How Much Does It Cost to Make an App like Gumtree?

Make an App like Gumtree

In the recent time, classified apps have gained huge popularity on the web. Using these apps, people can easily promote or sell their products online from the comfort of their home.

When it comes to talking about the top classified apps, Gumtree is one such app that comes to everyone’s mind because of its unique features and popularity. It gives a huge number of classifieds inside the UK and other countries like Singapore, Australia, etc.

No matter whether the app users are searching for an auto, home, job, or a stereo, Gumtree will allow them to discover something matching their needs. It was the UK’s largest platform for the local community as of November 2010, receiving 14.8 million monthly unique visitors according to a traffic audit in 2010.

In simple words, Gumtree Australia app is the no. 1 classifieds platform in the UK, Singapore, South Arica, and Australia. So, anyone can see the value of developing their own classified app like Gumtree that can reap maximum success.

To develop your own app like Gumtree, you need to focus on delivering top features that public wants to use. Let’s have a look at the essential features that you can include in your own classified app like Gumtree.

Essential Features to Include in an App like Gumtree

1.Allow Users to Explore Thousands of Ads

An essential feature that you can include in your own classified app is allowing your app users to explore thousands of ads with just a few taps. No matter what type of products or service they are looking for, you can allow them to discover thousands of different deals and classifieds of products to purchase any item in their local area.

classified app features

You can also list various deals on cars, trucks, auto, and property with superior picture quality so that they can easily find any product of their choice without any hassle. Along with high-quality photos of products, you can give detail information about the products, so they know about the product and get help in making a buying decision.

2. Search Functionality

The second most important feature that you should include is a search functionality that will help your app users to search their desired product.

 classified app search functionality

Through this functionality, users can locate any product by searching for any specific product or entering phrase without scrolling or navigating the whole application.

It will be an easiest and quickest way for your users to search for any product in different categories. Among thousands of products, scrolling every single product is a quite daunting task, so you can help your users with a search option.

3. Faster & Easier to Sell & Purchasing

It is highly vital that you make it easier for your users to sell and purchase products or services. Try to make posting an ad or purchasing an item as simple as possible so that your users do not face any problem while posting or buying.

purchasing from gumtree app

Let’s take an example of Gumtree app, the app has made posting an ad a lot simpler. It only takes minutes for people to post an add with its enhanced application. So, you can also consider it and make it easier to sell and purchase different items.

4. In-app Messaging

The in-app message is exactly what it sounds. It is one such type of message that is directly delivered to your app users when they are active in your mobile app.

in-app messaging

It will allow easier connections between buyers and sellers because whenever a message is sent between a buyer and a seller, the recipient will get an instant alert on their phone. They can send messages to each other and talk about the products, price, etc. They can easily communicate with each other directly from the application.

5. Allow Sharing Ads on Social Networks

A social media integration within your classified application plays an important role as it can improve your app’s functionality. You can allow your app users to share different classifieds like property, job, offers, etc. directly from the application.

social share button

Allow them to share different ads and classified on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks in their circle. In addition to this, you can also allow to email their ads or message directly to their friends and family members by sharing a link.

6. Manage Your Top Preferences

Last, but not least important feature is allowing your app users to manage their top picks and preferences.

For an example, if any of your users find any interesting or the desired product, but they are in a hurry, so allow them to save those ads to their favorites and review it later when they get time.

Make sure that make it easy for them save any listed classified, ad or product and sync it with the website for in-app alerts so they will never miss any deal again.

So, these are the 6 highly essential and must-have features that you need to consider while creating your own classified app like gumtree. Now, you might be thinking that what is the approximate cost of developing a classified app like Gumtree USA, the below-given table will give you an approximate cost of making an app like Gumtree.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like Gumtree? 

To get the estimate, we met our experienced mobile app developer and asked him how much does an app like Gumtree cost? How many hours do you need to develop an app like Gumtree?

After downloading and analyzing this classified app, he sent us this table. He divided important features and sent the approximate hours to develop each feature.

Sr. No.FeaturesApprox. Hours
1Ads listing with main category & featured10 to 12 hrs
2Ads details & view all records5 to 7 hrs
3Ad post12 to 14 hrs
4Ads filter with parameter + location based8 to 12 hrs
5Message & message history7 to 8 hrs
6Call2 to 3 hrs
7Search ad by category, sub-category, pincode9 to 10 hrs
8Custom camera & image editing4 to 5 hrs
9Add favourites3 to 4 hrs
10User profile & user’s posted ad12 to 14 hrs
11Store search history locally4 hrs
12Login/Registration with Google & email6 to 9 hrs
13Push notification5 to 5 hrs


However, these are the approximate hours of developing a classified app like Gumtree. It also depends on various other factors like platform (Android & iOS) that you choose to develop on and mobile app developers that you hire because all the companies are charging on an hourly basis.

So, the above-mentioned development hours vary from developers to developers that you are hiring. In case, if you want to know the exact hours or cost of developing the best-classified ad app like Gumtree, you can get in touch with us through below given form and our representatives will get back to you with the exact cost.

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