The Best Android Screen Recorder Solution For Capturing Videos Easily

Android screen recorder

So you might arrived at a point where you need an Android screen recorder solution to help a friend or create a demonstration video, right? Well, this need arises with most developers at some point. But don’t worry, you just need the right Android screen recorder tool.

Now when it comes recording a device screen, the task becomes tricky, even with the right app. But for the best outcome, take some time to prepare what’re doing beforehand, spend time writing a basic script and practice it. Similarly, while recording the video, take all the time you need, and don’t speak too quickly while explaining in the video.

Of course there is no shortage of screen recording apps, but we’ve gone through all Android screen recorder apps available in the market, and here are the best solutions we’ve found.

AZ Android Screen Recorder – No Root

AZ Android Screen Recorder

Our content team tried bunch of Android screen recorder tools. In fact, they also read a lot of blog posts regarding best screen recording apps for Android, and so far the AZ Screen Recorder – No Root came up most often in their research.

After testing this tool with different devices, there is only one downside of this app: it only works with the Android 5.0 or higher Android devices.

However, the best part is that it is a free app. Now of course you’ve to pay to use the advanced features, but it’s worth it. Here’s the screenshot of App’s reviews.

Android Screen Recorder

Mobizen – Android Screen Recorder

Mobizen - Android Screen Recorder

The second best Android screen recorder app we found is the Mobizen app.

This app has more reviews than the AZ Android screen recorder, but the rating is lower. However, it’s also a solid Android screen recording app, and completely free.

Android Screen Recorder

The best part is, it requires Android 4.2 as minimum software requirement, so this might be the perfect option if you haven’t upgraded your Android device.

External Screen Recording Solutions

Apart from these two apps, we’ve also found external Android screen recording solutions for capturing screen videos. These are actually external video adapters that is used to bridge between your laptop/desktop and your Android device.

They are mostly used to recording gameplay of games, but they can be used for recording Android screens as well. And the best part about these external Android screen recorder is they are highly versatile. But of course its price is bit high than you might expect, costing over $100. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in external solutions, you can go with either Elgato or Hauppauge. Both of these solutions are best in their category.


So… These are the best solutions available for recording Android screens. And as mentioned, each comes with its pros and cons. Therefore, identify which meets your most expectations, and give it a try. And in case you need any technical assistance, hire a dedicated developer for your mobile app development.


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