How Much Cost Does It Take to Create an App like Foursquare?

Develop an App like Foursquare

In the last couple of years, mobile apps have completely transformed almost every aspect of our lives. Today, there is an app for everything whether you are hiring a taxi, booking hotels or searching for a new restaurant to hang out with your friends and family members.

To find new places to eat, drink, and shop, people are opting for local discovery apps that allow them to search for the best places for food and entertainment. Currently, Foursquare is a widely used local discovery app, allowing its users to search for the best places to eat, drink and shop across the world.

Recently, the company has just launched a revamped developer website that is the first major refresh since 2009. The all-new website has simplified what the difference is between the developer offerings. Today, the company powers location services for top companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Apple Maps apps. In addition, as per the report from TechCrunch, “FourSquare app has secured $33 million in Series F round of funding, led by Simon Ventures and Naver Corporation.”

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, Foursquare, the former location-based social network tuned enterprise location data platform, has today declared a new partnership with TripAdvisor. Looking at another latest report from, Foursquare has made its first acquisition. This location tech company has acquired Placed from Snap Incon the heels of $150 million investment that led by the Raine Group.

If you have also decided to make a local discovery app like Foursquare, we have mentioned top essential features that you can consider while developing a local search app.

Top Features to Include in Your Local Search App Like Foursquare

1. Allow People to Explore Different Places

One of the essential features that you can include in your local search application is that you can allow people to search what they are looking for. Make it easy for them to search different places like restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, and other happening places that they can visit with their friends and family members.

Local Search App Like Foursquare

No matter whether people are looking for places to hang out on weekends or to celebrate birthdays, you can make it as easy as possible to scroll different destinations. Give them helpful and positive tips from the global community so that they can easily make a decision about places that they can visit. In addition to this, ensure that you allow your app users to search places in different cities and countries of the world, so they can also visit the best places when they are travelling.

2. Generate a List of Favorite Places, Spots & Restaurants

Another important feature that you can include in your local search application is an ability for app users to generate a list of favourite places, destinations, restaurants, and bars that they love to visit with their friends, and near and dear ones.

list of favorite places on foursquare

By selecting their favourite destinations and places, they can make a list of their favourite places for any occasion as well. Make it easy for them to keep a running to-do of neighbourhood top spots, places, and destinations that they want to try while travelling.

3. Allow Users to Make Advance Booking Directly From App

To make it unique from other local search apps, you can allow your app users to make an advance booking of hotel rooms, reserve table in cafes or bars so that they can visit the place without any tension. They can easily visit the place and enjoy their travelling or dine with their loved ones.

Moreover, you can allow them to check menus of the restaurants along with the pictures and amenities so that they can get help in making a decision about any place that they are supposed to visit. In short, your app users will surely love it to do all these things directly from their smartphone using one single app.

4. Enable Them to Keep Record of Places That They Have Visited

Many times, it happens that we forgot any place or restaurant that we visited with our friends or loved ones. When we try to recall that place, where we tried any dish, but unfortunately, we couldn’t remember it.

Therefore, it would be a great option to allow your app users to keep a record of all the places, destinations and restaurants that they have visited. They can scroll down the history of the places that they visited and easily recall it. They will never forget a memory, photo or the name of the dish that they tried while visiting any city or country.

5. Reviews and Ratings

Do you know that reviews and ratings is one of the best ways to know about any happening place or restaurant? With reviews and ratings, you can help people to find the best places to hang-out with their friends as they will check the reviews and ratings of different places and bars before visiting it.

reviews and ratings

Apart from this, they can also share their own experience and give ratings to any place that they visited. With this unique feature, you can create a new community of people, who are using your app to search places and enable them to share their reviews.

So, these are the top essential features that you can include in your local discovery app, allowing people to discover new places to eat, hang out and shop along with their friends and loved ones.

Now, you might be thinking about the cost to develop an app like Foursquare, including above-mentioned features. Below, you can find a table that will give you an idea about the cost of developing local discovery app.

Approximate Development Hours of Making an App Like Foursquare

To give an estimation of mobile app development cost and approximate hours, we met one of our dedicated mobile app developers and discussed the cost and development hours. He researched and analyzed every single feature of local search app and gave us the below-given table, containing approximate hours of developing local search and discovery app like Foursquare.

Sr. NoFeatures of App like FourSquareEst. Hours
1Place search by Name, Category, Listing, Filter
1.1Search by Name & Category5 to 6 hrs
1.2Place Listing4 to 5 hrs
1.3Place filter3 to 4 hrs
1.4Search place on map by drawing a boundary or free hand5 to 6 hrs
1.5Place details
1.5.1Highlights5 to 7 hrs
1.5.2Photo & Filter3 to 4 hrs
1.5.3Approximate Hours6 to 8 hrs
1.5.4Tips (with filter of keyword)4 to 5 hrs
1.5.5Add to list & review3 to 4 hrs
2Place listing by collection3 to 4 hrs
3Place visit history4 to 5 hrs
4User information
4.1List of saved & liked place2 to 3 hrs
4.2Notification4 to 5 hrs
4.3.1Registration & Login6 to 8 hrs
4.3.2Edit profile & Change password3 to 4 hrs
4.3.3Add preference & connect to people6 to 8 hrs
4.3.4Browse other user’s profile4 to 5 hrs
4.3.5Manage notification & privacy5 to 6 hrs
4.3.6Feedback2 to 3 hrs
4.3.7Add place6 to 8 hrs

So, these are the approximate hours of developing Foursquare like apps. However, it also depends on various other factors like the platform that you choose to develop on like Android or iOS and iPhone app development company that you hire because all the companies are charging on an hourly basis. Moreover, the development hours that are mentioned above vary from developers to developers that you hire.

Now, What’s Next Step to Take?

Once you get to know the approximate hours of developing an app like Foursquare, it’s time to discuss your local search app idea with any mobile app development company that understands your requirements and polish it with their unique solutions.

In case, if you want to know the exact hours or cost of developing the location-based app like Foursquare, you can get in touch with us through below given form and we will get back to you with the exact cost.

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