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Mobile App Related Questions
“I am an Entrepreneur from New York City and I have a huge handicraft business that spans over 10 countries… I need to make an app but with my busy schedule I have no time to be creative. Can you give me some ideas as to how should I design my app or what kind of features should I add to make my app interesting?”

“I am a the co-founder of a startup firm. I want to make an app to give a boost to my toddler business. I have an idea that I guess will work perfectly well with my business strategy. But I cannot afford a lavish app. Can you make me an awesome app, in my budget?”

Oh no! Don’t worry. We are not prophets and neither are we fortunetellers. We are only a company that can listen. We don’t just tell our story but also listen to yours and with the collected experience of serving mobile app solutions, we are ready to compile these questions and give satisfactory answers as well for your app related solutions FAQs.

Here Are The Answers To Some Nail-Biting Questions:

Why should I make an app? How does it benefit me?

Mobile apps are booming in the IT market. As of May 2015, Android users were able to choose from an array of 1.5 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.4 million available apps. Every second, every minute, new apps are going online and getting downloaded. As to how this app would benefit you or your firm, you need to consider the possibilities.

An app that talks about your service/product, an app that publicizes your brand, without making it boring and anything you can let your mind think about, is still not the limit to your app making experience. Look at apps like ICICI, The New York Times, BBC news, Facebook, Amazon and Whatsapp. And yet, these are just the top of the ever brimming sea of apps.

I have the budget to make an app, actually money is not the issue. But I don’t have an idea for that. Can you help me with that?

Yes we can, actually. First of all, looking at the area your firm belongs to, we present to you similar apps we have made. Based on these apps you can decide the features for the kind of app you need to make. Or you may get an idea about an app, just by looking at our portfolio. Other than that, we can suggest some features or ideas for the app too, once we look in depth as to why do you want to make an app.

I have a limited budget. Can you help me make an app in that budget?

Yes! We can. We understand the need for your business to make an app, even if it is a low budget one. In those cases our experts in the field, rethink about the idea given by you and try to refit it or resize it according to the budget. We do suggest some platform cut, ie. to say if you wanted to make an app for both Android and iOS then we would suggest you to go with one of the two, as your need be. We may also ask you to cut a few features out so that a good, affordable app can be made.

Other than that, if it is impossible for you to let a feature go by for your dream app, then we suggest a phase 2. What this means is that we will launch the app which is in the budget for you. Then we would wait for the time until you are ready to incur an expense on your app again. And this time, with other editings, if necessary, we would add that feature you always wanted too.

Can you make a clone app for Whatsapp, Tinder, taxi, Uber, Amazon?

Yes! we do make clone apps. Our article on making the clone app for Yo! made us reach to the page of TechCrunch itself.
SpaceO Mentioned On Techcrunch

To some, clone apps mean having the script of the original apps and therefore applying it to the new app easily. That is wrong. We basically build the apps from the tip to the toe, all from scratch. The features, maybe even the colour combination can be the same. However, the app is new altogether, maybe even better.

How can you assure good quality in apps?

We understand your concern on good quality apps, considering the fact that now every nook and corner of your city, state and country, has a mobile app developing center. So the question that actually arises is that how can you trust us and our quality. We basically have a team of efficient and dedicated professionals who make sure that the quality is not compromised with. At every step, mentioned in the above answer, our Quality Assurance (QA) team makes sure that there are no glitches or chances of malfunctions in the app that is going to be build. We enable the QA team with 30 and more devices ranging from Android to iOS.

How can You protect my idea? How can I feel secure about the app I make with Space-O? Do you sign an NDA?

Being a professional company, we will surely sign the NDA. Actually, we make sure this ritual takes place even if the client doesn’t mention it.

We are not here to steal your idea, we are here to create an app of your dreams. We provide each client with a unique app, instead of trying to copy paste the same idea everywhere. It is because of this that we have earned the trust and love of every client that has ever contacted us.

What is the app making process at Space-O?

Well we understand that following a process is very important for making a great app. This is exactly why we have a process that is also known as the design-led engineering way to creating apps. First comes the fixation of ideas, with the validation from you. The very next step is to make a navigation flow, which basically means that we would be using napkin drawings and sketches or even wireframes to give you a brief idea about how this app will look from the homepage to the last page and the flow from one page to another. Once a satisfactory Navigation flow is created , the actual building of the app begins.

What platforms do you develop an app in?

We develop apps in whichever platform you are interested in. However we do focus our forces on iOS and Android. We have approximately 16 developers in Android and 30 in iOS developers. These mobile apps developers are fully and completely dedicated to their task. If you want to know more about our portfolio, specially in Android and in iOS, then kindly visit our website’s portfolio section.

Could you please give me time and cost estimation?

As a company we follow four types of payment with engagement models and allow you to make a choice amongst them. Here are the four models and their working styles.

(1) Fixed Price Model: As the term suggests, this type of model involves fixed price for stipulated deliverables or milestones. This is suitable for you if you have definite vision and idea about your applications to be developed or maintained.

(2) Hourly Price Model: It is very popular nowadays given its suitability to the evolving nature of mobile application development industry. In this business model, you pay us for the number of hours our developers / designers / PMs / QAs / Business Analyst worked on your project to achieving your goals.

(3) Hire Dedicated Model: This is a perfect model for medium – large size product development. Developers will be allotted dedicatedly to your project based on the skills required to deliver the project. The team will be working with you remotely and exclusively for your project delivery. Hiring dedicated resources help you to reduce many costs such as, recruitment, fringe benefits, promotion, training, infrastructure etc. compared to your in-house employees. This is also an extension of trust between the service provider and clients and a reflection of a long-term association.

(4) On Site Model: As the term is self-explanatory, in this type of business model, the developers will be available to work on site with you in your office or development center.

Based on your needs and the project you have in mind, you can choose one of these engagement models and in turn make a profitable deal with Space-O.

Why Us?
Whatever the reason, whatever the issue, whatever the hurdle; Space-O will help you in swimming through that, for sure.

In a very short span of 5 years we have created 1500+ apps and have also produced about 20 top charting apps. Our success stories knows no bounds, and you can check some of our case studies to know the kind of innovation we bring even in making similar kinds of apps.

With our offices in India, Canada and sales & marketing offices in U.S.A(Arizona & California), we aim at always being in touch with you; wherever you are. Our vision and mission drives us towards becoming a leading mobile app development company.


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