Chapter 5: App Testing and Acceptance

While we have waited until now to discuss the testing of your app, testing isn’t something you leave for the final stages of the development process. While a final mobile app testing does take place at the end, demonstrations and other tests on app functions, appearance, and performance are checked and verified throughout the entire process.

During the concept design and through the development, how the app will be tested must be considered. For example,

  • Are there functional sections of the app that can be tested independently?
  • What are the most critical app functions that need to be verified?
  • Identifying preliminary tests (during development) and final tests (for acceptance of the app)

Before you make the final payment to the developer, you need to make sure everything works as it should and that you will be able to get the app listed on the Apple Apps Store. Remember…not all testing is common sense functional testing. There are other issues to take into consideration. They are as follows:

Collect UDIDs

Early-on in the project management stage you need to get the Unique Device Identifier number for every device (i.e. iPhone, iPad) that will be used for testing the app. If this is done ahead of time, testing can commence when the app, or an executable portion of the app, is ready for testing. You don’t want to wait until you are ready to test to do this, because you need to provide this numbers to the developer for the test builds (early test versions of the app).

These UDID numbers allow testers to download the test versions of the app from the Apple App Store. If you are going to have several testers using several devices, it is recommended that you create a table or spreadsheet to record them so that it is clear what UDID is associated with which device.

You get UDIDs by opening iTunes on a computer, then connecting the Apple device. Next, click on the appropriate device under the Devices category on the left side menu of iTunes. The next step is to click ‘serial number’. The UDID will be displayed. The number should be 40 characters long. It can’t be copied and pasted.

Use iTunes to get your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad UDID

Use iTunes to get your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad UDID

This means you need to be very careful in properly recording the number. Making an error can cost precious time and effort later. Write down the number, double check it and ask any tester who will be obtaining their device UDID to do the same.

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