Covering all the Bases

Another thing to consider when recruiting and lining up testers is covering your bases in terms of devices and iOS versions. During the concept design you made a decision as to what devices and device operating systems your app would be compatible with. During testing you want to exercise the app on all the different devises and operating systems specified. If the app is supposed to work with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, you need to test the app on each device. If the app is supposed to work with iPhone iOS versions 4.0 to 6.0, then you should test it on all versions within that range.


You will likely have to go through several iterations of tests to get close to the final version. During the early revisions, it might be best to test the app yourself or have a few primary app testers involved to provide feedback. As obvious and basic issues get resolved and the project is on track to a final revision, the wider scope of testers or testing services can get involved.

When the developer sends updated builds, you must delete the previous revision from iTunes and the device before copying the new version to the iTunes Library. To do this, select the existing app in the Library and press the Delete key. You will then need to sync the device to verify that the old app version is gone from the Library and the device. If the app, for some reason, did not disappear from the device, then you may have to delete it manually. To do so, go online and find the Apple instructions for manually managing files for that device and delete it.Once the old revision is deleted you can install the latest build and resume testing.

Typically, making revisions to address specific issues or problems in code is easier than the creating original code, so a good developer should be fairly responsive with revisions. As explained before, there are exceptions to this-especially with new or unproven techniques and technology or with accessing and formatting external data sources. The more issues found and corrected during each test and revision iteration, the faster and the better the testing phase will go.

When you deliver feedback on a revision to the developer, there should be clear communication about when the developer will have a new revision. The worst thing to do during the testing/revision stage, or any stage of the process, for that matter, is to wonder about what is going on.

If the developer misses a deadline or doesn’t reply to your calls or emails in a timely way, just give them a polite follow up.

The Final Revision

When the app works like it should the testing phase is complete and it is time to move on to its release to the Apple App Store. Unless the project requires further involvement of the developer, it is now time to pay them the final portions of their fees. Depending on the developer, they may have some acceptance documents for you to sign. Of course, only do so when you have firm evidence that the project is competed satisfactorily.

If you have been pleased with your developer and the way he/she fulfilled the project requirements, you want to make sure you leave the door open for future work. After all, there is a good chance your app will need updates and revisions down the road. Naturally, the best source for these revisions and updates would be the developer who created the app in the first place.

Now that you have a working app, you are ready to take the next step. If you are developing a personal app or one for inside business use, your work is mostly done. If you want to market the app to public, for free or for a price, you still have some work to do. It is now time to move on to this next stage.

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