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After reading the review on VentureBeat, we come to know that Google’s new Pixel C tablet wouldn’t be very useful to use, due to its cramped keyboard. But, after they have spent two days to review a unit, though, they have changed their mind but still have confusion.

Obviously, this device is an Android tablet, thus, we cannot expect that it works like a Computer. However, it is the most developed form of Android tablet.

We can’t think to purchase an Android tablet that doesn’t have a proper keyboard, like an optional $150 that works smoothly onto the Pixel C.

Google Pixel C costs $500 ($650 along with the keyboard). It seems to be cheaper than iPad Pro that available with Apple’s Smart Keyboard for $968 and Surface Pro 4 with Microsoft’s Type Cover for $1,028.99.

Released on December 8, 2015, this latest tablet has reviewed by many reputed sites like TechCrunch and get some unsatisfied reviews. We have gone through a number of reviews about the Pixel C and found a common thing that it doesn’t have a feature to split the windows for multiple applications.

Sadly, most of Android applications are only optimized for smartphones, not for tablets. Therefore, the tablet’s high-resolution screen is not utilized properly. The entire 10.2” inch screen is used by applications for a single window as if they were on a big phone. That seems to be bad on a Nexus 7, however, it gets little silly on a 10.2” tablet.

In the review about Pixel C, Walt Mossberg writes:

For instance, in Slack, the wildly popular business chat app, the Pixel C shows only the main messaging panel, like on a phone. To see the side menu of chat rooms and individual chats, you have to tap a button and it will slide over, just like on a phone. But, on the iPad, the two panels coexist. On Windows tablets, iPads, and some Samsung devices, apps can be used alongside other apps in side-by-side windows. But not on the Pixel C.

Is it any Good?

As per our imagination, Google’s latest tablet was designed when Marshmallow allows screen-splitting and they wouldn’t have worried about applications that are working at different screen’s sizes. No matter, whatever happen, this feature got dropped before Marshmallow was released, leaving a single 10.2”- inch window underutilized.

Thus, the Pixel lacks behind with its single-phone-app-per-window as compared to Surface that has Microsoft’s Windows with multi-tasking capability and multi-window ability and has more applications that are optimized to enjoy benefits of the bigger tablet’s screen.

Right now, we don’t expect from Marshmallow to get multi-window mode instantly. So, it is considered as the biggest disadvantage for this tablet.

However, we do have android tablet application that runs perfectly on Google Pixel C, i.e. Wine Genius app, an application that guides to wine touring and also provide information about Australian winery or wine regions. Recently, this application is updated and it works perfectly on Marshmallow and tablet as well.

Our another android smartphone application that works perfectly on the tablet is Audio Books by AudiobookStore that play the audiobooks. This tablet enables readers to get amazing reading experience – tap and swipe work smoothly.

Where does Tablet fail to Impress its Users?

Sadly, you can’t work on the tablet for a long time without charging, as it has a shorter battery life as compared to Surface models and iPad.

Having eight-megapixel back camera, but it captures grainy images under imperfect lighting conditions. The front two-megapixel works, but it doesn’t seizure a perfect selfie.

It has an impressive keyboard with some shortcuts, but some of them don’t work.

A Last Thought

If you are a fan of Google, then we could recommend Google Pixel C tablet because of its attractive keyboard. However, if you are looking for a decent choice of the tablet software that offers productivity, then avoid purchasing, as it is just an oversized phone that may or may not support smartphone apps. Even though, you can convert an existing android apps with Google Pixel C table compatible, taking help of professional android app developers.

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