and maintain a fully functional, modern and interactive website; for example, an e-commerce website.

There are a few prominent applications for payment getaway integration in Ruby on Rails. Some of the few importantones are Stripe,, PayPal, Braintree, Balanced Payment Payment gateways, etc. is an application that allows online payment through credit cards. It also makes online e-check payments safe, easy and affordable.Through PayPal integration in Rails, business personnel and individuals can electronically transfer payment. This application is 


internationally accepted as a source of funds transfer, and so is accepted widely and is now be easily integrated in all types of web frameworks.


Stripe integration in Rails handles failed online payments smoothly. A failed payment can be retried, automatically cancelled if fails repeatedly using Stripe as it apparently has a brain of its own.


Braintree application is another fast and secure payment gateway solution which easily processes internet credit payments after gathering customer information.

Space-O Technologies is a leading name in Ruby on Rails development. We have a passionate team of Ruby on Rails developers who develop and deliver tailor-made applications. Our experience and expertise in payment gateway integration in Ruby on Rails speaks for itself. We have catered to a number of clients with diverse needs. Within the periphery of RoR Development Services, we cover CMS Development and Web 2.0 Applications Development.

Our services also involve forming effective web strategies, helping clients in making crucial decision where technology is concerned, and counselling them about Ruby on Rails or other frameworks that might suit them the best according to their requirements.

For payment gateway integration in Rails we invite you to collaborate with us in boosting your e-commerce output. Visit out portfolio to know more about our experience in Rails and feel free to contact us with your queries.


Apple’s New and Improved Health App in iOS 8 Beta 3

Health and fitness apps were limited to wrist bands and other similar wearable devices. But with the release of iOS 8 Beta 3 for developers, Apple has simplified health monitoring solutions. Anytime in the future you would be carrying your own personal health monitor right in your pockets!

iOS 8 Beta 3 was released on 7th of July and The app has fun features which will enable the user to supervise caffeine in-take and the calculate steps walked daily, weekly and monthly.

With the 3rd Beta upgrade, Apple has effectively embedded the M7 motion coprocessor bringing activity tracking on-board. The addition is already being used in current generation Apple devices like iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with retina display.

This means that now there will be no necessity to install additional health apps to monitor various activities. You can bid good bye to the supplementary wrist bands, iWatches and other fitness apparatuses. The handset itself will now be enough to report the user’s motion and keep a track of steps through its Steps counter tab.

Reports have confirmed that the Health app, which uses nothing more than the new on-device support, works perfectly well. The motion tracking works for both, steps and distance.

Moreover, the centralized health app will also monitor your caffeine intake – a refreshing addition for the coffee enthusiasts! This feature has been added to the long list of nutrition categories to track. Manually feed in the amount of coffee you have had and it’ll tell you how much is excess.

Read Also: How to Get a Fitness iPhone App Built that Will Build Your Business

This app shares the caffeine intake data with third party apps to figure out your overall health. It creates a rich ecosystem for third party Apple app developers as it is not only beneficial to Apple but also its users.

The news is that the Health app will have more interesting features by the time it is launched formally because the last thing Apple wants is an app with fewer updates.

We at Space-O Technologies excel at developing health & fitness apps. We dedicate our expertise in producing cost effective health outcomes by helping medical firms benefit from technology. Our prowess involves designing, developing and managing Android and iPhone health apps. With immense experience in the field, we determined to create, innovate and contribute to everyday health and fitness.

Big Data as a Service

5 Steps to Ensure Success of BDaaS

BDaaS or Big Data as a Service has immense potential to benefit industries all across the world. Contrary to what the name suggests, Big Data is a lot more than just a huge amount of Data. It is the combination of data management and bringing together different sets of Data. A good data management can not only offer perceptible insight but also enhance an organization’s financial standing.

Big Data is mostly measured in Volume, Velocity and Variety, and basically speaks for a disruption in data management and business intelligence, and can have drastic impact on governance. To understand the impact of big data and how a well thought data strategy works it is essential that the three Vs: Velocity, Volume and Variety, are in-sync.

  • Velocity: It is the Big Data era, as today data is created in almost real time. The speed or Velocity in which data received is almost unbelievable. Organizations struggle with the in-flux of data at the enormous speed.
  • Variety: Unlike the previous times, data that is generate is mostly unstructured or uncategorized. There is a different approach and different techniques are used to streamline the data clutter.
  • Volume: Date to be created now on will be doubled. It is said to increase 50 times by the time it is 2020. The sheer enormity of the volume of data that is generated is overwhelming.

Steps to ensure BDaaS Success:

With a lot going on where data is concerned there is a necessity to plan, present and package it well without having to waste time on systematizing it. It becomes necessary to engineer a design that exploits the potential of data and at the same time retains security and flawless management. To ensure a well performing BDaaS, here are a few steps:

  1. A well-planned data management system: It is an intensely competitive market and a superior data management system & a sophisticated data analysis solution are a must for enterprises to function seamlessly.
  2. Data Security:Data security cannot be neglected at any cost. Ignoring it can cause gargantuan losses, slowing down of work processes, damaging reputation, and affecting efficiency.
  3. Opt for a tier based date design: For Data flow it is advised that breaking the operational tiers into more logical sets like analysis tier, acquisition tier, consumption tier ad organization tier, allows agility.
  4. Each Data at a time: All data is not needed at the same time. It can create a mess when all data is presented at the same time. From acquisition of the data to extraction of what is important and necessary, the course of action should be immaculate.
  5. Success of BDaaS is a combined effort:When enterprise planners, data designers, database management people, SOA experts, BI and DW SMEs, business strategists, and InfoSec representatives come together with the right knowledge and intentions, the success of a BDaaS can be assured.

Space O Technologies provide Big Data as a Service with legitimate data management, big data integration and security services. It deals in Data Governance and security in Enterprise mobility. If you are searching a way to integrate Big Data into your industry, Get in Touch Today.

How to Deal with Recently Introduced App Approval / Rejection Mechanism by Facebook?

Are you struggling with getting Facebook usage of your iOS app approved via Facebook that allows end-users to post photos from within the app?

You are not alone. One of our developers struggled about exactly the same issue thanks to recently introduced approval system by Facebook.

Facebook introduced document will walk you through the steps required to create the simulator build for your app.

If you using the Workspace in your project, than use below command line:

xcodebuild -workspace {workspace name}.xcworkspace -scheme {scheme name} -arch i386 -sdk iphonesimulator{simulator version}

Instead of using this command line:

xcodebuild -arch i386 -sdk iphonesimulator{version}

While almost all the steps mentioned in this document are well explained, but there is a small part that is not clearly stated, The document briefly takes you through the point where it mentions that you need to test your simulator build using by running ios-sim –g launch.

Once you launch this path, you will need to verify whether the app opens in the simulator or not. Though this has been mentioned, nowhere have they suggested how to run the iOS sim launch!

This is where most developers get stuck while building and testing your simulator build but then one of our developer figured out a way.

Here’s what he did:

1) He install this package node-v0.10.29.pkg

2) After having installed this node package, he runs the below mentioned command in the command tool box:

Sudo npm install ios-sim -g

3) And finally he test his build with below command

ios-sim launch <path to your .app file>

He confirmed that app is opened in the simulator.

Hard things hard because we do not know a lot about them. Hard things become part of our routine when you know the right things. If you are facing any such issues and you think they are hard, you may want to take help of our developers and get them sorted out.


Facebook comes up with Snapchat Clone Script – Slingshot

In order to compete with Snapchat, Facebook has launched Snapchat-like app called “Slingshot” that allows the users to trade ephemeral photo and video based messages. One of the amazing and interesting features of this new app is that the users cannot view an incoming message until he/she doesn’t respond with his/her photo or video. Snapchat clone script app, Slingshot would be forcing the users to trade photos and video clips just like the school kids exchange stickers or snacks. There can be no passive users on Slingshot.

It is believed that social media giant Facebook loves had been jealously watching Snapchat attract a greater share of the photos and hence, it cloned its competitor.

Some users may find it irritating and frustrating not to be able to view the photo immediately. Moreover, this app would not be useful for sharing urgent information. This new app would be available in the US on iPhone and android. The app is expected to roll out in the other countries in the near future.

Slingshot messages would not be saved. They disappear once the user responds to the messages or swipes them away. It’s Facebook’s new attempt to allow sharing between the users that is more expressive and spontaneous.

This new app also allows the users to send messages to multiple friends at once. A push notification would appear when the user sends you something, but you will only be able to see the image when you respond to it. It would surely be exciting and confusing to respond to the shot before you see it. Let’s wait to see if this new app incentivizes sharing among the users or not!

Eventually, It couldn’t compete against the SnapChat with its new features. If you’ve a unique feature in your mind, which needs to be integrated with an app like Snapchat, you can directly contact us.

Yo your friends with Yo App Clone Script

Who doesn’t like easy communication? In a world filled with complexities, communication issues are the last thing you would want to deal with. Yo App understood this issue, and came up with a simple solution. Say yo to your friends and ease out your communication.

You don’t get time to communicate or have long conversations with your friends! Never mind, just say a “Yo” and get a “Yo “back. Your friend and you have just conversed and you had the time of your life. Beating Lol at the number of characters, yo is certainly the modern way of saying hello to all your friends.

Why You Say ‘Yo’?

You want to say something to your friends, but you just cannot type. Send a Yo. You have to use just two buttons, and there the message is transferred to your friend’s phone and he/she is happily enjoying the yo conversation.

First it is simple communication tool! So you don’t have to put in a lot of efforts in communication. Unlike other apps, it won’t steal your personal space and hover around you with ads. So basically you are saved from ads occupying your space. Third you can invite as many friends as you want, and have a simple chat with them. Fourth you can communicate things like I have reached your home, or better still leaving using the yo messaging. It’s imaginably simple and amazing tool. Guess, this mobile app completes simplicity.

Why Yo App Clone

Having the Yo app source code and script, makes it easy to clone this app or Yo style messaging app. You may ask why yo app clone, when you have the original. The original does not include more than just a yo. Though that is the purpose of the app, there are users around who would like to have something more to say than just a Yo. While cloning the Yo app, there will be some amazing features that will be added as per the user requirement. Basic coding in the source code will enable a new feature that would fulfill your requirement.

Of course the cloning would be done without hampering the simplicity offered by the app. There will be several benefits associated with cloning an app:

  • You will get the features that you wish for the app without compromising on the quality and simplicity offered by the original
  • The app will benefit you cost wise, as the cloning would be cost effective
    Apart from yo, you will have other single tap zero communication tools that will aide in completing your conversation
  • Having single tap communicators will promise an enhance in communication
  • We offer timely delivery of quality app that will be innovative and a little different from the original

If you are planning to create a mobile app around Yo or cloned with different sling like Yo, get in touch with us

We don’t believe in wasting time in negotiation and we also believe in transparency, hence to cut long story shot, we dare to put detailed analysis of estimation for Yo app on our website, if you want to do this app from scratch you are looking to invest below mentioned development efforts:

Deliverables Description Estimated Man Hours 
Development Graphics Design QC/Testing Project Management TOTAL
(I) iOS Application 1. Business Analysis & Communication 12 1.2 3 2.4 18.6
2. Base Code & Architecture 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
3. Features:
3.1. Register 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
3.2. Enable Push Notifications 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
3.3. Invite Friends via Facebook 8 0.8 2 1.6 12.4
3.4. Invite Friends via Twitter 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
3.5. Invite Friends via SMS 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
3.6. Add Friend 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
3.7. Slide Menu 7 0.7 1.75 1.4 10.85
3.8. Unblock Users 8 0.8 2 1.6 12.4
3.9. Find Friends By Sending Phone 10 1 2.5 2 15.5
3.10. Send Yo 4 0.4 1 0.8 6.2
3.12. Receive Yo 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
3.13. See Instructions 6 0.6 1.5 1.2 9.3
4. Graphics Design Integration 14 1.4 3.5 2.8 21.7
Subtotal: 111 11.1 27.75 22.2 172.05
(II) Web Services (API) 1. Business Analysis & Communication 8 2 1.6 11.6
2. Base Code & Architecture 8 2 1.6 11.6
3. Web Services (API):
3.1. Register User 4 1 0.8 5.8
3.2. Auth User 2 0.5 0.4 2.9
3.3. Add Friend 2 0.5 0.4 2.9
3.4. Block/Unblock Friend 3 0.75 0.6 4.35
3.5. Send Yo 2 0.5 0.4 2.9
3.6. Return User Info 4 1 0.8 5.8
3.7. Find Friends by Phone 8 2 1.6 11.6
Subtotal: 41 0 10.25 8.2 59.45
Note: If you are providing Graphics / Design for the project, then you can exclude the estimated hours.

So, if you are planning to rule to yo world, Contact us to create your own yo app clone and beat the brilliance of zero character communication.


The Battle between iOS Native App Development and PhoneGap

Before you decide on whether you should choose iOS native app development or a hybrid PhoneGap app, let’s put forth the pros and cons of both and make it simpler for you to decide which one is the best for you.

Native apps:

As the native apps are developed using the APIs offered by the device OS itself, the capabilities of the apps are based upon the device OS they are built for. Hence, these apps can make use of all the possible features of the device. The programmers can easily control the level of user experience. They do not need to compromise on any other important aspects such as battery drain, performance, etc. It’s easier to perform code enhancements also for such native apps.


Being a free Open Source framework, PhoneGap enables hiding hybrid apps that work on most of the popular mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. PhoneGap framework is used by multiple mobile app development platforms too. If you’re looking for a web-based app that has minimal dependencies on the native capabilities, PhoneGap framework can be the right option.

PhoneGap framework is compatible with web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and hence, the cost of app development would be low. This framework is considered to be a cost effective means of app development.

However, there are some concerns that need to be addressed for PhoneGap framework. Some of them are:

  1. PhoneGap framework is not optimized to build intensive user interface.
  2. This framework lacks strong document support for the programmers.
  3. It does not have sufficient options to help the developers measure and optimize the app performance.

In the battle of PhoneGap vs native code, you should really use native if performance requires it. So, really, you should go native for games and hardware intensive apps. However, if your app is primarily an information app (or social media or Other Apps) without a lot of intensive use of hardware, PhoneGap would be an ideal choice.


The Pros & Cons of Native and Hybrid Apps

There’s a tough competition between native and hybrid apps in the field of mobile technology. While developing an app, a general question that hits the mind of the business owners is: Should the app be native, web or hybrid?
Well, it would depend on your requirements and budget.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect from these types of apps:

Native apps:

When you use a native approach, it would make use of a faster and reliable programming language. In this case, each language would be tied to one specific platform. If you’re looking forward to develop an app for iPhone and Android, the code should be adjusted to meet the platform’s standards. That’s very important.

As native apps use the smartphone’s features that include the accelerometer, camera and address book, these apps would have better functionality as compared to other apps. This would offer a richer user experience. Such apps can be purchased and downloaded easily.

There are several design options available for native apps, but it surely requires complex development and maintenance.

Hybrid apps:

If interactivity, regular usage and offline compatibility are the main goals of your business, then a hybrid app would probably suit your preferences. Such apps offer combined advantages of the web apps and native development approaches.

The mobile app developers can easily program a large part of the app by making use of the web technologies. The access to native APIs is also available for the developers. Hybrid apps are a combination of a native and a web app. The popular social networking platform Facebook app is an example of a hybrid app as it has many native features but it also requires web updates to function properly.


Wondering which one is better? There’s no perfect approach that can be used for developing the apps. It is the developers and companies’ responsibility to examine the exact requirements of the clients and offer the best suitable solution.


The Launch of “Swift”: Apple’s New Programming Language

A new programming language from Apple, “Swift” emphasized to produce highly advanced programming language, restructured for application development.

As a unit of the Xcode 6 IDE, Swift is a supporting language for the Cocoa and Cocoa touch framework for OS X and iOS.

What’s unique in Swift Programming Language?

  • Speedy, inventive and safe for programming, Swift empowers corresponding collaboration for the first time on the development platform.
  • The language aspects would be a reassurance from to switching Objective-C.
  • Swift is for your iOS and OS X operational task as it works along with Objective-C.
  • It uses fastest LLVM complier with complete Xcode backing.
  • With only lesser lines of codes, Swift language lets developers generate compound apps.

Apple’s Latest Research for Developers

Creating platforms

“Swift”, resulted from the latest research, adjoined with long span of involvement, creating Apple platforms through programming languages.

Easier than before

Apple said, “Named parameters retrieved from the objective-C are expressed in a clean syntax that makes APIs in Swift even easier to read and maintain.”

High-Level Language

Tim Stevens from CNET stated that C is a classic high-level programming language, and a flavor of it, Objective-C, has traditionally been Apple’s language of choice. Amazingly, Objective-C been around for over 30 years, and C itself for over 40. You can imagine that it might be time for something new.

Error Less

Incidental types of coding make the code better and less disposed to errors.

Testing Process

The assembling and the testing methods of code get massively awkward for a considerable app.

Concise language

Swift programming language, being a “Concise” language, you do not have to write a lot, to finish much.

The best thing is that the developers can write code and can see the outcome in actual time. This happens in swift, they can nip the framework or the process and can see the modifications in the similar coding situation.

Swift will lead ahead far beyond the extent of developers making the iOS development mode further available. More than that the code is also simpler to control. There are ample of opportunities for the developers to learn Swift programming language.

The apps can be submitted using swift to the App Store and Mac App Store by the developers. Apple’s new Swift is a massive treaty which promises easier, quicker and persuasive secure apps.

Image courtesy: Apple

So, Are You Looking for iOS 8 App Developer?

About 46% of active iOS devices have been updated to its latest mobile operating system and iOS 8 was released on 17th September 2014 with big updates to apps you use every day.

Here are few steps to Hiring best iOS 8 App developer:

Including improved user interface and various suitable changes, iOS 8 is the best choice of app developers and the users too.

  • Business empathetic – The keen eye-sight never loses the valuable details. If the developer has keen sight for your business, then you will surely make a beautiful and real app.
  • Experience – Put your faith in developer, have a look on his previous work, case-studies, and experience whether he has the ability to build app that you are looking for or not.
  • Trust & Relationship – Understanding is really important but sees the trust factor and builds a relationship because after the ios 8 app development you need him because of his attention, thought and feature updates.
  • Quotation & Negotiation – As a businessperson you will be surely looking for the comparative price of the app and for the quality too. So choose developer because of his lower quote doesn’t make sense as their design, creativity and content are not really fit, instead you may choose the best one and ask for the solution as concern to negotiation. A real developer gives you solutions with design and option for your requirements.

Now your question is How to move ahead for this model?

Answer: There are three different kinds of options for Hire an iOS 8 Developer:
Hire Full Time iOS 8 Developer

  • Monthly 180 hours of work commitment
  • Communication channels: Basecamp/Skype/Email
  • Billing Cycle: 15 days advance (monthly cycle)
  • Holidays: Weekends, Major Indian Holidays

Hire Part Time iOS 8 Developer

  • Monthly 90 hours of work commitment
  • Communication channels: Skype/Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, Major Indian Holidays
  • Billing Cycle: 15 days advance (monthly cycle)

iOS 8 App Developer on Time and Material Basis

  • Minimum commitment of 40 hours a month
  • Communication channels: Skype/Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, Major Indian Holidays
  • Billing Cycle: 15 days advance (monthly cycle)

Once you have given a thought for developing more than two apps, then it is surely possible for you to go ahead for this model. It is also very reasonable to hire an app developer in India and make your quality work done.

The basic fundamental is to understand the work of the development by sharing your requirements. You have to keep in touch with your app developer with communication tool such as Gtalk, Skype, etc and keep an eye on your app that, Is it What you are looking for?

As per the rate, fix it down before it disturbs anything. Make sure that the payment is transferred only when you are satisfied and get all the things done. Focus on main concepts of the apps that are really required for your business.

We have archived the figure of 500+ iOS & Android Applications and many more in list. We can strongly says that Hire Space-O Developer ensures you the best quality & solutions of your requirement.

Our belief is simple – “client’s satisfaction is our success” Most important, we have made it comfortable and acceptable to operate it, as you do the things normally. See our clients experience on our testimonial page.

If you have an idea and looking for free initial consultation, Let us know.

Things to Consider Before Developing Mobile App

Are you looking to develop mobile apps for your business? You may be eagerly waiting for it, but have you given a thought, about how will you develop your app? What are the essential things that you need to consider for it?

Market research is very important when you are developing an app to develop your business. Today, 51% users are using app instead of browsing through web. 90% of the apps are free, and still the apps are generating more revenue and increasing the growth of app market.Making an app can bring out the necessities all you want but developing your business through app is a beam of vision for business prospect.

First Step for Framing Your Business is to Have a Broad Vision

“A Big Thinking and Broad Vision” prepares every business person to be ready for the challenges and barrier they come through. They do find the benefits of technology but are unaware, about how to implement in gaining these benefits.

Finding App Development Company

  • To overcome this issue, it is very simple that you find out a mobile app development company who built beautiful apps for your business and you need to consider that how that app will work for you.

Look for Present-Day App

  • Next is to see that you built an app with minimum cost but with recent application. Your business need to grow substantial but with steady growth.

Developer Must Know Your Requirement

  • Make your developer understand all your business stuffs and provide him with necessary information.
  • Get information, about latest Functionalities of your app from your developer.

Things You Must Know from Technical Viewpoint

Technical details are big deal for developing apps. So whenever you develop an app see that it not only works but has a major impact.

Look in to details

  • Do confirm from your app developer about the apps categories, its functionalities and features like emails, feedback, queries which are really important.

What’s in The Market?

  • Go for Demo, ask your developer about the app that is currently running in the market. Nothing is better than test verification.

Creating Your Own App

  • You can even create your own app if you want to reduce your cost. For this, iPhone/iPad apps can be built on mac and android apps can be built on Computer.
  • Check features that are important like email, contact book, feecback.
  • If you think that you want to make app like the one that is existing than make it innovative. People do not use the app that they have already used .
  • Never think that your apps have less features, once you get the feedback about the user experience, you can develop more existing features.

Flappy Bird Returns with Multiplayer Game

On February the “Flappy Bird” Creator Dong Nguyen has removed the Too Addictive game [Flappy Bird] on the app store and the Game would never return because of Public Safety but Nguyen has recently announced the Rebirth of Flappy Bird with new multiplayer game modes.

See the Last tweet after he has removed the Flappy bird game on to app store:

Things are now change The Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen informed the CNBC – Social Media People Eli Langer that the game would be making a new return, probably this August:

It would be an updated version in which the players would be able to compete with each other in real-time and It won’t be as addictive.

The Flappy Bird failure began in 2010, when the game was published by an unknown developer. The game had capped both IOS and Android devices. It is known that this game reduced the popularity of the top games like Angry Birds in just a two-week span.

Nguyen is a lover of retro games and Mario art. He became an overnight celebrity and his online presence became a source of death threats.

Reports showed that he earned around $50,000 per day from the free app’s in-game frantic ads. And also the game hit maximum popularity a few days later.

The app was dormant within 3 months since and became a poster child for mindless games that provide casual and addictive mechanics. Countless clones for the app had been out by then. As Flappy Bird experienced immediate exit, a new clone popped up every few minutes.

Nguyen explained that he had known how the game was having a negative effect on the players’ lives. He also said that the game had turned his own life upside down. He had been in a bad state of mind; he had to move out of his parents’ home, quit his job and restarted designing the game after a break.

Nguyen said that the new version of the game would be less addictive for the players. The altered game would surely catch our eye this year!

Let’s talk on Flappy Bird re-skinning wave together happily and successfully.


Why should Business Owners choose Ruby on Rails(ROR)?

Utilizing the best technologies for the website development helps the developers to make remarkable changes in a small business venture. Ruby on rails development is one of the best examples of adding value and productive standards to web development. The recent popularity of Ruby on Rails (ROR) technology is a response to the endless advantages to the customers for the finished products. The developers can enjoy effortless developing process by using ROR development services.

You can hire ruby on rails developer who has huge technical expertise with development of web. There are many skilled developers who provide expert Ruby on Rails consulting services at affordable rates. Make sure that the professionals you choose for custom ruby on rails application development offer high quality services as per your requirements and business goals.

There are several factors you should consider while hiring an expert company for ruby on rails (ROR) development consulting services. Being an open source, ROR has several advanced features. It decreases the development costs also because it is freely available on the internet. It is considered to be the best programming language with the enterprise application development.

Ruby on Rails developers enjoy the improvement in the production because of instant feedback after coding. No extra time is required for noticing the changes. Developers can instantly load browser page to notice the changes made in coding.

Business owners and developers across the globe select expert Ruby on Rails (ROR) specialists for web development and it improves the quality of work functionality. Big players in the industry have been using ROR for IT web development works.

Hence, there are a number of benefits of selecting Ruby on Rails (ROR) developers including customized work, quality work, completion soon enough and most important cost successful factor.

The amazing language of ROR is very difficult to ignore. Rather than writing several codes, you should focus on getting the work done. It helps you save a lot of time and money. While hiring ROR specialists, you should look for expert and experienced service providers to ensure that you get the best web development solutions. You can be stress-free by hiring the right Ruby on rails developers. You can easily rely on Rails framework to produce rapid websites and applications. Highly flexible and appealing websites can be created in a short span of time.

Ruby upon Rails technology has a huge community support. Hence, one can get the required support easily for the open source technology.

(MORE: Payment Gateway Integration in Ruby on Rails )

Thanks to large scale community support of Ruby upon Rails Technology, one will can get the most out of that open source technology. The major benefit of using this technology is that it lowers the costs together with rapid development. Excellent support from open source communities is another major benefit. There are different types of plugins available for ROR.

So, what are you waiting for? Use ruby on rails web development now and enjoy the benefits.


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

Since the last few years, the app market has exploded. There are billions of app downloads on the Apple store because of the increasing craze of the app amongst the users. Developing a mobile app is just like constructing a house.

Nobody can answer the question – “How much will it cost to build a home?”

So don’t ask how much does it cost to develop an app. Because the cost would depend on the facilities it has, materials to be used, size of the house, architect, fittings and many more factors.

Most of the companies can provide the ballpark estimates to develop apps for Android, iPhone,  Blackberry, Windows, etc. For getting an estimate on the app development cost, you should discuss your requirements and get expert ideas from them.

The good news?

Develop an app isn’t as expensive as you think. There are many mobile app development companies that provide the best services at affordable rates.

You should consider the following points:

Type of App:

First of all, you should think of what type of application you require. There can be different types of apps having different types of functionality. You can develop enterprise apps, games or utility apps to help your business grow.

Hiring The Right App Developer:

The hourly charges of hiring app developers vary a lot. Some freelance developers may charge $ 200 per day while some others may even charge $ 800/day. It can be a good idea to hire expert company for app development services. Hiring cheaper developers or companies can put your project at risk. So, hire the best companies that have experienced and skilled developers. You should compare the quotes provided by some companies and choose to hire the best one for developing unique app.

How Long will it take to Develop The App?

Again, this is a tricky question but a good app development company can provide you with a rough estimate. It may take a few weeks to develop simple mobile apps, while large and complex apps can take several months.

However, if you are looking to create a mobile app under following categories, here is a complete table with different application and cost estimation that you can refer before developing your own app.

Sr No Create App Like App Category
1 Airbnb Hospitality
2 Amazon E-Commerce
3 Dubsmash Social Media
4 Ghost Lens Photo-Video
5 Instagram Social Media
6 Plenty of Fish Dating
7 Pop Messenger Instant Messaging
8 Repix Photo-Video
9 Tinder Dating
10 Uber Transport
11 Viber Instant Messaging
12 Whisper Social Media

Additional Costs to Consider:


There is no point in developing an app if it is not marketed properly. Marketing cannot be understated. You should keep in mind the marketing costs when you are planning for the budget.


There are a lot of decisions that one needs to make while developing an app. You should look for an expert developer or app development company that has huge expertise in developing great apps. Make sure that you make the right choice for creating your business app.

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Qualities to Look for Mobile Application Development Solutions for Startup

Startups by definition are starting and taking their baby steps in this big bad world of competition and technology. It is therefore essential for them to be careful even in making mistakes. On one hand, they need to have reliable mobility solutions, and on the other hand they also need to take care of their budget. In that scenario, mobile application development solutions for Startup need to be developed by technically efficient and experienced companies like Space-O. When established companies have already started adapting to mobile application development, startups should consider following things during their mobile application development solutions.

Right Selection of Right Platform

There are so many mobile platforms available in the industry, that it is a tough to make an informed decision. It is equally important that you can reach out to maximum number of consumers, and hence, it is important that you choose a platform that accommodates maximum number of your target audience. An experienced technology partner can be of immense help in arriving at the right decision.

Sense of Aesthetics

When you choose your technology partner, do look for the sense of aesthetics. Mobile application development for startups needs to address the issues of style and design. Style and design are all the more important not just because they attract users, but they also pull off the essential substance of the application per se. And, that is one of the reasons why design and layout play an important role in mobile application development solutions for startup.

User Friendly

When you are charting out the strategy for mobile application development solutions for startup, it is important to think from the users’ perspective. Only when this perspective is taken care of, then only an application can be created which is user friendly. Choose your partner wisely who knows the importance of user behavior in creating user friendly application.


Startups per se begin to address a new and unique business challenge. Therefore, mobile applications created to promote this product or service need to be innovative and unique. It must stand out in clutter so as to make your startups successful. Companies like Space-O understand this quite sharply, and take mobile application development solutions for startups as matter of solid cyber identity.

Localized and Cost-Effective

When you are dishing out any product or service, it has to address local needs and local issues. In that sense, mobile applications for startups need to be made in a way that local population can access and understand. It may require adapting to language, product and service. It is therefore necessary to partner with a technology company which is regional or have strong base in that specific region. Understanding the needs and nuances of local economy always helps mobile application development solutions for startups.

These are some of the things that any startup needs to take care of while going for mobile application development.

Contact Space-O right now to know more about the possibilities of mobile application development solutions for startup.

Know Most Popular Fitness iPhone Apps

If iPhone can affect all enterprises, why health care industry should not take advantage of iPhone App development for fitness? Yes, it should.

Let us have a look at some of the most popular fitness iPhone apps in the market.

Cyclemeter GPS:

In the urban space, in the emerging countries as well as in developed countries, where time and space for cycling has reduced considerably, this app comes as a motivator for cycling. It is popular because cycling apps are anyways in minority, and among them, this offers some great features. The app which costs £2.99 offers following features:

  • Sensors that can record heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence and bike power
  • Route maps, graphs of user performance to compare and improve
  • Times your rides and records the distance rode
  • Users can configure interval training, zones, and targets

Runtastic Pro:

If you are planning to make running your routine work-out, this fitness iPhone app seems to be a good choice. It costs £2.99, and offers the users to track speed, distance, elevation and burnt calories. It also:

  • Allows the users set up training goals
  • Helps users to create and find routes
  • Lets them view graphs and past data
  • Lets them control music
  • Gives audio feedback for every KM

This fitness iPhone app can also be incorporated into MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker:

It is true that exercises alone do not suffice for overall fitness and well-being. For that, diet control and calorie consciousness are equally important. This fitness iPhone app serves this purpose and it is available for free. Though it is a diet tracker and calorie controller, it also is an app for exercise.

The app contains over 3 million foods in its database. If something that you eat is not in that database, it lets you create a new entry. It allows the users track fat, carbohydrate, sugar and more. The charts of calorie consumption and weight changes allow the users to track the progress of the calories and exercise.

Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer:

Available at £1.49, full fitness aims to provide the users – exercise and motivation for it. The app aims to teach the users exercises with hundreds of images and text instructions for each. It also has videos with instructions. It keeps itself updated with new exercises and brings them to the users.

The second purpose to keep the users motivated encompasses 30 routines that can keep you motivate and inspire to workout. It helps prevent workout regimen varied and interesting.

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These are some of the most popular fitness iPhone apps and much more than this. However, if you are a niche healthcare provider, and you want to be specific to your clients, you can always think of iPhone app development firms. Fitness iPhone apps created with specifications give the users customized and unique experience of workout and calorie balance.

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For such type of iPhone app development, contact Space-O right now and know more about the possibilities of fitness apps.


Why You Need Technology Partner for Your Magazine App Development?

It has been since long that publishing industry is put constantly under threat by the rapid digitization of the content. In that backdrop, there is no option for the publishers but to go digital and provide the content both on internet and mobile. Magazine app development plays an important role in making your magazine digitized.

For small magazine publishers, it may be difficult to get digitized for number of issues such as financial sustainability, security etc. However, when these publishers can partner with the right type of technology such as Space-O for their magazine app development, the very issues can be turned into advantages.

Following are some benefits of magazine app development:

  • Can create a stunning visual impression with advanced design and unique features
  • Can create an opportunity to package the content in a unique way
  • Can reduce time and costs in publishing a magazine in print

These are some of a very few benefits of magazine app development. Though, magazine app development is fraught with challenges, here are some of the reasons why small publishers need to take services of technology partners such as Space-O:

  • Magazine app development is not the core area of the small publishers
  • Dealing with software, hardware and ever changing technology requires expert external help often in the form of technology companies such as Space-O
  • If an external magazine app development provider is efficient, experienced and expert, it is able to build on the strengths of the magazine and develop an app keeping in mind the core strengths of the publication as well as purpose of the content

Have a look at the portfolio of Space-O here.

When small publishers partner with technology companies such as Space-O, they can concentrate more on their core areas such as editorial, design and other aspects of content creation. Leaving the technicalities to technology company gives you a sigh of relief.

Though, at a time when Facebook has overtaken WhatsApp for whopping $19 billion, the question of ads as the source of revenue has become debatable. It is true that consumers do not like to be bombarded with ads, but ads still remain to be the primary source of revenue for those enterprises which go digital including publishers.

So, when you decide to go for magazine app development, your technology partner should be able to incorporate mobile ads into the application development to generate revenues. It should help you chart out your overall advertising strategies in a better way. That is why it is recommended to consult an experienced technology partner such as Space-O as they know how to build ad networks during magazine app development.

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This is yet another benefit for small publishers as it takes the burden of the marketing and advertising off their shoulders. Many times, when small publishers decide to do magazine app development on their own, they fail to achieve best results in the area of promotion and marketing, and losing the focus on creative, editorial and content aspects of the magazine.

Contact Space-O right now to know more about magazine app development.


Fitness iPhone Apps to Help You Get Back in Shape

Who doesn’t like to have a well-toned body?

Men and women prefer to attend fitness training programs and sessions to get in shape.

We live in a world where smartphones and applications have become an integral part of our lives.

Do you want to lose weight and get fit with your mobile phones?

Now, you can monitor your fitness easily via iPhone apps. There are many fitness iPhone apps that can help you track your weight loss goals. In fact, we recently developed a fitness app – MyRealbuzz, which gives all these features to the users.

Fitness freaks all over the world are looking for effective fitness iPhone apps that can help to achieve their fitness goals. If you’re one of them, you should search for the best fitness iPhone apps that match your specific requirements, see fitness apps developed by us. It has been found that many athletes also use iOS apps to stay fit and healthy. They also practice running and other forms of exercises by using such apps.

There’s no need to hire fitness trainers. You can look for the right iOS fitness apps and practice physical activities and exercises. It can be a good idea to install such apps and access the features on the go. You can also explore several diet plans, new workouts, and exercises. With the advent of several feature-rich fitness applications, lives of people have become easier. People can live a healthy lifestyle, full of vigor.

iPhone Apps gets you fit

Img Source: Computerworld

There’s a huge demand for apps related to fitness and health. Planning to develop a fitness app for iPhone? You should look for experienced iPhone app development firms that can make human lives easier. Space-O technologies can be the right choice if you want to develop user-friendly and attractive iOS fitness apps.

Now there’s a lot that we’ve got to tell you about our developed fitness apps.

Why choose Space-O for fitness iPhone apps development?

  • The company has a team of expert and experienced mobile app developers.
  • The firm has several years of experience in ios app development services.
  • You would get cost-effective and high-quality solutions as per your requirements.
  • We can also help you with the marketing of the app.

Space-O team offers the best ios development services no matter what the clients’ requirements may be. The company is known for providing great ideas that can make your ios app successful. They aim at helping the clients achieve the maximum ROI.

The agency has developed several fitness ios apps in the past. This makes them feel confident that they can cater to all the types of iPhone fitness app development requirements.

Whether you want to help people live a healthier lifestyle or achieve their fitness goals, we can help you develop effective iPhone apps loaded with the required features.

So, what’re you waiting for? Discuss the iPhone app development ideas with us and get started!

With Anticipation of iOS 8, Gym App for iPhone seems to be an Exciting Adventure

Whenever Apple plans something new, it paves the way for a new industry to come into being. Something similar is anticipated when Apple rolls out its much awaited iOS 8 with its wearable iWatch feature. And, this new industry seems to be none other than gym training iPhone app development.

Apple’s upcoming iOS system which is reported to be focused on health and fitness segment is expected to have an advanced wearable computer with sensors which is to be known as iWatch. People familiar with the matter also said to 9to5 Mac that iOS 8 is likely to have an application codenamed Heatlhbook. With this, it is obvious that the possibilities of gym app for iPhone and gym training app development are going to be limitless.

How gym training iPhone app development is going to get boost?

Healthbook seems to be a pre-installed challenger to offerings from likes of Nike and Fitbit. Following are some of the functions that this application is expected to do:

  • Monitor and store fitness statistics such as steps taken by the user, burned calories and distance covered in walking
  • Manage and track weight loss
  • Track blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate and several other blood related data points such as glucose levels
  • Facilitates users to enter their medical details so that it can give reminder to take pills at appropriate time

When, Apple rolls out such a new operating system, it is likely that iPhone application development would see the new trend of developing mobile apps that are focused on health, fitness and nutrition. There are applications related to these segments right now too. But, when a special device gets launched with specific focus on one segment of the industry, economic dimensions do change. And, this time, it is going to be a huge opportunity for the gym training iPhone app development service providers.

How the new device is going to be different from the older version?

The major difference between the newer and the older version of iPhone is going to be obvious difference in technologies used in them. In the older version, thanks to M7’s newly launched chipset, the hardware was able to track motion activities of the users. However, more serious and vital measurements related to blood and heart rates were not measured. According to the sources, though, Apple has got a patent for smartphones to track blood pressure; it is uncertain whether that functionality would be available to end users by the end of this year.

People familiar with the matter also said that in order to minimize the size of the hardware, the company may think of packaging various sensors into a single chipset.

It is also rumored that health functionality of iOS 8 may get optimized for third-party health accessories in 2014. Though, as we mentioned earlier, there are several applications that Apple itself has supported in the segment of health and fitness do exist in the market, this seems to be a highly unlikely scenario.

Having said that, if you are a healthcare provider, Apple’s iOS 8 may prove to be a boon for you, and the partnership with experienced technology firm such as Space-O can take your plans of gym training iPhone app development to the next level.

Contact Space-O to know more about gym training iPhone app development.

Myth vs Facts Regarding Development of Match-3 Style Games for Android / iPhone

There is no denying fact that Flappy Bird cloning/re-skinning has changed the industry of match-3 style games. At this point of time, the space in app stores is cluttered and overcrowded with match-3 style puzzle games. Hence, if you want to develop match-3 style games, you need to have a look at some myths surrounding this trend of developing match-3 style games and match-3 game clone source code.

These myths assume importance because when you start to develop match-3 style games, it inevitably arouses negative feedback. And, if you have not answered the checklist in your head, that feedback may harm your spirit, excitement and dedication to come up with a unique match-3 style game.

Following are some myths that need to be checked with facts.

Myth#1: All match-3 style puzzle games are same
Fact: They share only the same source code, not the details.

It is often believed that the development of match-3 style games is “same.” What is often misunderstood is the fact that while they are built on same source mechanism, they cannot be the same in terms of their feel, characters, ambiance, details and other intricacies that make any game an engaging experience for the users.

A game called Shariki developed in 1994 by a Russian programmer is allegedly a “mother” of match-3 style games. If you compare the mechanic of that game and the games prevalent today, it can be said that match-3 style puzzle games have come of age inspite of retaining the basic mechanic and principle of the game. It is this branching out in terms of details and that make match-3 style games unique and different and not the SAME as the myth likes to believe.

Myth#2: It is all about being “first” in the market

Fact: So, do you want to mean that when the first telephone might have come in the market, all others should have stopped thinking of entering into the business of telecommunication? Yes, you got it right, this is nonsense.

In economics, the principle of “first” is often hailed with much enthusiasm and excitement. However, if that would have been the case, there should have been no other phone companies except the one that manufactured it first, no smart phones except the old Nokia’s, and no Internet services providers, of course. The “first” is in fact the torch bearer for others to take it forward, and not the end of the road.

Myth#3: There is no room for innovation/creativity in cloning match-3 style games

Fact: Compare any two match-3 style games and you know how hollow this myth is.

When different games use one source code, they do not cease to be innovative and creative. For example, Bejeweled offers a different and randomized board whereas Candy Crush Saga offers a specific and composed level. The players who are perceptive can instantly know this difference. Hence, each game has its own target audience and therefore there is ample room for all the three – innovation, creation and money!

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Contact Space-O right now to know more about how to develop match-3 style games.

questions to ask before hiring a developer

What to look for when you want to hire Game Developers to Create Addictive Games?

The trend is to make money faster and smarter. The path goes through developing match-3 style games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled. However, the thought of development starts with good developers. And in order to get the good developers, you need to hire game developers that can create addictive games and win the battle out there in the app store.

Let us have a look at qualifications that you may require to hire game developers who can create addictive games.

Understanding of source code:

It is quite clear that if you want to hire developers to create addictive games in tune of match-3 style games, she needs to know the importance of source code. The knowledge of source code is crucial to the development addictive games. It is this source code which serves as the “magic wand” in the process of developing match-3 style games. When you hire game developers to create addictive games, make sure how many source codes she is familiar with in terms of match-3 style games. You may want to give her a pilot project to clone or re-skin any popular game.

An eye to detail:

When you are set to re-skin or clone the older game, your challenge lies in how you can innovate and create a feel which is unique and not just an imitation of an earlier version. In order to create this, one of the most important traits is an eye to detail. For example, when people at large generalize and criticize the cloning or re-skinning of popular games, they often fail to understand the subtle differences of the game and their nuances.

In that sense, developing an engaging and addictive game is nothing short of art. You need to hire games programmers who know this art quite well and are good at its expression too.


Depending upon the scope and the possibilities of the project, you need to check for how many hours your developer is available to you. If you are considering a free lancer option, you need to arrange mutually acceptable hours to be available to each other. If there is a big time difference, you may want to arrange a functional and sustainable system so that all stakeholders in the development are aware of the progression of the development of match-3 style games.


It is very necessary that your developer is bilingual or at least knows the English language. However, knowledge of language is not the whole thing. A skill to communicate it is what counts at the end of the day. Check the communication skills of a candidate that you want to hire to develop addictive and engaging games.

It is always a good idea to approach established, experienced and transparent mobile application development companies such as Space-O to create match-3 style games. These companies have fine resources including human resources to execute your project well. If you are just starting or have a big idea, these companies are always at your help.

Contact Space-O right now to know details of hiring expert game developers.


Things you want to know about Clone of Bejeweled for Android

The rising popularity of cloning and re-skinning of games like Bejeweled, Candy Crush Saga, Flappy Bird etc. affirms one fact: human race’s love for sport! Yes, this is an age which is best to cash in on this basic tendency of human mind – to play games. When you want to develop a clone of bejeweled for Android which is also known as open source bejeweled clone, you may want to do a bit market research.

The gist of that market research may contain some of the following things:

  • Bejeweled game belongs to Match 3 type of games, and when you search for this type of games, you would see more than 2,200 search results.
  • Millions of dollars being made by makers of games such as Flappy Bird, Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled.
  • Though, there are thousands of clones available of the game, only a few can make it to top 100

All these things affirm one fact that if you can create bejeweled style games, there is a great opportunity to climb that ever elusive ladder of fame, money, success and happiness.

One of the ways to do so is to approach an efficient, experienced and trustworthy mobile application development company such as Space-O. Very often, companies like Space-O have got the source code of such games. When source code has been acquired, development cost of open source bejeweled clone reduces. Since, the developers only need to tweak the source code according to the demands of the newer graphics, the development time also gets reduced. And, with all these major things getting reduced, you get double the ROI than your conventional games that may be developed from the scratch.

The market research may appear apprehensive of the open source bejeweled clone, if they are developed keeping in mind:

  • Attention to details
  • Target audience
  • Newer technology and their optimum leverage to create unique visuals

the battle to secure a place among top 10 can be won gloriously.

Let us have a look at benefits of creating open source bejeweled clone.

  • While it is true that cloning of an already successful game seems repetitive, it is not always that the experience of the game perse is repetitive
  • From the development point of view, developers may use the same bejeweled clone source code, but the end product is going to be different as it is the very purpose of cloning or re-skinning – to dish out something different and fresh.
  • When you are set to develop clone of bejeweled for Android, you have so many ways to innovate and create. For example, instead of tiles, you can think of other catching objects as puzzle creating instruments. Also, Android too is such a wide source of innovation that you can create so many alternatives for different devices.
  • Many options and many variety makes room for creativity, adventure and possibility of great success in terms of money and creativity

Partner with expert mobile application development companies such as Space-O to develop open source bejeweled clone and explore great possibilities.

Contact Space-O right now to know more about how to develop clone of bejeweled for Android.


Addicting Games like Candy Crush Saga Can Turn Your Fortune Dramatically

The title of this article explains why you need to develop addictive games like Candy Crush Saga. If you are the one who is quite updated with things happening around the world, you know well how much money likes of make by creating addictive games like Candy Crush Saga.

Let us examine why such games can be popular.

In the era of fast communication, people do communicate all the time. However, in that speed and constant pressure to communicate, there is a certain lack of what they call “me” time. Games like Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, or Flappy Bird give the users that “me” time. These games become addictive because users can immerse themselves into them, forget the world and derive profound happiness.

Another major reason about the popularity of these games is that it gives users sense of control with sheer amusement. Needless to say, that this is exactly what is lacking in today’s world. People communicate, but do not connect. When there is no connection, there is no control. And, when there is no control, life is nothing but a hanging void. These games fill this void quite stupendously and people get a sense of control in their lives.

Wouldn’t you as an appreneur or a business person like to cash in on this biggest business opportunity?

Yes, any sensible and smart businessman would want to cash in on this.

In order to do so, you need to partner with expert and efficient technology company like Space-O. We at Space-O have knack to develop addictive games like Candy Crush Saga and market them too smartly and efficiently.

Let us have a look at the benefits you get from the development of addictive games like Candy Crush Saga by Space-O.

Tasty graphics that will leave you hungry for more

  • Unique and visually attractive features to make the users addictive to the game
  • Charming characters that users can identify with
  • An application based on freemium model wherein users need to pay if they want to explore advanced features
  • Flawless integration with social media platforms such as Facebook

These are some of the features or things you get when you partner with Space-O to create addictive games like Candy Crush Saga.

Another benefit of partnering with professional companies like Space-O to develop addicting games like Candy Crush Saga is that the development is cost-effective.


It is very simple. When you approach us to create addicting games like Candy Crush Saga, we suggest re-skinning or cloning of such games.

Re-skinning requires the source code to be tweaked a bit according to the needs of our clients. And, the good thing is, we have already acquired the source code of Flappy Bird, and Candy Crush Saga. So, you do not have to buy it separately and do it on your own.

This makes development of addictive games like Candy Crush Saga by companies like Space-O quite cost effective and rewarding.

Contact us right now and know more about how you can materialize your dream of making HUGE money by creating addicting games like Candy Crush Saga.


Enterprise Mobility for Media: An Important Dimension to Reckon With

In a recent interview with J Rajagopal, EVP and Head, TCS’ Global Consulting Practice, Ken Dulaney Vice president and Analyst, Gartner Research said:

“The increased sophistication and speed of the new networks will also challenge the way software is created, packaged, and consumed. Software developers now have access to new delivery models for their applications, resulting in a plethora of choices for end users about how best to optimize their computing infrastructure to meet their business requirements…. With higher broadband availability, we are also likely to see broadcast media and Internet media come together in the future. This might mean that all of the radio stations in your car are Internet radio, not broadcast radio. You will be able to receive any broadcast from anywhere in
the world, regardless of the station’s location.”

These words from an expert and industry veteran speak volumes about why media industry should care about enterprise mobility solutions for media. However, while implementing mobility solutions for the media face some acute questions. And, those questions need to be addressed in the backdrop of Gartner’s recent prediction that

By 2016, 20% of enterprise bring your own device (BYOD) programs will fail due to enterprise deployment of mobile device management (MDM) measures that are too restrictive.

Some of the questions may include but not limited to following:

  • While implementing enterprise mobility for media, is it possible to reduce human resources and maximize revenue streams?
  • How to implement mobile device management measures to effectively control enterprise mobility in media?
  • What should be the master strategy to integrate newer mobility solutions with the older system of business?

In order to address these issues effectively, media industries should partner with efficient technology partners such as Space-O. Such companies can help address such issues effectively by offering services such as following:

  • Integration of mobility solutions with present business system
  • Several key asset management and mobile device management services
  • SOA based industry standard infrastructure

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Following are some of the most obvious benefits of such enterprise mobility for media:

  • Reduces operating costs for content preparation and distribution
  • Removes costs related to physical media storage and simplifies operations of library
  • Acts as a single point to connect within industry and therefore facilitates smooth operation of content distribution across the industry

Going by the words of Ken Dulaney and the reality of everyday life, there is little doubt that media has to deliver the content faster and quicker like it never has to before. In order to address this enormous demand of quick content, employees working to deliver that content need to be mobile and flexible. Only consumer applications by media industry do not work. Those who prepare that content to be dished out via those consumer applications also have to be freed from the clutches of cubicle and desktops. This has to be a multi-pronged approach and enterprise mobility solutions for media are part of this approach.

Contact Space-O to know more about enterprise mobility solutions for media.

Revenue for iPhone app

Ways to Generate Revenue from your iPhone Application

Mobile app development including iPhone application development is not just about keeping up with technology, but also about monetizing that technology to the best. When smartphones are the necessity of every pocket across the globe, why not to make the most out of this tiny device?

Let us have a look at ways businesses can make money out of iPhone application development.

Geography-based Notifications

This is a great opportunity in a globalized economy especially when all the economists across the globe insist on localized globalization. It is very lucrative for businesses to develop iPhone app that give local benefits to its users. Let us see what type of localization is possible in iPhone app development.

  • Entertainment industry can leverage this. A music band, a multiplex can develop an iPhone app that sends out notifications of their upcoming events, movies to the residents of that particular region/area
  • Food industry too can undertake iPhone application development to send out notifications of their new menu, a special item, or even a special event organized at the restaurant that may of interest to its users
  • Based on weather, garment industry too can send out notifications informing new styles and new fashion

These are some of the ways in which iPhone application development may serve as a kind of a strong bond between the business and customers. Sending out relevant notifications reflect the sincerity of the enterprises and their willingness to communicate with the customers at their comfort.

Geo-Targeted Advertising and iPhone Application Development

An iPhone app can be developed in such a way that the smart ads can target the users by their specific location. iPhone app development is carried out in order to display ads that are properly optimized geographically and contextually.

Many a times, when consumers go for shopping and end up buying nothing, it is due to lack of handy cash or credit card. If the enterprises think of developing an iPhone app based on this user behavior, they can certainly come up with an innovative iPhone app that only requires automatic fill-in of the account information using iPhone’s GPS. Such transactional apps developed under iPhone application development address a great challenge facing the consumers who are prompted not to buy anything just because of their laziness. Even food industry can leverage on such apps and deliver the information the moment an app locates the consumer near their outlet. This can become a win-win both for consumer and the enterprise.

There is no denying the fact that the intense smart phone proliferation has opened up myriads of opportunities for iPhone application development which has almost become a main-stream industry along with device manufacturer and network provider. However, this has to be done by professional and accountable iPhone application development company such as Space-O. Very often too much clutter leads to wrong decisions, and hence it is very necessary to become careful while you choose your ideal iPhone application development partner. Get in touch with Space-O NOW and know more about iPhone application development.


Hire WhatsApp Clone App Developer Familiar with WhatsApp’s Beta Testing Program

This post is updated with additional information on February 26, 2016.

WhatsApp is ready with Android beta testing program with a hope that it could expand Facebook-owned company’s ability to a wide range of testers by allowing them easy sign-up to the new version of WhatsApp software trial.

The company would host beta develops of its APK file directly on its own website, previously with its testing program of its own in place. The most devoted end users of WhatsApp participated in this beta, as they would have to track the APK Mirror site or WhatsApp website to stay informed about the latest builds.

In addition, the application was distributed through a website and thus, it needed users to open up the security setting on their devices to enable applications installed from “untrusted sources.”

How to Sign-up for Android Beta Testing Program?

To sign up for Android beta testing program, you just have to visit Google Play store’s official testing rather than to switch to WhatsApp beta testers. Google Play has long supported the ability for app developers for running official alpha and beta testing programs through its app store, which is different from Apple’s approach with iTunes.

Android Beta Testing Program

Note: No, testers can easily download pre-release versions of an app through Apple-owned TestFlight or another third-party distribution program.

WhatsApp will able to reach a larger group of potential users by delivering an official Google Play-powered beta testing program for its trial. This helps them to try new features and fixes across a more diverse group of contestants.

Doing such things helps for better and broader feedback and also speed up the time to launch when it comes to rolling features to the software public version.  It could be more competitive with apps like Telegram, which is smaller and nimbler startup.

Moreover, if you have such type of app idea for WhatsApp, we can create instant messaging WhatsApp clone app by implementing your idea.

Are you planning to hire mobile app developers to develop an app like WhatsApp?

Get ready to take a full advantage of the latest social messaging apps with WhatsApp Clone app. In that case, you have to hire expert mobile application developers who understand the nitty-gritty of developing WhatsApp like apps.

Depending upon your requirement, you may consider hiring a freelancer or full-time mobile application developer. However, it would be a great idea to approach companies like Space-O to explore possibilities of developing WhatsApp like apps.

Following are some of the reasons why you need to approach our company for WhatsApp Clone App.

We have enough expertise and experienced resources for executing your application development Idea flawlessly.

We know science, art, and philosophy behind social messaging apps like WhatsApp. It is stupidity not to take advantage of expertise.

Re-developing, re-skinning or cloning of popular apps may seem like superficial or too mundane, it is actually not. It is rather more challenging to develop an app in the line of already popular app. And, even more challenging to make it successful in the app stores. We know this challenge very well and hence, it is wise to approach us and hire developers to develop WhatsApp like apps.

Moreover, we have developed some fantastic messaging application like Tuloko that provides information about events, curated news and integrated with a chat messenger service that connects users with some specific interests.

Tuloko messaging app

Tuloko app has gotten much support from the Black Lives Matter movement and enables users to connect family and friends. It enables Group chat to chat up to 40 people at once.

iOS | Android

What Can We Do more for Developing A Perfect WhatsApp Clone apps?

You may find many mobile app developers, who can develop an app like WhatsApp, but our developers have knowledge of source code. It is a must that your developers have thorough knowledge of how the original code of WhatsApp works. It is only after this knowledge; one can re-develop, re-skin or clone. They say it is very necessary to know all the rules to break them well! Ditto is true in the case of creating social messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Hire app developer who know these rules quite well, an art to break them and delight in breaking them. This is possible when you approach us. The benefit of approaching us is that we work in a team, and our weakness is compensated by the other’s strength. Hence, the product you get at the end of the day becomes all the more unique and enriching.

Hire Mobile App Developers

Our expert mobile app developers also have an idea about how to make such application. Marketing in today’s age cannot be underrated and it is very important that you employ right strategies to do that. Doing development and marketing together yourself can be testing and may deviate you from your core area. An efficient and experienced technology partner can be of immense help to not only develop WhatsApp like apps but also market them well.

Consider these factors and make an informed decision to hire an expert mobile application developer to develop WhatsApp like apps.

Want to Develop your own WhatsApp Like App? Get Started Now.


Leverage Lessons Learnt from WhatsApp to re-skin WhatsApp like Apps

There is no doubt about the tremendous success that tiny start-up WhatsApp has got with its acquisition by Face book. There are thousands of entrepreneurs and mobile app developers who are now running after to imitate and even surpass this great success in the modern history of technology and mobile apps.

While there is nothing wrong in imitation, it has to be done with full understanding and skills. One of the basic things about the imitation is to understand fully the reasons of the success that it wants to follow. Let us have a look into the basic reasons why WhatsApp succeeded amidst the great clutter in the mobile application industry.

Keep it Simple

They say it is very difficult to be simple and normal. It seems that WhatsApp has achieved this most difficult task with ease and grace. The interface, the purpose and its meticulous execution all seem to be so simple that it has attracted huge number of users for the simple reason that: mind does want simplicity in the midst of chaos. In that sense, WhatsApp has been able to answer the inherent need of doing it with simplicity and without any hassle.

While it is true that life is not always simple, it is equally true that at the end of the day, every soul wants it easy and simple. This is a great lesson to be learnt from the success of WhatsApp. If you want to re-develop or re-skin WhatsApp like apps, partner with a technology firm that understands this basic principle behind the great success of WhatsApp.

Pure Communication sans Distractions

One thing that WhatsApp has done remarkably well is strict “ban” of ads in its services. We all know how ads when they constantly pop up in our browsing or communication are annoying and distracting. Peopled were happy to pay a meager subscription instead of tolerating the constant ads. This is yet another great lesson to be learnt from WhatsApp. When you are planning to develop WhatsApp like application, you need to find innovative ways to generate revenues instead of just mobile advertising. Even mobile advertising can be used sensibly and cautiously to make the user experience pleasant as well as generate more revenues. Technology companies like Space-O with their sheer experience and efficiency know this best. Approach them to get your WhatsApp like apps developed with passion and understanding.

Clarity about The Target Audience

Best thing that WhatsApp did was to target clearly and sharply. It has not confined its messaging services only to smart phone holders. Rather, it reached out to a mobile phone holder who was surviving on $10 a day. By providing its services to middle billion, it has made itself available to each and every mobile device. That it was ubiquitous and that it exactly wanted it that way is another lesson that you must grasp. When you know your target audience well, and what is your purpose in developing WhatsApp like app, half the battle is won and clutter is clear.

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Contact Space-O right now to know more about re-skinning, re-developing of WhatsApp like app.

Know These Apps before Deciding Android Apps Development Provider

Are you a small business? Are you a start-up, and want to try shelf Android mobile applications for your finance? Well, the idea is not that bad as there are thousands of Android mobile applications available in Google Play to manage your finance. But, it is difficult to choose among them as it is a clutter out there.

Space-O brings a compact list of such finance apps of Android that you can have a look at. However, it is not guaranteed that these apps would take care of all your financial needs, in that you need custom Android Apps development. Companies like Space-O can do that for your in cost-effective way.

Let us have a look at those finance apps developed as part of Android apps development.

FreshBooks Android App

When you get a subscription of FreshBooks that starts at $20 monthly, this app is provided to you for free. The major function of this app is to help CEOs of the companies record and track expenses and profits of the business. It also gives extra functionality to track employees’ performance and company’s profits. Since, the app organizes and charts expenses, business decisions can be made smoothly and efficiently. Users can use this app for a 30-day trial, and then, you need to pay $19.95 per month.

QuickBooks Online

This is one of the most popular apps and requires monthly subscription of $12.99 or yearly subscription of $124.99 with 20% off. The app is available free for 30-days. The app allows you

  • To create, edit and e-mail invoices
  • To manage expenses and track payments
  • To view the info and update while on the move
  • To schedule calendar appointments
  • To create new vendors to manage expenses
  • To estimate while on the field and create new customers


Mint too is a very popular Android app especially for startups and entrepreneurs. Its major task is to track the expenses and budget. Mint is ideal for those who are constantly traveling and do not have time to physically go to bank and keep a tab on transactions. You only need to add the bank accounts and credit cards details in this application and it will automatically display a list of transactions that is categorized. In a tablet, this application also interprets data in charts and graphs.

Since, Android takes extra care for security; this app is pass code-protected and hence secure. Also, in case of device loss, a user can go to its website and prohibit the access to the account. The app also gives the users notifications about imminent fees, bills, or any unusual activity on account.

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There is no doubt that Android application development has made these apps possible. However, when your business grows and comes across a new challenge, not all the features of these apps work in favor of you. That is the reason why you should go for customized Android application development. Have a look at Android apps portfolio of Space-O here.

Should you need further information on Android application development, contact Space-O right now.


A Cursory Look at Mobile Game Development WRT Unity3D Game Development

With the dramatic events followed by withdrawal of popular game Flappy Bird recently, one thing that clearly emerged is the popularity of mobile gaming applications. People do take their mobile games seriously and that it can really bring lots of money to both mobile game development providers and appreneurs.

While there are so many platforms available to undertake mobile game development, one platform is gaining popularity in the world of mobile game development – Unity3D game development.

Let us know some things about Unity mobile game development.

What is Unity3D?

Unity3D is a gaming tool that allows mobile gaming developers to develop mobile game applications and run them on any platform. In that sense, Unity3D is a tool that facilitates cross platform mobile game application development. The platform has become quite popular because of its brilliant qualitative output with tremendous cost-effectiveness and lesser time-to-market.

The platform can be leveraged to develop any gaming applications that can be run on any mobile devices, web and desktop across all major operating systems. Since, it is quicker, developers can focus more on the issues of design, story and execution of mobile game development.

It is a kind of an ecosystem which incorporates a complete set of intuitive tools and faster workflows so that developers can create games in both versions – 2D and 3D. It offers the developers Asset Store wherein there are thousands of quality and ready assets. With a vast knowledge sharing community, mobile game development with Unity3D game development becomes a pleasant experience for developers as well as appreneurs.

Following are some of the great benefits of mobile gaming applications developed using Unity3D game development:

Gives Total Control at Speed

One of the things that the users of gaming application hate do to is to wait for the game to download on the device. A gaming application developed with the use of Unity gives developers immense control over loading speed of the game. That means that your consumers won’t have to wait for the game to get downloaded. With the support of Asset Bundle, developers can optimize the loading speed of the gaming applications.

Optimum Rendering

When users are able to render only the details that they can actually see, it gives them tremendous sense of control and pleasure on gaming application. In Unity3D game development, Occlusion Culling works on mobile and web with less runtime overhead. This along with Umbra Software makes it possible that only those objects are rendered which are seen by the camera.

You must be wondering how this can be possible. Well, that is where the amazing Unity mobile game development plays its role. When a user uses the scene’s static geometry to auto generate data, Unity is able to locate which objects are visible by camera and which are not in the game.

This way, the device only renders objects that camera captures leaving other details behind and making the rendering faster and pleasant.

It is however important that you find a technology partner such as Space-O who can help you in your Unity3D game development. Look here what Space-O can do for you in your pursuit of mobile game development.

Contact Space-O to know more about Unity mobile game development.


Reasons for which You Need to Hire Android Application Developer

When the data from all sorts of resources suggest that four out of every five smart phones are Android, it is difficult to deny the dominance of Android in the market. In the last quarter of the year 2013, 80% of the shipped devices were Android. With this one reason emerges for you to hire Android application developer – that is enormous popularity of Android devices.

The data also indicates that average growth rate of the demand of Android developers remains high at 90%. Also, while hiring rate of Android application developers remain at 47%, the same rate of hiring senior Android app developers is 133%. These figures rather substantiate your reason to hire Android application developer.

But, apart from that, Android application development is fraught with challenges that can be best overcome only when hire Android application developer. Let us have a look at those challenges and decide whether they are indeed good reasons why you need an Android application developer on board.

Support for multiple devices/version

While there are five devices in the market that run on iOS, there are over 170 types of devices that run on Android. It is therefore very important that you hire Android application developer who can develop an app that can run on target devices irrespective of screen sizes, and version.

While undertaking an Android application development, a thorough research has to be done while selecting any specific version for the prospective app. This is also one of the reasons why you need to hire Android application developer. A developer knows the nuances of the different versions of Android and that can be of great help in the overall success of Android application development.

Creating great user experience via understanding user preference

The major goal of any mobile application is to provide great user experience. In order to do so, a developer needs to be aware about the prevalent user preferences and behaviors. Keeping oneself updated about user preference means to be aware about how the users handle various features such as touch screen, keyboard etc. There are possibilities that one button in a specific device may function differently in other device. Hence, when you hire Android application developer, you can rest assured that she knows those differences and can handle them well by developing and testing the app accordingly.

Concerns of Security

Android is an open source technology, and therefore it has intricate security issues. However, in the year of 2013, Google has tried its best and that too successfully to address these issues. When you hire Android application developer, you are making sure that the security concerns are addressed properly.

There are many professional mobile application development companies that facilitate various packages for Android application developers to hire. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose from them and even get the tailor-made package specifically for your requirement.

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To hire Android application developer is to be more focused on the core area of your enterprise rather than developing mobile applications. Leave it to experts like Space-O, and be more focused on other areas of business.

Contact Space-O right now to know various packages to hire Android application developer.


Know Major Platforms Facilitating Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Our age is witnessing unprecedented mobile fragmentation the significance and impact of which can be much larger and deeper than our imagination can reach for. In that situation, cross platform mobile application development comes as the inevitable.

Let us go straight to major platforms through which developers can indulge in cross platform mobile app development.

Apache Cordova /PhoneGap

Popularly known as PhoneGap, it was created by Nitobi, and when it was donated to the Apache Software Foundation, it’s now called Apache Cordova. As Adobe purchased Nitobi, it also retained the rights to name PhoneGap and distributes Cordova under that name.

This platform can be used to create mobile apps using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Following are its major benefits:

  • Mostly developers know these three things and this platform precisely leverages that expertise resulting in quick turnaround of mobile apps
  • Cross platform mobile application development done using this platform allows the apps to be installed in the same way as native apps
  • PhoneGap has a plug-in architecture allowing the developers to access native device APIs in a modular way. This allows the developers to focus on their present web-based skills.

Know more about this cross platform mobile app development via PhoneGap here.


With this developers can undertake cross platform mobile app development as this platform facilitates across devices unified JavaScript API along with features that are platform specific. When developers use Appcelerator during their cross platform mobile application, they can also provide value added services such as Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), app analytics and a market place for others.

A mobile app developed using this platform performs brilliantly as it is developed with the use of native UI components. Alloy framework provided by this platform acts as a balancing factor across all UI platforms. JavaScript used to streamline code across the platforms allows the developers build on their present skills on multiple target platforms.

It is important to choose a right platform for cross platform mobile application development. If it is too beneficial for the clients, it has its own challenges and issues. And, that must be dealt with extra care. This is one of the reasons why you should look for an experienced and efficient technology partner like Space-O.

Have a look at some of the challenges that cross platform mobile application development entails:

  • The greatest challenge is to incorporate native language and SDK into an app developed using cross platform functionality. This is because each platform has native language and in order to maintain unique functionality, this combination is required
  • It is also very challenging to develop an app using cross platform functionality that gives the users great user experience in the same way apps using native platform may give them. It is best to follow the innate personality of the app along with platform specific uniqueness to arrive at the best user experience
  • To keep an eye out for customer behavior is also a great challenge in cross platform mobile application development

If you want to know more about the possibilities of cross platform apps development or still have any query or confusion regarding iOS and Android app development, then you can contact Space-O right now.


Why Mobile Healthcare App Development Should be Taken Seriously?

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration website, 500 million smart phone users would be using a healthcare application by 2015. Among 3.4 billion smart phone and tablet users, 50% of the users who would consist of health care professionals, consumers and patients will have mobile health applications. Also known as “mHealth”, mobile healthcare applications are not only catching imagination of health practitioners, and patients, but even the regulators like U.S. Food and Drug Administration have accepted its importance. As a result of that, FDA issued the Mobile Medical Applications Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff on September 25, 2013.

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Needless to say, that as a healthcare enterprise you need to think over the possibility of mobile healthcare app development keeping in tune with the guidelines of FDA. For that, you need a technology partner like Space-O who can engage in mobile health app development considering its seriousness and importance. Why enterprises need to be very careful in choosing their mobile health app development services provider? There are many reasons; one of the most important is to have a provider who has both – technical expertise and understanding of FDA guidelines. Space-O claims to have both coupled with experience and innate sense of mobile application development. Apart from these, there is also another opportunity or void that healthcare providers can cash in on in the realm of mobile health app development.

There are certain types of mobile applications which are out of the purview of FDA guidelines. They include among others enterprise mobility solutions for healthcare organizations. Let us have a look at which applications are not to be validated by the FDA guidelines:

  • Mobile apps which dish out sort of reference material such as textbooks or other academic references for healthcare
  • Mobile apps for generic health, fitness and well-being
  • Enterprise mobility solutions in order to make the employees and the organization more flexible and mobile in providing healthcare to their patients. Mostly they target areas such as billing, appointments or insurance transactions

The FDA clearly acknowledges the power of smart phones and mobile applications in diagnosis, treatment and care of the patients in serious as well as not-so-serious diseases. To have functional and customized mobile solutions for your patient is not just about keeping up with technology. It is not about winning any race, but rather it is about expressing that being a healthcare provider you care about the patients. In that sense, mobile health app development is about making the best use of technology, and science per se.

It is a combination of two science – medicine and engineering and the result is healthier and well-informed humanity! For this to achieve along with satisfying your monetary goals, you need to partner with someone like Space-O, a reliable mobile application development company, who can achieve this goal by bringing together two sciences with its extraordinary technical expertise and brilliant communication skills. Contact us, and we would be glad to hear you and offer our insights and thoughts on mobile health app development.


Scope and Possibilities of Mobile Apps Development Services

It is hard to imagine any single being on this earth without a mobile except the place is alien from the Earth. In advanced countries as well in emerging economies, all walks of life ranging from banking to healthcare to shopping to cinema going are managed by this tiny device. This tiny but smart device has changed the way the world functions.

In that scenario, a parallel world of mobile application development too has come into being and it is asserting its significance rather quite emphatically. The role of mobile apps development services becomes even more important in this technology-obsessed world. There are two types of mobile app development services: mobile web application development, and mobile application development.

Let us understand each of them briefly.

Mobile web application development services Consider this scenario:

  • Every average mobile device has an inbuilt WAP browser
  • Even the average mobile phones can access internet, forget smart phones
  • The 4G services are eagerly waiting to enter the market
  • Enterprises do not want to be left behind in capitalizing the mobile trend

Isn’t it a situation in which to be able to provide at par mobile apps development services is a natural way to function? Experienced mobile apps development services like Space-O offer mobile web development services ranging from E-commerce, healthcare, finance, legal to entertainment.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application’s main purpose is to give users more direct connection and access to whatever they are seeking to access from their tiny device. Mobile apps development services often various types of mobile apps based on the requirement of business owners and suitable technology. The most popular mobile applications are obviously that of iPhone, Android and Windows mobile system. But, apart from that, there are many ingenious and hybrid technologies that can be used to create unique mobile applications.

In order to provide the clients best mobile applications, mobile apps development services insist to hire such developers who are well-versed with technical know-how’s such as Java, C and C++. Along with these technical pre-requisites, mobile apps development services have adequate resources to test the application and deploy it rightly into the current system. They also are well-equipped to upload the app on to the App store and Google Play Services. All these efficiencies and expertise make mobile apps development services most sough-after services in the world of mobile app development.

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Since, mobile application development is something that is not going to end soon, and that enterprises do need to be two steps ahead of the latest technology to catch up with its rapidity and evolution. In that case, you definitely need to engage with an experienced and dependable mobile apps development services provider who can take you ahead of your time and win this battle convincingly.

Contact Space-O right now and know more about mobile apps development services.

app to appstore

Know What Your iPhone App Developers Require to Do before Submitting Your App

When you hire iPhone app developers, the mental process of submitting an iPhone app should begin way before the actual iPhone app development. Three things that are needed before your iPhone app programmers make final submission to App Store include an App ID, a valid distribution certificate and a valid provisioning profile.

Let us explore what these three things actually stand for.

Procuring an App ID

There is no way that your application can be uploaded to App store without having an App ID. So, that is kind of a ticket to a store. Now, there are two types of application identifiers that your iPhone app programmers may choose depending upon the nature of an application and your preference for it. Those two types include: an explicit App ID and a wildcard App ID. Two serve different purposes.

A wildcard app ID is essentially used to build and install more than one application. In that sense, it is used for multiple applications, and can be easily dubbed as more convenient and comfortable. iPhone programmers need to use explicit App ID when the application is run on iCloud or uses other iOS features such as Game Center, Apple Push Notifications, or In App Purchase.


Creating a distribution certificate

To create a distribution certificate for an iPhone app developer is to prepare a background to create provisioning profile for the app. Creating a distribution certification is a matter of time for those iPhone app developers who have already created a development certificate.


Creating a provisioning profile

An iPhone app developer can create a provisioning profile once she is through creating a distribution certificate through the App Store. If you want to create a provisioning profile for the ad hoc distribution of your application, your iPhone app developers need to create a separate provisioning profile for App Store distribution. In case of wildcard App ID, same provisioning profile for multiple applications can be used.


Building settings and deployment target

Once all these three things are ready, iPhone developers need to configure app’s build settings in Xcode so that settings in the Code Signing section can match the distribution provisioning profile created earlier. The strength and success of iPhone app developers are mainly measured here – in the process of code signing. Once it is mastered, sky is the limit for any iPhone app programmer.

Though, iPhone app developers can decide application’s deployment target, they need to be very careful when they want to increase the deployment target of an existing application. The increase in this can be problematic if iPhone app developers do not care to mention it in the application’s release notes. Smart iPhone application developers now have learnt that it is always a good idea to set the deployment target to the last major release of iOS platform.

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It is always amazing to know back stage efforts and dedication being put in any work, especially iPhone application development given its popularity and enormous demand. This also gives you fair idea of what to expect from professional iPhone application developers.

Contact Space-O right now to know more about efficient iPhone application developers.


Things to be pondered about for Enterprise Mobility Integration

Let us go straightaway to many aspects of enterprise mobility integration beginning with why it is so crucial to overall enterprise mobility solutions strategy.

The success of any enterprise mobility solution lies in its seamless integration with already established business system. The simple reason for this is that the apps have to be dependent on previous set-up to obtain the relevant information. Following are some examples/situations, wherein an enterprise mobility solution needs information from back-end systems, and which is why seamless integration secures its supreme importance in the entire ecosystem of enterprise mobility solutions.

  • When a sales person wants to quote a price or order on behalf of a client. This has to be done in real time, based on information obtained in real time.
  • When middle level employees are using enterprise mobility solutions to keep an eye out for performance indicators, it is important that back-end systems are perfectly integrated with enterprise mobility solutions
  • Many a times, a very crucial decision needs to be made based on input given by users and employees. This input is often unorganized and unconstructed. When there is proper and precise enterprise mobility integration with back-end system, this content becomes highly organized and decision making becomes quite easier

There are many ways now to make this enterprise mobility integration quite seamless. Enterprises integrate mobile apps through SharePoint or SAP to reap the highest benefits on investment. Social media too has been gaining popularity and enterprises are gearing up fast to make the most of it.

Major challenges for enterprise mobility integration that still remain to be met head-on in 2014 are:

  • To empower human resources in a way that they can access enterprise mobility solutions even while on the go. To make the back-end system compatible with the new updates and to achieve seamless enterprise mobility integration
  • Use of plug-in scripting and automatic data mapping in order to make the enterprise mobility integration seamless and easy to cope up with

Since, the challenges in the way of seamless enterprise mobility integration are enormous; enterprises need to partner with experienced and efficient technology partners such as Space-O. Such companies have innate ability to configure apps. Let us have a look at what these configure apps do to your overall enterprise mobility solutions strategy:

  • They pull multiple back-end systems to obtain business information that is crucial for business operations
  • Such apps are operated upon a single platform that responds to many types of interfaces or links

It is therefore not enough to have efficient enterprise mobility solutions, but it is equally important that you have them integrated flawlessly in your system.

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Questions to Ask When You are All Set to Hiring an iPhone App Developer

When you want to hire an iPhone app developer or a freelance iOS Developer, you need to make sure whether she fits the bill. Following are some questions that you need to ask her before you go ahead and hire your iPhone developer.

Ask for a portfolio

Work and the way it has been done speak for the mobile developer. It is therefore better to ask your prospective iPhone developer to give you an access to her previous work. This can reflect a lot about her efficiency, expertise and experience. However, though the professional work cannot exactly be the tools to measure her efficiency, you can even ask for work which she might have done as a part of her hobby or passion. This then can make you in a better position to decide whether it is the one whom you want to hiring an iPhone app developer.

Check what kind of smart phone she uses

Well, this question may seem to be a bit out of the track, but if you think carefully, it may have some merit in it. When you ask your prospective iPhone developer about the smart phone that she uses, you may get the idea of the latest technology that she is well-versed with and her preference about choosing a specific device and corresponding technology.

Check her ideas about monetizing app

When you want to hiring an iPhone app developer, you need to ask her what she thinks about monetizing an app and how it has to be done. The primary purpose of developing any iPhone app is to gain some monetary benefits out of it even if the app may be sold for free. In that case, a developer should be smart enough to know the ways to monetize apps even if they are to be sold free of charge. She should be aware of integration of mobile display apps, in-app purchases or paid subscription services as part of elegant and professional iPhone app development.

Preference for ways of communication

Communication is a major aspect in any mobile app development including iPhone app development. If you are an offshore company, communication becomes all the more crucial because teams are not meeting in person. Check with her how she prefers to communication when it comes to her professional dealings – chat, Skype, phone, e-mails, etc. If you want to hire a freelance iPhone app developer, you also need to make sure about her availability. At what time she should be able to communicate with her clients and by what mode should be made clear before you hire her.

Be clear about remuneration aspects

This is the most crucial part of the process to hire iPhone developer. Make sure that you ask her about her expectations and see whether they match or exceed. Good thing about this practice is, if her expectations are lower, and if you can afford more, you can always offer more and that can instantly work as magic in terms of winning her trust and appreciation as an appreneur. It also means that you respect talent and money to be awarded to that talent. When the expectations exceed, you may try to come to a common platform and create a win-win formula.

These are some of the basic questions that you need to ask when you want to hire iPhone developer.

We primarily offer three different kinds of options for the Hire iPhone Developer Model.

create video editing app like Magisto

Hire Android Application Developer who Knows Importance of Design/Display

It is an open secret that Android basks in the glory of diversity. But, it has its own price to pay. And, every Android developer needs to know it by heart. So, if you are planning to hire an Android application developer for your Android application development, make sure that you do check what she considers about the diversity of Android and how she deals with it.

Let us see some of the ideal elements of the answer that your Android app developer may give you. Consider that Android app developer for hire immediately without hesitation.

At the heart of the matter of any Android app is to make the application experience consistent and pleasant. In order to do so, every Android programmer needs to know basic principles of Android per se that include home screen UX, global device navigation and notifications.

Use of various screens in Android application development

There are three types of screens available within Android application development. They include home screen, all apps screen, and recent screen.

Home screen is a space that Android app developers can get customized. It houses some of the fantastic shortcuts, folders and widgets. They are there to use to the optimum and make the application pleasant for users. The other two screens are for the comfort of users. You need to hire Android application programmer who knows the purpose of all these screens.

Strategies to cope up with diversity

When you hire Android application developer, do listen what she thinks of optimizing layouts to make a stunning app. When you are developing an app for Android device which is larger, you need to take full advantage of extra screen provided by the device. To dish out the best user experience on larger screens, Android developers need to create compound views that can show more content and make the navigation easier. To make that app on all screens, the best way would be to provide different screen densities so that app can function smoothly and pleasantly for all.

An expert Android developer however knows that it is not just enough to create an app which is compatible to all Android sizes. And, therefore she cares to study hard guidelines provided by Android.

Some of the generic guidelines include:

  • Not to use absolute pixels to define sizes and distances
  • Instead of using absolute sizes and distances, Android developers need to use either dp or sp, both density-independent pixel and scale-independent pixel respectively
  • In order to develop an Android app that is of a better graphical quality and performance on all screen densities, an expert Android app developer always provides clients with bitmap resources which are customized as per the density which can be low, medium, high and extra-high

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Have some general idea of the ideal Android app developer, and you will be able to make a better decision in your pursuit to hire Android app developer. It is always good to know before making any decision.

Should you need any help in your decision-making process to hire Android app developer, do not hesitate to get in touch with Space-O anytime.


Know Your Basics to Hire iOS App Developer

It is a great thing to have an idea and that too of an idea of an iPhone app is a thing of joy. However, it is equally true that you need to have adequate skills and efficiency to execute this idea. If you cannot do that, you obviously need helping hands in the form of expert iPhone developers.

Before your process to hire iOS app developer starts, you need to keep in mind some basics for yourself so that you can make a right and informed decision to hire iOS developers.

Let us see some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind to hire iOS programmer.

Insist on having variety of quotes

It is very crucial that when you are all set to hire iOS app developer, you invite bids from multiple developers. The reason to get to know multiple developers from multiple sources is to make oneself receive inputs from variety of people. This then keeps you growing as a professional appreneur who invites new ideas, understands them and very often is willing to accept them.

Make documentation part of life

They say if you cannot document it, you cannot execute it. It is true for almost businesses. When you can document your iOS development project on paper, you are in control of your project. You can also hand it over to your iOS developers when you start describing your project. Documentation may involve simple points, image, Info graphic, or an e-mail. Documentation not only helps you to be in control, but also gives fair idea of your preparedness to your iOS developers.

Do and speak what you really mean

When you promise to meet iOS app developers to discuss the project, and if you do not turn up on time, being a project owner, it certainly reflects your callousness. You do not need to show your sincerity, you need to be serious if you mean business. When you are sincere, it would naturally reflect without any special effort on your part. To hire iOS developers and to be able to demand higher standards of work and work ethics, you need to follow them yourself first.

Appreciate hard work via money

Those who say do not work for money are not only deceptive but unreliable. When you do not expect money as the form of respect to your work, you are indeed to be doubted. When you hire iOS developers and that too experienced and highly efficient, do not forget to ask their monetary expectations. It goes a long way to establish a cordial and healthy work relationship. Hire an iOS app developer who is honest and realistic about her monetary needs and expectations. You be the appreneur who respects and appreciates that honesty.

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These are some of the basic things to keep in mind to hire the best brains in iOS application industry.

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mobile app redesigning

Eat, Drink and Make Lots of Green Bucks with Flappy Bird Re-skinning

Well, somebody’s loss is somebody’s gain. Not exactly pleasant, but definitely true and beneficial to those for whom it is true! To set to re-skin Flappy Bird game which has been withdrawn by its developers for reasons as moralistic as they could be too good to believe, is to belong to this proverbial loss-game dictum.

How? Simple – buy the source code, or better still, make companies like Space-O work for you right from procuring the source code for this popular game, clone it, market it, and bring lots of money in your pocket. Isn’t that too simple? It is, and you better keep in mind that doing simple things are not always that hard. It is just perceived to be hard.

So, why should you think to re-skin Flappy Bird? Let us understand psychological reasons to do so.

When the developer Dong Nguyen withdrew the most popular game from App Store and Google Play Service, he gave the reason of game’s being too addictive for the users. So, it is very clear that when the game was withdrawn, consumers certainly felt “deprived” from their compulsive addiction. There was indeed a vacuum created by the sudden withdrawal of this game and needless to say that that is where great business opportunity lies in for Flabby bird re-skinning. Great market demand that is quite visible and you do not have to even research your market. What more you need to be convinced that this is the product you must cash in on if you want to make it big in the world of mobile application development.

Some of the Flabby Bird like games in App store

Let us have a look at some of the most popular games that have arrived in the market as a result of Flappy Bird re-skinning.

First Person Flappy, Flappo Bird, Flappy Bird Typing Tutor, Ninja Flop among many others. Almost all of these different versions of Flappy Bird change the characters and some of the activities while maintaining the level of difficulty of Flappy Bird. To re-skin Flappy Bird for the developers of these games is to engage more and more users, give them the same type of user experience with some new elements into it and make more money out of re-skinning Flappy game.

So, aren’t you too tempted to take this opportunity seriously?

It is also indeed true that truth is stranger than fiction. In case of Flappy Bird which enjoyed only 28 days fame but a fame that has actually made thousands others to aspire for the same is by no means an ordinary thing.

But, when there are thousands who aspire to make it like Flappy Bird, one needs to be careful in re-skinning Flappy Bird. There are thousands of re-skinned Flappy Bird apps on App store, but they fail on many counts such as:

  • Obtrusive graphics
  • Loose user controls
  • Malware
  • Redundant power-ups
  • Inapt in-app purchases

In order to not to get caught in these unnecessary hindrances in your road to success and money, you need to partner with technology firm like Space-O.

Space-O has given most precise and convincing reasons why it is the best choice in your endeavors to re-skin Flappy Bird.

Contact us right now, and let us ride on Flappy Bird re-skinning wave together happily and successfully.


Hire iPhone App Developer and Make Lots of Money by Just Re-skinning the App

The story of Flappy Bird is no less than filmy. However, it has indeed taken the world of iPhone application development, and mobile application development per se by storm. So, if you are mulling over this phenomenon of re-skinning the app especially when all developers are keen to re-skin Flappy Bird, do look at Space-O’s experience and expertise at re-skinning the app.

When you want to hire iPhone app developer, you need to understand how exactly re-skinning can earn you lots of green bucks. Let us see the advantages of re-skinning app and importance of hiring iPhone application developers who can create such apps.

Focusing on your core idea

When you want to re-skin the app, what basically you do is cashing in on the taste of the consumers with a bit different idea. While you are at re-skinning the app, you do not have to build the framework from the scratch and write the code from zero. This makes your iPhone app programmers in a much controlling condition as they only have to focus on what the app wants to convey or offer to the consumer. Brain exhausting energies on how to develop a framework and write the code are saved and an app can be developed faster, and sold even faster. Why not then hire iPhone app developer who exactly knows the secret magic of re-skinning and make lots of money?

Hire iPhone app developer who knows legal implications of re-skinning

Re-skinning is not illegal, though one needs to know how to obtain legal permission and related matters. When you are set to hire iPhone app developer, you need to ask her what she understands by re-skinning and obtaining pertinent framework for the same. It is indeed illegal if you want to build an app with other’s framework and source code without that person’s permission. It is very important to procure that person’s permission before you start re-skinning the app.

Since, re-skinning is the new rage in the industry, you can access the markets specially created to obtain original framework and source code. At times, the framework or source code may appear expensive, but in that case if you do your analysis correctly and weigh your options of developing the framework and code from the scratch, you can arrive at the right and well-
informed decision. Having procured the necessary source code, your iPhone app developer needs to know the following things about re-skinning the app:

  • Among many other terms and conditions to be followed by iPhone app programmers while re-skinning the app is not to sell the copy of the framework to someone else
  • An iPhone app developer cannot claim the ownership of the obtained framework
  • Irrespective of success or failure of the re-skinned app, the obtained framework would retain the license

Re-skinning is indeed a current tool to sell the app and make lots of money. Considerations of originality and innovation have been redefined by this trend, and every developer or appreneur is keen to make the most of it.

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If you are too keen to hire iPhone application developer who knows exactly what this re-skinning of an app is all about, contact Space-O right now.


HTML5 Mobile App Development and its Benefits in the Era of Fast Technology

In a research paper by Forrester in collaboration with Moovweb, HTML 5 has been explored in great details. The paper is titled as “Improving Enterprise Mobility: Meeting Next-Generation Demands for Development, Delivery, and Engagement,” and had surveyed 146 U.S. IT managers in October 2013.

Almost 43% of surveyed managers in response to a question which mobile technology they used indicated that they preferred to use HTML5 and responsive design.

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of HTML 5 mobile application development:


HTML5 allows developers to have a single batch of code and still create an app that runs across the platforms, devices and various markets. This is equally true for enterprises which have budget constraints and which still want to reach out to various users through various devices and platforms.

Offline functionality

Mobile apps designed via HTML5 can also function offline without the support of network connection. Enterprises which dish out content in real time can take great advantage of this as their users can read the content even when they are not supported by adequate Internet connection. This also makes content load quickly and locally

Business Intelligence and HTML5 mobile app development

HTML5 mobile app development is proving to be a great phenomenon for enterprise mobility solutions especially in the wake of BYOD culture. Organizations need not to worry the functionality of the apps as they can be run across the devices and platforms. This in turn gives relief to employees to choose their own devices and operating systems as per their need and affordability.

Video content made easier on mobiles

In 2010, almost two-thirds of videos on web were coded with HTML5. This reflects the popularity of HTML5 as it is compatible with multiple mobile devices and technologies. HTML5 has native video support and commands positive effect on SEO as well. So, enterprises who want to develop their mobile sites, can even get more visibility with HTML5.

Given the intense proliferation of so many smart phones along with different technologies, if everybody has to be accommodated in their technology revolutions, HTML5 mobile app development and PhoneGap app development are nothing short of great alternatives.

It is not just even for those who want cheaper options. Even the biggest brand names prefer these technologies over native apps simply because of its wider appeal and adaptability. Partner with an experienced and efficient mobile app development company like Space-O and see the results for yourself.

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Major Trends in WordPress Website Development to look for in 2014

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is not going to go anywhere, but would make its presence felt with more rigor and vitality. Yes, you heard it quite right – the WordPress that you associated with casual blogs and other websites, is going to make it big in the world of Internet and mobile application development.

At this moment, 19% of the Internet is driven by the WordPress platform and this includes not just small blogs but also biggies like Fort Motor Company and NASA. You just need to explore good technology partner such as Space-O who can execute WordPress website development flawlessly.

Let us have a look at major trends to tap in WordPress website development in 2014

Unique fonts over impressive images

There is no doubt that this is an age where content is queen. Though the popular: “an image speaks 1,000 words.” is true in a sense, written word has its own charm. In earlier times, WordPress was limited to using conventional fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. The freedom to create customized fonts was given to hand-coded or designer sties. In 2014, more and more WordPress websites have the option to have customized fonts to suit the needs of enterprise. The enterprises that need to have customized fonts would have finally arrived at with WordPress in this year.

Single, simpler, skinnier

Yes, this is a new definition of beauty when it comes to WordPress websites. Single web pages are preferred to give users clear content with no clutter. Clutter now-a-days is synonymous with deception and hence inaptness. So, if you want to stand out and put the message correctly, single page would go extra miles and deliver the message the way you wanted.

Well, even websites follow flatter “tummy”. Jokes apart, gaudy design elements like gradients, shadow are not out, and pure colors – flatter one are more preferred during WordPress web development.

Enterprises need to engage with those WordPress website development services providers who understand this trend of single, simpler and skinnier.

A faster WordPress website

It is not just enough that websites have a single page view, are simpler and skinnier. They also need to be uploaded faster to maintain the viewer’s curiosity which is any way shorter. In order to do so, there are some elements that are not considered strictly outside the entire process of WordPress website development. These elements include frames, as they unnecessarily slow down the loading of the pages and create SEO-unfriendly pages.

WordPress has conventionally been tempting to insert a PDF document. But, lately it has been observed that it takes a lot of time to get downloaded and visitors lose the interest in the content. Also, many a times, heavy PDFs tend to crash the browsers. Therefore, in 2014, WordPress web development services need to focus on simple web page rather than focusing too much about PDF page.

Find out an efficient and professional technology partner like Space-O who can come up with unique strategy for your WordPress website development process. You may check the wonderful portfolio created by Space-O here.

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Why should you care about UI/UX Design for your Mobile Apps?

They say it is an age of packaging, branding, designing etc. But, if that is really the heart of the matter, it has to be understood rather deeply. Designing/packaging is the sum total of substance. The solider the substance, the more articulate designing has to be. If you fail to make design speak of that solid substance inside, you end up being nowhere.

Yes, and in the world of mobile application development, when you have got swanky smart phones, you ought to have mobile apps that have extra ordinary UI – user interface which inevitably give extraordinary UX – user experience.

Let us understand the importance of mobile app UI/UX design keeping in mind current trends in UI/UX design and why should you choose a user interface design company in India like Space-O to get your mobile apps designed.

Simplification of content with depth

Now-a-days, smartness lies in being simple and meaningful. The iOS 7 or KitKat for that matter respond to this user preference. Simplicity is now synonymous with design in which elements can interact intuitively. When you want a clear and simpler mobile app, it certainly means to clear unnecessary elements of the design from the app and make the navigations easier and smarter.

Gesture-based apps

Gone are the days, when you needed to tap or press your smart phones. A gesture of a specific body part is all that is required to operate your smart phone. In the same way, you need to design your mobile app that can be operated and run simply by a gesture of a body part. Choose your mobile app UI/UX design services provider which can tap this current trend and come up with a unique mobile app of your requirement.

Effective communication with better icons and typography

Icons and fonts form a major part of the look and feel of any mobile app. When there is an insistence of simpler and flatter look, even fonts are customized to match to this trend. A professional user interface design company in India like Space-O knows this thoroughly. There is this increasing urge to have more clarity of content and that is why unlike good-old-days, the focus is on using the same fonts with different weights and dimensions rather than employing a hotchpotch of different fonts. This in turn, results in better functionality and usability.


2014 is going to be a fabulous year not only in terms of constant innovative mobile devices being introduced every day, but also because with every new device, there opens up an opportunity for new type of mobile app and hence a new opportunity in the world of user interface design and user experience. Phablets are going to rock for those users who are seeking something in between mobile and tablets. There is no doubt that both Apple and Windows would take no time to follow Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. So, all enterprises and developers community will have to come up with innovative designs for user interface and innovative ways to make user experience of mobile app more pleasant and meaningful.

Know more about interesting aspects of mobile app UI/UX design services with Space-O. Get in touch with us.


Reasons why Direct Carrier Billing is going to Dominate Mobile App Development

Well, it is quiet, but very sure of its place and scope. It may not have caught your imagination as iPhone or Android might have done in past, but, it is going to amuse you, once you get introduced to you.

It is not something that you do not know, but, it is something the presence of which you have never cared to recognize or to optimize to the fullest to be precise.

Okay. We are not talking about any mysterious entity but our very own direct carrier billing which has been there since long when we purchased ring tones and wall papers on our mobiles. It has now expanded its horizon in other segments of economy and that too app economy with which we are mostly concerned here at this space.

Juniper Research gave us statistics wherein in 2012, there were 56 billion apps that were downloaded and this is going to be 160 billion in 2017. In this, market share of direct carrier billing is going to be $11 billion and $13 billion in the years of 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The direct carrier billing has 300% year-over-year growth on Google Play. Also, with 51% of share of app store revenue, Latin America tops the region where it is widely popular. This is followed by 31% share by Asia-Pacific.

Apart from these facts related to hard economy, socio-cultural factors too are going to contribute in the wide spread of direct carrier billing. And, these are the factors that all the enterprises and mobile application development need to know in order to monetize this great opportunity in the world of mobile application development.

  • Direct carrier billing inevitably means that a user can directly purchase any good or service with a few taps on her smart phone. It means she does not have to have credit card or bank account. This gives a lot of flexibility to two major segments of our population
    • housewives who may not be in direct control or access of money
    • children who are obviously not given the “burden” of handling money
  • In a lesser exposed/developed regions where financial institutions have not been able to offer their various services i.e. credit cards or bank accounts. Enterprises can tap this lack of resources in such regions and start offering their services through robust mobile applications that provide this facility of direct carrier billing
  • According to one research, direct carrier billing is expected to bring communications services providers $12 billion revenues which is quite an impressive mark in an emerging mobile payments market
  • Going by this prediction, there is a great opportunity lying for communications service providers who can straight away provide a payment option to consumers in over-the-top market. These providers can then take their margin of profits that are surely expected to grow as the popularity and the need of this type of mobile payment increases.

Contact Space-O right now to know more about how mobile application development can play a significant role in your pursuit to provide direct carrier billing to your end users.

How Enterprises can Leverage Top Mobile Trends in 2014 for Mobility Solutions?

In 2014, there would be over 2 billion smart phones installed globally. Needless to say that whatever enterprise you may own or head, that is going to be affected by this. It is not a question of why now, but rather how. And, it is this question that we are trying to explore here together.

Let us see how you can take advantage of immense mobile proliferation across the globe and reap higher returns on investment on your enterprise mobility solutions.

Location-centric mobile marketing

When globalization prevailed as the rule of the game, there were prominent voices making it tailored to local needs. Hence, it was a concept of localized globalization. The smart phone industry seems to be picking up this idea rather quite smartly!

For example, retail stores can develop mobile applications that can suggest their buyers what goods to purchase when they are in a specific location. This would then be a user-friendly marketing and not the intrusive that all buyers shy away from.

Retailers can even get mobile applications developed that even send the signals of a particular product in a store and the customer is saved of searching for that particular product in the entire store. 2014 would encourage retailers to have mobile applications that contain features like “find in store” or “check inventory”.

Customized mobile marketing

2014 is going to witness a mobile marketing trend which is more concerned with niche audience rather than general audience. For example, if there are people who like to eat a particular dish or things from a particular region, restaurateurs would target them and get the mobile applications that can give them all the information they want for that particular item.

The logic behind this mobile marketing is why to invest in broader marketing and yield nothing. Narrowed or customized marketing has more promise of return on investment and it has never been considered prominent in the jungle of more generic mobile marketing.

Forget SMS, it is now about MMS

Smart phones and the technology supporting it have become so much spacious and rich, that content is created not only in the form of words, but also in the form of visuals. So, it would be a visual content app that would be calling the shots in 2014 and enterprises must exploit this trend to their advantage. The market for MMS is increasing with about a 40% year-on-year growth rate. Popularity of RMM – Remote Monitoring Management – is going to be increased. With RMM, an end user will get only that content which is adaptable to her device. In that sense, Android and iPhone users would get only that content that can be views on their devices. This again is quite an effective way of meaningful marketing without intimidating the users.

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Contact Space-O right now and know in detail how we can help you in building any type of mobile applications for your enterprise and end users.


Reasons why Open Source Technology is Favorite of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions strive for two major things: business agility and increased productivity. Mobile applications are in each enterprise’s mind and for the right reasons so. However, when it comes to brainstorming and finalizing the technology that an enterprise wants to prefer, open source technology clearly emerges as winner.

In a research report titled: “Development Landscape: 2013” carried out by Forrester Research, it was noted that 76% developers have used open-source technology at some or the other level of their mobile application development. It is true that there is a popular perception that open source technology is a big turn off for enterprises, but, even in that market, a large percentage of enterprises often prefer to go for enterprise mobility solutions based on open source technology.

Let us know some of the reasons for this preference.

Cost-effectiveness of open source technology

Open source technology does not need enterprises to build separate operating system and a testing framework. This then allows them to focus on the core area of their product. This gives enterprises much more freedom in terms of focusing on the product and that too with cost-effectiveness.

A pleasant thing that has happened with advent of open source technology is resumed popularity of customized mobile applications. Open source has facilitated enterprises to demand customized mobile applications from mobile application development company at a fraction of costs. This has even contributed to the popularity of BYOD and now COPE culture.

Qualitatively better mobile applications

It is not just its cost-effectiveness that is attracting any type of enterprise towards open source technology. It is also about quality. The argument put forward for its being qualitatively better than other technology, is that when there is any disturbance in code, it can be identified easily and rectified quickly.

However, it is equally important to have a mobile application development company like Space-O which is professional and efficient at handling the intricacies and complexities involved in open source technology. You need to make sure that mobile developers are certified and know their job quite well.

More flexibility, more agility

By agility, we are meaning swiftness to update the software development without being too much dependent on vendors. Expert mobile application developers any professional mobile application development company make the enterprises benefit from this very crucial benefit of open source technology. This in turn increases enterprises’ ability to react quickly to the demands of business.

In order to handle any customized mobile application development on an open source technology, developers do not need to buy a specialized hardware. Moreover, there is no need of buying a license or software to use any codes into mobile application development. This explains why open source technology is preferred for cloud-based applications. With this, enterprises enjoy scalable and flexible mobility solutions.

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These are some of the considerations that enterprises have in mind when they decide to go for mobile application development for their enterprise mobility solutions based on open source technology.

Get in touch with Space-O to know more about enterprise mobility solutions based on open source technology.

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Tips to Consider before Finalizing Technology Partner for Higher Education App Development

It is now mobile learning. A journey from classroom to e-learning to mobile learning has been exciting and interesting.

If one wants to define what is mobile learning, in simpler words it can be said that it is an informal way of learning opposed to conventional methods of learning. This is more appealing precisely the nature of education and its methods in the modern age. Needless to say, mobile learning essentially serves the purpose of a friend during rampant incidents of higher stress and examination phobia among students.

However, when Universities or educationists want to get customized applications developed to help students cope with examination stress or for that matter to give them the flexibility to learn at their own time, they need to consider several aspects of mobile application development for education. Companies like Space-O offers consultation services before you finalize exact app.

Let us have a look at some things that you need to consider for higher education app development.

Be very clear about the content; choose apps that support the content

Though technology is the major thing in the entire process of education mobile application development, you need to be very clear about the type of content that your app is going to deliver. Make no mistakes about the fact that in the era of marketing and branding, content still is queen.

When you are very clear about what must be your content and for whom it is created, a mobile application development company can come up with a unique app that makes it easier for the content to express itself to its right audience. Higher education app development done with a sharp focus on content makes you reap higher returns on investment.

Make integration of present infrastructure with the new one seamless

When you are thinking in the direction of higher education app development, you need to consider the present technologies and devices that your students may be using. Since there is a proliferation of mobile devices and OS as well; mobile application development for the educational purpose has both become a challenge and an opportunity. Make sure that your mobile application development company is efficient enough to handle this challenge.

Professional companies like Space-O have the knack of developing apps for education that can be integrated into the mobile devices that your students use. They can also come up with suggestions to use complementary infrastructure to support the developed mobile app.

Taking into consideration student behavior

When you want to develop a customized mobile app for higher education purpose, you know who your students are and what they are pursuing. As an institution and guardian of your students, you are well aware that at this phase of their academic life, students are more inclined towards self-learning, discovery and situational-based learning.

When you can be specific what type of discoveries and situation-based learning your students can be interested in, mobile application development for higher education purpose becomes quite unique and customized. Apps developed based on this information can give students the experience of exact type of learning they want to obtain as part of their higher education course.

Have a look at some of the fantastic education apps created by Space-O

Contact Space-O for further possibilities in higher education app development.

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Choose a Mobile Application Development Company That Knows How to Tap Data

What printing was to industrial economy, technology is to our economy which is called information-driven economy. The challenges therefore remain the same when the first printing machine was invented and when the first iPhone came into being.

Mobile application development company is an entity therefore which has to make sense of data floating around it relentlessly. One moment of reckless decision in the course of mobile application development and you have earned the ticket to a great disaster.

Let us learn the importance of a mobile application development company like Space-O which knows how to optimize the data and understand its major features.

Giving developers free hand with APIs

Companies that will win the mobile race are those that make it as simple as possible for developers to access the data needed for transformative apps. This is where mobile-optimized APIs come in. A professional mobile application development company is the one which successfully convinces enterprises to make mobile-optimized APIS accessible to their developers. To being with, an enterprise can empower developers to manage push notifications, geo-location services. Other basic capabilities to use APIS to its optimum include accessing a NoSQL database, storage of app data when demanded and flawless integration of application with social media services.

When a mobile application development company is required to develop a customized app, corporations can also build a mobile-optimized APIS to extract data from corporate data stores such as: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce etc. When data is optimized from multiple sources with developers having freedom to create a mobile-optimized app, a terrific leap of innovation is a natural result.

Encouraging third party developers to participate in your ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, the traditional web architecture and enterprises’ reluctance to make it mobile-optimized are the major stumbling blocks that developers face in creating unique enterprise mobile applications.

As per the survey conducted jointly with IDC, 34.7% of mobile developers admitted that traditional three tier web structure did not meet the demands of mobile as these structures were meant for larger data sets and were connected to a powerful, persistently connected big screen device. Therefore, mobile structure cannot function on that architecture and breaks virtually.

However, in the same survey, 90% of developers emphatically said that in 2014, an investment in mobile-optimized APIS for external builders and third parties is likely to be initiated by enterprises. Due to this, the developers anticipate, IT department would act more as innovators welcoming new markets for the business.

When the doors for external developers open up, enterprises would be able to appoint APIS that are suitable to third parties also. When any enterprise approaches efficient mobile application development company like Space-O, it reasons out the importance of enabling developers access mobile-optimized APIs to create unique and innovative apps to address acute needs of an enterprise.

Needless to say 2014 promises some great developments for enterprises as well as mobile application development companies in the realm of mobile application development.

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Hire iPhone App Developers to Build Custom B2B Apps

Since the advent of iPhone, there is no stopping to mobile applications enhancing business value. At this juncture, there is no business which can afford to ignore the importance of B2B mobile applications customized as per the needs of the client.

In order to meet the requirements of the customized business applications, you need to hire iPhone app developers that can execute the project. When you hire iPhone app programmer to do the job, you can customize the applications in following ways:

  • An application can be customized by accommodating the client company’s logo and branding
  • When you hire iPhone app programmer, you can talk about the specific requirements of the client so that a special function or process can be developed to meet the business needs
  • Plenty of security features to maintain the confidentiality of the data
    Special configuration for IT operations
  • Myriads of features for various stakeholders – customers, dealers, franchises and employees

While there are many leading brands who have adopted customized iPhone applications, even small and medium sized businesses too see the market of iPhone applications growing consistently. It is therefore very important that you hire iPhone app developers keeping in mind both – market trends and your own requirements.

For example, if you are a small size company, and you want to cash in on iPhone applications that target the seasons such as Christmas, Thanks Giving, Valentine’s Day etc., you need to hire iPhone app programmer who understands the importance of developing such applications and their timeliness.

Such applications are customized by various clients such as gift shops, card shops, etc. The good-old days of giving cards and chocolates are now replaced by giving a special gift in the form of a mobile application. Hence, you need to hire an iPhone app developer who exactly knows what you and your client require.

While you are all set to develop a customized business app, it is equally important to determine your budget. Since, the mobile application development industry is booming every day, the availability of iPhone developers too is getting increased. At this point of time, it is very important that you know quite well what your budget is to hire an iPhone app developer. There are so many professional companies which offer various types of packages to hire iPhone app programmer.

The companies like Space-O also offer one of the most popular business models – hire dedicated iPhone app developer. In this business model, clients pay for the effort and time put in by iPhone developers and not for the extra costs charged in the traditional method of hiring iPhone app developers.

This model is considered to be the first preference of clients because it gives lot of transparency to the project and serves as catalyst in building trust and loyalty between developers and clients.

Apart from the iPhone developers, we have a team of dedicated Android app developers, who can assist you with any Android related ideas.

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How Appreneurs Should Deal with iPhone App Developers once they are hired?

Once you have hired iPhone app developers for your mobile application project, the actual work begins.

If you believe that with the expert iPhone app developers in your kitty, you are going to rule the world, you need to put your foot firmly on ground and read on.

Let us have a look at things that an appreneur is expected to exhibit after having the team of expert iPhone developers.

Sharp and effective communication

It is very important to engage in active and effective communication with your iPhone app developers on a daily basis. It is not just enough to brief them your idea. It is very important to talk to them on a daily basis and meaningfully. If your developers are offshore, use of communication tools such as Skype can be of great help.

The greatest advantage of IM on Skype is that it is preserved in the written form. So, whenever your developers want to refer it back, they can do so. This saves them the hard-work of memorizing every detail you may have told them. Also, IM prompts one to be to-the-point and sharp. This makes communication lot easier and effective.

Listing of tasks and review

E-mail though old but serves the purpose for listing out various tasks of the day to iPhone application developers. E-mail serves as the written document of instructions on a daily basis to which developers can go back whenever they want. It also helps you to be in control of daily routine.

When 25% of the task is completed, developers send the review notification either on Skype or any other tool used to do the same. Reviewing the application after 25% of the development work is very important, as you can suggest changes to be made or any new idea to be incorporated. This also assures iPhone app developers that their work is getting reviewed thoroughly and that their efforts do mean business

Following are some other things to adopt in your daily iPhone application development project:

  • It is very important that you have the clear understanding and vision of your application at each phase of development
  • It would be a great idea to have sketches with lots of descriptions and notes because iPhone application developers appreciate the visuals most rather than just words
  • Do not forget to decide the deadline for your application. The deadline fuels the excitement to complete the iPhone application development in time.
  • Feedback is a very important ingredient to keep the spirits of iPhone app developers high. Feedback does not necessarily be of severe criticism or flattery. An honest, constructive and interactive feedback can set the right tone between iPhone app developers and you.
  • Last but not the least; pay your iPhone app developers in time. When you make the promised payment in time, it gives the developers confidence and assurance. Also, if your iPhone application developers are hired through online recruiting agencies, it would be very apt if you endorse them and give your ratings. It would mean a lot for their business.

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Why offshore iPhone Application Development Company is more than a cost-effective strategy?

Outsourcing to an offshore iPhone application development company is fundamentally an act to save money. That we all know. However, on this basic premise, there stands an empire that has dared to strike back. It would be interesting to know what has gone into building this culture of outsourcing.

Convergence of different ideas

When you decide to outsource iPhone development, you basically interact with people who have their own brains and know what they are up to. It inevitably leads to constructive brain storming of minds who share different culture, language and outlook towards life in general. This gives a unique identity to an application that needs to stand out in the jungle of mobile applications. This convergence of diverse ideas is much more than mere cost-effective measure in the decision making process to outsource iPhone development to India.

Major benefits of iPhone application development outsourcing company in India

Many a time’s foreign appreneurs find it difficult to hire iPhone developers on their own because it is difficult to check the authenticity of the academic qualifications and experience of the prospective candidates due to geographical-cultural differences. It is here that offshore iPhone application Development Company like Space-O plays a major role in terms of providing right resources to the right type of project. It becomes much easier to get the project done when you hire a professional iPhone application development outsourcing company in India.

Effective communication

One of the distinct identities of offshore iPhone application development company is that of effective and sharp communication. The developers of companies like Space-O understand the importance of apt communication during iPhone application development process. They are constantly available on tools like Skype to facilitate better communication.

Also, India houses highest number of English speaking iPhone developers. This ease with the foreign language always works in the favor of offshore iPhone application development company. Communication in the English language makes up for a common ground to connect for both onshore and offshore teams.

Willingness to follow laws

The developers in emerging economies like India are very enthusiastic and sincere in their work and ethics. They want to do everything that can make their iPhone application development outsourcing company in India proud of their efforts and achievement. This sincerity also results in the willingness to sign crucial NDAs which involve confidentiality and security of your data.

When you have got the developers who are more than willing to protect the security of the prospective applications, you are surely in the hands of the most reliable and professional offshore iPhone application development company.

All these things do indicate that to outsource iPhone development project is not just about considering cost-effectiveness. It is also about the overall well-being of the entire iPhone application development project. When a right type of

offshore iPhone application development

company is chosen, the results are for everybody to see.

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Key Factors which affect the Process determining Enterprise App Development Cost

Ms. Ayn Rand – one of the greatest influences of 20th century in shaping up the capitalist way of life across the globe – has hailed money as the physical manifestation of Man’s highest virtues.

In that sense, if you want to reap higher returns of your investment, you need to take into consideration several important enterprise mobile app development cost factors.

Let us go straight to those factors that determine enterprise app development cost.

Cost of the devices

This depends on two things – if an organization is supposed to provide devices to the employees or employees are expected to follow BYOD culture. In BYOD, the costs of the devices vanish, but costs of management and security still remain. If the organization follows hybrid corporate strategy, enterprise mobile app development cost needs to be decided keeping in mind two types of employees.

Network charges

When the process of determining average app development cost is going on, who is going to pay the bill for network connectivity needs to be determined at the outset – organization, employee or both in case of hybrid business strategy. If an organization is supposed to pay the bills, it can negotiate with the provider and get the best rates possible reducing the overall cost of the project.

Nature of applications

In a J. Gold Associates paper, “Delivering on the Promise of Mobile ROI,” April 2013, author Jack Gold suggests: “weigh the trade-offs in cost and productivity for off-the-shelf apps versus a highly tuned, customized app that optimizes the interactions, minimizes support costs, and achieves maximum end user productivity.”

Small and medium-sized businesses often require less complex applications and hence their costs are lesser than the complex applications for bigger enterprises. Gaming applications with 3D feature are generally considered complex and cost higher.

One of the enterprise mobile app development cost factors is – whether the application would be developed using device’s in-built features like camera and GPS to add extra functionality. This may result in higher costs but may give higher RIO.

Designing cost

It is not enough to get the application coded rightly. Messy design may ruin the outlook of an otherwise efficient and robust application. Enterprise app development cost should include cost of hiring an experienced and efficient app designer.

Security cost

One of the enterprise mobile app development cost factors is the security costs of the developed applications. Though there can be many layers of this aspect, increasing popularity of cloud-based MDM solutions are making companies pay for the security software monthly or annually. This makes the operational costs predictable. However, security risks can be reduced by investing in employee education. Enterprise app development cost should also include integration of mobility solutions with the existing system.

Submission/distribution of applications

While deciding the cost of your application development project, you also should consider cost of an enterprise app store – EAS. Other renowned application stores also charge registration fee. If you plan to hire a mobile application development company like Space-O, you may also need to add the cost of their fees.

These are some of the basic enterprise mobile app development cost factors.

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Reasons to Hire Android App Developers from India

Being an open-source system, Android is synonymous with diversity and flexibility. Add to this comes robust security, when in 2013 Google made it a point to make Android’s native security much stronger and sustainable.

Gartner has estimated Android shipments to top over one billion in 2014 which is three times the number of iOS devices. It is therefore apparent that android application development services would be in demand in 2014 and the years to come.

While it is true that Android market share still needs to succeed in securing incredible success in enterprises in the tune to iOS, it is probable that number of Android devices would be catalyst in arriving at this much-deserved success. In such a scenario, there is every reason for offshore Android developers to seize this opportunity and be on top of the game.

Let us explore some of the reasons why you need to hire Android developers from India and make most out of their ability to develop unique and impressive Android applications.

Enhancing Productivity of Applications
Google’s latest version of Android – KitKat is unfolding great opportunities for Android app developers in India. Read more about it here. This is considered to be a major platform to enhance productivity and overall user experience.

KitKat combines two things – Google’s stupendous search technology and data on mobile device. Offshore Android developers leverage this technology and functionality so that users can access information, data, contacts and other apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Search, Drive and Maps.

Seasoned offshore Android developers can also exploit Google Now – the coolest app to enhance productivity. It is dubbed as Google’s virtual personal assistant that is keen to learn about you and before the user needs information about her, it delivers it on time. This is the tool which is integrated in KitKat making it the most secure and productivity enhancing update of Android.

Great Capacity to Build Cloud-Enabled Apps
Having cloud computing applications on Android device means more power to your smart phone. Android application developers in India make it a point to leverage Android framework to build rich cloud-enabled apps. Cloud based apps with internet activity help synchronize data with a remote web service keeping the sync intact across the devices.

Offshore Android developers in the company such as Space-O are well-versed with the strategies needed to develop cloud-enabled applications. These strategies include integration of data with cloud with the help of back-end web application, backing up of data with the use of cloud when users try to restore data when they install an application on a new device.

You can see the portfolio of Space-O’s expert Android App developers in India here.

Gaming Applications for Infotainment
If wider and more meaningful penetration of Android pertaining to enterprise mobility solutions is likely to happen, gaming apps too fall in the same category. Android app developers in India are efficient and experienced enough to create Android gaming apps for both – fun and information – that is for both entertainment and educational purposes. The advertising segment is yet another sector that offshore Android developers excel in.

These are some of the areas and sectors in which Android App developers in India contribute greatly. What are you waiting for then? Hire mobile app developers from India and make the most out of your Android app development project.

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Things to Look for in an Offshore Mobile Application Development Company

In a laissez-faire economy where economic boundaries are almost non-existent, the growing interest in offshore mobile app development is a natural choice given its cost-effectiveness. It is understood that when you want to hire an offshore mobile application development company for your mobile application development, you need a company that is second to none.

Though economic boundaries are not much of a concern, things that should be the matter of concern need to be sorted out before sealing the final deal. Let us have a rundown of such basic things that matter in the process of hiring an efficient offshore mobile app development company in India or anywhere else in the world.

Technical Efficiency
You cannot compromise on that, can you? Your prospective offshore mobile application development company needs to be able to provide you with the developers who are well-educated in computer science both academically and practically. A project that requires 15 days to get through, should not take one month – that is the criterion to check the technical efficiency of the company. Be very cautious and vigilant about this factor or else you stand a chance of losing your precious money and time.

High Speed Internet Connectivity
This is the only tool that can partially overcome the geographical constraints while doing business. Offshore mobile application development company needs to have the highest internet connectivity with tools such as Skype, iChat or TeamViewer. A constant check over inflow of work is necessary when the work is taking place at a place other than your own sight. If a company is not able to keep up with this basic expectation of higher internet speed, it is better to consider other options.

Impressive Portfolio
It is important that you find at least one application of your offshore mobile application development company in the App store. So often, the company is good at either iOS or Android, mobile application development or server scripting. It is a phenomenon if you find a company which is an all-rounder. You may want to check out the impressive portfolio of Space-O here.

It is not necessary that your preferred offshore mobile application development company has to have developed top 100 apps on App store. However, at least one or so, and the other applications described on the portfolio should help you decide whether you are dealing with the competent partner.

Communication Skills
Communication or lack of it for that matter is considered to be the root of many misunderstandings and failures that take place in the world. You cannot afford to have an offshore mobile application development company that falls short of this essential tool of modern business.

Since, offshore mobile application development deals with the issues of different culture, different language and its different nuances, being able to understand and agree on these differences and come to a common platform of communication is a key.

Degree of Commitment / Integrity
Having been satisfied with all these basic parameters of a reliable offshore mobile application development company, the last but not the least thing to check for is how committed and integrated are the developers in terms of delivering the projects. Many a times efficiency and talent do not translate into timely delivery and that ruins investment on the project.

At a time, when technology changes every day, if the company is not keeping with the stipulated deadlines, loss would be immeasurable.

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Hire iPhone Developer To Capitalize On Seasonal Event Like Valentine’s Day

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Let us anticipate great things on this Valentine’s Day with this immortal line by Shelley in world literature. This anticipation becomes even more exciting when you decide to hire iPhone app developers to develop applications that suit the occasion.

Yes, you got it right. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for appreneurs to cash in on seasonal events. In order to develop applications pertaining to the occasion, you need to hire iPhone app developers who fit the bill.

You would be surprised to know that the occasion calls for not only love applications. But, it also gives room for applications that manage users’ presence and activities too so that the actual love message can be conveyed with utmost sincerity.

Let us have a look at what kind of applications can be developed keeping in mind various obstacles that people may face during the day.

Transportation Applications
In metros, getting to a loved on Valentine’s Day is an uphill task. If you are a working professional, and have planned a date after a busy work day, it is not easy to get a good car for your valentine due to traffic snarls. Appreneurs can consider this obstacle and turn it into an opportunity.

You can create an application that can facilitate on-demand luxury transportation. Such an application can be downloaded on iPhone as well. So, when you are planning to hire iPhone developers in India, make sure that they know what it is to develop applications that address the need of a particular occasion.

Gift Planning Applications
If you are going to miss on the luxury transportation, it is no wonder that you are going to miss on gifts as well. And, gifts constitute an important part of any relationship especially romantic one. So, should we expect that you can manage it in your busy schedule?

Well, we can be sensitive and understanding. So, here are a few applications that appreneurs can think of making to help people getting to the right type of gifts for their loved one on the Valentine’s Day.

Appreneurs can think of creating an application on the line of Giftiki. This application allows the users to send money to a Valentine so that she can use it the way she wants to. It can also be customized with personal message. This is a great idea for those users who want to believe in giving freedom of choosing the gifts to their Valentines.

Another idea of creating an application is on the line of a trusted guide such as Thoughtful. Such applications take the inputs from you and come up with suggestions of gifts for your loved one. This is more a personalized application like a friend who knows your likes and dislikes.

You can even think of creating an application that can make the users decide on a perfect candle light dinner at a lavish restaurant in a city. Such applications can even give the users notifications of dinner date along with some unique suggestions to please the Valentine date.

This is just one occasion to cash in on. There are plenty ahead, and you need to schedule your iPhone application development accordingly. So, when you hire iPhone app developers, you know exactly what is expected of them.

If you need help, have questions or want free quote to hire iPhone developer, contact us here.


A Few Challenges in iPad App Development with regards to Enterprise Mobility

If the launch of iPad 2 in April 2012 saw one million units sold on day one, iPad 3 is expected to emulate it with a bang. The advent of iPad subsequently had undoubtedly opened end number of doors for application developers as well.

In the year of 2012, according to Apple, almost 94% of Fortune 500 companies tested iPad. A survey carried out by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners on over 1,000 consumers suggested that one in five consumers intended to use iPad for business purpose. It is estimated in the areas such as sales, diagnostics group, and shop floor technicians, 3,000 iPads replaced laptops.

According to experts, iPad is expected to strengthen the BYOD culture across the enterprises. But, very soon, enterprises may decide to distribute iPads as part of the business strategy or what they call enterprise mobility solutions strategy to be precise. Such strategies would be most successful with the sales department of any organization.

Benefits of iPad apps to sales person are:

  • Facilitates mobility with ease and less burden of a relatively heavy laptop
  • Catalogues to be shown to customers can be updated instantly and customers can have latest information i.e. price, images of product, discounts, and other details
  • Customized iPad application development can exploit fine features of iPad such as database applications, bar code scanning, printing, gaming and video conferencing

There is no doubt that when the features of iPad are exploited at their best, they give the best results for enterprises. However, iPad application development is fraught with some challenges, and before you decide to go for it, challenges and their solutions need to be clear in your head.

High Standards of Apple App Store

Many a times, iPad application developers face the music of stringent rules set by the App store. It is expected that iPad applications for enterprises are as intuitive and usable as the other non-enterprise applications. Application developers also need to match the expectations regarding functionality and compete for timely delivery. All these make iPad application development process a bit challenging. However, if you are dealing with an experienced and efficient technology partner such as Space-O, you are absolutely in safe hands.

Some other challenges facing iPad app development:

  • Though iPad applications have penetrated enterprises successfully, there is still a requirement of enterprise applications that are larger in scale. For that, there is a need of an iPad that is robust in performance
  • Developers also need to think of battery consumption as users are likely to use heavy internet connection, push notifications from social media etc.
  • In order to create complex applications, iPad application development has to rely on limited SQLite database
  • Also, iPad does not take Flash. Therefore, developers need to make applications that can attract equal amount of attraction as applications with Flash can
  • iPad application development also requires thorough understanding of creating robust security for users

These are a few challenges facing iPad application development. If a technology firm is Space-O, these challenges can surely be turned into golden opportunities.

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Major Mobile Application Development Trends To Watch In 2014

An era of smart phones and tablets is coming of age as mobile applications are becoming more important than the devices. Was that envisioned when the first iPhone or first Android launched? Nobody can predict that. However, the wisdom or common sense to be precise compels us to think that this is a natural evolution in the course of technology revolution that we all are breathing in.

Let us then have a look at major mobile application trends that are sure to redefine the way we understand technology and its application to various businesses.

Biometric Mobile Apps

According to a report from the Ericsson ConsumerLab global research program, 40% of smart phone users expect that their devices record all their physical activities. 56% of users want to get their blood pressure and heart rate getting monitored using a ring.

The report suggested that 60% of smart phone users believe that by the end of 2016 sensors would be the key players in all walks of life including healthcare, public transport, work places etc. Read more about this report here.

Following are some of the reasons why biometric apps would be the most sought after by health care providers, public transport service providers and enterprises as well:

  • Growing indignation over passwords. When life has become so hectic and chaotic, remembering a password has become a burden. Smart phone users want to shed this burden and replace this system with biometric mobile applications that operate either with fingertips or eye recognition
  • Growing awareness about physical fitness too has contributed to the need to develop biometric or wearable applications. In the time of medical crisis, one does not intend to approach a mobile application that asks for a password. Instead, biometric applications save that precious time and save life in many cases

New Possibilities in Gaming Applications

The end of the year 2013 saw over 100K downloads of high-quality games without lite versions, positive reviews and famous franchises. The 2014 seems to be picking up where it was left in 2013. The gap between hardcore and casual gaming seems to be widening as iOS gamers would be expected to shell $0.99 for casual game, $3 for play worthy game and $6 for the love of game.

Though, big players are not expected to stick to freemium business model, for small to mid-sized businesses that is going to be a happening business model.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Almost 70% of executives have allotted 20% their 2014 budget to enterprise mobility solutions. The biggest challenge and hence an opportunity for developers would be to create B2E – business to employee solutions as intuitive and as user-friendly as other commercial mobile applications.

While BYOD culture is gearing up this year, the challenges in the area of communication infrastructure and security are immense. If mobile application developers thoroughly understand these challenges in the implementation of enterprise mobility solutions, they can come up with some unique mobile enterprise applications and change the way of business.

While these are some of the major trends in the world of mobile applications in the year 2014, the possibility for other applications too are unlimited. Let us keep our fingers crossed and let 2014 unfold on its own pace.

Keep an eye out for latest developments in mobile application industry.

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How the Latest KitKat Can Take Your Android App Development Project to a Next Level?

Google has finally launched it’s yet another Android sweet – KitKat. And, with this launch, it has once again opened myriads of opportunities in the world of custom Android application development.

The newly launched version, android 4.4 kitkat update empowers app publishers to exploit the new features in an innovative way so as to create unique and stunning applications. A full screen immersion mode, a new look of contacts are some of the changes introduced in this new version.

With these new features, developing Android app has become even more interesting. Let us have a look at how developers can take android app development to a next level with the use of this new version.

Immense possibilities for content-driven applications

The last few years have proved that content is indeed queen in any walk of life especially entertainment industry. If you have solid content, profits are bound to come your way. The newly introduced feature in KitKat – full screen – gives Android application developers a great opportunity to cash in on this trend.

Android application developers can use the immersion mode of the full screen to sharply arrange additional features of application. This full screen feature offers plenty of space to developers to utilize. If an application developer uses this space smartly, this would be a unique reading experience for readers.

A feature with print options

This feature helps a lot in emerging countries like India where paperless office concept is still in transition. Android application development in India can use this feature as it offers a support for printing. Users can use this feature to take printouts of any content they want. This feature enables file connection or device connection to printer via Bluetooth, WiFi or through the Cloud service of Google.

This application in a way serves both purposes – enterprise mobility as well as needs of an office that requires paper work as well. Such applications can be instant success in emerging economies like India.

A Feature that makes custom Android application development easier

For an app developer, it is very important to create applications that are different and unique. A feature called branding allows developers to customize applications as per the requirements of the user. This also avoids duplication and sameness of applications.

Consistency has its place in Android, but you also have the flexibility to customize the look of your app to reinforce your brand. This feature makes Android app development a unique combination of consistency and flexibility. In order to emphasize brand presence, Android application developers can easily overlook Android default blue in elements such as check-boxes, progress bars, radio buttons, sliders, tabs, and scroll indicators.

This feature makes Android application development process even more interesting for developers in a sense that they can take creative freedom and apply their own creative wisdom to create a unique user experience.

With this, appreneurs surely are in a happy space. Find an experienced technology partner like Space-O and make sure that developing Android app becomes a memorable and precious experience for your developers, users and you.

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Mobile App Development and 8 Best Practices

It is not difficult to conceive an idea of a mobile app and then engage a team of developers to work upon it to make it a reality. However it is certainly a big deal to create an amazing app that has the potential to attract masses. Though there is no sure short way to achieve huge success, a few best practices can still help you get what you want for your app.

So which are those best practices for mobile app development?

  1. Considering Audience while conceiving an idea: It is crucial to consider audience while ideation simply because you don’t want to create an app that is Redundant or Unwanted. The key lies in finding answers of who would want to use your app and how? Read in Detail.
  2. Finding if there is already an app with the similar concept: Undoubtedly you may have a great idea but it may not necessarily be as virgin as you may think. There is a high chance someone might have already created an app you’re trying to build or something very similar to it. And if that’s the case, then use the already existing app as a Case to Study to furnish a unique experience with the same concept. For this, you can consider a few metrics related to an existing app that may give you an insight about an existing app’s performance. Read more about considering downloads and reviews.
  3. Test User Experience of People other than your team: ONLY working with your mobile app development team keeps you from getting a real user insight that could potentially contribute in a great design. There is a high likeliness that your design might not interact with the real world the way you would have wanted it to happen. The best way to avoid it is to engage potential end users (other than your team) in the design process and use their feedback for making required changes.
  4. Storyboarding: Storyboarding is like assembly line in manufacturing; it puts all the parts together. So if there are any problems or missing links, you can get them fixed in this very stage. Precisely it allows you to plan all the aspects of design effectively.
  5. Focusing on Friendliness instead of Fanciness: Though graphics can bring all the fanciness in your app, they still have 2 major downsides
    • Slow Loading: Adding too many graphics can increase the Load Times that would ultimately result into poor user experience (UX). Probably this is why some apps do not even make it through the Apple App Store which is believed of rejecting apps because of their “Slow Performance”.
    • Confusion: Using too many pictures with little to no text leave users guessing and goofing around the app.

    Hence it is always a good idea to use graphics adequately and aptly with descriptions wherever necessary since clear instructions are helpful for users to interact well with the app without getting lost in it.

  6. Taking a Good Account of Mobile Interface and Arena: Again there are 2 crucial considerations to be made here
    • Screen Environment: Mobile interface has a limited space, therefore adding too many icons or too big buttons can create a clutter.
    • Human Finger Tip: Another important aspect is the size of the human fingertip which should be kept in mind while designing buttons or other touch targets. Users could make errors with selecting the wrong one due to close proximity or less space between 2 touch targets (as it happens quite often while typing a text on smart phone). Hence Finger-Friendly design should be preferred.
  7. Focusing on Crux: It is quite tempting for app owners and developers to incorporate a bundle of features however they may end up losing focus on the core of the application. After all an app is created to serve a specific purpose, isn’t it? Overcrowding an app with excessive features may not be a wise or a viable idea. Having said that a few additional features can be added at a later stage when users express their interest to have an advanced functionality through their comments and feedback.
  8. Testing the Final Mobile App: If the mobile app development team has been already following the above mentioned strategies it must have been testing its app every step on the way. Yet, it becomes very critical to test the finished product even more than once and with different users so that possible bugs and flaws that have remained in an app can be fixed.

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Should you need help with your mobile app development project; write us an email at or drop a line by visiting our contact us page.


How Enterprise Mobility Solutions Can Increase Productivity in Manufacturing Industry?

If service sector can implement enterprise mobility solutions to strengthen their business, can manufacturing sector be far behind?

With sincere apologies to the great romanticist Shelley, the point being made is quite clear.

Almost over 80% manufacturing institutions think that enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing do give a considerable boost to their business. In the same way, over 70% of employees believe that such solutions incredibly increase their productivity while helping them maintain work-life balance.

Businesses can get mobility solutions for manufacturing in a variety of manufacturing ranging from digital manufacturing to distribution ecosystem.

BlackBerry conducted a study to note the actual effect of BlackBerry mobility solutions. As per that study, an employee who used a smart phone has been able to increase her productivity by one hour that was a benefit of $12,500 per user on the average annual salary of $100,000.

The same study also noted that workflow efficiency increased by 38% which directly resulted into company’s gain of $33,630 per employee annually.  In terms of immediate communication, mobility solutions for manufacturing deployed by BlackBerry enabled employees to send and receive 24 e-mails per day among which 9 were time-sensitive. Considering the traditional value of $5 of each time-sensitive e-mail, the company benefited $4,400 per user annually. Overall, the mobility solutions enabled the company to gain $50,000 per employee annually.

Inspite of all these visible benefits, implementation of enterprise mobility solutions in manufacturing sector is not easy. It is fraught with lot of challenges. Following are some such challenges:

  • How to choose the perfect technology
  • What area of manufacturing can be the first one to go mobile?
  • What should be the ideal road-map?
  • Can mobility solutions for manufacturing be controlled by single-point of control?
  • How to integrate mobility solutions with the rest of the business?

While all these challenges are genuine, they can be easily overcome if you collaborate with a technology firm such as Space-O. Space-O, apart from offering enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing industry also offers consultations.

In this consultation, we can listen to your requirements, business and functions patiently. Based on that, we can come up with:

  • complete strategy
  • infrastructure sustainability analysis
  • evaluation of the product and vendor
  • analysis of device sustainability

Based on these considerations, if you implement mobility solutions for your manufacturing business, you can reap higher returns on investment. Following are some major benefits of enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing sector:

  • Gives real-time updates to field service executive thereby making responding system faster, better and more effective
  • The faster responding time reduces overall turnaround time and increases customer satisfaction
  • Integration with existing systems such as CRM, ERP helps reduce overall operational cost of the manufacturing
  • Helps an executive access the data at crucial time and facilitate faster decision making process based on accurate data

It also empowers business to capture and track crucial information about inventory, customers and business operations

If you are into any type of manufacturing business, Contact Space-O right now and know how enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing industry can change the way you do business.

Pick the Right Type of Mobile Application Development Company from the Cluttered Market Space

Mobile app development is a phenomenon appreneurs can avoid at their own peril. However, how to execute mobile application development is debatable and requires some sensible discussion.

While there are number of free lancing mobile application developers available, it is always a good idea to partner with a professional mobile application development company. But, mobile application development per se is a wide realm; companies catering to the needs of apprenuers also vary in their scope, style of business and services.

Let us have a look at them to help you arrive at the correct decision with regards to right type mobile application development company.

Brands or Big Guns

Such companies exist to serve all. It has therefore vast infrastructure. At times, because of this, it costs higher as its administrative, managerial and legal heads are pretty costlier. Another identity of such companies is to have many certifications to their names.  Usually, these companies are known for their systematic approaches and not considered to be agile in their approach to the projects. These big guns should be considered as your technology partner if you:

  • Want to develop a brand new application on a very huge scale
  • Want to put it on multiple interfaces on multiple devices
  • Are running short of time
  • Do not have any monetary constraints

These are some of the considerations you need to ponder over before approaching any big mobile application development company for your mobile application development project.

Niche Service Providers

The major difference between big brands and these specialist companies is that the later does not intend to be all rounder. It has therefore less expensive heads albeit with the same quality and systematic approach as that of any big company.

Usually, a group of expert and talented people come together and establish such companies. Or, there is an ambitious and aggressive entrepreneur who has got the finance and a knack to do business takes a dive in such types of companies. For you – the appreneur – the key is to identify such companies which can deliver to your expectations.

The best way to decipher whether such a company can execute your mobile application development is to approach them directly, talk to them, look at their portfolio and if need be contact its clients for total assurance.


Agencies are normally preferred when you are not supposed to manage the project on your own. Agency is a kind of mobile application development company which may put together resources to execute the project. But, experts question its ability to manage and drive the project seamlessly. Hence, the path to engage any technology partner which claims to be an agency is doubtful and need to be thoroughly checked before taking the plunge.

Offshore Partnership/FreeLancers

If you have enough experience in mobile application development, and with the help of legal advisers, can tie up with the offshore firms, this can be one of the viable options for your project.

In case of free lancers, they can be hired to develop an application, but they certainly cannot become an alternative for a professional mobile application development company. However, it depends on your requirement. If you only need to get the application developed, freelancing application developer may be the best choice.

Consider all these options and pick the best that suits your requirements.

Need more help or have queries? Contact Us.

app development company Space-O Technologies

Benefits of Engaging Exp. iPhone App Development Company for your Project

iPhone application development is not a child’s play. If you think you can manage the project on your own or with the help of any freelancer iPhone application developer, you are making a fundamental error of judgment.

The reason is iPhone Application Development is not just about writing a code. Application development per se is a complex process and passes through many phases such as: ideation, strategizing, charting out the actual road-map, application development, testing, integration, security and maintenance of developed applications.

When you hire a freelancer, it is difficult to think that she would stay with you throughout all these phases. The primary focus of any freelancer application developer is to get the job done and focus on another project in the pipeline.

One of the greatest benefits of partnering with iPhone app development company is that they have a trained team of developers allotted to handle varied projects. They are trained according to the needs of the market and they exactly know what it takes to complete the application development project from start to finish.

Following are some other benefits of partnering with iPhone development company:

Team Work:

It is an age of team spirit and team work. Going solo is not that a preferred choice and is considered to be a rather philosophical romanticism. When you mean business, you obviously do not want to allow yourself to indulge in such romanticism. When you approach an experienced and efficient iPhone app development company, they offer you a trained team which includes designer, engineer, QA analyst and a team leader. This puts you and your project in safe hands as application development is not just about developing an application alone.

Effective Project Management Tools:

Professionally trained team uses various management tools to keep the project under control. One such interesting project management tool is Basecamp. With the use of this tool, your client can actually track the work-in-progress. Such a team from a professional iPhone application development company also brings variety of communication tools. This ultimately results in better and effective client and end user communication. This yields following benefits:

  • Enhances trust among the clients as it provides project transparency
  • Facilitates customer communication in a faster and meaningful way
  • Keeps the level of discipline higher among the developers and other team members

Division of Labor helps you Concentrate on your Core area:

Partnership with iPhone development company means you are freed from the worry of development process which is not your core area. Being an appreneur, your primary job is to materialize the application that somebody or you yourself had envisioned. You are not supposed to be an expert developer, but rather an efficient marketer, manager and administrator.

When you rope in a professional iPhone application development company, to perform the primary duties of that of a marketer becomes easier. Such iPhone development companies offer various types of business models such as hire dedicated iPhone developers, monthly basis, hourly basis or fixed-price basis. Apart from these popular business models, some iPhone application development companies also offer outsourcing partnership, reseller partnership, referral partnership etc.

Consider these points before deciding to hire any iPhone Application Developer. It is always worth to collaborate with an efficient iPhone application development company.

Have queries? Do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free initial consultation and quote.



Some Mistakes Appreneurs can Avoid in the Process to Hire iPhone Application Developers

If you are an appreneur well-versed with your business, you are human too. Aren’t you? Yes, you are. And, hence, you are prone to make mistakes in your endeavors to hire iPhone application developer.

Let us look at some of them and also consider how not to make them.

Inadequate Management and Communication

These are two major weapons to win the corporate battle. If you are falling short of these two, you are at the receiving end for sure. Improving managerial and communication skills helps win over your prospective iPhone application developers.

Improving managerial skills involves being accountable to the project. It also means setting clear expectations, milestones, deadlines and contingency plans. This sends a clear message to your developers that you really mean business. If you do not own up your project, chances of laxity in application developers are higher which ultimately spoil the project and your reputation.

Setting up Clear System

In order to improve communication skills and the overall process of the entire project, you need to set up two-way communication system. First of all, define what suits you. For example, which communication channels do you prefer?  Do you prefer Skype, mobility solutions, e-mails, chats? If you have clarity on what kind of communication channels you may want to use to execute the project, you can also know which channels your developers use and are well-versed with?

This would then create a common ground between you and your iPhone app developers. Here, you need to be very careful if you find yourself in a situation to make compromises in certain areas. This tricky situation can be easily overcome if you have set your basics right.

The most common mistake in coming to this common ground is not to be clear and articulate about what you want. Many a times, appreneurs take it for granted that their iPhone developers know what they expect. This is rather too naive and immature thought process. There is nothing wrong in communicating small details even though it is perceived very basics. As mostly, it is this perceived basic-thing-area that is highly mistake prone.

Deciding Milestones and Discussing it with the Team

Milestones are self-decided signals sending a strong message “All is well”, and “All will be well.” If you do not prefer to set any milestone for your project, the well-being of your project is obviously at stake. What milestones do?

  • They reflect clear strategy of your project
  • They also make an otherwise long and complex project easier and achievable within the deadline
  • Completion of each milestone on the stipulated date boosts confidence of developers and managers

When you are set to hire iPhone app developers for your project, you need to communicate these milestones with them. It is important to know whether prospective iPhone application developers are available to achieve those milestones and whether they agree to them.

All these considerations can make you choose the right iPhone application developer for your project. Be little extra careful, and avoid avoidable mistakes to hire iPhone apps developer.

Still have questions or queries related to iPhone Apps Development? Feel Free to contact us.

Why Enterprise Mobility is not just for Larger Businesses but also for SMEs

Are you a small and medium sized business which is wondering why to go for much talked about enterprise mobility solutions?


Are you a small and medium sized business which is wondering how to implement enterprise mobility solutions to make the business more mobile and flexible?


Are you both?

If any of the questions make you respond with a “YES“, this is for you.

To explore the first question, let us look at the facts.

  • Compared to one billion smart devices shipped in the year of 2011, the year of 2016 is expected to witness this number to be doubled.
  • In 2011, there were 31 billion mobile applications that were downloaded; this number is expected to be 66 billion in the year of 2016.
  • 33% of small and midsize businesses are using mobile CRM, 25% are using mobile filed service management, 24% use mobile time management and capture.

Apart from these statistical facts, the ground reality of small and medium size businesses are changing. Very often, these companies have smaller work force. This leads to over work at times if not always. This leads to work-life imbalance. Enterprise mobility solutions play a key role in restoring this work-life balance.

When you – the employer of a small and medium size business – provide mobility solutions to your employees, they can:

  • maintain work-life balance
  • feel more privileged and important in the organization
  • can drive business from anywhere thereby expanding the horizons of business ultimately leading to higher RIO and increased customer base
  • Employees feel more comfortable and work with creativity rather stress – the silent killer of the modern era

To explore the second question, let us admit that there are challenges to implement mobility solutions for small and medium sized businesses. They are:

  • Clear strategy for mobility solutions
  • To get the efficient and experienced technology partner such as Space-O to develop and implement mobility solutions seamlessly
  • Clear road map for the security of those solutions

When you overcome these challenges with the help of technology firms such as Space-O, you have more than one reason to count as why mobility solutions are not confined to larger businesses only. Some of them are:

  • Mobility solutions for small and medium sized businesses facilitate work-from-anywhere culture
  • This leads to enhancing business and maintaining better customer relations with greater and faster collaboration and communication
  • Makes information sharing and response faster and better in critical matters
  • Reduces costs on papers and other infrastructure used in traditional business environment

In order to achieve all these goals, it is very important that small firms get to the right technology partner. One of the keys to identify the right technology firm is its ability to understand your business and chart out a holistic mobility solutions strategy for you. It includes:

  • Developing a single platform through which a business can control its mobility solutions. This also means avoiding a mess many organizations face due to many types of devices and many types of applications.
  • Developing tools that ensure total data security and confidentiality. Such tools may involve data authentication, data encryption, data fading, remote lock and data wiping etc.
  • Ensuring smooth and effective integration of enterprise mobility solutions for small and medium sized businesses into their traditional business environment.

Contact Space-O to get enterprise mobility solutions for your business.


Why BYOD Implementation is becoming a mandate?

BYOD is among the top trends where some enterprises see it as evolution while others perceive it as revolution. However, regardless of the enterprises’ liking or disliking, BYOD is going to remain here for quite a few years.

Here are a few statistics that show the growing urge for BYOD:

UnOfficial and UnSupported Use:

  1. 67% use personal devices at word irrespective of the official BYOD Policy(Source: Microsoft)
  2. 53% of information users use their personal devices for work; install unsupported software; or use unsupported Internet based services like Dropbox, Skype, Twitter, or Facebook to help them do their jobs. (Source Forrester)


  1. 4 out of 5 employees use their personal devices for work, which make them happy and more productive.
  2. 78% of employees believe that having a single mobile device helps balance employees’ work and personal lives (Source: Samsung)

Current State:

  1. Employees are 45 per cent more productive when they use mobile apps.

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Although above mentioned data is limited, it is yet enough to clearly state that BYOD is becoming a mandate. For more details, information and assistance related with BYOD implementation contact us.


Mobile Broadcast App Solutions – Changing the Face of Media Industry as well as User Experience

Are you wondering how on-demand has been rapidly replaced with on-go?

Are you also wondering how mobile broadcast app solutions can actually contribute to enterprise mobility?

A few points to consider for the first question:

  • With thousands of mobile devices inundating the market every day, consumers demand more engaging, interactive and customized broadcast experience
  • The eminent 4G would mean streaming broadcast on mobile devices leading to higher quality content and immersive experience
  • The higher the consumer demands, the more acute the need to have mobility solutions for media industry that help professionals deliver more on-go content

Coming to the second question, let us explore how mobile broadcast app solutions can change the way you deliver the broadcast content.

The pre-requisite to get the tailored mobility solutions for media, that is mobile broadcast app solutions to be precise, you need to partner with a technology expert firm like Space-O. Following are some of the benefits that a broadcasting organization gets while working with companies like Space-O:

  • The first direct benefit is your employees can upload any video content from anywhere in the world – thereby catering to the needs of want-it-now culture and measuring up to the expectations of breaking-news era
  • It also gives end users an opportunity to be part of your organization. That is they may be encouraged to speak up and contribute to the society meaningfully. This not only increases your customer base, but also gives you an opportunity to work with some of them on a free-lance or volunteering basis
  • Such mobility solutions for broadcasters require minimum integrations and hence it becomes faster for the broadcaster to reach the market. This opens up quicker and newer source of revenue
  • There are number of users who do not have access to TV or they do not want to have an access to TV as they are highly dependent on mobile devices or tablets. Mobility solutions for media enables broadcasters to reach this segment of audience through the scalable platform
  • Increasing the mobility of your enterprise, mobility solutions for media industry also empowers you to access usage reports, service reports, account statistics, real time performance of the employees as well as user behavior even when you are on the go

Depending upon your preferences, you can get such mobile applications developed on iOS or Android platform. They can also be pre-loaded in mobile devices.

Since the introduction of color-TV, TV on the go has been one of the greatest broadcast revolutions that has happened to end users. And, it is in tune to this revolution, broadcasters have this new challenge of delivering their content in a way they have never imagined before.

Mobile broadcast app solutions are the means to achieve the end consumer expectations. But, in doing so, they also address enterprises’ need to be more mobile and flexible with their work culture and business operations.

Space-O perfectly understands these two major functions of mobile broadcast app solutions for media industry. We at Space-O have varied experience of working with media companies and can understand the unique demands of this highly dynamic industry.

Contact us right now, and let mobility solutions for media industry make you and your end users mobile in literal and metaphoric sense.


How to Hire an iPhone App Developer? A Few Reality Checks

The advent of smart phone, iPhone to be precise, has even introduced newer terms in the dictionary as well. Appreneur is one such term, and the reality checks that are intended to be talked about further are for those appreneurs.

In order to develop and sell an iPhone application, appreneurs need to consider two things: what they want to achieve by developing an application and how to hire iOS developer to execute the project.

Following are some of the key factors that mobile app publishers need to keep in mind:

  • Be clear about return on investments. That is you need to reap more profits than you spend on developing applications
  • Leave the attitude of doing-all-things and stop being territorial
  • Think about re-skinning the applications rather than developing them from the scratch.
  • Keep an eye out on holiday trends and make sure to capitalize upon them

These are some of the points that make sure that you actually sell your applications and make money out of them.

If you are clear about what you want from your applications, it would be a good idea to spend some time figuring out what kind of iPhone application developers would fit the bill.

Let us consider some of the key points as to guide you how to hire an iPhone app developer.

In these days, it is the concept of app flipping rather than app development that is catching up with both – the developers and the mobile app publishers.

Hence, when you are all set to hire an expert and experienced iOS developer, you make sure that your developer knows what it is to flip the app.

App flipping involves buying of a source code at a fraction of price and developing an app based on that source code. It eliminates the need to develop the source code, and try and error processes typical to any application development process.

An experienced iPhone app Developer knows this well:

Inviting more than just One Bids

While you are initiating the process to hire an iPhone app developer, it is always in the best interests of the projects to invite multiple bids. This can give you more options and exposure to various types of expertise that iOs developers may possess.

Document your Requirements

While being a project manager, you exactly know what you are looking for in your prospective iPhone developers; it is a good idea to document your requirements to communicate better to the others. This documentation may include following things:

  • Minimum experience and technical expertise
  • Clarity about charges and the execution of payment
  • The crisp and sharp narration of the project per se
  • Communication skills
  • For how much time you need a developer to be available for your project

All these things make you a responsible appreneur meaning business.

Last but not the least, when you decide on any iPhone developer, do not forget to keep a close check on the cost of hiring an iOS developer. It is highly recommended not to spend on the training of developers as there are thousands of experienced iPhone application developers available in the market.

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Just be more focused and serious on how to hire an iPhone app developer so Request a free initial consulting.

BYOD in 2014 and Coming Years

BYOD is a global phenomenon with 89% of IT departments enabling, adopting and implementing the BYOD program in some form. Bring Your Own Device had been widely accepted for few years now and is going to remain here at least for few more years to come.

Here are a few statistics that indicate how BYOD will be perceived globally in 2014 and coming years:

  • BYOD Devices: In 2014, mobile devices brought into workplaces will more than double. Juniper Research claims the number of devices being used in the corporate environment will reach 350 million globally, compared with 150 million already used in 2012. It also predicts Western Europe region to be the leading contributor in BYOD activity accounting for 140 million devices in 2014.
  • BYOD Implementation and Value: By 2014, the average number of connected devices per knowledge worker will reach 2.8, up from 2.3 in 2012 (22% more). – (SOURCE: Cisco IBSG Horizons Study)
    Currently, the average annual value per mobile user generated with Comprehensive BYOD implementation stands $1,650 compared to $350 with Basic BYOD implementation. Not just that, companies in United States have even better gains, with value per mobile employee rising to $3,150 annually, from $950 per year under Basic BYOD. – (SOURCE: COMPREHENSIVE BYOD BENEFITS – Cisco)
  • BYOD Productivity and Bottom-Up Innovativeness: Shifting from Basic to Comprehensive BYOD improves the ability to collaborate with colleagues and experts at any given time or from any place, ultimately fostering capacity of enterprise for bottom-up innovation. A significant 17% of the productivity gains spring up from improved collaboration since mobile employees feel more capable of using collaboration tools to work with their managers and colleagues.

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Should you need more insights or help related with BYOD, request a free initial consulting.


How Advertising Agencies can Exploit Mobility Solutions to Dish out the Best to the Brands?

According to news reports, the Singapore-headquartered digital media company Affle Group floated a $3.3 million fund called M2X in association with Mobile Marketing Association in September this year. The fund intends to tap emerging markets across the globe with the help of innovative technologies, especially mobility solutions for media or for that matter any other brand.

The very news reflects increasing eagerness on the part of advertising agencies to implement mobility solutions for media as part of the emerging segment called mobile advertising.

The key to get such mobility solutions tailored perfectly to the needs of the brands is to partner with a technology firm which understands technology, its exploitation and execution just as you understand the needs of your brands.  Space-O is one such technology firm that can help achieve your goals for brand campaigning and targeting the right mobile users.

Let us explore some of the strategies that advertising agencies along with their technology partners can come up with to successfully launch and run any marketing campaign for any brand.

Mobility Solutions to Increase Global and Local Reach

It is want-it-now culture that we are living in. This culture demands that any business or brand targets their audience based on their preferences and sense of urgency. And these differ with the region and culture.

Mobility solutions for media industry can be customized keeping in mind the global and local differences.  While developing mobility solutions for any brand, advertisers can facilitate brands with:

  • Easy to use platform that can create multiple campaigns
  • Set up a system that makes uploading and launch easy and quick
  • Proper analysis and optimization of the campaign based on multiple variables and performance factors

Ad Units as part of Effective Mobility Solutions Strategy

Advertising agencies can offer their clients advanced ad units. With these units, brands can promote their products, target and engage the mobile consumer throughout usage cycle of the application.

Floating ads, video ads, audio ads, In-App alerts, banner ad, interstitials, overlays, app wall are some such examples of unique Ad units that advertising agencies can create with their technology partners and offer to their brands. Space-O is one such technology firm that exactly understands how to create such ad units as part of entire mobility solution campaign for any brand. Such mobility solutions for media industry can reap higher ROI only when advertising agencies can partner with the right type of technology partner such as Space-O.

Benefits of Mobility Solutions for Media Industry for Advertising Agencies

The need to have customized and unique mobility solutions for any brand has affected advertising agencies in a positive way. It has enabled them to converge – technicality, creativity and media tactics in the form of mobility solutions for media industry.

Following are some of the major benefits that mobility solutions offer to advertising agencies:

  • Apart from print and online advertising campaigns, campaigns run through mobility solutions opens up a new opportunity to earn more revenues and increase the customer base
  • Advertising agencies can reach out to those brands who make the most out of mobile ad campaigns
  • With the mobility solutions, your clients can track the performance in real time with multiple tracking parameters

Talk to Space-O NOW, and learn more about mobility solutions for media industry.


How Converting Excel Credit Card PayOff Calculator to Mobile App Can Help Banks as well as Borrowers?

According to, in 2012, there were more than 609.8 million credit card holders in U.S. in the year of 2012. The average credit card debt per household is $15,956.

This debt increases with the years. This inspite of the fact that financial institutions do provide consumers credit card debt payoff calculators based on Microsoft Excel. This then ideally should lead financial institutions to introspect.

It is unequivocal that Microsoft Excel-based calculators has played a significant role in setting-up calculation tools for financial institutions so far. However, as per the data of credit card debt, it seems that the idea to make consumers aware of their debt has not worked well and financial institutions continuously make money out of people’s bad judgment and misery.

Wouldn’t you rather want to make “good money” out of people’s informed choices and trust for you? To convert excel into application is one of the methods to implement this idea. As mobile applications are creating history in all walks of life, it is the best opportunity for financial institutions to cash in on the immense possibilities of mobile applications.

Some reasons why excel-based credit card payoff calculator is not a good idea
While you set up the calculator based on Microsoft Excel, you need to employ staff to regularly update it and maintain it. This inevitably results into costs. Moreover, getting credit card payoff calculator based on Microsoft Excel requires manual entries and formulas. This means chances of errors are enormous. In short, it is costlier and more laborious.

Mobile applications make the process of calculating credit card debt automatic. Even if the end user makes mistakes in calculations, she can erase it easily.

Mobile application to calculate credit card payoff does not require your end user to remember complex formulas of Excel. This widens the reach of your institution.

Why financial institutions need to convert Excel to Credit Card PayOff Calculator Application?

Being a righteous financial institution, you can initiate an effective campaign to make your consumers aware how much money they end up wasting on avoidable debt or late payments on their credit card purchases.

This campaign will be much more effective when you introduce customized mobile applications for them. These applications make them on top of their credit card payments. This wins them over and earns you loyal customer base.

Are you wondering why you would do that if you are getting money out of late payment or debt payments? Wouldn’t it mean loss of revenues for you?

The answer is simple NO.

While you provide free of charge mobile applications to your customers, you can monetize them by employing following strategies:

  • Introduce freemium or In-App purchase feature in your applications
  • Establish a add network business

Benefits of Credit Card Repayment Calculator App:
Once you decide to introduce mobile applications for your credit card consumers and monetize them too, you should approach a technology partner like Space-O. When applications created by such company, your consumers would have following benefits:

  • Each recent purchase and transaction becomes accessible
  • Direct online credit card payments avoiding late payments
  • Facility to redeem rewards if any are available on cards
  • Automated alerts to remind users to make payments, informing transactions etc.
  • Consumers can also plan their purchases by calculating how much debt they would incur on a specific transaction

These are some of the benefits to convert Excel into application and introduce advanced and user-friendly mobile applications to your consumers.

Talk to Space-O right now and know more about it.

future of mobile app developers

Developing BYOD Culture for Small and Medium Enterprises and its Benefits

BYOD – bring your own device is an answer to SMEs’ concern for cost constraints while implementing mobility solutions. It is estimated that across the globe almost 89% of all organizational IT departments support BYOD.

Sectors who have adopted this new way of business earlier than others include financial services, hospitality, media and entertainment and infrastructure. These sectors are followed by manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

Let us have look into why BYOD culture can be a much-needed boost to SMEs mobility solutions needs.

BYOD Culture for Small and Medium Enterprises

How BYOD Works as the Best Mobility Solutions for SMEs

One of the greatest advantages that SMEs have over large enterprises is that they can actually take decisions quicker and implement them too right away. The strategies and policies required to be charted out for small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service can yield immense competitive advantages to SMEs.

The first thing that BYOD does to your organization is reducing support costs for mobile devices and increasing employee productivity. It also makes you gain greater visibility into network usage. It eliminates the need for the companies to pay up-front to their employees for mobile devices.

A partnership with a technology company such as Space-O can bring about effective and yet simple mobile device management for mobility solutions for SMEs.

Challenges while Implementing BYOD for SMEs Mobility Solutions

While BYOD culture in small and medium enterprises is catching up, it is not sans challenges. Ranging from device management to network management the path is fraught with myriads of issues. Following are some of the major challenges:

  • Robust and secure network to support the different types of devices
  • Smooth connectivity to facilitate employees and customers
  • Integration of wireless network with wired infrastructure
  • Centralize the control of BYOD mobility solutions for SMEs
  • A sharp and sensible corporate policy for SMEs mobility solutions that can cater to the needs of employees and customers

Features and Benefits of BYOD for Small and Medium Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Service

BYOD mobility solutions come with many unique features such as strong security controls, remote protection, data encryption etc. As such solutions have a remote device life cycle management provision; they can be maintained and supported from a central location.

Space-O provides mobility architecture, mobility device management, mobile application management, and support to small and medium size enterprises. When you work with a technology partner like Space-O, expect following benefits:

  • Small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service enhance employee communication
  • Increases productivity, flexibility and mobility of employees as well as end users
  • Increases number of customer channels
  • Mobility solutions for SMEs also make it possible for customers to conduct a location-based search
  • SMEs mobility solutions enable you to deliver rich media content in real time
  • It also means lower costs for device acquisition and support, user training and technology research
  • SMEs can save costs based on price per user than the traditional expenses of per device
  • BYOD generates a greater sense of belonging and ownership among employees and motivate them to work to the best of their abilities.

Consult Space-O for small and medium enterprise mobility solutions.


How SME Mobility Solutions can contribute in the success of Small and Medium Enterprises?

The success of SMEs lies in their merit and not on grandiose marketing or branding campaigns. Why mobility solutions are important for them is a worn out debate and done away with. The focus now is how small and medium size enterprise mobility solutions and service can significantly contribute to the competitive advantage of the business.

To find out the methods to do this, it is important for SMEs to identify major challenges in implementing these mobility solutions in their business set-up. It is this focused identification that can pave the way for a newer and more meaningful way to handle those challenges.

Challenges in having SME Mobility Solutions

One of the biggest challenges for small and medium enterprises in implementing mobility solutions is that of cost. For example, if there are only a few workers, a company is naturally skeptical about the returns on investment.

However, such skepticism can be evaluated by taking into consideration overall benefits of mobility solutions for SMEs. Depending upon the nature of the business, organizations can compare and contrast business functions with mobility solutions and without mobility solutions. Following are some of the typical errors that small and medium size enterprises often face in their daily operations:

  • A paper system often leads to incomplete forms, inaccurate data, spelling mistakes
  • Errors in manual pricing calculations leading to huge work load on the employees and causing great discomfort to customers
  • In case of back end system, data often needs to be loaded which is often a manual process.The chances of errors lie in the gap between an employee’s reading of the data and entering it into the system

It is against the backdrop of such common errors in small and medium sized businesses operating without mobility solutions, that such businesses need to figure out effective implementation of mobility solutions.

Advantages of mobility solutions for SMEs

Small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service obviously make business more mobile and therefore more flexible. Both employees and customers can have an access to crucial information whenever and wherever they want.

In case of mobility of an employee, if you have facilitated your employee with mobility solutions, she can have an access to important business data and that may lead to a success crucial to your business. For example, your employee has gone to a meeting and she happens to meet a prospective buyer of your product/service. If she has the access to relevant information, a business deal can be sealed at that very moment. This is by no means a less advantage of SMEs mobility solutions.

If you allow your business function mobile way, the benefits are also reaped by end users. If a customer is in the process of making a decision, and if she needs a crucial data to finalize her decision, she can quickly have an access to your company and make an informed decision. This then makes the experience of a customer pleasant and hassle free, and earns you invaluable trust and loyal customer base.

Space-O is one such mobility solutions provider to SMEs that can serve the purpose for all types of small and medium enterprises. We approach small and medium enterprise mobility solutions and service as a holistic way to mean business.

Contact and we would be happy to let you know more about SMEs mobility solutions.


How Media Organizations can Benefit from Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

It is clear. It is an age of convergence. All media organizations are grappling with a challenge to converge content from one form to another and deliver it as per the demand. Enterprise mobility for media industry here plays a significant role to meet this challenge.

The key for mobility for media is to synthesize technology with their business model. Delivering content as per the demand may involve an array of broadcasters, advertising agencies, films and entertainment companies. The need of the hour for all these media organizations is to exploit the emerging mobility solutions for entertainment so as to win over larger segment of users and increase returns on investment.

How enterprise mobility in media industry can facilitate convergence more effectively?

One thing media organizations need to understand clearly is that mobility in media industry is not just confined to user-experience. It is rather more about how organizations have managed to achieve that.  And, this is both – a challenge and an opportunity.

To implement mobility solutions for media industry is to enable accessibility of your content across all mobile devices. This obviously requires robust technical and business strategies. The second step is to optimize enterprise mobility for media industry in such a way as to make it sustain the ever expanding digital revolution.

While implementing enterprise mobility for media, organizations need to figure out how many mobile platforms such as MEAP, cloud, native OS Web OS and devices such as smart tablets, smart phones would be supported.

Having gained thorough clarity of all these technicalities along with to be mobile-enabled business functions, an organization needs to decide how it wants to pursue this entire process. That involves a possibility to partner with a technology service provider like Space-O.

Space-O and mobility solutions for media industry

Space-O works both as a consultant and a provider of mobility solutions for entertainment/media industry. We cater to various segments ranging from advertising, print, television, films and entertainment etc. We make sure that the entire execution of mobility in media industry takes place exactly in tune with your institution’s vision and mission. And, it is precisely because of this that we take considerable time in understanding your requirements before going ahead with the project.

Enterprise mobility in media industry – a win-win for both end users and organizations

When you work with organizations like Space-O as your technology partner in implementing holistic mobility solutions for media industry, sky becomes the limit for new opportunities and new revenue.

Increased revenues on existing products and new ones for new mobile solutions mean doing business via a more cloud-centric and mobile based delivery model.
Enterprise mobility for media industry also means improved employee productivity with improved coordination and collaboration capacities.

As the data is provided in real time with improved quality, mobility in media industry means a more effective and focused sales.

Constant need to innovate unique mobility solutions for entertainment industry also prompts media organizations to set up more sensible and functional R&D facilities within the organization.

Contact and know more about the possibilities of enterprise mobility for media industry.


Challenges and Solution for Implementing Enterprise Mobility for Media Industry

The rise in Internet-enabled smart phones has posed a new challenge for media industry. As per the industry experts, by 2016 India is expected to lead the global enterprise mobility market at 57.5% with Brazil following at 44% and China at 26.2%.

Also, IDC Research estimates that by 2015, the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the total workforce.

Mobility for media therefore demands relentless zeal to improve ways of delivering mobile content, data usage and implementing supporting infrastructure.

What can be the challenges while implementing a robust execution of mobile solutions for entertainment or media industry?

How media organizations can chart out a thorough strategy to successfully implement enterprise mobility in media industry.

Challenges in implementing mobility solutions for media industry

The rapidity with which this industry is growing puts an enormous pressure on media organizations to constantly innovate. This is one of the major challenges. This challenge is obviously followed by issues related to setting up secure and competent infrastructure. Let us have a look at other challenges:

  • Identifying user segments and their expectations
  • Integration of mobility solutions for media industry in tune with the institution’s IT operations
  • Challenges in setting-up supporting infrastructure involves management of content and sustainability of mobile devices
  • Security is a major challenge to meet head on for enterprise mobility in media industry as data theft and stealing of devices are rampant incidents
  • To integrate such solutions at an affordable cost is yet another challenge media organizations often face

How to address these challenges?

Implementation of enterprise mobility for media industry should be strategized with a multi-layered approach. It directly affects the way organizations are habituated to conduct business. Therefore, a preparedness to change the overall functionality is a pre-requisite to implement mobility for media.

One of the first ways is to set a clear corporate, IT and employee expectations policy. This would mean implementing mobility solutions for entertainment or media industry in a way that is in tune with all the stakeholders – employee, enterprise security, cost management and end users. Following are other ways to address challenges in the way of implementation of mobility in media industry:

  • Solid understanding of major user segments and how to create solutions that can give users a value-added experience
  • Building basic research and development resources
  • Understanding of device choice options
  • Setting up frameworks for robust governance
  • Put in place a business model that is growth oriented and sustainable
  • Greater emphasis on security and active participation of corporate security staff at the stage of development of mobility solutions for media industry. This should translate into higher protection and confidentiality of data

Space-O’s role in addressing the challenges to implement mobility in media industry

Finding a technology partner that not only knows these challenges in implementing mobility for media but also delivers the best is equally a great challenge. When you come to Space-O, this challenge is overcome with great success as we not only create mobility solutions for entertainment/media industry, but also provide consultations.

Space-O exactly knows what it takes to turn challenges into opportunities.

Contact and know more about the possibilities of enterprise mobility for media industry.

conver excesheet into mobile app

Why Should You Convert Excel Property Investment Calculator into Mobile App?

As property investor, realtor, rehabber, wholesaler, syndicator or real estate broker you always aim to generate a good capital growth, substantial rental income, potential tax benefit or some sort of economic profitability from your investment property. And in order to do so, you must be using a property investment calculator spreadsheet to estimate or evaluate the net profitability to be derived from such investment property.

However you may have to conduct a lot of work-around in that real estate investment calculator in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) to ascertain such values. Further, there are many drawbacks of using excel spreadsheets, a few of which include following:

  1. Complicated Dashboard: Excel Spreadsheet gets complicated and messy with numerous data entries causing unease for user to interpret or summarize the information quickly. Not just that, it does not befits the agile business practices where real-time data analysis or ad hoc reports matter a lot.
  2. Good know-how of Excel is Mandate: A Good understanding of advanced features of excel becomes a mandate in order to ascertain, alter and analyze data that ultimately contributes in rational decision making.
  3. Data is Scattered and Not Centralized: The name (SPREADsheet) itself describes the state or condition where critical data and crucial information is spread and distributed causing challenges to secure and manage it effectively.

How converting Property cum Real Estate Investment Calculator Spreadsheet into Mobile App can help?

Converting Property cum Real Estate Investment Calculator Spreadsheet into Mobile App not only makes it a handy tool to conduct such financial analysis on the go but it also increases its usability for everyone including people who are non-technical.

Contact and know more about converting excel Property Investment Calculator Spreadsheet into iOS, Android or any other mobile app.

The Christmas Check List cum Planner App

After considering the need for the Christmas Planner App, the apparent step is to know what’s in it for users.

Well, the Christmas Check List cum Planner App can have following features:

Christmas Planner App


  1. Budget Tracking and Grouping
      • For creating Check List of different items (for e.g. Gifts, Foods & Drinks, Decorations, etc.) to be shopped; and keeping track of budget with cost summary.


  2. Gift Planning:
      • For creating Groups like Family, Friends, Colleagues, etc. and add people from your Mobile contacts
      • For adding photos or pictures related with person you want to gift (this could be an optional feature)
      • For adding multiple gifts for a single person (if required)
      • For tracking status of gifts, i.e. to be purchased, shipping, received, wrapped, etc.
      • For Making a note of gift ideas


  3. Countdown Timer
      • A timer and countdown to Christmas will not only inform users about the days left but will also create a sense of urgency among users who may otherwise land themselves in a situation like Last Minute Christmas Shopping which can be expensive and exhausting.


  4. Christmas Greeting Card Creation (Can be offered as Paid Feature)
      • To allow users to create a beautiful Christmas Greeting Card in case they have forgotten or cannot buy expensive gifts and presents for everyone. This will not only save them money but will also help them to dodge an embarrassing situation.


  5. Tips
      • App can feature tips for users who may want to refer and gain from them. Tips like putting Christmas lights on timer & buying energy-efficient light bulbs to cut on electricity costs, getting part-time Christmas jobs like gift wrapping, etc. to make extra money to spend on Christmas and beyond.


  6. Gift Ideas (Can be offered as Paid Feature)
      • People are always short of great gift ideas particularly on Christmas, so if an app compiles one such list of ideas for presents, it could matter a lot for users.


The above mentioned list of features is not comprehensive and can have other possible features like Security, Pre-Loaded List of Stores and Items, Ability to Add Items using Barcode Scanner, Social Media Sharing and Email Sending from App, etc.

To know more, inquire or request a free initial consultation.


Need for the Christmas Planner App

There are plenty of tools like To-Do Lists, Diaries, Notes, Organizers, etc. to pre-plan a variety of activities. Yet there are times like Holidays and Festivals when people feel an urge to have a separate Planner. This is simply because none of the above mentioned tools turn out to be sufficient enough to carry out a myriad of planning related with such festivals and holidays.

Let’s talk about the world’s most celebrated festival – Christmas. Just as now, at this time of the year people in every corner and country of the world eagerly await Christmas. There is a lot of excitement in the air and in every age group including kids, teens, adults and elders. Amidst of all the merriment, joy, fun and excitement that this festival brings along with it, there is also a mound of Christmas stress that people develop for their “Christmas Planning”.

There are number of things and activities to be planned including Gifts, Foods & Drinks, Decorations, Travel & Visits, Outfits, etc. Hence it is very natural for people to befall before this chaotic, confusing and commoting situation that ultimately lands everyone into the number of problems.

Some of the most common problems people always have during Christmas are related to:

  1. Budget Christmas Overspending is the obvious problem with everyone. People across the world overspend than their budgets and more often than not get into unwanted Christmas debts.
  2. Forgetting Items: As per survey by Budgens, the average person forgets at least 5 items he /she intends to buy for Christmas Day each and every year.

Tools for Christmas Planning

Now there are number of Christmas Planning Tools but people usually prefer:

    • Excel Christmas Planners: Excel Christmas Planners help to list down all the Christmas items however they are not handy to be used everywhere and get complex with too much data input. Think about this you have a Christmas Planner.xls but can you use it everywhere particularly when you are shopping for Christmas and likely to forget a few things to buy.


    • Printable Templates: Using Printable Templates is just like having a readymade checklist that may get messy and jumbled when you try do add or discard items. Further the only way to keep the track of the budget is manual calculation but then what is the use of printable templates.


    • Online Christmas Planning Tools: Online Christmas Planning Tools like Christmas Budget Planner by or Christmas Money Planner by can be of great use but will always require internet connectivity which may not be available all the time.


    • Mobile App: Having a Christmas Planner Mobile App is not just a cool idea but it could be a wise decision too. Not only can we use it everywhere on the go, (i.e. while shopping or doing something else) but we can use it in an offline mode (i.e. without internet). Know more about the “Christmas Planner App“.


But that is not all, you can know a lot about the features, cost and tentative time to create Christmas Planner Mobile App. Just request our free initial consulting!


How converting Excel VAT, GST or Sales Tax Calculator into Mobile App can simplify Tax Computation for all businesses?

Though the amount of Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Sales Taxes are to be borne by the end consumers ultimately, most of the compliance responsibilities fall upon the seller, manufacturer or let’s say business owner (for simple understanding). And because businessmen are obligatory, they have to calculate, collect and pay the applicable VAT, GST and Sales Taxes to the government.

Complexity in Calculating VAT, GST and Sales Tax
Calculating GST, VAT, and Sales Taxes is very confusing aspect of transacting business (online and physical both). This is because tax impositions vary by region, location and jurisdiction, i.e. each taxing authority has its own laws, tax rates, timetables and exemptions.

In order to charge on the correct items at the precise rates for the accurate districts (if interstate business is conducted); businessmen, bookkeepers and accountants have to go through a lot (for e.g. searching and sorting through the various tax codes, etc.). This is why the most frequently asked questions in (the official website for the U.S. Small Business Administration) Community are related to sales tax.

Sales Tax Calculator in Excel (.xls)
Sales Tax Calculator in Excel (.xls) should ideally solve the problems and to an extent it does, but only for basic calculations. In order to make customization (which are required more often than not due to already complicated tax imposition), one has to master advanced features like error checking, cell formatting, macros and workbook sharing.

How Mobile Sales Tax Calculator App can help?Twitter

Converting Excel Sales Tax Calculator into Mobile App can be a great solution for businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. A Mobile Sales Tax Calculator App can benefit in following ways:

  1. It can be used by everyone (including those who don’t know how to apply complex formulae in excel spreadsheet) and everywhere on the go.
  2. It can help you calculate the tax on a sale correctly and conveniently; and if required as per your location.
    For example, you can have customized digital switches in your app with ON and OFF button for Location-Based Rate. Using your mobile device’s built-in geolocation feature, the mobile app will then determine your current location to compute the proper amount of tax for every taxable item or service being sold aggregating to the total due. While if you ever have to compute sales tax based on a municipality other than those in your app database, you can simply key in the rate manually after turning the Location-Based Rate switch OFF.

SEE More: Converting Excel SpreadSheet into an iPhone / iPad Application

In short there’s a great room for customizing mobile GST, VAT, and Sales Tax calculator as per your needs.

To know more or get FREE quote for creating / converting Excel Sales Tax Calculator into Mobile App, contact us now.


Need and Benefits of Converting Excel Carb Counting Calculators into Mobile Apps

Carbohydrates (or Carbs) are contained in almost every food we eat. Even foods labeled as “Sugar-Free” or “No Sugar Added” can have carb content as against the common notion most people have that Sugar Free Products are Carbohydrates Free. Of course, sugar of any kind has carbohydrates but it is not the sole constituent that has carbs, i.e. ingredients like flour and rice which do not have sugar but starch, are also not devoid of carbohydrates.

But why are we talking about carbs?

Well because Carbohydrates are nutritional building blocks of a healthy diet and the proportion in which they are consumed greatly matter. However, excess intakes of carbohydrates on a regular basis can cause abnormal increase in blood sugar levels leading to a condition at some point where body does not make enough insulin to meet its needs. Such condition is called Type 2 Diabetes. Whereas consuming very low carb diets also invites numerous mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Hence, it becomes very necessary for everyone particularly people with diabetes to count and consume daily carbohydrates in the adequate quantity.

Need for Mobile Carb Counting Calculators (Apps)

Everyone needs carb counting calculators but does not have it. Some who have it cannot use it everywhere since such calculators are not that handy. For example if one relies on an online carbohydrate calculator, he/she will need access to internet as a mandate. Besides, there is no provision to keep a track, i.e. one can only calculate but can’t keep a record of it. Another way is to use excel carb calculators which can function offline (without internet) but require working upon complex formulae, and cannot be used ubiquitously.

Can converting Excel Carb Counting Calculators into Mobile Apps help?

You bet! Converting excel carb counting calculators into mobile apps equips everyone particularly diabetics to have a handy tool. It can help and solve problem of a great mass of people with diabetes (as many as 382 million). See more statistics.

SEE More: Converting Excel SpreadSheet into an iPhone / iPad Application

Some other greatest benefits of having a mobile carbohydrate counting app converted from excel calculator are:

  1. The app can no less than be a Healthy Eating Plan for diabetics or even a Handy Diet Regimen for fitness conscious people who prefer low carb diets.
  2. Diabetes Management becomes easy, effective and inexpensive, i.e. special diabetes management equipment may not be a mandate helping people to save a good amount of money.
  3. Foods can be chosen as per likes while knowing and keeping the carbohydrates intake in control. So people do not have to be at the mercy of others (caregivers, family members, etc.) and can enjoy a greater freedom while staying fit and healthy.

Space-O converted Excel Calculator into Carb Counting App. See Video.

Should you need help or quotes for creating carbohydrate counting app or converting it from excel calculator, request our free initial consulting.

Enterprise Mobility in Diverse Industry

Enterprise Mobility in Diverse Industries : [InfoGraphic]

Firms and Enterprises (in particular) are realizing the significance of enterprise mobility and the bigger benefits to be derived through it. But the trend of mobilizing enterprise applications is confined to one or two industry; it is pervasive and prevalent across the different verticals.

Let’s look at the Infographic to see how enterprise mobility is picking up in diverse industries:Twitter

Enterprise Mobility Solutions


5 Key Takeaways for Re-skinning Mobile Apps and Games

Although re-skinning mobile apps and games can save you a lot of time and money while getting you bigger and better results, it is not a guarantee to success unless you apply it logically. Anyone can buy the source code of an existing mobile app or game to reskin it however, not everyone can achieve success with it. So what are the possible considerations to keep in mind? What can likely improve the chances of achieving a great ROI?

Well, here are the 5 Key Takeaways for Re-skinning Mobile App and Games:

    1. Consider Downloads as well as Reviews – Both good as well as bad mobile app reviews and downloads can bring you an opportunity to reskin and recreate an amazing mobile app experience.
      • Good Report: If an app has great reviews and good no. of downloads then all that is required is to reimagine the theme, objects and a little twist and taste of your own. For exemplification take an account of 2 of the greatest mobile games with the same gameplay Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga (which is successor but yet more successful).Now you may wonder that why anyone would sell the code if the game is successful. Apparently there are some noble men like Brian Appell who have few good games (if not as great as the above mentioned), yet they sell their games’ source codes. You can read more about one of his game called Avalanche Mountain or even buy the source code of games like this.
      • Bad Report: If an app has negative reviews and feedback, clearly there is a scope of improvement as well as an opportunity that you can capitalize upon. You will have to identify the common concern raised in the feedback, revive the look & feel, music, background, etc. to create a fresh and improved user experience.


    2. Consider Mobile App Localization – Not known by many but mobile app localization can greatly influence the performance of app. When you buy the source code, think of localizing app along with its reskinning. It is very likely that the seller of the source code may not have thought upon it since most are unaware of the potential benefits (7X more downloads) that can be derived through mobile app localization and to reskin an app. Read more…


    1. Consider Adding New Elements, Chapters, Features, etc. – When you think of app flipping (same as app reskinning), you should also consider if there is any room to add new elements, levels, etc. before buying the source code of an existing app. Recreating mobile app experience via reskin with additional features can yield you great results. Know why?


    1. Consider Leveraging Trend or Season – It is also a great idea to reskin and launch an app considering the season or trend. In fact, reskinning an app during the period of October to December can greatly turn in your favor since App Store run wildly during these times and people are more willing to search and download your apps. Alone in the week of Christmas people download as many as 2 billion apps. Further reskinning model does not require too much time to be spent behind launching a new app since the app source code is pre-written.


  1. Consider Freemium Model – It may be very tempting to cash upon the successful mobile app idea however it may not be wise to charge directly for the reskinned app. Regardless of the original app’s pricing (whose source code will be replicated), you can release a reskinned app / game with freemium model that has impressive history and great future. See statistics.

Should you need any help or have queries related with reskinning mobile apps and games, feel free to contact us.


Create Your Own Trending Mobile App

Capitalizing on current and prevalent trends can be a great opportunity though it could be both risky (from ROI perspective) and demanding (from time perspective) to conceive and create a mobile app based upon an UNCERTAIN trend (e.g. Harlem Shake). Very obviously, mobile apps were created around this trend too and “Harlem Shake Yourself” is indeed an interesting case you may want to refer and read more about.

Now the degree of speculation is quite high in the above mentioned example, since certainty of trend was unknown, i.e. no one knew for how long will the popularity of this trend will continue. But there are a few things that can be termed as “Recurring Trends” and those few things are Occasions, Holidays, Seasons, etc.

Think about this, you know about a particular occasion or season well in advance before its occurrence. You also know what people would possibly like to do during this period. Creating mobile app around such an occasion or flavor an already existing mobile app / game with seasonal update can potentially benefit you as well as the audiences (targeted and existing both) in a meaningful way.

4 Key Takeaways for updating or developing mobile apps as per seasons and holidays:

  1. After recent Independence Day (July. 4, 2014) you may want to consider
    • Halloween (Oct. 31, 2014)
    • Thanksgiving (Nov. 27, 2014)
    • Christmas (Dec. 25, 2014)
    • New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31, 2014)
    • Kwanzaa (Dec. 26, 2014 – Jan. 1, 2015)
    • Chinese New Year (Feb. 19, 2015)
    • Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14, 2015)
    • Passover (Apr. 3 – 11, 2015)
    • Easter (Apr. 5, 2015) and
    • other holiday opportunities
  2. An approximate of 2 billion apps are downloaded during the week of Christmas alone. Also 15 per cent of US mobile owners have downloaded a mobile app particularly for an upcoming vacation.
  3. Holiday season for the App Store runs wildly from the month of October to January.
  4. Not only people are more than willing to spend money during these times but there’s a natural influx of activity due to holidays since people don’t work during these days and prefer to engage themselves in anything that is fun and fulfilling for them. So you will naturally have many more people searching for your apps.


Should you need any help or have queries related with mobile app update and development, feel free to contact us.

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Significance of Mobility Solutions for Business: [Infographic]

Mobility Solutions for business have not remained mere tools of increasing efficiency and productivity. They are rather turning an asset to drive new revenues and gain competitive advantage. In fact having mobile solutions can favorably transform businesses connecting people, processes, and systems in a way to achieve optimum output while on the go.

Check out the Infographic to know more about the significance of mobility solutions for businessTwitter

Significance of Mobility Solutions for Business



When to Update Mobile App?

It may not be solely sufficient to know “Why to Update Mobile App?” This is simply because knowing Why doesn’t tell you When to Update Mobile App which can be as significant as “Striking the iron when it’s red hot.”

So when is the iron red hot or when to update mobile app? Well, here is when you should be doing it.

  1. When you find Bugs and Fixes: These are the most common updates you will need to conduct for your mobile app regardless of the number of tests performed before launching your app. Although the degree of update may vary from minor to major, these changes are just going to improve the User Experience (UX) ensuring proper functionality of the app without changing the features.But it is not as easy as it seems. Except Google Play Store that allows developers to push out updates whenever they want; all other stores like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have the same approval process for updates as they have for initial app submission. Further Apple is particularly believed to be stringent and wants developers to fix crucial bug, security flaw or consistent app crashing issues without having to wait for long as much as in case of a regular update. Very ironically review of such updates may take time and can be painful.
  2. When you get considerable Feedback or Fan Following:
    • Feedback: Obviously if mobile app is not performing well, you need to work on feedback. Besides, how many app publishers care to take a serious note of feedback and act upon it? Working to fix common issue raised by majority of users is of course a wise decision though every negative review should not be taken personally. Further doing so may help you retain users who could otherwise switch to competitors when you don’t care or bother to work upon their requests, concerns or complaints.
    • Fan Following: When your mobile app is already doing well and has a huge fan following (or users) you can capitalize upon it. Of course the Time-Cost V/s Benefit measure has to be considered crucially particularly when you plan major updates.
  3. When New OS Version is launched: New versions of mobile operating systems bring plenty of opportunities for app publishers and companies. For example, Apple launched iOS 7 with 200 new features one of which is iBeacon that will not only boost mCommerce opportunities but will also help to create mobile apps with indoor navigation feature. Read in detail.You may also want to get details about Google’s recently announced KitKat (Android 4.4 version).
  4. When there is change in Seasons or Trends: Planning a mobile app update based on prevalent trend, or season can also turn a good strategy. Here are a few examples:
    • Seasons: In our related post, we cited the example of Angry Birds Seasons which stands valid, again here in this scenario. If not all, most mobile apps can benefit from the same approach, even if updates are only cosmetic.
    • Trends: Using trends to update mobile app can also turn in your favor. App like Icon Pop Quiz is already liked by a huge mass of mobile app users who love to get into the gameplay of identifying people, movie and TV shows and characters that are admired. Read in detail

Should you have questions or queries related with mobile app updating, feel free to contact us.

5 Significant Factors to Choose Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider : [InfoGraphic]


It is very crucial to select the right enterprise mobility solutions partner who will not only provide the scalable solutions but, can help you device a robust enterprise mobility strategy well aligned to your organizational goals. But do you know which factors are important to consider while selecting a partner for enterprise mobility solutions?

Here is an Infographic that highlights such factors. Take a look.

Choose Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider



Why Mobile App Maintenance and Upgrading is necessary?

Do you know that 65% of mobile app users discontinue app usage in about 3 months after downloading it?

Flurry’s data on user retention of apps is worth considering in the same regards. Take a look.


Although app’s continuous usage may vary depending on the category of app, “User Retention” is biggest challenge app publishers have.

There’s an interesting blog run by Cristina Cordova that touches upon the same point with following examples:

  1. SocialCam, a popular Photo & Video App, lost 95% of its active users connected to Facebook in just 5 months dropping from 83.6 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) in June 2012, to 4.3 million.
  2. Draw Something, the most popular social drawing and guessing Game also experienced a reduction of 75% active users connected to Facebook in 7 months with its user size shrinking to 9.1 million only from 36.5 million in April 2012.

It is quite apparent that if companies and mobile app publishers want to retain users and/or continue to make money (if applicable) they will have to upgrade and maintain the mobile app regardless of its popularity.

Don’t think so? You must certainly take an account of 2 more examples then.

  1. Angry Birds Seasons, the second puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series – Ever thought why this game is still enticing users? Yes you are probably getting it right, it keeps on releasing updates. Do check on level packs and their release dates by referring Angry Birds Seasons’ Chapter.
  2. Candy Crush Saga, the most popular game on Facebook and the highest grossing app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – Have you noticed that even after 500 existing levels (in facebook version), a new set of levels is released approximately every 3 weeks? Or why is there a need to launch additional levels for smartphone versions of Candy Crush Saga despite 440 currently existing?

It is largely, if not completely about keeping your apps fresh, relevant and updated through regular mobile app maintenance and optimization.

Also many of you might not have considered but retention and engagement can be significant metrics for app stores to display top apps in their charts.

Now that you know why you should update mobile app, you want to know about when to update mobile app?

Should you need any help for mobile app maintenance, upgrade or update, feel free to contact us.


Space-O’s First Windows Mobile App Development Experience

First ever Windows Mobile App from an organization known as a Leading Mobile Apps Development Company in India?

Yes. Recently we at Space-O developed our first Windows Phone 8 Application for Megaplex Theatres, a USA based world leader organization in Movie Industry.

This experience takes us back when we developed our first ever iPhone App at Space-O. While the technologies were different, the experience of starting something for the first time is almost similarly thrilling.

Here’s the brief of what application does:

Megaplex Theatres App Screen 2

The app shows the list of nearest theatres, guides the users through map and navigation path to the theatre, allows users to book the tickets through their mobile devices and share with their friends and family.

There are times when you want to watch a movie but cannot decide upon which one to watch and where.

That’s no longer a challenge now. Use this Windows 8 App that we have developed and make your life easier.

Did we mention that we have developed iPhone and Android version of the same app as well?

Megaplex Theatres, for whom we developed the app, did not want to miss on the 3rd largest mobile apps marketplace: Windows Phone App Store.

Sure, Megaplex Theatres is a world leader in the movie industry and operates the largest movie theatre chain in Utah with more than 193 screens across 18 locations but the point is not just that they are big.

The point is: they consider mobile as a key success driver to their business and did not want to keep a stone unturned to serve their customers who would be using Windows Phones.

Now, it makes good sense for the businesses to consider Windows Mobile 8 Apps if majority of their user base is going to access their services through mobile devices.

Megaplex Theatres just did that. We call it wise move for the business.

So how did we develop our first Windows Mobile 8 App?
One of the developers who had been working with us primarily to create Web Services for different front-end technologies had prior experience of working on Microsoft .NET framework. He took up the challenge, and educated himself about developing Windows Mobile Apps.

Then came designing the front-end part. Here, our learning curve was not that steep as our designers anyways know how to create interfaces for iOS and Android devices. Still they studied different Windows Mobile 8 Apps to identify the common user interface patterns so that the Windows App that we develop can confirm to the OS standards.

Once we designed the application, came the testing part. Our testers, who are good in mobile interface testing, educated themselves to understand the anatomy of Windows Mobile 8 Apps.

In the initial stage, we thought to hire a dedicated engineer who would have prior experience of developing Windows Mobile apps. However, our technical team, who rests in challenges, requested us to throw this challenge to them. They also assured us that the client would get professional Windows Mobile 8 app developed. Nothing more; nothing less.

And we delivered our first Windows Mobile 8 App.

For a technology company like us, nothing is better than excited team who is ready to take new challenges. The reason is simple – what will happen in the technology era is uncertain so not the knowledge of a particular language but the ability to learn quickly and apply that learning into a service, solution or a product becomes more important.

This experience suggests that our direction is right. When you know your direction is right, you develop the confidence to serve your clientele like only a few can.

Thank you Megaplex Theatres for providing us such an opportunity where we could challenge ourselves and opened the door of a new area of development – Windows Mobile Apps Development.

Should you have such a need, contact us today.


Why Should You Convert Your Legacy Software To Mobile App Sooner than Later?

If you are like most successful businesses, then you will have a software application built to take care of the unique need of your business.

If you have opted computing anywhere before 2007 then it is likely that you have your business application built on PowerBuilder, Delphi, FoxPro, Visual Basic, .NET and so on.

If you opted to make your business software web based then you might have used technologies such as classic ASP, JSP, PHP, Python and so on.

These languages were great in their times. But the technology changed too fast and came the era of Mobile Apps.

Many web technologies such as PHP scaled and are still serving well the mobile powered world of front ends..

But other technologies such as Visual Basic, specifically VB6, as it was one of the most widely used technologies in those times, did not scale to serve the mobile powered world.

The problem? Perfectly working software on desktop cannot be used on mobile devices.

Big problem, isn’t it?

It has a solution. Not always easy but a specific solution: That is to rethink the available technology stack and come up with something that can serve all the worlds – desktop, mobile and web.

How do we do that?

By creating a SOA based, cloud-powered architecture upon which your business software can safely serve your business needs.

This is how tomorrow’s enterprises, regardless of its size, think. They think about things like Enterprise Mobility in general, Enterprise Mobility Architecture and Security Concerns with enterprise mobility.

Do not worry if you have a small business. You can always learn from how enterprises think, isn’t it?

Other, less expensive way is to just recreate some part of your business applications in iPhone and Android, two of the most prominent mobile technologies available today.

Once those parts of your business application are accessed using mobile devices, all you need is import / export functionality between your legacy application and mobile application.

This is a general guideline. No matter if you are an Educational Institute, a Retail Store, a Health Club or a Financial Institution. If you are dealing with people, you must think about making your legacy software mobile friendly.

Wise men say that Businesses that embrace change to meet the needs of customer demands thrive.

You are losing on a potential to thrive if you are still not considering making your legacy business software mobile friendly.

At Space-O, we serve enterprises as well as small and medium sized businesses. So our teams are aware about different ways of looking at legacy software and its mobile-based applications.

Statistics say that the time is so near where Internet consumption over mobile devices will take over the PC/Desktop market. In some countries, it has already started.

If you don’t think about converting your Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi or FoxPro based legacy system into a Mobile enabled system that can work on different mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets or even Windows phones and tablets, you are losing on the excellence that today’s technology offers.

Don’t lose on technology excellence, contact us and chat with our representative about how your business can be benefited by embracing mobile technologies.


Why Every Serious .NET Developer Should Consider Working for Mobile App Development Company?

It may not occur as a surprise to many of you (particularly developers); if we say that desktop computing is on the dying verge. One of the major factors behind such decline is the rise in the mobile computing which is triggering the need for mobile application development.

“Now interestingly .NET is one of the hottest skill in demand for Mobile Development.”

What is the Scope of .NET in Mobile Development?

Now as a .NET Developer it is valid on your part to think what drives the demand for the skill, since the requirement for Windows Phone Apps is not that high. However you may have skipped to consider the “Back-End Integration” which is crucial while working upon mobile app solutions, particularly for enterprises. Most of the enterprise back-end systems use Microsoft products and services and in that regards demand for enterprise apps will be obviously increasing or as a matter of fact already increased. (Read here)

Opportunity and Role for .NET Developers

For a .NET developer, there is a great opportunity to work and thrive with the mobile app development company. Based on Visual Studio Magazine’s survey in which more than 1,000 U.S. based developers participated, .NET software development is still one of the best careers. (See the image below)


.NET software development


Even when we consider .NET from the perspective of Job Security, it appears to be promising again. (See the image below)


.NET Technologies and Job Security


See the precise skills and experience required for a .NET Developer to work with the mobile app development and apply accordingly. Visit Space-O’s Career Section.


Enterprise Mobility Gains for Healthcare Organizations

The advancement in mobile technology is changing the working styles and paradigm across diverse industries including Healthcare. Now the most important question to ask over here is that if enterprise mobility does any good to better patient care or to improve healthcare operations.

For this let’s visualize a few advantages that can be derived through mhealth or mobile health technology:Twitter


Enterprise Mobility Gains for Healthcare Organizations


Overview of the Automotive Mobile App Development Market

Mobile apps have greatly influenced our lives changing the way we do everything from traveling to trade, networking to navigation, entertainment to education and beyond. But here in this write up, we are going to overview the scope of mobile apps specifically in automotive industry.

Automotive mobile app development is luring both, companies (car manufacturers & car dealers) as well as consumers who are gearing to adopt and apply the mobile technology to better the driving experience. Here are a few statistics on that.

Beyond statistics when we take an account of automotive mobile apps we get to see some “Basic” apps

Automotive mobile app development

[A] Offered by the car manufacturers

  1. which focus on entertainment offering videos (e.g. BMW TV) and music streaming (e.g. Audi Music Stream);
  2. which serve the
    • Clients – who can choose to customize (personalize) the interior and / or exterior of their cars by picking the color, wheels, interior leather, decorations, etc. (e.g. Rolls-Royce Ghost)
    • Media – that can quickly access about the information about the auto brand and spread the news about the launch of new products (cars) or any such announcement made by the company. (e.g. AudiMedia, ŠKODA Media Services)

[B] Launched by the car dealers

  1. to better their service by equipping employees with such an app that will provide real time information of inventory, discounts, special offers, etc. (e.g. Glockner)

Now it is apparent that the automotive mobile app development is yet in its infancy for creating a seamless interface between the driver and technology through more audible mobile apps which can operate through voice commands to reduce driver distraction from the use of hand-held mobile devices while driving. Despite, consumers show a great interest in automotive mobile apps. For example, MyFord Mobile has more than 1,000 installs.

Should you need further consultation or cost estimate for your automotive mobile app development project, set up a free and no obligation appointment with us.


Career in Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is turning a booming career with the ever-expanding mobile app market across the world. As per Gartner (the world’s leading IT Research and Advisory Company), the global mobile app revenue in 2013 is expected to touch $26 billion compared to last year’s (2012) $18 billion – a steep growth of 44.44 percent.

The upturn might have picked a great place right now, however, the trend already existed. As per Convergence Catalyst, there are about 10,000 companies in India which develop mobile apps. Out of these most were launched during the last 3 years.

Having said that, it is yet understandable on your part, to think if that implies any possible growth in your mobile app development career too. We’ve jotted a few points that you may want to consider in the same regards:

    1. There’s a rise of 100 percent in jobs for mobile app developers.
    2. Not only iOS and Android but HTML mobile development is also the most sought-after skill. The exact percentage is mentioned in the image below.


Career in Mobile App Development


  1. As per, the need for iOS developers is growing at 30 percent and is likely to rise further in the next two years.
  2. LinkedIn’s job data hints that the demand for Android developers is also high standing at 52 percent.

Space-O Technologies can help you achieve the desired growth in your mobile app development career with 10 benefits that you can count upon.

To know more the current job openings visit our careers section. You can directly apply with us by sending your application along with your updated CV at:


The Major Pros and Cons of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

With abound of options to choose from, mobile app creators are often in a dilemma as to which platform or technology they should opt for. Obviously everyone wants to have all the best of the features and functions at the least possible cost; however, it is not that easy as one has to trade off a few things (at least as per the believed notion). So let’s consider the pros and cons of the cross platform mobile app development.


  1. Extended Reach: This is one of the greatest benefits one can have with cross platform mobile app development. Not only one can target the audiences on Apple App Store or Google Play or even their combination, but the reach can be extended to a huge mass available on all the mobile app stores.
  2. Takes less Time to Code, Deploy, Launch and Maintain/Update: Cross platform mobile app development lessens the effort and time to be invested in writing or amending the code which is otherwise extended when separate mobile app is developed for each platform. It helps to create mobile apps for almost all mobile devices with a single codebase.
  3. Requires no special skill: Most of the cross platform mobile development frameworks are based on HTML, CSS and Javascript which almost every developer is familiar with. This means you don’t need to hire a resource with specific skill to code with iOS, Windows Phone or any such proprietary frameworks.
  4. Reduces Cost of Development: The development effort is curtailed in cross platform mobile app development and therefore the cost is reduced. Developing mobile apps individually for each mobile platform can otherwise cost your very high.


  1. Fragmentation: There is a huge fragmentation in devices, operating systems and screen sizes. Creating cross platform compatible apps means designing apps that should be able to stretch and compress as per thousand different shapes of screens to render decent (if not great) experience across all the devices which are further powered by different operating systems. Even if we take a sole account of android, there’s a lot of fragmentation. Read in detail.
  2. App Store Compliance: Cross platform mobile app development should be conducted in a way that it is not violating the guidelines particularly those from Apple since the app has to undergo and clear the app submission process to get published on Apple App Store.

Cross platform mobile apps development offers bundle of benefits but it also brings a lot of challenges for your development team. Having said that one should not rule out the option completely without consideration or consulting to an expert. In case, if you have any query or confusion regarding cross-platform app development, then you can contact us for free initial support or no obligation quote.

6 Things to know about Direct Carrier Billing and Monetization Opportunities with it

Mobile payment technologies are constantly evolving, lending us the new means and methods to market our apps and revolutionize our mobile app development. Direct Carrier Billing or Direct Operator Billing (as termed in USA) is one such mechanism, with which opportunities are abound but yet not fully tapped (particularly by developers).

Now in case you are wondering how big the market or the extent of opportunity is; here is the statistics on that:

As per Juniper Research,

  1. Direct Carrier Billing offers the opportunity to target customers who are either unwilling to register their credit cards online or the unbanked audience (more than 2.5 billion adults across the globe).
  2. Revenues from Direct Carrier Billing are expected to rise from $2 billion in 2012 to more than $13 billion by 2017.
  3. Nokia and BlackBerry have acknowledged that the implementation of direct operator billing results in 5-6 times increase in conversion rates. In fact, Nokia Store offers operator billing supported by 145 operators, across 52 markets.
  4. Amdocs annually processes more than 250 million transactions with a value of more than $2 billion.
  5. Sales in Google Play processed via carrier billing by Amdocs for leading NA operators tripled in revenues last year.

According to txtNation,

  1. Conversion rates go up to 85 per cent where Operator Billing is available; compared to credit card payments, which can be as low as 7 per cent.

Know more about how you can capitalize direct carrier or operator billing option.

To discuss on how you can incorporate direct operator billing option in your mobile app, contact here.


7 Benefits of Healthcare Mobility

Mobile technology can benefit us in profound ways improving the quality of lives we lead. Here in case of healthcare industry mobility can greatly contribute in improving patient care as well as reducing operational costs. However these are not the only advantages related with healthcare mobility, you can read about a few more which are as follows:

  1. Treatment compliance for chronic disease like Tuberculosis can be improved by 30 to 70 per cent.
  2. 1/4th of the elderly care costs can be reduced with mobile healthcare.
  3. Healthcare mobility also contributes in reducing costs related to data collection by nearly 24 percent.
  4. Each doctor can reach twice as many rural patients with healthcare mobility.
  5. Implementation of healthcare mobility can curtail maternal and perinatal mortality by 30 percent.
  6. Patient & Staff Safety can be improved using Wi-Fi Real Time Location System (RTLS) particularly for psychiatric, trauma and elderly patients who are more likely to cause risk for themselves by wandering or leaving their hospital bed. Further cost associated with loss of medical equipment, like wheel chairs, infusion pumps, computers-on-wheels, etc. can be reduced.
  7. Healthcare mobility can better communication with patients and increase awareness about health issues in general public. For example, an initiative in Uganda sent out an SMS quiz on HIV awareness, which resulted in a 40% increase in people requesting free HIV/AIDS testing.

SEE Also: Why Mobile Healthcare App Development Should be Taken Seriously?

Some of the above mentioned information is sourced from the key findings of “Socio-Economic Impact of mHealth” study and Mobile Health White Paper published by GSM Association.

For queries, questions and quotes related with healthcare mobility, contact us.


Why use PhoneGap for Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development can be a cumbersome and costly affair unless you make the informed choices about the resources to work for your best interests. Choosing a reliable technology for your mobile app development project is one such decision that matters the most in order to meet your goals in the best way possible.

Not known by everyone but PhoneGap can add a great value in your mobile app project. Here is why:

  1. Cross Platform Compatibility: PhoneGap offers the highest level of cross platform compatibility supporting 8 different mobile app development platforms comprised of iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, webOS, Symbian, Bada and Tizen. This means your PhoneGap app development team will have to write a single code curtailing the efforts to program for different platforms separately.
  2. Accessibility to Native APIs: PhoneGap equips your mobile app developers with an access to native APIs so your app can make the most of camera, accelerometer, geolocation, contacts, and other native features. In short, it helps to retain the native mobile app experience which is far more superior compared to web app.
  3. Investment: When you have tight budgets or you want optimum leverage within the lowest investments, PhoneGap is your tool. Not only will it be cost effective to create single PhoneGap mobile app that operates smoothly on all platforms, but you will be free from the cumbersome process of finding the right team or talent for mobile app development across diverse platforms. This ultimately saves your time along with your money.
  4. Ideal for Big Business Models: With the prevalence and implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in enterprises, mobility management (or EMM) is certainly a challenge. Here PhoneGap mobile app development can ease the situation to an extent allowing developers to code universal apps (that work on all mobile devices) instead of platform specific apps.

Should you have questions or queries related with PhoneGap mobile app development, reach us free initial support.


Impact of FDA’s Final Guidance on Mobile Medical App Development

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its final guidance for mobile medical application development that is subject to FDA review. But mobile medical app development is subject to review ONLY when there is a greater risk to patients from medical mobile apps that do not work as intended, i.e. apps which pose minimal risk to consumers will not be enforced with requirements under the Federal Drug & Cosmetic Act.

As per Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, the agency is taking tailored approach that supports innovation while protecting consumer safety.

Will there be any possible impact on the mobile health market?
Now despite FDA’s attempt that encourages innovation by intending to exercise enforcement discretion for majority of medical mobile apps, 80% of the mobile health revenue market may still reflect an impact. This is because 80% revenue of mhealth market in 2013 is predicted to be covered by Connected Medical Devices comprised of cardiac monitoring, diabetes management devices, multi-parameter tracker, etc. (where connected cardiac monitoring devices has the maximum market share, followed by diabetes management devices, and multi-parameter trackers). Refer RNRMarketResearch

How does that relate to FDA Guidelines?
FDA intends to apply its regulatory oversight to mobile medical apps which can be comprised of

  • software programs that run on smartphones and other mobile communication devices OR
  • the accessories that attach to a smartphone or other mobile communication devices OR
  • a combination of accessories and software.

Having said that, sale or general consumer use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) or the mobile app distribution (by iTunes App Store and Google Play Store) does not fall under the regulation. Read in detail…

You can also seek our support for mobile medical app development or mhealth app development. Contact us here.

Fitness app development

8 Key Stats that matter for your Mobile Health App Development

mHealth is emerging as an industry in itself since a huge mass of audience is using mobile health apps to receive health care services. If you want to target such an audience, then below mentioned key stats must help to plan your mobile health app development pertinently.

Mobile Health App Development


  1. mHealth application market is estimated to touch $26 billion by 2017, according to a report by Research2Guidance.
  2. The global mobile health app market has a staggering CAGR of 25.5% with sleep and meditation, and weight loss apps anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR. Having said that, exercise apps are yet dominating the healthcare apps market with just less than 1/5th of the share.
  3. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials estimate that 500 million smartphone users across the globe will use some kind of health app by 2015.
  4. A recent survey by Deloitte showed that 43% of doctors (out of 613 polled physicians) use smartphones or tablets for clinical purposes.
  5. According to Pew Internet, 9 in 10 caregivers own a mobile phone and 1/3rd have used it to get health information.
  6. Again as per the same report published by Pew Internet in June 2013, 59% of caregivers with internet access say that online resources have been helpful to their ability to provide care and support for the person in their care.
  7. The Health market in North America is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.4% reaching $31.3 Billion by 2017 from $21.9 billion last year.
  8. The mhealth market is broadly categorized into healthcare apps and connected medical device (which is going to rule the revenue market with around 80% in 2013). But developers have to keep in mind the final FDA guidelines as per which the agency will regulate a mobile app, which transforms a mobile platform into a regulated medical device, and is intended for use in performing a medical device function. Know more about the 3 types of mHealth apps FDA will regulate.

Should you have questions or queries related with mobile health app development, please feel free to contact us.


Mobile App Development Myths DEMYSTIFIED

Mobile app development industry is growing by leaps and bounds yet there are some myths that are required to be debunked. This is because clients who are misinformed about a few aspects have to bear the profit loss very often for not being able to capitalize the mobile app development opportunity up to its total leverage.

So which are the common myths related with mobile app development?

Myth 1: It costs a huge amount to create mobile apps: The amount to be spent on mobile app development really depends upon the functionality, engineering complexity, and the type of Smartphone app you may want for your business or brand. For example, basic table apps have no complex architecture and are therefore inexpensive.

You can read more about the types of mobile app development and budgets.

Myth 2: A mobile app idea has to be intellectually brilliant: Not necessarily an idea has to be brilliant; you can adopt the whole concept or an aspect of your mobile app from the real life even if it is weird, insane or ridiculously amazing. The epic example to discuss here would be of “Angry Birds.” The idea of choosing sickly green pigs for the birds’ enemy cropped out of the real life occurrence of swine-flu outbreak that dominated the news when the game was created.

Myth 3: Mobile apps created quickly are not quality: This is the one of the greatest misbeliefs. Not only one can create mobile apps quickly but he can make plenty of money out of it. Yes it is very much possible with re-skinning apps and games. And here is why you must consider reskinning mobile apps and games.

Myth 4: Once Mobile app is developed and launched on App Store, your job is done. There are over 900,000 iOS apps in the Apple App Store, 1 Million in Google Play and 160,000 in Windows Store; and many of those apps are never even downloaded. This doesn’t imply that such apps are junk, there is a high likeliness that these apps are undiscovered by the audience. So there’s a great need for mobile app marketing along with development.

Myth 5: In-house mobile app development is the ONLY way to keep the idea protected. It is very sensible to protect the mobile app development idea, however, in-house mobile app development is not the ONLY way to do so. In fact, in-house mobile app development demands huge capital investment of time and money against the outsourcing model where clients can enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the service provider in order to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets.

Get more such clarifications for all your queries related with mobile app development, contact us.

Creating Freemium Mobile Apps – The Hot Trend You Can Capitalize Upon

It is very likely that you may not know “what are freemium mobile apps?” if you are new or less exposed to the mobile app space. But just in case you do, then you can skip to read the “What” part and directly jump to the “Why” section.

What are freemium mobile apps?
As apparent “freemium” is the combination of the words “free” and “premium”. A freemium mobile application is the mobile software that you (as app publisher or seller) can offer to users for free of charge with limited feature-set and an option to unlock the additional or advanced feature(s), or function(s) via In-App Purchase (IAP).

Such additional features may include power-ups, boosts, restricted levels, special characters, virtual money, etc.

But why are we talking about freemium mobile apps today? Well, for a few reasons which are as follows:

  1. Free mobile apps currently constitute 60% and 80% of the total available apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, respectively, as disclosed by Brian Blau, research director at Gartner.
  2. Free mobile applications will also account for 91% of total downloads in the current year increasing to 94% in 2016.
  3. IAP will drive 17% of the store revenue in the current year and elevate to 48% in 2017. Also, with downloads, IAP is expected to have strong growth this year as well as in the subsequent year (i.e. 2014).
  4. Even Juniper Research has the same take confirming IAP being the greatest driver of the consumer spend on Apps, which is going to be $75 billion by 2017.
  5. Now freemium mobile apps can be coded for any category (i.e. education, entertainment, etc.) but if you (as app entrepreneur, publisher, seller or developer) really want to make the most of the big opportunity then Juniper Research has the key takeaway to offer. The leading analyst firm predicts Games (the most popular category) will attract the greatest share of the consumer spend, taking 32% of the total revenues in 2017.

For exemplification “Candy Crush Saga” is the best reference we can provide.

If you have a mobile app / game plan and want to know more about the app monetization possibilities with freemium mobile apps, you can request our free initial consultation.

Can Mobile Event App Development contribute in Event’s Success?

Not that you’ve imagined but mobile event app development can contribute to a great extent in making the event successful. Not only will it benefit you but it will be equally useful to attendees, sponsors and almost everyone involved.

Want to know how?

Consider you are getting a mobile event app developed with following features and elements:

  1. Schedules: When you have a mobile event app, audiences can exhume the vital event information, i.e. agenda, speakers in case of conferences or bands if it’s a music event, etc. easily from anywhere. So event managers can spread the word about the event without physical or digital distribution of flyers saving time and paper both.
  2. Location and Maps: While majority of mobile apps focus ONLY on offering outdoor navigation (since GPS signals have trouble penetrating through the solid objects of buildings like steel, etc.) you can now choose to provide indoor navigation too, in order to help your audiences quickly find the locations for food, restrooms, stages, etc. along with steering them to the event site. Thanks to iBeacon technology in iOS 7.
  3. Videos: Remember the WWDC app by Apple? Users who were unable to attend the conference can virtually connect with the event by watching session videos. And it is indeed a great idea to target masses that way.
  4. Notifications and Alerts: Event administrators with the help of mobile event app can instantly send the alerts about the last-minute changes, important announcements or weather delays thus helping users to be aware about such updates via push notifications.
  5. Sponsors: Since the usage of mobile event app by attendees increases consistently, there is an ample opportunity to monetize through the mobile event app. Even if you have a single exclusive sponsorship for the event you can still convince the sponsor to invest 2-5 times of the cost of the app, emphasizing on the benefits of getting mobile from attendees’ perspective and not from the price outlook.
  6. Real-Time Session Feedback: In the digital age paper feedback forms are not only outdated and but boring for attendees who tend to “Type and Tap” more these days than to “Write or Tick.” Moreover through an app attendees can instantly provide their feedback in both quantifiable as well as qualitative manner. Besides there is an environmental element too behind getting paperless.
  7. Social Sharing: Sharing photos on facebook, tweeting about the happenings at the event is what people would love to do. You can encourage attendees to share their experiences and pictures on social networks or even run the competition for the best tweet with a particular hash tag (#) related to your event. And adding such a feature in your event app that allows users to tweet or share post on facebook will further boost the chances as well as better the entire event experience for attendees.
  8. Branding: It is very much possible to highlight your brand image alongside promoting event sponsors.

Apart from the ones mentioned above others features and elements can be added for example ability of an app to function in an online and offline mode, etc.

For questions, queries and quotes related to your mobile event application development, you can request our free initial support.


Why Space-O is a Great Career Choice for iOS Developers?

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Nietzche

The wisdom encapsulated in this one quote by one of the most brilliant philosophers of our time is applicable to each and every sphere of life.

Space-O is therefore that “why” to iOS developers who can take on any challenge that may come in the path of their fabulous career.

We are not just stating things for the sake of it. Here are some of the reasons of that “why” and being a smart iOS developer, it will make a lot of sense to you. Not only that, those “whys” may also help you arrive at the informed decision whether to choose Space-O as your “why” to bear almost “any how.”

Basic Approach of Space-O

We believe in creating value for our employees as well as stakeholders. And, this is a philosophy we live with and not just talk about. It is not enough for us to be motivated. We insist to get it reflected in all our executions ranging from project deliveries to managing client accounts to generating new business.

The story of Bhaval Patel is just one example to substantiate what we claim – tremendous energy to create value for one’s own self as well as for other stake holders of the company. Bhaval is a brilliant example of how a person can actually transcend the titles that he may have, create value and ownership of all those tasks done transcending the titles and finally get rewarded with grace and dignity.

Bhaval is a shining testimony to all the prospective iOS developers who want to make their dreams come true – the dream of belonging to an entity that just does not make you a cog in the wheel, but instead gives you freedom and higher self-esteem to take ownership and independent outlook towards things.

Read on the story of Bhaval here and you will know what it is to work with Space-O which aspires to be India’s fastest growing Mobile Apps Development Company.

Following are some other attractions to work with Space-O

  • Infinite possibilities of tremendous growth because mobile application development industry per se is limitless
  • Space-O thrives in a culture that emphasizes transparency and honesty thereby exploiting all the finer creative juices of developers in a joyous and healthy work environment
  • Technology is our strongest tool to achieve this transparent and honest work culture
  • We execute rightly and hence our deliverables also reflect that righteousness


When we say that we create value to all our stakeholders, we mean all – employees, clients, vendors and investors. If our employees work in a healthy atmosphere, needless to say that our clients too smell that fit and healthy work culture. They become our long-term associations and also great admirers of the style of our business and culture.

Read what our clients have to say for us here.

And, if clients praise us, can our employees be far behind?

No, they cannot be.

Pay attention to what our employees speak.

All our employees are of the opinion that after joining Space-O, they felt that their “real work” has just started and that they can go on exploring new horizons as per their creative instincts. For them, Space-O has turned out to be their wings to take off in the wonderful world of mobile application development.

In a world of cut throat competition and politics all over, wouldn’t you like to explore a destination that is free of all this dirt and noise?

Get in touch with us and let us take it forward from there. Send an email at:


Plan Your Industry Specific Mobile App Development as per Usage Statistics


It happens quite often that we want to create mobile apps related to a specific industry but don’t have the demographics to support our decision making. Keeping that in mind, we are going to share a few statistics that you may use to plan your industry specific mobile app development.

Travel Industry:

  1. 15 per cent of US mobile owners have downloaded a mobile app particularly for an upcoming vacation.
  2. 29 per cent of US mobile owners have used mobile apps to find flight deals.Twitter

Retail Industry:

  1. 46 per cent of mobile consumers are less likely to comparison shop when using a retailer’s mobile application.
  2. 25 million Americans use coupon applications every month.Twitter
  3. 47 per cent of US smartphone owners use shopping apps almost 17 times per month.Twitter
  4. 34 per cent of smartphone owners who used the device on their last shopping trip used a retailer’s mobile app.

Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI) Industry:

  1. 52 per cent of millennials use mobile banking apps to manage accounts from a mobile device.
  2. 56 per cent of UK tablet owners use finance or banking apps.Twitter
  3. 8 per cent of mobile phone owners have used applications to check their insurance coverage.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

  1. 10 per cent of mobile phone owners have used apps to find prescription costsTwitter
  2. 30 per cent of mobile phone owners have used apps to find a nearby pharmacy.

Hope the above mentioned statistics is going to help you in your mobile app development decision making. However if you’ve questions, queries or you are looking for quotes related to such mobile app development, feel free to contact us.


BitCoin and Enterprise Mobility

Do you know what is BitCoin?


Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Find out more about it here.

Let us discuss some of the use cases of this digital and decentralized crypto currency called BitCoin from the viewpoint of an enterprise in general and enterprise mobility in particular.

So here are a few Use Cases from the very outlook:

  1. Salaries: As an enterprise, you can pay your employees’ salaries in BitCoins that can be sent to the address provided by the employee. There will be no central authority for managing transactions and processing wages for your workers facilitating instant payments for your staff, anywhere in the world. All that is required to be done by employer and employees is to have digital wallet or bitcoin mobile app of their own that will allow them to generate a bitcoin address for every transaction they conduct.Some organizations like “SC5” and “Internet Archive” are already paying remunerations in BitCoins.
  2. Business Mobile VoIP: Business Mobile VoIP for Enterprise Mobility is on the rise as confirmed here on TMCnet. Further as per the prediction from Juniper Research, there will be 1 billion mobile VoIP users by 2017. (Source: TheNextWeb)Not that one would have imagined but enterprises can still use Bitcoins to pay for Mobile VoIP Services. In fact, organizations can subscribe for such services at a discounted price (almost 25% less than what is supposed to be paid) if they choose to pay in BitCoins. Don’t believe it, drop by here.
  3. Customer Payments: Not as much as fiat money but BitCoin does have an appeal, potentially as a mobile wallet. A substantiation here is that 1/3 of Kenyans have Bitcoin wallets because M-Pesa, the popular mobile platform in sub-Saharan Africa, now embraces Bitcoin. This means as a business you can expand your reach targeting unbanked people.

There can be plenty of other use cases apart from the ones mentioned above however we’ve narrowed our perspective from an enterprise’s standpoint as mentioned above. You may even learn more by exploring and (Refer “What to do with my Bitcoins?”).

For business queries and questions, you can always seek a free initial consulting from us.


Common Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Mobile Health Apps

There are over 97,000 mobile health apps but no sure short way to figure out which ones work. Despite there are few common mistakes that we can avoid in order to create reliable mobile health apps. Besides, the market had been unregulated so far with no guarantee if these mhealth apps supplied correct information or not due to which FDA intervenes into smartphone market with app regulations.

The mobile health app market is estimated to reach $26 billion by 2017, according to a March report by Research2Guidance. What most people and mobile app makers are currently not aware of is the fact that FDA regulation can impact the development and distribution of mobile health apps. In fact, FDA has already started questioning companies like Biosense Technologies Private Ltd. about its lack of regulatory clearance (Follow the link above for details).

In order to create reliable mobile health apps you can avoid following mistakes:

  1. Vague Conception: Understanding and addressing the purpose of the people behind their usage of heath apps helps to tailor a solution as per the necessity. A vague concept on the other hand may not work or will be of little value to users. For example, a health app that allows measuring and maintaining health logs ONLY doesn’t serve any special purpose. It will be highly useful to people if it offers solution to better their health with clinical credibility, patient connectivity and data analytics.
  2. Lack of Health Expert Input: Heath information must be accurate which can otherwise impact the well being of the people. Lack of input or validation from health expert while creating mhealth apps is like leaving it to chance as is the case with many mobile health apps currently.
  3. Lack of Regulatory Compliance: Regardless of the user experience, uniqueness or other engaging factors in the mobile health application, lack of compliance toward proposed guidelines related with handling of data from apps may lead to rework that will again cost additional amount.
  4. Insignificance to User-Centric Approach: App developers perceive the development of mobile health application from a technology viewpoint instead of medical. To create a reliable patient experience mhealth app developers have to recognize chronic disease management as a patient-centric activity that requires coordination of many stakeholders and clinical and behavioral expertise.

SEE Also: 8 Key Stats that matter for your Mobile Health App Development

In short, building a mhealth app requires diligent consideration of several factors. For more details, clarification or quotes to create one such app, contact us.


Mobile App Development and 3 Tips to Dodge The Failure

Both employee and consumer facing mobile applications are developed at a very fast pace today, to address the so called the “Unmet Demand.” And why not, after all people including workers are always available on mobile devices these days.

Having said that, there is a still high risk in such hastiness and launching apps too early that may not serve your audience as the way you have planned. So here is what you need to do to avoid failure.

  1. Have a Blueprint: Alongside planning all the aspects and phases of mobile app development in detail, you must also have a yardstick to measure the success of app and how will it create a difference for your consumer audience. Further having an app blueprint also includes detailed breakdown of every step and its cost. As per Forrester, mobile app design and development can cost between $200,000 and $350,000 and therefore demands due diligence while spending.In short understanding what you are trying to build and deliver; and how much difference it can create is of vital significance than mimicking your competitors’ decision of creating mobile apps.
  2. Have Right Development Resources: Now you will rarely find a person who is pro at everything including designing, programming and usability testing. Though there are many who would still claim to be versatile and solely sufficient to serve your requirement, there is always a risk that they may abandon your project saying it is really not working. To avoid doing so, you should consider outsourcing mobile app development to a company instead that will give you an access to employ a group of skilled professionals who have already been screened and are competent in their respective fields.Here in case of companies, you should yet review portfolios and ask for references to ensure you are selecting and short listing the one that befits your need, budget and other requirements. For example, if you are planning on enterprise mobile app development, then you should primarily consider the versatility of company’s technical expertise as the intended mobile app should be integrated with your existing systems and work harmoniously.
  3. Consider an Invite-Only Beta: Prior launching your mobile app globally, you should consider an invite only beta launch. In fact, Google+ and Pinterest did the same and achieved great success. Because doing so not only creates a buzz around your mobile app, but also helps you to have feedback and suggestions to make improvements before unveiling the final stable version. You can even use email marketing to notify a group of your consumers that you think can gain from using your mobile app. Moreover you can offer free and exclusive access of your mobile app to such group before its launch and even request those consumers to write a review of your app in exchange of free and exclusive access.

Make the most of these tips and share it with others in your circles and community. For support and mobile application development services, you can contact us.


Save Your Mobile App Project Find the Right Android App Development Company or Team : [InfoGraphic]

Undoubtedly android is the great platform to leverage from, particularly when you are targeting a huge audience through the mobile app development. However, one of the key roles that contributes in success or salability of android app is of its developers. So if you aim to create a great mobile app, make sure you have the best players (android app developers) in your team.

Here is the Infographic with some fundamental tips to find great droid
developers / company:

Find The Right Android App Development Company


6 Valuable Tips to help You Create Finest Mobile Apps

  1. It costs $1 to fix a bug in development, $10 to fix it in testing and $100 to fix it in production.
  2. Good design of your mobile app can be the difference between adoption and abandonment.
  3. By thinking about users physically hold and interact with different mobile devices, you can build apps smarter in whole new ways.
  4. You cannot deploy desktop or web developers and expect them to do wonders with the mobile app development. It is never going to happen.
  5. A bad mobile app is worse than no app at all.
  6. Only a great value (usefulness) offered through your app can earn you a great value (worth) in return.
Data Governance and Security

6 Quick Tips for Effective MDM, Data Governance and Security

  1. Discover and audit all the mobile devices on the network
  2. Be aware of the back office systems employees wish to access via mobile devices
  3. Formalize user types and establish Acceptable /Fair Usage Policy
  4. Prohibit unauthorized devices by implementing security protocols and encryption
  5. Consider separating personal and business data
  6. Use software that enables remote device management in case of loss or theft

See the tips in infographic, share them with your colleagues, co-workers and communities.

6 Quick Tips for Effective MDM, Data Governance and Security


2013 App Fest Winner Space-O is Looking More Ninjas in its Team


Amongst the 50 teams and 250 Mobile App Developers who were participating from all over India including Coimbatore, Chennai, Surat and Rajkot in App Fest 2013, Space-O Ninjas (Developers) convincingly claimed their victory manifesting why they are the best mobile app development team in Ahmedabad or probably in India.

Now the company is looking for equally talented Ninjas who can join its winning team and continue its trail of triumphant. So if you think you can be a part of team Space-O, then here is an opportunity to get your application considered for the relevant opening mentioned in the Career Section.

Obviously career decisions are not easy, i.e. you need to ascertain and anticipate your gains and growth prior choosing your employers.

However with Space-O you don’t have to think hard to visualize the benefits you are going to yield out of your employment because the company has already listed the 10 advantages of working with it. Here is the list.

You can send your applications with your updated curriculum vitae at


Enterprise Mobility related Common Questions ANSWERED

IT Consumerization is the compelling and the game changing factor that is redefining the way enterprises are operating. But even when we look beyond the trend, enterprise mobility is emerging as more of a necessity due to the promise and the potential it holds for the organizations.

Despite there are some common questions that arise in our minds when we try to determine the extent of the value to be derived through the implementation of enterprise mobility. A few of such common questions may include following:

Q. What are the benefits of enterprise mobility?

  1. Increased productivity: As per recent iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report study, employees who have mobile access work an extra 8 hours per week, on average.
  2. Faster decision making: Access to real time information and data facilitates quick decision making which ultimately contributes in more business.
  3. Flexible operability: Flexibility to operate from anywhere allows employees to serve ad-hoc needs and requirements of the organization.
  4. Remote connectivity: Regardless of the geographical location team members can operate in sync by being in touch with one another.

Q. What are the challenges of enterprise mobility?

  1. Data Governance and Security: The biggest challenge of enterprise mobility is protecting the corporate data while ensuring the seamless exchange of information among workers on mobile devices. Further usage of mobile devices to handle and store corporate data is a risky affair if enterprises cannot control the access to data on a device that is lost or stolen.
  2. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ROI: Another major challenge that organizations face is the cost effective implementation of the enterprise mobility solution in order to balance the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI). Now the TCO is the aggregate of the cost of the hardware, software, installation, training, wireless data services or plan, maintenance, etc. to be used for mobilizing enterprise.

Do you have other such questions related with enterprise mobility? Talk to us, we offer a free initial consultation.


Should you be Developing Mobile Banking Apps?

It is very necessary to ascertain the feasibility of the idea to ensure you are heading in a right direction, particularly when stakes are high. In the very context, statistics prove to be useful since you get to know about consumer and market insight.

Below mentioned are few statistics that you can use if you are considering mobile banking app development.

  1. 550 Million people will use mobile banking services by 2016, up from 185 million in 2011. Source: Juniper Research
  2. Over 1 Billion mobile users will use mobile banking by 2017. Source: Juniper Research
  3. 80 per cent of mobile bankers will pay bills via a mobile device by 2016. Source: Juniper Research
  4. The mobile banking transactions market in Europe in 2013 is €4–€5 Billion. Source: National Retail Federation
  5. 90 per cent of mobile banking customers use their devices to check their balances and recent transactions while 42 per cent use them to transfer money. Source: Federal Reserve Mobile Device Report
  6. 57 per cent of smartphone owners in United States use mobile banking features. Source: Compete
  7. 56 per cent of tablet owners in United Kingdom use financial or banking apps. Source: Lightspeed Research
  8. 73 per cent of smartphone owners in United States trust their current banks with mobile payments, compared to 62 per cent of standard mobile phone owners. Source: Market Strategies International

If you want to create mobile financial app or have a requirement for mobile banking app development, you can request our free initial consultation and quote.

We have also built one such app, see Loan Manager.


Enterprise Mobility for Educational Institutes and Redefining the Learning Experience : [InfoGraphic]

The Enterprise Mobility is not only for corporate businesses as perceived by many. It can also re-define the way how educational organizations operate. Imagine your educational institute as an enterprise that offers mobile learning experience converting their physical libraries into digital ones.

Get to know more about how enterprise mobility can contribute for educational organizationsTwitter

Enterprise Mobility for Educational Institutes and Redefining the Learning Experience


7 Things You Need To About the Future of In-Vehicle Mobile Apps

Although the concept is in its infancy in-vehicle or in-car mobile apps are gradually becoming the interest of car and app makers. We’ve therefore jotted 7 things that we believe can interest you, if you are in mobile app development or related space.

Here they go:

  1. In-vehicle applications will have a market of nearly $1.2 billion by 2017, according to Juniper Research.Twitter
  2. Further it predicts 120 million app-connected vehicles to be on the road worldwide by 2017 and out of these more than 75 per cent of cars will be in North America, Latin America and Western Europe.
  3. 20 per cent of consumer cars in Western Europe and North America will be app-connected vehicles by 2017.
  4. As per the report from Anthony Cox of Juniper Research, “Incorporating the smartphone into the vehicle has become, and will continue to be, a major driver for automotive infotainment and in-vehicle Internet access.” From this it can be inferred that in-vehicle apps will have some definite need.
  5. Egil Juliussen of IHS Research said the “The next several years will see an explosion in the use of in-vehicle apps in cars…” Further, as per IHS, 38 per cent of new car buyers want apps.
  6. Advertisers will have another way to attract consumers based on their use of in-car apps.
  7. In-car app opens the door to new business models for content providers and app developers.

Share this among your colleagues, co-workers and communities. If you have queries or questions to ask, feel free to contact us.


9 Tweetable Facts about Augmented Reality Mobile App Market

Augmented Reality is not just another mobile app development idea but it’s a serious business opportunity to cash in on. Don’t believe me?

First, to get the better idea, read the benefits of Augmented Reality development. Then start with the following content.

As per Juniper Research,

  1. Revenues from Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile Apps will be around $300 million, in 2013.
  2. Market for augmented reality applications is expected to grow by leaps and bounds with revenues touching to a figure of $5.1 billion by 2016 from mere $181.25 million – a compound annual growth rate of 95.35 percent.
  3. Over 2.5 billion mobile AR apps to be downloaded yearly by 2017, with largest chunk of it comprised of games.

According to ARC Chart forecast,

  1. Revenues from mobile augmented reality apps will reach $2.2 billion by 2015.
  2. Further, a total installed base of over 1.6 billion AR-enabled phones will be present in the market.

Going by Gartner’s research predictions,

  1. 30 per cent of mobile subscribers having data plans in mature markets will use AR at least once a week, in 2014.

Ypulse, a youth market research firm finds that

  1. Only 11 per cent of high school students and collegians have ever used an augmented reality app.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps can actually enhance the user experience and thereby improve the customer loyalty towards your brand.

  1. Toyota saw a staggering 600 per cent increase in Toyota Shopping Tool app downloads following a coordinated concert event and augmented reality launch.
  2. Moosejaw launched an XRAY augmented reality app that drove 1 million impressions on Twitter, 160,000 video views and 75,000 downloads in 5 weeks, boosting sales by 37 per cent YoY.

Discuss and know more about the possibilities with Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App Development; request our free initial consultation and quote.

4 Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

Innovation in mobile Technology has revolutionized everything. It has brought the consumerization in IT, changing the way how people (including employees and customers) are interacting with the businesses. The global enterprise mobility market opportunity is expected to grow by a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 15 per cent reaching $140 billion by 2020, as per the NASSCOM report created in association with Deloitte.

However there are several other benefits you must take an account of while considering enterprise mobility, which are as follows:


Benefits of Enterprise Mobility
  1. Enhanced Productivity: Usage of mobile devices contributes in improving efficiency of employees. It allows them to work from remote locations at any given time as per their convenience. Further enterprise mobility lets your employees operate unceasingly while being in constant touch with other colleagues and peers at all times. Concisely your workforce get increased flexibility that eventually results in enhanced productivity.
  2. Cost Reduction: Cost is an important aspect to be considered. It can help you save substantial chunk of your investments behind hardware, maintenance and other IT infrastructure when you have Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place. With BYOD, workers bear majority of the expenses associated with voice and data services as well as with the upkeep of the mobile device.
  3. Increased Revenue: You might not imagine how mobilization can improve your business. Think about having an ability with which you can reach millions. Creating Business 2 Consumer (B2C) applications for mobile devices can expedite and establish direct interaction with existing and new customers augmenting their experience and contributing in customer loyalty.
  4. Improved Decision Making: Effective decisions are crucial for every business and enterprise. Very rarely such decisions are to be made spontaneously. Enterprise mobility provides access to real-time data that enables managers to take responsible decisions on the go.

Still have questions? We can help, request our free initial consultation.

Mobile Game Playing Index is as Big as Super Bowl Viewership

Everyone talks about the opportunities with mobile game development but very few can imagine the actual size of game-play market, particularly in United States. More than 101 million Americans play games on their mobile devices and this number has a staggering growth rate of 35 per cent Year over Year (YoY).

Now interestingly this figure almost equals the Super Bowl viewership that has 111 million American spectators. (See the graph below)

Mobile Game Playing Index as Big as Super Bowl Viewership