Amazing iOS 6 Features: VIP Mail And Speedy Attachments Of Imagery

The users of Apples’ smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 6 have the great opportunity to customize their VIP listing and mailbox in mail feature. Make a list of your loved ones, business colleagues, and official contacts whose emails you never want to miss at any cost because they are so special to you and your profession. Your device will show a star marker on one side of the mail coming from VIP sender.  Like an obedient and shrewd personal secretary, VIP inbox will send you email alerts as it receives the email from the VIPs whom you have included in VIP mailbox. In addition, you can also make your VIP list as long as you want. But, remember VIP list should be included only VIPs so that you can differentiate between VIP inbox and regular inbox.

VIP mailbox in iOS 6 collects all the emails from your very important persons even when you have put your iPhone on the option of ‘Do Not Disturb’. It displays all unread VIP emails with a single tap when you find little time to read only selected emails.

The Union of VIP List and iCloud:

It is heartening that VIP list feature is iCloud enabled. That’s mean you can share VIP list on all your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Moreover, if you add a person in the VIP list on your iPhone, it will automatically update the VIP list on your iPad and iPod touch as well, but they all must be connected with same iCloud ID.

Is Customized VIP Mailbox Feature Compatible with Your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch?

It is reported that iOS 6 beta 3’s VIP inbox feature is compatible with following Apple’s smart devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod touch 4th generation

Moreover, all the iOS 6 users are able to facilitate themselves with the VIP inbox feature.

Ultrafast Photo and Video Support in iOS 6’s Mail App:

To add photos and videos to email messages is much easier and speedy in iOS 6. Now you do not have to indulge yourself into multi-tasking between apps to find specific photos and hot video clips. With the help of mail feature in iOS 6, you can attach images at a rate of knots.

Fascinating Pull-to-refresh function in iOS 6’s Mail App:

Fascinating Pull-to-refresh function in iOS 6’s Mail App:

In iOS 6, Apple added pull-to-refresh function to the Mail app, giving its users a fun way to check for new emails. Now refresh your mailbox just through a swipe down. The little animation during refreshing your inbox will make it more interesting for you.

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