How Better App Engagement Can Assure Long Lasting Profit For Your Startup App

mobile app engagement

Today, companies of all sizes are embracing the benefits of mobile apps. According to recent data, nearly half of small businesses are expected to adopt a mobile app in 2017.

However, the biggest hurdle after developing mobile app is gaining users. We all want more prospects, users, fans, customers, and clients to download and use our apps on regular basis.

But what comes after that?

The app engagement.

Mobile apps aren’t built for a set-it-and-forget-it, right?

Moreover, simply building a mobile app is not enough to win mobile users. In fact, most people only use 6 out of 10 apps each week. And, when it’s the matter about new downloads, only 3.3 percent of Android apps and 3.2 percent of iOS apps had active users after 30 days.

Now, most app startups rely on their mobile apps to generate revenues, engaging users is the utmost priority for them.

So, how do you get people to download your app?

More importantly, how do you make users keep using your app?

For this, app startups needs to focus on two key metrics: Mobile App Engagement and Mobile App Retention.

App engagement refers to how active users are on the app, and retention focuses on the percentage of app users who return to the app. These both metrics combined determines the app’s stickiness.

To make app sticky, Forbes states that “building and delivering great mobile app experiences will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for next 10 years.

In simple words, if the first version of your mobile app was just good looking exterior, the following version should be of in-depth system of engagement. Remember, the goal of your app should be to help people take action in their immediate needs.

How Important App Engagement Is?

Let’s see…

The number of downloads cannot assure a long lasting profit, in fact it cannot assure any profit at all.

The users who download an app are more likely to use it only once and delete it afterwards.

How Important App Engagement Is

Engagement is truly a key to success. Engagement drives profitability which comes via long term relationships with your real users. Real users of a mobile app are those ready to use the app as often as you need them to.

The key to engagement is the value you create for your app users. For example, a user might download an app that looks like it can be useful. Then, he pays attention to whether it is convenient to use and if it works without any issues.

But, the most important point of all is to match the interests of your users. Your app should never irritate users with too many ads or being intrusive in offering things. What your app should do is understand the users’ wishes and act accordingly.

Now, providing value is much more than just providing content. The content of your app must be in the format that your users want to consume it and engage with it.

This can be beneficial for both, you and your users.

So, once you find the value to provide to your app users, the next step would be to achieve user loyalty. User loyalty has great benefits and having high loyalty automatically promotes your app through word-of-mouth.

In short, to achieve a long lasting profit for your startup mobile app, you need to learn about the engagement metrics.

What Are The App Engagement Metrics?

The secret of how to create a mobile app which users would love to use is stored in the analytics tools. Now, when you hear the word analytics, you may recall the most-commonly analytic metrics such as retention rate, number of app sessions or the average session rate.

But, this is not enough. You must have more detailed data to thoroughly analyze. Here, you can conduct several experiments to achieve your desirable results.

For example, you want your app users to perform the key actions of your app. But, if you’re not able to create such strategies, you can seek help from a mobile app development company that can design and develop your app, keeping your key actions in consideration.

Outsourcing your startup app can increase the chances of high engagement ratio as the app development company makes sure to do everything possible to optimize the user experience of your app.

Remember, your mobile app lives or dies by active users. So, rather than focusing on number of downloads as the key metric, you must prioritize App Engagement first.


Because maximizing app engagement out of box can drive revenue easily, even with average user base, rather than having more downloads and little or no app engagement.


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