Apple’s iOS 6.0 Facebook Integration to Display Events

ios 6 facebook integration


The objective of this case study: 

Develop an application that logs the user into facebook and goes straight to their events page.


What was the purpose:

The reason they wanted this was to avoid and skip the login facebook screen, by using the facebook that is logged in on the phone, so the first thing the user sees is their events.
In addition to the above, we wanted to explore the features of new Apple’s iOS 6.0 Facebook feature.
iOS6 has a new Facebook integration which looks pretty much the same as iOS 5’s Twitter integration we were asked to check if we can use this new feature for auto-login.



  • We can implement the auto-login inside the app on both iOS 5 and 6.
  • We can only display the events inside the app using data from Facebook API.
  • If we want the app to redirect user to the Safari browser and show the Facebook website inside WebView with the user already logged – it’s technically impossible, because the iOS app cannot authorize the user in the Facebook website.

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