7 Kotlin Libraries That Android Developers Use to Develop Android Apps Faster

Android Kotlin Library

A lot of new programming languages are being released every year, but not all these languages are gaining the attention of developers like JetBrains’ Kotlin has gained. Over the last couple of years, Kotlin has changed the game of Android app development.

With the decision to make Kotlin the preferred language for Android, a lot of Android developers prefer Kotlin over other languages. In fact, we, at Space-O Technologies, have a dedicated team of Kotlin developers to develop high-end Android apps using Kotlin.

With the increasing popularity of Kotlin, we met our Kotlin team to discuss the Kotlin libraries. Our team has shared 7 top Kotlin libraries that developers use to develop Android apps faster than before. You must be exciting to read ahead and explore those libraries. Right? Let’s check out!

Discover 7 Kotlin Libraries Android Developers Use to Complete Android App Development Project Faster

1. PreferenceHolder

Currently, you need to write boilerplate code to store data of an application to shared preferences or while retrieving the data from shared preference, right? You may also face problems while managing shared preferences to check whether users are logged in or logged out in social networking or finance apps.

PreferenceHolder library is here that makes preference usage in Kotlin simple and fun. Considered as the younger brother of KotlinPreferences, this library helps you to save data and retrieve it from shared preference as simple as setting the variable value of an object.

This library is generally useful for all those apps that require login like social networking apps and finance apps. Moreover, it can be used for almost any other type of application as well.

2. KillerTask

You already know that Android’s AsyncTasks are highly criticized for being unreliable to perform background operations and publish results on the UI thread of any application. So, you might be looking for a better and quick option to run async in the background.

KillerTask library is a perfect option, helping you to create asynchronous background tasks more easily and quickly. This library is a lot simpler way to run async in the background, so if you are using Kotlin to develop your Android apps, this library is much more reliable and clear.

This Kotlin library is easy-to-use for Kotlin Android apps, where you need to perform work in the background while letting users continue interacting with the user interface of the app.

3. ActivityStarter

Have you ever faced such a situation where you want to send any data between two activities in the application? You might need to add more parameters to already long activity starting method.

ActivityStarter is simply an amazing Kotlin library that provides a simpler way to start the Activities with multiple arguments. With this library, to pass arguments to Activity, Fragment, Service or BroadcastReceiver, all you just need is @Arg annotation before parameters that need to be passed.

ActivityStarter library is the best for all types of apps, including Transportation, Business, Finance, and Social Networking.

4. Kotlintest

Currently, you might be spending a lot of considerable time on writing tests; unit tests in a particular application. If you have already started using Kotlin, then you have a couple of ways to choose from.

One such way is Kotlintest that is a flexible and comprehensive testing library for Kotlin. This library provides you annotations to mark test functions and a set of utility functions for performing assertions in tests. Moreover, the library consists of several modules, including Kotlin-test-common, Kotlin-test-annotations-common, and Kotlin-test-testing.

Kotlintest library can be used for all categories of apps like Transportation, Social Networking, Health & Fitness and many other types of apps.

5. K4Kotlin

Are you developing an Android app using Kotlin and want to eliminate boilerplate code in Android SDK?

Nothing is better than K4Kotlin that is a combination of a small set of Kotlin functions to reduce your android boilerplate code. This library is useful to eliminate the amount of boilerplate code while developing different Android apps like business, education, health and fitness apps.

6. Kotlin User Onboarding

Looking for displaying slides, highlighting features in your food delivery or any other type of application with vibrant imagery? Do you want to give an onboarding experience to your app users, but don’t know how?

Kotlin User Onboarding library is the best option that provides an easy to set User OnBoarding based on Google’s design. Using this library, you can grab the attention of users to noteworthy features in your app. Apart from this, illustrate any recommended steps that users should take when using the app for the first time.

This library is highly useful when developing any learning app, food delivery app or any other type of guidance app.

7. Kovenant

Looking for the short operation to run asynchronously in the background of the Kotlin application?

Kovenant is easy to use asynchronous library for Kotlin. The library comes with extensions for Android, RxJava, and JavaFX.  This library has been structured in sub-projects, allowing you to pick one what you need.

  • Kovenant: Container artifact that consists of kovenant-core, kovenant-combine, kovenant-jvm and kovenant-functional.
  • Kovenant-core: Provides the API and default implementations.
  • Kovenant-combine: Adds combine functionality that keeps everything strongly typed.
  • Kovenant-jvm: Support for converting between Executors and Dispatchers
  • Kovenant-ui: Support for UI frameworks that need UI work to operate on a specific process
  • Kovenant-rx: Add promise support to Rx
  • Kovenant-android: Extensions for Android specific needs
  • Kovenant-jfx: Extensions for JavaFX specific needs
  • Kovenant-disruptor: LMAX Disruptor work queues
  • Kovenant-progress: Progress configuration helper
  • Kovenant-functional: Functional Programming idiomatic additions

On a Concluding Note

This concludes a list of top 7 Kotlin libraries that make it easier for Android developers to develop Android apps faster than before. These libraries will help you to save your time on developing and complete your Android app development project faster.

In any case, if you have any query related to your Android app development project using these libraries, how much does it cost to make an app for Android, how to hire mobile app developer or Indian Android app developer cost, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you in a short span of time. The consultation won’t cost you any money.

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