How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Mobile App Startups in 2017

Impact of artificial intelligence on mobile app startups

Artificial intelligence has increasingly become one of the hottest topic in app startups as well as other businesses. Tech companies today are showing interest in AI investment such as DeepMind, Google’s $400 million acquisition. However, artificial intelligence mobile app is not just limited to digital assistants like Siri, but they serve for a variety of purposes such as security to ecommerce. Today, many Entrepreneurs are focusing to build artificial intelligence app to transform customer experience.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term – artificial intelligence – has been a buzz lately but do you know what is it exactly?

Well, fundamentally, it’s a machine or a computer with the ability to solve problems that is generally done by humans using natural intelligence.

Now, AI can be done for many purposes, but within the context of mobile, they can be embedded using chatbots. In fact, many mobile app startups are adopting artificial intelligence as a tool to retain their users.

Moreover, Gartner has also predicted that AI app development will be one of the top ten strategic trends in 2017. Now, AI will be embedded into every category of enterprise mobile apps. In fact, Gartner expects that 200 of largest companies in the world will develop artificial intelligence apps within this year.

How Mobile AI Will Impact Businesses?

eBay, Amazon, and other giants in the retail industry have already proved the success of AI mobile apps. With advancements in technology and consumer demands, AI mobile app development is next big thing for enterprises.

The tech giants are integrating AI algorithms into their products appeal their users strategically. This ultimately helps businesses engage their users deeply like Amazon’s prime delivery service.

Moreover, many applications and devices will be rewritten with these AI algorithms to adjust their strategy according to observed user behaviors. Furthermore, the businesses will be able to utilize the data that apps are collecting via online traffic, POS machines, and more.

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However, what makes mobile a perfect platform for Artificial intelligence application is the different range of personalization capabilities. Smartphones are aware of user location, so integrating AI in mobile apps will be more personalized as well as relevant. These technologies can also be used to learn users’ behavior to make each app session more valuable than previous to increase the overall user retention ratio.

New Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence App Development

The growth of artificial intelligence is already driving a whole new range of mobile app development possibilities. In fact, AI has been a heavy influence in the app development for many years already, startups and tech giants hire AI developers in order to provide a seamless and intuitive experience. And, the new availability and advancements of AI has caused a revolutionary shift for retail industry, developers, and businesses to connect users closer to the brand.

In simple words, with artificial intelligence app, it will be easy to analyze the users’ trend. And, such intelligent apps can make out what users prefer based on their dynamic needs. What this means is, the artificial intelligence apps developed in this will be the doorstep for app startups for the next evolution in the business market.

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