The goal of this book is to help you through the process of getting an app developed for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (commonly called the iTouch) smart devices through outsourcing.

Smart devices are the new necessities to our personal and business lives; giving us constant and instant access to the Internet, social media and our family, friends and business contacts. But perhaps the biggest asset smart devices bring is their ability to run apps or applications to make life easier and more informed.

Generally, the term application or app means any program on any computing device for a particular purpose or task. One example you are likely familiar with is Microsoft Word. Recently, however, the term “app” has become standard shorthand for simple, compact applications that run on handheld smart devices like smartphones and tablets.

Apps are literally changing the world.  They are the source of information and connection in today’s world.

Apps have become popular because their amazingly diverse capabilities and their instantaneous availability. They are typically considerably less expensive than computer programs and are put the world at our fingertips.  For many of us, relying on our favorite app(s) has become second nature.  Second only to the world wide web, the smartphone and its capabilities to read apps, is clearly the second most important technical evolution of the information age.

Overall, a successful project! Definitely had its challenges and delays, but in the end, got it done.Jim Shoe
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