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The WWDC, 2015, stood true to all the expectations. With Announcements about OS X EL Capitan for Macbooks, iOS 9 for iPhone and last but not the least, Watch OS 2.

The Apple watch has been gaining fire since its announcement, by Tim Cook, on September 9, 2014. Most of the iOS developers have taken up the challenge of designing apps for The Watch.

And now before the one year celebration of Apple Watch, comes the masterstroke by Apple. On June 8th, 2015, the WWDC event hosted by Apple, and an announcement made by Jeff Williams, made the Apple Watch owners’ and developers’ faces glow. The Apple Watch got a phase 2. With many changes from the 1st version to the 2nd, Apple Watch still remains a challenge for the developers.

According to an article by TechCrunch, “The Apple Watch just became a much more interesting development platform with the announcement of watch OS 2 and a true native app SDK at WWDC…” the article adds, “Previously, developers interested in bringing their apps to the Apple Watch had to use an SDK known as WatchKit. While it let developers create apps for your wrist, software made with this toolkit actually runs on the user’s paired iPhone, with data and interface elements transmitting over to the Watch over Bluetooth LE”

This newsbreak may be interpreted as the freedom OS 2 has given to the Apple Watch thereby making it independent. This means developers get access to create apps that can run directly on Apple Watch instead on connected iPhone.

New Features in Watch OS 2 for Apple Watch

With the watch becoming more and more interesting so are increasing the features. According to WWDC, 2015, app developers can now make their own complications. Which basically means that developers will be able to create their own widgets. With the widgets for various apps, users can set any watch face. This face will show bits and pieces of information according to what the apps’ function is.

The Apple Watch will now be able to communicate directly with a Wi-Fi network, instead of having to rely on the phone’s Wifi. No need to use a medium, is the best change Apple has made.

Night Stand Mode for Charging:
Nightstand mode will make it possible for your Apple Watch face to show horizontally, while it’s charging. The Digital Crown at that point of time acts as a snooze button besides the digital crown is used to turn off alarms.

Reply to Emails:
With the launch of Apple Watch, the user was already able to read emails. But with OS 2 for Apple Watch, one can reply to emails too.

Fitness Apps All Day:
Fitness apps were already booming since the launch of the Apple Watch. But now your watch has the capacity to collect and compile your whole fitness data, of one day.

Time Travel:
Using Time Travel, a new feature, users will be able to use the Digital Crown to look through the history of any app, chat or widget as shown in their Complications.

Voice Messages:
With your Apple Watch, you can send voice messages using certain apps, as easily as in your iPhones.

The Digital Crown:
Using their creativity, Apple has turned the ‘time-setter’ at the side of the the watch as a scrolling device. With the Digital Crown, as Apple calls it can also be used for a zoom in and out and press it to get back to the home screen, feature.

Now the iPhone users’ best friend and a proactive assistant. With OS 2, Siri is also available, to its fullest, in the Apple Watch.

You can store as many photos as possible in your new and awesome Apple Watch. Your watch couldn’t get more personalized.

The Apple Watch with OS 2 was made available to developers on June 8th, 2015 itself. While for the fall, it will be made available soon. What with the excitement for these updates amongst all, Apple made it available for FREE.

The Native App SDK feature has certainly made news in the tech world. But with that comes the freedom for Developers to show what they’ve got. Only time can tell exactly which features can triumph and which ones’ go down.

Take the Advantage of Apple Watch Apps

After the announcements made at WWDC 2015 event, there are already entrants of third party enterprise apps in watch app development. It’s a fact that very soon Apple Watch is going to be the part of enterprise mobility.

Salesforce has developed Salesforce1 for the Apple Watch users providing real time business alerts. There are other popular iOS apps that are coming soon to watch app development like Evernote, complementing its app on phone.

Everyone is leaning towards the way trend is going. Not just business level apps, but apps like Zomato (Food & Restaurant Finder App) have shown their growth from iPhone to the Watch by putting a line or two on their Homepage or on the App Store page.

The highlighted text in the image says ‘Offers Apple Watch App.’
Zomato App on App Store

Do you wish your app’s app store page show this text? It’s time for getting an Apple Watch App developed.

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