App Store Optimization Is Crucial As Mobile App Development


With the best mobile app development resources by your side, you can create the finest app, however people may not necessarily know about your finest creation unless it is visible for them.

Have you ever thought about how mobile app users reach to any mobile app? Or what is the preferred channel for majority of app audiences to find and get to the desired type of app? If not, then you must certainly take an account of Forrester’s Research which states that 63 per cent of mobile apps are found through app store searches.

But that’s not all, Surikate found that 81 per cent of visitors to the United Kingdom App Store don’t browse after looking for top 50 apps for each category and many do not even go beyond the top 25.

Hence all of this boils down to one thing – “Ranking on top spots is a mandate for success.”

So how do you rank high?

Answer in a word is App Store Optimization (ASO) which helps in improving the visibility of your mobile app on search terms (keywords) used by the visitors on App Store. The process involves discovering the right keywords, ranking highly for those keywords, and converting visitors into users. Now this also requires a suitable consideration of factors that contribute in App Store Optimization which are as follows:

  • App Title: At Google I/O, head of search and discovery for Google Play Ankit Jain explained how important it is to be creative as well as detailed with app title. He also exemplified it with the existing app name “Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips.”
  • Description: Another important factor to get your app on top of the charts is to have a keyword rich description. For this, you can browse take a reference from other apps that are popular. You can observe how such they have composed their app descriptions that may help you write yours.

Precisely serve the users’ search and you will be served by App Stores in return – This is because App Stores take an account of app statistics that include installs, uninstalls, long term installs (installed for months) and engagement. This is again confirmed by Google’s Ankit Jain who said “Of course we care about how many installs you have, the more you have, the higher in the ranks you go”.

So base your battle strategy on mobile app development as well as app store optimization which is of equal significance. To help you get started with mobile app development, we propose our free initial consultation.


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