3 Powerful Lessons from Sennder, App Like Uber for Trucks

When you land on our website and browse through the services, you will notice that we make our Uber apps from scratch. In fact, we have a separate team specialized in Uber-like apps for taxi apps, food delivery apps, Airbnb-like apps, and other custom mobile app development. Our team keeps learning and exploring new technologies like machine learning, AI-based apps, Augmented Reality app solutions. One of the technologically sound apps which we came across was a Berlin-based digital road freight platform, Sennder. This is an app like Uber for trucks which raised $70M to modernize the logistics and trucking industry. So, if you belong to the transport and logistics industry, who are planning to develop a logistics and supply chain management app solution, have a look at these 3 powerful lessons of the Uber freight app that you can consider while developing your own app like Uber.

Is your transport and logistics business facing major problems like driver retention, consignment tracking, analysis of driver performance and maintaining reports manually? All these problems can be solved by fleet management solutions. The logistics industry was disrupted by the technological innovation brought by Amazon’s logistics solutions. With that started a chain of logistics apps like Uber for trucking, Uber freight, cargo apps, and the world got much better for the logistics industry. 

According to recent news, Uber Freight or we can say Uber for trucking is expanding in Europe’s $500 bn market with its innovative freight solutions. After successful logistics management in the Netherlands, Uber is all set to provide smooth freight transportation across Europe.

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The Uber freight is a huge success in the US trucking service segment. It has so far established its reign in 48 states and generated over $125m in quarterly revenues.

Uber has a very competitive market when it comes to the local freight forwarding sector which includes Flexport, a full-service platform startup in San Francisco, which has raised $1billion from investors led by Soft Bank Groups. Another startup named Sennder, a Berlin-based Uber for trucking, has raised a Series C round of $70billion led by Lakestar in participation with Accel. 

Despite such a competition, the global company Uber is ready with a bandwidth to constantly innovate and create new products and features that support the entire marketplace. So, if you are also running a transport and logistics startup, there are many opportunities to grow your business by developing an app like Uber for trucks and embrace the new logistics management approach like these startups.

At Space-O Technologies, one of our Uber app developers researched the key trucking events & market penetration. From the study, he projected the constant investing trend in the logistics industry. The trucking growth is increasing gradually by adapting the technological advancements. Thus, it gives you startups a sure place to dive in with your app solution.

app like Uber for trucks
For developing a successful app like Uber, understand what other companies are opting for, to get ahead from Uber in this digital era. Now, let’s dive into the 3 important lessons from Sennder, Germany’s leading Uber for trucking startup, which has recently raised $70 million, bringing total valuation of the company to $300 million. 

3 Important Lessons to Learn From Sennder (App Like Uber for Trucks) That Transport and Logistics Startups Can Keep in Mind

  1. Connecting commercial shippers with local delivery services

    Sennder particularly focuses on smaller and mid-size trucking companies. The main aim of the Uber like app is “full truck loads.” The truck transportation market is estimated at $1.5trillion as per Business Wire which has led to the emergence of numerous regional vehicle fleets-backed startups looking to grab their piece of the pie. 

    In an industry that traditionally relies on pen and paper, Sennder, an app like Uber for trucks, has provided features that help connect commercial shippers with local delivery services. Organizing, logging, optimizing the local delivery services, logistics management data, and analytics. Such real-time features accompanied by the location of shipment tracking, notification alerts due to traffic or other circumstances make the app a one-stop solution for drivers, users, and the logistics company.

    For a transport startup or entrepreneur like you, study peculiarly some pain points of this complex logistics market to help and deliver efficient delivery services. An efficient app provides simple services that are the real-time needs of either the users or the industry as a whole. Choose your services as per the targeted audience.

  2. GPS tracking for arrivals and invoicing

    With the advent of on-demand trucking apps, the main focus has been on providing an efficient logistical mapping organization. But for this, the logistics industry largely has been operating by way of faxed or shipped invoices and even, in some cases, handshakes. Thus the app like Uber for Trucks, Sennder came with a better idea of tracking arrivals estimates and invoicing between truckers and shippers. It directly deals with truck drivers.

    On average, trucks are empty for 21 percent of the distance of consignment and seamless data sharing between shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers. With such GPS tracking, the business gets accurate orders on a usual basis and gives more leverage than its competitors generating effective revenue. 

    Being a logistics and transport startup, integrate services through your features that do not have supplements in the market. As here in the case of logistical map organizing, there are other services like fax. Thus, research for such an alternative is provided only by your company’s app development.

  3. Real-time notifications for drivers and delivery companies

    The Uber trucking app gives real-time notifications of traffic, road bifurcation, fastest route to reach a destination, notification of delay in consignment. Such notifications grab the attention of the user may it be drivers during truck driving or to the shipping firm. This does not keep another party waiting and avoids misunderstanding in the business. 

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    Being a transportation service startup, if you are planning to develop a Uber for trucking or freight finder app, then you need to provide solutions for both shippers and truckers or carriers in terms of features in the mobile app.

    Undoubtedly, “Uber for logistics”  is not just modernizing taxi booking industry but also trucking industry. If you’re in the logistics or transport industry, the mentioned Uber freight app lessons of Sennder are one that you as a startup or an entrepreneur can consider. There are some insane stats if you are targeting the giant countries like the US, & Europe to establish your ride hailing apps for logistics.

    • The road freight industry in Europe is worth around $400billion which clearly states the scope of smooth transportation and logistics solutions.
    • According to the American Trucking Association, the global freight trucking market is expected to reach US$ 6,252.81 billion by 2025.

    For transport companies like you, the shippers can also book truck service from the app like Uber for trucks. So the following features can be considered to make a convoy trucking app.

    1. Real-time tracking of drivers
    2. Consignment document detail uploader
    3. Multi-lingual support
    4. Accept/Deny shipment requests
    5. Daily logistics report analytics

    Now if you have any question like – how can my freight business get beneficial by integrating these freight app features? 

    The answer is simple, consult a leading taxi booking app development company like us who have made over 50 Uber like apps and are innovating in new technological advancements like machine learning to keep the pace in this digital app world.

    For more queries or questions like how to make an app like Uber, on-demand trucking app development or how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber for trucks, looking for an app developer for developing an app like Uber for trucking, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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