How to Deal with Recently Introduced App Approval / Rejection Mechanism by Facebook?

Are you struggling with getting Facebook usage of your iOS app approved via Facebook that allows end-users to post photos from within the app?

You are not alone. One of our developers struggled about exactly the same issue thanks to recently introduced approval system by Facebook.

Facebook introduced document will walk you through the steps required to create the simulator build for your app.

If you using the Workspace in your project, than use below command line:

xcodebuild -workspace {workspace name}.xcworkspace -scheme {scheme name} -arch i386 -sdk iphonesimulator{simulator version}

Instead of using this command line:

xcodebuild -arch i386 -sdk iphonesimulator{version}

While almost all the steps mentioned in this document are well explained, but there is a small part that is not clearly stated, The document briefly takes you through the point where it mentions that you need to test your simulator build using by running ios-sim –g launch.

Once you launch this path, you will need to verify whether the app opens in the simulator or not. Though this has been mentioned, nowhere have they suggested how to run the iOS sim launch!

This is where most developers get stuck while building and testing your simulator build but then one of our developer figured out a way.

Here’s what he did:

1) He install this package node-v0.10.29.pkg

2) After having installed this node package, he runs the below mentioned command in the command tool box:

Sudo npm install ios-sim -g

3) And finally he test his build with below command

ios-sim launch <path to your .app file>

He confirmed that app is opened in the simulator.

Hard things hard because we do not know a lot about them. Hard things become part of our routine when you know the right things. If you are facing any such issues and you think they are hard, you may want to take help of our developers and get them sorted out.


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