What Local Retailers Ought To Learn From Amazon Go To Survive in Future

app like Amazon Go

Amazon is on roll.

You’ve heard about it, right?

In fact, we’ve recently written an article about developing an app like Amazon Go, on the requests of our clients from Chicago, Florida, and New Jersey.

Upon the announcement of Amazon Go, many industry experts speculated that Amazon Go Technology is the future of retail, and brick-and-mortar retailers must brace themselves because the hybrid of virtual-physical shopping experience in near future will not only be desired, but also expected.

But you know what?

Amazon is not inevitable.

Brick-and-mortar retailers can also thrive in the retail industry with Amazon if they focus on differentiating themselves from the Amazon Go.

But, there is this one question to think about – what specific technology retailers need to thrive in retail industry with Amazon?

Because, even though eCommerce is growing rapidly, people still prefer for real-life experience when it comes to shopping for food. In fact, according to a survey by Statistica, 92 percent of US people prefer to do food shopping in person.

amazon go app

From this data, it makes sense that why Amazon chose to target grocery industry for its enhanced brick-and-mortar experiment. Now of course, the grocery industry is not the only industry up for disruption, but due to Amazon Go grocery store, the entire brick-and-mortar grocery market have to adjust.

However, the retailers have already investing and adopting latest technology to pivot to a new business model. But, those who still haven’t figured out a way need to hustle in order to stay competitive.

Moreover, the retailers need not to be fear Amazon that much, given Amazon’s lack of experience in managing brick-and-mortar locations. But, while the Amazon is working on its physical model, the brick-and-mortar retailers must enhance their shopping experience to stand toe-to-toe with Amazon.

Though, the Amazon go technology is not clear yet at this point, as the company is hiding it behind a shroud of buzzwords. And, it’s bit easier for other retailers to build similar concept.

For instance, many startups have already working on sensors that show where inventory is within the store, while some startups are building app like Amazon ecommerce, but with an enhanced shopping experience.

In fact, there are various other technologies that will help local brick-and-mortar retailers to keep up with the times. And, there are certain development companies from which, retailers can take help to see what will suit for their respective retail stores, and implement their own strategies accordingly.


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