Assistant-As-Apps are the Next Big Thing in Mobile Apps Development


Yes! We are sure you are here because you are wondering on what the title means. Let’s take this slowly. Let us first understand, what are smartphones’ assistant apps mean. Actually its definition lies in a few names. And here goes the top apps as digital personal assistant; Cortana, Siri, Google Now and now Facebook M.

Now you are aware of the three famous personal, proactive assistants offered by the three leading mobile companies; Google’s Google Now, Apple’s Siri, Windows’ Cortana. They have been ruling the market with their technology and services, until very recently, Facebook jumped into the war zone, with its assistant app for Messenger, Facebook M.

These are the “Assistant-As-Apps“, the next big thing in the mobile apps development industry. Many call these apps as “Invisible Apps” too.

Here is how these invisible yet prominent assistant-as-apps help you in sorting your life.

Google Now

Allowing you to sort your life completely and organize it in a non-clumsy manner is not easy. However, with Google Now, your life can be organized, categorized and can be put into segments after being neatly stacked. According to Tech Times, “The cards are customizable so you see what’s important to you like traffic, weather, relevant websites or sport scores.

The latest update includes barcode scanning, song recognition and the ability to store your boarding pass.” As an organizer, it gets a thumbs up. The Google Now is given a voice, supporting touchless access with “OK Google” keyword, but it still needs more refactoring to be the true digital assistant.


Siri is personified and pioneer in this technology, to give you the feel that you are talking to a person who will assist you in any manner they can. Siri can do anything for you, from answering silly questions like, “Tell me a joke” to getting down to serious business like, “Message Harry through WhatsApp that I will be late.” It fulfills all your commands, by sticking to the motto of ‘Your wish is its command.’ It can find all the information from the net or call anyone you want or find out the score of the ongoing football match and much more. You think it and Siri performs. It serves by sticking to the motto of ‘Your wish is its command.’


Cortana is actually multi-tasker, multi-talented personal; assistant that merges the work of Google Now and Siri. It helps you in making internet searches and messaging someone from your phonebook through a particular app. Other than that, it also organizes a bit, in a cozy manner. How? Cortana does not categorize your life, but makes you a notebook. Which means you have a digital diary of your own wherein you can write your likes, dislikes, save your favorite restaurants and more. This way your life is sorted and Cortana knows more about you everyday.

Facebook M

Facebook MFacebook M is soon going to launch in a full throttle war, that is already half fought. Facebook M is going to be launched as a part of Facebook’s Messenger app. You will be allowed to talk to ‘M’ as you talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the Messenger app. It can do the shopping for you, book tables at restaurants and all this after taking care of the occasion or your liking. As announced by Facebook itself, M is an artificial intelligence, ready at your service.

Future of Assistant-As-Apps

Assistant apps are rising at the speed of a 1000 light years per minute. The reason for this is that technology is becoming increasingly competitive and technology users are becoming increasingly lazy. Everyone wants everything at the tip of their finger and assistant apps are trying their best to make sure this happens. Slowly and steadily however, their reach is spreading from being one app to being affiliated with more than one apps.

If an example is taken then the one that strikes as apt is Cortana making its API available to connect to other apps installed in the device, who can then use Cortana on their own app. This is where these invisible yet prominent assistant apps are moving to.

Below is the example of Cortana being integrated and assisting the Uber app users.Cortana Integrated to Uber

Concluding Part

There is still time in the official rollout of the Facebook M, and yet, predictions with hopes and anticipation are already widespread. It is still to see whether this artificial intelligence does work the way it promises and/or the way people expect it to. However, this big announcement has blown an air of cease-fire in the already ongoing war. Now either the entry of Facebook M will ignite the war even more or make it die. All there is to do is to wait and watch.

Make Your Apps supported by these assistant-as-apps technology
Automated systems now play a major role in the world around us, new businesses are using modern technology to enhance their productivity and consumer needs have changed. These apps are changing the way people live and do their tasks. The trend is even bigger than this. Assistant-as-apps are to help users accomplish complex tasks with ease.

So, if you want to see your app being assisted by these assistant-as-apps service, making it more interactive and easier to use, reach us now.


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