What is Your Goal?

What is your motive or purpose for entering the world of app development and marketing?

If your goal is to make a fortune in the app business, you may want to re-evaluate your motives. Remember…a lot of people went west but only a few made their fortune. But even if you don’t make a fortune, you will likely enhance your income and will definitely leave your mark on the world of technology.

Maybe you just want to see how well your idea flies or you simply want to share your idea with others. You don’t know until you try, and if you find your app useful, chances are others will, too.

Or perhaps you want to get a simple custom app made for your personal needs or for your business.  That is certainly within reach for most people.

Realistically, if you do want to develop apps to sell in the marketplace, you need to put the time, effort and money into doing it right.    People who pay even a dollar for an app expect a professionally developed and fully functional app.

Whatever your overarching goal is, this book will help you go through the steps to use outsource programming to create an app that meets that goal.

It was a good decision to hire space o. Since the beginning they showed that they would be able to do project. understand completely what I need to be done, work flow went smoothly. Good communications and on time delivery. Would work with space o again in the future.Paulus Halim
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