Application Re-engineering

Better Use of Your Existing Staff

Dealing with legacy systems built using archaic programming languages and coding methodologies? Stressed with the rising total cost of ownership for your legacy applications or, the requisite skills for management and maintenance of these machines? If your business is struggling with maintaining a legacy application that they cannot discard, it is probably time to rethink your design and take the plunge into emerging technologies to give your business a strategic edge.

Space-O Technologies with a team of domain experts experienced solution architects and business analysts offer ultimate strategic application re-engineering solutions that can give our clients the required competitive edge. We ensure that issues such as system overload and platform compatibility with our reengineered design and solution while ensuring the legacy application remains untouched.

We migrate your existing application to a new base while keeping its essence intact.

Need for Re-engineering

It is time for businesses to revamp themselves in the changing climate of technology. For many businesses the whole idea of maintaining the legacy application poses to be a challenge in terms of hiring the right skills, managing the costs and keeping them aligned to the new and emerging technologies. With such heavy IT jobs being forayed by businesses, it is hard for them to consider innovation strategies.

Discarding legacy applications is also impossible, as they carry years of experience and data within, which is necessary for the functioning of these businesses.

This is where the re-engineering process helps businesses maintain legacy applications while embracing the future of technology, which are the new and emerging technologies. Space-O helps you rethink your application to meet the desired strategic goals. We unite the old with the new to benefit your organization strategically.

Application Reengineering Process

A well-defined process helps improve the time-to-market for the application and ensures a competitive edge for the business. At Space-O, we have defined application re-engineering workflow that helps us ensure we re-engineer the application, and help businesses embrace the new technology within a stipulated timeline.

Our Process Includes:

Current Application Assessment: By assessing the legacy applications, we formulate the plan for re-engineering the system. We lay out the IT solution that best fits your vision and ROI needs. We look into technical architecture, evaluating build/buy opportunities and finally choose between one-time and incremental system reengineering.

Language Upgradation: With tool-based conversions, we re-engineer the archaic languages within the legacy applications to modern technologies.

User Interface Conversion: The ease of use for applications is very important, which is why our team ensures smooth and slick interface for the reengineered applications.

Database Changes: We have set tools and techniques to re-engineer the databases, an important part of the legacy applications, to ensure improved version of the legacy databases on your reengineered application.

Technology Upgradation: With this step, we aim to improve the business processes to enhance efficiency. We identify the key business processes that seem to affect the business ROI and re-engineer the technology with minimum customization for the better business benefit.

Application Reengineering Advantage

✔ Scalable and high-performance applications
✔ Incredible user experience
✔ Better portability
✔ Lowered cost of application maintenance
✔ Large user base management
✔ System and staff utilization
✔ Integrated and automated processes
✔ Streamlined business processes

Our Services

✔ Application & Portfolio Assessment
✔ Application Portfolio Optimization
✔ Application Modernization
✔ Application Data Migration

The Space-O Advantage

Working with Space-O for application re-engineering will give you a competitive edge in your business processes, and help you achieve the desired ROI goals. We use proven tools and methodologies for reengineering, database migration as well as data migration to give your business the much needed strategic advantage. Check this testimonial.

With automated technologies across the various stages of re-engineering, we ensure a quick launch of your reengineered process.

We have the right team of experts and years of re-engineering experience backing us up to give you the most delightful experience with your strategic applications.

If you want to embrace emerging technologies without losing out on your legacy applications, connect with us. We will offer you the ideal solution.

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