File and Folder Conventions

Besides major app functionality and milestones discussions, there may be additional ground to cover. For example, do you have any particular file or folder naming conventions in mind? Know exactly what files and/or folders are, by giving them meaningful names (i.e. eagle-in-flight. Jpg). This will make managing the app easier over its lifespan. You will need to have program files, graphic files, and code files. Talk with the developer about what conventions he or she uses when naming files and folders because they may have a system in place that will suit your needs. If the app development is for a business or enterprise, follow any policies and procedures established for software development, including file and folder naming.

It is also important to carefully track revisions. Program files get changed, both during development and during the life of the program or app. It is essential that you have a method for tracking revisions to ensure the latest and greatest program or function is being used. File names should include revision tracking (ie MainDisplayv2.jpg), and a revision table should be at the start of the code comments that describes the revisions.

A file sharing site like SugarSync or Dropbox may be a good idea for large files or large complex projects that involves multiple folders and file structures. Many email applications have limits to attached file sizes, plus sharing a folder structure for the files will require compressing them and unzipping them when received back and forth. These cloud sites are available for free or for a nominal charge if you need more than the allotted amount of free space.

Cover Any Miscellaneous Issues

During the design review, be sure to discuss all critical and foundational elements of the app that could bring disaster to your app if ignored. Some examples of such elements include:

Icons, animations, and user gestures: Discuss in detail how you envision icons, images, and user gestures being integrated into the app. It can be time-consuming for a developer to get an animation to work just right in the app, and they may be unhappy if they feel they wasted their time due a misunderstanding.

Content feeds: If your app is going to rely on content coming from news feeds or other sources, be sure to point this out to the developer and determine their familiarity and confidence in successfully incorporating the necessary content into the app. Ensure that everything is clear – where the data will come from, what will be in it, and how it will be displayed in the app. Any unknown elements about content feeds have to be researched and established as soon as possible.

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