The Launch of “Swift”: Apple’s New Programming Language


A new programming language from Apple, “Swift” emphasized to produce highly advanced programming language, restructured for application development.

As a unit of the Xcode 6 IDE, Swift is a supporting language for the Cocoa and Cocoa touch framework for OS X and iOS.

What’s unique in Swift Programming Language?

  • Speedy, inventive and safe for programming, Swift empowers corresponding collaboration for the first time on the development platform.
  • The language aspects would be a reassurance from to switching Objective-C.
  • Swift is for your iOS and OS X operational task as it works along with Objective-C.
  • It uses fastest LLVM complier with complete Xcode backing.
  • With only lesser lines of codes, Swift language lets developers generate compound apps.

Apple’s Latest Research for Developers

Creating platforms

“Swift”, resulted from the latest research, adjoined with long span of involvement, creating Apple platforms through programming languages.

Easier than before

Apple said, “Named parameters retrieved from the objective-C are expressed in a clean syntax that makes APIs in Swift even easier to read and maintain.”

High-Level Language

Tim Stevens from CNET stated that C is a classic high-level programming language, and a flavor of it, Objective-C, has traditionally been Apple’s language of choice. Amazingly, Objective-C been around for over 30 years, and C itself for over 40. You can imagine that it might be time for something new.

Error Less

Incidental types of coding make the code better and less disposed to errors.

Testing Process

The assembling and the testing methods of code get massively awkward for a considerable app.

Concise language

Swift programming language, being a “Concise” language, you do not have to write a lot, to finish much.

The best thing is that the developers can write code and can see the outcome in actual time. This happens in swift, they can nip the framework or the process and can see the modifications in the similar coding situation.

Swift will lead ahead far beyond the extent of developers making the iOS development mode further available. More than that the code is also simpler to control. There are ample of opportunities for the developers to learn Swift programming language.

The apps can be submitted using swift to the App Store and Mac App Store by the developers. Apple’s new Swift is a massive treaty which promises easier, quicker and persuasive secure apps.

Image courtesy: Apple

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